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check out these 3 robots that can help teach kids to code resurfaced this piece I wrote for them last year about the maker movement.
Retweeted by Make:Today's blast from the past: How to make your own sound effects.'re having a massive Maker Faire in Chicago this year! of single board computers or uC dev boards contact me to be included in this year’s @make Boards Guide. #arduino #electronics
Retweeted by Make:Today's #MakerPro newsletter updates @lily + @hax_co, "The Total Inventor''s Manual" + more Sign up!… The realtek 8710 development board
Call for Makers! #MFChicago17 is ready for your particular brand of genius. Tips from @calebkraft for laser cutting a sweet business card! @make
Retweeted by Make:Our @DIYRobocar race/hack day this Sat in Oakland is filling up. 3 tracks, lots of fun in crazy huge warehouse…
Retweeted by Make:Found a vid clip I made a couple years ago from my CT-scanned skull using the Osirix software. Wild.
Retweeted by Make:this 3d printed material is 10x stronger than steel! science and technology projects, art + DIY culture at #MakerFaire Chicago, April 22-23, 2017. #MFChicago17today's "gem" from the past, a clever hand made 3d routing table. robot communicates using only animated GIFs... fits in perfectly in our office! @thePancakeBot, currently not easy to find @ctrlalt313373 Hey David, just saw this. email me ( and I'll pester some people for you.we only do 👀 @adafruit #bladerunner
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Retweeted by Make:Robot wanted some @CocaCola and got stuck.
Retweeted by Make:Check out these cool folding laser cut business cards! weekend, Maker Faire producers from around the world are meeting in Miami
Sometimes simplicity is the most valuable virtue. kind of want to try this: Sew a Custom Handbag with a Built–In LED Matrix via @make:
Retweeted by Make:This small, lightweight rover has an @Intel Compute Stick and an Arduino 101 for its brains:
Retweeted by Make:This is just the beginning! @Tormach
Retweeted by Make:Layer by Layer – Using Parameters with Patterns @adskFusion360 #NewTutorial
Retweeted by Make:Flexy Empire State Building now available on @thingiverse or directly on my blog
Retweeted by Make:About 4 years worth of @vine in one video on @youtube now - #ICYMI
Retweeted by Make:I saw Hidden Figures tonight and it was amazing! You all MUST see it. They tell the story …
Retweeted by Make:Usually hitting a nail with your saw is a bad thing. This project turns that on its head! Ralph McCaskey! a part of #MakerFaire Bay Area! Call for #Makers now open! #MFBA17
How to use a wired piece of tinfoil on your finger tip to quickly trace the connections on a PCB. @simonmonk2: The Balloon Popper project from my @make book 'Make: Action' your magical wand and turn lights off and on!, broken kitchen cabinet hardware on the left, replacement I modeled in Rhino and 3D printed on @ultimaker on th…
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Meet Samaira Mehta, a 3rd grade developer and board game creator @dalepd: Fascinating. "Comparing the Same Design Fabricated w/ Filament Printing, Resin, = CNC by Art Frumse leather work with @make
Retweeted by Make:Here's my awesome #octopus lamp... in case you missed it
Retweeted by Make:Send a pic of the finished project, too! >> RT @VectorSpaceHQ: Learning leather work with @make
Sew together this custom LED matrix bag and light up any party brought us some pretty good shop tips, here are our favorites, Edible Mealworms, and More #MakerPro #MakerMovementCompare the results of making the same prototype with a filament printer, resin printer, and cnc router.
A riot of #Makeys! MT @TinWhiskerzBlog: Clear nGen join the @makerfaire robot army on my desk bot from our last cover is adorable and you can program how it walks! @make I spent hours wirebonding samples manually. Great times, great times,...
Retweeted by Make: @ctrlalt313373 Hi David! Our apologies. Please ping cs@readerservices.makezine.comHave you ever seen wire bonding in action? Its pretty cool. cool idea @calebkraft . Octopus lamp (still need to go to home Depot to pick up the guts but...).
Retweeted by Make:Today's "Gem" from the past; Hacking in the medical world. @AndonRT @make no no NO. WE DO NOT TRAIN OCTOPUS TO USE POWER TOOLS. they'll take over the world.
Retweeted by Make:Laser cut an octopus lamp that can be rearranged for different poses. @make Love that! This is an old one I made a while back. Ode to Joy with @LEGO_Group EV3
Retweeted by Make:Well, the #Chargers won't be back... but we will be! #makerfairesandiego #makermovement #artSD #STEAM #balboapark
Retweeted by Make:Can't wait to see this! a glimpse inside forthcoming @Groupe_Renault open source electric car thanks to @joshu. RaspberryPis w/CAN hats…
Retweeted by Make:Whoa!😱 Thanks🎉 to all of my followers🐑 for all of the support💪! Is this worthy of a giveaway🎁? I am thinking 🤔so! P…
Retweeted by Make:My laser cut octopus lamp is done! Watch the video and download the files RIGHT NOW OR ELSE
Retweeted by Make:Use those old Lego to make a nifty sound sequencer!
Tiny to Towering Eight-Legged TrotBots (our fave phrase o' the day) You know you want to click: Started with Your Multimeter: An expert tutorial from @charlesplatt #electronicsgreat job @benheck ! The disabled gamer community is lucky to have you! + Connected: Our #CES2017 report
This Sunday I'll be giving a #drone to one of my youtube subscribers!
Retweeted by Make:We are live !! @adafruit @periscopeco @periscopetv
Retweeted by Make:January 16th — Monday — is Appreciate a Dragon Day. “Make dragon puppets and put on a show for friends and family.”
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@thisoldgeek Bob, we love this! Would like to talk to you about featuring it in upcoming issue of Make — email me at
Beginner Robotics: Understanding How Simple Sensors Work
Prototypes of custom cards just for @makerfaire ! @make video coming soon!
Retweeted by Make:I am starstruck! 🙌 @SimoneGiertz
Retweeted by Make:happy friday, check out these awesome Lego NASA ladies
Retweeted by Make:At #CES and everyone thinks I'm @adafruit I don't think we look alike. Wait, as I'm typing someone recognizes me from #Battlebots haha 🤣
Retweeted by Make:Delight in these absurd miniature dramas. Curious Contraptions: Nov. 17 - Jan. 29
Retweeted by Make:'One of the best "Make" books ever!' —@amazon review of 'Make: Drones' #Arduino
#MakerFaire Bay Area 2017 is May 19-21. Get your application in today!