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Obama had a 'back channel' for Iran deal, it was praised as clever. When Republicans do it, it's seen as sinister.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesHow Constitution's 16th Amendment was Result of Presidential Political Miscalculation and gave us the income tax:
Retweeted by Jackie YatesThe truth about #depression... #Stress #entrepreneur #business #CEO #mentalhealth #anxiety
Retweeted by Jackie YatesI wonder if he even knows he couldn't "rush to impeachment" if he tried since impeachment is a function of the Hous…
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#tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnet #ccot #tgdn #pjnet
The Weeping Eagle: BREAKING: Hacker Kim Dotcom Has Evidence #SethRich Was Wikileaks Source...
Retweeted by Jackie YatesRupert Calls Special Meeting as FOX News Ratings Slump
Retweeted by Jackie Yates'We Have Your Back': Watch a MI Voter's Impassioned Message to Trump
Retweeted by Jackie Yates @mitchellvii Clinton deleting 33k emails and destroying a few devices with a hammer, no intent no crime. Trump no e…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesIf this con job by #Podesta and #Mook gets played much farther, we are looking at civil war in this country. Dont t…
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RETWEET if you think President Trump should make Newt Gingrich his new Chief of Staff! Time to stop the leaks and…
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Want to talk about Obstruction of Justice. L. Lynch says she will ensure charges aren't brought against #Clinton.…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesKeep your mouth free of perversity; keep corrupt talk far from your lips. - Proverbs 4:24
Retweeted by Jackie YatesTake up the whole armor of God so you may be able to stand in the evil day - Ephesians 6:13
Retweeted by Jackie YatesMurdered DNC Staffer Reportedly Sent 40,000 E-Mails to WikiLeaks via @LifeZette @USAlivestrong @Dian5 @NMsly
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‘The Passion of the Christ’ star: Hollywood turned its back on me over faith
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWhich is how people ending up worshiping government.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesTeacher fired for giving student a Bible -- gets job back via @toddstarnes
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FLASHBACK: FBI Agents Say James Comey ‘Stood In The Way’ Of Clinton Email Investigation
Retweeted by Jackie YatesBenghazi Liar Susan Rice's Treachery Continues With Teump Surveillance #MAGA #PJNET #TCOT
Retweeted by Jackie YatesJesus answered and said to them, �You are mistaken, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God. Matthew 22:29
Retweeted by Jackie YatesRussia Investigation- @thestationchief says FBI must increase the sphere of the investigation to cover Clinton & Po…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesBarack and Michelle Obama made: * School lunches inedible. * Healthcare insurance unaffordable. * Police lives unim…
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Don't forget, Acting FBI Director #McCabe is under investigation by the DOJ Office of the Inspector General…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesThe End of Physical Currency Coming in 2017? via @FoxBusiness
Retweeted by Jackie YatesKABOOOOM!! FBI CLEARS Flynn in Probe linking him to Russia !! #SallyYates #Unmasking by #StockMonsterUSA
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Often we can get stressed out about things because we did not take it to #God first.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesFor as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways above your ways. And my thoughts above your thoughts,…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesFLASHBACK: President Bill Clinton fired his FBI director on July 19th, 1993, the day before Vince Foster was found…
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Massive Lake Molten Carbon Size Of MX Just Discovered Under U.S Center is super volcano sleeping under Yellowstone
Retweeted by Jackie YatesI Am the Light of the world (Jn 8:12) @jesus @JesusBranch #Jesus #JesusSaves @lecrae
Retweeted by Jackie YatesTrump marks National Day of Prayer, signs executive order on religious freedom | #tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnet#tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnet
Fresh evidence the Russia ‘scandal’ is a Team Obama operation #TeaParty #tcot
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWill there be consequences for Stephen Colbert's obscene attack on the president last night, or even any comment from CBS?
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But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. #jesus
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#NationalSuperheroDay Yeshua Hamashiach! #ccot #tcot #tgdn #pjnetIt Was Doomed from the Start! Bombshell Report Gets Declassified, Confirms WORST About Obama & Assad...
