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Username: Novelist, playwright, traveler, TED speaker, essayist, feminist, nonmonogamist, y estoy aprendiendo español muy lentamente.

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"We can disagree & still love each other, unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression & denial of my humanity and right to exist."
Retweeted by Monica Byrne01.23.17 @GenCounsNews Oh I aaaaaam. Go through here or just FB message me ;) @lgm_film @mollycrabapple @KimBoekbinder @BuffaloConnie Awesome. Thank you.
Mind you: being arrested in course of protest = not a bad thing. But I was amazed at just HOW peaceful EVERYONE was.*ghosts voice from deep inside a pit* why not give your money to living artists
Retweeted by Monica ByrneSo yeah. That's what I'm looking at doing next. That and well...literally all of my art for the foreseeable future.23 months. That's it. If we harness the power I saw yesterday, we can flip the whole goddamn legislative branch in one go.Of course the administration can do so much damage up til then. But then we jump in using same rules that remain intact & limit the damage.A thought that came to me during yesterday's incredible Women's March: we have 23 months till midterm elections. 23 months. That's it.Aziz Ansari used his SNL monologue to send a message to the people at yesterday's @womensmarch
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @donswaynos cc @swami93I'm hoping this means that media, realizing the role they played in Trump's ascendancy, are now doing penance. Four years of it.Really encouraged by the NYT calling out administration's lies about the Inauguration on day one.01.22.17
1.21.17 that the majority of American voters voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Remember that we are the majority. This is our country.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneWord is that @Twitter is auto following accounts to new @POTUS @FLOTUS and @VP. Unfollow & RT @Jack to stop this practice #TheResistance
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@kirstinbutler Yeah. I'm feeling it too. Hugs to you. @kyleejohnson LOOOOOOLIf the POTUS account somehow overrides my block, that's it, Twitter, I'm out.They say no musicians will play Trump's inauguration. Not true. I offered to play my rape whistle the entire time but no one's called back.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneSo this is new. POTUS account automatically made us all follow him. I unfollowed and blocked. @Jack, what the fuck?Did everyone's accounts automatically start following @POTUS? It happened to me and to others I know. #Unfollowed
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @sarahkendzior @POTUS WOW Yep. Unfollowed. @ChuckWendig My sister watched the proceedings and said, "She looks like she's afraid she's going to be shot any second."The A-Side of my sign: THE FUTURE IS FEMALE. The B-Side should be...? @dloehr <3well that last RT did it, i was finally able to cry.I won't stop; I'll be right there with you as a citizen, inspired by your voices of truth and justice, good humor, and love.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneToday's post. that the majority of American voters voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Remember that we are the majority. This is our country. @atseastaringup Thank you. @jdhovland @katewillett But the fact that all those pages didn't "make" the migration? Just as scary.What is a respectful gap between inaugurating a president and beginning impeachment hearings? #Inauguration
Retweeted by Monica ByrneThe White House website removed: LGBT rights, climate change, healthcare, & civil rights. They added: Melania's jewelry line.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneProtests continue in downtown Durham. Organizers estimate the crowd at 300-400
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @OkNaow I gave all reporters' contact information to my friend. It's their call on the disruption to their stepbrother's life.The White House website no longer has a section on climate change, healthcare, civil rights, or LGBTQ rights.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneEmpty mall, empty stands, a president America did not want.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneToday and every day: Donald Trump's presidency is illegitimate. I do not recognize it, I do not consent to it, and I will not cooperate. @BenKentish @josh_withey Heya! You can send your info to and I can pass it to my friend. Thanks!My weather app says there's an 80% chance of rain at 12pm, and zero at all others. @BrandyLJensen he can *especially* eat an *especial* dick01.20.17 post. @RLukeDuBois I JUST SAW THAT GAHHHH @RLukeDuBois Whoa. Am reading. Yeah my sweetie and I are at home right now...he's working from home, thought things would be crazy.All my love to those who, like me, couldn't sleep last night. @jbbrager OMG!!! I helped audition them, don't the readers do an amazing job!? @jbbrager No problem! Still super helpful. Now that I think of it, the person who told me to wear hijab in solidarity was a Muslim man lol @jbbrager Ah. Thank you.
01.19.17 last night's tweet has been super useful for smoking out those i need to block and mute, thanks all! @DerrickFilmDude Just watched. Daymn.THIS IS THE STORY that matters, explained in under 2,000 words. If you love democracy, for god's sake retweet this.
Retweeted by Monica Byrneok ok @swami93 i'll go back to workyes yes fantasy i know but what a sweet fantasy. what if the oath is binding and overrides everything, like a constitutional pinky swearwould be amazing if trump = too chickenshit to even show up to the inauguration & hillary is there & just slides her hand o'er that book"Excuse me, human! Which way to the charter school?"
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@KathyRandall Yeah.On the 100th day of the #GrabYourWallet boycott, I'm happy to announce that I just removed @KawasakiUSA from the list.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @CalMorgan yes exactly. :) @CalMorgan someday, though, when there's both distance personally and historically. @CalMorgan i can't look at anything about it right now. can't watch last speeches, etc. hurts too much.I've considered wearing hijab for solidarity before, but reluctant bc I can take it off. Any hijabis: thoughts? @Itsjustbeej I asked, will let you know.I know at least a hundred people going to the Women's March. That's counting friends and family only. It's wonderful.i now personally know someone whose stepbrother (a professional extra) was hired to stand in as an attendee at the inauguration. @danpfeiffer Wait for Saturday. *cracks knuckles*So yeah, @Huzza_Live, I just canceled my plan. Nonexistent customer service was bizarre, especially when I was paying $50/month. @kyleejohnson Ooooh good to know! Thank you!! @lgm_film Yeah, it's meant to filter out only the patrons who are paying for it, but yeah. It's clunky and unnecessary. @ArielDumas @MarkHarrisNYC @selectall He replaced the live bald eagle that tried to attack him with a dead statue, for example.01.18.17 you recommend a live video chat platform? I've been using Huzza, but at $50/mo & w/ nonexistent customer service, looking to change.Wow. Protestors planning on blocking access points on Inauguration Day. I'd been contemplating this. like a good time to remind everyone that a legal precedent exists for declaring an entire election fraudulent.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneJUST IN: FBI and five other agencies probing possible Kremlin cash sent covertly to aid Trump's campaign…
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