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A simple, apolitical Yindoo academic. Proud of my Kannada-Tamizh-Sanskrit heritage. Vegan. Don't add me to any DM groups.

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@nayanikaaa Maharashtra is a most Communist state, BTW. Almost all early communists were from Bombay. @nillus1 @klpe @HuffPostIndia @nayanikaaa More adjectives for Bengalis in RW than others. 'Half Muslim', 'Commie', 'cowardly', 'traitorous' . ..... @nillus1Very true. I hv seen journalists in Kashmir with rags to riches. A brute parasitic nexus of Separatists-Politicians…
Retweeted by Shanmukh @nayanikaaa How come only you Bengalis get all love from 'nationalistic' RW? Haven't heard 'Mallus are curse' @nillus1 @klpe @HuffPostIndiaAn interesting article about TN evangelists how they spread hatred using every scenario! @sarkar_swati @maidros78 👇🏿
Retweeted by ShanmukhRead about depopulation of indigenous Hindus in Bengal under Mughal rule supported by Indic mercantiles
Retweeted by Shanmukh @ColonelGerard @hindu_g Sanyasi is bound by dharma too coz he left saansarikta not dharma! he mustn't turn blind eye to adharma
Retweeted by ShanmukhYes. That is why we get this irritating periodic "news" that India will play Terroristan at Dawoodbhai stadium, Dub…
Retweeted by ShanmukhMust Read. Related to a RoL #FCRA-NGO in Tamil Nadu. Details in my TL soon. What I've been crying hoarse for long..
Retweeted by ShanmukhMissed this yesterday. Finally, @poonamjourno and @TheQuint acknowledged that their story had had consequences, fat…
Retweeted by Shanmukh~6000 converted to Islam in Kerala over past 5 years in two "conversion centers". Majority women via marriage:
Retweeted by ShanmukhAuthor is a big #FCRA Moghul. Based in Logos Bhavan, Jeedimetla, Rangareddy Dist. Currently on good terms w/ Dilli
Retweeted by ShanmukhHappy ugadi and gudi padwaa wishes to all
Retweeted by ShanmukhI don't think a single muslim exists who would tolerate a hindu rashtra even when muslims live with equality n peace in it!
Retweeted by ShanmukhCame across this gorgeous trail while taking a stroll around my neighborhood #VisitNC #NorthCarolina
Retweeted by ShanmukhAlways amused w/UC comrades behaves as if I have committed a crime by not being Buddhist! I mean why should I B one just becoz of my caste?
Retweeted by ShanmukhIn my whole family left,right & centre to 3rd, 4th or whatever degree I know of no Buddhist! Do they cease2belong2 #Dalit caste becoz of it?
Retweeted by ShanmukhIf anyone notice such a leader plz report. @a_r_j_u_n @sarkar_swati @sankrant @DrBhava @kapil_kausik @RituRathaur
Retweeted by Shanmukh @by2kaafi Remote control bomb training? @Ateendriyo Thanks @sarkar_swati @DharRenuka @kaul_ashimaWhat really pains Kannayya is that the last SC CM AP saw was 35 years ago. After that only minority upper caste CMs…
Retweeted by ShanmukhLegendary Maoist baladeer Gaddar turns Hindu, encourages Vedas
Retweeted by Shanmukh
yogi govt allow hindus to pray again in temple closed by SP @sarkar_swati @hindu_g @kanimozhi @maidros78 @a_r_j_u_n
Retweeted by ShanmukhThis is what Potala Palace in Tibet looks like.
Retweeted by Shanmukh#Israeli terror attack victim to EU Parliament members: Stop transferring money to #Palestinian terrorists’ familie…
Retweeted by ShanmukhMolested Kaushambi girl commits suicide
Retweeted by Shanmukh @rogue_nationn Thank you. @maidros78 Wish you the same, Shanmukh. Have a fun family time with lots of good food :)
Retweeted by Shanmukh @YogeshKhandke Muting you. I don't have time enough to argue against someone who can't understand English. @peta @cathykaku1 @PetaIndia @YogeshKhandke No it doesn't because @peta is not a human & you don't know what `ad hominem' means. @cathykaku1 @PetaIndia @YogeshKhandke Sigh. Do try to look up a dictionary for what `ad hominem' means. @peta @cathykaku1 @PetaIndia @YogeshKhandke `Ad hominem' is against humans. Is @peta a human? @cathykaku1 @PetaIndia @maidros78 @sarkar_swati @Ateendriyo @kaul_ashima I call this 1 'Shaky Lone', his whole body shakes wn he gets excited in d debate!;)
Retweeted by Shanmukh @maidros78 @sarkar_swati @Ateendriyo @kaul_ashima I don't think so, although they all speak the same 'language' of hate!
Retweeted by Shanmukh @YogeshKhandke No, @peta is an organisation. An attack on an org is not `ad hominem'. How is an org human? @cathykaku1 @PetaIndia @DharRenuka Thanks. @sarkar_swati @Ateendriyo @kaul_ashimaThree stories of teasing and harrassment on just one page. What women face in UP everyday
Retweeted by Shanmukh @maidros78 @rupasubramanya our govt runs an airline. It meddles where it is not needed,& is absent where needed - in law & order.Dystopian.
