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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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Whoever handed Warren Beatty the envelope to read... duuuuuuuuude, whyyyyyyyy? It takes one second to check that!!!!!!!!!!! Come on now!!!!!OHMYGOODNESSYESYESYES!!! @Equill @Oscars2017_Live Ohhhhhhh yessssss.Love this, and love her!!! Bravo!!! I dream of a career as "lackluster" and "uninspiring" as hers. Watch the clip... this, and love her!!! Bravo!!! I dream of a career as "lackluster" and "uninspiring" as hers. Watch the clip t… you, Allan Policarpio and @inquirerdotnet!!!, Bill Paxton. 61 years old... that is way too soon. @itsjensineee After hearing about an Aussie children's book writer being detained, I guess it could happen to anyone. It is what it is.
@itsjensineee Let's hope I'm not detained by customs and immigration in the US. @stefirawan Ohhhhhh I know that story...... frightening stuff.Might be time for me to reread 1984 and Animal Farm. on Twitter. The world must have been through this before for words like these to be spoken.… @victorlirio Blame it on the water and detergent. While you're at it, your shampoo, body wash, and whatever else!!! #FoodGloriousFoodThis is my favorite one!!! @ArianaGrande is just RIDICULOUS!!! Wheel of Musical Impressions with Ariana Grande
This brought me the feels. #LoveAndAcceptance 阿爸的心內話 via @YouTube @LacketyLac @SaraBareilles Get it, Alex! GET IT!!!Wow. This is just stupid. Australian children's author Mem Fox detained by US border control: 'I sobbed like a baby' is the gift that keeps on giving. Watch these 6 girls who dared to make their dreams come true. #idaretodreamTrust, this is a good read. #Grateful The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying via @tosavealifesite
What a kid!!! Young boy steals show at town hall
@joshgad Happy Birthday to you, good man!!! Oh, my daughter is a huuuuuge fan of yours.Backstory is out! @TheAndreaBurns Hurray to you!!! Is yours the 21st or 23rd?Between my friends on FB, fans on Twitter and close contacts on my phone, it's been quite a wonderful day. Thank you for the #LeaAt46 love! @tellyleung @allegiancebway Love you, Tellis!!!
@pandevakla @SCMP_News Haaaay naku, umaasa ka pa.Will spend the remainder of my birthday with Prince Noctis. Thanks for all your greetings, I am overwhelmed. @SimonBowman16 One of my best friends is heading that way!!!Yep, what she said!!! @JonJonBriones Sa wakas nakarating!!! Salamat po!!!!!! @boyband_russell Thank you very much!!!!
Talent can only get you so far. How hard you work, and how kindly and fairly you treat others will get you further.Interesting article. Are Liberals Helping Trump?, via @nytimes
Welcome back to our house on Maple Avenue. Tickets available at ticketworldinc…, what the former PM of Sweden said. hashtag #lastnightinsweden WINS THE DAY!!! @hello_gregory @BuzzFeedNews Go ahead and check those Twitter accounts then. Go right ahead.The first set of comments is GOLD! Everyone Is Super Confused About Trump's "Last Night In Sweden" Comments @wickedtin @joancarmel When we do shows abroad, purchasers normally ask for certain songs. But here, it's all on us. And we choose well. @Thesueshi @allegiancebway Oh thank you! I have to give credit to @GeorgeTakei for wanting me to be part of the cast. So, thanks, George! @LizGoesOn I'll see how much of that repertoire I'm able to bring! And thank YOU for your Meadowlark, I listened to it A LOT to prep! @MsLeaSalonga It was someone that should've known better.I have no qualms about giving someone stink eye when their phone rings during my concert. Happened on 2/18. Culprit was a friend. Front row.Whoa! @RobChien, check this out! DON LEMON WALKED OFF: "Don't Come To This Network Again" To A Guest
So, Mr. President, what's the truth? Thanks, @ava, for this nugget. From his own lips, these words come. Not from..., Mr. President, what's the truth? Thanks, @ava, for this nugget. From his own lips, these words come. Not from t… is Remembrance Day. And @allegiancebway will be back in cinemas. Catch this way-too-relevant musical today. @effeiydee @_dayleemata Itotodo na namin next time. @glgv We left it out on purpose. It really works in context within the musical.Next on the bill: #LoveForReal, a benefit for the Acacia Waldorf community, then back to Maple Ave. for #FunHomeMNL. @ajholmesmusic We did!!! Loved the show so much!!!I don't think we'll be repeating #SongsFromTheStage. Because there's stuff we didn't feature, we'll just have to do #MoreSongsFromTheStage! @gettypot_17 When the line is long, we feel bad for the ones that have to wait. If you can take while walking, then that's fine.To everyone that watched the concerts this weekend, you have my permission to share your pics! I'd love to see them! Thank you!And now, we all return to reality. Happy Sunday, everyone! @abigailspencer @nbc @jodeethomson @NBCTimeless Damn. I know you, I've seen you up close, and gosh, you are just breathtakingly beautiful @MKarns_Presents @WayneBrady Awwwww, look at those handsome faces!!!
Thank you, Vladimir Bonoan!!! @teamleaa God, I hope not. @swiftsticated Read the lyrics and tell the story. Good luck! @karlyninayyy @TicketWorldInc Give it a few minutes. It'll come up soon. @peterdizon Thank youuuuuuu!!!!!!!!! @teamleaa Nah. He doesn't have tickets.NEWSFLASH! We will be adding 50 seats to tonight's concert! ₱5,000 per seat! Thanks, @TicketWorldInc!!! #LeaSongsFromTheStage @JK_Ready @Elementary_CBS You handsome!REMINDER: A whole generation has never seen an Asian actor win an Oscar... that could change next Sunday if Dev Pat…
Retweeted by Lea SalongaAmerica will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter & lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. - Abe Lincoln2/19: On the 75th anniversary of #EO9066, see the musical #Allegiance in cinemas w/ @GeorgeTakei & @MsLeaSalonga,…
Retweeted by Lea Salonga @vicegandako Thank you so much for watching!!! @kyra_le_rose Nope. Just for the production team.
@miz_gina Nothing yet. I think she wants to do it.Bobby and I are backstage trying to convince my mom to conduct a seminar on "How to Be a Theater/Showbiz Parent." A LOT could use it. Haaay!Tonight's the night!!! #LeaSongsFromTheStage @ Philippine International Convention Center
@ajholmesmusic You are too sweet. Thank you!Thank goodness for dress rehearsals. Kinks will be ironed out so that tomorrow we'll have a fantastic show! #LeaSongsFromTheStage
Our Saturday performance is SOLD OUT!!! Limited seats available for Friday. Woo-hooooooo!!!… @boyband_russell I don't think you even need to ask, my friend. @effeiydee Ay wala. There's nothing like hearing it live. Sorry na lang. Hahahahaha!Good job on the cover of Depeche Mode's "Somebody." Congrats, @BoybandPH!