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Hi, I am Mahesh CR, Founder @tataatsu & @collablayer. Follow @kalisbrood for Spirituality related topics.

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“On History and Historians” by @maheshcr
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Body, the last fortress, besieged by Falsehood - @murlignosis“The Conquest of Fear — Part 3 of 3” by @murlignosis
Hindus can't even #WalkToTemple in this country without being slaughtered like sheep by jihadis. Yet we are the intolerant ones.
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Damp Dragon sputters hot water...
and this is why I love #twitter!!!
Retweeted by Mahesh CR17 yr old Hindu still in jail for an FB post. We fearmongered abt Hindu Pak and turned this into Muslim Pakistan. Congrats to all Liberals.
Retweeted by Mahesh CRChurches on the other hand accept all amounts as donations only - even for special masses arranged. Hence escape GS…
Retweeted by Mahesh CRSmart move by India to invite the heads of state or government of all the 10 ASEAN nations as chief guests to its Republic Day celebrations.
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“The Conquest of Fear — Part 2 of 3” by @murlignosis. Mayavadins should find this interesting…“The Conquest of Fear — Part 2 of 3” by @murlignosis
Harvesting Souls In Punjab: How The Evangelical Ecosystem Targets Sikhs.
Retweeted by Mahesh CR @DailyO_ @VichitraAmar If women were treated like cows in India 1. Hindus 2. Youth Congress
Retweeted by Mahesh CR“A Note on ‘I, Garuda’, originally published in Kali’s Brood — Part 2” by @murlignosis
Retweeted by Mahesh CRDemocracy & Nationalism, in context of Bhagavad Gita by @murlignosis in the context of Bhagavad Gita by @murlignosis
@AbhinavAgarwal @lilbooxnews @KindleIndia Okay. Just finished the first vol of Mahabharata book...sublime...Somdip…
Retweeted by Mahesh CRJust wonderful!! The illustrations and narration are so good...👏👏🙌
Retweeted by Mahesh CRGents, check two volumes of illustrated somdip a little gem..
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Rajiv Gandhi picked Bhaskar Ghose who chose to pay 200000 per episode to Prannoy Roy in 1998. 200000 every week in 1998. Let that sink in...
Retweeted by Mahesh CRI challenge the lobbyists & apologists of NDTV to counter my piece "Against Fraud? Or Against Freedom, Mr Roy?" Link
Retweeted by Mahesh CR#Martyr Maj. David Manlun. Killed 3 terrorists before supreme sacrifice. #Nagaland. Sadly, media just concentrates…
Retweeted by Mahesh CRMaj. David Manlun succumbed to GSW today in an encounter with NSCN & ULFA, in Nagaland. He is 🙏🙏🙏SHAHEED 🙏🙏🙏.
Retweeted by Mahesh CRSaudi Arabia ditching Qatar over terrorism is like McDonalds accusing Burger King of selling junk food @AnissaNow
Retweeted by Mahesh CR'HIndu by Law, Xtian by Faith' retain Hindu reservation benefits, propagate Jesus
Retweeted by Mahesh CRA Sovereign nation has no Friends.
Retweeted by Mahesh CRMany evangelicals are fine w/ depleting the earth because they believe God meant their stay here to be temporary + their reward is in heaven
Retweeted by Mahesh CRWhat a fall....Arun Shourie.
Retweeted by Mahesh CRPeople are getting such messages when they try to share. This is a crowd that muzzles voices and then talks about f…
Retweeted by Mahesh CRNot berserk? Who ever wanted to defend your kind of Hinduism? You seem very proud to be a Brahmin,but we in RSS are…
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“Wide, Vast and Puissant. This is but one limb of the Deity. Hold on to it." This is soul-stirring! @maheshcr
Retweeted by Mahesh CR“Om, May Mitra be Propitious with Us, May Varuna be Propitious with Us... relook at the Vedic idea of invocation, masterly rendered by @maheshcr.
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NCERT seeks feedback in textbooks...this is important..please share views!
Retweeted by Mahesh CRNCERT solicits feedback on textbooks. Hindu parents should be on this hammer and tongs..
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@maheshcr“A Note on ‘I, Garuda’, originally published in Kali’s Brood” — @murlignosis
Retweeted by Mahesh CR @maheshcr“A Note on ‘I, Garuda’, originally published in Kali’s Brood” — @murlignosis
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Retweeted by Mahesh CRDMK's misleading campaign as Beef ban Instead of regulation of catlle sale& safeguarding indiginous​ cow.Does Stalin support calf slaughter?
