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Hillary Clinton's 9/11 Health Scare Fails to Reach Twitter Trends - Breitbart
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
@PARSONSARTS @MikePenceVP the problem is we fell for the tap of making it ALL about Hillary instead of exposing the Left, hope #Trump pivots @asamjulian this smells like a setup. If she was really that sick to begin with they would never have let her out, detail was too calm about @Gengm7 if they replaced her with Biden and Bernie we'd be in trouble. This may be a setup for that, would never have let her out like That @PARSONSARTS @MikePenceVP there is a bit of unfortunate truth in that. #Trump needs the race to be about what Mr O and Dems have doneFirst #Hillary was “overheated” then “feeling great”. 8 hours later campaign says it was pneumonia #ClintonCollapse
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#BREAKING by her DETAIL's reaction, not first episode? RT @StefanMolyneux: ANOTHER ANGLE OF #CLINTONCOLLAPSE WOW Clinton campaign is 100% about convincing you that plain facts are a conspiracy theory.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLPlease RT! Media covers up #FaintingHillary WATCH: @PrisonPlanet #tcot
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL💥💥 #QueenOfCorrupton #Hillary stole donations meant to rebuild Haiti. #ClintonCrimeFoundation Where was US #MSM 💲💲
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#NeverForget I'm still crushed 15 years later.. and still believe in this great land and her people.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLWATCH: Hillary Clinton saying in 2000 that She doesn't like emails because you can't hide it from investigators.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL"She tripped" "Allergies" "It was hot" How many excuses will be used to cover up #HillarysHealth? #HillaryHealth
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLHillary's health is now a legit issue w/ multiple episodes in public. If you don't think that deserves answers, you're being irresponsible.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL @ConnieWhite11 @JoeTalkShow @johncardillo wouldnt normal protocol be to take her to a hospital??? Unless this is a regular occurrence #sickThe video of Hillary getting dragged into a van has 26k RTs. Other topics are making Worldwide trends with 4k tweets
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLMost telling part is flawless calm choreography of her staff and detail. They do this often. #HillarysHealth
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLSource: "Before passing out #Hillary was combative, dizzy, and disoriented. Detail and staffers knew something was up." #HillarysHealth
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLThis IS NOT heat related. #HillarysHealth
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#BREAKING Video, Hillary not in good shape being held up waiting for the van then falling YouTube - #HannityNice shot of @SheriffClarke with Donald Trump at WTC New York 9-11 memorial ceremony— #911anniversary #tcot #2a
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLOutrageous that Hillary Clinton campaign does not tell the protective pool she got sick and had left event.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLMy DEPLORABLE Wife and DEPLORABLE Me out knocking and handing out @realDonaldTrump yard signs! #BasketOfDeplorables
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLHillary Clinton has 'medical episode' at 9/11 ceremony, source says via the @FoxNews App
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL---> "Hillary Clinton 'felt unwell' at 9/11 ceremony" -- @BBCBreaking
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLClinton’s health is bad, but the way they’re trying to manipulate the media and thus manipulate us is worse. We know something’s wrong.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL @realDonaldTrump don't comment on Hillary's health they set a trap for you this am. @DanScavino @KellyannePolls
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLAside from Fox News - there is a completely media blackout on Hillary "medical episode" at 9/11 memorial.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#NeverForget the brave men and women who died on 9/11 and those who still sacrifice to this day to protect and defend us.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLHacking Hillary Evacuated From Ground Zero Memorial Service - "Appeared to collapse" - NYPD via @reddit
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLSource tells Fox News that Clinton nearly fainted and her knees buckled on the curb, had to be helped into her van
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL @FoxNews reporting that Hillary Clinton unexpectedly left 9/11 memorial due to medical episode.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLOur thoughts and prayers to the thousands of families impacted 15 yrs ago IT IS SO SAD to see HC AND OBAMA RETURN to a pre-9-11 mindset
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#Remembering911 9/11/2001 8:46AM, 9:03AM, 9:38AM, 9:57AM
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
Hillary said she only used one cellular device. Was just released she used 13. She is ALWAYS lying. #NBCNewsForum
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLHe said Obama reduced brass to political hacks, son. Fact check: true
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLHillary Clinton commercials against #Trump during NBC CIC forum same content as questions asked? #coincidence or #coordination #Hannity
Clinton Takes Questions From Press: 'How Was Your Weekend?' 'Are You Ready?' 'Awkward First Date'...
