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Novelist, playwright, artist, activist, traveler, futurist, feminist, TED speaker.

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@gorevidal And I’m great, thank you, just settling in back home. Working on a photo album for patrons 😊 @gorevidal Yes, I put it in the mail a couple of weeks ago! It should be coming soon! @harmongd @Patreon ;Dif you 1) think the moon landing was faked 2) 9/11 was an "inside job" 3) fluoride in the water keeps us all tracta… @atlemar Gotcha. Well, if recurring payments still make you nervous, I also have links to my Venmo/PayPal/SquareCash on my Patreon page :)
Of everything I’ve learned this year, one thing for sure is that feminism heals men- men oppress each other- femini…
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @ECthetwit True. I get frustrated sometimes, but then ask myself if I'd want the alternative, the "security" of a d… @newsmanatl Yes. Transwomen are women. @ECthetwit I totally get that. XO. @jazzslaysdinos But thank you so much for telling me! I'd love to have you if you want to join. @jazzslaysdinos OMG no! Literally HALF of my patrons pledge at $1 or $2 a month. It all adds up!If you follow me and you've seen me post my Patreon a bunch of times and haven't pledged, why not? No judgement--genuinely curious. @marcushjohnson WAAAAOOOWWWWW @Aton_Eloh yesssssss @goldengateblond it IS thanksgiving thoI'd defect from the Dems in a heartbeat.Anyone can join, of course. But we only run progressive women on progressive platforms. That's it.I want the third political party in the United States to be The Women's Party.One of the toughest parts of this fall has been realizing that so many male colleagues assumed our careers didn't t…
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @Aton_Eloh oooof yessssss @JLCohan @shannoncoulter Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you.i'm really looking forward to my sunburn peelingWhoa. I just got a new $1 pledge, $25 pledge, and $10 pledge. THANK YOU all! Aaaaaaaaanyone else? ;) @stevenpe :) true. and thank you. @juanbuis @purp oh sweet human folly @stevenpe it's....complicated. sigh. @newsmanatl Hehehehe. There are many routes up the mountain... :) @purp @LorenRaeDeJ @sehurlburt @EricaJoy Ooooh I have new women to follow now... @monicabyrne13
Retweeted by Monica Byrne @newsmanatl YES DO. Start with The Girl in the Road and then hop on board my Patreon. Or both at once. XOXO.also uhhhh hope he's not on twitter *goes and looks*is it obvious i'm hard for a guy in mexico. but will i ever see him again? ugh. ouuuuch my oves. @PatrickInNC lololol these gifs give me liiiiiiiiiiife!!!! @hennybottle no judgement man. rock that bikini. @hennybottle HAHAHAHAHAHHA that gifthis is what happens when you do fifty burpees a morning and also eat ten tortillas a day 🌽meanwhile, ass-wise @aatishb @Patreon Awwww mais oui! I'm working on an album of Oaxaca for y'all right now! @MARIADAHVANA I wish I could teleport you some of the Oaxacan chocolate I just brought back from no no it's not. click on the link for my shiny new cute photos and tagline!and is my scrape working yet, UGH? of the night is: WHENEVER POSSIBLE, GIVE MONEY DIRECTLY TO ARTISTS WHO GIVE ART DIRECTLY TO YOU. @katiedidwhat @HowlRound Especially when the necessity of pairing with one of the Big Theaters you mentioned necess… @katiedidwhat So actually, serious question, @howlround: Why are the Mellon grants through theaters? Why not give t… @atlemar yes. and institutions.and $50K is what, just the costume budget for one show for one of these Big Theaters? christ. with that money i cou… @aatishb @Patreon Thank you, Aatish :)but god forbid a playwright produce her own work. god forbid she DIRECT it, either. then it doesn't "count," despit… i had $50K, i'd produce my own show. there. done. so easy. @sandymaxey literally no other art form treats artists the way theatre treats playwrights. @sandymaxey yes. "development" = so telling. as if playwrights are permanent children instead of competent working adults.fuck, there's a more condensed way of saying that. i'll think on it.the global charity org model is based on the assumption that you can't trust the poor with money. the US theatre mo… @HowlRound @bostonturgy Thank you, Jamie, I do appreciate your openness. But I'm also sure it's the wrong way forwa… @HowlRound @bostonturgy There's a pipeline. It's an extremely narrow, exclusive, and inaccessible pipeline. The roa… @DrAndrewThaler @Patreon Thank you, Andrew. :) @Patreon If you’d like to make a monthly gift to make that possible, for a limited time or indefinitely—to, in esse… @Patreon One of my goals is to reach a living wage ($3500/mo in my case) so I can make ALL my content free to the p… @Patreon It is really, really good. I know my own work & I know this is the best thing I’ve ever written. I want to… @Patreon I’m about to go nose-to-grindstone to finish The Actual Star. The novel spans two thousand years, from the… @Patreon Because—and this is extremely important—my salary doesn’t depend on my staying quiet. It depends on my SPE… @HowlRound @bostonturgy And how are those theaters chosen? And how do those playwrights get attached to those theat… @Patreon Including, most recently, studying Spanish for novel research, writing a TV pilot about gentrification in… @Patreon It is not a sustainable system for anyone. Patreon is. In return for the content I give my subscribers, th… is the exact purpose of @Patreon: to monetize the work of the Internet’s creators, without whom the Internet w… the last year, I’ve spent WAY less time on FB & Twitter and WAY more time on my subscribers on Patreon. They get…;DR: There is absolutely no incentive for Facebook or Twitter to protect its users. They exist to collect our inf… Now that I've gotten the sillies out of my system, here's the Serious Shit. I cannot get this op-ed out of my m… @shannoncoulter YOU keep a secret folder of cute boys on your desktopdamn, for those of us who've carried sexual harassment memories for years in silence, it's like twelve days of christmas up in here @RichGreene5 thank you.yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. @RichGreene5 awesome. @RichGreene5 nope, no offers. i make my living on patreon. if you appreciate anything i post, you should pledge. @RichGreene5 i'm at @RichGreene5 i need to make a living wage first. :) want to help? @bostonturgy @HowlRound how many playwrights could earn an annual living from the money that disappears into howlround? @bostonturgy @HowlRound oh my god no. there need to be salaries for playwrights. that is the beginning. nothing else matters.