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Made by Many is a product innovation studio. We help big companies and startups to innovate and take new products to market.

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If you're out catching #Pokemon this weekend take a second to imagine @Sir_Attenboroug narrating your hunt news! More #diversity and #genderequality in our #emoji library coming soon fully support #PledgeParentalLeave: “I’d call it positive peer pressure” @LeslieBradshaw via @digidayThis deserves a spot besides by D&AD Judging badge. Cheers Tim. Cc @malbonster @madebymany
Retweeted by Made by ManyWhat do HR leaders think about #mentalhealth in #workplace? Here's what @spencerstuart & @themindsatwork found out"Killing the current Twitter is the best way to save the many great things that it represents" @malbonster
We think #magic is awesome. Start-up in residence @AbracademyUK explains the impact magic can have in the world @Willoprojects @mikeTwalker sporting the T 💪🏼Just another day in the office: a cloaked rat gliding through the air on a pole. Nothing harmed in the making #magic institutions preserving old gaming consoles for #futuregenerations. Original game of #Pokemon anyone? is a bank? What isn't? Now more than ever banks are on a tough journey of self discovery“Behaviour is motivation filtered through opportunity”. Attention spans aren't getting shorter. via @PatsMc
Doc from @WIRED on the #hardware wonders of #Shenzhen we have our connections over there >> @codebar tonight as usual so come on down to the Wharf (LDN) + catch some much needed canal breeze #codebar with @studiotilt @MapProjectO @madebymany on intersection btwn #architecture #industrialdesign + #digital
All for #happinessatwork so support these guys who we've met on our employee wellness travels"Failure and invention are inseparable twins" @JeffBezos purpose and intention, the ideas sparked while reading easily slip away. via @qzThere's a new a #InnovationLab from @BMWGroup: (read our second Innovation lab report very soon…)As a society, what kind of a news and information do we want to create? still have the edge on #AI when it comes to facial recognition, for how long is anyone's guess via @qz
A smart helmet that gives you eyes in the back of your head up on #bitcoin here >>> is for a pre-digital era. We think people need to be getting their heads around #fullstackthinking"Serious, public-interest journalism is demanding, and there is more of a need for it than ever." via @KathViner from network @themindsatwork coming soon meantime hear what happened in their last meet
Week 7: "I'm really starting to see the benefits of constant testing in this rapid, lean process" @SherryWang3 fun future gazing with Bill Gates from IAM via @iam_internetHappy weekend everyone - we need it after last night... : )We love magic at MxM and we've asked start-up in residence @abracademy to explain its many wonders to the world’s body is in Russia, but he's hacked a #robot to get out and about. funny #AI writing #HarryPotter via @_maxdeutsch
S U M M E R P A R T Y countdown corporate wants #digitaltransformation, fact is you can't stop it. Read on and tweet @malbonster 4 merch very own @crashtherocks presenting at the SLPlondon_ #meetamentor session last night solving and design @madebymany #meetamentor #skills #jobs #confidence #slp
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I just published “I’m having a ‘Digital Transformation’ right now”. Let me know if you'd like a badge (pin) >>>
Retweeted by Made by Many"Qualitative research matters because there simply aren’t numbers for everything." via @HatcheJota parties in Berlin that celebrate refugees and their food - awesome mix of storytelling & gastronomy designers do UX, UI, service design, graphic design, branding + they write - as said by NYC designer @Sadrnoori this example of people using tech for good - almost volunteering in real time #uglyindian
Congrats to the new partners for joining @pledgepl! we're proud to be a founding partner of #PledgePLHuman organ designer anyone? Wondering what the design jobs of the future are... @SuzanneLaBarre via @FastCoD#AR is going mainstream with #PokemonGo. It might be the start of #Nintendo rising from the ashes work being done by the Co-op's #innovationlab @CoopDigital on #wills
We're looking for talented peeps to join us in LDN & NYC. Jobs available here: (no rec agents allowed)I've sorted out a band for the @madebymany party:
Retweeted by Made by Many @vanschneider exactly. + see you at @dibiconf in October MxM-er @peterparkes is speaking too : )Thanks for this @lovieawards - nice reminder of the recognition @hackaball had in the #connectedproducts category experience team doing final preparations for MxM summer party this Thursday. Almost time to #party would you use a dating app if you knew you might get ghosted by a bot? #bots
