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@gunnarmorling @apachekafka which images are you using ? @vdemeest good luck !Working today at the @OpenshiftTrainR office from my friend @malagant, together with @slintes
Using @KialiProject to visualize @IstioMesh traffic from @KnativeProject eventing/serving on @openshift! 1 AfD-Anhänger mit HKNKRZ T-Shirt verteilt AfD-Flyer. Darf getragen werden, weil: Meinungsfreiheit. Bild 2 AR…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏and than, the awesome @markusthoemmes knows way more on mTLS than me! <3503 status code … or: I love istio !
@rettori that said - any recommendation for a _good_ aguardiente? Willing to try :-) @rettori It was Narcos Mexico!Yesterday, did some serious Narcos4 watching at my friends place! @cra congrats on successful show, Chris - have a nice week off!
@bgracely Thanksgiving prep work ? 🤔 @FrVaBe der @ro14nd is the man fûr das! @ppatierno I always thought my laptop is dirty ! 😂 Safevtravels, mate!
Happy, spicy, birthday @ro14nd ! 🌶🍻 @Kingwulf our old boss! lol @clemensv @CloudNativeFdn how did it go? any slides or recording online?
#Istio on OpenShift: Technology Preview 2 of Service Mesh Now Available
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏Late evening demo and script hacking w/ @cheddarmint on @KnativeProject \o/KNative? K-yes please! Check out the @rhdevelopers DevNation webinar, starting in 5 minutes (or on-demand, dependin…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏Today, we’re offering a vision of a #Linux foundation to power the innovations that can extend and transform busine…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏Care packet from @ro14nd arrived ! 🔥🌶🌶 THANKS ROLAND!!😘 I guess @slintes and @malagant will also benefit from it! ASCII art by @markusthoemmes 🤪
.@willb, from @RedHat, is waiting for you in Theatre 25 to give his “Probabilistic structures for scalable computin…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏hello dockerhub ... yu no deliver to me ?!Glad to see @KnativeProject on the latest @thoughtworks radar!
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏Congrats @debezium community!!, the latest @thoughtworks Tech Radar puts #Debezium on "assess" level! 🎉 "Debezium is an excellent choice [fo…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏 @ppatierno Now. I think. there is a reason some conferences have 'rock starts' - @ppatierno clearly is, not only because of the stage 😀AI #devoxx conference scheduling with @optaplanner @GeoffreyDeSmet constraints based planning
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏 @everflux @slintes @hansolo_ @malagant gute besserung; hab heute KinderdienstIn Rome, the Red Hat Open Source Day is the right place if you want to know how to run #ApacheKafka on #OpenShift w…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏Happy that v0.2.0 of @KnativeProject is out! 🎉
Learn more about the how's and why's of Apache Kafka - IoT, event processing, microservices - and how Kafka can run…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏Red Hat legt AMQ Streams für OpenShift vor basiert auf ⁦@strimziio⁩
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏 @rotnroll666 @rgielen @rhaix Prost ihr Spacken!
@gunnarmorling @DJCordhose @nilshartmann 🤢 @DJCordhose @nilshartmann @gunnarmorling aber sowas von! @gunnarmorling @DJCordhose Spießer! @gunnarmorling @Hameiste @mp911de dass du immer auf deinem sofa einpennst sag ich jetzt lieber nicht! @DJCordhose @gunnarmorling wenn Gunnar sich mitbringt gibts Bier ab 16:30 - vom Fass! @gunnarmorling geil!!!! Das passt ja wie Arsch auf Eimer!Herr #Gauland von der „#AfD“ kennt offenbar weder den Begriff noch die Idee der #Versöhnung - übrigens eine der Säu…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏Vert.x 3.6.0.CR1 released
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏Eyyy look who had the best rated talk today!! And even the best of the week 😜 @DevoxxBE @burrsutter @RedHat
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏The awesome @burrsutter doing a great session at #devoxx
Wenn ich die Schriftgröße vorher auf "klein" stelle, kriege ich die Blauen mit auf den Screenshot.
