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'Doctor Who' Episode 11 review: Death becomes him.
8 tasty food games for when you're over Thanksgiving leftovers. you suffered your last bad date? Here's the Adele song for you: Sia's new song, "One Million Bullets," a tribute to undying love, which dropped on YouTube unexpectedly. rumors, Daniel Radcliffe did not masturbate on the 'Harry Potter' set Stark crashes through walls in The Vamps' new music video to Gwyneth Paltrow sing on new Coldplay track 'Everglow' are divided over whether Adam Lambert should usher in the New Year
Australian music award winner calls out lack of women in impassioned speech 'Star Wars' trailer is all fighting, including Han Solo in action or kittens? Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy answer all the big questions
6 things you may have missed in the 'Captain America: Civil War' trailer: Jon Benjamin, who does not play piano, recorded a jazz piano album: Wonder captivated New York City for four straight hours last night: says NFL great Frank Gifford suffered from CTE:, Black Friday shoppers: 10 TV box sets for shows that aren't streaming.'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' looks absolutely adorable in 'Disney Infinity':'s what to marathon during your Thanksgiving weekend food coma: things we learned from Adele's NPR interview that will make you love her even more says she'll 'probably' grace us with '25' on streaming services one day:'s talk the first season of 'Jessica Jones,' the most sophisticated Marvel show to date:'ve got Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy talking 'Victor Frankenstein' on our Snapchat Discover today. Check it! have to see Charli XCX's documentary on feminism and the music industry: Goulding and James Corden sang 'Love Me Like You Do' in 8 genres: and Jimmy Fallon covered 'Hello' using classroom instruments and it was perfection'The Good Dinosaur' review: A leap forward in Pixar's visual evolution American becomes a vigilante in first trailer for 'Captain America: Civil War'
'Dancing With the Stars' crowns a new champ"Victor Frankenstein" review: Monstrously overstuffed, but Radcliffe and McAvoy are great:'s what would happen in 'Alice in Wonderland' if it was set in 2015: wrote a heartbreaking tribute after her dog's death listening to @HamiltonMusical? You will never be satisfied. Read the book. listening to 'Hamilton'? Here's what you're missing by not reading the book, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone got Mexican food without you:'s '25' is now available on Pandora: Bieber had to cancel on Colbert for unspecified personal reasons*NSYNC says bye bye bye to sales record after Adele swoops in: and Robin bring new stories to 'Batman: Arkham Knight': 'Friday Night Lights' musical is happening, will make hearts explode in the sky: to premiere half-hour eps of #SesameStreet Saturday mornings starting Jan. 16. Guest stars include @GwenStefani @Pharrell & @NickJonasQuentin Tarantino explains his views on race and injustice: can drink blue milk in this real life 'Star Wars' cantina: Chrome extension will block 'Star Wars' spoilers. All of them. Sheeran lands a role in new 'Bridget Jones' movie, Instagrams it: paid $1.5 million for Dorothy's 'Wizard of Oz' dress: Fisher shares the ending of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' on 'Kimmel': out for 'Star Wars' references when Jimmy Kimmel asks you about the news: Swift is iHeartRadio users' favorite artist of 2015: absolutely destroys the cast of 'Star Wars' in trivia: helps Harrison Ford settle his feud with Chewbacca: to stream cult Indian film 'Gangs of Wasseypur' as a series: proves she's as good a liar as she is a singer: is the first word we'll hear in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens''Doctor Who' Christmas special promises a 'frantic chase across the galaxy' best gaming deals you can snag on Black Friday: J.J. Abrams, building a game is a learning experience to launch 'Star Wars' virtual reality experience on Cardboard performs 'Water Under The Bridge' for the first time on 'The Tonight Show' big "The Revenant" screening shoves a bloody Leonardo DiCaprio into the Oscar race: and 5SOS: Australian music award winners, according to Spotify data
New Zealand is really confused about whether @TaylorSwift13 is in the country future and past collide in CW's epic 'Legends of Tomorrow' trailer season of #Fargo? You betcha! FX has ordered a third installment of its anthology series. #TVNewsAdele reacted to that 'SNL' Thanksgiving skit just like the rest of us songs for f*ck-ups, losers and dirtbags: mulling 'Hey Arnold' TV movie revival: you, 'Game of Thrones,' for coming clean about Jon Snow (sort of): Obama's rendition of 'Amazing Grace' to be featured in Coldplay song: you guys thought WE were torturing our fans...
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentRihanna will call the shots, shots, shots on her ANTI World Tour: Fighters release free EP online as tribute to Paris attack victims:'s '25' will beat *NSYNC's record for highest first week sales: Force is strong with Samantha Bee in this 'Star Wars'-themed promo for her upcoming talk show -'Serial' star Rabia Chaudry to publish book about Adnan Syed: reschedules Paris shows postponed following the attacks:'s 'Zootopia' trailer proves that actual sloths run the DMV: the band reviews 'Creed' the movie: Comedy Central's "Drunk History" get blasted and go to space: 'Game of Thrones' poster teases a bloody Jon Snow and April premiere'The Simpsons' honored Paris in a subtle but lovely way:'Cartoonish' Benedict Cumberbatch character inspires call for 'Zoolander 2' boycott: teases her new album with a spooky mobile adventure action babes aren't really empowering, says Natalie Dormer:'Futurama' will live on as a mobile game. Shut up and take our money! Bieber beats One Direction in sales down under:'Twas 'The Night Before' that finally killed the gay-panic joke: years later, 'Toy Story' team talks how their movie changed animation:"Homeland" Episode 8: Finally, it makes sense -- and the thread through it all is Allison: Morissette and Demi Lovato team up for "You Oughta Know"., Daleks and time travel at Sydney's 'Doctor Who' Festival Leto paid an emotional and personal tribute to Paris at AMAs.'t be sorry for that AMAs performance, Justin Bieber.
Bieber closed out the AMAs with feelings and rain. Minaj and The Weeknd are having the best night ever. The AMAs winners list:'The Good Wife' tackles abortion and the First Amendment in a terrific Diane-centric hour + Star Wars. Wow, it was. Grande's grandma was the real winner at the #AMAs. Dion performed a powerful tribute to Paris victims at #AMAs. beef? Nicki Minaj thanks Drake in #AMAs speech.'re in the thick of the reformation of Justin Bieber. Buckle up.
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