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Right now, I don't know what to think...#Bears
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Trainspotting 2 trailer via @YouTube
Now it's pouring. World Series tied in the ninth. @brick_WALLER @cantrustyou Unbelievable. @pone031 You're right.Can any Cub just throw the ball to Rizzo. Like ... right to him? No stretching involved?Wow! Ross jacked one out. 6-3 CubsHere comes Jon Lester. Joe Maddon pulls Kyle Hendricks after 4.2 IP and 63 pitches with Cubs up 5-1.
Retweeted by Mark DodgeIf you look up "overthinking" in the dictionary you'll see Joe Maddon pulling Kyle Hendricks from Game 7 of the World Series for no reason
Retweeted by Mark DodgeDavid Ross looked like he took a roundhouse kick to the head from Rhonda Rousey. #RallyTogether #WorldSeries
Retweeted by Mark DodgeHoly crap. Ross got leveled with a shot to the face. Two runs score.Update: my mom just called the umpire a "fucker" 😂
Retweeted by Mark DodgeDamn. The Cubs unloaded. 5-1 @brick_WALLER That's okay. We won before. Cubs are doing great so far.Sweet! 2-1 Cubs @HeHasntTweeted2 This election sucks. Everyone should watch the baseball game. @HeHasntTweeted2 Duke ran for President as a Democrat in 1988. Duke has been running for 30 years. Trump has nothing to do with it. @HeHasntTweeted2 Duke ran for the Senate when Bill Clinton was POTUS in 1996. Duke ran for President in 1992 (when Bill Clinton did).How many errors are the Cubs going to have tonight?and the tension dial just gets ratcheted up another notch. 1-1
Retweeted by Mark DodgeKyle Schwarber hit that freakin' ball at 113 mph. Didn't run quite as fast as that, though.
Retweeted by Mark Dodge @DannyPage Exactly. @Panz21 That was hilarious. @brick_WALLER I'm a bandwagon fan. I don't think my friends could take it if they lose tonight.Still waiting for Game 7.....
Retweeted by Mark Dodge @MattyPGood This entire election cycle has been a complete train wreck from all sides. They should all be embarrassed.My collection Child of Winter now available Paperback: Kindle:
Retweeted by Mark DodgeThe dog just burped and it sounded like someone dropping a handful of marbles down a flight of wooden stairs. #ThisIsMyLife
Retweeted by Mark Dodge @FillWerrell And the weirdest presidential election in memory goes off the rails as we approach the finish. @Phil_Free_ @danrafaelespn @AnglaisAbroad They were in December because it was an optional defense. The mando comes due in the spring. @Phil_Free_ @danrafaelespn @AnglaisAbroad Since the WBA doesn't have a "champ" the IBF can recognize in place of its mandatory, it's not on. @Phil_Free_ @danrafaelespn @AnglaisAbroad I know they pick and choose. Until the IBF agrees to change this rule, I'm going with it's not on. @Phil_Free_ @AnglaisAbroad @danrafaelespn Almost as difficult to grasp as the point that the IBF hasn't approved the fight. @Phil_Free_ @danrafaelespn @AnglaisAbroad They won't? Ask Fury if the IBF won't enforce a mandatory. A lot of assumptions going on here. @AnglaisAbroad @danrafaelespn And you can read the IBF rule (5.E.2). They have to designate the "other champion" an elite contender. @AnglaisAbroad @danrafaelespn No, I've been following it longer than Dan, actually. We'll see. @AnglaisAbroad @danrafaelespn People are assuming a lot considering the IBF hasn't commented. Don't be shocked if it turns down the request. @AnglaisAbroad @danrafaelespn Who is the other org's champ? It isn't Wlad. If you're quoting rules, that's the rule. @AnglaisAbroad @danrafaelespn No, the IBF has to name THE OTHER ORG's champ an "elite contender" for it to overrule a mandatory. @danrafaelespn @AnglaisAbroad The WBA can announce Floyd and Golovkin can fight for a 'super' title. That doesn't mean it'll happen. @danrafaelespn @AnglaisAbroad But this spring he'll have to make a mandatory defense, and the IBF hasn't said they'll let him slide. @danrafaelespn @AnglaisAbroad The IBF gave Joshua this year to make optional defenses. The Wlad fight was one of those. @danrafaelespn @AnglaisAbroad The last comment the IBF made was they were going to announce Joshua's mandatory in mid-November. @danrafaelespn @AnglaisAbroad It's not a unification if the IBF says Joshua has to face a mandatory. @AnglaisAbroad @danrafaelespn The IBF announced they were going to name Joshua's mandatory in mid-November. It's not mid-November yet. @AnglaisAbroad @danrafaelespn No, the fact that the IBF hasn't commented, and Joshua is their champ, is relevant.
