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This Is My Jam @Marcos_El_Malo San Miguel de Allende

I accept the challenge. I will get back up. My motto: When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Gringo writer living in Mexico, loves dogs and punk rock.

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@gschaffeetattoo Lego is now making a No Country for Old Men playset.
@FmnJohn @bkerogers @Sandra_D_in_OKC Well, hell, who hasn't done that?
@The_KJM @JenGwenSven I thought someone was my Robin type sidekick. Was stunned to realize I'm her Alfred. 😄😳😫Hey twitter friends and family! I 👂 you all very much!happy thanksgiving everyone!
It’s 2016 & reporters still don’t get that Apple doesn’t play the market share game against mid-priced phones?
Retweeted by This Is My JamRetweet if you agree.
Retweeted by This Is My JamAnte la situación de #EEUU, debemos explorar nuevos mercados y buscar otros productos que puedan exportarse.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @RafaMorenoValle Or as we say in English, don't put all your eggs in one basket.Mexico deba que hacerlo cualquiera. No es muy sabido ni sano a poner toda la fe In EEUU. look, fake news is a hard problem. Facebook: we have developed a tool to block the real news.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam1. It is not anti black to want to be recognized as a full America citizen on soil we were born on. Pick your battles the lines are drawn.
Retweeted by This Is My JamI'll be honest. I didn't think a "Nazis were bad" tweet would lead to me being lectured. I was, of course, mistaken
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @T_FisherKing I know a lot of liberals are squeamish about weapons. I hope this didn't trigger anyone. 😉 @T_FisherKing You can always sell it when Trump is out of office and dangers are past. Keep it locked up until then. It's insurance. @T_FisherKing I don't think it's a bad idea to purchase a firearm right now, get trained for safety and proficiency. @T_FisherKing @NBCNews I can't purchase firearms as an expat guest of Mexico. I've learned to use one safely, however.Tremendous shot from the cockpit of an SE5a. Exposed to the elements, this is what the RFC pilot's saw, not the gra…
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @ABC7 If the POI was an accomplice and was texting the robbers, they're as good as caught.and lots of stuffing, clearly.
Retweeted by This Is My JamEveryone go read The World of Edena. It's my favorite (sort of) graphic novel.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @Vajayjayabrams @washingtonpost OK 1) not ironing 2) buying this Anything else I should do? @Walkyrjenny @Iron_Spike I didn't build any pyramids today, but I did cut a stencil! @BrentMcCluskey @vine I was expecting him to stop and run to the kitchen. @BroncosFanEJ @ChipYost Hard to tell for sure, but the possible accomplice sitting at the counter (non-fuzzed, w/ a beard) looks Caucasian. @NearSightedGirl @Iron_Spike The ancients were too crude and unsophisticated to build these marvels on their own, is the general idea. @NearSightedGirl @Iron_Spike A secondary subtext is the conceit that we are currently the pinnacle of human civilization and development. @NearSightedGirl @Iron_Spike That's the subtext of "aliens musta done it" theories of non-European ancient wonders. @kencf0618 My emotional immaturity keeps me young. 😛Ziti sounds to ethnic and exotic for the audience @NYT is courting these days. Mac&Cheese sounds about right. @TheViewFromLL2 One also wonders if it wouldn't have been cheaper to just pay him $10 billion to drop out of the race in the last month. @kencf0618 Sisters report that he's about the same. Doesn't look like I'll be going back to see him this weekend or xmas. @kencf0618 My dad was cogent more or less, just not able to remember or take in much info that he wasn't interested in, if that makes sense.starting a support hotline for the most persecuted group of all: straight white males who don't "get" identity politics
Retweeted by This Is My JamHer reverse is crazy !!!
Retweeted by This Is My JamThe older you are, the longer voicemail you leave.
Retweeted by This Is My JamIn fairness, most of the alt-right guys are also Bronies. The more they deny it, the more you know it's true.
Retweeted by This Is My JamWondering if Trump administration is going to come up with a new name for their version or if they're just going to call it apartheid
Retweeted by This Is My Jam.@washingtonpost When does your neo-nazi swimsuit edition come out? truly what the fuck are you doing?
