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We're making a list of available makerspaces and maker resources in locations where Techshop closed. If you know of…
To Naomi Wu and the Maker Movement: Our apology, and our commitment to address your concerns. @RealSexyCyborg some extra pouches on your workbench for your smaller tools? Try saddle bags
“Trickle down espionage” is fascinating (albeit terrifying) concept, where spying devices, created by the NSA and o…
Ranging robots, Amazon's Goliath, TechShop OMG + the brand new Drip. Get more Maker Pro wisdom, news + insight into… @drewscorner We thought it was some type of sorcery at first.The Smart Maker Home Challenge from Z-Wave closes soon. Submit your ideas for cool home IoT solutions for a chance… in giving a piece of Techshop's equipment a home? a boring porch light into a high-tech piece of arté Manuel Castro López accomplishes the seemingly impossible: sculpting stone to look like liquid or soft putty's love for #LEGO eventually led to an interest in modeling in @unity3d. From there, it was a simple hop,…
Here's where your group or institution can express interest in purchasing TechShop's assets. hope that everyone involved with TechShop felt the importance of what they did for the maker community, and that…
Just Published! 'Fabric and Fiber Inventions' by best-selling maker @KathyCeceri Sew, Knit,…'s new #GemmaM0 just might be the best platform for wearable projects yet.'s help honor a cat that gave its life for science the true Dark Knight #Batman we see these animal troopers in the next #StarWars movie? work! Check out Alexander's winning build. Total #Kidventor. has officially closed. What can we learn from their years of exploration in makerspace as a business? it's time to cut, make sure you have the right tool for the job
Be sure to grab your tickets for this weekend's @ROCHMakerFaire is delicious, but we should minimize our impact on the environment when harvesting cocoa who dare to touch this mysterious metal assortment discover that it is actually a piano! age-old adage, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” takes a brilliant humanitarian twist in the maker realm of… science and physics teacher covers the mysteries and wonders of the physical world in hopes of inspiring stude… out this unique approach to clamping that uses bendy strips of wood wedged between the ceiling and your workt…
Eric Hagan and I will be talking about our book "Learn Electronics with Arduino: An Illustrated Beginner's Guide to…
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What are you making this weekend? Join @TheMakerShare community to share + learn! #DIT respect and appreciation for our veterans today and every day. Here's one Marine's story of guiding his family… @make Author Aaron Newcomb today from 12-4pm! #bnbookpassion #make makers #minimakerfair #BNMakerFaire
Retweeted by Make:Our first peek at @MakerFaire Shenzhen! #MFSZ17
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'Make: Fun!' Meet toy maker @BobKnetzger Nov 12 @ noon #BNMake @BNBuzz'Getting Started with Drones' author @belindakilby Nov 11 @ noon @BNBuzz #BNMake'Learn Electronics with Arduino' w/ @jodyculkin + @erichagan Nov 12 @ 1pm @BNUnionSquareNY how to code with Linux this weekend! other makers this weekend @BNBuzz #BNMake #MakerFaire across U.S. Nov 11-12. Check it out:… some much needed building AND gaming time this weekend @KathyCeceri Nov 12 for 'Paper Inventions' + 'Musical Inventions' @BNFifthAvenue 2pm #BNMAkeTis the season! *starts singing holiday songs* a trip back in time and learn how to restore a 1998 Packard Bell Multimedia PC wonderful, happy accident—the backstory of how Barnes and Noble @BNBuzz launched their Mini Maker Faires.
Meet 'Linux for Makers' author @aaronnewcomb Nov 11 @ noon at @BNBuzz Fairfield, CA. #BNMake to visit your @BNBuzz this weekend for 3rd annual Mini Maker Faire #BNMake Find your store:
Retweeted by Make:Craft a memorabilia composed of all the posters and artwork that you've collected from Maker Faires and maker events's always heartwarming to see makers improving things in medical fields CEO @zkaplan shares the inspiration and motivation behind his #GSW3DCbook on @make. What inspires you?
Retweeted by Make:Time for another @MakerFaireSZ! Who's going?'t let your fabric scraps go to waste!
Unsatisfied with her current situation, this high school student decided to build herself a better one's a quick mod from @MatterHackers that will finally put all those empty spools to use! to knock down some pesky cans from across the way? 3D print yourself a crossbow! out one of @johnedgarpark's newest devices. It dispenses and cools beverages doll will move its arms, dip a wand into soap, and bring it to her mouth to blow bubbles other makers in a 48-hour hackathon to create solutions for some common problems with accessibility is part of the @BNBuzz Mini Maker Faire -- happening around the country this weekend! @make @makerfaire
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Catch 'Learn Electronics w/ Arduino' authors @jodyculkin + @erichagan @BNUnionSquareNY Nov 12, 1pmET #BNMake our @TheMakerShare mission and make a difference for how we address hurricane damage. the market for a hot wire table that can precision cut foam for building tabletop gaming terrain? there any better way of celebrating #N7Day than putting together a @masseffect project? Smith teaches computer science to homeschooled middle and high school girls eager to join the maker movement out these creators who are using the act of making to improve medical care in their own unique ways together a system to control your switches via your smart phone instead of paying for one
An Open Note to @realsexycyborg Naomi Wu (and Makers everywhere) from @dalepd Electronics with Arduino: An Illustrated Guide for Beginners. An UNO annotated.@make @jodyculkin
Retweeted by Make:Ease young makers' transition between conductive dough and a solderless breadboard with this prototyping board you're moving to NY or been living there your whole life, this guide will help you discover some new spots @chancerubbage Needs? No. But that's how Matt made it. You can certainly use a different method to build a stool.Check out these two engineering students who are on a mission to spread the good word of the maker movement a wooden stool that will last for generations in your family a company is a little bit more complicated than you might think revisited one of his more popular projects this past week
Mark your cal! Next weekend, Nov 11-12, is @BNBuzz 's Mini #MakerFaire. #BNMake's never a bad time to start getting into blacksmithing for a little inspiration for starting your own makerspace?, Halloween is officially over. Let's start prepping for the holidays! everyone should own a RGB Matrix Guitar. Next step: make the animations react to the playing.…
Retweeted by Make:'Now people from literally anywhere in the world can help' -@intelinvolved + disaster relief @TheMakerShare