Retweeted by Jackie YatesGo @tedcruz @SenTedCruz!
Retweeted by Jackie YatesTrump's greatest service to the pro-life movement happened before he was inaugurated: He kept Hillary Clinton out o…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesLib Extreme Fretting Over Trump Extreme Vetting - American Thiker #MAGA #PJNET 999
Retweeted by Jackie YatesFor what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness. #jesus
Retweeted by Jackie YatesLeftists have sabotaged a hotline aimed at helping victims of crimes committed by illegals (including rape & assault). Let that sink in.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesPoll: 73% of Republicans say the media is abusing its First Amendment freedom of the press
Retweeted by Jackie YatesMacron would put sanctions on Poland if he's elected in France. This is total insanity.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesOOPS: Liberal media somehow blames Trump for Flynn's security clearance, which was reissued last year under Obama's…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesNEW: Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers Working With ANTIFA Terrorist Group
Retweeted by Jackie YatesDocuments Reveal FBI Had Grand Jury Investigate Hillary Clinton While She Was Running for President in 2016
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWhy can't House repeal Obamacare? Because a lot of Republicans don't want to by @ByronYork
Retweeted by Jackie YatesThat's right. Flynn's security clearance came under Obama. Watch how fast this thing dies now.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesPoll Trump's Handling Isis,terriorism,economy, immigration,foreign policy, taxes,& healthcare ⁉️Did u poll any ppl…
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South Carolina Committee Passes Bill to Define Unborn Baby as a Person and Ban Abortions
Retweeted by Jackie Yates @Thomas1774Paine @clakjak
Retweeted by Jackie YatesBill Nye Trashes People With Large Families, Wants Them Penalized for Having “Extra Kids” v…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesBOOM! #NOSH-KIDDIN'!!! 😀😀😀😀😀 @smidgean @GingerGander @BillPeriman @Chairmnoomowmow @CarmineZozzora @carold501
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Retweeted by Jackie YatesWe need arrest of these tratiors and Hillary, Obama and all the Democrats that was hoarding and abetting abeling th…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesPresident Trump’s tax plan announced today reveals that he was serious about his campaign promise to cut taxes.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesThe U.S. recorded its slowest economic growth in five years (2016). GDP up only 1.6%. Trade deficits hurt the economy very badly.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesDo you believe the 9th Circuit should have its judges replaced by responsible jurists who will defend the constitution and enforce the law?
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#tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnet #ISTANDWITHISRAEL
#CCOT Muslims Are Calling To Support Israel. Westerners Must Understand What This Means Prophetically #prophesy
Retweeted by Jackie YatesSen. Dick Durbin: If You Support Roe v. Wade, You Can Be Part Of The Democratic Party #tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnetRare Briefing: Entire Senate Being Called to White House on North Korea | #tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnet
Obama interfered in a foreign election to help Macron. Where is the outrage?
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Trump Says He Will Release Tax Reform Package Next Week #tcot #ccot #tgdn #pjnet
#LDTPoll Should the Trump administration reverse Obama's disastrous nuclear deal with Iran?
Retweeted by Jackie YatesThis world has become the Twilight Zone..... What!!!!!"??????
Retweeted by Jackie YatesAll the press Jews get, both positive & mostly negative, you would think Jews make up at least 300million people.
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This is from 2015 and the MSM didn't cover it. 4th Estate is dead
Retweeted by Jackie YatesHow North Korea Could Destroy The U.S. With One Nuclear #EMP Blast #PJNET #TCOT
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So, Nevada is aware the DMV has been providing voter registration for non citizens, allowing unlawful voting regist…
Retweeted by Jackie Yates🚨🔗RETWEET🔗🚨 if you want a DOJ Investigation into Susan Rice !! DONT LET another Hilly/Obama rat escape justice !! R…
Retweeted by Jackie YatesCirca News’ @SaraCarterDC says Obama's spy scandal “should concern every American” #MAGA #TrumpTrain
Retweeted by Jackie YatesTweet: Berkeley vandals call for beheading of College Republicans. That's a tactic used by ISIS for non believers.
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