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Larry Hryb @ SDCC @majornelson Seattle via New England

Working on the Xbox team since 03. Nerd since way before that. Instagram: RT's Earned, Not given. Married to @thehappygirl

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Have a safe weekend everyoneJoin Xbox and @IGN live at 5 PM from #NerdHQ, where we'll be talking about #GearsofWar4 [M] at #SDCC2016:
Retweeted by Larry Hryb @ SDCCNo Free Code Friday today - sorry. That means more stuff for next time though.Good news: The #SDCC @GearsofWar panel at #NerdHQ will be live streamed today at 8p ET/5p PT. I'll give the link closer to show time#SDCC Tip: The @GearsofWar MP room at #NERDHQ is one of the coolest (in both temperature and vibe) rooms at Comic ConThe aforementioned Xbox One S Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Bundle more about the design of the Xbox One S Gears of War 4 Limited Edition 2TB Bundle cc @gearsviking @gearsfn3386 @geteero Love it - It just works. Everywhere.Let me know if you plan to drop by #NerdHQ at #SDCC today so I can say hi. We've got a LOT of games you can play: a frequent traveler, I don't know what to think of this
@jeffrubenstein @Andy_Lunique 🎂The @GearsofWar panel live read at #SDCC to @woodyinho for winning the #FIFA17 Global Cover Vote!
Retweeted by Larry Hryb @ SDCCIt's @GearsViking catching Pokémon before the Gears panel. on #Periscope: At Comic Con and getting ready for the @gearsofwar panel with @gearsviking are getting hands on with a new #GearsofWar4 Versus Map at NerdHQ, San Diego! Introducing: Forge.
Retweeted by Larry Hryb @ SDCCPlay unreleased games & enjoy free A/C at #NerdHQ with Xbox. Did I mention no ticket is required ? See you soon. Latte Art at #NerdHQ by #NerdHQ at #SDCC and get hands on time with @Battlefield 1 @Titanfallgame 2 and many more Defenders and Fret Nice are coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today Museum, BC Rearmed 2 & NEOGEO Battle Coliseum coming to Xbox One Back Compat today 4 Episode I & II and CAPCOM Arcade Cabinet are coming to Xbox One Back Compat today with a photo of said Gears Gold Lancer Pins. (You can only get there here at #SDCC) you spot me at #SDCC ask for one of the LE Gold Lancer Pins#NERDHQ is located across the street from SDCC 1 of #SDCC. Xbox will be on the show floor (Hall A, #100) and over at #NERDHQ (Free admission) I’ll be there with @ZacharyLevi at 11ish
Saw a bunch of Xbox fans at #SDCC Preview Night. Don’t forget tomorrow at 2:15 we have a @GearsofWar panel @dSafeTV touché - but no. @willremery They never even looked up…Day -1 of #Comicon and I’ve already had 17 different people bump into my while playing #PokemonGO - watch where you are going people.Beautiful day to fly down the west coast to San Diego. See you soon #SDCC2016 is now available for Digital Pre-order and Pre-download on Xbox One Pizza Girl, the action platformer from @DisparityGames, is now available for Xbox One Castilla EX – Cursed Castile is now available for Xbox One. Buy now and save 10% of the Seven Godsends – Redux is now available for Xbox One. Try it free or buy it now @BrianPShea I hope so!Today: SEA ✈ SAN -> #SDCCOn sale: Get a physical copy of Halo 5: Guardians - Limited Edition for $36.80 (Was $99.99) years ago today this happened.
Here is what @Xbox is up to at #SDCC and where you can find us Garry up for my trip down to #SDCC - If you are headed down, I hope to meet you.Pick up Minecraft: Story Mode Ep. 1 for free: Second Ninja X is now available for Xbox One. Buy now and save 40% - Limited Time Offer Coast Legends from @n_Space & @DigitalExtremes is now available for Xbox One the @HyperX Gears of War CloudX Revolver, designed to complement the look of the Gears 4 Xbox One S!
