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This Is My Jam @Marcos_El_Malo San Miguel de Allende

I accept the challenge. I will get back up. My motto: When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Gringo writer living in Mexico, loves dogs and punk rock.

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Highland Park mural needs a $20,000 touch-up via @TheEastsiderLA @sheriff_marty @adegrandpre @Marinetimes I'm sure you're right about them and our future course. @wfstebelski @adegrandpre When the situation is turning to shit, send in the Marines.Retweeting because I do think this is witness tampering.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @ellardent @ManMadeMoon I thought of Mystery Men, but I remembered they actually were based on a comic property (which was a parody).I took a picture of this artwork four years ago today, didn't occur to me until now that it was an instruction manu…
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Retweeted by This Is My JamY'all just coming up with shit now They tater tots....tater motherfucking tots
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Retweeted by This Is My Jam1) A list of senior Russian diplomats or officials w/ international connections who have died unexpectedly in the last few months
Retweeted by This Is My JamIRON JAWED ANGELS, 2004
Retweeted by This Is My JamI think you may be confusing freedom with Amazon Prime.
Retweeted by This Is My JamYour father is a racist birther. Steve Bannon an anti-Semitic opportunist. You and your husband are enabling hatre…
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@noahjussi I'm gonna California BBQ if I ever come across it here in Mexico. I bet you a short rib they have it in Monterrey.this dude set up right next to the Jesus preacher, waits patiently til he starts saying something shitty then DROWN…
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @Bea_Be_ Prsidente @VicenteFoxQue and Vice Presidente Joe Biden should have a TV show together. It could be called Chingones.Si el ejército está preocupado por la "vida" que entregue a todos los culpables en casos de genocidio, violaciones sexuales, ejecuciones etc
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@iShop_Mixup @iShopMixup_ el nivel de seguridad es lo peor, probablamente tu sitio ya está hackeado. Lo siento por los otros clientes. @iShop_Mixup @iShopMixup_ Email no es seguro para comunicar informacion y data sensitiva. Es algo muy básico. @iShop_Mixup @iShopMixup_ Es muy fácil. Completè la forma de registraciòn, me envió un correo electrónico. Mi contraseña fue en el correo. @Softorino Saw the Waltr2 vid. Josh hits perfect level of enthusiasm. Not smarmy or over-polished, almost conversational. 👍👍👍 @iShop_Mixup no mames. Es 2017. No hay nadie en su equipo que entienda seguridad? @iShop_Mixup Debo que confiarte com mi tc? Creo que no.I registered at @iShop_Mixup and they sent me back a confirmation email WITH MY PASSWORD in it. I'm supposed to trust them with my CC? @iShop_Mixup Gracias para enviarme mi contraseña por email. 😫😱😳 seguridad mucho? 😡😡😡
@ericforste It's an apt metaphor. The aim of slavery/genocide is power accumulation. One use of money is to store surplus power.
@Karnythia @KPRC2 Happened to a friend, but it was flea market pornography, not contact lenses. True story. @Kaibutsu But @AndyRichter stopped him. @MikeMongo @xaimeh psst. Errata Stigmata! @marshallvore @phoebe_bridgers Try Ball-tox.
@marcushjohnson Wipe your shoes before you come indoors, man. You stepped in some leftist empathy. @marcushjohnson Vincent Chin was beaten to death in Detroit by white men who thought he was Japanese.
@Kaibutsu @HayesBrown While he tap dances.
@laloalcaraz is a editorial cartoonist, @jpbrammer But for me, the most political thing I can do with my art is to ignore Trump. @ambrrdawson @briallenhopper @VictoriaAveyard As a grammar nazi, this incorrect use of the apostrophe has me concerned.
Feliz Navidad y all that jazz from San Miguel de Allende. View from my azotea as I enjoy another shitty day in para… @gschaffeetattoo by the way, I forgot to check. Did you get those tarjetas de lotería? @gschaffeetattoo you might make your slogan New Hope For Old Tattoos, except that might have been a Charles Williford novel. Merry Xmas.
