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Matt Soar @MattSoar Montréal

Intermedia artist, filmmaker, writer. Communication Studies, Concordia University. Lost Leaders; Montreal Signs Project. All views my own.

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“I did try & fuck her. She was married. I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there. I just start kissing…
Retweeted by Matt SoarCall your Senators. Tell them to vote NO on the Senate GOP tax plan. Here's why: It's a massive tax cut for the w…
Retweeted by Matt Soar“I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait. And when you're a star they let you d…
Retweeted by Matt SoarElect women. Elect Black women. Elect queer women. Elect trans women. Elect Muslim women. Elect Latina women. Elect…
Retweeted by Matt Soar @wittertainment Hi I'd like to report a technical issue with your podcast: I listen every day while walking to work… 1) More than a dozen women accused Trump of sexual harassment in the 2016 campaign. He called them all…
Retweeted by Matt SoarIt's not a tax bill anymore. It's a health care repeal bill. Time to mobilize. Like now.
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If the Senate probes Franken—and they should, given the allegation made today of his conduct in '06—will they ALSO…
Retweeted by Matt Soar @pattonoswalt 😂😭❤️ #annihilationWe need Americans to speak out now more than ever. Senate Rs are still deliberating their plan, and they don’t yet…
Retweeted by Matt Soar🚨🚨👇👇🚨🚨 Call your senator: 202-224-3121 Call your senator: 202-224-3121 Call your senator: 202-224-3121 Call you…
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My other pitch is MORDOR, HE WROTE: Tolkien’s wife Edith solves mysteries in Oxford while he writes books.
Retweeted by Matt SoarCBO says the Republican tax bill would force $25 billion in Medicare cuts in fiscal year 2018.
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"You go out in public and it’s a fucking embarrassment to me. You look like a fucking bitch in heat, and if you get…
Retweeted by Matt SoarTransparent. Broad City. Fleabag. Insecure. Girls. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Jessica Jones. D…
Retweeted by Matt SoarRED ALERT: Senate GOP just added provision to their tax plan that would gut ACA & kick 13M ppl off insurance. Yes,…
Retweeted by Matt SoarHad the chance to speak with grad students from Concordia University today (via video) — and what a delight! They’r…
Retweeted by Matt Soar @mel_hogan We were so fortunate to have you drop by to share your vital research and professional insights!
For the last week Saudi Arabia has blocked all humanitarian assistance and aid workers from entering Yemen. 20 mill…
Retweeted by Matt SoarSUNY Purchase announces a tenure-track position, Assistant Professor of New Media: (click on 'Search Postings')
Retweeted by Matt Soar @BrutalHouse
A white student asks author @tanehisicoates if it's cool to rap along to songs with the n-word in it, and Coates re…
Retweeted by Matt SoarTRANSLATION: Trump's own CIA Director is telling the American people that @realDonaldTrump is LYING about Putin and…
Retweeted by Matt Soar @ORachaelO My step-dad died on Boxing Day 2016. My dad died this past April. Here's one of my dad's precious model… have seen the classified information on Russian hacking. @realDonaldTrump has received classified briefings. I ca…
Retweeted by Matt SoarSchiff rips into Trump over his Russian meddling remarks: “Mr. Trump simply can’t bring himself to put America firs…
Retweeted by Matt SoarHope nothing bad comes out about my comedy hero, Mel Gibson, now starring in Daddy’s Home 2!
Retweeted by Matt SoarCIA chief Mike Pompeo: Putin attacked 2016 election. DNI Dan Coats: Putin attacked 2016 election. FBI director Chri…
Retweeted by Matt SoarThe President of the United States takes the word of a murderous despot who attacked American democracy over the un…
Retweeted by Matt Soar
Steve Bannon is an opportunist, not a political genius. He's also a liar. Stop covering his every racist word like he's a candidate.
Retweeted by Matt SoarHappy Friday, I made you a list of retail typefaces by women in case that's what you'd like to license for your nex…
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@DeusExCinema Here's its inestimable creator, @bboptics talking about the restoration project: @MattSoar
Retweeted by Matt SoarWow. This is EXACTLY why we must defeat Trump's tax plan.
Retweeted by Matt Soar94% of Americans (93% of gun owners) want background checks on every gun sale. Retweet if you do too.
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You’re going to make us all proud, Danica.
Retweeted by Matt Soar!
The vote is precious, almost sacred. It is the most powerful nonviolent tool or instrument in a democratic society. Use it. #ElectionDay
Retweeted by Matt SoarThe House Rs just blocked a vote to set up a Select Committee on Gun Violence that would study how to prevent future tragedies.
