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John Munson @munsongs Twin Cities, MN

Minneapolis musician: Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, The New Standards, The twilight hours. bass and other things

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So that's something I've never done: watched the voice but Alicia Keys made a compelling case cause that guy can straight up sing #truth#VoiceSaveChristian
See 2016 out with two New Standards shows over two nights @DakotaJazzClub. 7 & 9pm 12/29-30. Tix on sale this Fri 10am.
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TY @munsongs @dessadarling @mayorcoleman @JoelGHodgson @abywolf @GaryLourisMusic @ChastityBrown @newstandards for a…
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Interactive timeline map on pipeline route change. #NoDAPL #StandWithStandingRock
Retweeted by John Munson @christi10118704 ask @WhoIsRupert @GettingGophery White Winter Hymnal. Fleet Foxes.So many mixed messages. Picture of some sniffable, mag called Vice, but "don't do drugs" while glamorizing @jmessersmith it's good to treasure joy!Nothing feels better than coming out after singing Snow Days early in the season and seeing snow tumbling from the sky. Magic.Our victorious Gopher Women will be ranked #1 after this weekend
@thenewstandards #holidayshow #musicphotography #itsallrockandroll @canonusa #canon1dxmarkii get tix for tonight!!…
Retweeted by John Munson @kevanjackson @DanWilsonMusic @portablephiloso @ComedyCentral @Lin_Manuel that is a man who has a pure relationship with music. Love it. @DanWilsonMusic @munsongs @portablephiloso Yay!
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Penny Larsen Jewelry made some amazing charms for this event! I know cause that's my wife!
So in a season of thankfulness these things are on my mind. Thanks for listening.Without the community of musicians here in MN and the audience which supports them, my life would have little meaning.It has been a tremendous gift to help preside over a joyful celebration of season and community. And I am esp mindful of the community todayWith @newstandards holiday shows launching for the tenth year tomorrow I'm feeling immense gratitude to all the artists who have come along. @larsleafblad @newstandards @Bandcamp such a great song. #givelove
@HarMarSuperstar type of food is the critical piece of information missing. Low heat in oven or moderate heat with a little water stovetop
Want to go it alone? Sale on select single seats to our Holiday Show at the State Theatre ends this Sunday:
Retweeted by John MunsonChia Trump has answered so many of my holiday needs. Thank you Ch ch ch Chia Trump
@trash24713 @PPoyner very. @larsleafblad @Vikings to watch is to suffer.That's how we do it! Yes! #vikings. Oh yeah!! @PPoyner @trash24713 because we WILL do it. @kwmurphy wildly underrated record. @trash24713 MN takes offense. We have stayed smarter longer than CA even.This coming Friday The New Standards take over! Save $6 per ticket here >
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Music Assistant Position available with @TheCurrent...Check it out!
Retweeted by John MunsonCan only imagine that Trump supporters feel betrayed with the news that he will not jail Hillary is open to Climate etc Up next, no wall Ha!
Listening To @TheFlatFiveCHI again today... utterly charming and awesome in every way. See em with @TwilightHours at @TurfClubMN 12/9Great article on Gopher BBAll woes by @brittrobson in @citypages Such a wonderful sportswriter.
@Nylons huge challenge for me. I have asked for an explanation in light of my multi-racial family and how offensive Trump is on that level @jonathancoulton @GOP @Evan_McMullin what could you possibly expect? They are drooling and cannot be interrupted by things like conscience @BuffaloBeauts @meganebozek MN needs a women's pro team. Why don't you start it Megan?! @andrewzimmern @Eater a must visit every time I'm in New York. Western Chinese Cuisine is THE BEST!And great hearing Daniel Corrigan telling his stories. Get his book Heyday if you love great photography and rock music. @thelocalshowBaby Heartbeat was the first local tune I heard and loved driving along Snelling on KQs local show. That was awhile ago... @thelocalshow @JosephScrimshaw time saver! Thank you!Great bass playing on @heiruspecs tune on @TheCurrent just now. Nice work @twinkiejiggles
@trash24713 ...but not without a few missteps. @trash24713 I think that it's undeniable that some of the high points of 20th C music were mounted by these Liverpudlians... @adamfelber well put. I will remember that appellation. @markmovies a good story. @GettingGophery revolution #9 anyone? @PPoyner one can venture that opinion about a lot of the later stuff I think. As the band atomized it got worse. Still much to love though @trash24713 not hard to find dross in that recording. @1song7questions I knew it was someone's favorite. I love the vocal. Hate the song. Though there are others I like less in the world.Triviality: worst Beatles song? There are a number of late career dingers but I nominate "Mr Moonlight" from Beatles For Sale. Anyone?
@larsleafblad @thefriends @stpaullibrary @jetpack Beth is the bomb to use an antiquated term. @JDVance1 @mattyglesias my own hope is that the Democrats can discover some stones and give as good as they got. #skeptical @larsleafblad check out Hillbilly Elegy. Great for empathy.
@AmeliaRayno oh man. I just faced this down with one wide eyed 9 year old and one knowing 13 year old. Tough tough tough.Time for some anti-anxiety doobies. See you on the flip flop.I hope you all realize what you just got us into... this isn't a football game now.The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency is nothing less than a tragedy for America, David Remnick writes.…
Retweeted by John MunsonComey must be indicted. @abryant34 welp... g'night! @abryant34 she has a record of significant public service to start including being a senator and Secretary of State. Trump = Nada. Playboy.. @abryant34 thanks man. Different strokes etc... thank you for your service. @abryant34 Trump is such s horrible example to all children. He is truly deplorable. Nothing to aspire to and no sort of commander @abryant34 well we have a basic disagreement there. I do not subscribe to that particular narrative.Trump certainly no better in that regard @LemieuxLGM @kathlanpher staying alive!! @abryant34 not terribly optimistic though! @abryant34 who is supposed to do the job of politics if not politicians? I wish Trump wisdom and a capacity for compromise.That is politics @abryant34 I really wonder if people will get what they imagine from him. I think he is clueless about policy. America cannot be what it was @abryant34 who did your party nominate? Characterize him for me.We were the last place to turn... a refuge... and now what? Where can people run to with a xenophobe misogynist president?Yay! Our Somali citizens asserting themselves @aholmaas @johnmoe oh of course he was joking... what a dork I am. @pboblett @Lutsen_Tofte @LutsenMountains yep!Folks, don't forget to stay in line! If you're in line when polls close, you're entitled to cast your ballot.…
Retweeted by John MunsonTake a break from election coverage to make Thanksgiving plans. Come ski @LutsenMountains on Black Friday for FREE.
Retweeted by John Munson @JerryZgoda enjoy the game. That is a fine place to be this evening. Jealous.Anxiety Level Status Report
Retweeted by John MunsonThis is super cool… a real-time Vote-O-Meter, both popular and electoral…updated live..
Retweeted by John Munson @johnmoe if you are in line you can vote. Without question.