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Brandon Boyd @mybrandonboyd IG: brandonboyd

Well, well...if it isn't Brandon Boyd. INCUBUS-SONSoftheSEA

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8/19 2016
When words escape you, paint. When paint escapes you, write. #gettowork
8/18 2016
Sometimes writing lyrics feels a little like this... A frustratingly beautiful puzzle. @incubusband
8/17 2016
Kaleidoscope sketchbook boogie #sketchbook @incubusband swim anyone? 📷 by waynelevinimages
8/16 2016
Sshhhh... Ok, now I can talk about it. Thanks to @mrccinci for having me as their #teawayfarer my fellow tea geeks out there, here are some words I contributed to this month's issue of @GlobalTeaHut existence of Twitter is forever validated by the following exchange.
Retweeted by Brandon BoydThis could be the first place we visit outside our solar system.
Retweeted by Brandon BoydIn Paris? Shop issue 7 @coletteparis alongside #hassanhajjaj's current exhibition Stylin'
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8/13 2016
Eerily prophetic... @MikeJudgeAttention!!! Brandon has a few small pieces in the group exhibition opening THIS Saturday Parlor Gallery in NJ!...
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8/11 2016
Come see what's been happening on the @incubusband Instagram account. Good times, studio vibes,… Meteor Shower – Perseids Set To Outburst In 2016. image: @davidkingham #meteorwatch
Retweeted by Brandon BoydDudes, watch the sky tonight as the #PerseidMeteorShower will be in effect! #skyporn Follow @VirtualAstro for info.Top o the mornin to ya Cap'n!
8/9 2016
Thanks Rhona. I'd love that!, my friend @rednaughtmitra is crowdrising for One Heart Farm: #oneheartfarmI think my hair is on drugs today. Pics from the song factory by @throughJULES @incubusband has been on earth for twelve years now and knows the @incubusband band room better than…
8/8 2016
Happy Mondaze 😎 📸 by @bugzyramirez
8/7 2016
My other car is an @incubusband concert. #gettowork #tea
8/5 2016
@incubusband #fizzyliftingdrink logo. 🔌 #newmusicsoon it be that kind of day! 🌞 📷 by @kylelamere for @majesticdisordr issue #7'm such a silly cat I didn't know @mybrandonboyd is on Twitter - words music life at 16 #morningview #clouds #rediscoveration
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8/2 2016
One more from #guillermodeltoro 's exhibit at @lacma #lacma #panslabyrinth
7/31 2016
#guillermodeltoro #lacma #panslabyrinth see the Guillermo Tel Toro exhibit at LACMA! Thanks @miamaestro for taking me! #panslabyrinth
7/30 2016
Mood... Have a blissed out night. Pic borrowed from doctazaius Key... 🕳
7/29 2016
Thanks so much @NESTHQ Who's crazy cat is that?!
7/26 2016
.@LifeIsBeautiful Announces Art Lineup feat. @mybrandonboyd @alka_seltzer666 @OBEYGIANT + more @MModernGallery
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7/24 2016
Just because. #friendsandlovers
7/23 2016
It's blazing hot in LA, but we're still chillin. Have a cool weekend Daddi-O. 😎
7/22 2016
Check out this cool adaptation of one of my old sketches and one of @throughJULES ' photos by… Dias ✨ #doppleganger #therecanbeonlyone #highlander #seanconnery #dudeputyourshirtbackon
7/21 2016
Now is not the time for demagoguery and fear-mongering. We will not turn our backs on refugees fleeing violence.
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7/17 2016
#xraygoggles From @majesticdisordr issue #7 📸 by @kylelamere @incubusband Go to @majesticdisordr forever pour.
7/15 2016
I hang out near photos of myself and tell dirty jokes. It's sort of my thing. #marathonshirt✨🌈✨'t lose #Hope ❤️ #Love and #Support for #NiceFrance
7/14 2016
G'night Daddy-O 📸 borrowed from dmt_dreams
7/13 2016
"Hahahaha, ahhhh. He follows me around with a bag and I just poop wherever I want. What a…
7/10 2016
Good times with @kylelamere and @majesticdisordr . My buddy #Bruce had just dropped a gust of…
7/8 2016
Beautiful. This puts some things into perspective for me. #wereallinthegutter #butsomeofusarelookingatthestars new watercolor study of some friends and an @incubusband track to go with it. #midnightswim love you @MichaelEinziger @JoseAPasillasII @vatoben @DJKilmore ❤️ @IncubusBand via @youtubeJust posted a photo's still so much to smile about. 📷 by @lisaramacher"Radical Change requires Radical Love..." ❤️❤️❤️ There is no "other", there is only We.
