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Well, well...if it isn't Brandon Boyd. INCUBUS-SONSoftheSEA

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11/19 2017
LA in two weeks w/ @VudajeOfficial for this ♥️✨We're super stoked!
Retweeted by Brandon BoydWhen someone says #breakfasttacos
11/18 2017
The announcement of @mybrandonboyd pop-up show make sure me feel like dancing🤗
Retweeted by Brandon Boyd✨👩🏼‍🚀👨🏽‍🔬👨🏽‍🚀🌈
11/17 2017
Save the date, Los Angelenos and travelers to the West Coast: I’m doing a pop up gallery at… strange and chaotic as the world feels today, there are still days when I wake up and think,…
11/16 2017
Listening to @IncubusBand in celebration of having physical tickets to their show in Cape Town @mybrandonboyd 😭❤
Retweeted by Brandon BoydGiving 8 another full listen and wondering how @mybrandonboyd @MichaelEinziger @JoseAPasillasII @DJKilmore @vatoben
Retweeted by Brandon Boydcan’t wait until tomorrow to purchase my @IncubusBand tickets for the Vegas shows!!!🙌🏼😭 #incubus @mybrandonboyd 🖤
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11/15 2017
Just got my tickets for Incubus in Cape Town and Pretoria. Can't wait to see my favourite band twice! Thank you @mybrandonboyd @IncubusBand
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11/14 2017
This was so funny! Nice work. 👍🏽 this made my day. Thanks animatingmusic ! For those of you just joining us, @incubusband our friends in Las Vegas, we're sorry to have made you wait, but we're excited to come see you next year with ou…
Retweeted by Brandon BoydSouth Africa! We’ll be playing Feb 24 at the Voortrekker Monument Amphitheater in Pretoria and Feb 28 at the Grand…
Retweeted by Brandon Boyd
11/13 2017
My number 1 band for the past 20 years is coming to South Africa! Can’t wait to see @mybrandonboyd @IncubusBand liv…
Retweeted by Brandon BoydThanks to the folks that brought this piece home with them from @PopAustinArt ! It’s always… thought I’d get to watch @mybrandonboyd live someday! Thankyou @Vh1Supersonic ❤️
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11/12 2017
Announcements left and right ➡️➡️ has all the details!
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11/11 2017
Lots of @incubusband tour dates coming together for 2018! I already miss gettin naked with… don't change people's beliefs. What changes people are feelings. Watch @SarahKSilverman tell Bill what she's…
Retweeted by Brandon BoydThank you @mybrandonboyd @artduet @PopAustinArt for an incredible day! 💜 Looking forward to all of the new exciting…
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11/10 2017
@myBrandonBoyd is having a special Meet and Greet session today from 4-6PM, stop by and see Incubus lead singer’s s…
Retweeted by Brandon BoydIncubusBand is coming to #India! #gigalert #concert Vh1Supersonic woohoooo we are so there!
Retweeted by Brandon BoydDrum roll please 🥁 for our Phase 1 #SuperLineup. (P.S- We're not done just yet) #Vh1Supersonic2018
Retweeted by Brandon Boyd😎 @IncubusBand coming to india. Getting to watch @mybrandonboyd the reason I became a vocalist and the rest of the ba…
Retweeted by Brandon Boyd @IncubusBand LIVE IN SA NEXT YEAR!!!!! Tour dates on their website! @mybrandonboyd you and your band coming to visi…
Retweeted by Brandon BoydYesss! Better late than never. ✨
11/9 2017
You guys, muh Dad is in #Austin for @PopAustinArt art thingy. Le sigh...I miss him a lot already…
11/8 2017
Come hang with me Friday Nov10th from 4-6pm at @PopAustinArt #austin #texas I’ll be showing… you soon dudes. I’m coming to #Austin for @PopAustinArt ! New paintings to show and Love to give
11/7 2017
If you don’t like Trump and his policies, then get out and vote. #ElectionDay
Retweeted by Brandon BoydIt's really hard to not just get so angry all the time
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11/6 2017
Brandon Boyd! @mybrandonboyd
Retweeted by Brandon BoydIt's time to #ActOnClimate
Retweeted by Brandon BoydI like it when you 👀 at me like I'm an 👽
Retweeted by Brandon Boydrituals - a set of fixed actions performed regularly, especially as part of a ceremony
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11/5 2017
May be crazy but I don't want to live in a dystopia where everyone walks around with a gun shooting at each other and there's no health care
Retweeted by Brandon BoydWhoa, this statement from @ChrisMurphyCT on the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting is extremely powerful. Wow.
