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Planting seeds and watering them. @geekdomfund @realrealco @dura_holdings @gocodeup @alamofireworks @grokinteractive @alamo_angels

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So excited to see them take on the world. Not that long ago they needed a space to park a robot arm #sagrowth
Retweeted by Michael Girdley @DLInnocenti I only made it worse. Now gmail is showing me surface ads.
Being part of a high performing CEO peer group (in my case @VistageSA led by @tomcuthbert) has led to the greatest… Tech Bloc, We Face an “Election Like No Other.” Our Progress is Under Attack, and Our Future is at Risk. Let’s…
Retweeted by Michael Girdley @HCashny @davealevine Just saying both sides haven’t been exactly honorful in their approach. @HCashny @davealevine Hmm.. Some examples that come to mind are: The smears of Hillary (whether justified or not…’m tempted to buy a Surface just so Twitter will stop showing me this ad. @jengates They need to be regulated in that way, for sure. Also need to be heavily taxed for using public space as their parking area.Twitter Pro Tip: If your tweets are >90% negative stuff like whining, attacking or complaining — you’re doing it wrong.Except for the fact it took about two full hours to play the first half of the game, it was a delightful experience in the Dome. @alanfjackson @gocodeup @UTSA Cool. I disagree but best of luck to you. @beermonkey They had plenty of nachos and bud light, though. 😮 @alanfjackson @gocodeup @UTSA Oh, you’re one of those “you can’t be capable without a college degree” people. Best of luck with that! @esilvas @SanAntonioFC Need to stop scheduling against UTSA football!
Go @UTSAFTBL! Beat the Bobcats! wrote a tweet with a political view. Felt dirty. I deleted it. Feel better now. AMA.San Antonio is about to become a legit, data science hub with @gocodeup & @utsa getting into that game in big ways.… @HCashny @davealevine It does seem like both sides do "it" to the other side, no?"Hmm.. maybe this project would be faster in Access/Visio/specialized app this or that/etc?" Nope -- back to… @GregJeffersonSA @jbaugh @jdstraughan @SAcurrent I think the complaint is this story is (1) a copy-paste from WOAI/… @jdstraughan @jbaugh @SAcurrent inaccuracies and details missed: 1- Billboards were rotating down anyway. Not comi… @jbaugh @jdstraughan @SAcurrent There were inaccuracies though no one knows because the current and @1200WOAI did n… @jbaugh @jdstraughan @SAcurrent Why is it the subjects’ job to do the reporting for them? Why isn’t the editor/publ… two professions are so insecure about their career that they complained about these billboards: hair stylists…'s hoping more people do this in regards to the Firefighter's union power grab via the three San Antonio charte… @elpetermason @jdstraughan @SAcurrent I agree! @HCashny @davealevine I prefer the “third side” of intellectual rigor and doing the work it requires. Neither part… @jdstraughan @SAcurrent Let me guess, they didn’t even ask you for a comment?
Another day - another construction project announced in beautiful, booming San Antonio. @maxlynch Messiah story never gets old!.@coinbase just upped deposit limits on my account. I didn’t request it. Might be the surest sign we are at a b… confession: I write about 50% negative tweets. They're not here b/c I just delete them after thinking the bett… declared @linkedin spam bankruptcy and deleted all the messages in there. If you are one of the 300+ people t…
@sampullara “I didn’t hear from you so I made the email longer..”I'm 43 years old and just learned how to Pivot Table in Excel. This will be the highlight of my week, no doubt. @Michael_Taylor “We are doing them a favor, you know?”
@HCashny Yeah, I don’t grok the sit on the thing forever plan. But, I guess everything is gloves off now. @HCashny Dig it. Lots of confirmation bias out there on both sides it seems. @HCashny Ah, got it. It does seem he has all upside from lying and she has all downside but I haven’t studied any of the facts so YMMV. @HCashny Why do you think she’s lying, Hudson? (Genuinely curious.)This is such a big deal because it connects the Tech District to UTSA downtown - basically quadrupling the size of… has begun on a 15,000-square-foot food hall that's going in the ground and mezzanine levels of the former chil…
Retweeted by Michael GirdleyDid you know that our CEO/Co-Founder, Jason, started out as an instructor? He’s been going back to where it all sta…
Retweeted by Michael GirdleyThis is huge!! @SanAntonio is doing amazing things. Thank you @gweston for all you do for this city! And thx @UTSA
Retweeted by Michael GirdleyInspiring words from @gweston about where we are as a city and where we're going. Come join us in San Antonio to ma…
Retweeted by Michael Girdley
So excited!
@micahjay1 For me, it's so I know they spent at least a few minutes getting prepared!While people are overreacting to @heb hiring a couple hundred employees in Austin and SA passing on Amazon HQ2 bidd… @rrhoover @RenttheRunway Have you worn "gently used" clothing that has touched a man's skin? Do not want.
