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five cool raspberry pi projects that make sent me
Retweeted by Make:MT @MakerVISTA: ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT! Name your own price for @make books! @humble't you think it's TIME to get those holiday gifts purchased?? of Stranger Things builds on the web, but this one gets points for attention to detail. just wrote an article specifically for @wilw, have I mentioned lately that I love my job? Ok, I'm off to go build…
Retweeted by Make:Don't worry Wil, we've got you covered with that @Raspberry_Pi ! wanted to make a one-of-a-kind prize to go to the winner of our DigiFab Ornament Contest, see how we did it...
Black cylinders are out. Circles that double as lamps are in. @VTomorrows: #vintagetomorrows is part of @humble's Science+Discovery bundle! has been up in Alain Mauer's office for 2 years... can you guess how high the counters gotten?'s #steampunk. It's rock and roll. It's awesome. pal @jude_pullen is on a new BBC show about designing for people in need. UK friends, ep.1 premieres in an hour. @gregerson_kyle @Makerspaces_com @MakerEdOrg @make. Jacob did the same took apart a VCR for repurposing and Arduino…
Retweeted by Make:New #ebooks just added! Pay what you want in @humble deal Benefits @MakerEdOrg @Make's @GE Lights for Life Challenge - a new product is released Unleashing the Ultimate Living Experience |
Retweeted by Make:
From technology to crafts, our gift guide has something for makers of all ages. releases Connected Mr. Bear—paired stuffies w/cuddle sensors that let faraway family watch movies together @einsteinunicorn needs more followers @make! She's rocking it with her projects!
Retweeted by Make:Philo Northrup turns cars into functional fantasies, good for the road and good for the playa. when a tenth is actually one ten thousandth... Learn the lingo!
Pay what you want for science #ebooks thru @humble + support @MakerEdOrg & Experience. The two best gift ideas. up those Digi Fab robots for our Ornament Contest! 3D printers, embroidery machines, vinyl or laser cutters how to carve a regular pentagonal. antiprismIt's sledding weather! (or "sledging" weather, depending on where you're at) @KathyCeceri Wonderful profile of our author, whose newest is 'Edible Inventions' @humble: Mims the word! Get Forrest Mims' Science Experiments from the Pages of @Make in our book bundle!
MT @BN_HappyValley: Gift Guide: Techie? We have hands-on @make & @LEGO_Group gifts & fun. #gift #books #make
Learn something new this weekend: Science + Discovery deal w/ @humble Benefts @MakerEdOrg switches let you turn on electronics by blowing into a tube and are great for accessibility projects. is a smaller take on Theo Jansen's Strandbeests and Gentleman, it has been a fun week taking over the Make twitter feed. Time for me to scurry back to my ow… @shelbeeray @lulzbot3D @blender you can shred parts and make your own filament using a make sure to match plastics!See how the @Blender Institute uses #LulzBot 3D printers to create art that is accessible to everyone.…
Retweeted by Make:A Fascinating Video of a Fully Automatic Machine Quickly Twisting Wire Into Chain Link Fencing…
Retweeted by Make:Could we convince journalists to use images like this to illustrate AI instead robot hands on keyboards?…
Retweeted by Make:I sculpted my #robot #tattoo in #vr! @OculusMedium
Retweeted by Make:Check out our gift guide daily picks! Today its the Jetson TKI developer kit from @nvidia your own! Just uploaded to Thingiverse: Senese's CT-Scanned Skull by msenese
Retweeted by Make:Robotic wrapping paper decorators w/ 4th graders! @KeySchool @MarylandMakes @MakerEdOrg @make
Retweeted by Make:kind of looks like transparent lego! @make maybe the time is finally right for a now-you-are-cooking-with-lasers recipe book?
Retweeted by Make:laser cut sushi! I've seen that! @rocket_not @rocket_not has anyone cooked pancakes with a laser yet? I want to see this!If you had access to a small laser cutter (think desktop) for a weekend, what projects would you do? Common Problems to Avoid When Building a Strandbeest: via @make
Retweeted by Make:Ned Kahn's hypnotic sculptures move with the wind. a robotic arm by simply moving your arm:
Retweeted by Make:Getting @InMoov ready for #robot day @WIDiscovery Science Saturday tomorrow 10-noon
Retweeted by Make:Nephew invasion. "We want to build a robot with you!" They were pretty good robot pilots! …
Retweeted by Make:today is the last day of my (@calebkraft ) week-long takeover of the official Make twitter feed. Get me those… introduces an all-new version of the AxiDraw!
Retweeted by Make:I don't care if no one gets my Spherical cow. It makes happy and when the show is over I'm making myself a stuffed…
Retweeted by Make:Just spotted an Uber self-driving car. Wonder how much autonomy they can sneak in while cruising the city streets.
Retweeted by Make:Woke up this morning and sculpted a robot in #vr! Here's a preview @oculusmedium
Retweeted by Make:beautiful, thanks for sharing!! I hoped it would be useful.
Makers gonna make, so why not encourage it? Our ebooks, your price - New @humbledeal makes a great gift. your own balloon archway for a fun, decorative touch to your next big event @KingRahl3D @josefprusa Yikes, thanks! Stupidly excited about this editors' talk on -gretchen.@josephPrusa @Ultimaker @printrbot @lulzbot3D are just some of the #3D machines editors are talking about NOW're Live! Meet our Digital Fabrication Testing Team NOW on @TwitchCreates #3Dhypnotizing got a glowforge laser cutter in the office! @donttrythis and i test it out:
Retweeted by Make:looking good! cables with color coding in place. Ahhhh. @adafruit
Retweeted by Make: @davidtlang there are times we could use howmanypeopleareinthemakerspacerightnowI'm surprised how useful I've found this website:
Retweeted by Make:Slice and slash your way through your daily mail with little sword letter opener. we are building a chat controlled robot that slaps us in the face:
Retweeted by Make:Behind the Scene: Our #3D Printer Guide today 3pmPST w/ @MattStultz + @shawng on @TwitchCreates @Leighbra Thanks! yup, it is also maybe the most fun part till you start to get decent at something. @make My dad always taught us the hardest 1st step of a job or hobby is learning the jargon & not to be intimidated! This is a great idea.
Retweeted by Make:When you're learning a new skill it's easy to get hung up on unfamiliar terms, so we're starting a new vocab series fact: I guess I technically have access to our books, but I just buy the humble bundle because its easier. watch @smartereveryday play with a handheld tesla coil! Destin, have you been to @makerfaire?This espresso machine sounds so happy! Cheers me up every morning.
Retweeted by Make:watch me etch an #octopus in leather and wood with a #laser!