Retweeted by Brandon Boyd“The ‘regret free’ life only exists in movies and in songs...”
11/3 2017
This is too good man! @tmorello @RATM
11/2 2017
I️ ❤️ You
11/1 2017
#hope you in #Austin @PopAustinArt ! I’ll be showing some paintings and handing out hi fives.’s your favorite Incubus lyric?
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10/31 2017
Bruce, the dog that lives at my house, keeps looking at me like, “why are you dressed like that?” #shame #HappyHallowenHappy Halloween from all of us to you!
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10/30 2017
Thanks to @unistudios @horrornights I love getting the poop scared out of me by teenagers… it a minute...
10/28 2017
Big Data’s gotcha number
10/27 2017
Is the 🤛 that got me 😵 today
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10/26 2017
It’s true! See you in Austin
10/25 2017
#shapeshifter you Saturday in #monterrey #mexico 🌹
10/23 2017
Gahhh! Just saw this today in Auckland 4 @IncubusBand 's concert next year 😍😍😍 I got so excited taking photos on th…
Retweeted by Brandon BoydYesssss 👍🏽
10/22 2017
I've worn my Enjoy @IncubusBand hat nearly every day of this rainy Irish vacation and now my departing gate is 421…
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10/20 2017
Don’t cha love this time of year? #bruce #brucieintheskywithdiamonds 👻 #POPAustin artist @MyBrandonBoyd discusses his influences and artistic aspirations. See more at…
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10/19 2017
Finally!! one of your shirts in Chile 🇨🇱 💜 Thank you @mybrandonboyd ❤️ @artduet #OptiMystic
Retweeted by Brandon Boyd#chile #chile #chile ❤️ you @mybrandonboyd and @artduet !! Feeling very #OptiMystic!! 💜💜💜
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10/18 2017
everything is terrible so here’s a baby lion cub learning to roar
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10/17 2017
Optimistic✨ Thank you @artduet & @mybrandonboyd ❤️
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10/13 2017
In this capture I am either in pure flow, free from thought while the entire Universe shakes,…
10/12 2017
#HugAfirefighter #NorCalFires
10/11 2017
MUST READ RECEIPTS 'Pence used a football game to make a point about how he doesn’t want players to use a football…
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10/10 2017
In my experience, making music is mostly listening. And I’m so blessed to listen to…
10/9 2017
Wow Nature really is beyond incredible. Watch this. It’s jaw dropping cool.
Retweeted by Brandon Boyd100 #OptiMystic tshirts are available at 12noon PST. Link in my bio. The voodoo doll of me is… big point in this piece: Cognitive biases aren't just cognitive. They depend on subtle feelings tht can be defused
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10/8 2017
Tomorrow (Monday) at 12noon PST I’m putting up 100 of these shirts. #OptiMystic I’ll post the… de neuf?
10/7 2017
GOP: NO ABORTION! Us: Yikes ok then birth control? GOP: NOOO Us: Wait so maternity care? GOP: LOL FUCK U! Us: Childcare? GOP: ASSAULT RIFLES
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10/6 2017
We rage so hard on #friday nights. #bruce have to say this in defense of humankind: No matter in what era in history, including the Garden of Eden, everybody just got there.
Retweeted by Brandon BoydLas Vegas we love you and our hearts are with you 💔 In light of the recent tragedy we are postponing our residency until 2018. @TheJointLV
Retweeted by Brandon BoydThank You #SantaBarbara wish we could howl at the moon together every night
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10/5 2017
Thank you, people of #santabarbara ! What a cool way to celebrate tonight’s #harvestmoon ❤️ I’m…