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John Munson @munsongs Twin Cities, MN

Minneapolis musician: Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, The New Standards, The twilight hours. bass and other things

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For those wondering why musicians are pissed - via @thetrichordist
The Wild is asking season-ticket holders if they want to stick /"Crowd Chant" or switch to "Let's Go Crazy!" as goal song. An easy choice.
Retweeted by John Munson @MyLittleBloggie Malala is powerful. Love her.Go see @rationalfunk at @Crooners_Lounge tonight at 7:00. Crazy great musicians. And a very cool emerging music venue in FRIDLEY. @MyLittleBloggie What speakers move you?
Chicagoans and Northern Suburban denizens! Please join us at @evanstonspace to celebrate our new record release!!
Denver Airport looks and smells like a tent. A very old stinky tent.
Woke up this morning/ Feeling fantastic/ That can't be changed/ By cynics sarcastic
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@aeklund @larsleafblad it's in a witness protection program in central Utah. @larsleafblad I just had my "dream big!" tank re-filled by a big dreamer. Thanks Lars!
@SlingshotAnnie @daviddeyoung @DanWilsonMusic no WAY! Love seeing our music in Nordic Nations! Please have us over for a visit!!.@MattWilsonMusic and @munsongs have hit a home run with the new @TwilightHours album! Long time fan since the #tripshakespeare days!
Retweeted by John MunsonMy response to Uptown always used to be shaking it. Now I cry. @TheCurrent
Checking out @JakeRudh Let's Go Crazy at @FirstAvenue a little pre show and freshly amazed by Prince's genius. So many great tunes!!!!
@nickdonohue undrinkable Bud Light. I keep it in my porch as a warning: this is what happens to crappy beer here.Greetings fans of .@wits my rock band has a new record. Give a listen or buy here. Miss you! @johnpstrohm I would love to get you a copy of new @TwilightHours record John. Any format you desire. Digital here: is bad, @munsongs, even if we sell a ton of vinyl featuring .@DanWilsonMusic's voice here:
Retweeted by John Munson @MattWilsonMusic @DanWilsonMusic would he even care? He disdains praise! But I love him anyway... @Rschooley @ReutersUS read: where is Turkey again?GOP Establishment Relieved After Conventionally Abhorrent Beliefs Make Way Onto Presidential Ticket
Retweeted by John Munson @martin_devaney @paper_sleeves @Femiakuti @TheCedar I must admit that I never have tried. Dunno... Some stuff I don't want to understand @paper_sleeves @TheCedar I can hippy dance with the best of em. Gonna make that! @paper_sleeves @Femiakuti @TheCedar spoken like one who knows! Never saw Fela one of my heroes for life. Will see Femi one of these nights @DanWilsonMusic @MattWilsonMusic on a lighter note:did you see the amazing new Trip Shakespeare Tees, Dan? Get em at @DanWilsonMusic @MattWilsonMusic uh oh Matt! Gandalf is mad!!! @LocalCurrent @MayorHodges @mayorcoleman @swellecat @MattWilsonMusic @theabe2000 it's a delicious stream of harmonyyyyyy!The day is upon us, ready or not! You asked for it, @MayorHodges and @mayorcoleman.
Retweeted by John Munson @stevenelsonmn end times @paper_sleeves @Femiakuti @TheCedar oh I wanted to be at this show. Sometimes your own gig breaks your heart for what you have to miss.My ancient old kitty just loves my cur dog so much. Just kisses her all day long. It is the sweetest thing ever. @ACNewman this is the sort of shit that engendered the verse "Jesus Wept."Early to @TurfClubMN were blown away by @BBGUNband Tonight @FirstAvenue come early 4 @RedDaughters before @TwilightHours becuz: GREAT BANDA day of @MattWilsonMusic & @munsongs music on @LocalCurrent?! @theabe2000 is in heaven.
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@bartkdt please speak to A&M Records about thatThank Twitter for tomorrow's @mattwilsonmusic/@munsongs marathon on @LocalCurrent!
Retweeted by John Munson @dylandhicks @MattWilsonMusic that made me pee a little bit. But most of that lush overlay is @DanWilsonMusic and his vocal chamois clothFans of Trip Shakespeare you can now represent with NEW TEE SHIRTS! Available at Ditch that threadbare 80s rag. @Juzkus @TheCurrent available through iTunes or Amazon or our bandcamp site @MattWilsonMusic Records also available at your favorite record stores (in the TC). @TwilightHoursAudiophile-weight vinyl "Black Beauty" and "Burnt, White & Blue" discs sittin' right here @munsongs
Retweeted by John Munson @MattWilsonMusic @TwilightHours awww Matt... Here it is! Our special day. And then a full weekend of US. @LocalCurrent
I don't care how loud Mario Kart is if the kids are playing it peacefully.A review of AMATEURS, #fiction by Dylan Hicks (@dylandhicks) #amreading @Coffee_House_
Retweeted by John MunsonWhen your ship comes in may it be afloat. @ChrisRstrib @TwilightHours hey .@MattWilsonMusic did u see?Matt Wilson doubles up w/ new @TwilightHours & '98 solo reissue, release shows Fri & Sat.
