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Queer nonbinary cartoonist! I'm drawing As the Crow Flies (Iron Circus Comics) and Stage Dreams (Lerner). They/them. Represented by @jenlinnan

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TELL ‘EM!! is a great read, theater kids and musical history nerds! @TanekaStotts *sound of hollywood execs all pulling out their wallets* go on.... @stephaniehov I’m wondering how long we have before some start-up starts littering city sidewalks with rentable go-karts :/Time travel story where a 2018 silicon valley exec visits the 1800s and tries to hitch short-term rentable horses to every post in america @alooghobi @01FirstSecond Aaaaahhh congrats!!! 💜READ. THE. THREAD!!!
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @TransComics Yeah this statement reeks of “it’s so sad we couldn’t fix them before they died”, ughhhhhh @TanekaStotts If I’m feeling ill today it sure isn’t about my genderfwiw @catholicEW I’m not “ill at ease with my gender”, I AM my gender. But I am “ill at ease” with you taking a da… tweet is so carefully worded to leave room for people who want to hear “trans people are sick and wrong, they… Trans/GNC people have been killed in the US this year. 383 have been murdered worldwide! Let’s honor the lives l…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManTDOR is hard but I encourage everyone to find a local vigil and attend. It’s solemn and heartbreaking, but it’s imp…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Manabrams should be contractually obliged to release at a modest estimate minimum 100 graphic novels by 100 muslim wri…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @batsabatsabatsa OMG BABIES 😭💜I wish there were a way to report tweets for containing blatantly obvious misinformation, because phew, the amount… @abramskids @ABRAMSbooks This harmful depiction of Muslim boyhood needs to not exist. How about giving some publis…'s Thanksgiving Week and I'm re-branding it: "WiSHLIST BUYOUT WEEK." Lots of organizations have wish lists that t…
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I got a weeeeee bit lost in the woods today, and here are some haunted things I found. @UrsulaV Mostly they just get EXTREMELY uncomfortable, haha.Sometimes if I’m feeling punchy I ask them to tell me, in detail, what physical characteristics pegged me as someon… fun microaggression I seem to be getting a lot lately is evangelicals zooming in on me specifically in crowded pu… @DylanNDREdwards I M P O S S I B L E @DylanNDREdwards Hmm, gotta be a typo??sleepy brain: princess movies reinforce unhealthy valorization of monarchies explosion brain: romcoms about workin… no that cheesy netflix christmas special about princesses is somehow EXTREMELY CUTE AND CHARMING
I’m listening to the audiobook of What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia this week, and recommend it! It’s a… you’re in college and registered to vote at home, make a plan to vote when you go home for Thanksgiving. You c…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManFolks, incredible artist and comics creator @ab_varaham is in the process of disconnecting from family after an att…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManThis new-ish Brynn Elliott song came on the radio while I was at the gym today and I don’t even care, it’s on my wo…
Anyone complaining that it doesn’t “make sense” for a show to have multiple queer characters is outing themselves a… @AmandaLafrenais But Amanda...don’t you know the only objective standard we can judge children’s cartoons by is how… @Kate_Farina KATY I LOVE THESE DISASTER TEENSI just want them to be happy 😭 #SheRa
I know y’all love free voting stickers, and guess what: cool flu shot bandaids can also be obtained for free!! Hel… Tip: if you get your flu shot at your city health department, they are legally obligated to give you a fun band… @HNewlevant 💜💜💜💜💜💜gonna bump this again because the air quality is getting worse up here and a lot of people live/sleep outside
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManAlaska Robotics Comics Camp applications are now open!
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManYes. All these very well dressed goats are socialists. Suck it, losers!
