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Larry Hryb @majornelson Seattle via New England

Working on the Xbox team since 2003. Nerd since way before that. Instagram: RT's Earned, Not given. Married to @thehappygirl

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ICYMI: For a chance to win custom @PlayOverwatch Xbox One & other prizes, check out my blog on #Xbox One are almost here! @majornelson gives a 1st look & announces a special modding competition
Retweeted by Larry HrybNew episode of This Week On Xbox drop tomorrow. See you then! @Otaku_Brony @PlayOverwatch Good luck!For a chance to win a custom @PlayOverwatch Xbox One & other cool prizes, check out my blog is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today, HOT NEWS: Announcing Battle - a new mini game, coming free to Console Edition in June!
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It's @PlayOverwatch time - see you onlineFenix Furia, the 2D platformer from @GreenLavaStudio, is coming to Xbox One on 08 June. Looks challenging you are a photographer, this may interest you Director’s Cut is now available for Digital Pre-order & Pre-download on Xbox One Between is now available for Digital Pre-order and Pre-download on Xbox One I'll be Tweeting streaming snapping etc quite a bit during E3 (Jun 13-17) Adjust notifications as needed of creative chatter today. Excited to share our gaming story at E3 on June 13th
Retweeted by Larry HrybThe only appropriate clip for #TowelDay @jeffrubenstein @nickchester (sigh) amateurs. @maryjofoley It was nice seeing you yesterday.Get a digital copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection for $19.99 (Was $49.99) you signed up to check out the #Fallout4 mods beta...check your email: Wars was born 39 years ago today in theaters not so far, far away. Where did you first experience it?
Retweeted by Larry Hryb @3FieldsEnt Congrats! Can't wait to play it. @tamoorh Good morning !An early morning of back to back #E3 meetings - I love this time of year :)Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope opened 39 years ago today #TowelDayGood morning Twitter folks.
ICYMI: June #GamesWithGold starts off with Goat Simulator and Super Meat Boy!, Magic 2012, Domino Master & Unbound Saga coming to Xbox One Back Compat today Enemy Unknown, DuckTales: Remastered & Hexic 2 coming to Xbox One Back Compat today the Sales we announced last night: a copy of @PlayOverwatch for $49.00 ($47 for Prime Members) via @amazon news: #GamesWithGold starts off with Goat Simulator and Super Meat Boy @itsJuliaHardy @Xbox @AceyBongos @JessicaChobot See you all in a few weeks!
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is now available for Digital Pre-order and Pre-download on Xbox One 5 Penultimate Ed. from @HaemimontGames & @kalypsomedia is now available for Xbox One Tightwad Edition is available for Xbox One. Buy now & save 50% (limited time offer) @Roll_7 BunnyLord Pro Hater Pack includes OlliOlli 2 & Not A Hero: Super Snazzy Edition XL Edition is now available for Xbox One. XBL Gold members save 20% A Hero: Super Snazzy Edition is now available for Xbox One. XBL Gold members save 20% Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan is now available for Xbox One week’s Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale also includes a super sale on Xbox 360 titles @k_wolfkill @DOOM @PlayOverwatch slaaaaaaaackerOverwatch: Origins Edition, @Blizzard_Ent's new shooter, is now available for Xbox One @JessicaChobot @AceyBongos @itsJuliaHardy It's gunna be a great set of shows!Nice editing in this @GameOfThrones "promo" @Phantom81x @DOOM Wrong answer. The correct answer: I play all my own games and earn all my own achievements. It's about time management. @iNocturne @DOOM @PlayOverwatch REALLY enjoyed it. It felt like.......DOOM!Completed the @DOOM campaign this afternoon. Just in time for the launch of @PlayOverwatch tonight @AnthonyVO Thanks. Not sure if I was able to pull of that look.Was walking out of a building on campus and heard someone yell HODOR as they were trying to running in to catch the door before it closedThanks to my friends @RareLtd for the sweet pins they sent over for my collection @Jordan_F1995 Nothing is real until I make a blog post about it.Final Week: Xbox One 1TB 3 Game bundle+$50 Gift Card+ Wireless Controller+H5LE+FH2 for $369 version of Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition coming to stores on 14 June Monday Morning Status: updated the E3 post with more details on E3 2016 including what's on the agenda for FanFest & how to get a ticket new (and public) component of E3 this year: thinking of last nights @GameOfThrones episode. Such as great episode...right?Sale: Get the Battleborn Digital Deluxe edition for $39.99 (was $74.99) start to what appears to be a busy Monday for me.
GG tonight @GameOfThrones GG indeed.
@HKGangster54 @GameOverGreggy or maybe do it at E3 next month?My fun in SF is over. Time to head back to Seattle. @donfubar @Razer Great job today. It was great meeting you!With @minliangtan opening his beautiful new store now open in #SanFrancisco. few hundred people are in line waiting to see @minliangtan and the new @Razer store in San Francisco opening today @GIA_CruelRogue @Razer @minliangtan see you soon!Starting my Saturday a bit easier than usual: Heading over to open up the new @Razer store in SF. See you there?
@sidshuman @j00zt1n Yea. THAT was a bumpy approach / landingCan confirm:✈️ Status: Delayed. I guess things are bit windy down in SF?New Podcast is now posted: have a great gaming weekend.Here is the latest episode of This Week On Xbox. Watch it here or on your Xbox, now I on my way to SF for the @Razer store opening tomorrow. See you there? congratulations to @Westraid for winning the @Razer Naga Chroma mouse, Firefly mouse mat & BlackWidow Chroma keyboardCongrats to @albin0_rhin0, @KeiTrains, @thestormbinder, @Westraid and @IrfanIntekhab – they won @Razer gear + @QuantumBreak on PC & console#FreeCodeFriday is now over. Randomly choosing the winners now.#FreeCodeFriday ends in 30 mins #FreeCodeFriday winner gets Naga Chroma mouse, Firefly mouse mat & BlackWidow Chroma keyboard, thanks to @Razer time. Read this and you could win @Razer gear + @QuantumBreak for Console & PC. Good luck. chance to win @Razer gear + @QuantumBreak for Console & PC happens in one hour with #FreeCodeFridayCubikolor, the puzzle game from @MovingPlayer & @Fractal_Box, is now available for Xbox One @Alex_Labat Keep an eye on my Twitter after that time for further detailsReminder: You'll need to follow me here to play #FreeCodeFriday [as noted in the FAQ ]New to #FreeCodeFriday? Read this FAQ to get you started kicks off at 1p ET/10a PT today. Win some awesome @Razer gear + @QuantumBreak for Console & PC you are in the Bay Area tomorrowmorning, join me and @minliangtan as we open the new @Razer Store Friday all.
The man is asking! Tell him what you think: was as heckuva Doom gore nest battle. I think I need a break after that. @thevowel Pretty good…right?Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Eclipse DLC is available for Xbox One, includes 4 new MP maps now: Get a Halo 5 Xbox One Console + Second Controller + Turtle Beach Headset for $379 @tamoorh It sure will be ! @jonshiring GET TO WORK JON!!Random thought: A month from today, E3 2016 wil be over.Get a copy of the award winning @witchergame for $19.99 via @BestBuy @Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC is free until 24 May for Xbox Live Gold members