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A bona fide member of an ambiguous tribe of the new age Indian woman; heavily armed with the weapons of my choice : google and lame jokes.

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@mrsfunnybones Article on my sister. She is specially abled. Please RT. Would be a great motivater for her as well…
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@shankar_subr @swapanseth @naomi0_0barton @KiranManral @PenguinIndia Yes I did add that it was a version of the sam… at the summit @murugaofficial explained equally well and mathematically why removing the GST from sanitary pad… you @WeTheWomenAsia and @BDUTT for a summit where we had an opportunity to talk about #MenstrualTax among oth… @KiranManral @swapanseth @naomi0_0barton @PenguinIndia Hahhaha @swapanseth @naomi0_0barton @KiranManral @PenguinIndia Or a version of that to be precise... what is the generation… @swapanseth @naomi0_0barton @KiranManral @PenguinIndia And the millennials won't know that Atwood used that phrase… @naomi0_0barton @KiranManral @swapanseth @PenguinIndia Oh no! I was going to apply as well but these bloody 'Millen…
The spotlight shines on this remarkable conversation and movie truly because of one man,my friend @murugaofficial t…
And I just realised that I am the sole woman thrown into this big boys' club-Jeez!! The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad has been nominated within the fiction category. If you think it's worthy do th… my fan moment-I hope I am half as cool when I touch 80-Lovely meeting #ShooterDadi at #WeTheWomen"Girls- Demand Sanitary Pads, Not Fairness Creams"- my session with the lovely @mrsfunnybones & brilliant…
Retweeted by Twinkle Khanna.@mrsfunnybones and @murugaofficial talk about the importance of starting a conversation about menstruation.…
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@karanjohar Big hug !You're a natural at this my friend unlike the rest of us :)Catch me tomorrow and hopefully just throw me your questions-the tomatoes and eggs let's hold on to for masala omel… @SangitaSJindal I recall the last installation as well - was very striking @Soni_Razdan Thank you! Big hug
A larger than life art installation over the Jindal mansion by #manisharora and this is his magnificent…"Somewhere inside all of us, is the power to change the world"- Roald Dahl Padman in cinemas this 26th January 2018…
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaWhen you decide to not just embrace your name but give it a kiss as well:) #TwinkleAway
Was lovely to be part of the #HaarKoHarao panel with @SurfexcelIndia and to talk about looking at failure with a ne…
Middle age: When you realize that you know a little about everything, but not enough about anything, including yourself #BabaTwinkdev
We will miss you ...
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaHave you heard? Some of our best books have been shortlisted for the @crossword_book award! Congratulations,…
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaExcited to be a part of this! @BDUTT @mrsfunnybones #WeTheWomen
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaSpanning over 2 days, @WeTheWomenAsia will bring together names like #MithaliRaj, @mrsfunnybones and @smritiirani t…
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaWe are thrilled that @airtelindia has invested in @juggernautbooks. This is a partnership that will bring us nearer…
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaDon’t look for opportunities.. Look for a problem and be a solution provider! #PadManTalks @akshaykumar
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaIf you browse through @mrsfunnybones's timeline, she has shared her views on #Padmavati. We have added her tweets t…
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaDo you know what Kamal Hassan, Farooq Abdullah and Deepika Padukone have in common? sister has it and I am trying to persuade her to lend it to me- she tends to keep her books immaculately unlike… in love with this wonder right from the opening paragraph #MustRead #AManCalledOve
@msteckchandani I saw a picture you posted of the singer Sudha Motwane and I wanted to write back that I know her g… @mrsfunnybones sharp ,on time witty n desi jeeves icing on cake Kudos !
Retweeted by Twinkle Khanna @mrsfunnybones Yet another happy and witty morning blogpost....luvvd it..was waiting for this 😊
Retweeted by Twinkle Khanna'Your next wife walking around Bombay with my Birkin' 😀 I can't decide if you make me laugh more or @ShirishKunder
Retweeted by Twinkle Khanna @mrsfunnybones What a sharp sense of humour you have! I live in South Africa, but I always look forward to reading your columns.
