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@SChapaSABJ was that really ben franklin? i though it was hamlet!Loaning is easy. Getting paid back is the hard part. @fmbutt the air travel parallel would indicate networks will be built without high margins, no?OH: “I’m advising startups to only fundraise via ICO.” Genius or madness. I don’t know.
@WrittenbyaPanda Yeah, agreed! @joshkerr @databrett I solved it by going 24/7 do not disturb on my phone. @maxlynch Every org I'm in has gone through an "Email->Yay Slack!->Back to Email" cycle. @WrittenbyaPanda Sad to say, but it's progress that an African dictator is ending his reign without being shot. Go… up for @wpengine and the welcome video features a @gocodeup grad. Oh yes!
When Forbes is rallying against tax cuts it might be worth slowing down.
Retweeted by Michael Girdley2/ Why this matters? A- at some point the drivers will figure they’re often not making minimum wage after expenses… Fun activity: Ask your Uber/lyft driver if they’ve calculated their actual take home pay after expenses. 0 have of the 11 I’ve asked.Next up. (And not a business book for once!) @youfoundryan It was pretty amazingly poorly managed. Double the number of employees they actually needed. First si… @youfoundryan Better than the United Lounge at Denver featuring warm milk and generic corn flakes! @MichaelEvancoe I used to feel the same way and have come to the conclusion that doing cool stuff is the best networking. @mattaespinoza Lol. Not a subtweet tho. Direct insult tweet instead!
@clintavo Nonsequitir: I’ve been watching youtube videos about electric planes. Theory is they’re going to eat up l…“We see the brightness of a new page where everything yet can happen.”
Retweeted by Michael GirdleyYou can’t be considered a world class city until fancy hotels have a clock on the wall for your city and you have d…
Retweeted by Michael GirdleyGoogle flights even rubs it in your face. Blerg.
@elpetermason I've read some science on it. But, mostly it's anecdotal for me as I see terrible profile pics that p… someone who wants SATX to be one of the great cities of the world, it's depressing when the only practical fligh… work @Geekdom rocks!
Retweeted by Michael GirdleyMan, I picked the wrong week to take a vacation. Congrats @Geekdom! 1: @patrickc asks a question Step 2: Twitter indulges Step 3: @amandapey gets a virtual assistant on the case…
Retweeted by Michael GirdleyAmazed at the effort put in to teach Japanese tourists how tipping works.4/ Educated me on the differences in perception. How skewed everyone’s view is demonstrated in something so simple as a self photo.3/ They insisted some random cellphone shot was better. Amazing.2/ In one experience, we took headshots of hundreds of job seekers for their profiles. Invariably some would fight… I was always curious as to why people chose very bad profile pictures.
@mia_nj @IanPanchevre @DenbrotS glass houses, etc.Only answer that makes sense: WeWork is the webvan of this boom. @danprimack How is that remotely possible? Guns are about $9 of metal sold for $900?! @pauliedigi @COSAGOV Head on down there!Bring on regulation of ICOs. Can’t happen soon enough. @IanPanchevre @DenbrotS John Oliver had a good piece on “but what about x?” defenses. this is one of those.At some point we gotta fix the round naming scheme: pre-seed, seed, A, B, etc. Getting ridiculous. launches a personal CRM that prods you to keep in touch with contacts via…
Retweeted by Michael GirdleyFilled out application to start a @ProductHunt Meetup in San Antonio 🤞! Think it would be a fun group esp with…
Retweeted by Michael GirdleyGreat page from @lgomez123’s book The Cilantro Diaries on delighting customers.’m actually ok with the pumpkin spice takeover of the Fall season.
Forget the “face that launched a thousand ships.” This is the chart that launched a thousand seed VC funds. @pauliedigi @COSAGOV @Tobacco21 No worries! Happy to agree to disagree on this one. g’night. @pauliedigi @COSAGOV @Tobacco21 People’s brains aren’t fully developed at 18. Good reason to let them turn 21 befor… @youfoundryan Super nerdy awesome. @youfoundryan I read it at Barnes and Noble. Four page analysis of the impact of alaska vx merger on bay area airports.
@pauliedigi @COSAGOV @Tobacco21 Not a ton of upside in tobacco use.Why didn’t anyone tell me there’s a whole magazine about commercial air travel?! Defend yourself, @youfoundryan .Seems I end up in a bookstore at least once during each vacation. @pauliedigi @COSAGOV @Tobacco21 I want my elected reps to represent me on these decisions. All for this one. @youfoundryan OMG when does next flight depart?!?!?!Pro Tip: I.V.R. systems a pretty sure sign your company doesn't really want to excel at customer service. @Countcastapp Oh man. I actually have a life goal to never be on a talk show. ;-) @IanPanchevre We invest where we can find the maximum returns. @IanPanchevre I think making money via a solid business model is sustainable. Giving handouts to startups that aren… But you should understand those win-lose partnerships may end suddenly.2/ That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s not your job to run your partner’s business.1/ Sometimes you look at a partnership deal and say to yourself, “I’d don’t understand how the other side can make money at these terms.” @semil The only place I know that is becoming the opposite of "Such a nice place to visit but wouldn't want to live there."Pro Tip: The whole "I see you're an investor and are civic-minded. I'll relo to your city if you give me $$" pitch doesn't work. @arjunram @JohnWMcGuire Only on first chapter. Too early to tell! @JohnWMcGuire
Fascinating. Bigger pro serv firms aren’t necessarily profiting more per partner. up. long as they keep downtown as "Shorts Welcomed Zone" ala @lgomez123, we're good. :-) @MichaelEvancoe Or you could be 6'6" and realize you'll never, ever fit into a small Italian sports car.Event attendance correlates with the quality of food being served. Wish it wasn’t true. But people’s brain are… your customers. is excellent. = “what’s in it for me?” dat. @Scaleworks .@FullContact ! @LinkedIn Should rename it: "LinkedIn Crypto ICO Spam Pitch Service" instead. Only get about 10 a day now. I'm special, yo..@LinkedIn messaging... Downside: Spam-filled. Stuck with LinkedIn's crappy UI. Upside: Easy to ignore. @stephenflipmass @JoshuaBaer @ATXStartupScene @satyanadella @CapitalFactory I'm just a mere mortal, but my answer t…
@JohnWMcGuire agreed!The beauty of creative destruction!