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏 @FrVaBe 🤢This #Java Stream API tutorial will explain how functional streams work, and how you use them. @jjenkov
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏 @FrVaBe feiner bremsklotz ?
@sebi2706 @aalmiray 😘 @clemensv danke!! @clemensv 4:0gut… das es nur vier stationen sind … @clemensv schwarz-gelb steht dem sicher auch gut! 🤪off to Lingen… the first xmas party of 2018 next DevNation Live: Knative - Going Native and Serverless on Kubernetes with @william_markito
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏
I like!⁦@natalevinto⁩ on stage at ⁦@CybercomFinland⁩ in ⁦@openshift⁩ meetup doing live demo on ⁦@KnativeProject⁩ on Opensh…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏 @slintes @everflux @hansolo_ @malagant euch viel spass !
@slintes @everflux @hansolo_ @malagant ich kann da leider nicht @christianposta @starbuxman 👍yes! #celticKubeVirt v0.10.0
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏 @hansolo_ @slintes @everflux @malagant ja! wann?Hrm….„Der Ivy Renderer wird die Interaktion von Angular mit dem Browser von Grund auf verändern“
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏 @wolflook @karakun @OpenJDK @jaxcon Voll die Ottos! @hendrikEbbers20 years of Erlang #CodeMesh
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏 @hansolo_ @everflux @slintes @malagant welll…. ;-) - Going Native and Serverless on Kubernetes with @william_markito Our next DevNation Live
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏 @mobileLarson @giftkugel @jaxcon mit oder ohne becks?! @wojtroken @darahayess @Espruino that is dope! @Jessieevaline @jaxcon @fernando_cejas @IBMDeutschland @nheidloff @IBMDEcareers @tsuedbroecker @IBMDeveloper cooles t-shirt! ;-) @bennetelli 👍Thanks!! @Jessieevaline @_lizzelo_ @ufried @ro14nd @smeyen @ewolff #CloudNative? lot’s of YAML and ENV_VARs ;-)! @debezium @nilshartmann fantastic !Check out this brand-new #Debezium demo by @nilshartmann: pushing #MySQL data changes to a web UI via #ApacheKafka
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏IF you use Kafka on k8s... @strimziio is spot on! Exposing internal/external ports is just a matter of `kubectl ed… Milan, it's time for the Red Hat Open Source Day in Rome next week! Register if you want to know more about A…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏 @olivergierke Glückwunsch, Junge! Alles gute Euch! 👍 @infrabot hrm... I seem to not receive mails on my AT _ apache _ org mail address @toberl @inovexgmbh @rotnroll666 emoji und animated gif fehlt :-) Und #nopants ;-)a nice deck! @olivergierke cooler neuer nick :-) Oder geheiratet👰 ?Enjoy the silence.... status.slack -> "Connectivity issues in Europe" @dasniko ach schatzi... das schaffen wir zusammen! @dasniko ALTER! @inovexgmbh @toberl Ahoy! Hast du deine Slides irgendwo online? Ich hoffe du erwaehnst auch den obligatorischen "N… talk from @sienaluke about securing our infrastructure simply with #NodeConfEU
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏EnMasse 0.24.0 released! More informationa at
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏I just realized that since 12.5 years I work from home! Aaaand I love it! #remotework @iamjoyheron @PRossbach @toberl coole, passende notes 👍 Mach seit 12.5 Jahren remote und es ist super!Remote First by @toberl #wjax2018 #jaxcon #sketchnote
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏Great work done by @vorburger to bring #Java 11 to the @fabric8io S2I builder image: Thank…
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏
@unterstein @EastlondonDev @kubernetesio @neo4j as in Operator-SDK ? @sienaluke what the ?
In a CloudEvent SDK call, speaking of AMQP transports, @clemensv made a joke on rabbit vs. 1.0 spec :-) /cc @dinghaIt is quite fitting that I am here in Istanbul to talk about Containers via #kubernetes and @openshift
Retweeted by ☁️ El Mátūlã ✌️🖤💛🎏 @michibusch du durftest waehlen? Cool!