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#tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnet #ccot #tgdn #pjnet #IStandWithIsrael a read!!!!!
Retweeted by Jackie YatesThe Vetting, Part I: Barack's Love Song To Alinsky - Breitbart via @BreitbartNews #tmz #fallontonight #gma
Retweeted by Jackie YatesGive me a break. Your bosses Clinton and Gore collected hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions from the Ch…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesBOMBSHELL: Libyan Army claims HRC was cooperating with the terrorist group that led the raid on Benghazi, killing 4…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesBOOOOM! Tarmac Loretta Lynch & Obama Admin colluded w/ Anti-Trump Russian Lawyer in an attempt to frame Trump Jr./T…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesBlessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. -Matthew 5:8
Retweeted by Jackie YatesAlan Dershowitz Slams New York Times For Trump Jr. "Treason" Claims
Retweeted by Jackie Yates"Flashback: That Time The Obama Administration Spent Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Defeat Bibi Netanyahu"
Retweeted by Jackie YatesPLZ bring this Const Law Prof/Atty 2 Ur table of legal advisors @POTUS He's commited 2 US Consit ovr prty.Says Dems…
Retweeted by Jackie Yates📢Breaking👉Obama DOJ let Russian lawyer into US on Visa exception in massive Deep State Setup of Trump team…
Retweeted by Jackie Yates.@AlanDersh: This is conduct that would be covered by the 1st Amendment. I can't believe the NYT had an op-ed in wh…
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
@cnn must think the average American can't add 2 + 2 #tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnet
Senate panel questions Loretta Lynch over 'political interference' in Clinton probe
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
Perhaps we need to make a special counsel to look into leaks from the special counsel.
Retweeted by Jackie Yates6 years, 737,000 Tweets, 142,000 followers & Twitter just KILLED @ChuckNellis account with NO REASON. I hate this crap, WHAT FREE SPEECH???
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
John Podesta email, read what is in yellow & let me know what you think @seanhannity @IngrahamAngle @FoxNews @GOP
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWithout Dreams We reach nothing. Without Love We feel nothing. Without God We are nothing.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesGOP controls the House & Senate so why #RussianHoax hearings & not hearings for #ObstructionOfJustice with…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWas @David_Leavitt sending a message to Lib Bernie Fan JAMES T HODGKINSON to KILL Trump supporters? @Twitter @FBI
Retweeted by Jackie YatesA Replacement Of Population Is Taking Place In Europe
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
Jim Mattis says Obama admin's missteps undercut Afghanistan's stability
Retweeted by Jackie YatesI am the Alpha and the Omega, says the Lord God, "who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty." -Revelation 1:8
Retweeted by Jackie YatesJames Hodgkinson’s shooting of Republicans signals breaking point of political tensions - - @washtimes #tcot #ccot#tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnet
.@newtgingrich: @SteveScalise Shooting Is Part of a Pattern of 'Hostility on the Left'
Retweeted by Jackie YatesIt's time to defund the arts when it is no longer art.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesSenator @timkaine (D-VA) said democrats should fight Republicans in the streets. Did you get what you wanted?…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesTorah scroll dedication ceremony in memory of the youngest victim of Islamic terrorists during the 2nd intafada...j…
Retweeted by Jackie Yates"Who cares that you can quote the entire Bible, if you live like you've never read it."
Retweeted by Jackie YatesReport from Lawmaker: Shooter's Motive Is Everything the Left Has Wanted
Retweeted by Jackie Yates @politico @IrishMaga @BernieSanders Leftist main stream media, Hollywood & Democrat politicians are why this happen…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesHaley: New UN Rights Report ‘Reeks of Anti-Israel Bias’ #DefundTheUN
Retweeted by Jackie Yates @steph93065 Look who inspired James Hodgkinson #Trump #Bernie #Maddow #AMJoy #inners
Retweeted by Jackie Yates"Terry McAuliffe" But it was a "Gun Free Zone". Did the shooter not read the signs? Maybe BIGGER signs?
