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Mutlu Civiroglu @mutludc Afrin, Diyarbakir, Kobani, DC

Turkey & Syria & Kurdish Affairs Analyst | Closely Monitoring #YPG #SDF #Afrin #Kobane #Rojava #Kurds #Kurdish #Yazidi #Turkey #KRG #HDP | Truth Only Truth!

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’We are part of a game’: The refugees stuck in ‘no man’s land’ at Turkey-Greece border @SkyNews and the collapse of Erdogan’s foreign policy @AlMonitor Turkey, Iran and ISIS’ regrouping remnants, Kurdish fighters are as determined as ever, writes @BHL via @WSJA boy took on Turkey’s fickle justice system; guess who won @AlMonitor günün ilk saatlerinde, Edirne-Pazarkule sınır kapısının çevresi... Buraya gelen mültecilerin sayısı artmaya de…
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Turkey's Syria Strategy Suffers a Blow in Idlib Russia go to war with Turkey in Syria? vows to escalate military action after 33 soldiers die in Syrian strike - @washingtonpost war: Brutal endgame in Idlib risks spilling over COMMENT | Aralarında çocukların da bulunduğu birçok göçmen Meriç nehri üzerinden Yunanistan'a geçmeye çalışıyor…
Retweeted by Mutlu Civiroglu"Bize verilen koordinatlarda Türk askerlerinin konumu belirtilmemişti. Vurulan terörist grupların arasında kaldılar…
Retweeted by Mutlu CivirogluSOHR: Turkish forces shell Tal Rifaat town hosting Russian military base to close Syria-Kurdistan Region border to block coronavirus @vvanwilgenburg #Rojava #KRGİdlib'de hayatını kaybeden askerlerle ilgili TRT'de skandal sözler: Kaybımız varmış gibi konuşuyorlar. Ne kaybı yah…
Retweeted by Mutlu CivirogluTurkey threatens Europe with refugees after 33 troops killed @ap Examiner: Suçlanacak biri varsa o da Erdoğan @DikenComTr @Voetnootje Hopefully soon 👋 @Biruni65 👋EU tells Turkey to 'honour commitments' to curb migration as hundreds of refugees head to the border @euronews have 648 new followers from Turkey 🇹🇷, Greece 🇬🇷, Egypt 🇪🇬, and more last week. See tickets to the border are now selling for 100 Turkish liras in the Zeytinburnu district of #Istanbul, #Turkey.…
Retweeted by Mutlu CivirogluTurkey opens frontier for Syrian refugees to enter Europe after strike kills troops sends warships to Syria, blames Ankara for killing of Turkish troops @Reuters offers Europe a test run for handling of former jihadis @PBS’s re-arrest of philanthropist signals alarm in Europe @AlMonitor #OsmanKavala Syrian Rebels Used American-Built TOW Missiles to Blow up Russian Tanks @TheNatlInterest war: Brutal endgame in Idlib risks spilling over @BBCWorld, with more dead troops, says it won't stop Syrian refugees reaching Europe @Reuters of Turkish soldiers killed in airstrikes in Idlib rose to 33 as per Hatay governor Dogan
Update: Social media have now been restricted in #Turkey for over two hours. Live network data show transfer of ima…
Retweeted by Mutlu CivirogluNearly two dozen Turkish soldiers were killed in an air strike by Syrian government forces a Turkish official says.…
Retweeted by Mutlu Civiroglu36 soldiers injured, currently in the hospitalHatay Governor Rahmi Dogan announces that 29 Turkish soldiers were killed in Syrian government air strikes in Idlib… war: 22 Turkish troops killed in airstrike in Idlib @BBCWorld of 22 soldiers marks Turkey’s deadliest day in #Syria @ft Governor Rahmi Dogan announces that 22 Turkish soldiers were killed in Syrian government air strikes in Idlib… @karsipencerecom Hatay Governor Rahmi Doğan confirmed that 9 Turkish soldiers were killed in Syria's Idlib by the S…
Retweeted by Mutlu CivirogluAt least 34 Turkish soldiers killed during airstrikes in #Idlib⚠️ Confirmed: Twitter has become unavailable across #Turkey as of 11:30 p.m. local time for users of national provi…
Retweeted by Mutlu CivirogluBREAKING: Disruption to Twitter service in Turkey on some mobile networks
Retweeted by Mutlu CivirogluAccording to SOHR at least 34 Turkish forces were killed in air strikes during the day in Idlib…“SOHR camera” captures funeral of the family whose members were killed in Turkish artillery shelling on Oqaybah vil… imposes sanctions on Turkish energy officials Credibility Rests on its Treatment of the Kurds via @intpolicydigestAncient Kurdish town in Turkey soon to be submerged @RudawEnglish #Hasankeyf Three Turkish soldiers killed, others injured and several vehicles damaged and destroyed as regime jets targe… Turkish soldiers killed in air strikes in Syria’s Idlib Parliament to vote on new Cabinet after weeks of jockeying via @TheNationalUAEChristen in Syrien: „Jetzt ist durch die Türkei alles zu Ende“ @welt #TwitterKurds dismisses Syria re-engagement amid Idlib showdown @AlMonitor’s Erdogan Accuses Pro-Kurdish Party of Criminal Activity #HDP’s at stake for Turkey in Idlib? @ft you want to follow me on @instagram —->> Youtube: —>>> @lologray79 😂Innovative way of protecting from #coronavirus :)’s cone of silence on Libya Burma Rangers Post-Mission Updates from #Syria @FreeBurmaRangrs We’ll Push Syrian Troops Away from Turkish Positions in Idlib'e yaptığım yolculuğu yazdım... Belki de bir daha göremeyeceğim Hasankeyf'i...
