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Made by Many @madebymany London & New York

Made by Many is a product innovation consultancy. We help the world’s forward looking companies put digital at the core of their business

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Encouraging customers to buy more than an exhibition ticket: @iamsamsmall shares three essential principles a quick post about my first experiences with @hackaball - it’s great! #interaction
Retweeted by Made by ManyIf you haven’t heard of Hackaball take a look, it’s a smart product that gets kids coding:
Retweeted by Made by Many#DXStudio "Digital Experience Studio" now running at #startup w-end @swluxembourg thx to @sylchery with his…
Retweeted by Made by ManyMaking Hackaball, a breakout product for the Internet of Things
Retweeted by Made by Many#London-based #digital product #innovation consultancy @madebymany launch #Hackaball to teach kids #IoT skills.
Retweeted by Made by ManyGreat piece about @hackaball in @cityam this morning (thanks!): *now shipping & taking orders for the next batch*
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'When the size of investment & scale of business problem doesn't match up, i.e. Innovation Tourism' via @madebymany
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Lots of fun this evening pretending we have a baby dinosaur in an egg we can't shake #Hackaball @hackaball
Retweeted by Made by ManyIt's arrive #hackaball #excited @malbonster @kev
Retweeted by Made by Many#TheUlmModel @Raven__Row is a must for anyone in need of a #modernist design fix. Stunning content, exhibition desi…
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Recent history of The Left
Retweeted by Made by ManyZen of #InnovationLabs: “Does the core business have a future? Innovate upon it. If not, innovate apart from it.” @panjapop for sharing your #Hackaball moments with us - keep them coming! @madebymany
Retweeted by Made by ManyThe Zen of #InnovationLabs: “Ask, is the lab a way of avoiding the real conversation for a biz?” Our new report:
The Zen of #InnovationLabs: “Beware the success you promise – it might divert from sthg actually successful.” @claudiopro @hackaball @madebymany A computer you can throw! Designed for kids to program. Promotes play outdoors:
Retweeted by Made by ManyThe Zen of #InnovationLabs: “Start coaching the IT department in Lean and Agile”. Our new report: Zen of #InnovationLabs: “Deploy one IL-er ‘out there’, looking at AI, VR, robotics etc. Leave them out there.”Congratulations to V&A for best website award from IDCA. We’re all incredibly proud and especially that V&A team co… Zen of #InnovationLabs: “'Build the next $1bn business' could be a KPI, but never a strategy." Our new report: what's arrived! It's @hackaball. Thank @madebymany! Just in time for the kids' birthdays :D
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.@hackaball has landed! Spoke with @madebymany about this back in the early days, so it's cool to see the real thin…
Retweeted by Made by ManyOn the eve of its 20 year anniversary the @V_and_A website wins gold at the @IDCAawards for best website! More here:
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The Zen of #InnovationLabs: “Is it innovation, or innovation tourism, or innovation for its own sake?” Zen of #InnovationLabs: “Eat what you kill. Do the boring stuff – marketing, winning users, customers service –… Zen of #InnovationLabs: “HR can be a blocker. Form relationships with them first.” Our new report:'re particularly interested in people who **aren't** going to Cannes again... please get in contactIs there anybody 'out there'.. who went to Cannes Lions Festival for the first time last year that we could talk to? Esp from SAmerica/AsiaThe Zen of #InnovationLabs: “Inspire small changes in BAU thru mentoring middle-management.” Our new report:…
The project I've worked on for 3 years is finally in the hands of customers. High 5 to @ben_kingkong. We did it!! F…
Retweeted by Made by ManyThe Zen of #InnovationLabs: “Involve entrepreneurs: an absence of them = gap in practice.” Our new report: looks outstanding, just what I need to get the lil bro going. Great work! @madebymany @hackaball #GetInvolved
Retweeted by Made by ManyThe Zen of #InnovationLabs: “Innovation labs are to business what sci-fi is to literature”. Our new report: @crashtherocks RTThe Zen of #InnovationLabs: “Do middle management speak the language of startup & vice versa?” Our new report:'t wait to Christmas to open our new #Hackaball. Thanks @hackaball
Retweeted by Made by ManyWhile his new @hackaball charges, my 18 month old son gets to choose which colour sleeve to put on! Thank you!…
Retweeted by Made by ManyThe Zen of #InnovationLabs: “Overcommunicate. If success isn’t communicated, it is no success.” Our new report:… 2 of the @madebymany Innovation Lab report is a great read (as is part 1).
