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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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@WillChaseMe Oh dear... but here's a bit of trivia. Luke Evans was a Chris in Miss Saigon. A couple of his Kim's are friends of mine.
Not everyone is meant to do theater. And that's perfectly okay. Every artist has their own medium in which they excel. What's yours?Saying the bill failure was the Dems' fault when you never reached out is like blaming your love life on people you never swiped right on.
Retweeted by Lea SalongaAnother death in the family. Sigh, life is just too short.This made my jaw hit the floor. Wow, Sam Shoaf. Wow. #YFSFKids
@molicutie I guess it's a case of doing what you're great at. Not everyone is comfortable creating original work. @MikeyBustos Well! We have to make that happen then!!!
Two days of Blind Auditions down. My goodness, the talent is beyond amazing. You're all in for a treat!Everybody say YEAH!!! #KinkyBootsMNL!!!!!! Cannot wait for this!!!!!!! #KinkyBootsMNL @nyoyvolante my God YES!!! And @abigailspencer I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!
Ohhhhhhh who indeed? Find out soon enough!!! #KinkyBootsMNL!!! It all starts today!!! #AngStressBow on, onion-slicing ninjas again. Damn, @grantgust, gorgeous performance. And @pasekandpaul, home run.'s out!!! @MyJaps So wonderful hearing you! You are incredible!
Beware of anyone attempting to sell fake and unofficial merchandise with my face and/or name. Thank you.The original legend of Mulan existed for over 1,000 years without the music. The new film will stand proud and tall without the songs. @IrishDDizon No! Unless that music is organically included, huwag na lang!I ask for two things from the live-action Mulan: one, an Asian actress that'd be believable as a boy or a man, and a hunky Shang. @hyunseonq I said they didn't. And they wouldn't. The nerdy fellow... well then.Hang on. This may just be a great decision. If the live action Cinderella is any indication, we're in for a... on. This may just be a great decision. If the live action Cinderella is any indication, we're in for a really… episode of @CW_TheFlash... starring actors that actually do sing AND dance... that were trained in musical theater... I CANNOT WAIT!
Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.................................... @analette I'd wait and see. If there are going to be songs, they have to come from an organic place. And hire kickass triple threats. @analette And Ming-Na as the matchmaker. She's such a badass. @analette But I would like na it's not identical to the animated one. Kelangang iba. And please, sexy Asian men!!! Please!!! There's tons!!!Or... take a cue or two from Yentl, where the music was organically intertwined with everything. That might be another idea to explore.Nic is fine, and is her normal, bubbly self. To those that sent messages of support and understanding, thank you. Much appreciated.So what do I think about the live-action Mulan not having the songs? I think it's pretty cool! Let the film be a different thing altogether! @peterdizon Oh dear... what happened, and who do we have to hurt? @jedmadela Be honest, and be kind. Don't ever lie, kids can smell BS from a mile away. Have fun!I may have to start refusing photo requests from fans now. Thanks a lot, you guys. I hope you're proud of what you've done. #MadMama @skinnystar__ Or zoo animals. @raymsmercygun I edited it po. Hehehehehehehe.If she develops a hatred for fans, I honestly cannot blame her. On behalf of all artists, please respect our personal space and boundaries.And you do not want to see me angry.For the most part I try to be accommodating. But when you mess with my kid and make her cry, you've messed with me.Let me get this off my chest. There were some fans who yesterday approached my daughter. Afterwards she ran back to me in tears, scared.I love you, @neiltyson. I'm still starstruck by you. #!!! @WillChaseMe @DancingABC @ABCNetwork You've never been more handsome. So shut it about feeling old.Yeah, what she said. @betsytuazon Masochist ka lang siguro.Thank you to our audiences that came to #FunHomeMNL! And now we're flying away, after 30…
Happy 21st Birthday, @EvaNoblezada!!! Have a fabulous day, feisty one!!!
@CallMeLeggs @Lin_Manuel Oh, it was fabulous!!! And THANK YOU for bringing attention to the single foster mums! Blame Marina Chapa-Knopfler.Only two more left before we put it away. That's right, just two. No extensions, no repeats.… @victorlirio CHECK THIS OUT!!! this. an impressive kid. you, @MichaelPaulson. The Battle of ‘Miss Saigon’: Yellowface, Art and Opportunity #StPatricksDay! ☘️ @JonJonBriones @EvaNoblezada @alistairbrammer @gorachelleann Kapatid, shucks ang guwapo mo lang! Stunning, you lot!Why of course I pull out my #PleaseHelpYourBigSisterCard in case of emergency. Thanks always to @Gerard_Salonga!!! @babyvalium Let me know if you wanna watch again! @andymientus I shall, hee hee!!! @analette Hey, it's one of mine when I'm living in the US! Something about folding laundry that's peaceful and calming.Dear @Lin_Manuel, kindly take a look at this. to #KinkyBootsMNL will be available on ticketworldinc starting today at 12nn!!!!!!!!…
This is our final weekend. Four more performances. No more reruns or repeats. We fly away after… you, @NCCAOfficial!!! @rajolaurel Wow! He's got the moves!!!Only 5 more shows!!! #FunHomeMNL
And if you're a parent thinking of bringing your children to #FunHomeMNL, please do your research first before you buy your tickets.Okay, just so we're clear: in #FunHomeMNL there are gay and lesbian scenes. If this makes you uncomfortable in any way, please don't watch.We. Are. Back!!! We start filming next week!!! @TheVoiceABSCBN night over at #FunHomeMNL. Talk about a flair for the dramatic. @SubtleSoprano August! @neramretsof_m Ohhhhhh the scenarios already swimming in my head........ @StaffordArima Especially my friend in the middle.Yes. Oh yes. All the yeses in all the world! two weeks before I hit the road in the US & Canada. Tickets are very limited. Visit... two weeks before I hit the road in the US & Canada. Tickets are very limited. Visit God, @CynthiaEriVo. Good Lord Almighty, you are just beyond description. Bravo!!! @ShowbizManila @CrisVillonco @mkkbee Thanks for coming to see us again!!!Goosebumps and tears!!!!!!!!! @pixarcoco
I'm with @HarlanCoben on this.