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We inspire Makers of all ages and types with DIY projects, How-tos, tech news, electronics, crafts and ideas.

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Power Racing Series live on #twitch now at Maker Faire Detroit! way to catch Pokemon @ #MakerFaireDetroit - Build a car like Grays Lake Garage so you can be the very best!
Retweeted by Make:We are live at the @Bose booth at Maker Faire Detroit! Watch @calebkraft explore their booth live on Twitch now: for your Weekend Watch video fix? B2Builds Dives into Electronics and Woodworking #MakerFaire Detroit live on @Twitch w/us today + tomorrow Next up, Innovation Garage!Books You Should Read! Thanks, @hackaday Spotlight on @oskay's 'Annotated Build-It-Yourself Science Lab' - Faire Detroit live stream coverage begins in 15 minutes and continues all day! Tune in!'ve added 2 new reviews to our Boards Guide! See how MESH blocks and the Onion Omega compare.
Watch @sherryhuss give a fun preview of @makerfaire Detroit on at 1pm today. Tune in! with @make: See giant robots and more! LIVE from @MakerFaire Detroit this weekend:
Retweeted by Make:This weekend: Tune in on Twitch for our @makerfaire Detroit adventure! music goes analog with Graham Gunning’s Rube Goldberg-style vinyl contraptions. chance to get the BEST deal on tickets is this Sunday, July 31st! @MakerFaire NY #WMF16 #makerfaire #NYSCI
Retweeted by Make:Kids Hack, Craft, and Learn at the AT&T Shape Tech Expo #MakerCamp via @YouTube #makerfaire #youngmakers
Retweeted by Make:File under exceptional up-cycling: this uber-fancy cabinet made from shop scraps.
Back to your regularly scheduled Make: programming. Congrats to @dnk900 on winning our #BattleBots contest!! sponsors provide more than just $$. @appliedinvention (Chomp's sponsor) gave them machine shop access and time off to build.Not Seen on TV: Captain Shrederator was completely rebuilt after last season. The previous bot had been running for 12+ years! #BattleBotsBot Strategy: Chomp adjusted the LIDAR targeting to hit from roughly 10 inches away to maximize impact. #battlebotsEngineering Madness: When you see Chomp strike + flames that means the LIDAR auto-targeting is on. #BattleBots Seen on TV: Ringmaster's chassis was machined out of two solid pieces of magnesium. #engineering #Genius #CNC #BattleBotsFor all the detractors who said Lisa only made it onto the show because of her gender. #womenengineers #BattleBots comes around goes around #BattleBots
Retweeted by Make:Not Seen on TV: By moving the drum spinner to the back, Tento increased their traction by at least 3x. #BattleBots Strategy: Stinger is going to try and dump fuel and then use their mini-bot flicker to ignite a fireball under Mega Tento. #BattleBotsWe spent over 2 hours chatting with @StingerTKB this week. Matt and Wendy are incredibly sincere, strategic, and awesome! #BattleBots @HomeDepot rake sales spiking in 3..2..1... :) #BattleBots Madness: Hypershock's chassis is 18 LAYERS OF CARBON FIBER. Less weight, and stronger. #BattleBots @spleck @BattleBots They use special paint on the floor to add traction but it easily gets stripped out from the powerful weapons.Thank you sir may I have another #BattleBots
Retweeted by Make:Not Seen on TV: Overhaul upgraded to 12 horsepower this season but it caused the treads to melt. #BattleBots #engineeringproblemsAfter a few matches the #BattleBots floor can get very slippery, without traction it can be like driving an RC car on ice. Beta vs. Overhaul#BattleBotsOnNow Join us here for exclusive content and behind the scenes facts! #BattleBotsGreg Munson is a business man for getting #BattleBots back on air AND with new toys. #DNCinPHL x #BattleBots mash-up"If you can dream it, you should be able to build it" @AlwaysBChomping #DNCinPHL x #BattleBots mash-up #Battlebots from @make got here just in time to watch along tonight!!! 🤖❤️
Retweeted by Make:My 6 yo daughter just watched #megatento on @BattleBotsABC and asked me "can I build a robot to fight some day Daddy?" Yes. #battlebots
Retweeted by Make:Clever … nice work! @WooWork Sweet! Share that story with us here and we’ll publish it: @autodesk @HEXBUG @lisawinterx Toy inspiration??? ;) #battlebots #megatentoNiiiice! behind the scenes as the BattleBot Mega Tento gets ready to rumble. We know who we’re rooting for! 👉 🤖⚡🐞
Retweeted by Make:Looking for fun? Maker Faires are happening this weekend in Detroit, Wichita, South Bend & Rutland. Go if you can! a project and looking for the perfect circuit board for it? Use our boards guide!, this is awesome … @LauraKampf built a bike you can ride on water. Check it out. twist! If our #battlebots contest reaches over 250 #RTs we will add an ULTRA rare toy.. Hint: Tiger Electronics @room214 Absolutely. Here you go! and MIDIs: Check Out the STEAM-Inspired Music of Holograph the Makers is our bi-weekly livestream chat with the world’s most interesting Makers. Ask ‘em your questions! in to our next Meet the Makers livestream, 8/2 11am PST with author Tim Deagan. Fire! a hankering for Alexa dev? Check out "Hackster & Amazon Present: Alexa Skill Building 101" @Wendalamax Zach And Casey from @CausticCreate received 116 RTs last week. Can you guys top them!? :) @Arrow_dot_com @BattleBotsStinger swag includes: signed tire, an antenna from the Stinger/Nightmare fight, and and stickers! #BattleBots @MaxAmps is a huge supporter of the #battlebots community and has made it a point to sponsor groups committed to expanding RC knowledge#BattleBots is on tonight at 8/7c! #RT for your chance to win signed @StingerTKB swag AND a $50 @MaxAmps gift card!! We have another special #battlebots #giveaway this week!! Any guesses on what it could be?! Hint: buzzz buzzz to when Mega Tento wasn't so Mega... #BattleBots is back tonight! 8/7c. We'll be back with more exclusives! these mods, your virtual reality just got (more) real.! Love this so much! Make Crocheted Drink Coasters that Stack Up as a Veggie Sandwich
well said... #HenryFord #Museum #Detroit #MakerFaire!