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New #coronavirus case confirmed in U.S. as outbreak spreads Turkish soldiers killed in air strikes in Syria’s Idlib @MiddleEastMnt renews threat to hit Syrian troops to stop advance in Idlib @AlMonitor @TrouskaSadeghi I saw this bird today :) @TrouskaSadeghi Always good to talk with you. Keep up the good work!EU parliamentarians slam Turkey over Kavala re-arrest, seizures of municipalities“Three members of the same family killed in Turkish shelling in #Afrin @RudawEnglish district” ISIS members killed in overnight Iraqi operations @K24English, @matthew_petti what does Rep @RoKhanna thinks about the Kurdish issue? What was your impression?Turkey’s Erdogan Accuses Pro-Kurdish #HDP Party of Criminal Activity @BloombergQuint @GoJacksWBB hit five consecutive half-court shots
Retweeted by Mutlu CivirogluUS has not supported Turkey in Syria’s Idlib says Erdogan: Reportşkanı Erdoğan: ABD'de bize verebilecekleri Patriot yok Conversation with Bernie Sanders’s Foreign Policy Ally in Congress @TheNatlInterestî li Îranê ji meleyekî re got Korona li mine , binêrin mele çawa baz dide 😁
Retweeted by Mutlu CivirogluWe must help Syrians bring ISIS to justice Set 3 Conditions to Support New Iraq Government calls for #Idlib cease-fire @AlMonitor Iran became a hot zone for #coronavirus in Middle East @latimes must help Syrians bring ISIS to justice @TheNationalUAE'Terror Investigation' Launched into #HDP Congress After Call from AKP Ally Bahçeli @bianet_eng
Retweeted by Mutlu CivirogluTurkey’s impossible contradictions in Syria @RudawEnglish
Retweeted by Mutlu CivirogluTurkey-backed forces accused of cutting water to Syrian Kurdish-run region @amberinzaman Kurdish #PYD party elects new co-chairs @vvanwilgenburg up Turkey’s Mess in Idlib and Ending the War / Aaron Stein • @WarOnTheRocks
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Trump says it's time the U.S. passes ISIS fight to Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria, focuses on oil instead @Newsweek forces accused of cutting water to Syrian Kurdish-run region @AlMonitor Officials Warn of #Coronavirus Outbreaks in the U.S. @nytimes Suriye ordusu, İdlib’de Türkiye’ye ait bir İHA düşürdü | @ahval_tr’s impossible contradictions in Syria @RudawEnglish Turkish Anka-S drone shot down over Dadikh.
Retweeted by Mutlu Civiroglu'Terror Investigation' Launched into #HDP Congress After Call from AKP Ally Bahçeli @bianet_eng says all schools to close until March 24 as measure to prevent spread of coronavirus embarrassment of an unknown language | @baysal_nurcan #TwitterKurds #Kurdish Health Minister of #Iran Harirchi who has been briefing officials & journalists in the past couple of days h…
Retweeted by Mutlu CivirogluTurkish Casualties Rise in Syria, but Ankara Wary of Confronting Russia Turkish forces expel workers in “Allok” water station threatening to stop pumping potable water #Egypt really have a stronger military than Turkey? | @ahval_en memories of #Syria, where the world collectively lost its humanity’ @Josiensor Blocked to Kurdish Woman News Agency @jinnews2 for Ninth Time #FreeTurkeyMedia the Gezi trial serve as a wake-up call for the EU? | @ahval_en