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Matt Soar @MattSoar Montréal

Intermedia artist, filmmaker. Former codeveloper of Korsakow System. Communication Studies, Concordia U. Lost Leaders; Montreal Signs Project. All views my own.

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Media: If you are still writing headlines of the form "Trump: <dubious claim>" after tweets you are failing at your…
Retweeted by Matt SoarKit said I'm not allowed to get an alpaca for Christmas because it's not allowed to live on our balcony. #disappointment
Retweeted by Matt SoarDec.6th,1989: 27 years ago today, the #MontrealMassacre happened. R.I.P.
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a man walks into a Pizza restrurant wielding an AK47 with the intent to kill, he is disarmed by the Police. He is alive.
Retweeted by Matt SoarMy friends in the media, use this picture of #WalterScott in all his dignity. Not him running being gunned down fro…
Retweeted by Matt Soar @GreatDismal I remember that time in 94 or 95 when Commercial Drive was under 2ft in a matter of hours.Because you're a racist?
Retweeted by Matt SoarIt's not about justice. This hundreds year-old routine is about reminding us that Black Americans are not entitled…
Retweeted by Matt SoarI'm an urban historian who's researched US housing policy extensively. Does that mean I can perform brain surgery?
Retweeted by Matt SoarA hearty "Thanks" to the fine folks at The Atlantic for their tireless work to frame things on the bad guys' terms
Retweeted by Matt SoarLast night a former Breitbart reporter claimed on Facebook he planted Clinton hecklers at her rallies... has since…
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@Vallmeister @cerysmcc @MarinaOLoughlin @AnnieAtkinsWomen in Middle East attacked for not wearing hijab Women in the West attacked for wearing hijab It's almost like women aren't the problem.
Retweeted by Matt SoarI appreciate @POTUS listening to the Native American people and millions of others who believe this pipeline should…
Retweeted by Matt SoarHoly crap @nytimes - you're not making it easy for me to order home delivery in Canada. Spent last 20 mins in a bizarro web feedback loop.SNL should do a real weekly Presidential security briefing skit. Maybe, then, he'd try to watch that.
Retweeted by Matt SoarJesus fucking Christ, @realDonaldTrump. You are the president-elect. Pick your fucking battles, man. You're embarrassing yourself.
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We've reduced stop-and-frisk by 97% in New York City and crime has gone down significantly. Not everyone knows that. Please share.
Retweeted by Matt SoarWatching people meltdown over a Black Santa in the Mall of America. "Santa is white!" Well, in our internment camp he was Asian. So there.
Retweeted by Matt SoarThe Internet: A One-Act Play.
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read this. read it again. read it again. read it again. read it again. read it again. now make everyone you know re…
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@jonronson The photos of the gold lettering being removed are pretty amazing.
Retweeted by Matt SoarWhere'd you get your PhD? Trump University?
Retweeted by Matt SoarStop by @ConcordiaLib (Webster) before Sun. to see 30+ years of HIV Prevention Posters presented by HIV/AIDS students - #WorldAIDSDay
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@MattSoar Hi Matt. Read/Unread is now in the top toolbar, next to Archive and Delete. Hope this helps.
Retweeted by Matt Soar @gmail #iOS What happened to the 'mark as unread' feature? And still only yellow stars?Why coverage is so off: Journalists literally have no framework or training with how to deal with a president who denies basic reality.
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Under-covered contributors to "fake news" epidemic are those "Recommended" widgets that are on the bottom of nearly…
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as @RBrulin depressingly notes, People magazine has higher editorial standards than NBC or CBS
Retweeted by Matt SoarGeneral rule: when you're tempted to retweet Trump, STOP AND RETWEET THE ARTICLE HE'S TRYING TO DISTRACT YOU FROM.
Retweeted by Matt SoarThis thread has a bunch of places to donate $$ to support #NoDAPL, and I continue to add to it.
Retweeted by Matt Soar @jerrysaltz
Retweeted by Matt Soarthat's coincidence. irony is when the US criticizes Cuba's human rights record while operating an illegal torture f…
Retweeted by Matt SoarHow was your weekend? Mine was ruined by a guy in a suit who kept yelling TRUMP in my face while I was minding my own business at the bar so
Retweeted by Matt SoarThe settlement includes monetary compensation, bail reimbursement, legal fee reimbursement & automatic expungement…
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A side-by-side look at Obama's reaction and Trump's...
