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Well, well...if it isn't Brandon Boyd. INCUBUS-SONSoftheSEA

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@mybrandonboyd Just finished listening to 8 for the third time in a row... I think imma just leave this on all day. #goodshit @IncubusBand
Retweeted by Brandon BoydOn May 20th, @incubusband are playing @kroq's #WeenieRoast!
Retweeted by Brandon BoydHappy birthday to @JoseAPasillasII of @incubusband!
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"Check this out...fuck that pre chorus!" Haha thanks @Skrillex @SPIN @IncubusBand #incubus8 to @kendricklamar and yahoo for us! Thanks @billboard ❤️ sure to tune in to @KerrangRadio tomorrow at 9pm & Sunday at 1pm to hear a special 1 hour @IncubusBand radio…
Retweeted by Brandon BoydGood morning! Listening to @IncubusBand new album, 8. @mybrandonboyd ❤❤❤
Retweeted by Brandon BoydFuture Headlines... 'and on the 25th of April in the year 2017, Aliens heard the new…
I'll bring the buns (of steel). YES @IncubusBand playing @KROQ #weenieroast.
Retweeted by Brandon BoydIt's a #WeenieRoast Y Fiesta!! The @KROQ #weenieroast lineup!
Retweeted by Brandon BoydCome roast your wieners with us at the 2017 @kroq #weenieroast @IncubusBand 🤠'll be playing this years @kroq #WeenieRoast on may 20th! 🎱see you there.
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This gif is strangely similar to a dream I had last night @JoseAPasillasII @michaeleinziger 🤔… album is amazeballs! Do I have a new favorite? Will it replace my number one fave @IncubusBand album, SCIENCE…
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My favourite band @incubusofficial released their new album #incubus8 yesterday & it rocks!! @mybrandonboyd
Retweeted by Brandon BoydThe new @IncubusBand album is incredible, still my all time favourite band 🔥 #incubus8 @mybrandonboyd
Retweeted by Brandon Boyd @mybrandonboyd Yeah, thank you, coffee and tea founders.
Retweeted by Brandon Boyd @mybrandonboyd I feel like Love in a Time of Surveillance and Throw Out the Map are perfect modern Incubus songs. Also future.
Retweeted by Brandon Boyd"Eh...errhm...meow...ehhh...did that new Incubus album come out?" "Yeah, kitty, it came out…
My good friends, @incubus have a new brilliant album out now! 8 ... highly recommend you get yourself a copy and l…
Retweeted by Brandon BoydStream #Incubus' 8, their first new studio album in over five years, right now:
Retweeted by Brandon Boyd🤘🏼1st listen 🎱@IncubusBand @mybrandonboyd #ChakaKhanMotherFuckers
Retweeted by Brandon BoydGood morning and Happy Birthday #8 ! Sending hi fives to my brothers in @incubusband for the… new music from @IncubusBand @KekePalmer @theheydaze @youngr @thisissigrid @chordoverstreet & @astridsofficial t…
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It is!! It is on Tidal!! Yeaaay!!! Thanking the Gods!! I'm so excited!! @incubusband @mybrandonboyd
Retweeted by Brandon BoydIt's the day you have been waiting for! 8 is now available on @Spotify! Stream it and then stream it again!…
Retweeted by Brandon Boyd @IncubusBand 8 listen on @Spotify NOW!
Retweeted by Brandon Boyd❤️ @RollingStone ! ❤️🥑🌈🍝 NEW @IncubusBand ALBUM DAY EVERYBODY!!! Can't wait to give it a listen when I get to work! @mybrandonboyd
Retweeted by Brandon BoydI think our new album is out in certain parts of the world. So we decided to celebrate by making… at midnight! New @IncubusBand #incubus8 did! 🍝 in at 2:15 est this afternoon, @incubusband are heading to the @Facebook HQ for a live chat with you!
