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@andymientus Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss.
Our quote of the day is from American journalist Edward R. Murrow
Retweeted by Lea SalongaYES PLEASE!!! Thank goodness Home Ec was being taught when I was a kid. latest from Nicole. She's a huuuuuge fan of @iHasCupquake and hope she gets to see this.…!!! Yes yes yes!!! when will Flint, MI get clean water again? for the gun show, @MichaelCollabro., yes. No matter which side of the aisle you stand, you have to give the man his due. #WordsArePowerful
@kayeAnne_15 @osnapitzvk In the case of that song, we need a little bit of preposterous, ridiculous and impossible.… @Lin_Manuel Care to share with the rest of the class?!Saw this at the airport. Of course we bought it. @justinenarvios @TheVoiceABSCBN Hi, Justine, please hug your flower crown-wearing sister for me! Tell her I miss he… @TheVoiceABSCBN This is the sister of one of our #DisneyIDareToDream finalists Jaden Narvios. Who'll one day become… @wickedtin And that is a high compliment!!!
@gangbadoy Science FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- love, a former biology majorBoom. #MarchForScience to Here Lies Love at @seattlerep esp to @JaygeeMacapugay, @iammarkbautista, @MelodyButiu and #SheaRenne!! Welcome back, @JustSarahG!!! isn't always determined by blood. And enemies don't always start out as strangers.Okay, time to sleep. Have a flight tomorrow. Naples, FL, here we come!!! Thanks for your questions! @osnapitzvk By being so well prepared your body takes over. @chayt33 Depends. What do you wanna get out of it? @DannitzPaclipan Just practice. But slowly. @YowItsArianne Hard to explain kasi over the Internet. But the labor should be from your core. Imagine that expandi… @osnapitzvk Oh that's computer editing. I can't do that for real. @EasterMarisse Let your body do the work. @MsKayeFretzie Trial and error. @franskiiieee Listen to your partner. Team effort yan dapat. @krzzakla Depends on the teacher. Once a week should be enough. @stinethefangirl Yes, with disastrous results. @Gdeguzmannn Keep the technique as natural as possible. @cloiecanto For me, yes. @iamshanatividad Uh, it's important for music in general, period. @theMadMajesty Ay mali. Falsetto is wonderful. @ninorockerz Chest - C Mix - E flat Head - G or A. Lowest - E @kayeAnne_15 A teacher does help. @xcyleasce08 If it's not there won't force it. @_chardawnella Hmmm... depends on the sound. @imfranzdacs Depends on the singer. I don't like cold drinks but other singers do. @Kiarariffic What the hell?!? @DearAteLea At least 16. @Abbyaasss @LealoverLea @_dayleemata It's just better. Not necessary but it's better if you do. @iampolengdown How else are you going to stay in tune? @_chardawnella You shouldn't feel pain when you sing. @pauffig A few weeks. @franskiiieee The latter. @SediMey It helps. @ImCamille247 It's a muscle so take it slow. @CecileVizcaya Take it easy. @ayemamey Try jumping up and down to release some of that energy. @cloiecanto Your gut will tell you it's the right fit. @afchesca Nope. @imfranzdacs Depends on the song and the genre. @krstnsophia Yeah. You can lose range. @_chardawnella Start slow. @DearAteLea Thankfully not to that extent. @SediMey Practice. @msdsantillan Sing for fun! @iampolengdown Yup. @chayt33 Shut off your mind and think of something else. @_dayleemata 15-17. @pearleaaa @bjorkmendoza I'd rather do alto. The harmonies are normally more challenging and I like that. @effeiydee Not sure. I mean @luckymanzano has one. But he can't sing. Blessed ba yun? @CecileVizcaya First, don't shout. Support your speaking voice. There should be no pain in your throat. Let your bo… @msdsantillan Oh yeah. They help speakers too. @shin_yeongmin Okay, what song are you trying to sing? @ansunchoi Excavate your life experiences. Find places in the song that mirror your life. Personalize the song. @Aishiteru_MsLea Make baon air. @Joanabells23 Oh I'd go see a teacher first. And practice a lot. @_dayleemata Natural lang. @neenaytena Use at ends of phrases. Try for practice, straight note, then on command, use your vib. @pearleaaa Complete vocal rest yes. @iampolengdown Sing something easy to start. Nothing too fast or too high or loud. @EmMostoles At that point you don't aim to sing professionally. Sing for fun. @delator_lance Keep a more real sound. Nothing too put on or affected. @bjorkmendoza I don't know. I'm a mezzo that occasionally sings soprano and my voice stays there. @xcyleasce08 Shoot him an email. @damnwinslet Yup. If I need to sound younger I tend to get my chest and mix warm. Older, lower belt and head. @_nicolaaay Depends on the song. Ideally staying relaxed is always a good thing.