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The original digital product design company. We help the world’s forward looking companies put digital at the core of their business

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Small #bigdata, and the beauty of @SlackHQ's new search functionality can coach, hire and build any capabilities and workflows you’ll need to make change continuous and successful…
Retweeted by Made by Many"To be more inclusive, we will have to change — this is the 'cost' of diversity" - by @ilyaporopudas. out about catalysing transformational change with out Transform & Grow service package:…“Why we make” by @mattwilliams glimpses of the future: fascinating insights from @janchip by"It’s easy to pump out design work – it’s harder to design just the right amount to learn": we built passwordless authentication with #Auth0 and #Elixir/Phoenix. Story include actual code - and #Boyzone
On the perils of "talking to customers", and the risks of being marooned in #BrainstormIsland @iamsamsmall put his own theories into practice @FrontEndLondon. Read his story on crafting presentations here… enjoy reading the @CoopDigital team's blog. Find it here: at this edition @FrontEndLondon were @PatrickKunka, @zahrataiba and @madebymany's own @iamsamsmallThe decision to make last week's @FrontEndLondon booze-free proved popular. Read why from FEL's own @Ninjabiscuit our new series on #reactnative by @samueljmurray: notes on Styling, Part I: rock star and current design star @adamorrisdesign on how to build mega riffs into digital #product design: it comes to #prototyping, genius is in the detail. via @madebymany
Retweeted by Made by ManyCo-location with clients is a key part of how we build great products. Here's how we do it: on the product journey together mistersamsmall takes us on a journey @ Made by Many…
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How to make your presentations rock by @iamsamsmall long read: the open-source museum by @wdowen long read: On designing for complexity, emergence, collaboration, adaptivity and joy
#Product Zen from @joenixon: Data matters Keep it simple Cut your losses Done=done It's always worth testing More: Right Stuff: a shopping list for #research and #testing equipment by our Head Of Design @thomascharding on design: what the study of awesome guitar licks can bring to digital products, by @adamorrisdesign is the app we built for the amazing @_BridgePartners. Get it here: a working product into users’ hands in as little as 8 weeks with our Go To Market package:… us on LinkedIn at video is a far more effective presentation tool than the trusty PDF or PowerPoint
Retweeted by Made by ManySeems obvious that the 2-min vid would beat the 100-page PPT/PDF. Why aren't more agencies doing it? From Alex Hard…
Retweeted by Made by ManyOur 5-10 week Proof of Concept package is built on 10 years of product design success. Find out more:…'s the best way to co-locate on projects? Here's how we @madebymany do it: By Strategy Director @peterparkesThe time travelling team: how to avoid failure before it happens. By @adamorrisdesign
How we forged a digital-first culture in the world's biggest newsroom @BBC help with #IoT projects? Find out more about Hackaball - a breakout product for the internet of (play) things.… things immersive theatre can teach you as a #productmanager"Making is fact - everything else is opinion". @Malbonster on our approach to #productdesign article on the benefits of making moving image both a part of your process and a grand finale! 👌
Retweeted by Made by ManyGreat article by @iamtomwhite on designing just the right amount to learn. Also I'm quoted in it 😉
Retweeted by Made by Many"A new era of storytellers": on the evolution of client storytelling #productdesignDesiging for 58,978,800 possible meal combinations: how we built best-in-class ordering tech for @cavagrill research: improving your designs through customer feedback:
How we do #QA at Made by Many: when we launched @Burberry as a digital brand with Art Of The Trench: #productdesign to innovate for your customers without innovating your process first? Good advice from @thomascharding awesome guitar riffs can inspire great brand experiences for digital products, by @adamorrisdesign 🎸 awesome guitar riffs can inspire great brand experiences for digital products
Retweeted by Made by ManyFrom our story archive: Experiments in remote user testing, by @fionamclaren #productdesign talk on AB testing, HIPPOs, hypotheses vs ideas and more by @stuartfrisby of @bookingcom - recommended watch out about Bloop, the iPhone app + service we developed to help people with diabetes: post in the React Native series. SSL Pinning - a recommended security measure that can be tricky #reactnative
Retweeted by Made by ManyThe art of understanding CEOs: how we present a business case by Strategy Director Peter Parkes:… are you views on @SlackHQ's new search functionality? Our developer @lukaszsagol is a fan "small big data"…
Why learning, rather than design, is where the progress is made in #productdesign time travelling team: how to avoid failure before it happens. By @adamorrisdesign primer on designing light for #IoT products #hackaball, here's the story of something we hacked for our own studio: asleep on the mezzanine @madebymany @madebymany Make test learn repeat Do we have a customer? Product market fit #leanhaiku
Retweeted by Made by ManyA customer-focused, design-led approach to cross-sell and up-sell: our work for @Finnair booze a must for meetups? The next @FrontEndLondon will be soft drinks only. From our CTO @ninjabiscuit: our series #reactnative development, here's @samueljmurray on #ssl pinning:'re delivering a workshop right now @ContentCubed with @malbonster from @madebymany #dcs17 #contentchat #workshop
Retweeted by Made by ManyApplying @simonsinek's "Start with why" model for business transformation through digital products, by @mabonster Haiku, this time for #productmanagement: What product is right And why is it right and how We make it happen
Why people matter most at @Madebymany: making products can drive big changes in businesses: #digitaltransformation all #productmanagers - here are five of @joenixon's Product rules of thumb. What are yours?… on Google Home: can we trust it? From @crashtherocks #iot #productdesign us tomorrow to unleash customer magic with @AbracademyBiz at The Digital Content Summit 2017!… you know we have some "embedded magicians" in our studio? Meet @abracademyuk
In case you were wondering… what is a product manager anyway? Incisive thought and opinion from @fionamclaren:…
Weekend visual digest: follow us on Instgram at Long Read: "Good Vibrations: the making and meaning of #Hackaball" #productdesign fist-bump: our CTO @ninjabiscuit on "Moneyball" and how to win at IT procurement and technology choices…
We do deep research and testing in #productdesign: here's a shopping list of the kit we use out about the we did for @V_and_A, @Burberry, @WEF, @ITVNews and many others at #productdesignAnd here is that haiku --- Transform or wither Digital springtime saves you Product seeds will grow --- @pinkhobgoblin wrote a haiku about *product-led transformation* >