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DIY projects, How-tos, tech news, electronics, crafts and ideas.

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Learn something new! #Arduino + #RaspberryPi #ebooks at price you name. Supports @MakerEdOrg! #STEMA bundle of awesome for as little as $1! via @thegadgeteer RE our @arduino @raspberrypi #ebook dealName your price for our fresh #Arduino + #RaspberryPi #ebook bundle. (You'll be glad you did!)Amazing savings on @arduino + @Raspberry_Pi #ebooks via @humble. Plus: Support @MakerEdOrg! your business to the next level. Get the free MakerPro Newsletter, every Thursday. @arduino: Pay what you want for bundle of @Make's Arduino + @Raspberry_Pi books: an Amazon dash button to donate to the ACLU does javascript have to do with whiskey?
Have you modified your measuring tape? @dalepd: CA's Maker Initiative Spurs Innovation and Workforce Development Across 35… #edtech #makeredAnother step in our behind-the-scenes look at launching a Kickstarter. #Arduino + #RaspberryPi #ebook deal from @make! Pay what you want + support @MakerEdOrg via @humble
Retweeted by Make:we promise you'll crack up watching the "Stupid Robot Fighting League" @simonmonk2: Learn about PID control with #arduino and #raspberrypi using my @make book 'Make: Action' wanted to just shoot your alarm clock?! Name your price for $360 worth of #Arduino + #RaspberryPi #ebooks via @humble. Support @Makered!… much needed addition to Autodesk's Fusion360's MakeShift puzzler: Can you beat a drought?
Looking good!’s a lot of power in @sparkfun's ESP32 Thing chip for those w/ the dev chops #boardsguideGiving a talk today for Engineering Week at GE Appliances in Louisville KY. @make
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Let's get inspired! See how these #WomenInTech stood tall at a recent Maker Faire in Kuwait via @msenese @make: #WIT
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If you're a #machinist, you may want to look away. I crash this @Tormach #cnc mill so many times in this video
Retweeted by Make:This week's top tips @make: Measuring Tape Mods, Mold Making, Vinyl Testing
Retweeted by Make:Finally got a copy of @make (late Christmas present) but the flashy lights from my upcoming migraine are stopping m…
Retweeted by Make:& the @make robots are starting to print!
Retweeted by Make: @JJPhoto glad to hear it! Quick resource list here Also @make @MakerEdOrg @NationOfMakers
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Look at this ridiculous selfie! That's because @dalepd put us in the @Make Education newsletter :)…
Retweeted by Make:Carve a robot hand: @Inventables' live workshop today at 10am PT
Stay current with learning through making. Edited by @dalepd, our Education newsletter keeps you in the know. Software for calculating mechanical irises us now for a @facebooklive real-time #robot build. @digikey @sparkfun"I've been thinking a lot about Seymour Papert" by @dalepd #constructionism #FabLearn #MakerEd #MakerMovement
Retweeted by Make:yes! you can totally repair broken plastic parts. Here are 6 ways @keebie81 @sparkfun @digikey @facebooklive @YouTube It will be archived on #YouTube; check it out there's a new word: "peelytics". Heidelberg developers are instrumentingthe urinal for gamification. Seriously.…
Retweeted by Make:Avoid these 6 traps when moving from hand assembly to machine assembly on your circuits @keebie81 @sparkfun @digikey Absolutely, Kirby! 4pmPT/7pmET A real-time @facebooklive build Join us!Makeshift challenge... Ever heard of a "super cow?" @make & @digikey at 4pmPT/7pmET for livestream demo of EddiePlus, the Self-Balancing #Robot
Retweeted by Make:Part 3 of our behind-the-scenes look at launching a kickstarter:
Big things happening in preparation for #makerfairekc 2017!!
Retweeted by Make:The Hard Drive Marine LC7 can pull itself ashore.
Retweeted by Make:Everything you need to create your own C.H.I.P.-powered Apple IIe Mini computer:
Retweeted by Make:Look at all those chips! Figuring out bronze on the @Tormach 770!
Retweeted by Make:Join us tomorrow at 4pmPT/7pmET for livestream demo of EddiePlus, the Self-Balancing #Robot Senese's excellent story on the people and projects of Maker Faire Kuwait. @msenese @make @makerfaire
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The best stuff each week, delivered directly. Subscribe: Faire Chicago 2017: Best Price Tix ends Feb 24 #MFChicago17 #makerfaire #C2E2RT @GlitterBombV: @make He was so happy Cupid brought him this magazine for Valentine's Day! <- Made OUR day, too!
Spotted @make endcap with some great DIY kits at Radio Shack.
Retweeted by Make:Our #Education newsletter, edited by @dalepd, offers monthly updates on learning through making. #stemMath Monday: Dodexcavation! @KwtMagazine: An interview w/ executive editor of @make magazine @msenese at @makerfairekw #MakerFaireKw interview with the executive editor of @make magazine Mike Senense @msenese at Maker Faire Kuwait @makerfairekw
Retweeted by Make:Sampling of 3D printed cookie cutters my 3rd graders made to go with their African creation tales! @KeySchool @make
Retweeted by Make: @MandalayEl 2nd grade enjoyed making coasters and pop up cards during recess in the lab! #mandalaysteam
Retweeted by Make:Super cute! MT @MakerIO: Surprise your #maker ❤ this Valentine's Day w/ reading material! minimalist clock is stuffed full of LEDs GreyLightning and learn some laser skills to make gaming props. Valentines Day projects are the best! Here are 6 papercraft ideas to make your sweetie swoon
My best bud @msenese is in Kuwait helping with the country's first-ever Maker Faire
Retweeted by Make:This sculpture almost looks like it is breathing!
Check out this awesome robot arm drawing the logo for Chicago Maker Faire! , Great work @evezor! Projects from #MakerFaire Kuwait @MohsMarlyn email me and we'll get him on the blog! @make My son makes awesome slingshots from local branches. He's only 15 and very professional about it.
Retweeted by Make:Honourable Mr. Mike Seneze, Executive Editor of Make Magazine visited us yesterday in Sanea Bus at #MakerFaire
Retweeted by Make:#LEDs as #sensors? Yup. @fmims lights the way. Out of that. Check it. is like the intro to Game of Thrones, but real! Faire Is Coming #whyIlovechicagoin4words our Maker Faire Chicago event page for updates and info! #makerfaire #MFChicago17
MakeShift: How would you purify this water?'ve never seen a mermaid tail like this one! Care of Business: The Maker Pro newsletter keeps you in the loop. #hardware's Guide to Oakland, California your hexbug with some real smarts!
Thank you Jenn Choi for including "Edible Inventions" on your list of books that teach kids life skills! @make
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