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Bad Lip Reading returns with some pre-Super Bowl NFL nonsense hey, The Monkees just announced a 50th anniversary album and tour: porn, prose and loneliness: An appreciation of David Foster Wallace - Conrad is being sued for allegedly stealing pictures of surfing dogs: drove across town with Jim Harbaugh at the unholy crack of dawn:'Friday Night Lights' cast will return to Panther Field for ATX TV Fest reunion: Thug shares 'I'm Up' mixtape: Stream it here:, gun battles, lynch mobs and the Culture Club: '80s television in a nutshell. dubbing memorable @MoneyLynch moments will make your #SB50 weekend: Sanders answers your prayers, will reportedly appear on 'SNL' hosted by Larry David: Bieber can't stop staring into the big blue eyes of his new puppy, Phil: to build and maintain your resistance base in XCOM 2. books on 44 presidents: Meet the original Washington outsider. via @44in52Life-altering stroke leads woman to David Lynch in powerful Netflix doc: Amoruso’s ‘#Girlboss’ is turning into a Netflix series: Martin's daughter Apple warned him of the terrors of becoming a meme: Khalifa's new album features an adorable cameo from his 2-year-old son:, technophiles: 92 percent of students prefer books to e-readers. 'priceless' historic guitar was destroyed in Quentin Tarantino's 'Hateful Eight': hits snooze button on its sleep tracking gadget renews 'Orange Is the New Black' for not 1, not 2, but 3 more seasons those excited for XCOM 2's launch today, we've got tips on how to best retake the world from aliens. reality "films" are still a pretty terrible experience. @JLDlite's 10 reasons why:
'Colony' producer breaks down tense episode 4 face off. it rain, Prince drops surprise tour on Australia like it's no big deal's first Star Wars burlesque show takes to the road Mirra, BMX legend, has died of apparent suicide at 41 - Bergdahl hits the breaking point with his Army leaders in Episode 6 of "Serial":ú launches campaign to activate "the Latino Millennial vote": White, Earth Wind & Fire founder and frontman, has died at 74: dads of America, Kevin Hart shows you how to stalk your sexually active daughter. Monae is timeless, new commercial proves. Mr. Spock looks so much like Leonard Nimoy it's scary Lonely Island just got its own Saturday night sketch series on Fox: star Manu Ginobili will be out at least a month after testicular injury: Grace tries to log into IMDB, rips hole in time-space continuum: Stevens and Aubrey Plaza to headline Marvel's 'Legion' on FX'Muslim & American': A trailer for our doc series on living in an Islamophobic atmosphere iconic children's books you should still read, even if you're a grown up - lies about having read 'Alice in Wonderland'? More of us than you'd think - new @AbbyWambach Barbie doll is a big score for us all (📷: @UN_Women) is making a comeback on Snapchat: the Fine Brothers 'React World' scandal in a way we can all understand John pops into London train station, plays piano, leaves: the 'Grease: Live' control room is almost better than the real show: DiCaprio's 'The Revenant' gets a 'Tony Hawk Pro Skater' makeover, just because: West talks Wiz Khalifa, Drake's pool and possibly renaming 'Waves': time Boy George kicked down a door on 'The A-Team'. ht @theretronaut are melting down their gold and silver to make Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar: to make horror movies? This streaming service has the program for you: Cyrus should absolutely be giving advice, so she's joining 'The Voice':, like CBS, replaces "living host" Sumner Redstone as chairman -- this time, with his daughter's rival.'Doom' will send a whole new generation to Hell in May:'Serial' nerds, rejoice: Sarah Koenig is recapping Adnan Syed's new court case: Mirren: 'It's unfair to attack the Academy' over Oscar diversity controversy. Light's Super Bowl commercial features @AmySchumer and @SethRogin bragging about the size of their caucuses. Tatum whispers sweet nothings into ear of unsuspecting, blessed fan: Boyega is back to work training for 'Star Wars' Episode VIII: Larry David on 'SNL' this weekend (or don't, whatever, it's fine) for the next K-pop superstar at JJCC's Sydney auditions: promo for 'Friends' mini-reunion gets pretty sexy pretty quickly: users can now listen to their music on Amazon Echo Super Bowl commercial features a David Bowie song and will hit you right in the feels. 'The Division,' stealing stuff from other players is just one piece of the endgame: to watch Super Bowl 50 online'The dab' is taking over, so we're making sure you know how it's done LeBlanc to co-host 'Top Gear' lies about reading 'Alice in Wonderland'? More of us than you'd think'One meal a day': JJCC on what it takes to reach K-pop stardom Bowie song gives Audi's Super Bowl commercial an emotional punch reveals the title of his 4th album, probably didn't realize "EVOL" was already taken:
No, Kanye West is not on the cover of Rolling Stone: look: Blake Griffin's busted hand after punching Clippers employee reasons virtual reality "films" are still a pretty terrible experience in 2016: competing Album of the Year nominees are united in this seamless Grammys mashup: Judge says #BillCosby sex assault case can proceed, sweeps aside claim he had immunity deal, @AP says.
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentCBS pushes out its 92-year-old chairman, who's been called 'a living ghost'$AP Rocky starts a beautiful person feud in new 'Zoolander 2' trailer: publishers, just stop making book trailers - superhero wish has come true: The Flash is coming to 'Supergirl': is only one known recording of Super Bowl I, and you will probably never see it Durst pleads guilty to gun charges, faces possible murder trial: ready to YouTube Red and chill when originals launch next week:'Hunger Games,' 'Game of Thrones' stars team up in emotional 'Me Before You' trailer: summarized @FargoFX so you don't have to embarrass yourself in front of your friends anymore: #FargoRomantic comedies normalize creepy behavior like stalking, study finds: not to panic: 'Doctor Who' has disappeared from Netflix and Hulu:'s 'Madoff' makes a boring villain out of the world's biggest financial criminal: made a working, playable calculator inside Super Mario Maker's first mobile app/social network is coming to your smartphone in March. Hamilton cast will rise up and perform at the Grammys on Feb. 15th. McKinnon's style and Hemsworth's specs in the new 'Ghostbusters' photos Dafoe plays a grumpy Marilyn Monroe in new Snickers Super Bowl commercial. Diesel announces release dates for 3 final 'Fast and Furious' films Goldblum, Lil Wayne and a choir sing "The Jeffersons" theme in this Super Bowl commercial. ancient high school yearbook photos of Super Bowl heroes ways to get your kids involved in the Super Bowl. #DIY wants to cast a young Elvis, Johnny Cash for new TV series Newton is just pure sunshine and people can’t stand it Goldblum. Lil Wayne. The Jeffersons theme.
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