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I know Twin Peaks '17 was weird & not wildly popular but it's IMPORTANT that the whole story was about a nice guy n…
Retweeted by Jesse BaerToo bad all the pedophilia kept us from having a clean referendum on repealing everything past the 10th Amendment.It’s on my list - heard great things! narrative about Black voters "saving" Alabama would imply that majority of white voters--the majority of peopl…
Retweeted by Jesse BaerFor holiday gifts, besides donations to your favorite orgs, consider paying for and setting up a password manager f…
Retweeted by Jesse Baeri’m crying laughing
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RT if you're a late-term abortion communist
Retweeted by Jesse BaerDear fellow white people I think if we want to 'thank black people' or 'thank black women' ...perhaps the best way…
Retweeted by Jesse BaerAnd the motherfucking Senate. Dems hold their seats and flip NV and AZ next year, it’ll be Jeff friggin’ Sessions’ seat that gives them the majority.
Retweeted by Jesse Baer @libbycwatson Basically an abortion buff.Roy Moore should pull a Scott Brown now and run in other states. He hasn’t been humiliated nearly enough yet.One of the few times I can say fuck you and the horse you rode in on and mean it literally.
Retweeted by Jesse BaerThis 👇👇👇
Retweeted by Jesse BaerFmr Ayotte strategist --->
Retweeted by Jesse BaerWe have to do whatever it takes to stop this tax bill now. I don’t believe in fucking bellweathers. This is a beautiful moment because evil lost tonight. That’s all. Fo… ONE GET COMPLACENTBURN IN HELL ROY MOOREYep. So much for the diet starting today. @JonathanCohn He’s a nice guy, but…#AlabamaSenateElection
Retweeted by Jesse BaerIs German real
Retweeted by Jesse BaerNumber one, why these shits so hard to open? Number two, they loud as hell. Whole fuckin country know you tryna get…
Retweeted by Jesse BaerFace swapping in video - will be nearly perfect inside of 3 yrs Face alteration (overlaying convincing gestures &…
Retweeted by Jesse BaerThis actually seems … pretty good."Roy Moore can't be a pedophile, one of his children is a child"
Retweeted by Jesse Baer @sarahchristine I enjoyed the two seconds of thinking “hell’s ape” was an expression.If they’re playing with my heart I’m taking you all down with me.[me, watching a horse almost buck Roy Moore, tearing up] Animals are so good
Retweeted by Jesse Baer @ericagee @yrfatfriend It's interesting to imagine a version of the story where he's portrayed as a good person. @yrfatfriend @ericagee Totally fair, and well put. I'm grappling with these issues & questions myself. Which I gues… @yrfatfriend @ericagee I also think things get real murky when we treat people’s attractions and turn-offs as moral choices. @yrfatfriend @ericagee As a fat guy who related to his body shame and insecurity (but not his coldness or misogyny,… @adamjohnsonNYC Just 3500? I would have expected more, I guess.
@thequeengeek lol yeah.Cat Person: a really good story that will make you feel bad about everything.Fully agree. I will not encourage anyone to work, write or intern for @NautilusMag until all writers are paid what…
Retweeted by Jesse Baerit's kind of weird that everyone watches Frasier now but not Cheers
Retweeted by Jesse BaerIt's nice when it's someone you don't like anyway. Senate race is officially ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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@here4daarticles @aedwardslevy Wait what’s the reference? It sounds familiar but nothing is coming up on googleTired: Thinking about the amazing crossovers that could happen after Disney acquires yet another major media corpor…
Retweeted by Jesse Baer @mountain_goats That’s exactly what a nap hater would say. I don’t believe you’re actually reformed. @mountain_goats I can’t fully trust anyone who ever hated naps. It’s like calling yourself a former Republican.Low key thinking of trying to get a union started. Probably shouldn’t tweet this out loud.Computer, show me why prison abolition is a core tenet for @DemSocialists
Retweeted by Jesse BaerWe should also push members of Congress to resign for their racism.
Retweeted by Jesse BaerI love how I can just complain into Google and it generates an instant support group.
I need to spend more time on @CasualOptimist. Love book covers so much. @macfixer No. Harsh?The bitcoin bubble burst will only hurt shitty people right?Nothing says, "I'm a friendly, inoffensive moderate" like fundraising for Roy Moore, right?
Retweeted by Jesse BaerThe last episode of Mr. Robot wasn't very good, especially after the brilliant one that preceded it. Also, I don't…
@caulkthewagon Salem’s Lot or The ShiningGlad I’m now free to praise MSNBC for finally offering @allinwithchris as a free audio fav to pet rt to pet again
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@allikatz Oh great, now I see alt- in front of anything and assume it's bad.Despite the reputation for being the 24-hour liberal news network, precious few folks on MSNBC offering genuinely s…
Retweeted by Jesse BaerEveryone should subscribe to the The Majority Report
Retweeted by Jesse BaerInteresting how Cernovich, who I cannot say with absolute certainty rapes women even though he has basically bragge…
Retweeted by Jesse Baerthis is fucking absurd and deeply embarrassing for msnbc
Retweeted by Jesse BaerFuck MSNBC to death. (hi, alt right asshole digging up this tweet in 5 years and claiming it's a death threat or something.)It's the truth. Never really recovered from the death of classified ads tbh.
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Just got Hulu (well, my parents did) & finally watching Handmaid's Tale. It almost feels like now is when it should have been released. 😨Selections and moves should be undoable. This is how it works in text editors and in Adobe products, but almost nowhere else. It stinks.
Important message for @SenatorCollins: in exchange for your vote, you were promised... No Medicare cuts Murray-Ale…
Retweeted by Jesse Baer99% marginal tax on wealth over $5,000,000, a 99% estate tax and a pollution tax to fund a baby bond, universal chi…
Retweeted by Jesse BaerThis one hurts. This tweet wasn't clear. My point is that a lot of formerly moderate wonks like myself are going to be c…
Retweeted by Jesse BaerI think Republicans are underestimating the extent to which this tax cut bill is going to radicalize their future opposition.
Retweeted by Jesse BaerWhat is wrong with you people?
Retweeted by Jesse BaerListen Democrats - when you get back power (and you will), you need to remember this. Then you need to ram every c…
Retweeted by Jesse BaerIf the democrats don’t listen to the left wing of their party *right now* and start lining up true progressives for…
Retweeted by Jesse BaerDear Democrats: Less sorrow, more anger
Retweeted by Jesse Baerliterally all the DNC needs to do right now is tweet out “Republicans want you to die”
Retweeted by Jesse Baer @Bobblespeak I’m afraid that something might happen to my brain in the attempt.My curiosity had me looking it up. The quote is: “I never wonder to see men wicked, but I often wonder to see them…
Retweeted by Jesse BaerUntil now, your income that paid for public schools (via state & local taxes) wasn’t taxed by the federal governmen…
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