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Word of the Day, facts and observations on language, lookup trends, and wordplay from the editors at Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

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Names becoming words, words becoming dictionary entries. 'incorrigible' person or thing is incapable of being corrected or reformed. But what about the reverse? use of 'complacent' meant "pleasing" or "obliging," but its common meaning has since shifted to "self-satisfi… morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'panegyric'
'Stout,' naturally, was first defined as a name for "strong beer." @andymosley46 Boxing is a special case — 'clinch' is the term used there.If you 'clinch' (make final) a victory, you'll later get to 'clench' (hold tightly) a medal. morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'biddable'
The term 'sea change' (a substantial transformation) originated in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest.' #ChineseNewYear, friend.'re not doctors, but we know a lot of the words they say. is 'indict' pronounced \in-DYTE\?
Retweeted by Merriam-Webster📈 'Unwitting' and 'hoax' are our top two searches today. knows a 'murder' of crows. But what about: A 'feast' of brewers? A 'wisdom' of wombats? An 'unkindness'… 'botcher' is one that does bungling makeshift work. the classic 'could'/'couldn't' debate: morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'yuppify'
#TBT that time we looked at the history of 'throwback' the dictionary approaches words for concepts like 'truth' and 'love':'Implicit': folded in 'Explicit': unfolded 'Complicit': folded together the other common words given new meaning by curling: house, sheet, rock, button #WinterOlympics2018 @cococoyote @jmcunning @voxdotcom Exactly.Bet you can't figure out which word it comes from.'Explainer,' explained. @py__ @elektrotal Yeah it's fine on its own.'Equivocate': to say something that can be interpreted multiple ways by different listeners if only someone could teach this to autocorrect. earliest current record of 'the big enchilada' is from the Watergate tapes. car drove smoothly. The dish ate salty. The landscape photographs well. That's right, we're talking about the… morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'nebbish'
'Bonbon' is French for “good-good,” which makes sense., it's Wednesday. from the dictionary: "There are no steps to be taken that would result in your fiancée's picture appearing a…
Retweeted by Merriam-Webster'Acute': 🎇 having a sudden onset, sharp rise, and short course 'Chronic': 📈 marked by long duration, recurrence, an…🎵❤️ The quiz of love is (not) long and (not) boring @AndrewHBook (Which, granted, is a bit of a UX fail.) Maybe it's a cool chance to teach her to work backwards for a definition, though? @AndrewHBook But it is! We have it listed as an example under the prefix def of 're-': thank you for your letter, but your question about how long love lasts is not something we can answer.💔 …
Retweeted by Merriam-WebsterGood morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'frolic'
He certainly used them, though. That part's not in doubt. Top banana Big enchilada Words for ballers, shot callers:'Callosity': a lack of feeling or capacity for emotion @lindsaycohen @TedLandK5 If either of you are interested, our product team would love to talk more about how we cou… @lindsaycohen @TedLandK5 Thx 4 tagging. @sesquiotic @IvaCheung The W's public domain, so make sure you see the M. @HiCandiB The honor is all ours. @HiCandiB Candace, this is great!'Loath': ❌ reluctant or unwilling to do something 'Loathe': 👎 to dislike someone or something very much grab a coffee, take a walk, then read this when you're feeling up to it. @AtomicActual Thanks for keeping us honest, though! @AtomicActual *whispers* It's a play on the word's origin.'Parade' first referred to public processions in the 1600s, but the earliest ones tended to be sober and non-celebr…'One and the same' is an intentionally redundant phrase along the lines of 'each and every' and 'any and all.' @leahmcelrath You have our full support.Good morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'nuts'
When someone is 'grizzled,' they simply have gray or graying hair. @stefanfatsis Best citation yet.'Adust' is the #WordOfTheDay📈Lookups for 'Anglo-American' have spiked after the Attorney General's remarks to the National Sheriffs' Associatio… @rachelcw @ParadeMagazine Thank you, Rachel!!❤️🧐📖 know *you* understand them, but this is here in case you need to send it to anyone else. closer look at a popular, complicated word.📈'Sartorial' is our top search for the first time since the tan suit. @_ESPRMedia Well?1. Pick a year. 2. Marvel at all the surprising words first recorded in it. 3. Repeat until Monday morning is over.'Prolepsis' is the representation of a future act or development as if presently accomplished. @SheckyX Unfortunately it's been quicker to come back for some users than others, but it *should* be mostly cleared… morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'adust'
'Metanalysis': when a misheard word becomes canon @SheckyX Will do! @meperl Sorry - it’s not just you. Our servers have had some issues that are 🤞 close to being resolved. @SheckyX Very sorry - we’re dealing with some server issues that our team is still working to fix.Good morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'recuse'
@KLennarz We seem to be having some issues, but our best and brightest are working hard to fix. @InterpreterDad For some folk the urge sure is strong to complain when the scansion’s too long and this predilectio… @CarynLonz Apologies - our team is looking into it.Because everything's more fun when it rhymes. @FoolingNoOne Thanks for the heads-up. We're looking into the issue.