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You probably can't out shoot this basketball playing robot at Maker Faire Rome. #MFR16 Day One #MFR16 by @MattStultz @SherryHuss: And, the winner of The R.O.M.E. Prize from #MakerFaireRome is Talking Hands! Congratulations!
Preparing for the announcement of the R.O.M.E. prize at Maker Faire Rome. #MFR16 these laser cut wooden bow ties at @makerfaire Rome. #mfr16
#makerspace Need a letter out for a sewing machine donation @MrsTCHSS
Retweeted by Make:I've had a fun week taking over our twitter feed! Have an awesome weekend and follow me at @calebkraft if you want… one of @makerfaire #Rome was amazing. Time to finally get some sleep and be ready for round 2.
Retweeted by Make:Make your own Retro title pages! -- a Slick Little WS2812B LED Controller #TindieBlog
Retweeted by Make:NEW GUIDE: Circuit Playground Jack-o’-Lantern #ElectronicHalloween
Retweeted by Make: @Volt_the_Robot @TProphet @garethb2 @msenese @2600 I just pick one up at a book store before long flights sometimes. Not a subscriber.Just arrived in the mail @bunniestudios @nostarch . Looks like I need to start reading and get a review out! love @2600 magazine so much. I'll always remember that ink splotch fiasco! the spell book from Hocus Pocus for #Halloween to be part of the cosplay @humble bundle along with @chinbeard @KamuiCosplay @donttrythis @make and more!
Retweeted by Make: @pburgstem happy little accidents! @make Cool. Similarly, my son laser cut this green quartz and the laser bumped/moved the piece on final cut, leavin…
Retweeted by Make: @pburgstem quasi intentional. I split in half for maximum detail but goofed when I glued it. Here's what happens if… @pburgstem here it is! Could use some polishing #CephalopodWeek recently designed and printed this #octopus as part of a larger project. Printed in Bronzefill too!… @make
Retweeted by Make: @erikbe @PriceIsRight @make Thank you for watching and letting us know! It's fun seeing Open Source Hardware on the…
Retweeted by Make:Excited to dig a little deeper and learn more about 3D printing with some reading material! @DremelEdu #3dprinting
Retweeted by Make:Make Time Lapse Videos Using Raspberry Pi @hacksterio #raspberrypi
Retweeted by Make:I said some stuff. Somebody wrote it down. STOP THE PRESSES
Retweeted by Make:From #halloween last year. Here's how to make giant inflatable tentacles #CephalopodWeek @garethb2 @msenese @make @2600 It was very nice meeting the 2600 folks at #wmf16 ! They taught my Maker how a POTS…
Retweeted by Make:My first project when I moved into my house. It needs a little touch up now. That's cut vinyl on spray paint.… love @make. Definitely need to try this #DIY overhead camera rig (carefully) #photography
Retweeted by Make:Today's Maker Spotlight: @Marta_Ali1 ago I painted an #octophant #mural (elephant + octupus) in my #vwbus! #stainedglass #CephalopodWeekA 3rd balloon #octopus for #CephalopodWeek ! balloon #octopus for #CephalopodWeek ! about a balloon #octopus for #CephalopodWeek your own Raspberry Pi tornado warning system #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi
Retweeted by Make:We will be at @MakerFaireOTT this weekend! Find us and test drive our robot! #MFO16
Retweeted by Make: @drunkenwood I wouldn't mind having a kiln though! @tombielecki @YouTube @calebkraft Thanks! @make @Nick_Offerman I got super sad when I realized at Barnes and Nobel today that the street date was the 18th and not the 13th.
Retweeted by Make:If you follow @yahahan, you know she supports @chinbeard + he's in new Pay What You Want #cosplay deal, a giant knitopus! Love it!'s how I make my tiny glass #octopus. Most of them explode because I don't have a kiln... or skills. @erikbe @lulzbot3D @PriceIsRight Being on the Price Is Right is the measure of true success!Yup, I rock @lulzbot3D taz4 and lulzbot mini. those who want to #3dprint the giant #octopus I had on my shoulder. Here's the file: also #3dprint an #octopus with every new filament I try! #cephalopodweek is how a Sprinkler Gear works
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Retweeted by Make:I try to make a #cepalopod in every medium I explore. Here, I made an #octopus from the remains of my favorite shir… this bumper sticker today in Vancouver. Appropriate for #CephalopodWeek ?? Not sure. I can't even. 😂🦄🐙
Retweeted by Make:I thought #cephalopodweek was during the summer. This is happening now? OH MY!Drones race at the @MakerFaireRome 2016 #hardware #drones #makers #iot #tech #hdwpioneers
Retweeted by Make:Project Monet #incredible #abstractart #robotpainter @makerfairepgh
Retweeted by Make:Food Sculptor Ray Villafane Shares Pumpkin Carving Tips
Retweeted by Make:whoa, we need this in our office! love hearing @Nick_Offerman talk shop. beautiful deceptively challenging piece of work. The Cordwood Puzzle by the @boldport club.
Retweeted by Make:The pirates @pimoroni make it so I don't want to open the package. 🎁Stop playing w my emotions fellas! #BilgeTank 🍿
Retweeted by Make:I modify #xbox controllers for people with physical disabilities. here's one I shipped recently! #accessibilityFreaking fantastic episode of Raw Craft with @AtelierRosenkra and @Bourdain . Awesome show, kudos @BalvenieUS and #halloween might look similar, but you should learn the difference #NationalHispanicHeritageWe're coming toward the end of #NationalHispanicHeritage month. Share some projects and makers with me!oh my goodness, love it! reminder: Senior Editor @calebkraft (that's me!) is taking over our twitter feed this week!So often larger-than-life costumes like this just shuffle around sadly. This guy MOVES and brings it TO LIFE! Doing…
Retweeted by Make:This is amazing @GlitterBombRobo !!!
Retweeted by Make:Don't miss 'Preternatural' exhibition at @MakerFaireOTT this wkend — @AnoukWipprecht + more
Love the maker community vibe in this vlog by @JimmyDiResta . All for one, one for all. Coo…
Retweeted by Make:If you're at #MFR16 check out @paperpetshop & his amazing work. He was at @DublinMaker with his amazing paper anima…
Retweeted by Make:this is even weirder in person! it! Halloween EVER. Pay what you want for @humble's total #cosplay package + pin. Benefits @MakerEdOrgYou're going to need some creepy spider webs this #halloween. here's how to make a web gun! fidget toy I'm working on. First two prototypes. #showyourwork
Retweeted by Make:see @JimmyDiResta 's latest! Fantastic as usual. @AnonyMissBadger @make @adafruit you get more volts if you cook the potatoes.
Retweeted by Make:A couple years ago I was having a conversation with @JimmyDiResta when a brilliantly obvious idea popped into my he…
Retweeted by Make:Where our Mini Maker Faire is happening on the Fredonia campus #makerfaire #chq @make @makerfaire @e2ccb @FredoniaU
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