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This Is My Jam @Marcos_El_Malo San Miguel de Allende

I accept the challenge. I will get back up. My motto: When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Gringo writer living in Mexico, loves dogs and punk rock.

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@GothamGirlBlue 2) was rise of Newt Gingrich and naked ambition for power, at all costs. Gingrich and those who fol… @GothamGirlBlue I see two points. 1) reaganomics—even after it proved a failure, we held on to it because it made s… @GothamGirlBlue Thread. @GothamGirlBlue has questions for modern conservatives.Until they're willing to ask themselves these hard questions, there isn't a meaningful conservative movement in the US.
Retweeted by This Is My JamThere is a massive stack of evidence suggesting that the way we currently consume the environment will destroy it.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam(Actually dinner, iirc)This is on top of the complete blunder of not being tactically prepared for the riot despite major signs of it. Chief gates was out to lunchGood thread. Asian Americans would do well to remember LAPD retreated from Korea Town, leaving an As Am community t… @AskAKorean It's the Asian model minority made physical: K Ams as literal BUFFER ZONE between whites and other minorities. @AskAKorean Did LAPD or City ever make a statement/apology/acknowledgement of this?From Dresden to the U.S.-Mexico border: Germany's Dresdner Sinfoniker plans protest concert at border wall.…
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @bivvybaz @SwiftOnSecurity "Please consider the environment before retweeting this tweet"
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @SwiftOnSecurity We are the shit we post. @SwiftOnSecurity Thank God it so easy for a computer to understand sarcasm and irony
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @TheRickWilson They all seem to forget that there were 16 others to choose from in the primaries. There were even some actual conservatives.
Retweeted by This Is My JamHT @hawaiianimages - BEST part is Villa acts like: Meant to do that. Whateves. Villa scores goal from 50 yards via
Retweeted by This Is My JamI'm embarrassed for college kids who are aspiring to be villains in John Hughes movies.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @ReignOfApril Al Pacino should have won the oscar. The way his character evolved was mesmerizing.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @JShahryar Too many variables to say anything with certainty. @patnspankme @ccconnecticunt Get your dick out of your heart, man.Cool things about being an adult - eat chips whenever u want - no bedtime - tired all the time - sad all the time - wait a sec
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @ccconnecticunt @JenGwenSven I want your navel in me RIGHT NOW"And I've got a surprise for Gotham City. At midnight, I will dump 20 million in cash on the crowd." -Wayne LaPierre #NRAconvention
Retweeted by This Is My Jam#DearWhitePeople, Your fragility is showing. Over a Netflix series title. Sincerely, Guy laughing at your thin-skinned ignorance.
Retweeted by This Is My Jamdeplorability isn't restricted to the right. We can also see how/why sanders& fans are able to empathise so much with racists&misogynists 5/
Retweeted by This Is My JamHilarious! Michelle Obama,a double ivy league MA grad,made abt $250k, pre 2009 Willingly stunted her progress to be called, ape, whore, etc
Retweeted by This Is My JamI realize this piece is about Japanese interment, but there were more than 10 camps. Indian reservations were estab…
Retweeted by This Is My JamSellin' & Signin' @ San Gabriel Mission Playhouse Now til 930pm!
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @williamlegate @TrumpNewsOrg TBH, it wasn't about the 99¢. It's about being able to cash the check. Trump writes ch… ought to be able to marry people on the grounds of their libraries. Like the captains of ships.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @TrumpNewsOrg @williamlegate Not so much a channel as a borehole or pipe.The DPRK won't launch an ICBM from a pad. The US does not have midcourse defenses in place to intercept a DPRK ICBM…
Retweeted by This Is My JamFrom Russia w/ Love @williamlegate @TrumpNewsOrg [pretends he's a professional protestor and international soldier of fortune] @williamlegate @TrumpNewsOrg Hell, I was offered $20 to go to Trump's rally. George offered me $20.99 to not go, so I did that. @chrispanza @peterdaou @POTUS I probably knew that. 😄 I was just noticing that content of speech seems utterly unimportant to this debate. @StanCollymore @DrPizza That's young Joven on the right and old Joven on the left, correct? @peterdaou @washingtonpost good point. i think this is also a struggle between progressives and the rest of the coalition. This is stupid.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @Cdguster3 @peterdaou Later adapted into Lost in Translation. @chrispanza @peterdaou @POTUS I haven't actually seen the speech itself covered, only the paycheck. @peterdaou And let's face it, the outcry over Obama hitting top post presidential pay dirt is tinged w/ racism. Blk…
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @peterdaou Seems like Obama's choices are is facing exactly the same dynamic. 2/2
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @Politifarts @oaklandmagpie @peterdaou He agreed to bail out wall st on condition he could make a $400k speech at a…
Retweeted by This Is My JamYou're welcome, Twitter. You're welcome.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @j_carefoot @_woweewow_ @ball_eric @TheRealWBTC For research.Sure, you're goth, but are you dejectedly riding the subway with your raven goth?