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Dis gonna be you at midnight tomorrow. #yes #incubus8 @incubusband @islandrecords should be fun. #mexico in to @facebook tomorrow #4/20 at 11:15am pst for a live chat with ya dudes @IncubusBand 🍝 @michaeleinziger and I chatting about a track called #throwoutthemap from Das neue Album by…
One last lyric video before #incubus8 comes out on Friday. #stateoftheart 👍🏾 @IncubusBand @IslandRecords @VevoSo...💗
Retweeted by Brandon BoydAhh f*ck, I'm starting to get nervous! Album comes out Friday!! 4/21 . #incubus8 @incubusband
Thank you, lovers. We put our hearts and souls into our new album 8, and it'll be shareable in a…
8 days until 8 comes out! @IncubusBand
April 21st is swiftly approaching. 😬 #incubus8 Cool shot @vatoben
#DearMrPresident “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.” ― Maya Angelou
Retweeted by Brandon BoydRead the @coslive interview with @IncubusBand's @mybrandonboyd about the band's upcoming album, #8:…
Retweeted by Brandon BoydThanks so much @Vevo_UK ! for the chat @NME su nuevo disco “8″ a Chile. @IncubusBand regresa a Santiago en septiembre:
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Sometimes Monday can feel like a French Bulldog Army attacking you! #nimblebastard video is a…
Read our interview with @IncubusBand's @MyBrandonBoyd about the band's upcoming album, 8:
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All of these images are from @IncubusBand's new #NimbleBastard video. Watch it & hear a new song, 'Undefeated':…
Retweeted by Brandon BoydPlanet earth can be such a heavy place to live. Here is some good news for you, my fellow…'s "Undefeated," another new song featured on @IncubusBand's upcoming album '8' --
Retweeted by Brandon BoydThanks @coslive and @Vevo Here's the video for #nimblebastard #yeah! for the pic @vevo . This is from the video shoot for #nimblebastard before the French… @IncubusBand share another new song with "Undefeated"
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Man it breaks my heart a little bit... #undefeated available now when you get new @incubusband✨✨✨ @POTUS cares enough about the Syrian people to launch 50 Tomahawks but not enough to let the victims of Assad find refuge & freedom here.
Retweeted by Brandon BoydCould there be another universe? One that wasn't always out to get ya?
Retweeted by Brandon BoydHOLY WHAT? Get an AUTOGRAPHED booklet when you pre-order the upcoming Incubus cd! Over here - - >…
Retweeted by Brandon BoydPre-order ‘8’ – out on 4/21! Shop bundles ft. exclusive signed lithograph, choice of vinyl or CD, hoodies & more!
Retweeted by Brandon BoydTomorrow @incubusband premieres the video for #nimblebastard . It's f*cking ridiculous and I…
This guitar is the jam. Thank you @guildguitars This machine builds bridges. 📸 by @vatoben See… it come to this? #NimbleBastard
Retweeted by Brandon BoydIn a time of alternative facts, this, my friends, is true! ❤, in news: sugar water purveyor learns it has nothing of value to offer society it's spent past century killing.
Retweeted by Brandon BoydINTERVIEW: @mybrandonboyd told @Robertherrera3 why the new @IncubusBand album has been a challenge.
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Lima, Peru. See you on September 19th with @IncubusBand. Tickets on-sale April 10th. Head to…
Retweeted by Brandon Boyd💗
If you're just joining us, there are now three, count em, THREE instant grat tracks available… to @MichaelEinziger and @mybrandonboyd talk about #StateofTheArt ! or listen to the real song 🤘🏻🎱🎨…
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Sometimes you gotta just grab a chunk of thigh. 📸 by @FoulkesCarly #bruce instant grat song #stateoftheart ! Today when you preorder @incubusband new album '8'.…
Pre-order @incubusband new album 8 and get three tracks now!! #nimblebastard #glitterbomb
Retweeted by Brandon BoydDammit. That would've been fun. 😒