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Capture and organize ideas instantly with Microsoft OneNote.

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@Rainesy88 Have you tried it out yet? @Jo_Feingold We adore your enthusiasm! @CVSTech Awesome tip! Thanks for posting. @K_Wehmeyer Thanks for sharing the news!
@cmcnulty4 Time to celebrate! πŸŽ‰ @michelledennis Thanks for sharing! @mrcoker We appreciate you spreading the word! @MrBDaly Sounds like your class is very organized! @samanthahutto19 Collaboration is key! πŸ™‚ What have you been learning about OneNote? @mjchiera Thanks for spreading the word! @signemoen We're still laughing at how awesome that GIF is. πŸ˜‚ @lblane22 Thanks for sharing, Lindsay! @kbeimfohr Woohoo indeed! We're glad you're excited. 😊 @msallenteaches We appreciate you sharing this! @Lunalynx It's so awesome to hear that! We can't wait to see what next year brings. @labeveryday Awesome work! @Lanny_Watkins We hope you feel this way every time. πŸ˜‚ @AndrewNRoxanna Following in your footsteps! How adorable. 😍 @techn0joy We have a confession. We love you back. @ObscuredSicaria We have lots of cool features! Check it out: @hobiehenning Whatever works best for you! Are you working on any exciting projects right now? @eggg That's a great setup! Do you and your coworkers collaborate in OneNote? @musicadc2013 We're glad you think so! @Paxxi Thanks for thinking of us! Sounds like you use OneNote on-the-go a lot? @kaymagpie Thanks for helping us spread the word, Kay! How do you use OneNote? @salvocacciato We appreciate your support! @DNAdiahan Welcome, Diahan! Which features are you liking so far? @nonanalogue @UnicornBottles Thanks for the shout-out! What are each of you writing about? @msambassador6 Thanks for sharing the news, Ranetta! @Lethrr We're here to help! What file format is the download?#sketchnote about first words of @sethpat Keynote Do you like my chameleon? @SPConf #SPC18 #SharePoint…
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNote @hollydornak SO awesome! @MegLKoury Yay! What are some of your ideas? @LefeversJay Hey, Jason. Did you try clearing your credentials? @J619Shannon Thanks for spreading the word, Jo-Ellen! @benb3342 Welcome to the dark side... Just kidding! How are you keeping your notebooks organized? @TomsWhisky You're welcome! @LuiseFreese We like the chameleon and the fish! These notes are beautiful. πŸ’œ @RoyalStandard We hear you, Tom! What features would you like in particular? @TomsWhisky Makes sense. Well keep up the good work! Photography is a great hobby. @skinnypidgin We really appreciate you sharing your experience. @jamesenloe It's great to know it's working for you! @VoiceOverIPGuy Well, welcome to the OneNote family! We're always here if you have questions or concerns. @michaeleherman That feature doesn't exist yet. We would love to have you add the idea to our UserVoice page: @danibev2349 Dropping some wisdom! @TomsWhisky Wow! Do you have a darkroom? @Sc0ttRalph Oh, no! Did you see an error message? @realDotNetDave We're blushing! 😍 @Smetad_Anarkist Which version of OneNote are you using? @ShieldsColson 😊 How did they like the assignment? @skinnypidgin Thanks for your feedback about tags. We'll pass this along to our team. @waynecaissie We're so glad to hear that, Wayne! @mothercutter You're not able to use format painter if OneNote Windows 10 either? @sqwrell Thank YOU! What are some features you find helpful? @T_Linnovation So awesome! Way to get parents involved. 😊 @lkkraus913 Aww, thanks Linda! How do you keep your notebooks organized? @5Hmishra Thanks for the feedback, we'll pass this along to our team. Do you experience slow load time with other web pages? @MsSchultSUHSD We're glad you think so! @michaeleherman You want to search by date modified? @VoiceOverIPGuy Woohoo! Will this be your first time using OneNote? @AndersJanders We're glad you had a good time! @Office @SarahlynnLester We like this idea! 😊 @gribbly Well keep it up! You've got a great organization system. @photoperform You're welcome! Let us know if you have any other questions. @EmmaThirkell Absolutely! Keep it up. πŸ’œ @MyGuySi Are you using the Mac version of OneNote? @TomsWhisky Have your photography skills DEVELOPED over time? πŸ˜‰ @TracyAltheide Ah, okay. If you ever have more questions we're a tweet away! @ArkHiTxt That feature is not available on Android at this time. You can give your feedback about this topic on our… @writeright_now πŸ˜πŸŽ‰ We're so happy! @jaime_drew1 We love hearing that! We hope you'll share how it goes. πŸ’œTurn rough into refined. Learn how to convert handwritten notes and hand-drawn shapes into clean digital renderings… @gribbly We love the idea of the "Check it out!" section! Do you ever collaborate in OneNote? @mrsvruiz You're welcome! πŸ’œ @danibev2349 We love the enthusiasm! @jamesenloe Phew! We're glad you got it figured out.
@Geneva304_Sci Thanks for sharing, Jill! @kdelder139 Save those trees! Do you use OneNote currently? @gribbly Thanks for the shout-out, Cameron! How do you organize your OneNote notebooks?