@jengates I'm still considering giving it up since they got bought by @CocaColaCo (leader in the sugar-industrial complex...)Old-economy media brands are the new trophy businesses for the very wealthy? Ah, I remember a simpler time when th… @mattaespinoza @beermonkey @freetailbrewing @Geekdom @SATechBloc @Alamo_Angels @sabizcalendar @Startups_SA San Antonio and interested in seeing this talk on AI and cybersecurity next week? DM me if you don't already hav…
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Big news that @gocodeup moves into the coolest tech space in San Antonio! @majorhayden I’m looking forward to a 4am SMS that says “COVFEFE!!” @johnfein Often hidden because they’re not?Aw, shucks! @mattaespinoza @Startups_SA @SATechBloc @galvanize The irony is that people don't actually seem to want co-working.… @bpiatt @sriramk @sriramkri Too stupid to grab @girdley when it was available.
@mattaespinoza @tycolby @SATechBloc There's a market out there for them for sure. @mattaespinoza @SATechBloc Hopefully more of the higher-end coworking places out there will follow suit. Lots of pe… @mattaespinoza They're saying it'll be near Houston street. Really good for the area and tech district! cc: @SATechBloc @jbaugh We need a kickstarter for a jack finger documentary. @RakeshAgrawal I do, I do! It’s all over the internet! @jengates We had good luck through American Express concierge. They hooked us up with reservations at one that didn… @jengates According to the Donald, he's not American, right? Boom! #softball #neededthat @jengates No foreigners still right?
Updated (and functional!) application link here:“RealCo addresses the journey from seed funding to Series A round where all the hard work is,” @RealRealCo founder…
Retweeted by Michael GirdleyThe word is finally getting out. #SanAntonio #CityOntheRise #RackerLife @SATechBloc
Retweeted by Michael Girdley @RDGolfMedia @gocodeup They consider @gocodeup to be equivalent to a degree for hiring now and have people over all… @RDGolfMedia @gocodeup You'll be fine! @RDGolfMedia I think @gocodeup would love to speak to you about that. Perhaps as a guest lunchtime speaker?Looking at an applicant's application For a job requiring high attention to detail. He attached a pdf of his neig…
@youfoundryan The retail there is so terrible! Flyers are affluent people with higher-end tastes but we have food/… @WrittenbyaPanda @gocodeup @jdstraughan It's CodeYUP!I've never added so many links to a single story. "San Antonio: Fastest Growing City in Nation, But Sleepy Reputati…
Retweeted by Michael Girdley @WrittenbyaPanda @facebook Yeah, that thread is looney tunes!Went to @facebook today to look at a discussion thread sent to me. Yep, still a cesspool. Amazing how quickly tha… @FunnelAI, we are growing! We’re looking to hire determined individual & talented machine learning engineer and…
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.@Geekdom co-founders @NickLongo and @gweston say they’re a third of the way through building a proper tech ecosyst…
Retweeted by Michael Girdley#BePrepared
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@RakeshAgrawal @KentKingery I dig it. The other side of the coin is employees spending all their time in other emp… @KentKingery In my experience, the straying. @KentKingery Because that’s a way to have total chaos in a company? Speaking for a friend ;-).@RealRealCo is hiring for a Program Manager position in bustling downtown San Antonio. Great role for someone wa… Codeup is building a data science program in a big evolution of the company from software engineering ta… @youfoundryan But saving those 1.2mm though! I feel you. Any real heavy compute work I do now is on windows. @rohkamat123 @matt4change @magsgiust @Meetup @gocodeup @jareyes With UTSA doing their thing, too, SA is getting serious about data science! @mattaespinoza They need to tax them for parking on public land. Otherwise, this is coming: me at the #SanAntonio #Datascience @Meetup 9/27 @gocodeup where we will discuss Data Science in education!
Retweeted by Michael GirdleyPrediction: These games get more and more popular -- and will be sell-outs by 2021. @johnfein @fcollective Naw. Investors love total silence and then reaching out to them when things go really bad:…
Such a big deal. crypto market won’t come back until we build blockchain-based apps and services that ordinary people use, enjoy…
Retweeted by Michael Girdley @rivardinsa It’s how I imagine zebras feel when there are predators all around them on the savannah.I was one of them. Super impressed with how far this program has come in so short a time.
@bpiatt @gocodeup @geekdomfund @RealRealCo I rarely have a difficult time understanding why I/we lost -- or can gu… @RyanLPape @gocodeup @geekdomfund @RealRealCo Oh for sure. @mattaespinoza @techbloc @HEB Yep! "Takers" voicing their need for more things to be given to them. "Where's my j…