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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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@neramretsof_m To get dual citizenship I would first have to renounce Philippine citizenship to get US citizenship, then repatriate.Photo by @wickedtin, taken outside the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. My mom is funny.… at close to 1am. #IKEA Sweet Ikea ad shows heartache of watching kids grow up # via @HuffPostParentsHurray, @gorachelleann!!! Breaking News: Rachelle Ann Go & Devin Ilaw Join MISS SAIGON on Broadway!..., @gorachelleann!!! Breaking News: Rachelle Ann Go & Devin Ilaw Join MISS SAIGON on Broadway!
@pearleaaa He will be playing for ALL my concerts this weekend. As will everyone else.Oh, we're doing autographs after the concerts on Friday and Saturday, and after the 2nd show on Sunday. We'll also be selling merchandise!Listening now to @RTHK_HK Radio 4. Principal violist of the @hkphilharmonic, Andrew Ling, is playing now. Sounds gorgeous!!! Go, Andrew!!!When you see stuff like this around, it's inspiring. tomorrow and Saturday!!! @hkphilharmonic @Gerard_Salonga @ Hong Kong Cultural Center… lady in the middle is very proud. @ Hong Kong Cultural Center (香港文化中心)尖沙嘴 were one person of whom this can be said: one of the best presidents we never had. Rest In…
Advisory at check-in today: If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you are not allowed to use it on the plane. #iPhoneNaLangHere's one must-read for today. -- Hillary Clinton Will Not Be Manterrupted UP! @Gerard_Salonga and I will be doing a Facebook Live session tomorrow during rehearsals with the @hkphilharmonic! Come watch!
Thanks for watching @TWBAofficial last night! I had so much fun! Head to for more!
Rest in peace, Arnold Palmer.Yup, this is for real. @roxy_banik Josh Pultz ( @RafieDjin @AquariusQuotess But I'm a Pisces.Bravo, Gideon Lasco!
Of course I'm watching @BoybandPH!!! @mica_villas Nope. All fake. All. Of. It. Fake.#FamiLEA was well represented at @ATEGasia's Jersey Boys with @NinoAlejandro as Nick Massi and @TimPavino in a myriad of roles. Congrats!!!
Nearly 4 hours and we're still not there. We may get to catch the second act, if we're lucky.If you're planning to head to the Meralco Theater for the Jersey Boys opening, LEAVE NOW!!!It really shouldn't take this long to get from Alabang to Pasig. However, 2 hours in and we're still stuck.This is GORGEOUS!!! -- 'Forever Country' Video: Watch Star-Studded, Magical Medley Come to Life via @RollingStoneThis is happening tomorrow!!! weekend on @BoybandPH. <3 Hiii, Coach @MsLeaSalonga. Hihi. #TeamAgnesJerry :)) #WowBoyband
Retweeted by Lea SalongaMeanwhile, happening this weekend..... of the things I've learned in showbiz is this: perception is often more important than truth.Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! Break all the legs, everyone! #JerseyBoysMNL atlantistheatrical
@RafieDjin Yesssssssssss. @Lin_Manuel Ha! And yes!Allegiance is coming to theaters!!! just three, but five 2s!!! What is this???'s out! Congrats again, you guys! #TheDawn #Trenta
You can't sit this one out. Vote. got this in the mail! Can't wait to start! Thanks as always, @harlancoben! #AtHomeWithHarlan @JonJonBriones Awwwww... love you, kapatid!!! @ortile @Lin_Manuel Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?!?!?!?!?!?!?I can't with you, @Lin_Manuel. I just... I can't.
It's 27 years to the day that the original production of Miss Saigon opened at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Happy Anniversary to us all!!!Woo-hoooo!!! Thanks, @facialcarectrph!!! is perfection!!! The legendary @DollyParton and @PTXofficial singing "Jolene." Take notes, guys. It doesn't... is perfection!!! The legendary @DollyParton and @PTXofficial singing "Jolene." Take notes, guys. It doesn't ge… @DivoDavidMiller Oh good, you're feeling better!!! Safe travels!!! @PTXofficial Amazing!!! And have fun in Manila, everyone!!!
@neramretsof_m @imKimiDora Atrocious grammar is the other. @faznea_lynn @TabladaAnn @thisisMariaLea Kung gagaya lang naman, sana ginalingan. By the way, the poser has been reported. @imKimiDora Nope. Fake. @RafieDjin Oh it annoys me. But I'd like to think that not everyone is on Twitter a lot, so I have to repeat myself. Endlessly. @mariaatanchoco Sa grammar pa lang eh, nadapa na siya.
@kimberl17961217 Nope. He's not on Twitter at all. Hanggang Facebook at Instagram lang siya. @Gerard_Salonga @hkphilharmonic I love the sight of that!!!Relieved... a lot of my friends from New York have checked in as safe and sound. But please, everyone in Manhattan, be safe.Such a privilege to watch #TheDawn celebrate 30 years. There isn't a band quite like them. Congrats, gents! And, my God, Jett's voice.
Rest in peace, Edward Albee. @mhegzstellar @RobChien Check accessibility settings. You might've turned something on previously. @laminine_health Have been trying to send a cease and desist letter. But mailing address is fake so it got returned to attorney.For the nth time. I do not endorse that eye product thing. If any of you guys have a mailing address for them, send it along. Thanks. @laminine_health Oh we're trying. Attorney is on it. But they're hard to find.Pass the Light!!! Coming out Sept 20 on iTunes, Amazon and Hulu!
@JoMacaldo @RobChien How bizarre! We're fine over here with the update. @laminine_health No, no, a thousand times no. I do not endorse them and I never will.Upgraded devices to iOS 10. Enjoying sending messages to @RobChien in my own handwriting. #OldFashioned #ThrowingItBack
Uh huh, I fully intend to. #KeepOnKeepingOn
Happy Anniversary to The Pen!!! @ The Peninsula Manila of the night. Opting to not wear heels as my feet won't be seen.'t wait to pay tribute to our teachers! Mabuhay po kayong lahat!!!! @joancharmed Nope. All fake.
...and the greatest of these is love. MERCURY RETROGRADE DATES: January 5 to 25 April 28 to May 22 August 30 to September 22 (which is now) December 19 to 31 @jedmadela What happened???Finding myself saying "congratulations" to a lot of people today! Hurray!
Happy 34th Anniversary, @facialcarectrph!!!!!! Congratulations sa lahat ng bumubuo ng boybandph!!!!!!! @Lin_Manuel Oh boy... Just make sure you don't put toothpaste on your toast.