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This Is My Jam @Marcos_El_Malo San Miguel de Allende

I accept the challenge. I will get back up. My motto: When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Gringo writer living in Mexico, loves dogs and punk rock.

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@royal_skeleton Sorry I wasn't there in your time of need, but next time try Troy Burgers or I&O over by Harvey Drive.Ingrid Goes West was fascinating. Aubrey Plaza is so good.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @Jokermtb @antonnewcombe @timringTV @realDonaldTrump @VP I had conflicting feelings when I saw that. Physical empat… @StevePolychron @JamesFallows @JudyWoodruff How long is their wall?Man, just fck anybody who ever wrote a word about e-mails.
Retweeted by This Is My JamThank u to my friends in Berkeley. 6 more shows then off to Westhampton, Charleston, Durham, Indianapolis, St. Loui…
Retweeted by This Is My JamLeni Riefenstahl was the subject of four denazification proceedings, which finally declared her a Nazi sympathizer…
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @JohnCleese @ManMadeMoon But what about your future? 😂😉As Churchill said "If you have enemies it means you have stood up for something" Anyway, that's the half of my 'fa…
Retweeted by This Is My JamI'm: ⚪️ a man ⚪️ a woman 🔘 an aspiring vim user and I'm looking for: ⚪️ a man ⚪️ a woman 🔘 how to exit
Retweeted by This Is My JamI never predicted that the main 21st century application of steganography would be in resignation letters from US government officials.
Retweeted by This Is My JamHilarious presentation video. @paste0x78 The document was typeset in PowerPoint 😂 @IntelliTexan @jedkornbluh @dtimm53217 @EricHolthaus @Fahrenthold Appointed in June. Seems… @GordonShumway66 @EricHolthaus @yashar Here ya go: Much better pick than Mike Brown was. @GordonShumway66 @EricHolthaus @yashar Brock Long was appointed to run FEMA in June. His career has been in emergen… @kencf0618 This group of friends is about 75% white. @kencf0618 You made me pause and think: of the kids of my college friends, 25% are white, 75% are mixed white or non-white.My Texas friends, read this please. TS Harvey, I don't ask for retweets very often, but if you have friends or family in Texas, please share this.
Retweeted by This Is My Jamwhen they are wrapped in the warm quilt of Trump's lies. Dreaming they are good people. 4can live with themselves. They don't have to look at any dark truths that might threaten their psychological safety 3They psychologically cannot survive without Trump's constant lying. His lies buttress the lies they tell themselves so that they 2"Why do Trump followers accept his constant lies?" Not a matter of acceptance, it's a matter of survival. 1 @JZSamm @KFILE @GOP The TrumpOP is bothered with lies about the same that fish are bothered with water. @KFILE This is Twitter. I can't believe nobody has started a competition to photoshop @kelliwardaz photos.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam.@kelliwardaz getting *heat* from AZ conservative talk radio on this ad. "It's fake news," says @broomheadshow.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @KFILE @kelliwardaz North Korea photoshops better than @kelliwardaz
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @kelliwardaz is resorting to photoshop manipulations to attack senator Jeff Flake. Is she getting tips from ex Sovi… Excited To Take Over Father’s Old Afghanistan Patrol Route
Retweeted by This Is My JamDon't let the publication's name fool you. Some of the best journalism in America today is coming out of @TeenVogue @CUTEST_ANlMALS @velanvinny Didn't he learn in paratrooper school to remove the parachute harness before digging in? @ABeconomist Absolutely this. @CUTEST_ANlMALS @velanvinny I thought he was going to shave with it. @Janw28 @bravenak @mflynnJR @CNN Has your dad decided if he's going to throw you or the President under the bus? @cristela9 Could you have yelled back, "Ya, pasen! Dale! Dale!" Or was it not that kind of crowd?This from @vpostrel is true and merciless.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @kencf0618 Such as it is, missing the D.
