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John Munson @munsongs Twin Cities, MN

Minneapolis musician: Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, The New Standards, The twilight hours. bass and other things

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Culture Pioneer: a proud legacy. @amyklobuchar @RepTomEmmer @alfranken Make MN proud by calling this WH to account. 1st Amendment is central to democracy. Yr constituent
Breaking News: The Times and 2 other news outlets were kept from attending a briefing by Trump's press secretary
Retweeted by John Munson @amyklobuchar @washingtonpost Please continue to draw attention to these outrageous sideshows, but INVESTIGATE RUSSIAN TIES PLEASE!
@richardmedek that's a calculus I cannot.Holy crap! There's an "@alt..." for nearly every department of our government! What the hell is going on!?? Very alarming.
@christhile and band are quite spectacular and I'm not just saying that because they just played Closing Time. Nice sounds guys. @AliLozoff @DanWilsonMusic @christhile @prairie_home @TheFitzTheater not a bad run at that old classic, Chris and co!Make your life beautiful!
@rosannecash you are... and it is not okay.Every so often I have to check in to make sure I am not still twenty. I am not. And that is.... okay. @johnmoe Singing in my Sleep is a song lovers love song.
@yavapieman @MattWilsonMusic @astercafe probably okay to just show up.
This @steadycraig band is sounding quite awesome down @FirstAvenue wayThursday night @MattWilsonMusic and I will play a bunch of new songs at @astercafe Still learning them, so expect desperation, joy.You could not make it up! Now considering guy who shared national secrets with his mistress for the post! What a parade of dumbasses!!
Watergate is the biggest political scandal of my lifetime, until maybe now:
Retweeted by John Munson @amyklobuchar Please conduct a thorough investigation, Senator! Signed, your constituent. @FirstAvenue @pfurs @RobynHitchcock i think i saw this show in 1985! And it was awesome!!
@jmessersmith what are you selling!? @Jen_Boyles and yet hard to imagine anyone doing better than Bruno did. @Jen_Boyles when i recorded at Paisley splitting days with Prince he looked better at 9:00 AM after recording all night by himself @Jen_Boyles Bruno pointed up (again) how perfectly put together Prince ALWAYS WAS.Chance is real. @jmessersmith prince would never wear such ill fitting trousers.Prince tribute... sadly the proof that he is gone gone gone. Crying again.
@dark_shark thank you for this reminder of how cool one can be!OMG: Stephen Miller promoting voter fraud. Latest WH screamer.... perfect mouthpiece for his loudmouth boss. Good day sir.Stephen Miller presents like Hitler Youth.
Hardware store trip real cost? Heat of the Moment caught in my brain!!! Agggh!
In the northern ex urbs they all rock out to @kvsc881fm as i am right now!Another #Semisonic 'Great Divide' show added at @FirstAvenue on June 17! Sign our mailing list for pre-sale info:
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Semisonic fans, now is a good time to sign up on the bands mailing list... DO IT! NEWS!!
@BoingBoing @sxipshirey what a moron... you could not make it up.Large #MuslimBan protest in downtown Minneapolis right now. Fuckin' A.
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@KerriMPR any Trump SCOTUS pick is a sham based on what senate did prior to election. Constitution in tatters after that one.
To my man friends: in order to get along in the world you need to overcome your reluctance to flush urinals.Come on guys! Just wash up after
@Busdriverr a wall that also did not work.I'm sorry but Nick Jonas is not hockey music. Not even in the same vicinity. Sorry Nick. Hockey music very specific genre.It's real. If you support @realDonaldTrump you endorse a gratuitous, grotesque, unforgettable national act of ethnic and religious bigotry.
Retweeted by John Munson"Everything is fine. Rip off the band-aid." What? @ReinceAs a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I can tell you this is a "Holy Crap" moment
Retweeted by John MunsonHolee shit. They All Lives Mattered The Holocaust
Retweeted by John MunsonThank you Germany.
Retweeted by John MunsonBannon in 2013: “Lenin wanted to destroy the state, & that’s my goal, too. I want to bring everything crashing down…
Retweeted by John MunsonI'm going to write a song about The Brooklyn Judge. In the last verse, she sends Steve Bannon back to the swamp.
Retweeted by John MunsonHey @SpeakerRyan The Pope just said you can't reject refugees and call yourself a Christian. Pretty sure he was talking about you.
Retweeted by John MunsonDear people enforcing these unconscionable and illegal orders: Historically, "I was only following orders" has not been a solid defense.
Retweeted by John MunsonExcuse us, @SpeakerRyan, looks like this fell out of your pocket. Would you like it back?
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You were right, Mr. Vice President.
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The St. Louis was a ship full of Jewish refugees that reached Miami in 1939--but the U.S. feared refugees and sent…
Retweeted by John MunsonTickets now on sale for 3/25 Cedar show! Get em!!!
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Wonder what POTUS will say when “voter fraud” investigators find nothing. Because THERE IS NOTHING TO FIND. Those are just the facts.
Retweeted by John MunsonFor every retweet this tweet gets 5¢ will be donated towards mental health initiatives. Lets see how much we can raise! #BellLetsTalk
Retweeted by John MunsonLenin wanted to destroy the state, my goal too. bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” -Steve Bannon
Retweeted by John MunsonRepublican Congress People: this is the system that put you in power. Are you all frauds? Speak out!! Show some spine.Each time DJT says our system is fraudulent it is an axe blow to the tree of liberty. If it falls, what are we left with?I am waiting for a group of responsible Republican Congressmen to step forward and respond to the false claims @realDonaldTrump is making.@BadlandsNPS was just forced to delete all their tweets stating facts about climate change. Here's one that you ca…
Retweeted by John MunsonCall your representative in Congress and say you object to 640m acres of national land being privatised. #resist
Retweeted by John Munson @mayorcoleman @mnwild I was so happy to see him come back. Liked him the first time around. Love him the second time around.Tell it like it is. So glad for no pussyfooting. "Lie." That is strong. That is true. Trump's FCC chairman nominee is bad news for musicians:
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Amazing read: Trump’s Vainglorious Affront to the C.I.A. via @newyorker
Retweeted by John Munson @ka29ra ach. I see. Sorry. I'm on a hair trigger. Just feeling desperate and so many people are telling artists to be quiet. @ka29ra feel free to disagree with me, but don't tell me what to do.
OMG. I cannot stand it. How can we possibly deal with KellyAnn and Spicer as mouthpieces? Truly have gone through the looking glass..@KellyannePolls no credibility. Boom. The sound of new administration blowing up.His bust is in the Oval Office.
Retweeted by John Munson @pattonoswalt @CNN well, he's saying things that make him seem insane. But that has been true for awhile.Next Week: Minneapolis, MN - Jan 28 at First Avenue
Retweeted by John MunsonNot too many pussy hats at @mnwild game tonight.
@maggiemacpherso @winnerbowzer looked like 100k +/- to meHey ladies, just remember to say you were at protests to avoid this douche am certain 60k is low the way to the Cathedral is what impresses me.
Retweeted by John MunsonI can’t believe every woman I know is marching in the streets and CNN is showing Trump pretending to believe in God. #WomensMarch
Retweeted by John MunsonIt's OFFICIAL #WomensMarchOnWashington is biggest inaugural protest in HISTORY. Sorry Mr. Trump, THIS is what a pop…
Retweeted by John Munson @RobynHitchcock @zombeck this is a charade the right goes through every time they take power. Once people realize Kermit is in balance stops