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLI hope everyone is having a great #LaborDay! We will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLIf you've said, "I don't like Hillary but Trump scares me," TV is living in your head rent free. That's its product.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLRelax, Nancy Pelosi says no need to worry if Hillary potentially let slip a few state…
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLGood job everyone!
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLfrom @RealJTP BREAKING! “Shut it Down!” Reuters Panic Order Cameramen Hide Trump Footage…..
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLProud 9-Yr-Old Stands 30 Minutes in Pouring Rain to Salute WWII Vet's Procession via @RealJTP Still hope for USA !
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
I am promising you a new legacy for America. We're going to create a new American future. Thank you OHIO! #ImWithYou
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLThank you Great Faith Ministries International, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, and Detroit!
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLYeah I'm over you and your loser driven fear. I'm Voting for #Trump & I'm an Independent since you felt like sharing
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL
I would contribute $$ to help you and other Libs... #bye | Streisand: I’ll Leave The Country If #Trump Wins article, a great read. | I’m a Young Black Man and I Support Donald #Trump #TrumpPence16#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #ImWithYou
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLA vote for McCain is a vote for the status quo. Globalists win! Vote Kelly Ward! @Politacs7 #KellyWard
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL.@TGowdySC on Crooked's deleted emails. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TrumpTrain
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLOh boy... Colin Kaepernick’s Mother: He’s Brought Shame To Family
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLGet rid of McCain
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLI suppose one of you #liberal POS is going say this didn't happen too. #NeverHillary #HillaryForPrison2016
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLPROGRESSIVE DHS Tweets 'Refugees Welcome' After Obama Successfully Imports 10,000 Syrians Ahead of ScheduleBreitbart
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLUK: @BBC playing a dangerous SJW game. Labeling counter-terror efforts as 'racist' puts citizens @ risk.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLIt's Time To #RetireMcCain. He's Wants OPEN Borders. Vote For Patriot @kelliwardaz Arizona. She Wants To #MAGA 🇺🇸
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLThree weeks ago every headline & pundit screamed "Look at the polls! Race is over!" #Polls now tightening; media chatter is poll-free.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#CrookedHillary personifies everything I despise in a person, especially a woman #NeverHillary #WomenForTrump #MAGA
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLGoogle Hides Popular Hillary Clinton Health Searches - Breitbart @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL#WakeUpAmerica George Soros' quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system @seanhannity #Hannity
After much consideration, I have decided to endorse @realDonaldTrump for President of the United States.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLMany Dems I know support @realDonaldTrump but don't publicize for fear of retribution by HRC I explain in @TheHill:
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLWhy is Hillary Clinton afraid of the media? Why is she wearing winter clothing at the height of summer?
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLTwitter has suspended @DCLeaks in another act of brazen censorship.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLThank you Iowa! #ImWithYou
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLNATIONAL DEBT January 2009 = $10.6 TRILLION August 2016 = $19.4 TRILLION
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLHannity loses control when all black panel lets loose on Hillary: 'She might as well put on blackface'
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLPeople who push smoked and edible marijuana as “medicine” don’t want you to know about these safe alternatives.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFLI assume HRC didn't like the question, or they weren't on the #PayToPlay list.
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL @DanScavino WHO'S THE RACIST? For decades: Trump helped/hired black people Hillary imprisoned Super Predators
Retweeted by Mike in SouthFL