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This might be a great idea to have at performance venues. People get to keep their phones while fully immersed in t… @analette Looks like a great idea!!!My brain is officially fried. It is that day.Tomorrow, you guys!!! 5:30pm EST
@mari_kris719 I ran out. Sad.Thank YOU, Laura, for joining us!!! @KetoFridge, I hope you never take your Jalapeño Popper Elk Burger off the menu. It is divine. Thank you for all you do!Today’s 2-show day will be brought to you by caffeine. Starbucks, Dunkin’, Pret... name it, we’ll be drinking it.Let the misspelling begin!!! Starbucks talaga o! #KahitSaanKahitKelan
@chie_trek The seniors that come to see us haven’t had problems. And it wasn’t a senior that headed to the back. @KaraokeMum That’s when the house manager needs to be called. We had a medical emergency at the first preview. EMS was there in a flash.That wasn't the first time I've experienced this. #FunHomeMNL 2016. Just before Days and Days, a lady got up and le… @_AbbyBernardo Or...... hold it. She had maybe 15 minutes left to go. @MerleDandridge Always, Mama! xo @syaneleben @MerleDandridge She probably had the tiniest bladder on earth. Haist!!! @wickedtin @MerleDandridge The actors are in the zone, and the presence of non-allowed persons can throw us off!To our future audiences, we are a 90-minute show without an intermission. Take your bathroom break BEFORE YOU SIT D… I took her firmly by the hand and gave her quick directions to head out to the restroom.So, someone in the audience went backstage and asked @MerleDandridge for directions to the bathroom. DURING THE SHO… enough leftover energy after today to put some flowers in water, sweep the floor, go through my mail and take out the trash. Yes! @BenSPLATT Have a fantastic final weekend at your show!!! xoxoxo @gorachelleann Trying to figure out a night to catch you guys!!! Not sure if it’ll happen, but I’m working on it!Here's the full line-up for the #MacysParade this year! To @angelicahale, I'm such a huge fan and hope to meet you…
@kerryjaneellis1 Likewise, lovely lady!!! xoxoBesides official onceislandbway merchandise, we’re also selling Blurred Lines and Bahaghari CDs…
I know a few of these gorgeous men in person. Thank you, @BroadwayBox for this!
Backstory's out! @TomKirkman1 @annaoposa I know him well enough to know that this would be so out of character for him. And there is… a sweet and savory surprise! Thanks to our friends at sweeneytoddnyc for sending over a…
FYI, #MatildaMNL has four performances this week! Check out @TicketWorldInc for tickets!!! #BreakALegMaggotsAndNewtsThis coming week is going to be a tough one, with 10 shows in a row without a break. Please send us good vibes that… @seRANItea I think he was a replacement. @DarrenCriss You are one hell of a dead ringer for Andrew Cunanan. It's frightening to look at you!!! Well done!!! @seRANItea Phil Kong and Brian Baldomero. @iAmSuperCis @nytimes No reply, of course. I just blocked her. @AlexBoniello Sooooooooo when do we see you on the Island? =) Hope you're well!While walking home from dinner, my cousin Joe and I witnessed a carriage horse stomping on a Mercedes 2-passenger coupe. Wow. #OnlyInNewYorkI've just discovered that Vegemite on a pat of butter without toast is all sorts of AMAZING! #DontJudgeI intended to do a "pamper me" day, but all I could manage was updating my eyeglass prescription and treating mysel… we help this photo find its way home?
Time for a well-deserved day off for all of us on the Island. To the preview audiences that have been coming, thank… @laChanze @OnceIslandBway Cannot wait to you, Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @coltonthewizard @OnceIslandBway @michaelarden Thank you!!! Means so much!!! @LeaSFacts @yansbnvntr @lalamedinz Basta ba maayos ang request to take a photo. Don’t be rude or disrespectful and…
@coltonthewizard @OnceIslandBway @michaelarden Spotted you in the audience during the pre-show!!! Thanks so much for coming!!!
Epic production! Brilliant Performances! PLUS @thealexnewell I LOVED IT!
Retweeted by Lea SalongaI’m having a great boot day!!! Found @taosfootwear on Facebook and thought to order a couple of… times on Broadway, this happens. Cast members get sick so understudies and swings step in.… @MsJaePimentel A combo of Twig and Faux by MAC.
Because a few of you asked.......... @andymientus @OnceIslandBway Thank you!!!!!!!!! And I'm sure you've heard, things are going quite well. @georgesalazar @OnceIslandBway Thanks, George!!!!!!!!! So happy to see you after the show!!!Thanks to our fans that stayed to wait for us despite the freezing cold. Might be even colder tomorrow, so PLEASE BE PREPARED!!! @elainer337 Only too happy to do it! We're all filled with joy after that!Second preview, done. I think my brain is officially fried. Two shows tomorrow! Whoopeeeeeee!!!!!Had a post-show supper with an old ex-Menudo friend, Ralphy Rodriguez along with his beautiful wife, daughter, and… @victorlirio I was going to delete and start over. Then I said, f*** it, I’m tired. @victorlirio And when I start missing punctuation marks, I must be tired.Please take down the photos and videos you took of our show. We’re still a work in progress and it’s unfair to the…!!!!!!
My sense of time is so skewed. One week is starting to feel like two Or am I just getting old? Or has tech just screwed me up? @esangdetorres Congrats din sa iyo!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!! We had an amazing audience at our first preview!!! @victorlirio @OnceIslandBway Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!IT’S HAPPENING TONIGHT!!! PREVIEW #1!!! onceislandbway
Backstory's out!
This young man had just made history in Pennsylvania. Tyler James Titus was just elected as Erie City School Direc…
Retweeted by Lea SalongaFirst Transgender woman elected to State Assembly. First turbaned Sikh elected as Mayor. African American elected…
Retweeted by Lea SalongaA trans woman beat the guy who introduced the bathroom bill. A gun victim's boyfriend beat a delegate with an "A" g…
Retweeted by Lea Salonga
@clintramos As for my day, hindi pa ako bumabangon. I plan to stay under the covers for as long as I’m able. @clintramos Sa totoo lang, na-stress ako nang bongga!!! Had to channel Tita Pilita to get it right!!! So happy you #felloutlovedit!!!
@clintramos Because....... your part of the island is amply represented. Glad you liked it! I trust you're enjoying… theater audiences, you are entering a place of wonder. Leave the real world behind, and help us make magic. @analette Thanks! Just keep in mind that’s not the look for the actual show. I look pretty close to normal. But my costume is LIT!!!
Yup. Thanks again, Bobby Garcia. These are applicable for any profession, vocation, or… @syaneleben The run is open ended. But I'm only in it for 6 months.Bahaghari is out on iTunes!!! Woooot!!! In Peace, Isabel Granada. @EmMostoles Oh I’m glad you like it!!!