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Naomi Wu @RealSexyCyborg, who's on the cover of next month's @Makemagazine tells us about her "hacker heels" and sh…
Retweeted by Make:Perhaps this goes without saying, but don't build this. Simply admire the ingenuity #DIY toy allows you to play with LED sand. Pretty neat huh?
Check Out This Sneaky Railway Smuggler Tram:, I hope they got their cat. Second, I hope they get a video of their cat using this machine.…
Retweeted by Make:Looking to craft some paper electronics? #kidinventors that deserve a shout out today on #KidInventorsDay include @laalityaacharya @MaanasaMendu02
Retweeted by Make:Happy #KidInventorsDay to @Caitie_Glover Who after being diagnosed with dyslexia invented a VR game @SyperEd for th…
Retweeted by Make:Go follow @RobotMakerGirl right now! She's sharing tons of intelligent youths today to celebrate #KidInventorsDay .… simple hacks are the best, aren't they? let someone tell you that 3D printing is just a pastime for hobbyists we first came across this amateur French radio engineer’s sole video, 11 years ago, we were seriously charmed.…
Not content with a secret compartment in a book? How about an entire bookshelf? cut your very own zoo!
New episode of The Rocketry Show podcast is up with author Mike Westerfield, and a chance to win a free copy of his…
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@Vexelius @RealSexyCyborg Yes, if you subscribe now through the rest of January you will receive the Make: vol 61 S… @Bieniecki @RealSexyCyborg The actual on-sale date is January 23. It will for sure be out on newsstands on that day… Make: Vol. 61: Spotlight Shenzhen featuring China based maker Naomi Wu (aka @RealSexyCyborg) on the cov…
Plenty of inspiring Makers on this list! “Top 100 Women in Wearable and Consumer Tech” by @MarijaButkovic a corner shelf that provides easy-to-access backpack storage.
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@maximecoutte Hi Maxime! Please do! Send an email to ! @awriteMaria @ryanejenkins @laura_kampf @Maker_of_Things @CharlesYarnold @TinkeringStudio @fmims @CabaretMT amazing YouTube duo will help you raise your CNC machining skills to the next level based robot, controlled via Bluetooth, will reports back when weather conditions intensify.…
Retweeted by Make:Start carrying an Apple 1 computer in your pocket!
A simple, expandable storage solution from @ataya_p using nothing but card stock.
Retweeted by Make:Whoops, Porg, not PrgoProgs aren't going away, so you might as well just admit you like them out the uniquely sustainable fashion created by @KombuchaCouture
Any #CES2018 #3Dprinting , #CNC , or #digifab news I should know about or share with my readers on @make?
Retweeted by Make:Ritika designed a story-based board game to help students understand the challenges faced by refugees, while learni…
Retweeted by Make:Can't make it out to Las Vegas to check out #CES2018? We got you covered! @make Please help spread the word: Full paid Space Camp Scholarship apps due January 15, 2018 @TheMarsGen will give…
Retweeted by Make:It's never too early to launch your own business! This student became a maker pro while still in high school Wu on the cover of Make: Magazine @realsexycyborg @make
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@TryStudio Yes! We are continuing this call for pitches going forward!Submission extended to 1/10 "@mozilla and @TheTechMuseum invite artists, universities, accelerators, incubators, de…
Retweeted by Make: @TshepototheT Interested in republishing your Medium piece on RootIO's work with bucket based radio transmitters. Can you DM me?The fireworks themselves are so small, they had to be placed on the shelves with tweezers!
Let a bot make you breakfast! video game controllers have never been very accessible, so it's up to us to find new ways for everyone… needs the sound accompaniment to really appreciate. But even without that, this project is fantastic!…
Retweeted by Make:The arcades of today are missing some true classics, so it's best to just outfit your own arcade at home @rickee Could you send me an email at
@RobotMakerGirl @sawdustbear @calebkraft Hep here, I definitely am adding her to my list! Feel free to tag… here - Thank you to everyone who has pitched or suggested someone to us. I am contacting people for this issue,… your love for your favorite circuitboards with these amazing stickers by @Cowkitty Find them here:… @BlueRoseNZ We do all kinds of making! Makers in any medium are encouraged to submit projects! @TshepototheT Interested in republishing your Medium piece on RootIO, could you follow so I can DM you? -HepReally cool #LEGO X-Wing automation using off the shelf products #kickstarted by @BrownDogGadgets.…
Retweeted by Make:You're never too old to stop playing with #LEGO sets. Anyone use this past holiday to introduce a young family memb… @spawaczka Absolutely! @jomariecastro1 electronics might be binary, but making is full spectrum 🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💓 @Linbot_ Send to me at! @Vexelius ¡SÍ por favor!We would love to see some creators take this design and give their own spin to it. Maybe Glowstone blocks and a gol…
@3DPProfessor @RealSexyCyborg I don't want to ruin the surprise, but check out the next issue which hits newstands in February 🤩 @crafticland Go ahead and reach out to!Hep here - we're looking for projects by women, makers of color, makers with disabilities, trans and non-binary fol… #drawingwhileblack has helped me to find & follow lots of great artists. I’d love it if there was a…
Retweeted by Make:An awesome #Minecraft desk from @doingitwithjasn. Now I find myself looking at my desk at work, thinking how many p…
Retweeted by Make:We're back in the office after a rejuvenating holiday. How's everyone doing? Anyone work on anything cool over their holiday break?
How to Use a Breadboard is a comics-style workshop containing fun circuits you can build yourself, from easy to cha…
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