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@johnnycremains_ Yep!! I worked as a temp admin at an ivy league college one summer, and was below the poverty lin… @RianSygh There’s already not enough hours in the day and meanwhile you’ve got an extremely cute and gay show to work on <3 <3 <3Don’t tell these rich people about TJ Maxx, they’ll be so mad 😂 @RianSygh It’s like, the bare minimum threshold just to make this hellsite usable!I’m SCREAMING over that rich asshole who thinks being poor means it’s impossible to own nice clothes. In college I… @eScarry Ah yes, you got a *friend* to take a creepy stalker pic for you so you could add a gross caption and post… @JustPlainTweets SAME, a whoooole lotta angry youtube bros who I probably scourged years agoHad a moment today where I was like “wow, I haven’t seen any massively bad takes on She-Ra yet, I guess everybody l… @kathmachine SHE’S INCREDIBLE, also the whole concept of “mad genius robotics princess” is incredible @bluedelliquanti You can tell this person is really certain of the moral rightness of their position by the way the… @lilah_sturges me @ this pamphlet : Short stories and comic pitches are wanted for a small LGBT+ anthology about werewolves! Che…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManALL! This is NOT a drill!! Please tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW in Florida to check online to see that their Mail in Ballo…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @HannahTempler Bigots are still trying to run on Windows 95, apparently v0v @rowanbark This pamphlet has definitely Seen Some Shit on the long road from 1979 to todayIn closing: the good, upstanding, church-going, Christ-loving organization that published this pamphlet back in 197… ON TRUCKING HAD TO ADD DEFINITIONS“””the normal type””” (if you haven’t guessed already, this was def written by a straight person, Go Ask Alice styl… off, I love the fact that Gay is capitalized this entire pamphlet. A practice I endorse to this day, tbh a gay club in Oklahoma this morning, I found an anti-gay pamphlet which I’m PRETTY sure was printed in the… hey! Applications for @redbubble's artist residency for San Francisco, CA and Melbourne, Australia are up! This…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManJUST IN: A federal judge has ruled that some 4,000 Florida residents who submitted mail-in and provisional ballots…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManVerdict is: a little messy but a lot delicious :9 was planning to make some veggie pot pies tonight, but just realized I don’t have any flour for a pie crust! But… @weirdyfeeling I do these through my fellowship program! You can definitely find them at community colleges and so…
A couple quick 5-10 min poses from life drawing today. @AberrantWhimsy This is so close to being the world’s greatest knuckle tat, curse these 4 fingered hands @maddigzlz what’s your deeltfw you just love EELS it, y’all:
Every time it comes up I’m like, *wipes away tears* I can tell a cartoonist wrote thisThat new Hilda series on Netflix is extremely cute and charming for lots of reasons, but I gotta say, my all-time f… @korybing This sweet summer child!! 😭 @ladyaeva I’m a vegetarian but give me my allotted lunchmeat-sized portion and I will with zero hesitation @sawdustbear I hope some sentient squid anthropologist in the year 4000 finds this and it becomes a sort of rosetta stoneYessssss can’t wait!! @gpike_ speaking as a current Oklahoman: FAIRFreelancers and remote workers, check this out: Tulsa is going to start offering $10,000 grants to work-from-home e… gold belongs to the alligator gars now!! I wish them all the best as they retire in comfort in floridaI was looking up local legends of buried 1800s outlaw gold — there’s a surprising number of them in Oklahoma! — and…
@lepas Ooooh — I’ve seen little freezing rains while I’ve lived here but nothing like that! 👀 @TanekaStotts 🎵 Snow what a beau - ti - ful MOOOOOOOORNING 🎵Some part of my Colorado-raised lizard brain is always stressed out by Tulsa’s snow-free winters; I looked out the… is exciting to no one except Oklahomans, but IT’S SNOWING ❄️ ⛄️ slow progress but good progress ✏️
@toastasaurus Thank you Prof. Sookdeo 🙏This guy has a fighting chance at flipping a senate seat blue in Mississippi, and we should be helping him out. Do…!??!?! Everyone share the shit out of this and support this man!
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManMy generation is killing Applebees and saving public libraries, and frankly I am proud of us🌊
@lepas For all that straight men love drawing boobs it’s amazing how many have never seen one on an actual human, everEMERGENCY UPDATE: @LAFDFoundation needs your help. We’re requesting donations at to provide…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @kateleth I really want to believe that “first time free” sign means “if you’ve never taken a shower before sweet J…’s finally cold enough outside that I can start using my homemade rice heating pad while I work in my studio, and…
This book by @korimichele was SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🌈🌈🌈 Read it here:
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @Kate_Farina 🎂 🍰🎂🍰🎂🍰🎂💪💪💪✨ @CartaMonir brb, throwing this man into the dumpster @dmeconis ~extremely professional~ webcam set up for a Skype lecture at CCAD about colored pencils this morning ✏️