Retweeted by Matt SoarHer name is Juli Briskman (@julibriskman), she's from my hometown (Sterling, VA) and she's a patriot. Someone give…
Retweeted by Matt Soar1) Dear media: Please stop asking people if gun laws would work. We know they do. The data is in. Ask people why they don’t believe data.
Retweeted by Matt Soar
This word cloud shows how @realDonaldTrump responds when an attacker is white vs. when an attacker in not white. Wh…
Retweeted by Matt Soar @Scarfolk @BrutalHouse I have a very vivid memory of actually seeing something like this on TV on bonfire night whe… monthly Twitter audit report for @realDonaldTrump Of his 42,000,000 Almost 23,000,000 are fake accounts
Retweeted by Matt SoarAny act of gun violence is a gun situation. Regardless, you should stop trying to take mental health care away from…
Retweeted by Matt SoarThe Congress Members Receiving the Most N.R.A. Funding
Retweeted by Matt Soar
It's devastating to hear that @OrrinHatch took $97,848+ from @NRA to think & pray about gun violence but do nothing…
Retweeted by Matt Soar.@SenatorBurr=3rd top recipient of @NRA dollars, so he'll just tweet #ThoughtsAndPrayers. Won't actually act to mak…
Retweeted by Matt Soar.@JohnCornyn has taken at least $28,750 from @NRA so all he'll do is ask people to say prayers, won't act to make g…
Retweeted by Matt Soar.@SenRonJohnson took at least $615,681 from @NRA so all he'll do is tweet thoughts and prayers. Won't act to disarm…
Retweeted by Matt Soar.@SenatorRounds got $82K from @NRA, so he'll tweet -- but won't act -- to reduce gun violence
Retweeted by Matt Soar.@SenatorLankford took $11K+ from @NRA. He'll continue to send #thoughtsandprayers after shootings, won't support m…
Retweeted by Matt Soar.@SenatorFischer took $14,960+ from @NRA so she'll continue to send tweets w/o acting to prevent gun violence
Retweeted by Matt Soar.@RepMcSally, are you "deeply disturbed" enough to send back the $14,400 you took from @NRA to advance its "guns ev…
Retweeted by Matt SoarYou've sent condolences after every single mass shooting. Yet they keep happening. *Do something* to restrict guns…
Retweeted by Matt Soar.@BillCassidy got $247,629 in expenditures from @NRA, so all he'll do s send this tweet. Won't *act* to restricts a…
Retweeted by Matt Soar
@aaronjourno There are excellent tutorials for both on YouTube.
The life expectancy of the Black Trans Woman is 35. No one is free unless the Black trans woman is free. All Blac…
Retweeted by Matt Soar20 House Rs already voted against the tax cuts. We only need 3 more to kill the bill. Here are the best targets. JA…
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Another reminder.
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@pascalblanche Wow. Suddenly reminded of Miéville's Perdido Street Station.(THREAD) This is an *itemized list* of every lie Sarah Huckabee Sanders told America on behalf of the President in…
Retweeted by Matt Soar @realdougwilson Next you'll be telling us there's no second 'r' after the 'w' in 'drawing'.I wonder which is more ugly today: 45's spin room, or Spacey's?I've been watching Fox News for 1 hour and I'm convinced that President Hillary Clinton is about to be impeached for giving me Mesothelioma.
Retweeted by Matt SoarAlso a good time for public to see which media outlets have been reporting the actual story vs which are obedient vassals of people in power
Retweeted by Matt Soar @proctor Usability issues x2.If I give 10 apples to one person and no apples to nine people, the average person has one apple. Why are nine pe…
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Retweeted by Matt SoarWatch @JoyAnnReid produce, shred, & confetti the receipts when Ex GOP Spokeswoman Jen Kerns starts with the Hillary…
Retweeted by Matt SoarThis is the list of all the 82 women who were sexually assaulted/raped/molested by #HarveyWeinstein. We,the victims…
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This is what Trump categorized as an A+ response. Almost 1,000 dead Americans. This is unconscionable.🇵🇷
Retweeted by Matt SoarStatus: Puerto Ricans without power: 71% Puerto Ricans without clean water: 20% Trump: Golfing again
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well, there we have it.
Retweeted by Matt Soar @proctor #usability
MUST WATCH. Make no mistake: This admin is in service to the top 1% and NO ONE ELSE. Education, housing- SHAM. Be a…
Retweeted by Matt SoarRT if you're an adult who uses the library.
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