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I'm headed to Japan to shoot with Vice for ten days! I won't be on Twitter, but I will be on Patreon. Come with us!
@Collin_Bunch It was the very first thing I wrote down after the election, once I had the presence of mind to write anything.Do not let them come between you and your joy. @Tyson_Thorp LOL @Tyson_Thorp Awww, it targets anyone! ;) I think good is good, no matter what the genre! I consume stuff not targeted at me all the time. @Tyson_Thorp ..... ;)06.19.17 @Tyson_Thorp OOOOOOH!!!!! @twritch HAHAHAHAHAHAH
And now I'm reading about Nabra, and nothing besides her matters tonight. @NoahChasin 😂 Yeah, it seems to have been a bad recommendation.Writer about town.
@afnewton :) :) :)06.17.17's lunch. Today's work: finishing "VILE JELLY," a new exclusive story for patrons, edited by Nebula Award win… @purp Hiiiiiii Meyer girls!!!! :)
@jennyjanuary Right. Me too.A detail from today's art commission. 🙂 @kejames Hahahah yes I have my own collection. I'm very selective! @kejames I really do try. And I keep a diverse stable. @kejames @IlanaCT Yeah. And this was published in 2016.Also I'll add that the writers he seems to think are influential are completely inconsequential to me. @shessomickey @BiellaColeman @ritaraley Done. Guess we answered the question of who's going to be relevant to the next generation.Does he um....stop doing this at some point? Because I'm ten minutes away from saying fuck it and reading something smarter.So far, he's quoted Diaz, Lethem, and Franzen. Also when referring to Current Unknown Future Great Writer, invariably uses pronoun "he."Reading @CKlosterman's book But What If We're Wrong & wondering if he asked any women writers their opinions on the future of literature. @thebouncingbird YUPPhilando Castile had a permit to legally carry a gun. Philando Castile had a permit to legally carry a gun. Philando Castile had a permi-
Retweeted by Monica ByrnePhilando Castile Was a Role Model to Hundreds of Kids
Retweeted by Monica ByrneMy sister @JulieByrneHUCS's amazing book THE OTHER CATHOLICS is a finalist for the @ReligionReport Excellence Award! @RoRi67 HAHAHAHAHA ;) I love it!we are so brokenWhat did #PhilandoCastile do to be shot to death? In front of his girlfriend and a 4-year-old child?
Retweeted by Monica Byrnewhat @ColsBols tres bien :) @JPMajor @JulieByrneHUCS Awww not at all! More like a sibling communion! ;) @purp @polyamorous_q HAHAHAHA yes. It contains its own negation! @MissouOmbudsman hahahaha yes, that works too :) @JPMajor @JulieByrneHUCS Oh, there's no difference in processes; they say the same words. But fundie Catholics are… @TwistAndTrout netflummoxed :D @scalzi Awwwww hooray. Congratulations, you two <3 @JulieByrneHUCS @JPMajor Ah really? Maybe not formally Jesuit-trained until then, I guess--St. Paul Seminary and Tr… @polyamorous_q HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH @RachaelGrimes ooooh dat goodproposed past tenses of verb "to netflix": netflicked netflaxed netfloqq netflurk"'Fearless Girl' doesn't count as art because a hedge fund paid for it!" Guys I've got bad news It's about the entire history of art
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @StrangerNoise @WineShowTV HAHAHAHAHA. So practical!The Daily Show created a Trump Presidential Library a block away from Trump Tower. No joke.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @bertwilmom ;) @JPMajor Can you explain it better, @JulieByrneHUCS? @JPMajor Hahaha, they DO, but the joke is that Jesuits are so much more progressive-than-mainstream that their process doesn't "work." @mollypriddy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @monicabyrne13 stuck in an RV-induced traffic jam on the highway the other day i said "where 2 or 3 are gathered,…
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @ChiElleBelle HELL YEAHI can tell this joke because we already feel superior to other Catholics. 😬Full disclosure: I was raised in the Jesuit tradition. Both my parents were Jesuit-educated theologians.Answer: The bread and the wine. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA #cold @LuWho2You HAHAHAHAHAHAAny guesses?OK here it is. When a Jesuit says Mass, what are two things that never change?And I have to warn you: it's VERY insider baseball. @StrangerNoise not at all :)I have a Catholic joke. Everyone ready? @BrianStack153 @ucbtny Yes. And it's a good reminder to us to be kind and generous to young up-and-comers who seem nervous ;) @dloehr @BrianStack153 @ucbtny Hahahahahahaha. We were all young once! @BrianStack153 @ucbtny Oh God. I did an interview with Bill Nye when I was 24 that I still haven't been able to listen to.I've had many women thank me for bringing up being a mom+keeping family front+center on @NatGeo stage. I'm a better…
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @RichardSepcic :) :) :) @twritch Awww, thank you! And for the tip :) @ashley__lucinda YES YES YES YES! Good!!! <3 @ClearShakes i should have strike party ever but it's too late the moment's passed @ClearShakes easiest strike ever @ClearShakes oh my god akiva do it @FallFilms Thank you, Rysan!
@Thyristor99 :) Thank you, Andrew. @iluvgolf3255 Thank you, Terry! I did!