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@KiranAhluwalia :) @Sativa888 Yes indeed! :)me in shiraz, iran, october 2015 @DrShaena i thought the bombing scene was beyond brilliant. i thought the rest was painfully self-indulgent. @DrShaena ugghhghghhghghghghghg that book lolnever. skimp. on. imma call it a wrap and take my day off tomorrow as planned. and now drink some red wine and watch fellowship of the ring.turns out the revisions needed to a short story and a TV pilot needed 10-15 hours' work each, not 5-8. it happens.i'm grumpy about not finishing my work for the last two days but, truth be told, i didn't allot enough time for said work.Second!
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The Girl in the Road. Miniseries. The option is there for the taking, granted you don't whitewash it. @evilhag AAaaAaaAaaaaaaa cc @JulieByrneHUCS! Let's parallel watch it!Happy birthday and safe passage, Bilbo and Frodo. 💚 @KatWithSword ULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULU!!!!!!! @RaisesMoney BahahahahahahaThis remains the sickest burn of the 21st Century. Go in, Margaret.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @ClearShakes I think about this all the time.
@trollsforpeace i have. it's insane. @trollsforpeace ooooooooooooh lordyIf you want to read why I support Steve, click here. @stevefordurham :) @trollsforpeace Hahaha indeed, there are definitely men in my life who consider me the young ingenue!i think my anxiety about getting/appearing older is very bound up with my last love being 12 years younger than me. therapy fodder. @stevefordurham Mais oui! Full statement almost ready, been revising it for the last hour, lol. @d_b_myers NC :)feels so good to be back in warm Carolinian air, which makes my hair swell and curl around my shoulders 💚 @seandaniels aaaaaaahahahahahahahahhaah @kumailn @edgarwright OH MY GAH YAAS @CalMorgan yw @kyleejohnson Ahhh, fascinating. Gotcha.Early voting started today, Durham. I voted for Steve Schewel for Mayor. I highly recommend you do too. #durham @EvaGiselle oh hewo(The answer to me seems obvious, but the degree to which we all cooperate with a system that makes this impossible, gives me pause.)Snap poll. Those of you who make art, but don't make a living from it: would you want to if you could? @Thyristor99 Aw thaaaaanks! :) @PINAOH1 Right? And this is a "leader of American theatre" writing. @IShallResist I AM. Thank you!!
I'm going to keep tweeting this story until people quit saying they never heard it before. #womenintech #technology
Retweeted by Monica ByrneWish you hadn't shat on Hillary while she was running! @indyweek endorses Steve Schewel for mayor of Durham, and so do I. Will write more on why soon. @Patreon If y'all aren't on Patreon yet, GO FIND AN ARTIST YOU LOVE WHO IS ON IT AND PLEDGE TO THEM. Srsly srsly this is the future of art. @Patreon I feel like I drive them crazy with all my ideas for new features and expansions. But. Now they have the $$$ to do them, and more.Holy crap, @patreon just raised another $60 million in funding. This is very exciting. @oaksbones Awww, thanks!!! @Sankofa @DrJamesPeterson Noooo! And Bill & Ted's principal! :( @scalzi all my characters are mary suesI just wrote a new Process Diary: "On wanting to be liked." Pledge $3+ and you can read it. :)'m the most restless homebody i know @looklikeoprah2 Aw, thank you!! @IShallResist so what i'm hearing you say is i should mail it to you @Rachel_McRea :) xo @JohnBarnesSF AHAHAHAHAHAHA @IShallResist hehehehehehe i will @Gr8SaiyanMan aw thanks :)neti camwho wants me to livestream my next neti pot seshi'm sick but i look cute are so lazy with their avocado toast and constant calls to reps begging them for their lives.
Retweeted by Monica Byrnealso accurate @RafaelRoesler CSA! @artingdarling vegetable porch-leaversthank God for John Scalzi @artingdarling hahahahahahahahaha @scalzi THANK YOU.i'm jetlagged and sick, so my brain isn't working...what's the thing where you subscribe to a farm and they leave vegetables on your porchTHE MOST POPULAR POLITICIAN IN AMERICA IS A WOMAN AND A DEMOCRAT AND SHE IS NEVER GOING TO GO AWAY. *daily reminde…
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @CharlesMBlow She is, in a way. You'll see why.I miss my friend. Going back to sleep.I’ve covered the GOP repeal plans since day one. Graham-Cassidy is by far the most radical.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @StokedToLive oh I've been up for 26 hours, i knowok now imma sleep for thirteen hours, goodnight 😘
night king plays bran, natch, fan serviceI want the white walkers to conquer westeros and then stage Game of Thrones all over again in human drag @gorevidal Find someone to pay my speaker's fee and I will 😊 @gorevidal Yes, at Texas A&M in February!aw shit my plane's taking off now. not a metaphorand for me it's a business decision.I know others choose otherwise or think I'm not far enough in my career to blah blah blah ok that's them, this is mebut short stories? I've published maybe seven or eight and delivered two of them at TED? so yeah, you can commission me.