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@hansolo_ viel Spass ... ?!Richtiger und wichtiger Kommentar zu #Friederike aus dem aktuellen @DerSPIEGEL von @olafstampf
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛Spending a Sunday afternoon with all the things @apachekafka 😎 Working on another POC using #KafkaConnect #KafkaStreams @debezium + @MongoDB
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛
@goern geilFinally found some time to build a CO₂ Meter #prometheus exporter in Go. @PrometheusIO
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛
I just did a dry-run of my @devconf_cz talk on @ansible Service Broker and @redhatmobile at the local office space… @davsclaus kill the bottles! You deserve it! Share some w/ Mr. Camel !The party might as well get started. I promised myself a g&t when the book was done. The cognac is a present to mys…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛Oh, I should bring my winter jacket ❄️ request based testing for @ansible playbook bundles in @jenkinsci:
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛this winter is a pretty nasty one... @bobmcwhirter @majson Swiss finest cheese beers!
So... if @rotnroll666 was on untappd - would he have one unique check-in? But 10k total ? #Heinekeninteresting that @majson drank more unique beers than @bobmcwhirter Note for myself: -> I HAVE TO SCALE UP !!!It‘s funny to see how many co-workers are on untappd 🍺🙃 I am ‚mwessendorf‘ there ;-)Want to work @RedHatJobs? Come join my team on platform working on containers, Linux, and the future of computing!…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛AeroGear metrics with @PrometheusIO and @grafana, by @aliok_tr
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛OpenJDK 10 EA build available!
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @bdawidowicz @sebi2706 Sebi is biggest agile fannI know @hansamann @SAPHybris good luck and best wishes w/ the new gig ! @meistermeier @hansolo_ wife is stuck in Münster, lots of roads closed; Girls are still in Kindergarden, unable to… API is pushed to #EE4J repository! Good job!
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @gunnarmorling @strimziio A simple fix ;-)#Debezium's instructions for running on #OpenShift are using the latest @strimziio templates now. Big thx to…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @pilhuhn Alter ! @ppatierno @gunnarmorling @clemensv @ctron That 'Lorenzo Insigne' looser ? :-) @clemensv hab meinem heute morgen gefesselt 😜We haz storm 😳🍃 (Ansible Playbook Book) Development Tutorial – MediaWiki 1.23 + PostgreSQL 9.5 via @openshift
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @mobileLarson It’s not cold, just windy ... Put on your metal boots! To stay groundedJS Paint - A web-based MS Paint remake
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛Microservices with Eclipse MicroProfile webinar
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛Just blogged ... "Apache Kafka on Kubernetes and OpenShift : Barnabas is died ... long life to Strimzi !"…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛storm coming... is already crazy winds atm 😝🌩💨 @meistermeier @rotnroll666 echt? das lohnt sich? Wirken tut das nen bisschen... Assi 🤣
Metamorphose : Westfälisches Bruscetta @carolinkebekus #mettwoch
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛New blog post: #Prometheus Alerts on #OpenShift
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛Barbara Streusalz ... ❄️ @rbowen send it an email to celebrate it appropriate !New blog post: streaming data changes in near-realtime from #MySQL to #Elasticsearch via #Debezium
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @debezium @julienviet like here:'t you tried to run @apachekafka on @kubernetesio and @openshift yet ? Use #Strimzi project for that !
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛will bitcoin owners very soon start begging for money ?We are moving to our new AeroGear Google Group forum, please join us there for great community discussions on all t…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @christianposta @IstioMesh wow, congrats!!Honored and humbled to have been invited into @IstioMesh org as a member. Look forward to further contributions, he…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛Winter edition’s thunderstorm 🌩 brings us some snow 🌨☃️❄️ 😳
The boy starts reading numbers and characters - time to teach him some @golang ! #CloudNative #EducationI just published “Agile Estimations”
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @meistermeier coole Fototapete ! 🤪
Running #ApacheKafka on #Kubernetes and #OpenShift ... please welcome to #Strimzi with its first 0.1.0 release !
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @mirkosertic Imagine what would have been possible if you started reading the book already w/ the first edition 😜 @Pfrobinson yeah ;-)#coffee
A night out w/ the wife 🙃 @tsegismont Yea, they are! Thanks!! @ppatierno @gunnarmorling @clemensv @ctron your boy has goood taste! Buy him a #BVB jersey, even better! @gunnarmorling @ppatierno @clemensv @ctron lol @gunnarmorling @ppatierno @clemensv @ctron 🤦🏻‍♂️ @MatthiasJSax @apachekafka congrats!!
some medicine for da soul! #mojito do Objective-C developers buy clothes? .h & .m *ducks*
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛It's a shame that only the awful 'Robin Schulz' rmx of 'CamelPhat & Elderbrook's "Cola" is the radios play ... :-( @aheusingfeld @stilkov @innoQ ich mag die Aussagen! versuche meinen Tag enenfalls so zu organisieren und aufzuteilen
Wondering if #Spectre and #Meltdown fixes may be the culprit? @Bitbucket had issue yesterday.
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛Just wow! Moditect puts your #java9 app running in #containers on a serious diet. The @vertx_project example shows…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛Up and Running with the #OpenShift #Ansible Broker:
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛The #Ansible team will be back in #SFO for #RHSummit 2018. Make your plans to join us onsite.…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @nilshartmann @gunnarmorling Das sind schon geile Spacken !Tickets for microXchg 2018 are up for sale on! This year’s edition features even more talks and speakers!
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @gunnarmorling there is no El Capitan fix ? @markoluksa @ro14nd Congrats! I just ordered the 'combo' edition :)So, this just came in the mail... just so happens it's also today's deal of the day (50% off). Use code dotd011018a…
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@ewolff lt Amazon kommt es bei mir am 3. Feb an :-)
Ikea wants you to pee on this ad and if you’re pregnant, it'll give you a discount on a crib
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛
@christianposta will be showing off @IstioMesh with @RedHatEvents at Atlanta Microservices Day:…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Matulã ✌️🖤💛 @malagant @leighgriffin 🍺🍺🍺🍺home sweet home! Now we can come down... Also really glad I am able to now take a few days off, thanks @leighgriffin ! @vlad_mihalcea did your daughter require extra oxygen?