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I'm a senior writer at Fortune. I have been the ninth caller and have won the weekend passes. I am an expert in stucco, a veteran in love and an outlaw in Peru.

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Updated my overview of what's facing the web with @timberners_lee's net neutrality statement + @mathewi's reporting
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram @CaseyNewton Oh wait. This just happened.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramBuzzFeed’s Latest Viral Craze: Ex-Staffers Bashing the Company on YouTube via @variety
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWeb creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee issues a statement on the FCC and net neutrality
Retweeted by Mathew IngramMy latest column: Like it or not, ESPN is not sticking to sports:
Retweeted by Mathew IngramA lot of people have been asking about my infamous playlist for having sex so here you go 😉
Retweeted by Mathew IngramIt's growing if you forget about little things like revenues and earnings, the rabbit had a troubled past.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramI know this is probably a controversial view, but I don't see why it's a big deal for Barack Obama to make some money for a speechFake news moral panic results in de facto monopoly demoting "offensive" articles & flagging "conspiracy theories"…
Retweeted by Mathew Ingramalright Elon, this is called a 'zipline'. "and the humans, they enjoy this?" they enjoy it very much Elon "then I s…
Retweeted by Mathew Ingramnow I want to write stories about boys and men who are just kind to each other 😭👌🏼
Retweeted by Mathew IngramIf liberals got out of their coastal elite bubbles they might realize REAL AMERICANS are crying out for tax cuts for real estate barons.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram.@WGAWest: FCC plan for net neutrality would "surrender" internet to major conglomerates
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThe grift that is the Webbys.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramGoogle and Facebook accounted for nearly all the growth in digital advertising last year
Retweeted by Mathew IngramTurkish legal authorities (Ankara 6th High Criminal Court) asked @Twitter to block access to my account over "terrorism" propaganda.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThe whole story: * ESPN paid billions for sports rights. * ESPN passed cost to cable customers. * Customers cut cord. * ESPN lays off lots.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingramperez hilton might be the most unlikely @NiemanLab reader of them all
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWow — social media in Kashmir blocked for a month by @PranavDixit
Retweeted by Mathew IngramMeanwhile times never better for people who extract value. A totally dysfunctional economy
Retweeted by Mathew Ingrammy secret talent is getting tired without doing anything
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThe media industry is one in which Pulitzer-winning local outlets face layoffs while NY/DC pundits are paid huge ca…
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram @margarita Looking forward to it!.@KarlBode analysis is spot-on as usual, especially on his hunch how this will play out
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram @margarita It's actually even worse than that is a fair & holistic assessment on the stakes for Wikitribune — and the chances it will succeed
Retweeted by Mathew IngramDo you like the web? Find it useful? Too bad. The government is going to make it more expensive & less useful.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramGreat use of Pink Floyd album cover those suggesting that ESPN's layoffs today were all because of politics or not "sticking to sports," I'm sorry, that's just silly. (1/8)
Retweeted by Mathew Ingramhe nailed it. "Every partner they work with is subservient." h/t @mathewi
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram @jason_kint Sorry, I meant to say publishing trade group, not ad lobby group @jason_kint My bad. I will fix.According to Pivotal's Brian Wieser virtually all the digital ad growth last year went to GOOG and FB cc @jason_kintGoogle and Facebook accounted for nearly all the growth in digital advertising last year time from "ok to punch Nazis" to "threats of mob violence against mainstream political party" was 93 days
Retweeted by Mathew IngramTurkey asked Twitter again to block my account. Twitter sent me a note today saying that it would appeal the decision.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramI wonder when some executive who make big fat bonuses are going to be fired in addition to writers and on-air talen…
Retweeted by Mathew IngramWeb creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee issues a statement on the FCC and net neutrality shocking to see news of all the laid-off ESPNers coming out today-has sort of a 'newspapers in 2009' tipping-point feel for cable TV.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramTwitter suspends the account of Guo Wengui, the billionaire dissident promising to expose corruption in the Commun…
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThe question Breitbart has to face: "How do you balance speaking truth to power and keeping access to power?”
