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Save 50% on all Make: #books thru 8/31! Use code BACKTOSCHOOL16 at checkout brilliant tool-storage solutions: solar-powered rover takes voice commands from a Pebble smartwatch. #esp8266 challenge: what would you do with this collection of vintage lenses?
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Win a copy of Julian Guthrie's new book “How to Make a Spaceship”! @penguinpress💡 The winners of @GELighting + @Make's Lights for Life Challenge are being notified. Big announcement to follow at World @MakerFaire NY! 💡
Retweeted by Make:Two musicians created this cool, projection-mapped music visualizer for enhanced performances. single board computer with Windows ready to go. Thanks LattePanda King: a dab hand at pottery, a big heart for small things. in an order for custom parts at your local machine shop? Here are 7 tips to ensure you get what you need.
Want to come to #MakerFaire #NewYork? #FREE Entry. COOL swag. HELP MAKE World Maker Faire New York. BE A TRAVELER:
Retweeted by Make:Ok, the Moto Z's snap-on smartphone mods are cool and all... but we're really excited about that developer's kit. your 3D printing game by picking up some joinery lessons from woodworking.’s "Makers Against Drought" Challenge encourages Makers to create technology to make the world better. & educators team up to make 3D printed measuring tools for the visually impaired, salvage, make. Carla Bruni brings ethical making to her community.
This is worth checking out ... clothing is hitting the runway. Next stop, your closet
Retweeted by Make:Check out this sneak peek of our next cover styled by Julianne Brown and shot by @msenese #maker #make an LED lighting archway to illuminate your work table. we’re live with @AmSteelStudios’ Karen Cusolito! Listen in and ask your questions!’re live on the air in 15 minutes with @AmSteelStudios’ Karen Cusolito, talking art maker spaces … join us! $5 Omega2 Board Surges Past Stretch Goal, Packs Punch for IoT Dev the scenes w/ @burningman art: @AmSteelStudios’s Karen Cusolito TODAY at 11amPST #makerchatsComing up at 11am PST, Meet the Maker livestream with @AmSteelStudios’ Karen Cusolito. Ask your questions! a Cardboard Box into an Android Music Dock Spotlight: Bonnie Robinson Stewart designs and creates gorgeous artistic plushes.
Indeed! on space? Build a folding shop workbench! made. Make your own Harry Potter floating candles, because Harry Potter. Top Tips for Working with Printed Circuit Boards everyone could use a little nudge to get them started for the week. #mondaymotivation
Retweeted by Make:Very cool. is the Bay Area’s preeminent studio space for building large art pieces for @burningman and more. how massive maker spaces work? Tomorrow 11am PST: Meet the Maker chat with @AmSteelStudios’s Karen Cusolito. the end of the day, it's all about being able to say "Yes, I made that."
Gary Bedell is an artist with vivid and unmistakeable originality.
#DremelMakerDays are giving away great daily prizes! Check it out & get yours! [sponsored]'re big fans of Laura Kampf. Find out more about today's Maker Spotlight.
Darth Vader costume or @nvidia Jetson TX1?
Retweeted by Make:Do you have an awesome #maker idea? Share it w/ the world & apply to @GreatestMakers:
Retweeted by Make:Babbage decided to become an elephant for #WorldElephantDay by rummaging the #PiTowers lab
Retweeted by Make: @JimmyDiResta More like 49/51, right? ;-)Would a stainless steel rose smell as sweet? Probably not, but it looks cool. See how it's made.! Another great week of #MakerCamp! Special thanks to AT&T for supporting the program :) #ATT @ConnectToGood
Retweeted by Make:World @makerfaire NY 2013. DIY hands-on activity that included a giant pink Elephant. #makerfaire #WorldElephantDay
Retweeted by Make:Miriam classifies herself as a "do-it-with-and-for-others maker!" @ryanhsumner We’ll kick the cage. Stand by.