Check out my blog post from week six at my internship with @madebymany:
Retweeted by Made by Many#commaqueen when you make a grammar boo boo you're fascinated by bots and their uses get lost in this @HowWeGetToNext #bots 2016 #powerlist"Customers have reached the point where they expect booking travel to be an awful experience" @fionamclaren difference between "smart" and "connected" #IoT devices via @stacklighting
HUGE congrats to our client the @V_and_A for winning #MuseumoftheYear last night @lawally78 @nagandrea - in a nutshell - help companies use tech in smart ways to make their businesses better for employees & customersAlways a pleasure to visit @madebymany. @trevorah_ kicking off tonight's workshop with an intro to the command line
Retweeted by Made by ManyGreat article on parenting + devices via @dom @hackaball goes some way to creating snackable tech & physical play #SaaS is in danger of being #disrupted by software using opinion as a competitive advantage @stueccles
If you want to know how we helped one of the most influential forums become a publishing powerhouse read on #wefFancy being a guinea pig for our intern's early ideas on greater happiness at work? More > on #AI & #displacementofjobs "Stand-back, look at where human talents need to be applied most" study on credibility and established media publications vs new media outlets #journalism via @cjr week we published the latest in our #telehealth series, read about it here is leading the way in #AI and what they're using it for from @wireduk
Week 5 of our NY internship "So what you really want is...""Dark Igloo’s deliciously digital branding for Giphy will melt your face" thnx @itsnicethat hiii to our work experience gals Rouzlyn, May and Sabrina. Helping us out at the wharf for next 2 weeks 💪🏼 are pretty good aren't they ; ) Thanks for helping us out @bowers_anna good to see our guides getting picked up and shared thanks @IbarAnderson happens when you stop going to support your baseball team? In Korea they have a workaround to keep morale ^... #AI that acts like your most annoying friend - it predicts and reveals spoilers on your favourite TV shows
Gone! Facebook closed Paper last week. Was it a sacraficial design darling used to learn about news delivery? this the future of how we will watch TV? Forget speed reading. Speed watching is the only way to keep up could make learning more personalised. Not replace teachers > allow them to act as mentors rather than lecturers
After a long week some of the Many being treated to some delicious snacks 😁 #happyweekendeveryone if this week wasn't dramatic enough, Tilly got herself into a scrap too. Weekend welcomed by all at the Wharf world's first robo lawyer #DoNotPay has a success rate of 64%. Interesting applications of #AI helping people > client @wef championing women in science: 10 interviews with inspiring female scientists help our interns with their quest which explores how we can help make people happier at work : )
What happened when Uber and Lyft were banned from Austin, Texas workers! Our interns @madebymany are looking to interview you, as they investigate wellbeing in workplaces
Retweeted by Made by ManyPacked Future Impact session w/ @hellogeke @STBY @MikePress @dundeeuni & @malbonster @madebymany
Retweeted by Made by ManyInterviews, ideas, and paper prototypes: Week 4 of our NYC internship program are lift off! LDN (what we're up to) NYC (food special)'re at #SDNUK16 today @malbonster talking about #digitaltransformation on the Future Impact panel right now"Happy employees are more productive, more creative, more open to change." #SDNUK16 @malbonster @madebymany
Retweeted by Made by Many1 in 16 ppl have diabetes in UK. Our explorations in Telehealth can be used to better support those suffering
Knocki knocki, who's there? Frank Underwood. Making every surface smart #IoT're looking for a Community Manager for Hackaball to work in our London studio this summer. Take a look, pls RT: for People & Culture - good stuff @MindTheProduct & @wdowen / @madebymany
Retweeted by Made by ManyGoogle's #ProjectBloks = open hardware platform for tangible programming like @hackaball it makes tech fun for kids“How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds — from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist” by @tristanharris
Thanks @madebymany & @teamrework for allowing this big kid to @hackaball at #reworkedtech.
Retweeted by Made by ManySingle and sad about #Brexit. Don't worry there's an app for that cook services on the rise. We are officially too lazy / busy / rich to cook our own food #techworldproblems might we make a positive difference to the lives of people affected by diabetes... @mikeTwalker #telehealthAdvertising meets loyalty meets #VR this terrifying look into the future of marketing = mental meltdown