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We inspire Makers of all ages and types with DIY projects, How-tos, tech news, electronics, crafts and ideas.

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Watch this diy R/C Star Wars Imperial Shuttle build lift off, deploy wings, and fly away. Titles Today! Pay What You Want - #3DPrinting + #Drone books via @humblebooks for @MakerEdOrgMake Better Use of Your Materials When CNCing with SVG Nest The next time you're camping outdoors, try a Dakota Fire Pit Product! Bluetooth LE projects #Arduino, #RaspberryPi #Smartphones via @Adafruit
Make your pug its own PuppyMonkeyBaby costume from the #SuperBowl @MountainDew us, it's worth building your own cardboard PinBox 3000 Machine Learn Shape-Memory Alloy for various projects What You Want: #Drone + #3DPrinting books from @humblebooks Pixar & @khanacademy release free online course, Pixar in a Box Puts Eco Justice in the Hands of Citizen Scientists things that make this Optimus Prime cake actually transform a Bullet: '3D CAD w/ Autodesk123D' just published! @Autodesk123D
The Joys of Niche Making: How Makers are improving #StarWars X-Wing Watch these kids take first steps as space explorers - that & more w/ #sproutbyHP Learn the basics of quilling with @allthingspaper swept up in these 7 windy projects for #Nationalkiteflyingday in Baltimore: Finding the Perfect Makerspace Property @OpenWorksBmore shop organization projects with April Wilkerson @element14 Thx! @humblebooks #3DPrinting + #Drones bundle runs thru 2/17 BUT new titles drop in 2 days! Vintage Macintosh was saved from the trash (sort of)
This high schooler made a #BB8 out of among many things, deodorant rollers the #Ultimaker 2 is the printer of choice for schools - Review by @make
Retweeted by Make:.@505access brings STEM students together to hack wheelchairs @carladiana_: For @MakerEdOrg get @leothemakerprince at price of your choosing via @humblebooks #3dprint
Pay what you want to score #3dprinting & #drone reads, help out @MakerEdOrg!
WATCH: Return to Collin's Lab and explore basic electronics @humblebooks: Toys, Bots, and Tools, oh my! Get 3D Printing Projects from @make in our Book Bundle Check out this crazy high voltage robot sculpture project via @make:
Retweeted by Make:#DIY Great balls of fire! Make your own booming Chem Lab @MakerEdOrg: Pay what you want, get #3dprinting & #drone #ebooks, support @MakerEdOrg Your winter arsenal needs an Automatic Snowball Launcher balloon structures bring a new twist to STEM education
.@helmi: Thx for @humblebooks bundle love for @MakerEdOrg! #PayWhatUWant Carve a sleek Heart Shaped box with @JimmyDiResta @GenesisMachines: Supporting #3D + #Drone @humblebooks bundle + @MakerEdOrg! @OReillyWebcasts: Join #drone experts @elevatedelement @belindakilby1 2/18 your #3Dprinter? Make sure your lab is properly ventilated @codesign
Retweeted by Make:This TV Console is a modern build with a wavy twist @MAKE authors + #drone experts @elevatedelement @belindakilby1 to learn about #drones
Retweeted by Make:Thx! MT@3DPrint_com: eBooks for #3DPrinting & #Drones - Help Kids Become Makers Too Summon your Valentine with an Ouija board card your fish drive its own mobile bowl in Abovemarine
Woah that is a SERIOUS amount of @make books for $15
Retweeted by Make:Thanks, Rene! MT @rene_bohne: great deal: ebooks about 3D-Printing + drones Make a Self-feeding Campfire with a 14 hour burn Build a quick & easy Arduino robot's what @calebkraft has to say about sharing sloppy work! @humblebooks deal - #3DPrinting + #Drone #ebooks Support @MakerEdOrg! Explore the Venturi Effect with your own vacuum pump your bike through virtual reality for under $100
@programmer1200, Here's the working link: skeleton kits on sale for $5 at @MakerShed Seen on @LaughingSquid!, we replicated the Flying Toaster from the After Dark screensaver your hive's health with the Digital Beehive Builder: All you need to know about Servo Controllers + Avenue Q creator build a puppet together (love this headline!) Weld a sleek hourglass for a board game night
Swiss Maker #3Dprints a working watch with tourbillon Construct a rolling whiteboard for ultimate brainstorming @Raspberry_Pi to automate internet speed testing to notify your ISP about bad service a Spot Welder for your workshop with an upcycled microwave Build a Minimalist Chair with a few simple materials internet? Automate @Raspberry_Pi to send a ticket to your ISP tiny, high voltage robot will shock you! inspired by the sound art of Peter Vogel
@Clungemobile Glad you enjoyed it! Happy makingThis birdhouse is your perfect intro to Autodesk 123D
.@Meshmixer 3 has new tools for multi-material #3Dprinting
Faircap Project to produce clean drinking water with #3Dprinted filters!
Retweeted by Make:Projects inspired by @JimmyDiResta's Star Key build Shower with a #WiFi controlled water valve Going camping? Make a Wood Gas Camp Stove for $0.99 Faircap - a 3D printable water filtration system from #POC21
Dad builds a stunningly detailed treehouse in daughter's bedroom the flaming Shishkebab too hot to handle? Find out in @IGN's #UpatNoon Live! @Fallout now! @Calebkraft and his flaming sword featured on @IGN's #UpatNoon your beverages with a DIY Built-In Cup Holder the best fit for your project with The Maker’s Guide to Boards from .@make
Retweeted by Make:#DIY If a kayak and a bicycle had a lovechild, it would be BikeBoat Build a giant LED TV, no coding required racing is here and it looks awesome
Meet a retired Professor & his house of books and #Maker spirit Showerloop, an open source system that reuses hot water videographer reaaaally doesn't like it when an SD card he's been filming with fails...'t figure out which electronics board to use? This guide should help you figure it out:
Retweeted by Make:Winter Blowout at @MakerShed! Save 50-80% with MAKEVIP16 code at checkout back in time with a scale model #DeLorean Quadrotor Make your own impressive log splitter a Dual Thermostat with a #3Dprinted enclosure Preserve your sleep with a red LED Night Light
#Sponsored VIDEO: Kids learn to build an air powered rocket with help from #sproutbyhp offers country wisdom to curious viewers @SciChicNews @makerfaire @wqed Love to hear that!#3DPrint this Zortrax mask, 40 pieces with display stand looks at 4 young Makers in documentary - Remake Learning: The Maker Movement #MakerEd"Making helps young people question, discover, & develop skills they'll need in the future" @WQED #MakerEd
Retweeted by Make: @winningzelda Check comparison boards -->, this @WQED #MakerEd documentary is fantastic. @dalepd @make @MakerEdOrg #MadeInPGH #RemakeLearning #maker
Retweeted by Make:8 cool clocks made from upcycled computer parts
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