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NYU professor Wendy Suzuki helps the @makerfaire audience increase their brain plasticity through exercise.… Feldman, creator of TO OR the robotic dinosaur, is answering your Arduino and robotics questions til 5pm… is here at the Ask a Maker booth til 4pm! Widens Wireless Offerings With Two New Boards ask @MattStultz questions until 3p right next to @TheMakerShare booth #MFNY17 #MFNY17? Stop by @FatBrainToys - Zone 3 Center Green - for kids #toy #contest! Or go here:… pew! Dremel releases a laser cutter at @makerfaire New York #mfny17 #wmf17Last year we gave away the pizza oven I built at @makerfaire NY. Recipient just sent his 1yr recap.…
Retweeted by Make:3D printer alert! Josef Prusa Announces New Prusa i3 MK3 at Maker Faire New York the end of the day, we're all makers us at World @makerfaire New York! #MFNY17 #Livestream
Check out @ZWave's Smart Home Contest! Your cool home #IoT idea might go to #CES2018. Leyh is a modern-day Zeus. Follow his quest in harnessing lightning @LightningOD we must destroy when we're teaching others at World Maker Faire New York? Not a problem, we've got you covered! @FrankDodd6 Drop us a line to learn more!“Why The World Needs Maker Faire” by @dalepd stay ahead of thieves with this scanner that identifies credit card skimmers a kid who wants to learn to code? @WonderWorkshop's new Dot Creativity Kit and Cue are a great place to start
While you're in New York for @makerfaire be sure to check out these other events! a free #raspberrypi + #Vegas trip w/ your smart home idea via @ZWave@TheMakerShare #Iot a New Collaboration Model - the Maker Pro newsletter is All Things Hardware. Subscribe!… @thenerdyteacher @MrGollias @gravescolleen @DianaLRendina @RafranzDavis @Raspberry_Pi .@makeredorg is great! So is… Day Countdown for @makerfaire NY. Save your $$ Get Tix NOW #MFNY17 #makerfaire #DEAL
Retweeted by Make:Draw for Us! Make: books seeks illustrators with skills both technical + fun. Queries: books@makermedia.comDenver, Colorado features an influential female presence in their maker community faster than Classic, @adafruit's Circuit Playground Express is the Swiss Army Knife of boards… @beagleboardorg Coming to WMFNY this weekend? You can check it out in person there.>@beagleboardorg just jumped into the tiny, cheap single board computer market with the PocketBeagle teen heads to @makerfaire NY with viral light-up prom dress #MFNY17 #makerfaire
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2 Day Countdown for @makerfaire NY & meeting #makers like SEAing Breath via @makerfaire
Retweeted by Make:You can achieve some incredible designs with flame painting out Elizabeth Kruger's cosplay of #SquirrelGirl @MkeMakerFaire invasion of Milwaukee has begun series w/ @grantimahara! 'Shaping Smarter Cities' examines global urban innovation up with @adafruit @makerfaire #MFNY17 with @discordapp JOIN NOW! a doubt, one of the most valuable skills in our modern day world is being able to program next time someone judges you for buying a dozen powdered donuts, just claim it's for a project
Check out @sigma_design's #ZWave #IoT challenge! What's your smart home idea? Show it off at CES… William schools use #makerspaces to inspire hands-on learning With our own @dalepdThere are so many ways to create baby Groot!'t overspend on a practice amp when you can easily make one yourself you up for the challenge of designing a smart-home innovation?, founder of @Pebble, is back on Kickstarter with a new product to jam at a moments notice with this sweet wearable hoodie. - I also love the…
Retweeted by Make:Today @Sigma_Designs & @make launch the #ZWave #SmartHome Maker app design contest for #makers. Learn more here:
Retweeted by Make:The food makers will be out in full force at World Maker Faire New York #WMFNY
Learn about the 'Make' Revolution with its founder, Dale Dougherty in Philadelphia tomorrow @CharlesYarnold @donttrythis Yeah, thank for the heads up. We had to unpublish the post. We'll have it up again tomorrow at 1:00pm PSTThe Chaos Tower marble kit breaks the mold of what one may expect from a mathematical based object or project basic primer on carving printing blocks from scrap wood Thanks @timberanew!
Retweeted by Make:Build your own standing desk that can rise on its own (at the fraction of the price for a commercial model) can be its own form of art just published “Why The World Needs Maker Faire”
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Will you be sharing pics, videos of #maker and #makerfaire fun @makerfaire NY? If so, use the official event hasht…
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Free Toys! Catch 'Make: Fun' author @BobKnetzger at @MakerFaireSea on Sun @ 4pm, JBL Theater your genius kid have a genius toy idea? Check out @FatBrainToys #Kidventor contest! great power comes . . . GREAT projects for #DisneyXD @Marvel's #SpiderMan Penny-powere… your Lego figures to hold your cables for you
Does your genius kid have a genius toy idea? Check out @FatBrainToys #Kidventor contest! your inner Scout the next time you go out camping out @OpenWorksBmore, a makerspace that is preparing for a future where makers' skills will be put to good use Juice, Maker Health, Pebble 2 Podcase. The Maker Pro newsletter is on it. Subscribe! out this family of makers who will be showcasing their work @MkeMakerFaire because the power goes out, it doesn't mean that the making needs to stop!'s be honest, when it comes to painting or modeling, all of the real work is done when there’s a looming deadline, a video series by @MouserElec, focuses on how technology is being integrated into the world your knowledge and skills with other creators, and work together to accomplish @TheMakerShare missions
World Maker Faire New York 2017 Will Showcase Innovation (+ Win 4 Tickets!) #MFNY17 #makerfaire #family #kids #STEAM
Retweeted by Make:Want to write a book for Make:? Sure you do! Send us your best + brightest ideas: books@makermedia.comWhen you’re taking something apart, the last thing you want to worry about is all the pieces rolling away will be Hangzhou's first Maker Faire, and the first Maker Faire in China to be held in a public library can keep a constant eye on the health of their crops with these drones Olaf keep you warm this fall
Fool your friends into thinking you can defy gravity with this simple to build magic trick your own magic with this magic wand that looks straight out of the Harry Potter movies Laturi has a passion for metalworking. He's even created some of the zombie killing tools from World War Z
These maker pros aim to turn wine making into a less wasteful practice