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Queer nonbinary cartoonist! I'm drawing As the Crow Flies (Iron Circus Comics) and Stage Dreams (Lerner). They/them.

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I got to try a vegan croque madame at a local restaurant tonight and my life will never be the same. @kellhound The pie chart is tracking the amount of money I’m making, rather than number of books sold. ATCF gets a…
It’s also nice to have sales data from previous cons saved when you’re trying to figure out how many books to bring to the next show!I’ve started using a free app (fudget) to keep track of convention sales. It’s pretty simple, function-wise, but i…! But you can always get a copy on gumroad if you missed it~ @DINKDenver ! I’m down to my last 5 copies of Pockets! Come by soon if you want one! @ArmyOfMeat In this case they just gave me about 6 stickers to use as I see fit! Some bigger awards let you order… about this STICKER!! @tanekastotts Thank you!! Congrats on your multiple noms, too <3I won an award so I get a croissant, them’s the rules if you’d like to get a copy of Pockets, I still have some left for tomorrow! See you up on the 3rd floor tomorrow, Denver!Dang, thank you so much @DINKDenver for the Best Minicomic award!! I’m honored to have gotten to share the stage with @jamdye too 💜WWWWHHHAAATTTTTT
@aprilangelica I’m also like, rice is not less vegan than macaroni?? EXPLAIN YOURSELF, FOOD TRUCK >:0Bought a burrito from a vegan food truck, and where there should’ve been rice/beans inside, there were macaroni noo… @geniusbeee SUBSCRIBES IMMEDIATELY There is just 5 days left to fund [Super]Natural Attraction! We need 1700 to make goal. Please spread the word
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @ DINK 342 @oheysteenz STEENZ 😭💕Also this weekend at @DINKDenver: the newest issue of Suspect Press is out! It includes a brand new, extremely 201…’ll also be on the Starving Artist panel today at 1:30 in the Map Room! SEE U THERE, HUNGRY FRIENDS @DINKDenver!! Come visit me up on the 3rd floor, and pick up a copy of my Double-DINKy-Nominated comic POCKETS 💃 @hannahblmnrch I’m thinking positive, and hoping this means some USPS employee is gonna find a free pile of queer c… lesson: if you’re shipping a box of books media mail, make sure the box is sturdy and well-taped-up! It…
@MollyOstertag Oh dang, I didn’t realize there was another book in that series! I loved Borne, gonna check this one out. @shingworks Heck yes, I gotta see these Shrimp Wars in actionI loved the new bioluminescence exhibit at @DenverMuseumNS! Here’s a quick journal comic I drew about my new favor… @DylanNDREdwards Have you been to watercourse yet? If memory serves, it is EXTREMELY good.*temples fingers like mr burns* how many comics friends can I drag into getting amazing vegan country fried steak with me this weekendIf you’re traveling to Denver today for DINK, fyi! It snowed overnight! But tomorrow’s gonna be sunny and in the…’m not sure that even deserves the dignity of a reasonable response—but you might point out that, being paid so li… someone crying “but think of the tax victims!” re: teacher raises, and my guffaw could wake the dead @ZakKinsella A MYSTERY
@shannondrewthis @Just_Jasmyn @PWKidsBookshelf @hannahmann CONGRATS!! 🎉🍾🎈💜A friend asked for a “wolverine doing something chill” commission, so: sure this lap dog is secretly a lap horse
@rodenbeard I just found it today! I’m feeling very Seenthe gayest dad at the PTA barbecue amazing @TillieWalden recommends some great graphic novels for #readingwithoutwalls this month:!
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @ DINK 342Everywhere I turn out here the street is full of cute queers and amazing food!! I have been BLESSEDGuess who’s pumped to be back in Denver for a few days!! 😭😭😭 @acornfriend I was raised in one of those “vegetables = microwaved frozen broccoli, maybe with some butter” familie… did this with a giant bag of local sugar snap peas today, and that bag...has now inexplicably vanishedIt still amazes me that you can make pretty much any ordinary vegetable the most delicious thing on the planet by c… @biancaxunise I always feel secretly validated when I find other people who don’t like him.
@HNewlevant Yeah, I feel like a big part of me has given up on movies for representation? I only look at small press/self pub. @HNewlevant I can’t think of anything and now I’m kinda sad :(What do agents do, exactly? How helpful is it for authors and artists to work with them? This week, we talk with li…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @ DINK 342Had a lot of fun this afternoon skyping with second-year students and fellow alums at @cartoonstudies about life af… what you're doing rIGHT NOW WE HAVE NEW @JanelleMonae
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @ DINK 342Today’s gender mystery: I’m starting to think I get “he”-d more often by strangers here in Oklahoma when my hair is…
Congratulations to @cartoonstudies alumni @DINKDenver award nominees: @melgillman (2 award nominations!)…
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @ DINK 342 @ColleenFrakes He’s the main reason I’m buying a ticket!*squints at trailer* can’t tell if the actor playing young han solo has 0 on-screen charisma, or if I’m just too gayi- is this heaven? @tanekastotts Yeah, it’s scary here — all our buildings were built pre-fracking-earthquakes, so nothing’s up to cod… one this morning woke me up at about 5:30am with a sound I first thought was metal ventilation pipes getting ru…, we’re now up to two 4+ magnitude earthquakes that’ve hit this week in Oklahoma. It’s so bad people in Kansas… @dmeconis *SLAMS THE PRE-ORDER BUTTON* @dmeconis A QUICHE BAKING SHOW CROSSOVER @naomiyaki It is beyond me how anyone looks at his art and goes “yep, a heterosexual painted this” @korybing Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the colored version in general — the inking’s so nice without! @FizzVsTheWorld Sometimes I greet people’s cats with “hello, small mammal” @korybing I’M JUST, you ever just...think about how great the rat creatures from Bone are
@MissAlyssaRead Sorry I forgot to tag it #nsfwToday I roasted a bunch of purple asparagus from a local farm stand in sesame oil + sliced garlic, and the verdict… year, my Denver to-do list is always the same: (1) see friends (2) get a queer haircut (3) WHATEVER’S HAPPENING AT THE SCIENCE MUSEUMGood morning, guess what I’m excited about today??? If you guessed “I’ll be at DINK the same time as a BIOLUMINESC… @dmeconis Aaaaahhhh this is so cool!
@cousineggplant Dang, now I’m sad it’s probably NOT underground lizard people @cousineggplant Yup. The oil industry is allowed to do pretty much anything it wants out here.OK only became the earthquake capital of the country very recently, and most of the buildings here were built long… a fun weekend morning in Oklahoma when a fracking earthquake wakes you up!!You know you’re maturing as a cartoonist when you start thinking “oooh, what if I drew a detailed wallpaper pattern… @tanekastotts NO U >:O @tanekastotts HECK YES 🍾🎉❤️🔥
Retweeted by Melanie Gill Man @ DINK 342The whole story is up for free here, if you want to read it yourself! I love this story and am so honored for the…!!!! “Pockets”, my As the Crow Flies side-story, just got nominated for two DINKies !!!!