@gschaffeetattoo Hey, I didn't even read the article, I just looked at the pics.
Download a Bear! Browse like you're in another country! @theTunnelBear
“Joi Ito Explains Why Donald Trump Is Like the Sex Pistols” by @StevenLevy
@gschaffeetattoo Lego is now making a No Country for Old Men playset.
@FmnJohn @bkerogers @Sandra_D_in_OKC Well, hell, who hasn't done that?
@The_KJM @JenGwenSven I thought someone was my Robin type sidekick. Was stunned to realize I'm her Alfred. 😄😳😫Hey twitter friends and family! I 👂 you all very much!happy thanksgiving everyone!
It’s 2016 & reporters still don’t get that Apple doesn’t play the market share game against mid-priced phones?
Retweeted by This Is My JamRetweet if you agree.
Retweeted by This Is My JamAnte la situación de #EEUU, debemos explorar nuevos mercados y buscar otros productos que puedan exportarse.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @RafaMorenoValle Or as we say in English, don't put all your eggs in one basket.Mexico deba que hacerlo cualquiera. No es muy sabido ni sano a poner toda la fe In EEUU. look, fake news is a hard problem. Facebook: we have developed a tool to block the real news.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam1. It is not anti black to want to be recognized as a full America citizen on soil we were born on. Pick your battles the lines are drawn.
Retweeted by This Is My JamI'll be honest. I didn't think a "Nazis were bad" tweet would lead to me being lectured. I was, of course, mistaken
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @T_FisherKing I know a lot of liberals are squeamish about weapons. I hope this didn't trigger anyone. 😉 @T_FisherKing You can always sell it when Trump is out of office and dangers are past. Keep it locked up until then. It's insurance. @T_FisherKing I don't think it's a bad idea to purchase a firearm right now, get trained for safety and proficiency. @T_FisherKing @NBCNews I can't purchase firearms as an expat guest of Mexico. I've learned to use one safely, however.Tremendous shot from the cockpit of an SE5a. Exposed to the elements, this is what the RFC pilot's saw, not the gra…
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @ABC7 If the POI was an accomplice and was texting the robbers, they're as good as caught.and lots of stuffing, clearly.
Retweeted by This Is My JamEveryone go read The World of Edena. It's my favorite (sort of) graphic novel.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @Vajayjayabrams @washingtonpost OK 1) not ironing 2) buying this Anything else I should do? @Walkyrjenny @Iron_Spike I didn't build any pyramids today, but I did cut a stencil! @BrentMcCluskey @vine I was expecting him to stop and run to the kitchen. @BroncosFanEJ @ChipYost Hard to tell for sure, but the possible accomplice sitting at the counter (non-fuzzed, w/ a beard) looks Caucasian. @NearSightedGirl @Iron_Spike The ancients were too crude and unsophisticated to build these marvels on their own, is the general idea. @NearSightedGirl @Iron_Spike A secondary subtext is the conceit that we are currently the pinnacle of human civilization and development. @NearSightedGirl @Iron_Spike That's the subtext of "aliens musta done it" theories of non-European ancient wonders. @kencf0618 My emotional immaturity keeps me young. 😛Ziti sounds to ethnic and exotic for the audience @NYT is courting these days. Mac&Cheese sounds about right. @TheViewFromLL2 One also wonders if it wouldn't have been cheaper to just pay him $10 billion to drop out of the race in the last month. @kencf0618 Sisters report that he's about the same. Doesn't look like I'll be going back to see him this weekend or xmas. @kencf0618 My dad was cogent more or less, just not able to remember or take in much info that he wasn't interested in, if that makes sense.starting a support hotline for the most persecuted group of all: straight white males who don't "get" identity politics
Retweeted by This Is My JamHer reverse is crazy !!!
Retweeted by This Is My JamThe older you are, the longer voicemail you leave.
Retweeted by This Is My JamIn fairness, most of the alt-right guys are also Bronies. The more they deny it, the more you know it's true.
Retweeted by This Is My JamWondering if Trump administration is going to come up with a new name for their version or if they're just going to call it apartheid
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