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@BrokenCanoe We hear you! Be sure to vote for this ability here: @mbanks_geog Let's see if our experts at the Answer Desk can provide some more insight: Keep us posted! @CassandraB Thanks for sharing that with us! 😊 How long have you been using OneNote? @ReasonBrigade Ah! Let us know how it goes tomorrow. @TomasTyner Sounds good! We'll be sure to let you know if anything changes. @cmason7 Nice! Be sure to let us know the results. 😊 @amyszczepanski We understand! Good luck on your hunt. 😊 @dawsonmaths That makes sense. Keep up the great work, Charlie! 😊 @herr_foertsch We're so glad to hear that! Be sure to let us know if you ever have any questions. 😊 @TomasTyner Ah, we see! You can also use OneNote Online. @qForce1 Aw, thanks! @itgoran Nice! Do you use it on multiple devices? @mbanks_geog Are you using a Class Notebook for this? Addtionally, can you see the quiz in OneNote Online? @ReasonBrigade We're sorry about that! Was tech support able to help? @amyszczepanski Interesting! Are you set on pen and paper or would you ever consider a digital notebook? @fl_orangey Ah, that makes sense. In that case, you should probably use one you already have! 😉 @ptsioufis Thanks for the feedback, Panagiotis! We'll be sure to pass this along to the team. @cmason7 What are you currently using OneNote on? Hope you get that Surface! 😊 @herr_foertsch Great! How is your overall OneNote experience going? @sarahbarabe Thanks, Sarah! 😊 How long have you been using OneNote? @rumitrumitov Welcome to OneNote! 😊 Let us know if you ever have any questions. @orderwithchaos Downloading OneNote sounds like a lot less work! 😉 @TomasTyner Hmm, which version of OneNote are you referring to for that? Depending on what device you're using, you have other options! @dawsonmaths Awesome! Thanks for sharing that with us. Have you ever used Class Notebooks: @hcpoc Ah, our bad - didn't see the date on the top! 😅 @iAshik1 That's amazing news! Thanks for the update. 😊 @amsimkin Nice! Be sure to let us know if you ever have any questions. 😊 @JennSWhite No, but you can add a PDF printout to your OneNote: Let us know if that helps! @gennatay Great! Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. 😊 @_mobadr Awesome! What do you mainly use OneNote for?OneNote's redesign has improved accessibility features for those who use assistive technologies. Learn more:… @laralynne920 This is awesome! 😊 @angiesteedley Awesome! We 💜 visual note taking. @SinnArts If it helps, then keep doing it! 😊 @thesimpleparent With the OneNote app, you can keep your notes with you wherever you go! Check it out: 😊 @amyszczepanski Ooh, what kind of notebook are you looking for? @httpoppai We need to see examples of these notes! 😉 @panicvolkushka No way, this is great! 😊 @fl_orangey Have you tried keeping notebooks online to stay more organized? @cry5tal You could always make an online wedding planner! 😊 @DenaKhalafallah That's awesome! What do you use to take notes with on your laptop? @mathsatschool Awesome! We're excited for you to try it out. 😊 @cmason7 Don't worry, totally normal. 😉 @shelpike Yay! We're so proud. 💜🎉 @HoyleViolet Ooh, what'd you learn about? 😊 @MrsASoto We're so happy to hear that, Amy! 😊 @_eodonnell Sweet! Way to stay organized, Erica. 👍 @terigray Woohoo! Is this your first time using OneNote? @Cullen4EDU Awesome! What are some of your favorite things about OneNote? @y_sotomayor Hi, Yadiel. Which version/device would you like to see this on? @BradShreffler It's never too late to come back, Brad! 😊 @moreofmorris We think you should listen to Josh. 😉 @michellelzhang Multitasking at its finest! 👌 @TomasTyner Aw, what would make OneNote better for you? @dawsonmaths That's funny! Do you plan your lessons in OneNote too?New updates, new features, new stickers! Check out all the latest from #OneNote: #edtech
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNote @dt_grant That's awesome! What are some things you're loving about OneNote? @internetraj Mistakes have definitely been made here, Raj. 😉 @esquitor Just looking out for you! 😉 @csookla1 What a great idea! Hard to imagine snow right now though. 😅 @hcpoc Well... Did it rain? 😅 @MS_IT_Trainer Woohoo! 💜 @abr4sumente Oh no! We hope you remember it! 🙈 @nwareing Ouch! What would make OneNote better for you? We're always looking to improve. @Voidpen You've completely changed the way we think about character development. 😅 @amsimkin We love hearing that! What are some features you find especially useful? @DanielGlenn We'll be sure to pass that along to the team! 😊 @gennatay No problem! Are you still unable to use your Apple Pencil? @mbanks_geog Hi, Mike. Tell us more - which version/device is this happening on? @prasad1287 Thanks for reaching out! We encourage you to add those suggestions to our UserVoice forum for review: @karenmworld07 If you've been upgraded, you can't go back to the old version. Learn more about the new OneNote: @ohsoearly Nice! What do you mainly use OneNote for? @1stGradeBuzzzzz Woohoo! Good luck today. 🙌 @ReasonBrigade Let's get this figured out! Is this happening across all browsers or just one? @DoniTomos The Office 365 desktop version of OneNote (OneNote 2016, 2013) will not be getting this update. @FalltoEarth Hmm. Let's have you reach out to our Answer Desk for more in-depth support on this: Keep us posted! @afaikianap We encourage you to vote for this feature here: @tarakraft We're sorry to hear you're not enjoying the new OneNote. We appreciate your feedback. @markwalker Oof! We're sure our friends at @Outlook would like to hear more about this.