@AnglaisAbroad @danrafaelespn There's nothing in the IBF rules saying the WBA's #2 contender takes precedence over the IBF mandatory. @AnglaisAbroad @danrafaelespn But Wlad Klitschko isn't the WBA champ. There isn't a WBA champ. So the rule doesn't apply. @AnglaisAbroad @danrafaelespn A unification takes precedence over a mandatory when the IBF names the other org's champ an elite contender. @PhotoAbuse Very nice. Thanks Jeff. @danrafaelespn When it was a voluntary defense in December, there was no problem. Next spring, the IBF will force a mandatory. @danrafaelespn IBF Outlines Anthony Joshua Mandatory Defense Timeline - Boxing News @danrafaelespn The WBA may allow it. The IBF hasn't. Joshua wasn't a mando when he won. The IBF will announce his mando in a week or so. @danrafaelespn @anthonyfjoshua @Klitschko @GilberticoWBA There won't be a Wlad-Joshua fight. Joshua has a mando coming this spring
@PunchZoneAris Holyfield, Jackson, Eubank and Benn. #boxing
The new Rolling Stones song sounds good and bluesy: "Just Your Fool" via @YouTubeIt's Matt Barkley time. This is the end.
Retweeted by Mark Dodge @Box_Bet This is not good. @dougiefischer @Newzz1211 @Studhardt22 Errol Spence. Deontay Wilder. Daniel Jacobs. I could go on and on. But I have to go back to work. @dougiefischer @Newzz1211 @Studhardt22 How is that stagnating? Your bias is showing. Who was Oscar going to pit him against? KeAndre Gibson? @dougiefischer @Newzz1211 @Studhardt22 The Porter fight was the biggest of his career. And he's been seen by 10 times as many people. @dougiefischer @Newzz1211 @Studhardt22 @justin_mattera How Thurman is worse off now (in your mind) I have no idea. @dougiefischer @Newzz1211 @Studhardt22 @justin_mattera And 10 times as many people saw Thurman fight them. @dougiefischer @Newzz1211 @Studhardt22 @justin_mattera And all three fighters Thurman faced were better than the guys he fought for GBP. @dougiefischer @Studhardt22 @justin_mattera More people will know Thurman and Garcia when they fight on PPV in 2017. @dougiefischer @Studhardt22 @justin_mattera He didn't draw that many viewers for all his previous fights combined. @dougiefischer @Studhardt22 @justin_mattera Thurman has drawn eight million viewers in his last three fights with Haymon. EIGHT MILLION. @dougiefischer @Newzz1211 @Studhardt22 @justin_mattera I can see why you'd defend Oscar (he signs your check). But Keith is better off now. @dougiefischer @Newzz1211 @Studhardt22 @justin_mattera EIGHT MILLION people have tuned in to watch Keith Thurman fight in 2015 and 2016. @dougiefischer @Studhardt22 @justin_mattera They're drawing more viewers now than they ever did with Golden Boy. @Studhardt22 Golden Boy didn't promote May-Pac, You certainly know your boxing. Gotta go back to work. @Studhardt22 @dougiefischer @justin_mattera We'll see who has the biggest stars in boxing. @Studhardt22 @dougiefischer @justin_mattera When PBC starts airing PPVs in 2017, after millions have seen them on free TV ... @Studhardt22 @dougiefischer @justin_mattera 300,000 watched Canelo's last fight. Six million watched Errol Spence's last fight. @dougiefischer @Studhardt22 @justin_mattera Canelo stayed with Oscar. Without him, Golden Boy would be down the drain already. @dougiefischer @Studhardt22 @justin_mattera Oscar is such a poor promoter, he's still trotting out Hopkins (who is closer to 60 than 40). @dougiefischer @Studhardt22 @justin_mattera Because those fighters worked with Haymon and Schaefer, not Oscar. @dougiefischer @Studhardt22 @justin_mattera 90 percent of the fighters left GBP to go with Haymon before he ever wrote them a check. @dougiefischer @Studhardt22 @justin_mattera Oscar was a raging drug addict (2011-2014) when the current PBC stars were being developed.