Retweeted by Larry Hryb @ SDCCTour de France 2009, Half Minute Hero & FLOCK! are coming to Xbox One Back Compat today Core! Overwatch games last night w/ @litheon @TreitandTrue @jeffrubenstein @drewbenz @justicar - W's much more than L's - so that's good.
Here are this week's Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale offers @thevowel Wrap it up so you can join me @litheon @TreitandTrue @jeffrubenstein and @drewbenz tonight for Overwatch.Another video showing what Pokemon Go on #HoloLens would be like, this time outdoors
Retweeted by Larry Hryb @ SDCC @Andy_Lunique Steak w/ a bleu cheese crown - with a side of Mac and Cheese.DATA! A very helpful way to visualize / deconstruct some of the food you eat via @SageProjectHQHeading to #ComicCon later this week? Join me @GearsViking and many more at the @GearsofWar panel on Thursday We annouced that the Xbox One S will begin appearing in stores on August 2nd tape dispensers in our new workspace are getting ready to deploy those are tape dispensers.Kind of over kill for my voice over session today - but it’ll do 😀 one of the best sequels ever made for having me on the show! you are looking for a gaming headset, @engadget did a bit for work to help you decide 2TB Xbox One S launch edition & new Xbox Wireless Controller will be available on 02 Aug
I am not getting much done on this Sunday. Just chilling for a few hours and recharging my state of mind.
Oh Nigel West Dickens - you are as enjoyable as ever. you are in the Xbox One Preview Program there is a new build available - grab it when you can.Tumblestone is available for Xbox One & FREE for XBL Gold Members with July's #GamesWithGold
San Diego @Comic_Con is next week and here's a look at what Xbox has planned @VirtuousLumox Head ya go @kiwi1236 YouTube the latest episode of This Week On Xbox right here (press play) on your console (Community section) or YT congratulations to @NtelligentBeast for winning a token for the Xbox Design Labs controllerCongrats to @FuryAc3, @NtelligentBeast, @TheJedidiaz, @jeysicah and @nromanodesign – they won codes for Ghostbusters, Song of the Deep & KSP#FreeCodeFriday is now over. Randomly choosing the winners now.#FreeCodeFriday ends in 30 mins #FreeCodeFriday winner will get a promo token they can use to design their own controller in the Xbox Design Lab time. Read this and you could win a code for Ghostbusters, Song of the Deep & Kerbal Space Program #ForzaHorizon3 from @GameStop & get a 1:43 scale replica Lamborghini Centenario chance to win a code for Ghostbusters on Xbox One happens in one hour with #FreeCodeFriday#FreeCodeFriday - today after 3:00p ET / 12:00p PT - Not sure what that means? This FAQ will get you started Of The Seven Godsends Redux is avail for Digital Pre-order & Pre-download on Xbox One Space Program is now available for Xbox One vs. ATV Supercross Encore is now available for Xbox One II: Hunting Boss is now available for Xbox One @aye_its_Kenan That moment when you are unaware of a product called @surface Book Quest is now available for Xbox One. Try it free or buy it now the poster! this. one of my better rounds last night. Tip: You can always duck back into the spawn room if you need to health up is your last chance to get The Crew & Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 FREE with #GamesWithGold early to grab a window seat for a 5-hour meeting morning.
A new episode of This Week On Xbox is on the way. Look for tomorrow right here on Twitter & Xbox One a meeting & push pin clown on the wall of the conference room is staring me down. Why clowns. I hate clowns. @thevowel I may have a console with me at #SDCC next week if you are there and want to see it in person.The Xbox One S 2TB Console - Gears of War 4 LE Bundle is now available for pre-order @BraDDerZzZ666 Yea. Use the preview forums. You'll get the best info there.Want to learn more about @songofthedeep ? Join @igTedPrice and the MS Studios team for a live stream in about 45 min