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Marcos_El_Malo @Marcos_El_Malo San Miguel de Allende

Rabid music fan, dog lover, adventurer, now living in Mexico. I guess I should mention that I'm a writer, too.

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@behindyourback Look, I'm not going to do it, but shouldn't *someone* say something to Maura's mirror image? Don't want to see it get hurt. @nowhitenonsense Third World is a biggie. Originally meant non-aligned nations. Now used by racists to denigrate nonwhite nations. @subzero2401 @deray One can go temporarily deaf from the sound of gunfire. @deltawestmom @HeerJeet @MLHPigott @YouTube The interviewer is @alfranken 's old writing partner Davis.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @BBolander @io9 Waiting for the iFixit tear down so we can analyze its weaknesses. @BBolander @io9 LCD can't melt things, can it? Right? @laloalcaraz @SJSU Are you selling shirts and totebags?"lol women's bodies are so confusing" *whips out his dual-purpose inflatable meat pole from the hole in his pants and pisses standing up*
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @home_skilletb @Sean_Bishop I know violence isn't the answer, but don't you just want to say, "Hey, let's go somewhere private and discuss"? @behindyourback Everytime you start to feel close to your followers, you push us away. @behindyourback This is about your fear of intimacy, isn't it? @Karnythia Truth. Just saying . . . When I was working there were DPs that couldn't light black people. @TheBillyWest Near perfect, but you mispronounced CHAYEEE-NAH.Zapp presents Donald J Tump quotations, from the presidential debate. #MakeAmericaBrannigan
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @Karnythia Lol, that's a Director of Photography issue. But it is a real issue with some DPs. Or it was back in the day. @hecktow Fry is the only one for whom I have any sympathy @hecktow I really hopes Fry gets the help he needs after all this. I have fam w/ similar issues.I'm sold.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @daveweigel our next head of DHS, no doubt. 😳I watch this at least 10 times a day to get pumped
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloIt's BIG @maxoregonian Is there a subtext of LDS vs. breakaway Mormons going on here?I had a great conversation with @gruber about how App Store business model constraints affect product design.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloHere's how --
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloI found my therapist's old acting reel and I'm so scared I'm gonna blurt it out during group therapy tonight
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @ESTBLSHMNT @SirenMobi I think I'd make a good timeshare boyfriend 2 or 3 months out of the year. @girlyratfish @chuq @jguynn @SAI I seriously hope I can be forgiven for all the times I've been tone deaf. @girlyratfish @chuq @jguynn @SAI Yeah, he doesn't seem like an irredeemably horrible person. Just didn't realize he was being tone deaf. @pharmasean @roehlteacher needs more swipes (tinder ref was good, though) @chuq @girlyratfish @jguynn @SAI because someone probably did ask him, because we hang on every word of SV VCs. @chuq @girlyratfish @jguynn @SAI and there's also the question of WHO ASKED HIM?I teach @ University of Toronto. When students sign in I ask they tell me their pronouns bc it takes nothing, & can…
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @chuq @girlyratfish @jguynn @SAI fwiw, I'm glad he apologized. I think his mindset was "route around damage, like DARPAnet/Internet". @elisefoley #macacaWhat i’s like to be a female reporter covering Donald Trump
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @MadaVentoux @daveweigel @mviser and yes, that's a joke. @MadaVentoux @daveweigel @mviser You have to admire strategy: implicit threat of being thrown off plane at 20,000 feet. @daveweigel @MadaVentoux @mviser Who knew Hil was an Arrested Development fan? @DrPizza You down with OPPR?You should read this thread has no respect for women. He is a serial adulterer who uses women as trophies and props. He's an insecure lou…
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloRetweet, Upper Squirrels, retweet!"Hillary Clinton has a likability problem," says people no one likes
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloArea Mother Discovers That Facts Are True
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloStop telling Black protestors to "consider everyone's feelings," as if we haven't considered the fact people 'feel' we're subhuman
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @JohnKirk @barronstechblog @barronsonline The story of Nokia is sad. They tried. RIM got just desserts.Even a 1- or 2-point bounce would be a big deal for Clinton (and some chance it'll end up being bigger than that).
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @Yoppchop @SoleePatriot @mviser @onlxn Oh, really?To sum it up: per capita, blacks are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police than whites AND there's no...
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloI like my coffee like I like my men, slowly growing cold as I forget that it exists.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @behindyourback lukewarm and bitter for me, please. @HarryHunsicker Make it a Vin Diesel project and call it X-treme Unction and you're talking blockbuster.Got trapped in a toilet for 20 minutes because there was a hippo outside #fieldworkscares
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloTrump's finally discussing policy!
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @SoleePatriot @mviser @onlxn O' Really? @mviser @onlxn not true. He's answered questions from Hannity several times. Lol @bubba_clemson I'm not a gun owner. I've shot recreationally a dozen times. But I received safety training and I paid attention.TRUMP: "Bad dreams'll also come true. You ever dream you're in class and your teeth fall out? That's gonna happen too. Just how it works"
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloCONWAY: You mean-- TRUMP: Horns. Cackles. The real deal. CONWAY: You can get them in? TRUMP: Try keepin' em out! Missouri's a clown hotbed
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloCONWAY: Next debate's a town hall. So unless an undecided voter ASKS you about Bill- TRUMP: They will. I'm gonna pack the house w/ my clowns
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @pattmlatimes @SopanDeb cucks meaning has shifted to mean race traitor, btw#davidduke says #Trump tried to appeal to "cucks" [moderate Republicans] at debate but is still "our candidate." Wh…
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloThis is a serious WTF Hillary b/c you don't like the way politicianhood looks on a woman says way more about you & state of our gov't than it does her.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloTonight is the opening night of the 13th Annual NY Arab American Comedy Fest! 5 shows with over 20 comedians!…
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloAnti-black racism is embedded in U.S. immigration industrial complex. Pls read + amplify @BAJItweet's crucial report
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloFri, Sep 25, 2020: Ted Cruz reverses course and endorses GOP nominee Scott Baio for President
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @DBMcWeeberton @SopanDeb She has the hardest job in politics @SopanDeb And of course not passing the bar isn't illegal.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @SopanDeb Maybe he can release his taxes so we can talk current events?
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @SopanDeb Translation: He's not just a crook, he's a hypocrite. #twofer @Marcos_El_Malo every kid needs a weird uncle. #truth
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Maloa gun in your imagination is not an experiment
Retweeted by Marcos_El_Malo @jackieclarke Also, ❤️ @jackieclarke everyone falls all over themselves praising Larry Sanders, but Gary Shandling Show was first!Honestly, if @Kaepernick7 is making @BillMaher agitated, he is probably saying something that needs to be said.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloKaepernick's been upsetting cons for weeks—and now its liberals. But he's really repping a widely held sentiment.
Retweeted by Marcos_El_MaloMy latest piece @thenation "Colin @Kaepernick7 Has a Right to Hate Both Candidates"
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