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Write, sketch and explore big ideas, then see where they take you. #OneNote

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@GordonWright Hi, are you using English (UK) for other Office programs? @_diandrac Oh, no! Can you give us more information? What error(s) are you receiving? @Mattshuku We're thrilled to hear you're liking OneNote so far! How're you getting along with it? @Isabelle_Adler How long have you used OneNote for, Isabelle? @NickGrzeda That's what we like to hear! Thanks for the shout out. ☺ @torrinj Oh, no! Were you able to recover your notes at all? @vwoelders @MarioAsta1 Way to go, Mario! You're a star. Thanks for sharing this, Victoria. ☺ @katie__cox Way to go, Katie! What were some tips you taught them? @_wuest Yikes, that's not good. Let's help you find them. Try this: @narunp Thanks, Narun. We appreciate the continued support and patience. @narunp Is this a new or ongoing issue for you? @Spiced_n_Hoppy It's no wonder you're a pro! If you ever have feedback for us, we'd love to hear your thoughts. ☺ @RealDotNetDave Keep us posted! @arehman_altaf Let's get this issue fixed. Scroll down to 'Contact Us' at the bottom of this page to get started: @RealDotNetDave Is everything back to normal now? @Spiced_n_Hoppy You're good. 😉 How long have you used OneNote for? @herrehrenreich We're only a tweet away if you have any questions -- or just want to say hello. ☺ (2/2) @herrehrenreich Well, it's your lucky day because we've got a whole bunch of tips and tutorials to give you: (1/2) @herrehrenreich It's a pretty great color, isn't it? 😎 We're happy to have you using OneNote! What device are you using? @Ptaah_LSG Sharing is caring. Don't be like this: 😏 @gwelch31 You learn something new every day. 😉 What do you use OneNote for, primarily? @4KM If you have any questions about OneNote, be sure to let us know. ☺ @_neckbeard OneNote isn't so bad. 😉 Give it a look: Let us know if you have any questions! @dharavsolanki Also, let us know if you have questions about training! @Spiced_n_Hoppy What did you do to earn such high praise? 😄 @mark_lawler You're the best. We appreciate you immensely, Mark: ☺ @dharavsolanki This is music to our ears. 🎶 We're thrilled you're liking OneNote so much! If you ever have feedback, let us know. @jitendravyas @taniarascia You've got the right idea, Jitendra. 😉 If you have any questions, Tania, let us know! @FoodWbhs We're ready. 😎 If you're looking for some resources to keep handy, check this out: @WolfYouTube153 Oh, no! We're sorry to hear this. Try these troubleshooting tips and let us know if they work: @cardo_714 That's a pretty great trio right there. 😉 How long have you been using OneNote for? @perrinia @ryantracey Oh, hey there:
@RealDotNetDave Did you lose any of your notes? @simonpbarrett We like your style, Simon. 😎 @mrdoornbos That's frustrating. Reach out to our Support team at the bottom of this page so we can get this fixed: @arehman_altaf Do you have multiple versions of OneNote installed currently? @snick512 What version have you been using? You can use OneNote for free: @SumterInTech You're awesome! Sounds like they will be rocking and rolling with OneNote in no time. 😄 @am___a_ If you inserted the file as a PDF printout, you can resize, scale, and rotate it: Does this help? @mrdoornbos Are you still having this issue? @dharavsolanki Well, we've got some tips and tutorials to get your friend up and running with OneNote: 😁 @Tataylor4 We're just trying to make your life easier. 😁 Keep us posted on your OneNote experiences! @edbilodeau You're welcome! We're here if you have any other questions. @edbilodeau Hi Ed, are you not able to see "New" and then "OneNote notebook"? @dharavsolanki Fantastic! What device is your friend using? @fraserspeirs Oh, no! Are you still seeing this issue? @prastham We've got a lot to offer you, that's why! 😎 Check out all the things you can do with OneNote for iOS: @CBLenapeMS It sounds like Lenape has things organized pretty well. 😉 Let us know if you ever have questions or feedback! @kaleimai We like the sound of this. 😁 Do you sing this tune while you're working with OneNote? @snick512 Why are you leaving? ☹ @SylviaRegine Join us, Sylvia: @Mrs_STEM @OneNoteC Once that keyboard arrives: @narunp Hi Narun, we apologize for any issues this may have caused. We will pass this along to our team. Thanks for the feedback. @OneNoteC @Mrs_STEM That's right! Let us know if you have any other questions. @Tataylor4 Awesome! What features are you finding the most useful in OneNote? @AndersonTBK8 We're thrilled we can bring parents into the classroom! Keep up the great work. ☺ @aq6722 We love hearing this! If you ever have any questions or feedback for us, we're just a tweet away. ☺ @mrdoornbos We'd be happy to have you. ☺ Have you imported your notes over yet? @Connectedplane Hi, what version of OneNote are you using and on what device?
@SumterInTech Way to go, Chris! What tips did you teach them? @melaniepinola What a fantastic write-up, Melanie! We appreciate your support. ☺ @arehman_altaf Oh, no! Are you still seeing this? @Tataylor4 We're happy to be a part of this! How were you using OneNote? @abejenaru Ouch. 🙁 What changes would you like to see made? @plime42 Thanks for sharing this out, Jose! @HarryMortimer That's what we like to hear: @afrstywaytospk We've always got your back! What are you using OneNote for? @srpnor Are you sure that's not what you were actually going for? @emcnutty_ Oh, no, that shouldn't be happening. ☹ Let's help you get this fixed. What device and version of OneNote are you using? @HarryMortimer The feeling is mutual, Harry. 😉 What are you using it for? @_richardbaker We like your style, Richard. 😉 We look forward to hearing how it goes! @_Pukey_ If that doesn't work, try closing the notebook where this is happening and reopen it. @Torettox84 You learn something new every day! We can't wait to hear about what you discover next. 😉 @Torettox84 This is literally music to our ears. 🎶 Are you adding music to a note for a reason or just to listen to while working? @RobWinckler We appreciate you, Roberto: 😎 @buckleychelle That's what we strive for. 😉 What features help you out the most? @Torettox84 What new features did you discover today? 😁 @gauranggoswami3 What are some changes you would like to see in OneNote to make it more user-friendly? @tpeckmans You're welcome! Let us know if you have any other questions. ☺