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram"I wouldn't want to be working at a news organisation that relies on display advertising at this point," says @tomstandage at #hhldn
Retweeted by Mathew IngramESPN's costs are expected to rise 11% this year and it has lost 10M+ subscribers since 2010
Retweeted by Mathew IngramHere's why Twitter's stock is climbing hell. Brian Wieser (senior analyst at Pivotal) just dropped his own analysis=> 99% to duopoly so even worse pi…
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram @jason_kint The IAB seems to be saying that these kinds of numbers are flawed. Any response? asked by investors, executives from major ISPs say #NetNeutrality rules have had no impact on investments:
Retweeted by Mathew IngramFact-checking Ajit Pai's speech: The FCC didn't decide to classify cable ISPs as "information services" until 2002.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThe excerpt of my upcoming book, "American Kingpin." It's without question the craziest story I've ever worked on.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram @KFILE @mathewi @HerbScribner local news is consistently washed out of search by larger pubs yet you guys only complain when it affects you
Retweeted by Mathew IngramJodie Foster's statement on the passing of "Silence of the Lambs" filmmaker Jonathan Demme:
Retweeted by Mathew IngramChairman Pai, apropos of nothing, will try to kill Net Neutrality, in a classic example of trying to fix that which is not broken
Retweeted by Mathew IngramLove that Brett Stephens, who deplores affirmative action, was the diversity hire when the NYT said "we need a racist dipshit on staff"
Retweeted by Mathew IngramEveryone seems pretty convinced espn's problems are the result of things they personally do not like about espn
Retweeted by Mathew IngramSee also newspaper industry, the.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThe snap back in usage was fortuitous, as it helped distract from Twitter’s other problem: making money. $TWTR
Retweeted by Mathew IngramJesus. ESPN was willing to spend millions to keep Skip Bayless employed but gets rid of one of the most accomplishe…
Retweeted by Mathew Ingramthis has happened to lots of my scoops that got regurgitated by other outlets
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram @mathewi or as high as 99% if you use the expert analyst's more detailed nuanced look.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram @Kantrowitz Thanks, I found it eventually :-)ESPN's layoffs should be a cautionary tale for every programmer who thinks its content is indispensable.
Retweeted by Mathew IngramSpotted on the metro this morning
Retweeted by Mathew IngramHalf the number of online ad clicks are by mistake, says Silicon Valley veteran Scott McNealy
Retweeted by Mathew IngramThere are lots of reasons to be skeptical of Wikitribune, but I fundamentally disagree with this statement and death: Facebook sorely needs a reality check about video
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram"They'll pay $199 to put our camera in their home and supply data to train our machine vision AI. Let's call it the Echo Bait-And-Switch!"
Retweeted by Mathew IngramAlmost 90% of the growth in the digital advertising market last year went to Google and Facebook in a nutshell: User growth up more than expected, but revenues down and likely going lower this data, Amazon won't be able to just sell you clothes or judge you. It could analyze if you're depressed or…
Retweeted by Mathew IngramAlabama man kills himself with a rifle while streaming on Facebook Live on Tuesday.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram @ClayTravis @mathewi This is gross oversimplification. Like tech journalists that call Apple doomed with one quarte…
Retweeted by Mathew IngramGiven those who have lost their jobs today, ESPN is reducing its hockey content dramatically and significantly.
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram#goodlucktv Look at broadcast TV viewer & ratings' drops by demo from week of April 17th per @nielsen @marcberman 📉
Retweeted by Mathew Ingram"The continuing collapse of ESPN is the biggest story in sports, the sub-prime mortgage crisis with bouncing balls" 10,000 subscribers every day, ESPN's business model is dead. Today's layoffs are just more evidence of that:
Retweeted by Mathew IngramStill the best action film of the year @DamienMarcus My pleasure