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Queer nonbinary cartoonist! I'm drawing As the Crow Flies (Iron Circus Comics) and Stage Dreams (Lerner). They/them. Represented by @jenlinnan

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@lepas CLEARLY we live in some sort of landlocked bermuda triangletoday in: totally normal local news @AmandaLafrenais *o* where do I buy one-a them halftone skirtsHeartwood hit its goal overnight!! And if it raises just about $7500 in the next two weeks, every backer will get… @beesmygod You gotta throw that magic 8 ball out, friend @SeanWithersDraw Joke’s on them and the book deals they’ve probably missed out on vOvI’m glad that, here in 2018, even a casual glance at an average bookstore shelf proves them very wrong.#ShareYourRejection is a fun hashtag to check out tonight, creatives. My contribution: a lit agent told me way bac…! I just subscribed to Shannon’s blocklist, which auto-blocks every Fortune 500 company that advertises on Twitte…
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@Trungles b- both of them, to my tiny 9-yr-old brain’s deep confusion @korimichele The ol’ chicken-frog switcheroo, a classic childhood prank @korimichele The wagon wheel one kills me. Just: WHYn E I G H H H cover with excellent subtitle, but more importantly: that h o r s e thinking about the cover for my book today, I spent some time looking up old classic western romance comics c… @kevinczap CONGRATS!! @OliveOilCorp 💜💜💜💜💜💜 You got this!! @reedicule What sin did we all commit in a past life, what vengeful god did we angerThis morning YA author twitter made me search for “soap dick” to figure out what everyone’s talking about and I will never forgive you @killswitchkatie Same, though I think there’s still just as much need for YA+ too!I grew up without any representation, and one of my big driving forces is hope I’ll be one of the /last/ queer & tr… If you haven’t read that new EW interview with Rebecca Sugar yet, there’s this incredible bit about the nee… @Froregade YESSSSSSSS congrats Mildred!!!moneybag the real main character imoA rare, fairly spoiler-free panel I can share from the western...! the “ughhh why should journalists even say ‘first openly transgender nominee’, gender has nothing to do with po… Christine and nice work Vermont!!!!
One day left to push this over the finish line! Let's do it! | Check out Agents of the Realm • Volume 2 and Volume…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @stutterhug ‘ughhhh we used to be bros before you decided you needed to birth thousands of sons, wtf man’ @Trungles Haha, imagine a conversation with Gimli like, “okay so, either your whole family is dead...or I had a rea… @Trungles That kinda thing would slip ANYBODY’S mind, really! Especially after he’s already had two foreshadowing…’m finally watching the extended version of Fellowship of the Ring, and my favorite weird plot hole is still when… people, listen. I’m sorry to break this news to you, but not every roast you’ve been on the receiving end… a homophobe on fb today trying (poorly) to roast a queer person by saying “you must be secretly insecure about… @AbbyHoward Happy book birthday!!! hey wowee, I got me a book out today-- the next book in the Earth Before Us series, which takes Ronnie and Mis…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManThread: are now accepting applications for the 2018 Cupcake Award! Please submit your applications by September 30. Deta…
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Also wasn’t disney trying to cash in on its “first openly gay character” just, like, last year? you vampires didn’…’m... tired PEDDLER PRESENTS: SEX MACHINE IS LIVE ON KICKSTARTER! YOU HAVE 15 DAYS!!!!
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Manaaaaaahhh I love this tiny cryptid pizza slice by @sawdustbear I got as part of #projectpizzaart !!…, do not sleep on Agents of the Realm—Mildred's art and storytelling chops are so compelling, and good god…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManThis is a good thread: rec time! I just finished a good, super quick read about story structure for long-form romance fiction. A go… to visit two nice exhibits today, for Chihuly and Isabelle de Borchgrave!
I hope you’re reading this comic, ‘cuz it’s really good and just keeps getting better :0
ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT TO APPLY for the CORNISH @cartoonstudies RESIDENCY! The month-long residency is held during th…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManLike, if you told me you were gonna live on a GREEK ISLAND CAT SANCTUARY for half a year and draw diary comics abou… isn’t a comics residency...but it COULD be, you know???? @korimichele Don't judge me I'm a child!!! I've never even seen an internet before!!!Me, an actual newborn baby: did you know funny-people-dissecting-bad-movies-on-youtube is, like, a whole genre?? A… we think #BackToSchool we only think of students (or Rodney Dangerfield). But 94% of teachers use their OWN MO…
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@sawdustbear Ahhhhhh, I hope your whole trip is as relaxing and beautiful as this <3Heeey m'buddy Kory is Kickstarting a new volume of her comic! Check it out, especially that Kickstarter video: It's…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @AngrygirLcomics WENDY THIS IS UP YOUR EXACT ALLEY @meyrude I love ittttttttttttttttOooooh yes, my favorite Halloween podcast is back early (Spooked), and the new episodes are REALLY good. Gimme tho…*desperately* here’s a...uhhh...shoe!!! A SHOE WITH ABSOLUTELY NO NARRATIVE CONSEQUENCE, NO SIR EE horrible dry spell near the end of the book you’re drawing where you can’t post ANY work in progress shots, ‘cuz they’re ALL spoilers 😭~Sometimes~, internet strangers, it’s not that I blocked you because of what you tweeted at me. It’s because of al…
@ngoziu Voting for you!!! 💜💜💜 @metageeky Yeah, that kind of imagery is really not something in need of “protection” imo :(Or the way non-sexual queer & trans media is labeled “adult content” as a justification to de-platform it online. Just sayin’...YA KNOW, if you really wanted to discuss modern-day censorship in comics, you cooooould talk about all the ongoing… @CartaMonir *looks up all the other covers* maybe the first amendment...was a mistakeHey you!! BACK THIS!! AotR is a gorgeous comic that /absolutely/ deserves a spot on your bookshelf. $5000 grants up for grabs for writers & artists with children! And cartoonists are encouraged to apply. Ap… @nytimes, Do you think it's about time you brought back the Graphic Books Paperback and Hardcover categories…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManFriends: come over to my house to watch a very good tv show, I will buy the snacks, just one condition nEVER EVER LOOK AT MEEEEEEEI wanna invite friends over to watch Pose with me but I can’t because every episode makes me sob???
👌👌👌 went on a quick hike to take a bunch of these shots and dang, Oklahoma’s also a beauty right now! engraved @EGLAwards medallion for As the Crow Flies arrived today! It’s very pretty 🏆✨
I love contest language like this, haha. “You still own your artwork!! But by the way we can do anything we want… thank you!!!! YOU! Yeah you! Have you checked out the Agents of the Realm kickstarter yet? If not, go and fix that! It has:…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManCrowdfunding Watch: Late Summer Sylvan Tales. Featuring the work of: @nscomicartists, @KylebSimmers and…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill ManHere’s a cool nonprofit where you can donate your unused frequent flyer miles to help reconnect separated migrant f…