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @michaeljm7 @Hope012015 Worse than that, really. She's selling her children's future. @karentozzi Try again with something kosher. @USARedOrchestra They had too many subscribers, anyway.NYT hired a climate change denier 2 give a voice 2 the 3% of scientists on oil & coal corp payrolls, now they r mak…
Retweeted by This Is My JamSea-level rise doesn't care who you voted for or what you believe It is happening and will continue to happen unle…
Retweeted by This Is My JamNot even watching (in a car headed home) but I bet I could recite his speech.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam My article about #BugsEndHunger campaign with @LittleHerds and the potential of #insectfarming for #foodsecurity
Retweeted by This Is My JamOld lady from Moscow saved you a whole lot of reading to understand Putin's Russia.
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @Trillburne @hiattb I was just about to subscribe for May. Should I still subscribe then unsubscribe as protest? 🤓Insecure Apps that Open Ports Leave Millions of Smartphones at Risk of #Hacking #Android
Retweeted by This Is My Jam"Your jobs were shipped away to foreign countries, some of which you've never even heard of." -- Trump, who thinks his voters are morons
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @LibbyCudmore Feliz cumpleaños! @tiffanyreisz @cmhrose Am I going to far if I mention c level? @tiffanyreisz Talk about cashing in! Oh, you weren't trying to get your mom to buy a copy? 😄 @AlexSteffen @GlynnMacN @nytopinion This is so beyond partisan politics—hiring a partisan hack denialist isn't inad… And this may not make sense to everyone, but their failure to do so is actually the most offensive thi…
Retweeted by This Is My JamA thread for folks feeling confused about why the @nytopinion page hiring a denialist (in 2017) is so offensive to so many. Here's why:
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @SportsLiberal You just gained a follower, but I'm staying out of that conversation. Venezuela is too upsetting a topic for me. @jdawsey1 Was it Flynn?
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @Moon_Clinic @firescotch @SportsLiberal Hey, I'm done. It was nice following you, have a nice life. @Moon_Clinic @firescotch @SportsLiberal It was concern, actually, but not trolling. Have a good one, see ya round the internets. @Moon_Clinic @firescotch @SportsLiberal The guy you are metaphorically clubbing? I don't care so much. @Moon_Clinic @firescotch @SportsLiberal You invited me to the convo when you RT' it, but you all do what you want.… prosecuted criminals for a living but it seems utterly unjust and unfair to automatically and forever bar felons…
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @KephartZ @stackpeso @pkcapitol @tomfitzgerald Look at what happened w/ Caterpillar, too. However, part of the pres… @firescotch @Moon_Clinic @SportsLiberal That's your right as a Twitterzen. @firescotch @Moon_Clinic @SportsLiberal But you know what, go right ahead and use the misery of the Venezuela peopl… @firescotch @Moon_Clinic @SportsLiberal Lol @ blaming embargo while conveniently ignoring reason for embargo and in… minorities should be eliminated me: shut the fuck up random person materializing out of thin air: two wrongs don't make a right /:
Retweeted by This Is My JamCold chicken might actually be better than hot chicken
Retweeted by This Is My Jam @SwiftOnSecurity We interrogate the universe and it answers back. Then we interpret the answers. @SwiftOnSecurity Depends on what you mean by communicate. There are plenty of feedback loops. Scientific method based on feedback loops.Should have thought about that first, maybe. I hope they can find jobs somewhere that doesn't promote pseudoscience…
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