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This Is My Jam @Marcos_El_Malo San Miguel de Allende

I accept the challenge. I will get back up. My motto: When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Gringo writer living in Mexico, loves dogs and punk rock.

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@klarabinon @RayDavidson @MalwareJake We need a waterwall, apparently, with air locks instead of ports. @CompEncuestasMX En espanglish, llamamos eso "puro bullshit". @FOSSpatents @RadioFreeTom you'd probably like the cut of @FOSSpatents jib.I comment on many IT/IP/antitrust issues but on the Google search engine case I lack information and knowledge sufficient to form an opinion
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @CarlFriend1 @RichLackey @LumaTouch BTW, are you or anyone else aware of any app that does compositing for iOS? I'm… @CarlFriend1 @RichLackey I really like @LumaTouch LumaFusion. Great for teaching editing basics. I still need deskt… @RichLackey @mythicStallion Heck, @MoondogLabs makes an anamorphic lens, which is kinda amazing. @RichLackey @mythicStallion Third party camera apps go a long way in extending use. I'd still like some form of ape… @mythicStallion Below a certain threshold, but that threshold is higher than most people think. The creative fundam…
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @MacUpdate Just saying, but maybe you should reconsider your strategy here. @MacUpdate I use Twitter about 90% on my phone or iPad. Direct download links with no description of application ar… @skyphoto @BobHagh @joelcifer @BobHagh is now my spirit animal (Replacing @bcgoldthwait ) @oliviadgrace @dannysullivan He looks like a profesor at West Point. Those elbow patches. @ghoulphilia Let me know if you see those fuckbots. They stole my fuckboots. @filab1989 @realmattseymour @jedrek @Ladypolitik @warcabbitMWM @edwardgorelik @chrisgeidner He wouldn't want to send her the wrong message. @PsyMar @SwiftOnSecurity Or a comp on your airgapped network of Siemens uranium enrichment centrifuge controllers.… if you have a giant box of cords and cables which you have no idea what to do with but won't throw them out
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @HandNF @__apf__ @Pornhub Pen testing is what we're calling it now? @Pornhub The jokes just write themselves with a graph like that, folks
Retweeted by This Is My Jam.@SeanHannity has done more damage to conservatism, than all liberal networks combined. The man is a menace to conservatives.
Retweeted by This Is My JamOne year ago today, my wife sent the most savage text of all time.
Retweeted by This Is My JamEveryone has a higher favorability rating in America than Trump.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @mbkingsley333 @RadioFreeTom +/- 3.0%.@CNN give up your seat
Retweeted by This Is My JamThis how accountability works.
Retweeted by This Is My JamIn my dabbling in fiction if i ever wrote a character like Chris Cillizza it simply wouldn't be believable. No reader would believe it.
Retweeted by This Is My JamRacists and sexists who REALLY like single payer Next? :)
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @mcnees @michaelborger He's playing you like a fiddle. The first time he breaks curfew: Dad, can you go over Genera… Daaaaad Me: It's 45 minutes past bedtime why are you up? 5yo: I need to know how gravity works. Like, how it REALLY WORKS. Me: dammit
Retweeted by This Is My JamA successful woman
Retweeted by This Is My JamCNN published a bad story, pulled it, apologized. 3 journalists quit. That's impressive and decisive action. Yelling "Fake News" unfair.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @L3Gl0N @altCRS @AmyLaurenSomers @MalcolmNance It's gotta be # 1. I cannot imagine his attorney would let this happ… of my favorites! true stories from Hollywood's first century. The "Dead Blondes" and Manson Family series are e…
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @Eden_Eats Shred it with a cheese grater and sprinkle it on your candy corn casserole. 👨‍🍳 👌Tlaloque, ayudantes de Tláloc, encargados de repartir la lluvia por la tierra en vasijas
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @JBrunskowski4 @DavidKlion My reading of what @DavidKlion wrote is that if you don't want to dismantle ACA you are Hitler AND a bad person.I want to work w/ my GOP & Dem colleagues to fix the flaws in ACA. CBO analysis shows Senate bill won't do it. I will vote no on mtp. 1/3