Retweeted by This Is My JamI realize that this hashtag isn't a thing but I woke up with these tweets on my mind & was like wow...twitter is truly invaluable. 😂
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @pattmlatimes Very difficult to ID with anything close to certainty which Nation is source. Nothing for @BarackObama to do in this matter.I'm looking forward to Gretchen Carlson's upcoming book: "Settle for $20 Million More"
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @jimfi1955 My belief is this: I believe you're just trolling by calling urself a deplorable. ur trying to get a reaction. We're done here.Trump is right, some immigrants are ruining this country. The Sioux should've built a wall, and made England pay for it. #StandingRock
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @jimfi1955 @AngryBlackLady If that's a label you embrace, serving the country doesn't excuse it. @jimfi1955 @AngryBlackLady You misunderstand, perhaps intentionally. When you label yourself a deplorable, you label yourself a bigot. @dtafakari This twisted view is how they rationalize eradicating blacks, browns, yellows, Muslims, LGBTQ, as a "defensive" genocide. @dtafakari They cannot conceive of a straightforward world with equality between races. It's got to be genocide one way or the other. @dtafakari The White Genocide thing is WSists wanting to eradicate us and they cannot imagine we don't feel the same about White People.GIVE THANKS FOR TACOS. Please Share my cartoon and then go order a 2017 Lalo Alcaraz Cartoon Calendar at…
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @LibbyCudmore Felt the same way about my Wolverine Wellingtons, RIP. @TeaPainUSA The root of white economic anxiety is the fear that people of color are catching up. @kencf0618 That sucks. Hope you can enjoy time w/ your dad. My dad was getting borderline incoherent this past summer when I saw him.1st Thanksgiving was celebrated pretty much like its celebrated today, just without the tear gas and water cannons.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @owillis That should go on the list of warning signs for click bait addiction, the leading cause of chronic shitty journalism. @jimfi1955 @AngryBlackLady Serving our country doesn't give you a free pass to be a bigot. That's what the deplorable label means.Very apt comparison. May can pry my unconventional pornography from my cold, dead anus.
Retweeted by This Is My JamI'll be on NPR @OnPointRadio at 10am to discuss identity politics. Tune in
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @Moon_Clinic @davidliterally Who stole her lips? @brodiegal @GreatDismal @nadabakos @guardian Ugh. It's not NASA or science that is politicizing science. @Rickonia @Henchmen With Cranberry Chipotle salsa?So the question is, why would anyone help them? How is it that Trump can just bring white nationalism INTO THE WHITE HOUSE and people shrug?
Retweeted by This Is My JamTrump was stunningly superficial during our chat - and we @nytopinion see no earthly grounds for trusting him
Retweeted by This Is My JamThe left in the US will forever fail as long as "working class" remains synonymous with "white."
Retweeted by This Is My JamLeaving a note for the Twitter verification process that they haven't even verified Putin's account...
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @Nicole_Cliffe Common pitfall of using Imperial Measures, not molecular weight of herbs and spices dissolved in a solution. @BevDiane [Jim Carey Dumb and Dumber meme] So you're saying, I have a chance for a career in politics?Don't you think ID politics created by and reaction to societal structures favoring white skin and "soft racism"? @MichaelGaree So far the evidence points to chickens.The truth is, we are supposed to sympathize with white ppl feeling like theyre losing the power that their whiteness gives them.
Retweeted by This Is My Jamok if we're going to view everything through the lens of pop culture: trump exactly ran the accidentally successful grift from The Producers
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @BevDiane Dick pics were never not OK. It was oversharing that was the problemo. keep your dick pics in your pants was always good advice.Pretend your eyeglasses are a VR headset. @QuestEditor @VA4Hillary1 What's the basis for removing Pence? Isn't Trump preferable to Pence, if only because Donald is incompetent. @thegrugq_ebooks Machines Are Great Again fuck your feelings @thegrugq_ebooks Must be machine readable. @thegrugq_ebooks or the All Writs Act should it take a turn for the worse. @thegrugq_ebooks I hadn't heard about this. You're suggesting drone strikes in the phones or on the blackberry users. Gutsy move alright.