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Made by Many is a product innovation studio. We help big companies and startups to innovate and take new products to market.

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The Right Way To Be Wrong: read @NikaJaneckova on what links prototyping, post-communism and egolessness in design object at the bottom of this office photo is the dog Sweep. On the left is @iamtomwhite. It is a sunny day. useful question, answered unusually well.
Retweeted by Made by ManyLast week I wrote about mobile health and the NHS. More health stuff to come soon...
Retweeted by Made by ManyGreat to see @madebymany referenced as "future-forward work" example of next-generation model
Retweeted by Made by ManyGood morning (again). Today's question: "What the hell is a #productmanager anyway? @fionamclaren
apparently "steampunk futurism" exists: cleaners for creativity: in a creative technology workshop for all the family? Take a look at It runs on May 21Good Morning
Check out this piece I wrote: Code Sharing Between React Native and React Web Apps #react #reactnative #redux
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Jen Hyatt Big White Wall on scary fact that v.small % of digital interventions pay attention to outcome #WIREDHealth more #mHealth mean more healthy? Read about the boom in mobile health tech, and what many apps are missing
Look at this! A brilliant idea, now looking beautiful too. Nice work @adamorrisdesign @madebymany @themindsatwork
Retweeted by Made by ManyFancy a game of open-source foosball?'s @hackaball looking good in @StuffTV (thanks for the coverage) @V_and_A is running an experiment and we've taken away all the maps. Enjoy the serendipity... #vamLoseYourself
Retweeted by Made by ManyThe canal looked lovely this morning: slides!
Mysterious... out our piece about @madebymany's @hackaball on @ThinkwithGoogle | #Lovies
Retweeted by Made by Many @ozfarman oops. Try nowFrustrated by dealing with random ports and unhelpful hostnames with Docker in development? We built something:
.@V_Bee work anniversary @V_Bee - you are the best! 🎂 🐱🍾👌👍 we mention that @hackaball is featured in @CreativeReview's #CRannual best-in-book? an awesome #podcast with @LeslieBradshaw, Managing Partner, @MadeByMany. Definitely a must listen
Retweeted by Made by Many @LeslieBradshaw, @MadeByMany shares tons abt #startups, #business & more -> @producthuntpod
Retweeted by Made by ManyIrrational Realism: or, how we think about QA and testing @madebymany Honda’s Self-driving Toys Conquer Earth - some work our friends @MapProjectO did with @Honda distant places we would like to go to: & storytelling for success:
@madebymany thank you. Please share
Retweeted by Made by Many"Frankly, the difference between 6 yr olds and the people you work with is that 6 yr olds are honest about their needs" – @cindyalvarez
Retweeted by Made by Many“Design like you’re right, test like you’re wrong” – @MCFRL on Skyscanner’s culture of experimentation #leanconf #ux #usertestingGreat talk from @Deliveroo PM @graywinpat on how to use data to make emotionally driven products #leanconf with @pauljwyatt. Insight into work for @madebymany @ComputerArts & recent @CraftsCouncilUK film selection
Retweeted by Made by ManyRanjit Das talks about how #Lean helped @generalelectric fail faster in their innovation labs. #leanconf“User research helps to align stakeholder vision with user needs” — @uxfellow @RozemaryKing #leanconf #ux #researchLooking forward to @LeanConf today. @iamsamsmall @iamtomwhite will be there, come say hi 👋
Well done @madebymany @malbonster @wdowen. Best of book @CreativeReview! #CRAnnual
Retweeted by Made by ManyHow's your #mouthfeel today? (a description of ours attached) day to vote for the amazing bouncing connected phenomenon @Hackaball for a Webby! about incubating product ventures in an agency from @malbonster @madebymany
Retweeted by Made by ManyThis morning this received 25,000 shares. If that does some good for someone, somewhere, I'll be happy.