Retweeted by This Is My JamYou have to read this thread. fucking do something! Stop tweeting. Record with your phone. Stage a walk-out. Get your bosses to give a fuck.…
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @IamJamesGill @madewithARKit @myusuf3 @laanlabs It's early days yet. I could see using this for estimates (and wowi… @kmaciejewski @jaymcc @laanlabs @madewithARKit Just a guess, but it might be going off the width of the tape measure? @_mikesand @laanlabs @madewithARKit I hope accuracy isn't too far off in the future. +/- 0.1 Millimeter would be ve… @_mikesand @madewithARKit @laanlabs I wouldn't call it accurate, but it was an impressive demo imho. Good for furni… @GrahamChaffee @johannananna Freaky people are fascinating. @GrahamChaffee @johannananna I wouldn't belabor this (beating a dead horse pun), but I think you'll find this amusi…
@GrahamChaffee @buttactually Middle Earth could have eradicated Smaug if they had the EPA. @Michael1979 Pro tip: you only need to concentrate for a few minutes. You can even leave the beach, and it will still work.Executive Producer: DICK WOLF, Associate Producer: VAGINA GIRAFFE, 1st Assisstant Camera: BOOB MONKEY, VFX Supervisor: ASS TURTLE, Grip: JIM
Retweeted by This Is My JamIt's amazing how Kaepernick "chose" activism over football but no player ever had to choose between beating his wife and football.
Retweeted by This Is My JamWell, now I am.'s biggest "tell". Always accuses others of what he's guilty of. Remarkably consistent.
Retweeted by This Is My JamIf you're 60 years old and make *any* amount of money, get ready for premiums to go way up under the Senate bill.…
Retweeted by This Is My Jamtelevision journalists: you're going to get fired. Get fired for being good at your job
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @kibblesmith TIL you can block yourself and probably should in some cases. @jpodhoretz @benshapiro That GIF could be of many of us from time to time. @thekoukoureport @MarkHertling @McWean It blows my mind that the CP was finally able to infiltrate the U.S. Governm… @stevesi @JohnKirk iOS rules ease of use. I've gotten to the point where I dislike both Mac OS and Windows (current… @thekoukoureport @MarkHertling @McWean "Former" head of KGB? The Party Organs weren't really dissolved when the USS… @JohnKirk Could you repost the link to sinofsky's tweet anyway? @amaditalks @AngryBlackLady John "Bobby Riggs" McEnroe has a nice ring to it. @ArrogantLizard Realistically, there's gotta be some regulation. Politics is working out what regulations are necessary and utilitarian. @ArrogantLizard Free Market (if it was even possible) doesn't address environmental spoiliation aka externalities. Polluting is profitable. @ShaunKing If it's more than a few people, maybe time for some honest self reflection. @ArrogantLizard Free market is scifi/fantasy anyway—closer to a religious heaven than attainable reality. Free Mark… @mcnees He used a diabolical invention that transforms painted color into color temperature and melted the doors after painting them white.Getting kicked out a White House press briefing for turning on a camera is a way more interesting story than regurgitating Spicer's bullshit
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @GothamGirlBlue It's the paradox or systemic contradiction of being a big tent. Can't entirely please everyone. Tha… @20committee If he can't get a plea bargain that keeps him out of prison, that means there are others ahead of him… @SquarespaceHelp This is the bald spot I'm getting from pulling on my hair in frustration. @GrahamChaffee @johannananna I just came across furry buttplugs for the first time the other day. It's like a furry… @SquarespaceHelp I've already put in a lot of time building my square space site, but I'm wondering now if I should… @SquarespaceHelp This took me almost 30 minutes of changing my password on the regular Squarespace site before I di… @SquarespaceHelp I'm on the verge of coverting from the free trail and I'm wondering what other gotchas you have hi… @SquarespaceHelp LIKE IN BIG BOLD RED TEXT. @SquarespaceHelp Hey, maybe let users know that they need a completely separate account on the support site? That'd be good.
@GrahamChaffee @johannananna I thought Ox Balls was something redncks in developing countries put on the trailer hitches of their oxen.
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