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Heads up: we don't have a Sunday night show because of the Super Bowl. We still have a Sunday matinee though. That is all.A lesson from Erzulie: The nature of love is a funny thing... we must learn to love people for what they are, not f… @JoMacaldo It may be a minute, we don't have discounted tickets right now. But, check out the lottery at the theater every day. @park24hrs Thank you for this, Michael. Truly, thank you.Just in case you didn’t know, we have a rare Wednesday evening performance of #OnceOnThisIsland tonight! Come visit… @JoannaAmpil Isn’t life amazing?More visitors! Thank you, #MelissaErrico and @mariofrangoulis for coming to the island! (Mario…
@saviorloki One recommendation is to see the film first, then read the book.Finished #CallMeByYourName by André Aciman tonight. Wow, I think I've just now finally recovered. Lots of sharp inhales while reading! @BenSPLATT @OnceIslandBway But thank you for coming back. But come on now, next time we'd LOVE to please give you a… @BenSPLATT @OnceIslandBway THE HELL!!! YOU DIDN'T STOP BY TO SAY HI!!! @aryaaaaannn God was fair. @miz_gina Hey, peddling quick fixes is financially lucrative, but for some folks, it's deadly. @aryaaaaannn No comment.It's on a day like today that I remember and realize that choosing to love can be a very difficult but necessary thing.I have a huge crush on @normlewis777’s vocal cords. And only his vocal cords. But I guess the rest of him is okay, too. @miz_gina Nope. My body knows what it tolerates, and it tolerates only Tylenol, which means I am required to watch…
@BertoNueva Ah, indeed, fair point. And only love can move mountains (I'm kidding). @mrbradgoreski @OnceIslandBway It was so wonderful meeting you too!!!!!!! I hope you come back!!!As someone that couldn't take anything stronger than paracetamol/acetaminophen following childbirth, this made me s… you for visiting the island, Matthew Broderick, @stevekazee and @mrbradgoreski!!! @ Once… @michaelarden @OnceIslandBway Love you, Michael!!!!!!! @ajholmesmusic @OnceIslandBway You two are too kind!!! Thanks for taking the time to see the show! Safe travels to… Monday. Not getting out of bed unless necessary. Will curl up with a book until I have to prep for work. @JaneMonheit Yes indeed!!! How are you? Oh, was at a friend’s home some time ago, and he was playing a vinyl with y…
@jpedrovaldes @VRodriguezIII Yes!!!!!!!! Such a lovely guy!!!Wow, @BenSPLATT's performance of Somewhere from West Side Story. Breathless and in tears. That was perfection!My God, Patti LuPone singing Don't Cry for Me, Argentina IN THE ORIGINAL KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I. Am. Dead!!!Thank you, @vrodrigueziii for visiting the island!!! Bring the cw_crazyxgf crew next time! Yes,… CONGRATULATIONS!!!
A lesson from Erzulie: Make the choice to love, no matter how checkered the history of the other person might be. A… @analette I LOVE IT!!! Not as steep a learning curve as initially thought. It helps when the hubby @RobChien is savvy at new tech. @Lin_Manuel Please hug Kyle and Marcus for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @thetamlyntomita Happy Birthday, you wonderful woman!!!!!! @park24hrs What kind of sorcery is this??? @michaelarden Oh, I do.Rest In Peace, Maryo J. Delos Reyes. @AngeliPV @mjfelipe @RegalRoselle Seriously??? On no, we’ve lost another one.
Thank you so much for this, you guys!!! @victorlirio Post a video or it didn't happen!
Paging @will_roland and @Noahegalvin ... @KristolynLloyd has already paid us a visit to the island. When will your… the Gods heard her prayer!!! We’ve got new photos!!! @OnceIslandBway @macbuenafe Mac naman! Ano ba?!?!?DYING!!!!!! Credit to whoever made this!!!!! hive mind! Where can one find palayok for traditional Filipino cuisine, as well as a grinding stone to g…
Backstory’s out! and @ryancayabyab!This is for @Gerard_Salonga, @alvinhoughpiano, @LynneShankel, @maverickceejay, @cecilelicad, @rony_fortich,… @michaelarden Oh good, you're back! Welcome home!Bravo, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, and the more than 150 women that spoke up against Dr. Larry Nassar. Madame, you ar… @HulyoRam @EvaNoblezada You gotta love these little coincidences! @KumeSalud Which type of yoga do you do? I'm open to trying new things! And, the chat was enjoyable for me as well, so thank YOU! @ArchieneRoss Oh, it's part of the territory, please don't feel bad for me! People will think whatever they want, a… @realmiyam But you are also absolutely correct. Anyone placed in a position of power will have so much more expecte… @realmiyam So it's a reminder for me too, that if I sing something wrong, I gotta acknowledge the mistake, fix it, and move on. @realmiyam It's more a general thing. I've done more than 50 performances now of @OnceIslandBway, but at our last v… @MerleDandridge @Hueb_Official Love you back! @urwin_glenn @MerleDandridge @Hueb_Official It's getting more difficult, what with the dust mites, moths and spiderwebs. @KumeSalud Sigh. But one cannot remain silent forever, especially on something hard and fast. As for yoga, that sou… great power comes great responsibility, as well as greater expectation.It takes humility to admit fault, and I laud anyone able to do that, no matter how big or small the mistake. @KumeSalud Oh it'll happen. I'm only human, but I'd like to think I'll nip things in the bud and retire before that… @victorlirio @OnceIslandBway Oh the bard takes precedence always!!! Next time!!! @asamb186 @MochaUson I just wrote what I think of the whole dengvaxia controversy. Kindly check. Thank you, bye. @lizquen_mv @amdeleon24 @MochaUson Thanks for this. And now, we all know. @LeaMichele @OnceIslandBway Thank you for joining us, Lea! It's not often I meet a namesake, so today was very spec… hurray!!!!! @Bluebird_Rage @racketbreaker @lizquen_mv @MochaUson I laud her for admitting the mistake. That takes humility to d… @jpmriccardi @milbiiiiin My apologies, I should’ve clarified. But yes, apparently a currently active volcano moved… all due respect, we can’t change geography. That is all.To all my friends at @PhantomBway, most especially my Fil-Am sister @aliewoldt, HAPPY 30TH!!!Do not ignore this headline, no matter which side of the political divide you’re on. When is… @gobituin Ano daw??? @victorlirio @OnceIslandBway You wanna come later? Tapos kain?
There were school shootings on Monday and Tuesday. Sigh. When will this end?
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@MerleDandridge @Hueb_Official I cannot with you, woman. Why you gotta be so effing pretty? @JimmySmagula @lorensharice Thank you, Jimmy! You're very kind! And yes, @lorensharice is amazing! @MikeyBustos Hiya! Just letting you know my daughter Nic is a huge fan. She considers herself a member of the…