Retweeted by Made by ManyFinally got it! Big shout to #hackaball team...tempted to open it but it's #xmas2016 surprise for my 2 little ppl🎉
Retweeted by Made by ManySo, how’s your @hackaball experience going? My daughter slept with hers (mine!) last night and has named it “Little Happy”.
Retweeted by Made by ManyThe Zen of #InnovationLabs: “Don’t put people on moonshots: use them to build innovation muscle”. Our new report:… people talk about VR right now:
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High fives to our brilliant partners @MapProjectO 🙌 @jonmarshalll @MapProjectO @madebymany @hackaball I got mine — at long last!
Retweeted by Made by ManyThe Zen of #InnovationLabs. “Is your platform burning, or already in ashes?” Our new report: in case you didn't, get a copy of Vol.1 - "Asking the Big Questions About innovation Labs" – here )"#InnovationLabs are to business what sci-fi is to literature". Read Vol.2 of our report on the sector, out today:… Richard @lingrch for sharing this with us #Hackaball
Retweeted by Made by Many @TEDTtalks version will be available. You can also sign up to our mailing list for any future announcements. @TEDTtalks Hi Ted, yes we've completely sold out of our first production run. We will message our backers and customers when a next...delighted to have my @hackaball arrive today, faith restored in @kickstarter ! Thanks @peterparkes for the recommendation
Retweeted by Made by ManyYeah! Now shipping! #hackaball - see the new being entertained by @hackaball. Every time she touches it will change colour vibrate and…
Retweeted by Made by ManyYay! Our @hackaball has finally arived! Just in time for Sinterklaas!
Retweeted by Made by ManyThis makes me very happy!
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What an awesome delivery to the studio! Thanks @hackaball
Retweeted by Made by ManyGreat news! #Hackaball is on its way at last! Shipping update 4:
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What we can do about #equalpay and preparing for our robot overlords - by @crashtherocks worth a read: @Hackaball’s Kickstarter champion @lingrc on "Better design for the smart home"
As #EqualPayDay draws to a close, @crashtherocks shares a positive outlook for #equalpay #equalvalue in our industry galdem of @madebymany just left the building #equalpayday
Retweeted by Made by ManyComing out in support of #EqualPayDay at 3.34pm and off to discuss our experiences and action!’re having the most productive minutes of our working careers as we approach 3.34pm #equalpay #equalvalueAt 3.34pm today, a group of us are taking time out to discuss what we can do to progress #EqualPay #EqualValue
"Magic is technology and technology is magic," said @malbonster. Read about our #IOT magic night entire 'Conservation' teams, digital transformation at @V_and_A can be hard 👉 #IAMW16
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Thanks @stueccles @madebymany -- now we all want to be #rationalaboutthefuture #LeanStartup week @leanstartup
Retweeted by Made by ManyThrilled that we're up for best website @V_and_A @madebymany
Retweeted by Made by Many"Like all technologists, the mission is to hate technology in a new, creative way" (overheard at the @madebymany magic night)
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Meet Loose Leaf, a side project by our 2016 NYC Interns! It's a selfclearing journal that analyzes entries over time in the machine (in readiness for our Magic evening featuring Abracademy Magic School) Editor’s pick at Medium: The Open Source Museum - an argument for curation as a collective pursuit, by @wdowen.
ð! #Iceland #theplace #nottheshop #cool #literallyRead our November Moodletter, featuring the fun Icelandic letter "ð" (as spotted by @miketwalker in, yes, Iceland) yourself to a mid-afternoon laugh (HT @alex_r_harding) combined @V_and_A and @madebymany team on their experience inserting a deep layer of digital at the museum
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