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Made by Many is a product innovation studio. We help big companies and startups to innovate and take new products to market.

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Some stunning stamps: Roger Dean x Isle of Man via @CreativeReview. Happy long weekend!How many times have you heard "right message, right time, right place?" Here's some help with that via @Intercom @stamanfar We've pm'd you so you can badge up!Why #chatbots haven't quite got off the ground yet. No clear sights yet on who will be the front runner @monzo were busy having an existential moment @StarlingBank @AnneBoden got cheeky with a domain prank #mondoThanks for all the office love @Kristirspbrry @pinglinh great pic @MikeRiethmuller! glad everyone had a good time @petrussola @KathyFoley @lav @ProductHunt agree. much opportunity for pranks... @lukaszsagol @madebymany We liked your hack so much we decided to create a party mode function:
Retweeted by Made by ManyStep away from tech doom & gloom. It's Friday. AND here's 11 reasons to be excited about future tech via @cdixonWe're hiring a senior #strategist to help develop #newproduct ideas and bring them to market #strategy #tech #design
Will #Google's #Fuchsia cannibalize Android, or ride on it? #OSOur terrace is not a bad location for shooting on a summer's evening... @FrontEndLondon @pauljwyatt Glad you like @malbonster on #digitaltransformation & the pins! #tech #transformation #consultancy hack > StorkStand turns chair into a standing desk. Wheel wedges anyone : ) via @ProductHunt forward to @FrontEndLondon tonight. We are filming a few friends of #FEL too which is GOOD. & useful read as we continue our #telehealth adventures @yeahbrett our health stuff > bit of MxM treasure found up on the wharf mezzanine among the bits and bobs 😍 you've heard Malcolm @Gladwell's version of David & Goliath you might be into #RevisionistHistory via @cjbell_
yo @onedesignco we've hacked into your logo ;) Watson's uses just got more fun. Enter real-life 'Harry Potter' sorting hat via @techinsider #IoT #IBMWatsonHow we keep kool. Strawberry and iced water went down very well today in the wharf. 💯 insight from our fantastic NYC intern team for budding #productmanagers, #designers and #developers @davenicolette most things that appear simple are in fact complex (but made simple) maybe complex in terms of personality?We were bored of #connectedfridges in 2014. We're on a mission find the most complex exciting #IoT #products. Pls help! RT #connectedproductWhy “this is okay” is the worst feedback you can get... from @ecolbert29 we reached "peak empathy" yet or will Big Empathy be a thing soon, like Big Pharma or Big Data? #empathy #tech"Thinking in the future allows people to abandon their turf" @mgorbis on creating a more participative society wondered what makes suburbia suburbia? Article on the tenets of surburbia, humanity & what got left behind
This open letter for managers of women by @JasonShen is worth reading whoever you are. via @fionamclaren things we learnt taking @Hackaball to #Kickstarter "Don’t just be a product manager, be an experience manager" we change culture and create mechanisms that provide dignity and social status to people who don't earn money?
Piggy bank > Elly bank. Physical manifestation for kids to track their monies. @BIUK_Tech're looking for a full stack developer for our London office. Read on for details >> #jobs #development #fullstackWired: "Machine learning will TAKE OVER THE WORLD!" Amazon: "We see you bought a wallet. Would you like to buy ANOTHER WALLET?"
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Having just run a successful @kickstarter campaign, @malbonster shares what he has learned
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If you want an excuse to eat fast food this weekend look no further...Happy Weekend from the Many has open sourced #Vizceral - it provides an intuitive display of global traffic #IntuitionEngineeringPeek into the mxm zoo #slack channel > an uncanny resemblance! spotted by @bb_hand you have pics of the @V_and_A share em today #WorldPhotoDay @joegreenz how about: ideas are worthless without excellent execution and the right launch planWhat to do in a world of too many ideas? Ask questions instead #brainstormingGreat article via @hellostanley > how Spotify collaborates globally &maintains consistency in #design & #development
"Leadership retreats" #businessoxymoronEven Obama has got into bots. The White House launched it's own Facebook Messenger app last week managed by a #bot key moments in AI history. Thus far. Or at least until 2014. #AI #historyLike I said before, those BRITS are some PEDALIN', RECORD BREAKIN', MUTHACYCLINPHUCCAS!! Congrats UK!
