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CEO @timehop - creative maker, internet geek, bionic chef, brooklynite. Formerly @yipit @nestio @barbariangroup.

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Thanks, Obama. @brecky_lee27 @ParkerKirtley Truth. Also multiple images in tweets will get fixed. @maddashdan311 You’re not, we kind of hide it. Will work on improving that! @maddashdan311 Can you check the zoom toggle in settings? (Swipe down) @psmith Not at all, Helpful to hear what you don’t like so we can improve and be your fav again. @psmith Newest builds let you toggle zoom. You can longpress to toggle or change it in settings (swipe down). @JayMutt78 We had some outage issues, unrelated to new Timehop. Still not working for you? @katerinamitro We had some outage issues, still not working? @psmith Are zoom controls not working for ya? @KiblerR Shoot. Any ideas on how we can help you keep your streak? @XIXNaz Workin on that! @MADdashDAN311 Zoom controls didn't change, but there is a little glitch with portrait photos. You seeing other issues?
@jmwarnerphoto @robusdin Never refused, I think we’ve been very open to feedback, and team is working hard on new updates. @ressler Update not opening is an iOS issue, restarting should fix. Swarm content coming back, any ideas on cool new ways to view? @robusdin A lot of reasons. More opp for sharing, creation tools. Better video support. Deeper Engagements. Forward thinking. @ressler What aren’t you liking? @JrodMVP Try tapping the timestamp or the likes/comments.
@markcwebster You clearly haven't had my pistachio olive oil cake.I never thought I'd be walking around Astoria with a bag of wine coolers and a springform pan. Dreams do come true.
@mikeocool @kcbroughton 😳 @robusdin Waiting for 🍎. @gregmillertime Checkins are coming back soon! (I’m missing them too)
@BritishOli You're so close... @alippritchard Yay! Happy to hear. Let me know any other thoughts or issues. @alippritchard There’s a bug on smaller screen fixed in next update re:cutoff text. Captions are displayed, are you not seeing them? @alippritchard Have you tried the latest updates? Thoughts?
@pseudooctopus Appreciate that! (Also cracking up right now at @pseudooctopus We love the honest feedback, good and bad. Hope you're liking the updates, hit me up with any issues! @caitlizgrace You should see allllll your content now. Sorry you missed the star wars tweets, we take that v seriously here...
@JadeMischner Longpress will also turn zoom on/off globally. @trinaunz It’s just getting some love, will be back! @robusdin Older phones related to screen sizes. @robusdin Fixing that now, it’s affecting a % of older phones. Out in next release.
@asmith83 Adam. @mollybeedesign Swipe down at any point. @dangertam YOU’VE BEEN ENGAGED FRO MONTHS AND YOU DIDNT CALL ME?
@RobUsdin Found an issue with FB content over the last few days. Working on it now, but you should see everything we get from FB tomorrow. @derf_smith Working on it, had to fix some issues! @RobUsdin Re:last clarification, are you missing Facebook photos? Status updates?
@devinadam Coming back soon! @kevinhughes @jhushj @RobUsdin @timehop Oh it had it's fair share from the last few years, we were all just used to it by now. @jhushj @RobUsdin You can swipe down on any screen. We'll work on instructions/UI indicators. @RobUsdin Thx for report. Are you missing photos? updates? @RobUsdin Tweets shouldn't be truncated, may be a bug. Will look into it.
@orteacherari Sorry. Meant zooming. 😳 @orteacherari On any photo or video. There is also a toggle in settings so you have control. @orteacherari You can toggle scrolling on and off by longpressing. @crispybd old comments and likes are back! :) @caitlizgrace What are you missing? @thesnuffy Love to hear that. We've got lots to do. @thesnuffy Lots more to come. @macacolvin Shouldn't be cropping. We'll take a look!
@Thinkmario Right back at ya! @ashfurrow 👋 @ksdulin Yep!
@robusdin Within the next few days, we’re just waiting on an apple issue preventing us from submitting.
@jondavidcarroll Would love to hear your thoughts when it makes it to the app store. @jondavidcarroll This was awesome feedback, thx! Update queued up that addresses most of it. Also I think abe fixed your streak for tmrw :)
@Ryansmithaz Team's been working hard over holidays. Cool improvements coming soon.
@MrLeeMcAteer Appreciate that. Send any thoughts @MrLeeMcAteer We went big. We know we have some things to fix so gonna move fast.
@karenbethcourcy Totally understand. @karenbethcourcy Zoom controls coming soon. @marisamendez Lots of factors in picking releases. But We’re excited to see what you think about the upcoming updates! @marisamendez We’re building controls so you see what you want, and ways to navigate faster. @kycorrine Thx Kyla, we’ll work on improving viewing text.
@heyitsashleyy Fix for this coming soon! @cowshhhh Sorry to hear that, we’ve got some cool stuff coming I think you’d like. Thanks for your feedback! @cowshhhh Great feedback, we’re working on improvements for all that. @cowshhhh What aren’t you liking so far? @adidasfiend_ That’s coming back soon! @Ryansmithaz Thanks for the feedback Ryan, we'll look into video playback issues either way. @JennieWrites What did you like about scrolling? Speed? Birds-eye view? @mkhoury @ckurdziel @ChrisMonty @timehop Agreed there are! We've got a few we're working on. @kevinhughes @kimbulay22 Tweet me, @timehop, or email matt@ or abe@ Better ways to discuss actionable feedback. @kimbulay22 Teams been working hard on this, and will work hard to address concerns. We're listening how to make new timehop better. @Ryansmithaz Are you seeing loading or performance issues? We've got plans to fix how fast you can go through your day. @Sirren_ Love it. We're planning on similar options. @mkhoury We believe we're on track for a better experience but hear your concerns & will do our best to address them. Hope to have you back!