Retweeted by Matt SoarMan outside of a mosque in Texas this morning
Retweeted by Matt SoarLast week we saved most of the #MTL #SilverDragon #neon sign. V. poor cond. but we'll do what we can!… great American pretense is that communism is to blame for bread lines in Havana but capitalism isn't to blame for poverty in Detroit.
Retweeted by Matt SoarCastro dead, & many in FL cheering b/c they’d never get behind an authoritarian, media-saavy leader who aligns w/Moscow, attacks protestors
Retweeted by Matt SoarTrump’s deputy director of the NSA thinks Rudy Giuliani is on Twitter as “@xxxxxxx37583982” :(
Retweeted by Matt SoarDear @POTUS, You leave office soon. Don't let your legacy end with violence against Native Americans Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline #NoDAPL
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@KermodeMovie @BBCRadio2 Moon. Hedwig. Paris Texas. The Mission. Solaris (remake).
That's OK. I'm not selling you life insurance, so we're good with distrust.
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If Trump had won popular vote by over 2 million but lost electoral college, I'm sure he and GOP would be super chill and gracious.
Retweeted by Matt Soarpetty level: expert
Retweeted by Matt SoarTed Cruz's net worth = $3,013,518 He's cheering that 1,244,000 Texans earning less than $47,476 now won't get pa…
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If Clinton had won we'd be discussing minimum wage and maternity leave. Instead we get to argue about the preferred nomenclature for nazis.
Retweeted by Matt Soar @PortmanDoe I'm so sorry this happened to you.Ellen receives Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Retweeted by Matt SoarIf you raise your hand and shout "Sieg Heil" you're a Nazi. When you have sex with a goat, you're not an "alt farmer," you're a goat fucker.
Retweeted by Matt SoarThe fuck is wrong with y'all
Retweeted by Matt SoarBut we are being paranoid.
Retweeted by Matt SoarThis is the first time in our lives that fighting Nazis doesn't require a time machine.
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News in a post-factual era. Check everything.
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Trump would *love* for discussion to be about his anger at the New York Times and not his serious conflicts of interest & ethics issues.
Retweeted by Matt SoarTrump would *love* for everyone to focus on his feud with Broadway and not his $25m fraud settlement or his staffing the WH with extremists.
Retweeted by Matt SoarPlease stop letting Trump set the terms of the national conversation. He'd much rather have us talk about his personality than his policies.
Retweeted by Matt SoarArtists will never apologize for speaking truth to power. Keep asking. Keep getting put in your place. It's on.
Retweeted by Matt SoarIt is not rude to boo Pence at a B'way show. You don't get to try to legislate gay people out of existence then turn up to enjoy a musical.
Retweeted by Matt SoarTrump chastised the multicultural cast of Hamilton for not knowing their place and disrespecting a powerful white man. Nothing racist there.
Retweeted by Matt SoarThe complaint from the president-elect and the response from a Hamilton actor.
Retweeted by Matt SoarDemocracy is not a spectator sport. Don't look around and say, "Why isn't he doing it, why isn't she doing it?" Get involved yourself.
Retweeted by Matt SoarPence's homophobia, racism, and bigotry bum me out. But hey, he's "trying to engage," whatever that means.
Retweeted by Matt SoarA Jewish rights leader says he will register as a Muslim if Trump sets up his Muslim registry.…
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Tomorrow is #Transgender Day of Resilience~we are committed to a world where trans & gender nonconforming people ca…
Retweeted by Matt SoarWe are deeply saddened to announce Sharon Jones passed away today. More details at
Retweeted by Matt SoarRacist president Racist chief strategist Racist attorney general Racist natsec advisor Media: "how Trump will govern remains to be seen"
Retweeted by Matt SoarIt is totally unprecedented for a President-elect of the United States to have to settle fraud lawsuits before taking office.
Retweeted by Matt SoarShoot
Retweeted by Matt SoarColin Powell says Flynn is a "fucking lunatic," and having worked with Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bolton, Colin Powell knows fucking lunatics.
Retweeted by Matt SoarRegistering & tracking Americans based on race or religion is idiotic. Disgusting. Unconstitutional. And it’s a recruiting bonanza for ISIS.
Retweeted by Matt Soar @MarinaOLoughlin
This thread.
Retweeted by Matt SoarWas the new @gmail app update for #iOS designed by @FisherPrice? So much goofy colour at the expense of legibility.This Irish politician just said what many American leaders are too scared to say about Trump
Retweeted by Matt SoarAny Christian who isn't immediately outraged by the idea of a "Muslim registry" never gets to utter the words "religious freedom" ever again
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