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Queer nonbinary cartoonist! I'm drawing As the Crow Flies (Iron Circus Comics) and Stage Dreams (Lerner). They/them.

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I just supported Get IDs for #morethanvoting on @Crowdpac!
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManWhile we’re all thinking about how crucial black women are to this country and its future: If Stacey Abrams wins i…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManWhite women. Nothing is as determined as a desperate white man who feels like he’s losing his position in the web o…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManAll Democrats need to campaign on a Second Voting Rights Act: automatic voter registration, restoring voting rights…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManHELL YEAH ALABAMA!!!!!!Folks just CAN'T GET ENOUGH of @melgillman's As the Crow Flies! Check out this Hot Title Alert from our distributor…
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We’re dyin’ over here D:
@katfcomix 💜💜💜💜💜 @aliwilgus @mollybrooks Aaaaahh congrats!!🎉I got interviewed by @sljournal about queer kids’ comics and As the Crow Flies! <3 @thisquietcity I try to be nice because I’m sure their job is stressful, but jeeeez :/Oooof, TSA had to search my suitcase this morning (because it’s full of comics) and dumped the entiiiiiire thing on… @neekaneeks @ComicArtsLA @heyelements @BeyondPress 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
CALA cleaned me out of As the Crow Flies! If you buy one at the table today though, I’ll send you a signed copy after the show <3Good morning @ComicArtsLA day two!! Come say hi over at table 44B! @McBeagles I sent an email out last month with info, but maybe it didn’t reach you? If you want to email me at Mel… @pretticoat @ComicArtsLA One of my favorites is a trans history podcast called One From the Vaults!
@Iron_Spike MY BRAAAAAAAANDDDDDDListenin’ to @neekaneeks and @bluedelliquanti and @melgillman and @sunmiflowers and @DELTAHEAD_ talk about queer co…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManHey @ComicArtsLA! I’m down to my last 7 copies of As the Crow Flies! If you want one, I wouldn’t wait til tomorrow!Shhhhh don’t tell, it’s my secret behind-the-table CALA work station morning, LA! Come down to @ComicArtsLA 10-5 today and get yerself some COMICS!! @OliveOilCorp I wanna hex them so the Y keeps falling off.A new republican tech startup in SF is opening a members-only queer coworking space, and pushing out low-income que…
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Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @toastasaurus @jenlinnan Steam it off like in old spy movies!Overheard a heated political debate this morning: “Democrats wear cowboy boots too!” “No way, I haven’t met a SINGLE ONE that does!”There will now be 22 women serving in the US Senate, an all-time high. There have only been 50 total women in the U…
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@bluedelliquanti @Patreon Aughh, this is heartbreaking :((((Patreon has been rent, groceries, and healthcare money for me for several years now; I know tons of other small-tim…, I just posted an update about the fee change! TLDR: if Patreon does go ahead and up everyone's fees, I'l…, if you can, send a couple bucks to David Ermold’s election campaign this morning. Let’s boot homophobic…
@OliveOilCorp The only financial winner I see in this change is Patreon itself, which is so frustrating >:(((I’m always so happy when people talk about layout and pacing in my work! I put a lot of thought into it, it’s one… gosh, this is such a nice review <3 @OliveOilCorp I love this lighting!! @HNewlevant @No_Nami Gorgeous!! I’m excited to get a copy! @Artist_Pat Nah, I’ve just been fortunate this year and am trying to spread that around as best I can. @SageCoffey Looks like you’re getting a scathing purrformance reviewI’m not a perfect example here, because I also have a Patreon page of my own, so it might even out for me. But tha… @Patreon Using myself as an example, I back 30 other people’s patreons, for a total of $80 a month. This means, at… the other folks chiming in, I’m not sure I like @Patreon shifting the burden of credit card processing fees… @korybing Nooooo!! D:Hey, remember Kim Davis? She's that lady who refused to issue gay couples marriage licenses in Kentucky. Guess wh…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @HannLindahl WE NEED A 4TH DIMENSIONAL HYPERCUBE ALL NONBINARY SEXUALITY IS TIME TRAVEL @SilvercatTyger Yes! I forget my table number, but I’ll be there :) @HannLindahl I had a complicated reaction to attraction-by-gender thing, too — it’s hard to say if you’re mostly “a… have a new comic up on The Nib! CW: suicide, gun violence
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManBREAKING The Navajo Nation and partners are suing @realDonaldTrump over his illegal decision to shrink America's…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManDemocrat Jen Jordan won a special election runoff in Georgia's 6th Senate district last night, flipping the seat.…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManApplications are open! Make comics with our award-winning faculty next summer in San Francisco! Apply today:…
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@JessFink I’m trying to imagine how manta ray man would be able to move through the water and dyyyyyyyinggggghghgh @alexdecampi (also, very specific to young me, but take a dang life drawing class you nerd) @alexdecampi Don’t waste your time trying to make your drawings look the way your old straight male teachers say co… your senators aren't on this list, call them and tell them to sign on.
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @JPisello Oh yeah, Denver snow is waaaay different than Midwest/northeast snow! @lepas ok but did u forget that one time Jim inhofe brought a snowball to the senate and disproved global warmingMe, living in Denver: snow is a plague, the earth is covered in ice, my feet will never feel warmth again Me, livi… snowed this morning (in the sense of, “I observed about 10 flakes falling from the sky on my bike ride to work”)… @Alterici If that was the downtown QuikPrint, they also waaaaay overcharge in my experience, so you’re probably better off!I mean LOOK, she’s hotter, more talented, and SIGNIFICANTLY less murdery than anyone man in that play. She was the… was listening to Phantom of the Opera tonight, and thinking how underappreciated La Carlotta is, and then, uh @neekaneeks This is the best <3 <3 <3
@sawdustbear If this thing offers to grant you any wishes SAY NO @sawdustbear HOLY SHIT @pizzaUNOFFICIAL There are so many queer people and people of color who get hurt by folks on the left dismissing th… no matter where you live, if at all possible, don’t shop at dollar store chains. Their business model is p… #MuslimBan goes into effect again immediately. If you or someone you know is impacted, or worse, stuck at an ai…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @pyllicus The majority-white neighborhoods do. The majority-Black neighborhoods are food deserts, and a lot of tha… store products also regularly test higher in toxic chemicals and heavy metals, literally poisoning low-incom… “yay decimation of rural America!” replies on this suck. Here in Tulsa, I live in a food desert because dollar… is from the latest issue, in a feature encouraging girls to run for local offices.)I love that Teen Vogue is beating around exactly zero bushes this year. @yumisakugawa Saturday 1-2pm, a discussion about LGBTQ comic creators and the stories they tell with…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @cornhime Not sure! You’d have to ask the people running the award.The Slate Cartoonist Studio Prize is taking submissions again! Submit your print & webcomics from 2017 for conside…
Comics Has An Abuse Problem: Taneka Stotts Opens Up About Her Assault At SDCC
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @womenoncomics Thank you for reporting on this. @Iron_Spike FOR REAL