@RJDonachie3 @debbzi @markberman @CahnEmily Accusing someone of working for the Daily Caller is now considered an ad hominem attack. Got it. @RJDonachie3 @markberman @CahnEmily Says the man from the Daily Caller .. with no hint of self-awareness whatsoever.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @r0wdy_ @pwnallthethings I haven't done so since 2006. My Democrat friends say, "just register as a Dem" but that's a bridge too far.Wish 'conservative' wasn't used as a euphemism for 'republican'. Increasingly they are disjoint groups.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @DannDank @frontdeskjeff @stogestevens @desusnice I'd say their opinion matters even more, because they express it… @desusnice We're living in the most terrifying times I've seen in 50 years, and dudebro thinks it's boring? 😧Remember when America had a president? Say less.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @stealthygeek The old saying in Mexico was when America sneezes, Mexico catches the flu. I wonder to what degree this is still true.Second of all, you're assuming reasons for lower turnout that have no basis in fact, while ignoring documented vote…
Retweeted by This Is My JamImagine failing so hard at life that your epithet is "the crying nazi."
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @BaneusPrime @jonrosenberg Can I get five burgerstuffed jalapeño poppers to go? @jonrosenberg I want to be able to walk into any Arby's and buy a pastrami & hotdog burrito. Is that so wrong? @SwiftOnSecurity @TheRickWilson @RadioFreeTom Brilliant analysis and the most trollful shitposts regarding music. @SwiftOnSecurity @TheRickWilson Incidentally, if you want to follow someone in conservative politics with horrible… @SwiftOnSecurity @TheRickWilson Also, his area of professional expertise is conservative politics. Yours are comput… @jonrosenberg That's because Love Boat was exciting and new. @hardkoreham @CandiceAiston 🌊 🦁 @ScottColgate @WangCecillia Lolololololol, my dude here mansplaining the concept of mansplaining
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @W7VOA Something to consider; since 1890 the Arizona Republic have only ever endorsed one Democrat over a Republica…
Retweeted by This Is My JamThis is pretty astonishing & damning.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @DolphinFan1984 @politico More than just the election. His business empire was built with 🇷🇺 loans after he couldn't get 🇺🇸 credit. @blogdiva This moderate ❤️ s you! I might be right of center, but make no mistake you pull me to the left.I don't know what that felt like to write that, @blogdiva , but reading it gave me goosebumps. @CandiceAiston 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 🚒🚑🚒🚑🚒 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I don't have issues with Harvard Harris. I have issues with your absolutely stupid reading of the poll itself, if y…
Retweeted by This Is My JamLaying down that Liza dialectic for anyone wanting to pick it up. Damn! 🔥🔥🔥 HAVE TO EARN THE ALLY LABEL: if you're a racist, misogynist, piece of shit, HISTORY has proven y'all end up being #FascistCollaborators
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @vasabjit_b @bananapopcorn @johnwcbragg @vpostrel @KevinNR I don't doubt that. I've also heard that China is tryin… @KofieYeboah Schroeddaaah in da houz!This.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @RaymieX @SwiftOnSecurity @SAE_Mex Attending an SAE subasta is now on my bucket list. @RaymieX @SwiftOnSecurity @SAE_Mex Wow, I know Querétaro a little bit. That looks like prime real estate. #RanchoMenchaca @RaymieX @SwiftOnSecurity @SAE_Mex This house could be yours… Seized from drug dealers or… @RaymieX @SwiftOnSecurity @SAE_Mex Same with the flooring. @RaymieX @SwiftOnSecurity @SAE_Mex The lot with the gloves (guantes) had PVC pipe connectors in the lot. Maybe they… @vasabjit_b @bananapopcorn @johnwcbragg @vpostrel @KevinNR Yeah, it's automation more than it is cheap foreign labor. @RaymieX @SwiftOnSecurity @SAE_Mex Quién sabes? Overstock? Over-ordering? Seized goods? @vasabjit_b @bananapopcorn @johnwcbragg @vpostrel @KevinNR So NAFTA has been very good for Texas industry. @vasabjit_b @bananapopcorn @johnwcbragg @vpostrel @KevinNR "Third tier suppliers" are shipping back and forth acros… @vasabjit_b @bananapopcorn @johnwcbragg @vpostrel @KevinNR My understanding is that industry has increased in Texas… @baedri_ @eveewing It's actually a nice thing to have when you can't rely on tap water. I reuse the bottles, though.