Retweeted by Mahesh CRDeafening SILENCE from Libs! Muslims Brutally Attack Gay Man in Washington👉"You would be stoned to death in MY co…
Retweeted by Mahesh CRTaunting Jain students an extremely vegetarian Indic minority with beef. Y Indian Marxists resemble very much Nazis?
Retweeted by Mahesh CRHarini, there is no 'Vedic law'. Vedas/Upanishads are 4 philosophies. Smritis r law books. The Smriti of our age is…
Retweeted by Mahesh CRInjured victim in govt hospital and VIP aggressor in Apollo
Retweeted by Mahesh CRAverage age if marriage in England in 18th century @jivid14 @sankrant @TrueIndology . So much for Xnity
Retweeted by Mahesh CROuch! :)
Retweeted by Mahesh CRIIT Madras Row, after getting to meet both ends, one thing is clear that What Sooraj did was "Provocation" & hurting one's sentiments.
Retweeted by Mahesh CRTop cop Satyapal Singh nails congress' lies. As does Zakir Naik's close aid. And here we are, concentrating on MakeMyTrip.
Retweeted by Mahesh CRI condemn the brutal attack on IIT research scholar Manish by the leftist goons who organised beef feast in IIT Chennai.Need police action
Retweeted by Mahesh CRThese are lumpens you and your likes have bred. Some get amnesty as "minors", others as "minorities", some others d…
Retweeted by Mahesh CR @BrydenLewis Perhaps that too :) I run a small tech startup and write on Veda and Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo.. @republic @CNNnews18 @TimesNow @NewsX @IndiaTodayFLASH What actually happened at IIT Madras. Listen to it in Tamil.…
Retweeted by Mahesh CR30th May, 1909. 108 years ago on this day Sri Aurobindo gave his most famous Uttarpara speech. Today more than...
Retweeted by Mahesh CRPakistan sentences two Ahmadi Muslims under the country's anti-Ahmadi laws. Every decent human should condemn this!!
Retweeted by Mahesh CRThe actual truth of IIT-Madras. It wasn't an attack by RW students. Media presenting only one side story.
Retweeted by Mahesh CRMeanwhile West Bengal is trying hard to be like Kaurav Raj Sabha. A warning to MB, history is a testimoni that it d…
Retweeted by Mahesh CRThat which is happening in Islamist hellholes like AMU is what precisely constitutes food fascism.
Retweeted by Mahesh CR38% White muslims?! That's crazily high! From Dar al-Amn to Dar al-Dawa in full swing, watch how the US collapses i…
Retweeted by Mahesh CR2 IIT-Madras scholars injured in spat over 'beef fest' | 💥It was no RW Attack but InterBrawl.Liars @cpimspeak Cxpsed
Retweeted by Mahesh CR @BrydenLewis guys but ridiculously crazily talented...and they eat food like you and I...🤓 @BrydenLewis ..still feel you guys are on steroids to do music like you do.. into few guys at lunch. Not normal. Given my condition first time I spoke to someone as fanboy..they did this
“In Defence of the Veda — Appendix” — @murlignosis“In Defence of the Veda — Appendix” — @murlignosis“In Defence of the Veda — Appendix” — @murlignosis
@rexrao52 @maheshcr @murlignosis All that we @murlignosis and I have written is speculations..impel…
Retweeted by Mahesh CR @rexrao52 @maheshcr @murlignosis By practise of the Yoga of the Veda, by experience to learn and confirm its promis…
Retweeted by Mahesh CR @rexrao52 @maheshcr @murlignosis But to aspire to the Veda to reveal itself to us, to have Agni lead, Indra defend,…
Retweeted by Mahesh CR“In Defence of the Veda — Part 3” — @murlignosis“In Defence of the Veda — Part 3” — @murlignosis“In Defence of the Veda — Part 3” — @murlignosis“In Defence of the Veda — Part 3” — @murlignosis“In Defence of the Veda — Part 3” — @murlignosis
When we speak of a nation, we mean a culture and civilisation, too deeply rooted to be altered. #SriAurobindo
Retweeted by Mahesh CR“Becoming Us: Understanding Indian nationalism” by @HindolSengupta
Retweeted by Mahesh CRIndia’s revived cultural and civilisational nationalism under Modi a boon for the world. Must read @HindolSengupta
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Retweeted by Mahesh CRBomb-like bang? Sword-like knife, axe-like blade, gun-like firearm, idyll-like religion..
Retweeted by Mahesh CR“THE SEMANTICS OF ADVENTURE” by @murlignosis
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