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Novelist, playwright, artist, activist, traveler, futurist, feminist, TED speaker.

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@aimeeweiss Thank you so much, Aimee.Instructions for the Age of Emergency. Brilliant lecture by @monicabyrne13.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @lgm_film Exactly. :) @lgm_film You gotta be obsessive!!
02.21.18're RIGHT, I Altavista'd it! Oh my goodness, how times have changed!!’m in total awe of the extraordinary students in Florida. Like every movement for progress in our history, gun ref…
Retweeted by Monica ByrneI don’t think that’s the real question, my dude.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @kephen During a recent conversation, my Dad said, "Community is God, and God is community."Fun fact: when i first got access to a computer (!) with Internet (!!!) at my high school in 1995, the first thing… @DAlqura don't tell me to smile. @Elijahm35700739 ooooh google it and then seek it out and ye shall be happy @smarmy81 lol thank you @ratat0uiIIe yeah on the lips! it is kinda remarkable when you think about itstairclimbers are my favorite cardio machine because they come closest to eliminating free will from the equation @michaelpielocik @drskyskull oh this made me cacklei have biryani breath @gorevidal ugh, yes. him too! @PorterChana Absolutely. XO. @HerMillennials yeaaaaaaaaaaah this. @WhiteAjah ;) xoxoxo!!! White Tower united! @WhiteAjah YAAAAAAAY hi White Ajah! I'm a Green though ;)BYE BIGOT, YOU MISSED THE WHOLE POINT OF CHRISTIANITY 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 @barrygoldblatt YUP @RealJimSnell @ed_solomon ;) Thank you.
I know Dems want Trump to get taken down by some Aaron Sorkin speech but it'll probably be some teen saying he got a corncob dick
Retweeted by Monica Byrne02.20.18 @zackwagman oh my god wowa few thoughts on the Oscars' continued fascination with the British empire
Retweeted by Monica Byrneupdate: i remembered i own jeans it looks like when i half-commit to three different outfits @tcalaquilac ;) @mcpyntos i really don't care what you think. @imransiddiquee @McJesse Awesome. Thanks, Imran."I want to explore the possibility that what we take for granted as the foundations of society are not only no more… @mcpyntos a friend of mine wrote the book and i love the book, so. @mcombs67 it sounds precious, but it actually helps SO much to have different workstations for different types of w… @mcombs67 hahahah. i just want one that i use only for social media and one that i use only for writing. @ChrisXMorse @AngryBlackLady Twice as evil to be considered equal. 😬 @AngryBlackLady He seems like the male Ann Coulter: evil as performance. Though maybe I say that because I don't wa… consulting client just pointed me to this essay by Ursula K. Le Guin that I'd somehow missed, and it's so, so goo… @McJesse So @imransiddiquee just wrote a really smart piece about this. Imran, is it public yet?dear self in 2013: where did we put our old macbook? would like to resurrect now for dark purposes; please advise @jbb3rd :) @JillClark2Write Their actions in each chapter.Bought my movie tickets for this weekend. Saturday, 10pm: ANNIHILATION. Sunday, 7pm: BLACK PANTHER (for the second time). Am excite. ☺️"In 2015 women were receiving 15% of total VC funding, and those numbers have declined to 2% in 2017." Such crucial… "Current staggering estimates are that women globally produce a minimum $10 trillion in uncompensated la… @tobiasbuckell Right? Durham is celebrating. @DrAndrewThaler YES! I'm doing that too! So-o-o-o-o-o-o many contributions to a big project like novel. @shernansanz it is golden.just like this when i have my first taste of coffee in the morning i feel so good i start waving like Queen Elizabeth to no oneHere's a shot of my plot workbook for The Girl in the Road. Each column is a character. Color-coded, obviously.' visual shorthands never ceases to amaze me. Every aid is unique--so necessary, but so unintelligible to an… @monicaheisey rest a bag of hardboileds between your legs and just stare at men @anne_theriault she was amazing. that whole show was amazing. a looooot of rape though, before HBO was keyed in to… @anne_theriault i always remember how octavian (augustus, right?) was portrayed in the TV series ROME. so cool, hard-eyed. so ginger.Everything I do, I can only do because of sustaining pledges. If you've ever benefited from anything I've posted, o… this means is that: (1) My patrons are incredible, generous, forward-thinking people and I'm grateful for them… organizing, mentoring behind the scenes, advocating for artists and economic reform--none of which I get pa… my patrons have basically voted to subsidize its availability to all, regardless of ability to pay, in addition…'d been considering this for a long time, just because--though I very much need to make a living wage (and still d… talking with my patrons, they've overwhelmingly voted to make all of my digital content freely available to t… here's a really amazing thing. (1/n) @LetaHong Of course. I'm so sorry this is happening to you. It's infuriating. @GyansinghC1 Aw, thank you!! @jasonhickel I've assumed all estimates are on the low side. But to finally see confirmation of it.....whew. @ccfinlay you're leaving out all the rest of us who've been waiting to taunt you @ckawohl :) :) :) @DrAndrewThaler Daaaaaaaaaag. What a statistic...Read this thread. And never, ever steal someone's research or ideas without proper attribution. The fact that it's… @GWillowWilson Mine! ;) love the Log Lady so much. (NO SPOILERS I just started Season 3.)
@hannahjwaters ☺️❤️ @afnewton i have been both the fartee....and the farter @afnewton i never get tired of these stories