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Do you have a cellphone on you? Of course. Does it work this far out? Of course not.'t #make it to @makerfairecairo this year? This should give you a pretty good idea of everything that went on days left to submit your design of the worst cup ever to our April Fool's Day Contest. Get those designs in! many Maker Pros can put Large Scale Kinetic Sculptor on their resume #make for a handy way to store your tools? #make #DIY is programming. Sewing is engineering. Baking is chemistry. Women have been STEM pioneers longer than they've received credit for.
Retweeted by Make:The pieces and parts are working well, excitement (and fire) is in the air!
Retweeted by Make:Finished a big project I've been planning for YEARS. Can't wait to share it! @make @CNCRouterParts
Retweeted by Make:Also, @charlesplatt who has written some favorite @make articles at @makerfaire !
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Spice up your notebook cover with a lunar design #make #DIY @keebie81 @Hacksterio @Raspberry_Pi @SpikenzieLabs w00t! thanks for participating!The team behind @DandelionChoco ensures that their #chocolate will #make the right type of impact up on the Maker Pros that are making an impact in business and technology your part to help #make the world a greener place Balloon Popper project from my @make book 'Make: Action'
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The @shapeoko XXL by @carbide3d gives you power and control where you need it most #cnc #make #diy a little color to your #vinyl collection a rigid filament isn't exactly what you need, and you're looking for something more squishy, try #NinjaFlex is the coolest part of #StarWars #RogueOne. It's only natural someone would try to #make him @campuskitchens A pretty clever one in our humble opinionLooking for tutorials on how you might #make the pieces for a #Moana or #WonderWoman #cosplay?
Even if fiducial marks aren't required for assembling your particular product, they're still helpful and a good idea #EarthDay this year by celebrating #science you like to #make stuff? @iliketomakestuf sure does. Just trust us on this. You don't need to ask us how we know. is a meditative pastime, and can provide opportunities for practical use and artistic expression
We're live now doing our tricolor twinkle light build — tune in and watch the build!! Join us 6PT/9ET for a real-time summer project build. #fairylights @CalgaryTOM address the neglected challenges posed by #disability with #inclusive #design and #assistivetech on the look-out for the amazing creations that will be showcased @MakerFaireBurl and @westportmakers your own reality. The Maker Pro Newsletter will keep you grounded. Subscribe today! we typically use our eyes to determine the quality of protein, we end up throwing out stuff that's still fresh are used to build and test circuits quickly #make #DIY of my Arduino projects getting a Make Magazine Live Build tonight. Join me tonight... @make
Retweeted by Make:You climbed a ladder by yourself without a way to call for help if you fell. So, of course, you fell. Now what?'s Day will be here a lot sooner than you think! Grab or #make a gift that your mom will really love about using motors with #arduino and #raspberrypi using my @make book 'Make: Action'
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The #XCarve from @Inventables is a nice #CNC machine, but adding a T-slot bed helps #make workholding easier us Apr 20 @ 6pPT/9pET for Make: Live real-time fairy lights build (Much tougher than it sounds!)… @WantaghSTEAM @wantaghel We wish them all luck on their test flights :) @3DPrintandStuff That is most wise. We can't believe we forgot to include such an important step!We are still accepting submissions for our April Fool's Day Contest. Think you can #make the worst cup ever? all of us just have access to the equipment needed to weld something together. Doesn't stop a #maker of course #maker should always be prepared #repaircafe can teach you how to keep material objects in your life alive & working for as long as possible @Mrs_Wardlaw @itsleegreen We're happy you think so ;)Although this #CNC machine gets the job done, the Carvey's software doesn't quite make the final cut
Watch @calebkraft adventure through #MakerFaireHongKong and offer an in-depth look at the faire's unique flavor @rwinscot No plan at the moment but if things change, we'll let you know!It's no full-scale bulldozer, but it still has enough power to move sand, earth, and snow #make #DIY a garden (even a small one) can lead to a healthier state of mind for those with hectic lives us Apr 20 at 6pmPT/9pmET for a livestream build w/ @digikey. Getting ready for summer! @Creatura18 @makerfaire Cool! Well @Raspberry_Pi has a pretty nifty community page full of cool people, and… @Creatura18 There are hundreds of #maker communities around the world! What type are you looking to join?… catch up on all of the announcements and innovations of #MakerPros from the past few weeks project you #make with this machine, you'll be consistently left with a surprisingly clean work area
#FastLED tutorial for @makerfairekc is ready! @oshpark PCB, Teensy LC by @PaulStoffregen, @adafruit NeoPixels. Info…
Retweeted by Make:New project video is up!! My daughter and I make an egg decorating robot! #easter #egg #jjrobots #kids @jjrobots
Retweeted by Make:Trouble headed my way 😁😻👹
Retweeted by Make:Take a video tour of Maker Faire Hong Kong. To our friends in Hong Kong, Good morning!This week in Make: @twobitcircusorg & more! Check out this awesome article by @JMRamee in @make:
Retweeted by Make:Don't pay for something that you could easily just #make with a few cheap materials to start using a larger router, but don't have the space for a full 4' x 8' machine just yet? @designedby36 @Inventables stay tuned for our review on the CarveyGift ideas for #MothersDay, #videogames in an Altoids Tin, our #AprilFools Day Contest, and more this week in making
Happy Sunday! Did you know that you can #make a lamellaphone with random objects typically found around your home?
Perfect homemade marshmallow peep. Blooper reel featuring its many mutant cousins to come. #EdibleInventions @Make
Retweeted by Make:In need of a way to arrange your tools so they're easy to retrieve? #make #tips X-Carve is one of the more popular desktop CNCs. @Inventables just knows how to make a good machine
Love this @Reddit thread where one user convinces the creator of a cool 3D-printed speaker design to post his files
Retweeted by Make:Looking for a filament where the color really pops? #FilamentFriday #filament #DIY #make #fabrication @ajsalminen @make Hey Antti! We've been streaming live builds on facebook lately. Next one is next week! Come join…
Retweeted by Make:You don't need to rely on "Shark Tank"-style funding to manufacture your product #crowdfunding #make's Friday! Got some free time this weekend? Consider entering our April Fool's Worst Cup Ever Contest #make #TGIF creative #maker bug can bite you anytime, anywhere (even halfway around the world) #DIY continues to hold the record for one of the fastest growing cities in the world
Looking for a way to make bends and springs in a single piece of rigid material? bugs to beds, our Maker Pro newsletter has you — and your biz — covered. Sign up today!… this chance to connect to educators and like-minded makers @BFLangdon @RealSexyCyborg Initially after hearing her complaints, I did reach out to Naomi for a feature and she s…