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The 'hurt me' meme is a weirdly enjoyable way to confront your deepest fears all the parmesan you can dream of with this tiny grater how today's AI marvels tick
Retweeted by MashableGoats continue world domination by taking over NYC subway tracks 🐐 only does this machine speed up the process of labor-intensive work, it looks super cool doing it from paper, these puppets literally pop into shape your phone for a spin with this handy accessory continue world domination by taking over New York City subway tracks robots could change the future of agriculture Hogg plans to run for Congress when he turns 25-years-old has reinvented the measuring cup because apparently they've been wrong all along ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in. breathe out.
Retweeted by MashableNever miss a single drop of soup from your bowl again report: Elon Musk unfollowed Grimes on Twitter reinvented the paper plane and it raised almost 2 million dollars on Kickstarter football fans made the cutest gesture for kids visiting from the hospital cardboard box transforms into an instant, disposable grill that you can take anywhere removes 25,000 illegal gambling apps from its Chinese App Store wind sculptures are so mesmerizing is smartly removing another useless Apple Watch feature robot butler can perform the boring tasks that you don't want to 👌🏽 Monday! We rounded up some of the best deals from Amazon, Walmart, and Target to get your week going
Retweeted by MashableCherries are this summer's most desirable fruit 'Sea-Cow Shuffle' is here to save the manatees Apple Watch models are likely coming soon ergonomic office workstation could be the desk of the future 😮 Pine and his beard seek bloody revenge in 'The Outlaw King' trailer women who demystify science on their enjoyable YouTube channels mom is getting heat for her viral Target workouts, but the haters gonna hate cool app works like Shazam, but it's for art instead of music see me rowing... they hating... some fresh, clean air?
Retweeted by MashableHands on with Fitbit's new Charge 3 fitness tracker's next frontier: in-car purchases glorious British beard contest has to be seen to be believed leotard is the trend your dog never asked for across the water with this electric bike 🚲🌊 viral Twitter story is the perfect reminder that it's never too late to chase a dream Instagram-famous hedgehog is living his best life robotic ants use a set of complex algorithms to work together 🐜 🐜 🐜 tried avocado chocolate toast, the new 'it' food according to at least one pop star possibly the best invention we never knew we needed bridge is being 3D printed in mid-air autonomous robot will make your building projects way easier is crying over 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' because we're all hopeless romantics tbh… biodegradable spider silk fiber can be tougher than steel Rowling's latest Trump burn is one of her most brutal so far goodbye to boring furniture thanks to this dynamic invention can now sync your phone to your fish tank with this little robot levitating smart-camera could keep a 360-degree eye on your home's a zippy new way to deliver packages without giant, bulky trucks and their toxic emissions store evacuated after iPad blows up in smoke, reports says's past these panda cubs' bedtime, but they can't stop playing robot can fly just like a real insect 🐞 high-tech crosswalks can prevent accidents smart duvet can keep the bed hot and cool at the same time chocolate structures are indeed pretty enough to eat! weekend? Well, this politician casually rode her bike to hospital to give birth. rocket car can go from 0 to 210 mph in 8 seconds 😱 spinning mop may actually make cleaning fun real meaning behind Simone Biles' teal leotard at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships Martin is recreating James Bond's DB5 from 'Goldfinger' — with gadgets the night in this Lego mansion 😍 no longer have to worry about your pup trailing muddy paw prints inside sleep by the water when you can sleep on it? place is simply out of this world pitch was a highlight of the World Series Shake Shack restaurant is going automated appears to be a human drawing time inside this giant clock might be the tiniest washing machine ever the incredibly moving letter that allowed 'Crazy Rich Asians' to use Coldplay's 'Yellow'…'s a way different way to prepare mouth-watering steak! 💦 will never be the same again with these shapeshifting plates 🍝 Argento reportedly paid off actor who accused her of sexual assault surface was inspired by the octopus' ability to change colors and shapes Researchers are working on fireworks you can 'feel' ✨ smart mirror could give you recommendations for your skin 💁🏽💄'Stranger Things' Season 3 will be inspired by an '80s Chevy Chase movie mezmerizing sculptures are made from Legos