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@bpiatt @JBSA_Official I'm not diminishing that! Just wondering if it's the correct branding to use. @Okhah @micah "Talking about me is what I dooooooo!"Fascinating article about Grand Rapids, MI. Interesting that they branded themselves "Beer City USA" and a placing… Holdings in San Antonio Buys Utah-Based Moki Mobility
Retweeted by Michael Girdley @micah My experience is most of them don’t think they’re self promoting. It’s fascinating to me.
@Derrich That's great. I was near UTSA and saw pretty much nothing in terms of construction! @paulflahive Most people don't realize that the RGV is such good farmland in part because it's so close to sea level.We are moving an employee to SA. Told him and wife about Whataburger. He said, “why do you pronounce it ‘water-bur… @jsinge97 I just don’t answer any unknown calls. I feel you.👍🏻👇🚀 @beermonkey So happy for SA. @Storkitus I try!4 more cranes went up last week or so. Had a meeting in the suburbs today. No construction at all. @mattaespinoza Yeah, I think there'll be a massive flood of them very soon. Lots of VC money flooding into the spa… is a mind virus. Startup Weekend is a great way to catch it. @mattaespinoza two words: "consumer surplus" !
@rcollazo @bird I had fun on one, too. I was the 6'6" guy riding down Houston St screaming "This feels so dangerous!" :-) @CoachJenRulon @newbalance Looking ripped! Congrats! @emilyrbowe Yeah, I thought about my original tweet being too negative but it wasn't intended that way. I think th… give it four weeks until they’re so many from so many competing companies that they become a nuisance. @jbaugh I don’t see many hipsters in that area. Perhaps I’m out at the wrong time... @tomcuthbert Done “venti” right?
Lastly, I'd definitely try to make the games better than the NFL experience. Less breaks and timeouts would be a great first step! /fin @beermonkey Who knows. There's also the XFL reboot forthcoming from the WWE people. That'll be fun, too. Vince Mc… the NBA, NFL fans root for the jersey and not the players. So, the "recruit stars plan" works better in NBA of course. /5 @beermonkey I haven't seen any of that in the articles but could make sense. If so, that sounds kinda boring! I'll go anyways..Now, that plan requires real patient money like the MLS has deployed over the past decade+. Not certain they have it. /4If I was in their shoes, I'd go head-to-head with the NFL. For example, blanket offer the top 5 NFL picks in the d… new league is starting in February. My experience is I get football fatigue about January of each year. Not c… attempt to compete with the NFL is very interesting. Some thoughts. @ancerj @mgirdley I have struck major partnership deals started w/ cold LI in-mails w/ right context. For fundraising, cold ones are bad.
Retweeted by Michael Girdley @TexasMarker and include the phrase: "Coffee's on me!"Where is the blog post telling fundraising companies to cold-email investors asking for "advice and guidance"? Let's get it deleted. @joshbrodesky I’m buying tickets!.@DuraHoldings, with connections to @gocodeup and @Geekdom, plans to maintain ownership of the companies it acquire…
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New Blog Post --> When do you hire your first salesperson?
@dreemapp @lgomez123 @pfrench99 @patmatthews @GrayStreetTX Haha. OK. I'm pretty sure, except for you guys, most of… @dreemapp @lgomez123 @pfrench99 @patmatthews @GrayStreetTX Is it bad now, Winslow? @clintavo The other weird thought pattern is I hear this: Them: "Oh, San Antonio. I've heard good things. I *also*… @pfrench99 @jdstraughan @COSAGOV If it does 500 people per hour, at $5 per ride, it could work. $2500/hour less $1k op cost. @pfrench99 @jdstraughan @COSAGOV I've looked into it. From the airport (if done privately) to Quarry to Hildrebran…
@RakeshAgrawal "Can you study my 15-page business plan for a couple of hours and give me free advice?" @morganlinton Virgin America? @MikeBoard1200 @lgomez123 I don't know anything about that issue, sorry. I do know we're not producing the skille… @MikeBoard1200 @lgomez123 All of the above IMHO. @johnfein It does pain me to read some of these blogs/tweets where these people are convinced VC is evil in nature. Just mind-blowing. @MikeBoard1200 @lgomez123 I’d say we need to address the education system more than any of those things to have more tech jobs here. @MikeBoard1200 @lgomez123 I don’t understand the question. Like what kind of infrastructure do you mean? @lgomez123 @MikeBoard1200 Aw shucks, I try. @lgomez123 @MikeBoard1200 Depends on what you mean. Do we have enough such that you don't have to leave to be in t…
Retweeted by Michael Girdley @lgomez123 @pfrench99 @patmatthews @GrayStreetTX Also, the public library is the hidden gem of downtown parking. @lgomez123 @pfrench99 @patmatthews @GrayStreetTX Can confirm. I have one and it's great! @RiGutierrez I used to try to recruit people to move here. I don't anymore. Now the city's benefits do the recruiting... @paulflahive I think it's about opportunity. You used to have to go to one of those places to find it. Not anymore. @AlertingMainSt @seobrien Being pre-retired here is a great, too. @SALocalLowDown @satscribe I can't resist commenting on the typo: @higg1921 If those people I'm impressing are customers or acquirers, I'm down! @EllieKSAT @satscribe @ksatnews Amazing he had the gumption to stay this long.I used to get the "Why do you live in San Antonio?" look from people living in SF/NYC/Denver/LA/SEA/etc. It doesn'… event was pretty fun and nobody made fun of my shoes nor shirt, so that's a win:"That's OK, Girdley. You still have your solar system t-shirt, right?" (Obv, not what is being said here... :-) is after I realized it'll never happen: #WillGarrettsHairForPresident cc: @WillGarrett09 face is me thinking that I wish I had hair as good as @WillGarrett09's. :-) more techies coming to Houston St. in downtown SA. Momentum!
@jbaugh Fox Tech campus would be great if you ask me! @hhoover IAH feels like it's always delayed somehow. @jbaugh It's an interesting question. It does feel like portions of downtown are very breezy. Can a downtown stadium be oriented well?If you'd like to answer "yes" to this question, but can't at your current job, just FYI we're hiring at…
Retweeted by Michael GirdleyPast few years have seen a lot of talk about San Antonio as a "city on the rise", some people have even used the te…
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It's time for San Antonio to be the test bed of innovation for projects like this. Want to make our airport amazing…
Retweeted by Michael GirdleyGo @dauberapp!
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My 3 semesters of college physics leave me unequipped to understand if this is a good idea or not: @tex_morgan I'm with you. I think another example is TaskUs, which is pure call center customer service and was pa… @canzhiye For many job seekers, a big round reduces the absolute risk of working there. @mattaespinoza Yes, you can.Congrats @deepaksekar and the entire @chowbotics team on another milestone -
Retweeted by Michael Girdley @micah 45 minutes of video games! @patmatthews Oh man, how many emerging GPs would pay big $$$ for an AngelList of LPs?