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Marcos_El_Malo @Marcos_El_Malo SMA, GTO, MX & L.A.,CA,USA

Rabid music fan, dog lover, adventurer, now living in Mexico. I guess I should mention that I'm a writer, too.

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@flyvolaris your new website design no sirve bien y no vale mierde. Seriously, it’s totally unusable. ¡Fracasó!
@Sirensongs @owillis I'll say again: Trump path 2 win: secure Lebron James endorsement, win Ohio. $.5 billion+cabinet position @joeybladb haha, DON'T BLINK @jfwong I actually would like 2 interview you, but i fly back to mex 2morrow
@AlbertBurneko paraphrasing Gretsky don't slap @ the dick and balls, slap @ where the dick and balls are going
Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton slam Donald Trump over his racial criticism of a judge
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloThis isn't just about "Mexicans." Look at Trump's slurs on Muslims, Cubans, blacks, Adventists. He's a serial bigot:
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @AndyRichter I don't even own glasses bitch ... I wear my Marilyn Manson ghost cum contacts 24/7
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @bruces ever thought of minting your own currency and naming it after yourself? @indiancountry I just came across this, in case you didn’t see it If you already aware, nvm
Really laughing at @stereowilliams Phish Head riffs.SO ALL SILICON VALLEY START UPS HAVE AN ORIGIN MYTH or like Nietzsche would call it, if he were a hipster prof teaching at NYU, THE BIG LIE
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I just published “Incorrectly banned on @Quora for allegedly having sock puppet accounts”
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @daveweigel is that the talent part of the competition? @stevenom I thought you might like this Medium article by @anildash re:your Quora experience
@BofA_Help how do I use iOS banking app to contact customer support? @BofA_Help having problems with disconnection during a customer service call.
MultCloud-Free App for Transferring Files across Cloud Drives
@katherinebecktt @catesbIanchtt it worked! You're my hero KB! If they weren't already free, they should be giving you a free subscription! @OfDoomReview Did you ever hear back from @theTunnelBear re: @netflix vpn blocking? nothing at all on their support
@originalspin #youmightbeaTrumpneck privileges rural voters. Please include urban idiots #youmightbeaTrumpsterdiver
@globalnearshore I'm spoiled by Amazon USA. :)
@globalnearshore Have you tried shopping for books on Notice how many other items not available? Better than nothing, still subpar.
@daringfireball my proposal for #FBIvsApple: The National Voluntary Password Databank #right2bstupid
@gruber @ibrandonlee What? Obviously it will be the Panthers in 2018. Don't even need any polls to make that prediction! :-P #facetious @philiped DOJ elected Cook to protect our privacy when they brought this case against Apple to the court.
Great #iOS9tip from @mggjim Fastest way to request a desktop version in #MobileSafari via @TekRevue
@ThinkingAtheist otoh, if it's just a casual shoot-the-bull-with-your-personal-savior type of prayer, goddamn is fine. @ThinkingAtheist It depends. If it's a formal petition or request, use two words and capitalize the first.Estoy difrutando la música de @Kosseing. Cuando viene a SMA, QRO, o GTO?
@stereowilliams Im pretty much off Twitter these days, but I miss you the most. Glad when I see you publish elsewhere.
@stereowilliams I've been absent from twitter, but i wanted to say Great Job on and other articles on DB
Answer by Kamal Kishor Sharma to What are the most productive ways to spend time on the Internet?
#herreranorteno #de4l @drewestatecigar
@JohnPurcell3rd I’ve been super busy and find I can’t tweet in moderation.
READ: SPLC Founder Morris Dees on 'The Promise of the Civil Rights Act’ 50 years later:
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloGreat work, @tonybuttitta Did you get any other shots of signs with the disease theme?
Walk, unite, heal. Nation to nation Coast to coast. We will stop the destruction. #tarsands #healingwalk pic @WCELaw
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloI hate seeing this kind of Twitter drama unfold (esp on a Sat night) but I hate more to imagine if my neck was held to the ground by SFPD.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloTwitter DMs are like being able to whisper to someone on the other side of a packed stadium in perfect clarity
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloCute Asian baby reacts to reading Internet comments for first time! No, wait, he's eating a lemon.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloAnd as U can see by the accounts here, the use of force on our native women is just as ugly. #NotAllCops
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @jfkeeler @NativeMensMag @SFGiants the aggression came from the misappropriators, security and SFPD
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloRead it, let Ur emotions flow, then tweet it #NotAllCops R unnecessarily rough, but when they R, it's @SFGiants NAHN
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloThe Most Uber Wedding Ever, in which the Uber fails to show up
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloFun fact: When my kid watches "Terminator" I will have to explain the concept of a phonebook, but not an autonomous robot killing machine.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloARENT THE FIRST RECORDED GAMES OF FOOTBALL IN THE AMERICAS in Columbus' chronicles; describing taíno "bateys"? @vasocialist @curlew
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @blogdiva @curlew football/soccer was in the US in the 1850s, American football wasnt until the late 1800s So really soccer is more American
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @blogdiva @curlew I've oft maintained that we should just call soccer "football" and officially call American football "FOOTBALL!!!!"
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#NotAllCops will forcibly detain Natives but when they do it's at @SFGiants Native Heritage Night. WHAT AN HONOR!...
