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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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10/17 2016
@janinemadeja No, my profile says February 22.Grateful that #KarenPH wasn't as bad as it could've been. And we all know how bad a typhoon can be.
10/16 2016
The stuff I find when I visit my mother!!! agamuhlach317 What's with the gloves? gosh. I think I've fallen madly in love with @Markkistroem!!! #JerseyBoysMNLCome to our #FunHomeMNL!
10/15 2016
Funny! Check this out: ft and Liane V - GRAB'm by the PUSSY (Official Music Video)
10/14 2016
Grateful to have a few days off from #FunHomeMNL rehearsals. I need to reset my head. @DULCEtweets Not endorsing it. I've tweeted quite a few times about this already.Alison Bechter draws a Fun Home coda. one is for Bobby who taught our kids a wonderful lesson today on kindness and acceptance.…
10/13 2016
Backstory is out!
10/12 2016
I couldn't have said it better myself. Fix the educational system and you get a smarter electorate. Hopefully.
10/10 2016
My metaphor might've been misunderstood. When I said sugar is preferable to vinegar, I meant in delivery. Foster understanding, not hate.La la la la....... #FunHomeMNL atlantistheatrical's time! Heading now to #FunHomeMNL rehearsals! #AtTheLight
10/9 2016
Was at ABS-CBN today to tape something. #KathNiel stopped by to say hi. My daughter, upon seeing Daniel, suddenly burst into tears.I won't always agree with what you post online, but I will defend your right to share your opinion as long as it doesn't go below the belt.Is it possible to engage in political discourse without below-the-belt remarks and personal attacks? Sugar is preferable to vinegar.Please read... #FunHomePH is meant for older kids due to its sensitive and mature subject… yun eh!!!! #ExcuseMe #ProudAteLangPo"I wholly disapprove of what you say and will defend to the death your right to say it.” -- Evelyn Beatrice Hall
10/8 2016
@MrReggieLee Maligayang Kaarawan!!!!!!!!!!!!Why is that link not working... please visit to see the other #NatureIsSpeakingPH films. @ConservationOrgTo see the other #NatureIsSpeakingPH films, visit http://nature is @ConservationOrgSi #JohnLloydCruz ang Karagatan. Pakinggan. Umaksyon. (Sa totoo lang, habang nagsasalita, mas lalong gumuguwapo.)
10/7 2016
All the #NatureIsSpeakingPH films are now online. Go to http:/nature is to view them. @AldayRoxanne All the films are online now. Go to to view them. @iRishpando Dehins naman ako banyaga. Anuvah?!Ako si Kalikasan. Ang Inang Kalikasan. Panoorin po ninyo ito. @ConservationOrg #NatureIsSpeakingPH via @youtube.comI am Mother Nature. #NatureIsSpeakingPH conservationorg
10/6 2016
Dear @DPWHph, please look into repairs and upgrades for C-6. It's a possible solution for those traveling bet. Rizal to Alabang. Thank you. @AnnabelleM07 You thought right. That was me in 2007.And again I must implore you to put substance over style please. This upcoming election is too important.
10/5 2016
Let's keep reading and educating ourselves before this all too important election in November.'t put style over substance please. Get down to the heart of the matter. Please. @Equill If he had just said, "I spent a little time in prayer every day," that would've been the end of it. @tonyapinkins The thing is, it's people like Trump and Pence that make the USA a target for criticism. Not the current POTUS. @Jon_Low His hypocrisy needs to be exposed. Not that it isn't already. @Jon_Low Fair enough. That said however, whenever someone treats others as "less than" due to religion, we all have a duty to call him out.Methinks this just broke the internet: "I try to spend a little bit of time on my knees every day." -- Gov. Mike PenceWho should we challenge to fix C-6? It could help alleviate our high-traffic areas and divert traffic from EDSA and C-5.Wow. Posting this before we head into #FunHomeManila rehearsals next week. #SpiritDay to @cnnphilippines' @jdeakin72, my car now has a dash cam! Every car should have one!Allow me to ride on @jdeakin72's advocacy, and advise motorists to consider getting a dash cam. Everyone behaves better when watched. #Truth
10/3 2016
@betsytuazon Thanks too for being part of it!Ah, home safe and sound, and grateful.Thanks to the audiences on 30 Sep and 1 Oct at the #HKCulturalCentre and 2 Oct at the #ShaTinTownHall! You were all AWESOME!!!Concerts in Hong Kong are done! Thank you, @hkphilharmonic, for the invitation to come and play with you! Hoping for a next time!My sister-in-law likes my diminuendos. That's probably one of the nicest things she's ever said to me!
10/2 2016
There's just one word I can think of when a singer memorizes all their lyrics for a concert: Freedom. @dontpugme @neramretsof_m Nic was born in Manila, and got her American citizenship because of Rob.Bravo, @BuzzFeed and @LouisPeitzman. There's still a long way to go regarding Asians and diversity in casting.
10/1 2016
Photo: HK Phil / Cheung Wai-lok
9/30 2016
@neramretsof_m To get dual citizenship I would first have to renounce Philippine citizenship to get US citizenship, then repatriate.Photo by @wickedtin, taken outside the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. My mom is funny.… at close to 1am. #IKEA Sweet Ikea ad shows heartache of watching kids grow up # via @HuffPostParentsHurray, @gorachelleann!!! Breaking News: Rachelle Ann Go & Devin Ilaw Join MISS SAIGON on Broadway!..., @gorachelleann!!! Breaking News: Rachelle Ann Go & Devin Ilaw Join MISS SAIGON on Broadway!
9/29 2016
@pearleaaa He will be playing for ALL my concerts this weekend. As will everyone else.Oh, we're doing autographs after the concerts on Friday and Saturday, and after the 2nd show on Sunday. We'll also be selling merchandise!Listening now to @RTHK_HK Radio 4. Principal violist of the @hkphilharmonic, Andrew Ling, is playing now. Sounds gorgeous!!! Go, Andrew!!!When you see stuff like this around, it's inspiring. tomorrow and Saturday!!! @hkphilharmonic @Gerard_Salonga @ Hong Kong Cultural Center… lady in the middle is very proud. @ Hong Kong Cultural Center (香港文化中心)尖沙嘴 were one person of whom this can be said: one of the best presidents we never had. Rest In…
9/28 2016
Advisory at check-in today: If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you are not allowed to use it on the plane. #iPhoneNaLangHere's one must-read for today. -- Hillary Clinton Will Not Be Manterrupted UP! @Gerard_Salonga and I will be doing a Facebook Live session tomorrow during rehearsals with the @hkphilharmonic! Come watch!
9/27 2016
Thanks for watching @TWBAofficial last night! I had so much fun! Head to for more!
9/26 2016
Rest in peace, Arnold Palmer.Yup, this is for real. @roxy_banik Josh Pultz ( @RafieDjin @AquariusQuotess But I'm a Pisces.Bravo, Gideon Lasco!
9/24 2016
Of course I'm watching @BoybandPH!!! @mica_villas Nope. All fake. All. Of. It. Fake.#FamiLEA was well represented at @ATEGasia's Jersey Boys with @NinoAlejandro as Nick Massi and @TimPavino in a myriad of roles. Congrats!!!
9/23 2016
Nearly 4 hours and we're still not there. We may get to catch the second act, if we're lucky.If you're planning to head to the Meralco Theater for the Jersey Boys opening, LEAVE NOW!!!