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EP/head writer The Break with Michelle Wolf on Netflix, fmr EP/HW ThePresidentShow, also wrote for InsideAmySchumer, KrollShow, PlayingHouse,TheMick, & UCB

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Even Trump’s military PARADE got a deferral
Retweeted by Christine NangleOMG! Ha! Wow. This guy’s right and clearly a prank master. We should all do this tonight at 10:30 on Comedy Central.
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@danieljpowell @ryguyperez also RJP are you watching it or just thinking about itthis is a small point but 76 still seems too young to die.Remembering Aretha Franklin
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @timdonnelly Oh no the dog jokes @charlietodd @Codylindquist I did think about this and decide charlie doesn’t count. But yes Bieber!!!!!! @thebobdoom Barry was in a sketch I wrote but never met either in person!! @ToddPassehl Finally!!Could this be true? Are you a Todd I’ve known? Hit me up, but do know I’d feel ambivalent about being wrong about thisI don’t think I’ve ever in my whole life known a Todd? @ChaseMit @MikeDrucker @ZachBroussard Ok fine I’m bringing the union into this
@ZachBroussard was literally typing this joke then thought to search it first& HERE IT IS! This was mine: "in my be… @Ladyangelbird 😍😍😍*clutches pearl .... jam cds*
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @travishelwig What else did you talk about? Was it in person? Was this his suggestion or yours? @samthielman Thanks!a little comis about bigfoot
Retweeted by Christine NanglePsst QAnon if you’re searching for a secret pedophile ring it’s on the pope’s finger.*Robert Mueller scribbles note to self*
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@samthielman How come Philadelphia isn’t on there? @PatKlink @EvanKaufman @THR I bet you wish you had a clearly marked exit!! @EvanKaufman Evan this is the best thank you
Fixed your headline for you @NPR They’re protesting racism, not the anthem.
Retweeted by Christine NangleMe you dirts @spotastic @nanglish See also: don't ask why I unfollowed/unfriended you
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @nanglish can we add please don't try and contact via Instagram DM or Facebook Messenger when you don't get a response from the email....
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @saraschaefer1 Yes!!! @gavinspeiller Yes! I actually was but then got shy and just lied that I had meant to email my brother @primesilver I’m in LA! Only three hours! @heathercampbell Yeah but my point is say “hey chrsistne I got your email from a business card I found on the freeway” @heathercampbell Yeah but my point is say “I got your email from a business card I found on the freeway” @timdonnelly U wish @pattymo Ok ok I’ll let this one through @primesilver We boarded a 6am flight then deplaned an hour later and are waiting to find out when/if the flight is… @pattymo How did you get my twitter handle??Hey life tip: don’t email someone you don’t know without letting them know how you got their email, ie “Our mutual… @primesilver I know we should be used to this, but his tweets this morning where he says she’s not smart then says… even your own family thinks you’re disgusting:
Retweeted by Christine NangleAs usual, mike is right and good. @DevanNava @alana_johnston @bug_mane @doughboyspod Im literally terrified to learn even one minor thing about whatever bugmane is
@bitchdujour Yeah he was an honest man
My Album Drops Today! No Real Winners Here on @800lbRecords Buy it now so I can finally buy that houseboat and supp…
Retweeted by Christine NangleGet on @netflix right now and check out #ThePackage! A truly special film directed by @szyjake, and starring a whol…
Retweeted by Christine NangleThis is great great great GO TO THIS! @nataliemorales @theatre_acedtla @AMarch4OurLives @RoadToChange Im not in town but how can I help?! @astamate @kylemarian Ok and what about “😂😂😂😂ooops hahaaahahhah” @quintabrunson Please keep us in the loop on the paint color @kylemarian @astamate Ooo can you guys help understand what they were saying ? @astamate Pataka ug mentionThe kids love me!
@JetBlue hi we landed at LAX an hour ago and have not taxied to a gate yet? And now you’re making me be that person who tweets at airlines @jmillstein Oh booooo
@jmillstein Why are you posting this what happened to clickhole!! @mholland85 @laurenlapkus @girlwithatail @instagram Help Erin @instagram ! @ChaseMit Oh my gosh teddy yessssss @PaulBrittain3 Huge if true @TheRealDratch 🙌🙌🙌🙌Every credit card owner dreads this moment
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @aardvarsk Wow thank you thank you @aardvarsk Just anything I’ll trust youme: I need to go to bed early tonight and get some good sleep me at 2:45 am:
Retweeted by Christine NangleLove to pretend that “we’re fine with white nationalists using our platform to spread hate” isn’t a political viewp…
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@jasonmreich @danieljpowell Yes but only for stage directions @nanglish (A jaded tv writer, tired of hating on things all the time, decides to reframe her perspective on life an…
Retweeted by Christine NangleA real American would have started his own streaming platforms and social media networks instead of being a parasit…
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @BrianStack153 @ThePatrickRollo @joshgondelman Oh no no no no no @ThePatrickRollo @BrianStack153 @joshgondelman Josh Gondelman and Brian Stack are comedy’s mean bad boys and I will… @primesilver @timdonnelly Guys I’m trying to be positive and these interesting povs are interfering with my drive on the high road @timdonnelly Then she should kill him in the show @cyndonnelly Yes!I think this is fine. It was an interesting enough story to spark a hit song, why not keep it going. Also I’ve beco… @etuckerAP Hahahahah @DewaynePerkins Thanks! Check me out on the OCTOBER cover of comedic genius! @DewaynePerkins “O... No!!” @DewaynePerkins What if this was the month a white lady was on the cover of O @danieljpowell @ryguyperez Plus Dan murdered his wife