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloFranz Ferdinand was assassinated 100 years ago today. it is one of Obama's earliest known distractions from Benghazi.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloSo this happened, we R trying to bring awareness to it, local media won't cover it, can we get some chatter twitter?
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloWomen are constantly being advised to “lean in.” But when it comes to negotiating at work, this advice may backfire:
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloNative Americans assaulted by cops at @SFGiants stadium 4 asking other fan to remove headdress! #IndianRemovalAct2014I made poundcake cupcakes. The world is right again.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloI'll step on your shadow head idgaf
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloIrony of Native Americans forcefully removed from @SFGiants N.A. appreciation night missed by @SFChron_sports #IndianRemovalAct2014April & Kimball Interview @KPFA about #SFPD Assault over Headdress at @SFGiants game #NotAllCops #NotYourMascot
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloNot a good look Giants: How @SFGiants Celebrate Native Heritage Night #RespectNativeCulture #NotYourMascot
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloRT @MizzMercy Woman detained for protesting fake headdress at Giants game. Man who filmed it tossed in paddy wagon
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#NotAllCops think body slamming Native Americans is ok when some guy is trashing sacred cultural items- @SFGiants
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloRT @Lunachick @SFGiants harass/eject Native people who ask fan to take off headdress on Native Am. Heritage Night
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloYou don't choose twitter Twitter chooses you
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloApril & Kimball Interview @KPFA about #SFPD Assault over Headdress at @SFGiants game #NotAllCops #NotYourMascot
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloUS opposes “a paradigm shift toward a rights-based approach on access to medicines.” @ViVacious1313
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#NotAllCops want to arrest the Native guy when cultural appropriation is worse than flipping off his family!
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloRT @UrbanNativeEra Sad to hear this actually happened at a #SFGiants game on "Native American Appreciation Day"...
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#NotAllCops should hear "Native American Heritage Night" and round up the Native Americans--not about their heritage!
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloMT @saaylooli "Not surprised seeing ignorant people in headdress-surprised they do it at Native Heritage Night & #SFGiants would allow it."
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloTranscript of April Negrette's assault by #SFPD during Native Am Heritage Night at @sfgiants game #NotAllCops
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloTranscript of April Negrette's assault by SFPD officers during Native American Heritage Night SFGiants. #NotAllCops
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloJournalist Barrett Brown detained by the #US govt for 654 days, without trial, is a victim of #Obama's withdrawal of Habeas Corpus via #NDAA
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloJournalist Barrett Brown has been detained by the US govt for 654 days, or nearly 16,000 hrs, without being sentenced
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloTranscript of April Negrette's assault by SFPD officers during Native American Heritage Night SFGiants. #NotAllCops
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @SFGate @sfchronicle have you seen this? #NotYourMascot #RespectNativeCulture #NotAllCops
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloMT @bighorseva This is my older brother, Kimball, and his friend. For me, the video is emotionally distressing.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloNative News Online on San Francisco Giants Headdress debacle & SFPD brutality against Natives. #NotYourMascot...
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloWhy do we have to keep putting up with this? It's 2014. Stop using and abusing Native people #IndianRemovalAct2014 @SFGateNews #SFPD
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloNatives Forcibly detained at SF Giants' Native American Heritage Night - @CNN @HuffPostSports @FOXSports @ESPNagora
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo(Proof)reading is fundamental.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloCongratulations to @EllenDatlow, Locus Award winner for best editor:
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#NotAllSportsWriters failed to get the story on #IndianRemovalAct2014, but @hankschulman it’s your frikkin’ beat! @SFGiants @jfkeeler this is how a headdress is really earned. #notyourmascot #indianremoval2014 #notallcops
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloPlz read, #sfgiants fans. MT @IndigeniusIdeas: Native Americans Detained For Protesting Fake Headdress
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#sfgaints Native Heritage Night historically accurate: Natives silenced/detained for protesting offensive headdress #IndianRemovalAct2014
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#sfgiants celebrate Natives by allowing fake headdresses, silencing/detaining NDN protesters. #IndianRemovalAct2014
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloCheck out @SFGiants Headdress debacle & SFPD brutality against Natives. #NotYourMascot... #NotAllCops #NotYourMascot
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloThis dude -> @onekiowa said all this. White dude in headdress is okay, NDN who speaks up is wrong. Wha? #IndianRemovalAct2014 #NotAllCops
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#NotAllCops think "Native American Heritage Night" means @SFGiants #IndianRemovalAct2014 & some privileged 2 stay!
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo#NotAllCops will forcibly detain Natives but when they do it's at @SFGiants Native Heritage Night. WHAT AN HONOR! #IndianRemovalAct2014
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloThis is yet another reminder that our bodies and emotions are expendable and worthless to powers that be #IndianRemovalAct2014 #SFPD
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Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloTom Waits for every man.
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Just tried making that rice cooker pancake thing. @galileo54fd @ImNotYourMascot @TawniVixen @Mark_J_Boyle @jfkeeler explain how it is stealing his property? How is he deprived of use?“@dtafakari: RT if you sometimes keep your clean clothes in the laundry basket because folding is too much” 2 baskets: clean, not that dirty
@TriciaLockwood I both love it and hate it when you bring in politics.Last night I physically sat on a man so he would listen to my theory about how "Blade Runner is, at its heart, a movie about crown molding"
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloBottom line: with every innovation ask "Who is better off because of this?" If it's only six people at a hedge fund, maybe it's not cool.
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