7/7 2016
It bears repeating #peace #pleasestoptheviolence #enoughisenough #givepeaceachance posted a photo
7/6 2016
Massages by human feet are still massages. #bruce #bliss tutorial for @IncubusBand VITAMIN will drop on Friday July 8 @ 10AM PST. Link in bio. #SCIENCE #LearnINCUBUS
Retweeted by Brandon BoydThanks for playing #Drive on @kcrw @jason_bentley . That was an unexpected treat. @IncubusBand"When the wave breaks here, don't be there, or you're gonna get drilled..." -Turtle Cool…
7/1 2016
And she's ending hers in style... #dingus #cutyourhairyadamnhippy #yahootile!'m ending my night with the classics. #drstevebrule #dingus #nohunks #feelslikemyassisonfire't stop listening to this album @mybrandonboyd Okay I'm two years late to the party, but what an album ❤️🙏🏼🎸✌🏼️
Retweeted by Brandon BoydGood morning 📸 by @kylelamere for @majesticdisordr issue #7
6/30 2016
Nice adaptation of @_bencope_ photo by artist cerenbulbun . Y'all make me look waaay cooler than…🌬Watch my speed! 💨💨 @incubusband 📷 @throughJULES
6/29 2016
Dudes, I know how popular buying CDs is these days!💗Good Morning💗 needs a virtual country: #Rationalia, with a one-line Constitution: All policy shall be based on the weight of evidence
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6/28 2016
In today's domestic news: my cat ate her first lizard. She's definitely looking at the world…
6/27 2016
I love being a polar bear! #doyouhaveanymoregum
6/26 2016
Check please! @incubusband 📷 @throughJULES From our first trip to Russia last year with @muse napping. Sunday is on! #bruce album cover? #ifonly @incubusband @michaeleinziger @joseapasillasii @vatoben @djkilmore
6/25 2016
Goodnight., poignant, defiant and eerily prophetic. #fuckyeah @RATM @tmorello
6/24 2016
Sometimes when it's hot, ya gotta break out your watermelon hat. That shit works like a charm.…
6/23 2016
Sun Worship 🌞
6/22 2016
Good night 📸 via
6/20 2016
'Pleiades' Watercolor on paper. Good morning!
6/18 2016
"Well, if you want to sing out, sing out And if you want to be free, be free 'Cause there's a…
6/16 2016
...four letter words? Image via ffffound_
6/14 2016
Tuesday is no pants day, right? #riiiight ✨👍🏾✨, whatcha eatin' dude?
6/12 2016
#Orlando Love and prayers.
6/11 2016
I hope your Saturday night gets weird. 📷 by @foulkescarly
6/8 2016
A belated thank you to @theartofelysium and @the_macallan for hosting me and showing a bunch of…
6/5 2016
Huge hi five, kudos and limitless respect to the @LAFD and all volunteers for doing what you do. Thank you! #oldfire#deepthoughts on a Sunday afternoon #aintitthetruth @rackedla !
5/29 2016
Yessss mon! Let's jam
5/26 2016
So inspired by you @mybrandonboyd: Incubus' Brandon Boyd Finds Second Career As A Painter via @forbes @artduet
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5/25 2016
Best thing on Monday morning!! @mybrandonboyd and I discuss his amazing art path with forbes…
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5/23 2016
Thanks @Forbes Incubus' Brandon Boyd Finds Second Career As A Painter via @forbes
5/20 2016
Satan wants a bite of my sandwich. I should probably oblige. 👹 allmattersofspirit surf's all dumpy and stormy, let's shred some sidewalks. 📷💥 by @throughJULES ⛈🌊 morning...I guess. #ihavelionDNAnobiggie
5/18 2016
Happy Hump Day. #splat #gratefuldead #mmmicecream #lactoseintolerantsoismashthatshitonmyforehead
5/16 2016
@incubusband circa 2004. The pants have become less baggie, the hair has grown and the tattoos…
5/15 2016
Thanks @kylelamere and @majesticdisordr for the fun morning of photography yesterday. Check out…
5/12 2016
I do love him, but if it came down to it, I'd eat those ham-hocks. 🍗🍗
5/11 2016
Recommended viewing for y'all. #requiemfortheamericandream Well timed and deeply thought provoking! Thanks #noamchomsky