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We inspire Makers of all ages and types with DIY projects, How-tos, tech news, electronics, crafts and ideas.

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@fmartguy @EvilpinkyV That's so awesome! What age are your students?Soldering! #simple circuit #led #soldering #ledbadge #makerfaire #maker
Retweeted by Make: @ukscone Ding ding ding! You win a free copy of Make: magazine. :) DM us for detailsOnly 625K seconds until World Maker Faire in NY! Will you be there? #makerfaire a coffee table that works as a giant etch a sketch. Super cool but keep your cats away! @cerebender @iliketomakestuf @AtlMakerFaire Awesome!! We <3 our Maker Moms!! #MakerFaireDon't miss the #WearableArt spotlight at #MakerFaireSEA this weekend! More info -->
Retweeted by Make:We are still live on #twitch! Come join in on the #cosplay fun! live now on @TwitchCreates! Ask your #cosplay #costume #dragoncon questions.! @volpinprops joins us for #MakerChats on @TwitchCreates at 11amPT. @bahree @jkeefe Sure thing, Amit. Choose 'Look Inside' on #Amazon + TOC + other info is there! @ jkeefe: My book of family projects is out 9/24. Preorders: from our hands-on demo with the first desktop waterjet cutter, Wazer:
Ready to dive into #digifab? @shapeoko new book, 'Getting Started with CNC' . . . gets you started. with explosions and a sandwich making robot? I'm interested... and hungry. to post a flier up of @makerfaire NY at your school or Makerspace? Download this PDF #makerfaire #WMF16 #NYSCI
Retweeted by Make:We can't wait to get our hands on these! They look awesome. #battlebots #wewantseason3 we get a round of #likes for @dnk900 and @mumelainesmith1 Thanks for sharing our posts!, we really built the flaming sword from Fallout 4. Check it out! #NationalVideoGamesDay wall in homage to @Stranger_Things from @makerologist powered by #Arduino101 #MakerFaire
Retweeted by Make:
#Cosplay Fans: @volpinprops answers your Qs 9/13 at 11amPT ~@TwitchCreates #MakerChats #props #costume @RobBluedreamer @NathanaelB Thanks for the feedback! We will share the feedback with our dev team. :)Removing rust with a laser by @Leosexton.
Retweeted by Make:The #cutest thing you will see on Twitter today. Make a #DIY robot out of leftover cans! am #3dprinting a army of #MakerFaire robots.
Retweeted by Make:Thanks for all the social love on our glue chart! What resources do you want to see from us next? #DIY #Makers
Working on a weekend project? Don’t glue anything without this handy reference chart! #DIY now from Portland Mini Maker Faire!
Retweeted by Make:Don't Miss! @volpinprops joins us for #MakerChats on @TwitchCreates 9/13 at 11amPT.
WARNING! Cool #DIY video on #Xbox #ReCore. Time to geek out.
Retweeted by Make:We just got a demo of a desktop water jet cutter and our minds are blown. More details next week!We can't wait to see you at the Portland Mini Maker Faire this weekend!
Retweeted by Make:Save 50% on all Make: #ebooks, including new release by @jkeefe, thru 9/14. Pi has sold 10 million units! If you have one of them, here are 10 projects to make with it: from the box of the test prints from our 3D printer shootout, the capabilities of almost all machines have gone up massively.#FlashbackFriday Our video review of Pod Cities, a notes system for the #ipod classic. Excited! Meet @volpinprops on @TwitchCreates #MakerChats 9/13 at 11amPT. @mpchristiner Hey Mario! We are so excited to have you as part of our #makerfaire family. Learn more:! We made an edible #VR headset out of icing and graham crackers. Make your own! #foodie you know? Over 1.4M people will attend a #MakerFaire this year!
@nelsonwtaylor HI Nelson: Sorry for your frustration. can help. Ping for more. @nelsonwtaylor You are right, that is very #lame! We appreciate your support so please check your messages. :)ICYMI Our #twitch live stream of Caleb's #ReCore project! Made 100% out of upcycled metals.'s new book, 'Free to Make,' is a guided tour of #MakerMovement. Take it + meet him @ #WMF16 3D printed sugar sculptures look just like glass! @ hacksterio: The @Make: Community Projects page is NOW LIVE! can check out the #internetofbuckets and lots of DIY projects at this weekend's @OMSI mini #makerfaire.
Retweeted by Make:Sharing your project with Make: is now easier than ever! Publish your project & get a chance to be featured! @TrustedSharing Sorry for the snafu. Pls write - they'll help sort it out for, for those who watched my ReCore project video
Retweeted by Make:My #ReCore project is live on @make ! I did a dieselpunk version of Joule from ReCore
Retweeted by Make:#TBT to World Maker Fair 2012. Thank you to our community for inspiring us year after year!
#pssst! Apply today for @BNBuzz Mini Maker Faire Nov 5-6 #BNMake2016, Making for Good + Education Top @MakerFaire NY Lineup, Oct 1-2 #makerfaire #WMF16MT @simonmonk2: Learn about using motors w/ #arduino + #raspberrypi using my @make book 'Make: Action' is having a terrible drought, so the SEA Makerthon in Chiang Mai is focused on saving water.
We have three open pages in the next issue — our 3D printer guide (five full reviews slated). Would you rather see:Assemble a Brick Pizza Oven in a Day
#LaborDay #FlashSale ends 11:59pmET - Save 35% on select tix to #WMF16 Code: ComeMake | Happiness: YoursLabor Day #FlashSale! Save 35% off #MakerFaire NY tix w/ code ComeMake.
Save 50-60% on Make: #ebooks from @OReillyMedia thru 9/14 #backtoschool
Lisa Winter competed in the first BattleBots show, these days her ladybug Mega Tento is bigger and badder than ever! organizers are joining forces for the greater good of all makerspaces. model-makers! These guys created a 3D printing filament that behaves like modeling clay when heated. for an outdoor #project this weekend? How about this #arduino powered planter to keep your plants hydrated.
Thank you @BattleBots for an amazing season! We now return to our regularly scheduled Make: programming. #battlebots Treats! #BattleBotsFinals #BattleBots #BattleBotsSeason3 #WeWantSeason3
Retweeted by Make:Not Seen on TV: Yeti almost didn't make it to the show. They were selected as an alternate for the tapings. #BattleBots #WeWantSeason3A litteral Knockout #BattleBotsFinals #BattleBots #BattleBotsSeason3 #WeWantSeason3
Retweeted by Make: @Arrow_dot_com We loved seeing Poison Arrow this season! Kudos to Zach, Casey, and Gabe! @CausticCreate #BattleBots #wewantseason3Bot Strategy: Poison Arrow's drone crash was an INTENTIONAL attempt to unstick the bot. #engineering #BattleBots @b_ray_p_73 @BattleBots Hey Billy! You can make your own! :) @adskFusion360 #3dprintingPsst @HEXBUG We sent you a Lil Tento too! Inspiration for the next line of toys? @lisawinterx @megagreg #BattleBots seen on TV: Almost all the parts in CHOMP were physically made by the team. #BattleBots #WeWantSeason3 coast fans! Join us in 9 minutes for more exclusive #BattleBots coverage! #WeWantSeason3 #engineering #makers how to hack a servo to make an adjustable continuous rotation gear motor #robotics Project: @NVIDIATegra #JetsonTX1 Cat Spotter and Laser Teaser #cats #diy