Retweeted by Make:Cat's out of the bag — look for our special Halloween Projects issue on newsstands next week.
Retweeted by Make:Making for good! Why make assistive devices for people with disabilities?"What we see in the Maker Movement, is that a relatively small amount of people can have a big impact" @dalepd #WednesdayWisdom #makerfaire
Retweeted by Make:Hey @aleksmlynne! We shipped your #battlebots prize. Psst we also included our brand new #halloween issue of Make:’ll be broadcasting LIVE from Maker Faire Detroit this weekend. Be sure to tune in! <3 crayons. So we melted them. For science. at all surprised it took 4 years to build this detailed, posable Terminator replica.
OK now *that’s* cool. read! @dalepd discusses @makercamp and making as "a gateway to exploration, problem solving and innovation." @deano_SoB @laura_kampf That’s our plan, if she’s willing!Crochet this Wonder Woman inspired coaster set! Because Wonder Woman, duh. it: The hands-on movement that impacts our economy, education and culture #makerfaire @IoT4Kids via @Recode
Retweeted by Make:“A Peek Inside the Moonshot Factory Operating Manual” by @astroteller
Retweeted by Make: @make Thank you very much for your broadcast with @JimmyDiResta. I've learned a lot. You have a fun from #Algeria .
Retweeted by Make:Thanks! We’ll definitely be doing more Meet the Maker chats. Got a Maker we should chat with? Let us know! are live on #twitch discussing our build inspired by #ReCore @ReCoreGame Watch now! Journey in Building a Glove-Controlled Robotic Gripper liked a @YouTube video from @make Meet the Maker: Jimmy DiResta
Retweeted by Make:Join the World Maker Faire Street Team and Earn Free Tickets! #WMF16 #makerfaire #streetteams
Retweeted by Make:Our first "Meet the Maker" chat – with @JimmyDiResta – is now on Youtube. Enjoy! out this piece about the importance of making from @make founder @dalepd: via @recode #ATTimpact #makercamp
Retweeted by Make:How could you not click this? 5 Things Learned from Making a Fire Breathing Tire Sculpture
Check out this rolling hulk of steampunk’d glory that’s also a telepresence robot. Wow! Smith (of VR fame) discusses the challenges and rewards of designing a VR world. do you price your makerspace memberships to support your Maker community? @ROV_Erica! You are the winner of our #Battlebots contest from last week! Thx @CausticCreate @Arrow_dot_com
This Week in Making: Documentaries, Droids, and Designing Rovers.
@yinyang137 Sorry, which contest?Happy Saturday! Ready for your Weekend Watch? OK here ya go: 30 videos in 30 days.
@colabeancurios Absolutely! We’re happy to!Grab your snacks, #BattleBots is live on #twitch NOW!! @ShenanigansNCo @BattleBots, a life-like homeless robot, made for an interesting social experiment at @makerfaire Nantes. Maker Faire New York 2016 – Call for Makers closes Sunday! Apply now! arrived: the new Make #readintimelab #make @make
Retweeted by Make:Make your ring bling! @JimmyDiResta shows us how to make a ring with stamped type on it. sturdy steel mount holds 3 monitors and folds in on itself. Nice! out these ridiculously charming and immaculately embroidered snack packages. it matter which way you wrap? It does. How to use teflon tape on pipe threads. (sort of?)! Transform mouse traps into a cheesy snack display. the latest @Make: magazine, @calebkraft’s tips for sculpting custom styrofoam shapes.