Retweeted by Shanmukh @rupasubramanya Why does a govt own slaughterhouses? @Sudarshan_Mlth @yadavakhileshTo show solidarity with #KashmiriPandits who were ethnically cleansed by #KashmiriMuslims, Indian Muslims haven't c…
Retweeted by ShanmukhIs Irfan Hafeez Lone related to Sajjad Lone? cc @sarkar_swati @DharRenuka @Ateendriyo @kaul_ashima wl jump into Saryu in furstration abt thr theories if they see systematic Shakta puja & hear rhythmic Sanskrit chants everyday! /4
Retweeted by ShanmukhMy family is traditional Shakta one! I think comrade theorising Dalits would get heart-attack if they drop at my pa…
Retweeted by ShanmukhFollow this thread. Telling the tale of the grave damage done to the Murthi of Srirangam temple by HR&CE
Retweeted by ShanmukhLeave alone a Bharatratna, Col. Dr Sir RN Chopra never even got a Padma - ANY Padma. No one knows him. But he lives…
Retweeted by ShanmukhWishing everyone a very happy Ugadi/Gudi Padva/Navreh.Agriculture, horticulture can create more jobs with chem-free farming, more essential than white liquid. Review Ind…
Retweeted by Shanmukhwe hv srcs indicating that elite trader interests wr already taking sides of mullah-traders ag fellow desi rivals: even helping in attacks.
Retweeted by Shanmukhbut it seems to hv been at the cost of the producers on soil. This possibly also weakened pol resistance when push came to shove later.
Retweeted by Shanmukhelite& merchant netwrks seemingly went on happily licensing "mleccha" traders to "settle" and spread their net so their own wealth increased
Retweeted by ShanmukhRead about the evolution of the Khatri mercantile network in Bengal, through alliance with Mughals
Retweeted by ShanmukhBoth Burdwan and Nadia tributary kingdoms of Mughals founded through collusion, 1 is Khatri, another is Bengali
Retweeted by ShanmukhIndic merchants from North & West of India heavily financed Mughal expeditions in Bengal & were hugely rewarded
Retweeted by ShanmukhThe elites of Bengal from Mughal times, Bengali or otherwise, all rose through collaboration with Islamists
Retweeted by ShanmukhSold to be a slave as a child, taken to Persia and duly indoctrinated
Retweeted by ShanmukhRead how the Mughal conquest of Bengal thru Indic mercantile money power opened it up 4 Portuguese slave trade
Retweeted by ShanmukhSeven parts of our series on Indic mercantile collusion up, no substantive rebuttal article yet, just outrage that we aren't serving "cause"
Retweeted by Shanmukh @swapan55 Agree but then who's responsible for this ? Need an answer on this too isn't it @suhelseth ?
Retweeted by ShanmukhThe number of Hindu victims in the 1971 #genocide was approximately 2.4 million or about 80% |
Retweeted by ShanmukhTrump's softer line toward China suggests that the US is unlikely to abandon its neutrality on India-China disputes:
Retweeted by ShanmukhIt's possible the author misread sabqat-i Islam which means supremacy of Islam, as lesson in Islam (sabaq-i Islam) @Madame_Micawber
Retweeted by ShanmukhBut as regard to destruction of all the temples in Mathura, he stated he did so in order to establish the sabqat-i Islam @Madame_Micawber
Retweeted by ShanmukhIn other words, the destruction of the temple was ideological (he didn't want Muslims learning "shirk"), not political @Madame_Micawber
Retweeted by ShanmukhHe destroyed Kashi Vishwanath because Hindus "carried books of false practices" (kutub-e batil ishtighal darand) ta…
Retweeted by Shanmukh @shoksing Could be. No idea.Inspectors can't inspect. Why can't they just take bribes and stay at home?
Retweeted by Shanmukh @shoksing Banabhatta says Harsha performed last rites on Saraswati river bank. Direct quote from Harshacharita @Sudarshan_Mlth @maidros78 yes this exactly unite them, Entertainment industry is good example
Retweeted by ShanmukhI think hangover is now really over isn't it @ShefVaidya @RatanSharda55 if we can't get a lock opened , at the bes…
Retweeted by ShanmukhAccording to Banabhatta's Harshacharita, Harshavardhana performed the last rites of his parents on the banks of Sarasvati, near Thanesar. @DtNaMeH Mercantile betrayal of Hindus or economic exploitation of peasants. @sarkar_swati @DtNaMeH Let us know if you find specific info. @sarkar_swati @DtNaMeH We'll cover most parts of India. Khandesh - probably only briefly. Do you have any suggestions?Economic situation of peasants & artisans worsened under Mughals&their mercantile allies compared to Sultanate time. of Hindu resistance in Bengal by Man Singh left Hindus open to not only Mughals, but also Magh raids presence expanded around the Islamic estates planted as colonies in UP, Bihar & Bengal, Nanpara to Comilla regions opened for agriculture in Mughal dry period. Bengal, N Awadh, Rohilkhand & N Bihar Muslim pop. grew of Assam will be delighted at the presence of His Holiness the @DalaiLama in #NamamiBrahmaputra festival.
Retweeted by ShanmukhRegions which saw expansion of agriculture in Mughal period - Rohilkhand, Bengal, N Bihar - are Muslim heavy today.