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Ohhhhhhh yesssssss!!! The Greatest Showman | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX - YouTube - @victorlirio We are a combo of all the houses. Pero mas agree ako sa Ravenclaw. @Kiki4Evr1007 @allegiancebway @GeorgeTakei @EWPlayers @jaccc_la Nope. Not happening.Here, I am RAVENCLAW. The ultimate Harry Potter quiz: Find out which House you truly belong in. I'm in Ravenclaw! all right! This was unexpected, but I accept. -- I got sorted into Slytherin on #pottermore @JK_Ready @54Below You so cool. Just so cool. Miss you, Dupes!We're selling @MsLeaSalonga's Songs from the Stage (SFTS) souvenir programs at P300 each. Email to inquire/order.
Retweeted by Lea Salonga @tellyleung @newyorklivetv @aladdin @allegiancebway @YellowSound Oh, the shoutout! Thank you!Ladies and gentlemen, presenting my Broadway little brother, @tellyleung! So proud of you!
If you're interested in the Playlist book where that letter of Aga can be found, please email You may order there!Full power na tutungtong papuntang Knock-out Rounds ang Top 9 Teen Artist ng FamiLea!
Retweeted by Lea SalongaThanks, @cosmo_ph! #TOTGAdaw
@vulture Dear @DarrenCriss and @ricky_martin, so thrilled for you both!What's going on, @Twitter?????????? see more of where Aga's love letter to @MsLeaSalonga came from? Playlist books are still available! Email
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@imfranzdacs Franz, you had the choice of 3 coaches. So thank YOU for choosing me. @analette That letter is 4 years old. Sheesh. Daming late to the party na ngayon lang nagkagulo. @JohnBarrowman I'll take the one on the right. In the shorts.I cannot wait to see this. I remember watching the news on TV when Versace was killed. via @vultureTeddy Velasco as Young Simon in atlantistheatrical'S production of #KinkyBootsMNL. Happy #Pride,…
My brother had stories of artists na, in his words, "inutusan ako. Ginawa akong parang 'boy' niya." Lupit, di ba? An MD is not a slave.If you wanna earn my respect, treat your colleagues with the respect they rightfully deserve.I've seen teachers/coaches/music directors walk out angry and frustrated because of artists that think they're God's gift to mankind.To be honest, sobrang judgmental ako sa mga artist ang hindi maganda ang attitude, o hindi marunong rumespeto sa trabaho.Those that don't attend rehearsals (unless there's a good reason) is one thing that really gets to me. I don't understand it. Alien concept.It's not always about talent. We are watching your attitudes too. Be kind. Be respectful. Don't be a brat. @wickedtin #SigawPaMore @wickedtin Tapos, Michelle and Reg and more friends were watching too. Ang ingay namin! My mom's side comments were… though I know all the outcomes, when watching #TVTPowerBattLes, I still scream at the TV. #PaosNaMe @wickedtin Oo nga ano! @Bamboomusiclive Riiiiiiiiight?!?!?!? @EvaNoblezada That's what the mute and block buttons are for.Thanks, @billboard!!! @miz_gina @DearEvanHansen Ohhhhhh they'll love it. Bring tissues!!!Adorable!!! Thanks for this, and all your other drawings!!!
@EvaNoblezada My goodness, my goodness!!!! Your boy can really sing!!!
Backstory's out! @DearEvanHansen, this one's for you.
Be proud, @jeremygofficial, @hiheatherlynn and Coach @sharon_cuneta12! Check this out!!! @TheVoiceABSCBNAgree!!! who says the ACA was created & passed by Dems behind closed doors w/o GOP involvement is a liar. Remember th…
Retweeted by Lea Salonga @EvaNoblezada And diarrhea. Massive diarrhea. @WeAhNah Diarrhea. You gotta also wish for massive stomach-churning diarrhea. And zero TP.So, @SenJohnMcCain is frustrated with GOP secrecy on #Trumpcare, but what will he do about it? Senator, you're a senior Senate leader. Lead.
Retweeted by Lea Salonga @boyband_russell Enjoy your teenage years... my mid-40s... oy vey. @RebeccaCaine Plain is something you can't ever be. My goodness, you are breathtaking.
@DavidZippel Oh!!!!! Miss you, David!!! xo @_purplexed Oh yeah... right after. Will put again before I sleep.Go, @Ossoff!!! #VoteYourOssoff @JPhilippeGo Oh I did. Trainer and I made sure. But still... that day after the first day back... there's no escaping that.So when acts of terror are committed by Muslims, @POTUS can't wait to Tweet. When they are committed AGAINST Muslims, nothing.
Retweeted by Lea Salonga @SimonBowman16 My goodness, such a superstar! xoWent to the gym today after almost 5 months away. Oh boy, I'm going to feel this tomorrow.......... #Araykupu #NoPainNoGain #BalikAlindogThere's a rainbow always after the rain. @hiheatherlynn Looks like you succeeded!So much, and so little time has passed! Happy Anniversary indeed! @MingNa @donnyosmond @BD_WONG @GeorgeTakei @ajholmesmusic @bookofmormonau Ohhhhhh! Already?!? What happens next for you?"But my question after this ordeal is simple and nagging: Who is teaching the men? And when will they learn?" @hiheatherlynn I tried reporting, but apparently it doesn't violate FB's code. You'll have to report it yourself.
@RedTani 😂 @claire_foy No, I haven't! Where?!?Standby, understudy, alternate and swing = SUPERHERO. Thank you for all the work you do. @jAgorto_55 Only in how many people get through. Season 2: 6. Teens: 3.You are one brave kid, Savannah. One really brave kid. dad's video montage for his daughter's graduation is wrecking parents everywhere.
Retweeted by Lea Salonga @pearleaaa @msjessajoyce @HulyaaaMaeee @Eths619 @MsRizthelGarcia Grammar rules can always, always be learned. No on…!!! Your dad is awesome, @MannyMua733!!! @SonnyRD Sigh. Shakespeare is looking quite prescient. There's a reason his plays remain relevant, current and frequently staged. @msjessajoyce @HulyaaaMaeee @Eths619 @MsRizthelGarcia My belief: intelligence is not proven by speaking a specific… @Eths619 I'd need some time to think about it. But one thing to learn: how not to get suckered into sex when you're not ready. @jessmira_jlover @rhealynrnb @BallestraBod By realizing that they are a creature of God, placed on this good earth… @samherebaby @Olympics An adventure that doesn't end until my last breath.2/ The answer? Nothing good. If they knew this, I highly doubt they would've pulled out. Just my opinion.1/ I do wonder if the heads of the corporations that pulled out of The Public's "Julius Caesar" knew what happens AFTER the assassination. @_nicolaaay @Olympics The mystery of the next day! I never know what the new day will bring! 365 days of adventure? Bring it on!!! @rhealynrnb @BallestraBod Yeah, I remember that. Started off key and kept going. Kids. So we had to do a restart. Not for Teens though. @JonJonBriones Happy Daddy Day to you, Kapatid!Here's a wonderful onion-slicing ninja moment from the @Olympics. #HappyFathersDay @kenjisaito82 @Espanto2001 Oh, he may have grown too big for us now. Sobra na ang pag-level up niya! Hahahahaha! @mserikapelayo Ay meron naman. They rehearse with us as well as with the in-house voice teachers. Thank goodness for those teachers.