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How is this great satirical mind being wasted on writing spam? security has been breached. Happy Monday!
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!! @TopherSpiro I dunno man, that “as we know it” seems ominous to me.
I think what he's doing now constitutes a meltdown. are the songs/albums/musicians you keep iTunes around for? The ones that still aren't available on Spotify or Apple Music or whatever?When Bloomberg is boosting Karl Marx, you know capitalism has some problems it needs to address.
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!Trumps tweet is dumb for other reasons but the health insurance industry has net favorability of negative 31 pts ho…
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!Annoyed that “mother!” vacated the cinemas before I had a chance to see it.
@LizLazzara I feel kind of gender apathetic. I don’t know if that’s male privilege though. That male is the “defaul… SHIT WE'RE OLD BRICK BUILDINGS NO FUCKING WAY MATE
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!Zombie Bear? Grizzly Scare?WATCH. In 38 seconds Steve Prattor, Sheriff of Caddo Parish in Louisiana, tells you why he REALLY likes keeping "g…
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listen 👂🏾 up ⬆️ betas 😣! this 👆🏾is what a real 💯 alpha 💪🏾 male 🍆 looks 👀 like 👌🏾
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!Are these executive orders “the storm”?
I'm beginning to think that a major story is about to drop.
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!BREAKING: Tomorrow 11:15 Eastern, Trump will sign his Executive Order on ACA. 1/
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Looking forward to the season premiere of Mr Robot, which is now an escapist nostalgic period piece about the carefree days of 2015
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!Day 10 of letting health insurance for kids lapse. 12% of kids rely on CHIP. Everyone needs to be this pissed off.
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It could be that I was in a sort of bad mood going in, & I'll definitely see it again. But I think it skimped on character development.The new Blade Runner is one of the most beautiful films I've seen, and very thought provoking. But I admired it more than I felt moved.Seriously, give the man an IQ test. Can we make this happen? me if this ain’t some supervillain shit. idea. no way this could possibly go wrong
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!This is why relying on whisper networks is a mistake. It is NEVER actually the case that "everyone knows." Some pe…
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!Some word/phrase bits I’m toying with: rift, divide, gap, center, third way, bridge, where/who are we… there’s more but that’s the gist.The podcast will chronicle my sincere attempts to understand the fissures on the broad Liberal/Left, and feeble attempts to bridge them.At this point, my main remaining excuse for delaying work on my podcast is perfectionism about the name. Deprive me.
2017 little-known steve bannon fact is that the whites of his eyes are actually just more skin
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!! @joshuaarnao Oh, you again. @joshuaarnao Congrats! And you are?Someone on Facebook is excited about the upcoming publication of his first book, and I'm not even sure I know who it is. @willia4 What’s the use case? (Which incidentally would be a great title for a depressed product manager’s podcast.)It’s really not ok to like Tom Brady anymore. (In case the crypto Trump endorsement wasn’t enough.) @willia4 I’m running a longitudinal experiment on myself to see which seemingly impossible event happens first: I u… @willia4 I didn’t know you were using Surface Pro. I take it you are a satisfied user? @willia4 I’ve looked at it, the math didn’t work out. Subscriptions are cheap if you look around. Though that doesn… think the best thing about being a doctor or a dentist would be subscribing to unlimited magazines without any pressure to read them.Because it’s an uncompromising 3 hour art film that absurdly got Hollywood to drop a gigantic budget on it? us in welcoming Mayor Setti Warren (running against Baker next year) tomorrow for a meet and greet and Q&A! Gr…
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!my spirit animal for the week.
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!! @maura Sadly, I’m pessimistic that many people are open to that message who don’t know if innately.I wish Atul Gawande had a different name because I think of him every time I see something like this.
It’s not easy being the smoothest.
iOS 11 has completely fucked my phone’s music controls and it’s awful.The candy corn debate is missing some sorely-needed nuance. 1. Perfect 2. Very good 3. Abomination
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!Me again: No, I mean, I’ve thought this before, obviously. World: (nothing, because it’s already moved on to another conversation)Me: Sometimes I feel like a slow person in a world made for the fast. World: You’re just realizing this now?
sext: you wildly understand that rabbits are often territorial while i quietly try not to put my bunny in stressful situations
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!And poor Vivek Wadhwa, who was just trying to advocate for women in tech, who also reaches out to Milo "repeatedly"…
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!I hope I hear back from the girl on Coffee Meets Bagel who was wearing a Bang Bang Bar shirt.Mike Pence has never had a successful bowel movement in his entire life., an Obamacare dream team is taking on this battle—and needs your help. Follow @GetUSCovered & read this:
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!If you think it's the "wrong time" for frivolity, you're undermining the way some people get through the bad times. thanks. have a nice day
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!american exceptionalism: second amendment edition
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!I think I figured out what “calm before the storm” means: he’s gonna mass arrest all the journalists. Anyway, what should my spooky name be?
TWITTER: Hey this website has problems. COFOUNDER OF TWITTER: My son’s mom is my wife.
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!Good night, Twitter. Good night, America.
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!! @CanopyCity Alison from the @Welcome_Project is reppin' the new Rapid Response Network - they're doing amazing work…
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!.@DanFranChap is kicking ass live tweeting the org meeting at @indivisiville: follow along! @aparnapkin Aparna Nancherla, you are great.Re-connect, re-engage, and get your activism on at tonight's Org meeting, 6:30, Canopy Somerville. See you there!…
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@realDonaldTrump Just shut up.
There's something about seeing how many of the victims in Vegas had Facebook profile photos commemorating the victims of past shootings
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!Me too anyone protest gun shows the way the Right protests abortion clinics?
I want gun control. I want Puerto Rico to have what it needs. I want children to have health insurance. I want something better than this.
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!Tell me more about how these companies are doing their best to grapple with the spread of toxic misinformation
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!We are not united in prayer. Plenty of people are praying you'll do something; you're praying you won't have to.
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!I don't care what the laws about 1700s guns were, but also... "well regulated." Well. Regulated. WELL REGULATED w e l l r e g u l a t e d
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!both my father and my sister are dead because of guns and I would like to plunge in now
Retweeted by Jesse B. WERE!!Save some outrage for the fact that Congress let the CHIP program expire this weekend, leaving 9,000,000 children without healthcare.
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Why isn’t there a roomba for changing your sheets and folding your clothes & doing your laundry? (But mostly changing your sheets?) @VersoBooks P.S. @VersoBooks plz don’t retweet that, I’m borderline ok tweeting my email in an image but I don’t want it spread too far