Our next Meet the Maker livestream features @AmSteelStudios’s maestro Karen Cusolito! 8/16 11am PST. Shibori is a technique for adding texture to textiles by exploiting the thermoplastic qualities of some fabrics to use DonorsChoose to fund projects for your school's makerspace. we just appreciate the fact that this steampunk Dalek cosplay uses a hacked vape to create actual "steam" effect Spotlight: Mike Fulkerson is a metalworker with a passion for education and steampunk. partners with the Fab Foundation to provide each Fab Lab with $24.6k in design software licenses.@autodesk
Every time I see this soldering station in the Make lab, I momentarily wonder if it's a mid-90s Apple product. simple running robots using wheeled legs, or “whegs”. @wrobexee1 Augh. Dangit.Get revved up for World Maker Faire NY with this sweet teaser. So … much … fun! @makerfaireA window screen gets a new life as an herb garden thanks to Sassy Sparrow! you haven’t gotten your World Maker Faire NY tickets yet, why wait? Now’s the time! @makerfaireJust announced! The 2016 World Maker Faire Makers! So many great projects and activities to enjoy! @makerfaireGotta catch 'em all! A wiggling Poké ball let's you know when Pokémon are nearby! Wada has spent a lifetime mastering the craft of dyeing and promoting "slow fibers"
A few months ago the Raspberry Pi Zero got a lot less camera shy. are lots of tattoos in the world, but only so many of them have been done by robots..., rejoice! It's #Nationalbookloversday + the books you want are here: reality isn't just in the hands of big companies.'s Maker Spotlight is on Jillian Ogle @letsjill of Let's Robot
Astronaut talks, theremin performances, giant robots and more! Watch the highlights from Maker Faire Detroit: love to make! Kaleidoscope Maker Camp is nonstop #STEM and smiles. the Realtek RTL8710 going to challenge the ESP8266's position as the go-to wi-fi module for makers? no one knows about your makerspace, they're not going to join it. Will Holman talks makerspace marketing: Moy is a beer brewer from SoCal who is passionate about the craft.
Here are our favorite maker-y things to pop up this past week. Deagan is an artist, an author, a fire whisperer, metalworker, and so much more! Thermoforming: the Other 3D Printing?
Kids are the action, and our future! Thanks @ATT @attdeveloper for being a partner in @MakerCamp. Also #makerfaire
Retweeted by Make:Check out Dum Drums awesome "sweded" movie trailers on this week's Weekend Watch. @Green_Yamo @make @autodesk @carlbass Ooops. Fixed.Keep your edge with these 5 sharpening techniques — from @autodesk’s @carlbass, no less. this simple water intake tracker — this simple project makes for a great life hack! Robey turned his knack for 3D printing into a business.
@LouizSaints Done. @dj_trainr3k VROOOOOOOM UH OH VROOOOOM @crusader_ty You’re right. Point taken.Build a remote-controlled lawn mower, because you’re just … that … lazy. RPGamers! Learn how to make a quick and easy dice tray for your gaming table. Burton's "Crafting with Feminism: 25 Girl-Powered Projects to Smash thePatriarchy"
Retweeted by Make:Cucumber Machines, Adorable Felt Plushies, and More at Maker Faire Tokyo! @makerfaireThese kids are digging their @makercamp experience this summer — and you could too! you can use: @Autodesk Acquires Eagle for PCB Design. somebody you think we should profile in our daily Maker Spotlight? Great! Email! Rega’s sewing projects explore the line between ‘clothing’ and ‘costume’. is kind of amazing. Hack a Typewriter to Tweet What You Type! (Fun fact: this is how we write our Tweets.) and learn, people! @JimmyDiResta makes a sweet leather sheath. @mikemullinax Hey Mike! Send us a direct message and we will coordinate.Congrats @mikemullinax for winning our #BattleBots contest! Now back to your regularly scheduled Make: programming!
Exhibiting a perfect 10 in the floor exercise Red Devil is #TeamUSA 's hope for gold. #BattleBots #Olympics
Retweeted by Make:7 years ago Jerome (Red Devil) was selling used cars, today he designs products & builds bots. #makers #BattleBots