Retweeted by Jackie YatesHouse Majority Whip Steve Scalise and Aides Shot at Baseball Practice | We were like sitting Ducks-Rand Paul RKY
#tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnet
FORGOTTEN OBAMA SCANDALS: In 2016 Obama Gave Top Communist Intelligence Agents Access To Vital US Defense Facilities
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
Rabbi Yosef calls UK rabbi's comments on gays 'heresy' via @ArutzSheva_En
Retweeted by Jackie Yates✝️Are you kidding me? 🙏 please say this is #fakenews @BillyGraham @Franklin_Graham
Retweeted by Jackie YatesBREAKING : Leaked Email Proves DNC Planned Fake Trump/Putin Story
Retweeted by Jackie YatesComey was so uncomfortable around Trump he "had" to keep memos. But FBI agents interrogated Huma, Hillary, & crew without a single memo...
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Millennials are killing dozens of industries — but Baby Boomers are to blame via @BI_RetailNews #tcot #ccot #tgdnThis is #Islam, This is how they Conquer... #WakeUpAmerica
Retweeted by Jackie Yates400,000 yrs. of data say Climate Change isn't just a hoax, it's researchers' scam to get federal $$. @algore
Retweeted by Jackie YatesAnother @CNN person insults President Trump and has to apologize. Do you think there's some bias over there?
Retweeted by Jackie YatesBUSTED: @CNN caught producing and putting out Fake News! #CNNIsISIS
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#tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnet #ParisAccord #ParisClimateDeal #tcot Just Common Sense can achieve a multitude of promises kept. #ccot #tgdn #pjnet @irmahinojosa_ You r spot on-I would bet the farm on that. @JFaut again u speak from ignorance.... @JFaut sticks and stones..... @JFaut Please-all of my wealth is in coal country. And Im the recipient of clean air-lots of grass and trees. @FrankLuntz Polls, Polls..they keep me entertained-and I take them with a grain of salt.And it's huge-redistribution of wealth with America carrying the water again. #tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnet @SierraClub Why r u so afraid of coal? Nothing imaginary about it-it keeps ur lights on. #tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnetNo problem-We r not bashful about supporting the withdrawal of an amateur agreement. Just another form of redistrib… #ccot #tgdn #pjnet @SenFranken Really? Trump knows a bad deal when he sees one. How many have u brokered? #tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnetBIG Shoutout to @realDonaldTrump from Eastern Kentucky, Coal Country!
RETWEET if you think Jeff Sessions should convene a grand jury & indict Kathy Griffin for threatening the President!
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Obama had a 'back channel' for Iran deal, it was praised as clever. When Republicans do it, it's seen as sinister.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesHow Constitution's 16th Amendment was Result of Presidential Political Miscalculation and gave us the income tax:
Retweeted by Jackie YatesThe truth about #depression... #Stress #entrepreneur #business #CEO #mentalhealth #anxiety
Retweeted by Jackie YatesI wonder if he even knows he couldn't "rush to impeachment" if he tried since impeachment is a function of the Hous…
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
#tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnet #ccot #tgdn #pjnet
The Weeping Eagle: BREAKING: Hacker Kim Dotcom Has Evidence #SethRich Was Wikileaks Source...
Retweeted by Jackie YatesRupert Calls Special Meeting as FOX News Ratings Slump
Retweeted by Jackie Yates'We Have Your Back': Watch a MI Voter's Impassioned Message to Trump
Retweeted by Jackie Yates @mitchellvii Clinton deleting 33k emails and destroying a few devices with a hammer, no intent no crime. Trump no e…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesIf this con job by #Podesta and #Mook gets played much farther, we are looking at civil war in this country. Dont t…
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RETWEET if you think President Trump should make Newt Gingrich his new Chief of Staff! Time to stop the leaks and…
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Want to talk about Obstruction of Justice. L. Lynch says she will ensure charges aren't brought against #Clinton.…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesKeep your mouth free of perversity; keep corrupt talk far from your lips. - Proverbs 4:24
Retweeted by Jackie YatesTake up the whole armor of God so you may be able to stand in the evil day - Ephesians 6:13
Retweeted by Jackie YatesMurdered DNC Staffer Reportedly Sent 40,000 E-Mails to WikiLeaks via @LifeZette @USAlivestrong @Dian5 @NMsly
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