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The original digital product design company. We help the world’s forward looking companies put digital at the core of their business

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The UK media guy my who shoved his tongue down my throat during what I thought was a work meeting is criticising HW on Twitter 😂
Retweeted by Made by ManyBig congrats to my awesome colleague @crashtherocks on becoming a trustee @A_New_Direction
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Lean+human transformation > "It's explicitly NOT about parachuting in an Ivy League SWAT team of MBA cut-outs" >"The new landscape of digital transformation" < new post abt lean and human centred transformation from @malbonster big warm welcome to our new trustee Charlotte Hillenbrand (@crashtherocks) from digi design co. @madebymany
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Tachyons #CSS may not be the silver bullet @callumj_ sought, but it delivers on productivity. #learning, always changing it up.
"The New Permanent Beta" all the many many awesome learning practices of @madebymany, by @crashtherocks
Retweeted by Made by ManyLast chance to apply for the software developer role @madebymany. Applications close today at 6pm #reactjs #elixir
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Great to see that @torchlightsystm smashed their initial target! See how you can support #mentalhealth #askforhelpOur designer @iamsamsmall is speaking at @DigitalCroydon tomorrow. Tickets going fast, get yours here
Want to deliver great digital experiences using Elixir and React? Join our awesome team at MxM…
Retweeted by Made by ManyIt’s OK to #askforhelp. Mark #worldmentalhealthday by picking up @torchlightsystm’s Practice Cards write up from @afrocreative about her experience over the last few months @madebymany #DesignProcess
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Hey everyone 👋 we’re looking for speakers for this months @frontendlondon. We’d love to hear from you
Retweeted by Made by ManySo proud of all the interns at @madebymany. Great write up here from the amazing @afrocreative about her experience…
Retweeted by Made by Many"It’s easy to pump out design work – it’s harder to design just the right amount to learn":
5. In digital strategy, emerging realities, not predictive fictions, should determine how to invest and grow.…at worst irresponsible; we should instead value powers of execution, learning and adaptation.3. this is a blueprint that presumes to mitigate against risk but in a transformative situation long term planning is at best unambitious..2… the highest value is placed on long term strategic and financial planning and on very precise definition of the ‘requirements’1. In established business organised around a norm of reasonable predictability and pursuit of incremental efficiencies…
2/2 Strategy, planning and investment need to become adaptive practices involving making real things
Retweeted by Made by Many1/2. Let’s question the deeply held biases that management involves the head not the hands and strategy is more valuable than execution.
Retweeted by Made by ManyThank you to all esteemed industry colleagues for placing @madebymany in the top 5 most respected digital agencies.… close soon: Digital Product Designer @madebymany -
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Hey, come work at @madebymany! We’re looking for a developer with #reactjs or #elixir experience to join our team
Retweeted by Made by ManyVery pleased to see @arf_22 in Diespeker today!
We’re looking for a Digital Product Designer. Make great stuff with great people. £30k - £45k. London…
We’re hiring another designer! This time we’re looking for a Midweight Digital Product Designer
Currently looking for a Python and Raspberry Pi enthusiast to work as a freelancer on an exciting IOT project for a few weeks. Holla @ me
Retweeted by Made by ManyBy @wdowen: why senior business must change attitudes and values to get digital transformation right
Read about the app we built for Cannes Lions earlier this year: ways to get the most out of kid-centered research're hiring! Come join our team as a Junior Designer. Find out more about the role and the perks here:… out about catalysing transformational change with out Transform & Grow service package:… big insights on redefining the employee experience with digital, from our business strategist Susan Lin:… we built passwordless authentication with #Auth0 and #Elixir/Phoenix. Story include actual code - and #Boyzone
Nice to hear the story behind a product not built to make money but to make life easier for workers at @NandosUK. #makingjam @madebymany
Retweeted by Made by ManyHow we think about #QA and #testing here @madebymany. MVP to 'race to scale' (launch in 157 restaurants) the app replaced Nandos' paper based processes
Retweeted by Made by ManyFull house for Product JAM London (@makingjam), hearing the story behind digital transformation @NandosUK with… @madebymany tonight for @makingjam #DigitalTransformation #showandtell #jam
Retweeted by Made by ManyWhen a sketch isn't a sketch: #productdesign on #ReactNative: on SSL pinning by @samueljmurray a good question: what if AI is a failed dream? By our technology director, @IlyaPoropudas:… makes a company human? Our view: stop learning: @adamorrisdesign on breaking bubbles and building skills. primer on designing light for #IoT products #hackaball out about Bloop, the iPhone app + service we developed to help people with diabetes:
How working on employee experiences allowed us to peek into a large organisations with new lenses:… make us human: @bobbyc on his interest in aniseed balls (and what they mean for innovation).… @iamsamsmall put his theories into practice the last @FrontEndLondon. Read his story on crafting presentations big question for CEOs is "should I continue to invest in this initiative?" Here's how we answer that question:… @keayanmistry @adamorrisdesign It’s still open and will be for a few weeks reasons to plan less, make more and transform your business, by @mattwilliams's been a lot of interesting in our #ProfessionalDevelopment programme and books: find out about them here:… vital importance of diversity in product teams - by MxM's @adamorrisdesign
Speak to users by learning their language and then designing for it: shouldn't bother innovating for your clients unless you've first innovated the way you work advice for designers looking for employment: adapt your portfolio for the greatest impact, by @adamorrisdesign’re hiring a Junior Designer 🙌 Read more and apply here: in remote user testing: an uncertain world, not-knowing is often better than rigid certainty. By our designer @iamsamsmall we can learn from Caravaggio about seeing the bigger picture in #productdesign:
Do innovation labs work? The results are mixed. Download our reports for an expert view on best practice… help with #IoT projects? Find out more about Hackaball - a breakout product for the internet of (play) things.… for long-term success with a mental health app - we built "Realist" for Bridge Management Training… Thursday @madebymany will open their doors & share the story of how they built Nando's employee engagement app 🎉
Retweeted by Made by ManyLooking for inspiration in prototyping? We refer you to the Split-Pea principle… notes on #reactnative #QA:
In #productdesign.not knowing can often be more valuable than knowing: problem with briefs and how to turn them into exciting projects blog about having fun with #AWSLambda, illustrated by various cats and minarai: Continuous improvement and the Made by Many summer internship you in the #innovation business? Here's what we @madebymany know about best practice (download our report):… our editor-in-residence, Kevin Braddock: how we think about storytelling at Made By Many.…
How we make sites fly (seven brilliant hacks): the myth that software developers aren't creative: five insights from our dev Kat @pinkhobgoblin Lynch