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DIY projects, How-tos, tech news, electronics, crafts and ideas.

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Don't miss Make: books ed @patrickdijusto for a r/DIY @reddit tomorrow at 3:30pmET. Ask Him Anything! (about books)Kevlar reinforced nylon with accent from CF reinforced nylon ;-) that's how I roll😎
Retweeted by Make:New 3D printed model coming.... what could it be?! Stay tuned!:)
Retweeted by Make:As per my tradition, an #octopus on the #cnc router! @CNCRouterParts @make
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.@lulzbot3D and @IC3D_Printers announce partnership on open source hardware filament at #MRRF2017 from #Lucy. #ancient #hominid #3dscan from #York #university #3dprinter #3dprint
Retweeted by Make:My favorite takeaway from #NYSMakers keynoter @andrewcoy about status of Making/science now: Problems are national, solutions are local.
Retweeted by Make:Designing front gears for action cam tophat hatband project in my upcoming book. I LOVE 😻 @adskFusion360, it's supe…
Retweeted by Make:100s of passes w/ new laser dialing in best params. Was cutting in X not Y due to thin focus pt. shape, had to slow…
Retweeted by Make:I think I'm getting the hang of this! @make @CNCRouterParts #cnc #steampunk
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Grab your tool belt, let's get things done this weekend Make: books ed @patrickdijusto for r/DIY @redditAMA on Mar 27 at 12:30pmPT - Ask Him Anything . . .about books!.@MattStultz shares his latest filament review on this beautiful bio-plastic from @3D_Fuel both bartender and host can be stressful. Let a robot mix the drinks for you's dangerous for a kitty to go out alone, give them this one ever said that circuits had to be ugly those that strive for smooth & consistent light when taking a photo of a small object, this is for you giant crochet playground, steampunk art, and artistically strange vehicles. All this and more @MakerFaireRuhr
Created a notebook with built in @Raspberry_Pi Zero W and screen for portable gaming/hacking. @adafruit @make
Retweeted by Make:Deciding whether or not to invest in a project has become almost as difficult as actual crowdfunding call received! - call us LIVEWhen we're done live-building this DIY cellphone, we'll post the phone number—call us on live air!'s a great time to tune into our latest @Make Live episode — we're making our own cellphone live on air!
Retweeted by Make:We'll be live in just a few minutes on Facebook with a real-time project build, sponsored by @digikey't miss Make: books ed @patrickdijusto Mar 27 3:30pmET for r/DIY @redditAMA. Tell him what #books you want to read!Today! Don't miss our @facebooklive Diesel Punk Cell Phone build at 4pmPT @digikeyStay current. Sign up for the Maker Pro newsletter + get fresh intel weekly. #hardware your garage into a lab? Looking for some fun experiments to do with friends? #biohacking out @make magazine's Facebook event to watch this project being built LIVE today at 4 pm PT…
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Sneak peek of an upcoming project for @make. That sheet is 4 feet wide! @CNCRouterParts #cnc
Retweeted by Make:As the @make slogan says, "If you can't open it, you don't own it.” Shameful to see DRM invade the heartland
Retweeted by Make:Just made my day. Extract DNA w/ a drinkable strawberry daiquiri. Now that’s innovation. #diy #biohack @make
Retweeted by Make:Don't Miss! Join us 4pmPT Thurs for @facebooklive DieselPunk Cell Phone build w/ @digikey book editor @patrickdijusto hosts r/DIY @redditAMA Mar 27 12:30pmPT/3:30pmET 'What topics should we publish?'Share your #IoT project w/ @RSComponents SIMATIC IOT2020 for a chance to win $4k! #iot2020 #rsonlineFeel like your remote is a little too run-of-the-mill? @Bricabracwizard might have a way to help a mood light to politely wake someone is a good idea. Shaping the light as a cute character is a great idea. @davedarling Appreciated! Do you happen to have a higher resolution of that picture? If so, could you send it to Macchina M2 car hacking development tool looks useful. Arduino-at-Heart; already in production. @davedarling Dave, would you be okay with us including your Tweet in the next Reader Input?Iiiiits ALIVE! #cnc @cncrouterparts
Retweeted by Make: @speedosasquatch Thanks for catching that! This link should work: link we posted earlier about surviving a deserted island had a little mishap. This one should be good! out @make magazine's Facebook event to watch this project being built LIVE tomorrow at 4 pm PT…
Retweeted by Make:Engineering + Baking = Our type of maker!
Join us Mar 23 @ 4pmPT for @facebooklive DieselPunk Cell Phone project build sponsored by… something biiiig with @CNCRouterParts ! #cnc
Retweeted by Make:As @Joey_Hudy might say: Don't be bored, help someone! Learn how you can aid this talented young maker.… got some amazing submissions for our Pi Day Contest, but only one can count itself lucky enough to be our winner! need more #makerpros helping with disaster relief but it's important we send the right people to the right places @keebie81 You earned it! Everyone here thought your idea was very clever!Limor Fried & Phil Torrone from @adafruit sat with Marty Schwimmer & Jordan Garner for a fascinating conversation always spend so much time worrying about how a 3D printed object looks, but we need to worry about the feel too! wouldn't answer the call to be a part of something ninja related?
Gareth shares some old tips he came up with back in 2007! your living room a little more industrial is a lot easier than you think! @AsMcYi7 We all do!SAM 15X15: Impressive + fast for its (tiny) size #Arduino dev board #boardsguide to do a project on the smaller side but need a board with some real power? @AlecSteeleSteel guy makes some pretty cool & fun content about blacksmithing! Take a moment (or 12) to watch! lot of stuff happened last week in the world of making! Make sure you're all caught up! out this awesome shark made by @nemomatic ! He used a 16-foot-long salvaged fuel tank from an F-94 bomber!
More pin awesomeness—special delivery of limited edition goodies from @adafruit. The collection grows!
Retweeted by Make:Cutting your own personal foam inserts can help you store fragile equipment! out these 3D printed retro droids! Aren't they cute? knew #fidgetfever was going to become big but not to this extent!
Fabricate your own threaded parts with taps and dies are you keeping in touch? The Maker Pro newsletter puts the business of making first. mention of @wmgurst's final 'ReMaking History' book in @linuxjournal Many thanks!The @OpenInsulin Project in #Oakland aims to disrupt #diabetes! yourself some reversible Swiffer Socks! love Britt Hutchinson's tiny embroidered skeletons! got the chance to catch up with @josefprusa at the @sxsw Interactive Innovation Awards #sxsw2017
Learn how to build your very own vacuum chamber for under $30! Faire Bay Area 2017 is May 19-20. Last day for Early Bird tickets. @make
Retweeted by Make: @CyrixAndMorty @ScurvyJake That's awesome! Let us know how it turns out! Any idea on a theme for the machine? @KeNTKB Well then...