Retweeted by Twinkle Khanna @akshaykumar ji is the first super star in the world to talk about menstrual hygiene and taboos surround it. I’m ha…
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaSo true .. sense of humour is vanishing now a days as we are pressing so hard on issues that won't even help us sha…
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaWhat Gandhi ji did and did not say!
My advice ? Forget about the Gujarat elections-Sit at home and read my book instead:) #GujaratiByNature'When I Hit You' is on @GuardianBooks list of best fiction 2017. Congratulations, @meenakandasamy!
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.@akshaykumar requesting A RT: .@sayftycom is organizing a free self-defense workshop for young women this weekend…
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaHappy birthday @tanuj_garg big hug!A new haircut but my hair ritual stays the same! #MythicOil for the ultimate shine, softness and hair goodness  …
#MenstruationTax : How much have you spent? A BBC calculator for women in the UK - good idea everywhere!…
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaIf .@mrsfunnybones had her own travel show, it would feature a series of episodes dedicated to her many misadventur…
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaOur Periods are still a 'Whisper'. But we smash through that loudly at @WeTheWomenAsia as we talk Menstruation wit…
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@ShankkarAiyar A few pages made it to my second book! The rest is better off inside the disc :) @sonamakapoor Thank you! And here's to our #PadMan soaring through the skies:)Congratulations Twinkle on such an incredible journey! The entire #Padman team is elated to be part of your story 💪…
Retweeted by Twinkle Khanna @MasalaBai Nope! That was Karan! @MasalaBai My attendance says ' regular' it was a boarding school on the edge of a cliff for God's sake - couldn't… know, those were the 'Good' old days! Left the politically correct behaviour behind along with the green uniforms… @MasalaBai I don't think I would get ' Good ' now based on my current behaviour :)Mother excavates some treasures: A school certificate, a forgotten picture and a floppy disc neatly labelled by her… @sagarinayak @rajcheerfull I hope my Casper the unfriendly ghost also turns into a smiley woman one day! Big hugA great representation of Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” Padman brings you an inspir…
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Thanks for all the love and wishes!!! @akshaykumar @PadManTheFilm @mrsfunnybones #Padman
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaTo the 166 lives over 239 the innumerable memories etched on the firmament forever & to Mumb…
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Make your daughter read it as well :) is the most beautiful thing I have read about beauty
A journey that began in 2015 with this very column followed by #TheLegendofLakshmiPrasad i… @AzmiShabana The parents don't look very amused though :)
He's the 'Padman' revolutionary. Meet & interact with Arunachalam Muruganantham who made a machine that supplies ch…
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaShe has made Menstruation- the tax, the taboo, the lack of access to hygeine- her cause. Come & listen to…
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaA fantastic @WeTheWomenAsia contest: @Chikisarkar & @juggernautbooks are looking for the Next Gen Women writers. Se…
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Why we need to get rid of #MenstruationTax globally @PhilippaBBC @BBCWorld link to the interview about the 3 Ms- Muruganantham, Menstrual Hygiene and ' Menstrual Tax' with @PhilippaBBC on…
@twilightfairy I am sure it does :)Jet lag,when you reach your destination,unpack and discover that along with a pair of socks you have also left your… ever-amazing @mrsfunnybones talks about #Padman on @BBC
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It's gratifying to hear that Philippa thank you! Please share a link to your page
And as far as #Padmavati is concerned I wish it is the biggest hit ever as that would be the befitting rejoinder to all these loony threats!The nation wants to know-Is this 10 cr beheading fee inclusive of GST?
Sparking Confidence in Girls with Stars of Today panel w/ @VeronicaDagher @SaraBareilles @MikailasBees
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaFrom the nine year old @MikailasBees to the hilarious @mrsfunnybones, risk-taker @AngelaSimmons and spirited…
Retweeted by Twinkle KhannaTwinkle Khanna tells women entrepreneurs ‘Trust your instinct’ - your instinct is your experiences, knowledge in yo…
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