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These descriptions of how Lizzie Mcguire characters would’ve voted in the election are so accurate lmao
Retweeted by ekA (very) personal essay I wrote in The New Yorker
Retweeted by ekit’s so cute how other cities think they’re better than Chicago
Retweeted by ekI interviewed @NICKIMINAJ for @tmagazine and it is the cover story for their Greats issue. #tgreats2017
Retweeted by ekme few seconds after applying for a job:
Retweeted by ekone of the reasons it's so hard to break through to certain men about Weinstein is that he exemplifies the conversi…
Retweeted by ekYour MCM thinks pubic hair is a barrier. He's 28.
Retweeted by ekU guys Solnit is so dope(Ring)
Retweeted by ek @civiliannaire Please 😪
I do feel bad for men with all the witch hunt stuff going on. Imagine being unsure if you could trust members of th…
Retweeted by ekMy kids waking up to Love Galore in 20 years knowing it’s gonna be a cleaning day
Retweeted by ekFun sexual assault fact: you only hear the stories we can bear to tell.
Retweeted by ekmen: you're not "one of the good ones" & if that thought has ever crossed your mind esp. after reading #MeToo, you've missed the whole point
Retweeted by eki'm tired of women having to relive the most awful moments of their lives only for men to not do shit bc they believe they have no proximity
Retweeted by ekY’all ever visit ur dream grad program and immediately feel like a dumb fucking loser? Lol cuz same @ashleystauber Lookin goodMe:
Retweeted by ekTopple the patriarchy!! End the binary!! Make a snack!! Eat the snack!!
Retweeted by ekrmbr when Bey addressed the incident w/ “sometimes shit go down when it’s a billion $ on an elevator” & told us mind our broke ass business
Retweeted by ekThings that are 110% okay: - Not saying #MeToo - Saying Me Too out loud - Saying Me Too quietly
Retweeted by ekTbh idk how he hasn’t dumped my dumb ass yet he got that Patagonia backpack, homeboy’s gonna like,,,,,,,,,,get itlet's start a trend where men who have raped, assaulted, and harassed folx admit it online. How about #IHave or #ImARapistToo or#YesThisMan
Retweeted by ekFor those carrying their #MeToo with them silently, you are loved, cherished, and believed. You do not owe your story to anyone.
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this but unironically
Retweeted by ekI think of it as more of a rapist hunt
Retweeted by ekGood but Mel Gibson said "if you get raped by a pack of n****** it's your fault" on tape & @TheAcademy nominated hi…
Retweeted by ek95% of the time i’m not about the “let’s tell our stories” circus—but maybe something evil is starting to crumble and i want to help #metoo
Retweeted by ekSince then, it’s come to my attention at upwards of 7 women I know personally have had the same experience with him… u really took Prince and left us with Woody Allen...If #MeToo is “making you uncomfortable”, you’re the one it’s meant to reach. Silencing sexual assault victims doesn’t make it any less real.
Retweeted by ekTo all the women sharing stories of sexual assault and sexual harassment, thank you for your bravery to speak up. You are not alone. #MeToo
Retweeted by ekI was assaulted by a man who I considered to be my close friend. He is respected as both a progressive and a femini… hehe
Jazz and I are really going to a dive to readCc: @sarah_ubs @SARAH_HACHE @gabrielisdanger @ashleystauberJokes on you all suck my DICK love to believe that fat women or unattractive women avoid harassment or assault. I bought into that too. When I as a child.
Retweeted by ekUr mcm is out of data in a parkinglot rn trying to use mcdonalds wifi to contact his weedman for some mid smh hes been there for an hour
Retweeted by ek @jazzmineabriana said these are grey and mint. This bitch is blind and she’s been driving my car!!!!!!!!!!!! local to where???? Earth?????
Literally have you ever met a rapist that was like “ah yes, she is correct I did drug and rape her”"Play Redbone ima show you something"
Retweeted by ekId like to sincerely apologize for being a beady eyed little fuck-freak. Im hell's shit. Im dog shit's ass. Brand me with a hot iron. Sorry
Retweeted by ekDear coworkers who minimize browser windows as I walk by: no need for that, comrade. Waste this company's time with me
Retweeted by ekInspiring @sashaanaa @jazzmineabriana Wanna get coffee? 😇Watching all these men get CANCELLED bc women are done putting up with their shit!!!!!!!! LOL!!! FRIDAY THE 13TH TO ALL MY SPOOKY BITCHES THROW THAT ASS IN A PENTACLE KISS ME THRU THE OUIJA BOARD XOXO
Retweeted by ekPenzeys really out here😏😏😏
Retweeted by ekAnyone who has anything negative to say about how much I packed to go to Chicago for a 3 day weekend can **** my ****hasnt been a single woman ive talked to about this week who hasnt recalled n relived a traumatic experience they buried, myself included
Retweeted by ekIt is absolutely disgusting how much Emma and I packed for 3 days in Chicago
Retweeted by ekLet's take it back
Retweeted by ek @yellhole Here 2 helpPersonally I'd rather men had a day of not tweeting. Women are always being forced out of public space coz of men's shitty violent behaviour
Retweeted by ekoh yea you support women? name 5 times you’ve venmo’d me
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@civiliannaire 1200 wontons pleaseYou know, I could get behind a police state if it was a cute police state this trash of my TL and talk to ur boys abt it instead of u feel so compelled to say somethingCan men shut the fuck up for a quick sec? Where did anyone ask for ur Hot Takes on assault of women? Ur just taking…"Hey <guy on spreadsheet>, this says that you harassed some people. Care to respond?" "I totally didn't! Bitches be crazy!" "Okay cool"
Retweeted by ekmen "weren't given the chance to respond" because it *wasn't a piece of published journalism*, but a document meant…
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@kendyltullis I love these extra details @kendyltullis “My kinda sport lol” @kendyltullis Wow yes I really didn’t believe it but now I do @kendyltullis Oh my fucking god @kendyltullis Screenshots or it didn’t happen @gabrielisdanger Have you seen the new blade runner yet?It doesn’t count if u only apologize after u get outed!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by ek @LisaDonn2 Thank you Lisa!!!I just received this statement from @Caradelevingne detailing her experience with Harvey Weinstein. Thank you, Cara.
Retweeted by ekwatch: girls around the world lip sync to beyoncé for day of the girl
Retweeted by ekOdd that women don't risk their jobs & lives to speak up about sexual assaults no one will believe happened until 723 articles confirm them.
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