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@andrewsprinz I can see it - are you using the Internet correctly?.@madebymany’s @hackaball has been nominated for a Webby! Pls help us out by voting in the People’s Voice awards
Retweeted by Made by ManyMade by @madebymany: our view on how to make products that won't fail
Our visitors today: Matthew, Victor, Marijus and Magnus from @Cphbusiness, in to talk #lean and #agile. Hi chaps. The Real Thing @madebymany GM & Alfred member @LeslieBradshaw. Learn how she uses Alfred to get stuff done. #ProudButler
Retweeted by Made by ManyWe prototyped a next-generation flight booking engine for @Finnair. Read more about it at + accident = art a couple of days left to vote for @Hackaball in the Webbys. Show some love here: semiotics of pizza boxes:"Just like designers will never stop solving digital UX problems, so too will you be continuously working on rea..."
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@AndreaSiodmok we're hosting a dinner on 5th May & we'd be delighted if you could join, more about it all here: @Chris_Skinner after reading thought you might be interested in our innovation lab research
that's all for today (apart for this, with stickers by @MRPAULSNOWDEN). Good evening!'t forget to vote here for @hackaball in the People's Voice Award in the Webbies:
Retweeted by Made by Many"Default World" is a radio doc on the values of Silicon Valley by @dbthinksmart for @bbcworldservice. Listen at📢New domain klaxon📢
Retweeted by Made by Many @madebymany @fionamclaren @FrontEndLondon watched it all very good interesting professional good slides xx
Retweeted by Made by ManyHow to make products that won't fail: read about our "Made by Made by Many" model @TheFinanser Great post - take a look at our report, "Answering The Big Questions About innovation Labs" on innovation in #fintech: read this great post from @TheFinsanser Morning.
(via @Itsnicethat) NASA Graphics Manual reissued"Being in a grump probably won't affect your mental performance", and other advantages of feeling sad: for #productmanagement: What product is right And why is it right and how We make it happen (@fionamclaren's 3 key questions)What the hell does a product manager do? Watch our @fionamclaren's fab talk @FrontEndLondon last week you a super-recogniser? (our office average is 10+ from a max. of 15) an owl who overdosed on a banana looks like: @justinavery Let us take a look - thanks for flagging!
@madebymany @V_and_A OMG a museum that actually puts opening hours, location and cost on it's front page. Thank you.
Retweeted by Made by Many @garystew great! Glad you're up for coming @garystew we'd like to invite you to our innovation labs dinner on 5th May -interested in attending? If so ping us a contact email via pm @creativeguerri Look here @katiprice @V_and_AToday we re-launched Thanks to the wonderful digital media team @V_and_A and to @madebymany
Retweeted by Made by ManyDigital strategy created for V&A by @madebymany comes to life today with launch of new web platform: post here
Retweeted by Made by ManyThe brand new @V_and_A website is now live! Big congrats to MxM & #VandA teams. Go check it out
New @V_and_A website launching soon, we just got a sneak peek & it looks super sexy! Well done @madebymany @katiprice #IAMW16
Retweeted by Made by ManyThe unknown can block doing new stuff. Our talk on how to deal with ambiguity for digital transformation #IAMW16 @HsiaoHsien @katiprice rocking #IAMW16
We're looking forward to @iam_internet conference this weekend! More about this going up on our blog today. to our NYC office is a @TheWebbyAwards honoree = top 20% of all work entered! Huge achievement!Get this! @hackaball has been nominated for @TheWebbyAwards! Pls vote to help us win the People's Voice Awards
Go @SallySimms & @BusterHQ !
Travel peeps should read this:
Looking forward to learning from @madebymany cofounder @stueccles at #LeanStartup Week!
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Tonight is storming! @themindsatwork is lift off. Half of the 116 strong movement in MxM offices tonight join our discussion on innovation labs #designlab #innovationlab #disruption @FastCompany for the shout out on our comittment to improving paid parental leave across NYC & LDN #PledgePL
@Brodowski @ianrsolano 🌹👢 @getmondo our office has gotten a bit competitive about our queue positions. Would you like to come & talk to us about yr launch adventures? @JAVeale interesting article - is this you? we're also thinking about innovation labs... @ColinPDuff no set date yet we're giving people the option to submit dates in the form to see which is most popular - late April / early May @vkmocker interested in joining discussion on innovation labs? Would be great to have you join roundtable dinner @HilaryIngleton we'd be delighted if you'd join this discussion given point of view from researchlive friends @V_and_A are hiring: Technical Lead at Victoria and Albert Museum