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I bet you'd be on my side if I had killed a journalist. #BeBest
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @emilynussbaum It’s perfect!Perspective | Teacher: We must teach emotional literacy to boys. Here’s what happened when I tried.
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @dannyinchicago Ha yes!!!My eyes are a little swollen & my chest is tight from crying and i just sighed thinking “I’m sad” Then i was like… @dan_march @GrittyNHL Haha wow! @GrittyNHL do you like this beauteous poetry
New iPhone review
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @DanHopp Ok. I’m still not sure what I’m supposed to be emailing her, I know she’s trying to intern with the local… @DanHopp That’s just a link to Facebook- you need to link to the actual video. Does Dustin and Leann’s son still ra… @DanHopp I did yes. It’s a cute rabbit. You also texted it to my email. I need you to either email me to my email,… @DanHopp Dad I agree with you but your nasty mood has me worried. Did you sleep okay last night? @BlairBraverman @ChrissieBodz PEPE!!! Phew @AlisonLeiby (***CHRISTINE***) I like it! @heathercampbell Happy birthday!!!What beautiful poetry this (thread) is. @fscott24 Oh my god of course! I definitely know who Pepe is I guess i haven’t thought about him in a while @fscott24 Pepe? The prawn? Who’s Pepe? @fscott24 It’s not a thread it’s a beautiful poem!One thing a lot of people don’t know about the Inquirer is they have been rating movies on a quiver-based scale sin… A slow clap, a lonely clapper. Yes. Yes! Another clapping, then another, then uproarious applause. We love h… appears. Gasps abound, a woman screams, a dish falls in the distance. A child grabs his father’s hand. The… @TIME
Retweeted by Christine NangleI was right! @ZacOyama I knew it!! @ohmygodrob Wesley showed up empty-handed even though he lives ONE BLOCK from the cheese shopKids in Brooklyn elementary schools do plays about “The First Friendsgiving” @jaketapper @farhip @whca The WHCA had SHS up there in a place of honor, and Michelle called her out as a liar. Are… @jaketapper @farhip @whca But... didn’t Michelle speak truth to power? And they apologized for it? @ealtman @DaddyReyn She’s right John. @JohnRossBowie my mom and my I have been bingeing Death In did you end up on this show?!?!Tamara O'Neal, the ER doctor killed by her ex-fiance at Chicago's Mercy Hospital, worked 2 full time jobs after col…
Retweeted by Christine NangleI knew her, trained with her, saved lives with her and tonight, tried to save her life. Tonight, I broke down in fr…
Retweeted by Christine NangleThe doctors saving lives after the shooting tonight at Mercy Hospital Chicago were told by the NRA just two weeks a…
Retweeted by Christine NangleThree women are murdered every day in the U.S. by current or former romantic partners. Many abusive partners turn d…
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @morgan_murphy @Merrillmarkoe @MrEmilyHeller @JasonMecier @killrockstars Same same!This was fun but hard to hear @TonyAtamanuik through all the Nang Gang chants.
He should open with the little-known story of a guy named Fred in 1920s Queens getting arrested at a Klan riot
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @nickwiger @doughboyspod @BDayBoysMitch MeIt’s very true @NancyPelosi is absolutely correct. We did a whole musical number about it with @BebeNeuwirth on Th…
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @DewaynePerkins @michelleisawolf @whca O Captain, My captain!To all those expecting the @WHCA to do anything courageous... @whca are cowards. The media is complicit. And I couldn't be prouder.
