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@ostfale Happy birthday @arrasz ja... aber es gibt sie immer, diese Heulsusen und Nörgler @wolflook @jaxcon thanks for the detailed reporting, Wolfi ;-) @rotnroll666 @__Cloudia @malagant @mobileLarson Spacken Alarm ! :-)
@mwessendorf X-God-Help-Me
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛when in doubt, add a x-... http headerGetting ready with @rotnroll666 for our talk about Spring Boot 2 at #jaxcon join us at 15:00 in the Kongressaal.
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @lutzhuehnken haha! Alles klar! Viel Erfolg dir! @lutzhuehnken @martin_grotzke @jaxcon bitte slides posten! sieht super aus!Kurze Zusammenfassung meines Talks über util.concurrent.Flow @jaxcon am Mittwoch um 16:45h -…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @everflux @jaxcon @kakulty yay! Some @Jug_MS presence at this years @jaxconGood talk at @jaxcon about Angular learning and best practices by @kakulty
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛Awesome blog on I/O - if you’re not familiar with I/O approaches and choices for server-side code this is a must re…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @codepitbull ne, Kaka und Kakao :-) beides nicht gelesen. Altobelli der scheiss stink! Scheiss die Wand an! #AbInDieTonne🤢 @mojavelinux @ALRubinger yeah, great name for a great lawyer ✌️Are you using Keycloak? If so we would greatly appreciate it if you can take some time and answer some questions
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @bitboss @vlad_mihalcea @ArneLimburg geht doch! 😂🍻“The EU is not perfect, but it's the best idea we've had so far.” Well said Jurgen Klopp.I couldn't agree more!…
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Maven Golang Wrapper FTW :-)))))öder du Lauch! #Kruzifix #Kreuz #Bayern #CSU #Soeder
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛THE JÜRGEN!!!!! #LFC @mobileLarson Deine Muddar S04! @ApacheRocketMQ any links to the projects ? @olivergierke Thx! I think next year, things are more relaxed at home 🤘„Wenn mir Bayern mit unseren Flugtaxis den Weltraum erobert haben, muss so ein Kreuz an JEDEM Planeten aufgehängt w…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛So many great talks from OpenShift customers at Commons Gathering (Monday) and Red Hat Summit (Tues-Thurs). More de…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛apparently there are are Apache and Pulsar motorbikes ... #ApachePulsar :)Have a nice conference! is not a function
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @kito99 @greatindiandev yay! Enjoy it! @sebi2706 was always happy going there ! @mariusbogoevici @patriciabogoevi 🙏
It's important to reinforce: service mesh is not a new concept... It builds on previous generations of technology l…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛I'll be there at #kubecon + #CloudNativeCon as well, answering your questions about @opentracing and @JaegerTracing
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @wolflook @jaxcon @smeyen Enjoy! and a nice conferenceCome to this workshop and learn how to develop an intelligent application on Kubernetes from the ground up with…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @marcsavy @the_jamezp yeah, sure. but these news kinda annoy me … 😬 @wolflook @jaxcon @rotnroll666 @noctarius2k 🍻Asynchronous Bind with the @autom8broker via @openshift
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛:-( #Toronto So sick of this!"Running less infrastructure reduces your organization's operational and technical overhead." Yep, a shared reason…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @fhueske Thanks FabianBlockchain hardware implementation.
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @fhueske @stsffap @ApacheFlink @aljoscha @ApacheBeam @iamuce did those talks from the summit got recorded? @krisnova :-(watching #KafkaSummit live stream while eating my lunch epic set by kotelett&zadak this morning at #Katerblau - my office is at it! :)
oh that's good.
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @sjmaple @mitchwongho you have oxygen at home, or need to go to ER ? @sjmaple @mitchwongho Our twins suffer same, we have oxygen at home. You inhale with Salbutamol ? or Steroids ? Cor… Musk's productivity tips #productivity
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Man… I‘d buy a cheap BBQ cologne … 😃🤘! @olivergierke Prima! Ich hoffe alles läuft normal und ruhig @olivergierke Ist das ein Kinderwagen? Glückwunsch?!Hello Apache Qpid! Last time I looked at you, you were 0-9-1, and I was working at @kaazing #TimeFlies ... @rotnroll666 @slintes @luministech @RedHat @kubevirt Guess wat? We go large -> KäseWurstConf it is! You are happily… @slintes @luministech @RedHat @kubevirt Glad it finally happend :-) Looking forward to have you working for 'us' - Enjoy your days off 🍻Today is my last day working for @luministech. Many thanks for interesting > 3,5 years :) Now I'll enjoy a few day…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @ppatierno @dejanb Strava? @grdryn is that what you use too? I really should sign up :) @yanaga @airfrance Flying to Portland? @clemensv 🤢Introducing #Istio Service Mesh for #Microservices free #OReilly #ebook by @christianposta
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @monkchips I think Arsene is a good analyst, but not sure if @fintanr is a good coach for Arsenal !It's a little known fact that before Arsène Wenger came to England he didn't have any arms.
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#RedHat is a Diamond sponsor at #KubeCon + #CloudNativeCon in Copenhagen. Swing by our booth for the latest technic…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @dhill3r @hansolo_ change! But, this opens door for others ;-) @clemensv ich hoffe die steigen ab!CNCF CloudEvents arrived at its first labeled milestone: v0.1 #serverless #cncf #eventing
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛Best talk ever with @sebi2706 and his kids #DevoxxFR
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @rotnroll666 cheers! @Hameiste @JAXenter @dasniko zB ;-) bring halt auch Chancen für andere @JAXenter @dasniko Mein Grossvater berichtet einst, dass das Ende der CobolOne auch viel sehr traurig gestimmt hat 🤪 @JAXenter @dasniko Hach Gott… die Welt ändert sich halt… ;-)Oh my god, @starbuxman photo bomb! 😂🍃
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛I can't pretend that I'm not a bit sad. #JavaOne meant a lot for me and the entire @java community. The name had an emotional attachment...
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛So, a quick reminder that the Red Hat Summit is approaching fast, and, among other many interesting things going on…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛lekker!, @sebi2706 🤘