Retweeted by Made by ManyWill bots be easier to teach niceness to than people? #Koko secured funding to teach chatbots compassion - #AI #botspretty accurate, @madebymany NY
Retweeted by Made by ManyWhat Instagram would look like on Windows 95
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Meanwhile back at the wharf...some of the many are enjoying @CreativeReview & glasses of prosecco. Who needs Malmö 😝 designed and imaginative with several great speakers, this edition of #theconf was well worth visiting. We enjoyed our time in MalmöNew word alert: "Futuring" (h/t @aoguntala)Santeria, surveillance robot overlords called Granny Nanny and time travel in Caribbean sci-fi: check it out, urges @aoguntala at #theconfAnd lastly at #theconf, looking at "alternative futures, here's Angela Oguntala on stage in the biiiiiiiiiig room"Don't fall into the trap of solutionism" says @facebook's Michelle Mederos, about designing against impersonation. #theconfNext up is Michelle Mederos from @facebook discussing the problem of impersonation at #theconfHarassment is a design issue, says @carolinesinders, who presents a series of possible design tweaks for @twitterDo we need a nicer Internet, asks @carolinesinders? #theconfNext is @carolinesinders talking about designing against online harassment. Apparently social media predates SMS. #theconfidea: every conference talk by someone @MailChimp should be sponsored by a podcast
Retweeted by Made by Many"If you want to connect the dots you have to collect a lot of them" @TheConfMalmo
Retweeted by Made by Many"Every human is a phenomenally powerfully intelligence machine, yet we all treat them as bad robots who won't get it" @indy_johar #theconf
Retweeted by Made by ManyNext, @lainshakespeare from Mailchimp on the importance of not being condescending. CSR should be strategic, inclusive and joyful. #theconf @MsSapone urges the audience to be "empathy Cowboys"#theconfNext up is @MsSapone from @HelloAlfred who references "omitenashi", the art of selfless hospitalityThere's emotional (affective) empathy, and cognitive empathy. Both can be learned, says Leah Reich #theconfNext at #theconf, how to build an empathetic company with Leah Reich from @SlackHQHow to run a successful Kickstarter campaign: wise words from Tim Malbon @madebymany
Retweeted by Made by ManyHere's chef Matt Orlando talking worms, sustainability and innovation (he means actual worms) #theconf #theconf, Performance art (or is it?) #art #theconf: Guy Standing's "The Corruption of Capitalism" (120 kr. No change, so gave him 100 kr note + a fiver) Lunch! topic we've tweeted a lot about getting airtime at #theconf #AI #empathy Standing up at #theconf up next at #theconf: recommend finding out about @indy_johar's work on democtratizing cities @facebook's screen printing workshop at #theconf technology... Make it happen at #theconf you need any broreparations done, call this number:'s 10.30 in Malmö first, a rather beautiful building + sky composition... morning. Today we are at The Conference in Malmö... Some tweets to follow #theconf
Pics of creepy looking cities waiting to be inhabited in China >> visitors board is a single source of truth at all times. #Offlinehacks for concepting and designing a new icon set from @adamorrisdesign #icondesign #designPocky sticks the moreish Japanese snacks are advocating fun ways for kids to learn code read on #howto listen when you disagree...
To swerve or not to swerve. MIT want to know what morals you think driverless cars should have @medialab tweeted about this before - chatbot that fights parking fines is back to help homelessness #techforgood @artpropp @hackaball is very much alive & busy. Hackaballs will be shipped very soon. @hackaball will be in touch with you with info todayLooking to make a good career move? Come join us no rec agents allowed. inspiration from far & wide @bobbyc on how chiaroscuro can inspire to think about the bigger picture #designFashion & digital sybiosis. Connectivity has put fashion everywhere, fast evapourating magic and mystery via @BoFEver wondered how tennis balls are made? Wonder no more. news flash: physical retail stores aren’t going away anytime soon. Why Amazon is investing via @forbes
Is burnout the fault of modern life or is physical, mental & spiritual exhaustion an older condition? @BBC_Future#Uber freeing itself from the shackles of Google Maps for $500m it's Friday. Sneak peek from the @hackaball shoot we did earlier this week... #hackaball #IoT #howto for #designers getting user feedback on designs from @adamorrisdesign