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @JessLizBryan @pattymo And that was Cecile Richards taking over @subaru_usaThis is insane. This program has been the bedrock of people without family wealth being able to pursue careers in p…
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @geekylonglegs Next time just come to my house and throw a brick through my window @nickwiger @MikeDrucker @ChaseMit @joshgondelman @karengeier Whoa! @MikeDrucker @ChaseMit @joshgondelman @karengeier Anyway waking up early is for reading stuff like this: @ChaseMit @MikeDrucker @joshgondelman @karengeier Oh me too this is on the other side of my bed: If it's up to us,… @MikeDrucker @ChaseMit @joshgondelman @karengeier This is a much deeper look at it i just read it as “get the hell out of bed idiot” @MikeDrucker @ChaseMit @joshgondelman @karengeier Gotta get them secrets! @MikeDrucker @ChaseMit @joshgondelman @karengeier This is next to my bed
This hour-by-hour accounting of what is now the deadliest wildfire in California’s recorded history is unforgettabl…
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @jillmaglione Will do- same to your mom!!Yo Philly this is tonight, I’ll see you there! @jillmaglione TOtally makes sense. I was just surprised that was it!Adults: “Here’s a stop the bleed program to teach you how to staunch catastrophic bleeding after shootings!” Teens…
Retweeted by Christine Nangleknock knock. whose there. do you want me to wash your house. no thank you. ok.
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @PFTompkins Wow you guys!! @nwalks !! WowMaureen!!!
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@RussPalmer No but your expectation was reasonable(Am I @johnlevenstein now?)I remember years ago ppl referenced babies a lot in jokes/bits and now it’s birds. I’m sure there’s been ones in be… @pauldanielbeer Yeah this is just me signaling to people that I’m $elling now! (Also btw still laughing at “sir that is my cocoon”)i will be there too!! be nice @jasonjross This is awesome. Also I thought you meant “around two thousand and nine calls were made” and i was lik… @themorrancave NiceLike at least should have had to show ID? Just seemed too easy.My mom just had surgery (she’s good) and I went to pick up her opioid prescription and they gave it to me, no quest… @RVAwonk With 🧡 from @GrittyNHL
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @BrianStack153 @johnlevenstein @ChaseMit The kids in cages, that pisses me off more probably, than a very funny conservative would.Love this woman.
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @onlinegrapes You gotta admit it works @tronhoward_ @PeabodyAwards Andrew gets it!! @onlinegrapes One never knows one’s F8 (fate)Whoa @IvankaTrump so crazy right?! so how will she sign things now? 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 #NangGang #voiceofageneration #AdoptDontShop #VeggieStraws @danhodapp 😏😏The CIA has concluded that the Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi's assassination, people familiar with the…
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I’m looking for specific pieces not collections thanks!What are some of your favorite comedic essays? Could be autobiographical or just plain nonsenseIt’s Friday afternoon. Something’s about to go down, right? @AlisonLeiby It sounds like a real dolphin whilst he’s destroying it. It’s weird but also very funny. @AlisonLeiby Apparently this is what I was looking for. My mom got one for Philby down the shore and he’s obsessed… google I know what I meant @atrubens I heard I’m in itI can’t get this family out of my head. Quana Garner has now lost THREE sons to gun violence. Rohquan was only 18.…
Retweeted by Christine NangleI can’t get this family out of my head. Quana Garner has now lost THREE sons to gun violence. Rohquan was only 18.… dog became friends with a lonely baby cow, and now they can't be separated.
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @AerinDamalurSol @kristysf @briangaar @1followernodad I think she meant he threatened, in public, to kill her."The folks who write the white papers are just ratfuckers who carry briefcases."
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @MikeDrucker @atrubens @kumailn WHOA!!
Ocasio-Cortez's superpower is making conservatives admit that they think only rich people should have clothes and h…
Retweeted by Christine NangleI’m sorry then he owes a lot of people a lot of money.
Retweeted by Christine Nangle @miketrubino that doctor thing was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever tweeted and i thank you for the like @hellolanemoore OOOO I FEEL THIS SO HARD @geekylonglegs @NicCageMatch Hahaha plus he’s gotta make everyone in that whole city feel like Batman now. One a day! @geekylonglegs @NicCageMatch If we can’t trust the rule of law, what can we trust? Batman? He’s lawless guy. No thanks.