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Write, sketch and explore big ideas, then see where they take you. #OneNote

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@chrsstrm Try going to and logging in there. Then wait a minute, quit OneNote for Mac, and open it again. @riyadhctg We value your feedback. Also, check out these "Best Practices" for syncing: @PiperJDrake You made a good choice. 😎 @redjen We're happy to hear that! What are your favorite shortcuts? @Timewatcher Hi Joshua, you can export an entire notebook into a single PDF. Have you done this? @wheninaustin Hi Terry, are you looking to move your Quick Notes into another notebook? @despair Hmm, that's frustrating. Have you tried logging in with a different account? @theLillyFisher We love it! What device/version of OneNote are you using? @CDT_Bellshill We're thrilled to see them using OneNote! How are they getting along with it? @undulycritical You're one of our most favorite people. 😏 What do you use OneNote for? @aablueprints How long have you used OneNote for, Angela? @adambretz We'd be thrilled! Check out our blog for some updates you may have missed: @andrea_bianco We appreciate the kind words and support! What have you been using OneNote for lately? @MsWaltonUpdates We've always got your back! 😄 If you ever have feedback or questions for us, we're right here. @gleemurdoch We can certainly help with that! What device/version are you using? @SCaldwell_CBSD That's quite the dynamic duo right there. Don't you agree, @Office? 😏 @despair We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. What device are you using and is the issue only happening on one device? @redjen You could always change the location of the toolbar. You can place it below the ribbon! @efiniracer The feeling is mutual. ☺ @DRTigerlilly Correct. It's only available for Windows 10. We do encourage you to provide your feedback here: @dteneycke1 Fantastic! How's everything coming along? @nwhsbusiness We make quite a team, don't we, @surface? 😄 @emilyecf Best of luck! Let us know how it goes. ☺ @lywyn We're happy to hear that! Let us know if you run into this again. @lancesgood We're just trying to make your life easier. ☺ Let us know if you have any questions! @DRTigerlilly Are you using the Windows app for OneNote or OneNote 2016? @JMSantolin We appreciate the feedback and will pass this along to our team. Thanks! @aford78 That's music to our ears. 🎶 How do your students like using OneNote? @cczerneda Have you downloaded the OneNote Clipper? @HuntHenning If you ever have any other questions or input, be sure to let us know. @miketc Our reading comprehension was poor for that tweet. 😁 What features do you find most useful? @HuntHenning Also, you can keep an eye on what we are working on by checking out our Roadmap: (2/2) @HuntHenning There are no plans currently, but we're always open to new ideas. Please post your feedback: (1/2) @tfwboredom They may not be as special as we are, but our friends @Office are always happy to chat! 😏 @The_russ_man We can help! What can we assist you with? @vrillusions And we happen to have a macro that can sort pages! (2/2) @vrillusions Hi Todd, there is no native feature for sorting pages, but we have an add-in called "Onetastic" you can download. (1/2) @HannahSeger1 Phew, we're glad to hear that! And we're always here for you. 😁 @mikeymo1741 That's what we love to hear! How are you getting along with things so far?
@aliiicehong We don't want any part of you in a fight! Our chances aren't so good being a computer program and all. 😏 @failathon Thanks! Also, you can check and see what we are working on by having a look at our Roadmap: @failathon We do, however, encourage you to provide your feedback on our UserVoice page for this idea: (2/2) @failathon Ah, yes, you can share an individual page on the Windows 10 version, but not for Mac right now. (1/2) @itsmichaelwest Put them in your OneNote. We wish you the best of luck: @aliiicehong That's a great use of OneNote! How's the progress coming so far on those resolutions? @TheRichWoods @itsmichaelwest Don't think we are letting you off the hook on the bad memes though. We expect them. @nogithewriter We love hearing this! What features help you out the most with your writing? @shaylaanthony We're always listening to user feedback -- our team reads the UserVoice forum -- and we value your ideas. (2/2) @shaylaanthony We appreciate the feedback. You can provide your input on this idea on the UserVoice page: (1/2) @mikeymo1741 We'd be thrilled! Have you imported your notes over yet? @CoachKarlaB We're not so bad at OneNote and our friends @msexcel have a pretty good understanding of Excel. 😏 What can we help you with? @itsmichaelwest Please be nice to Zac. @Shadow_Dog We sure hope not! How are things going with OneNote so far? @caaaaris_ Yes. Here you go: @bama221 We do what we can. 😁 We've always got your back! @HannahSeger1 Oh, no, we don't like hearing this. Is this still happening? What device/version are you using? @cczerneda Practice makes perfect! What types of notes do you have? @AH_XCIII You can't spell 'OneNote' without 'elite'. 😎 @cphamwong Sliding into your life like: @aliiicehong It's pretty cool, huh? 🔥 What are you using it for? @lancesgood Better late than never. 😎 What features are you liking? @failathon What version of OneNote are you using? @gisellesolsan We might know a thing or two. 😏 What device and version are you using? @caaaaris_ When you discovered us: @nielsdillen We encourage you to provide your feedback for this idea on our UserVoice forum, here: @erangatennakoon But, aside from syncing your notebooks from another OneNote app, you can't insert local OneNote files. (2/2) @erangatennakoon Ah, so you're trying to Insert/Upload a file from your local computer? Got it. You can Insert a Word document. (1/2) @out_l00k Could you please follow us so we can DM you? We want to help you resolve this. Thanks! @MissL_QoH4 You and your students are the best! We always love seeing what you're up to in class. ☺ @DLambertsOnline You're welcome! For best practices on syncing, give this a look: @Adriana_Lacy Let us know if this works. @BrUSciences We'd be honored. ☺ Let us know if you have any questions! @lywyn Oh, no! Let's try to resolve this. What version of OneNote are you using and on what device? @hallmr1972 Hi Mark, you can always check out our Roadmap to see what we're working on: @DRTigerlilly As for ink replay for desktop, you can do this with an Office 365 subscription: (2/2) @DRTigerlilly Oh, no, we're sorry to hear this. We really appreciate your support and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. (1/2) @Adriana_Lacy Hi, yes, we're here to help! Try signing in to and log in from there. Quit OneNote and sign back in. @JMSantolin For what device? You can currently enable "Experimental features" on iOS and Mac! @baldy_hodges What's wrong with purple? 😎