Retweeted by John Munson @stephenhero nice use of sport metaphor. @TheCurrent @Juzkus Kiss Away The Tears @JillRiley @MattWilsonMusic @TheCurrent Glasses!! ALL AROUND!!!Really appreciate your Counter Stories shows @webertom1 Thank you for putting forward new perspectives on @MPRnews
@cdflower @DanWilsonMusic @TwilightHours @MattWilsonMusic Dan u are welcome! We will find a mic for you to sing on!!!🎤🎤🎤Tomorrow at 8:00 @MattWilsonMusic and I barge into @TheCurrent studios and insist on our installment into The Pantheon. #nectar @MattWilsonMusic @DanWilsonMusic @cdflower isn't "clutching" the verb you were looking for? @DanWilsonMusic @cdflower @MattWilsonMusic Money can't buy you praise, Dan. Or didn't you listen to The Beatles enuf times? @cdflower @MattWilsonMusic @DanWilsonMusic Dan is all over this record! We love him too and he didn't even send a bill!! Not to me at least
@MattWilsonMusic @TwilightHours @sophiacollins @kfaiFMradio then takes you out for frankfurters at The Weinery. Serious mixed message.This AM at 11:00 @MattWilsonMusic and @munsongs will tag team @sophiacollins on @kfaiFMradio Should be punishing.
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@HammsSkyBlue @MN_Ad_Man @fultonbeer send some to cops and protesters.Sounding good @TheSuburbsBand y @PolingChandler
Could I have found the answer? Jackson speaking outside governors mansion today was pretty cool thing for him to do and a great thing to witness
If this can happen in Falcon Heights literally NOWHERE IS SAFE! So sad. So tragic. #BlackLivesMatter #philandocastile
@LocalCurrent will play me and @MattWilsonMusic exclusively for 24 HOURS beginning 7/16 on orders of @mayorcoleman and @MayorHodges
Protect Minnesota’s Boundary Waters, via @nytimes @POTUS listen and act to preserve BWCAW lands and waters. so hard to remain cool here at Orchestra Hall. #impossible. @juliaschrenkler sauna should be moderately snug. Conducive to intimacy. And chatting. @juliaschrenkler I assume you were surrounded by naked Finns? @AliLozoff I keep wondering why bill gates isn't send Minnesotans to Africa to take care of malaria using that very talent.Great to hear @SaraWatkins on NPR this am. New tunes sound great!!Can't quite believe APHC is done. Listened and loved for years. We won't see another one like him. #thanksGk @markusrill @DanWilsonMusic I suppose the main rule is that there are no rules! I'm slow to come to most music so that might be a factor.@abywolf's track-by-track breakdown of her new, nature-summoning EP
Retweeted by John Munson @DanWilsonMusic @markusrill I think it's true! It can't be easily swallowed. Has to hurt a little.Still some balcony tickets available for @newstandards with @mn_orchestra Saturday night. Get em!!
It is your civic duty to attend these performances. Both of them.
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@KerriMPR and stuff..... @KerriMPR firecrackers!Listening west of Sioux Falls! @KerriMPRFeeing after sleeping in Rodeway Inn: I will never be clean again. @ChuckTomlinson good times in Mitchell, SD, home of the Corn Palace.Hoping that the car is still out front. Because we need to get away from here.And also trying for hours to determine what the horrid smell was. Lime aftershave mixed with sock and a hint of singe.I spent much of the night wondering if the club footed man dancing above our room would come through the decaying ceiling.The Rodeway Inn in Mitchell,SD has lowered the bar significantly in terms of how horrible a place I can sleep my family. Truly awful.
@Nikuradse @johnmoe actually we used all sorts of covers. If it was between stuff and in broadcast it was almost exclusively instrumental. @PPoyner A symptom of the seventies. Not serious.On of those days where Carry On My Wayward Son just comes roaring through my addled synapses and will not be stopped. #Kansas
James Dobson decrees Trump "a baby Christian." You cannot make this shit up.
Rest in peace Bill Cunningham. You gave us such joy!
Retweeted by John Munson @DearDara it's not like I ever went there much, but it was important to know that I could... And now I can
Worried that @Kate_Casanova is going to try and turn @newstandards into a mushroom growing project at this years #wambash #wearenotafungus
@haleybonar were you maybe moving there forever? Not to get personal. @dessadarling @newstandards @mn_orchestra thank god we don't have to worry about that. #bigboyproblemsThe thing about the rickety houseboat you never would have suspected: interior dreams. and Dave demonstrate the Mississippi Twist #howtocavort #RockTheGarden
@BonnieSchock pretty stable for a shanty!Great to hear @thisispolica speak out about Northern Metals pollution at #RockTheGarden Good for you!As a person who doesn't like crowds, watching #RockTheGarden from a houseboat in the river is just right.Sounding good @AdamLevyGanesha and @MichaelSimon48