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Preferred pronoun is the sound of a brick thru a window. QUI OBDURAT ADIPISCITUR.

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@lilah_sturges @celtic_cookie @MagsVisaggs I really do think there should be a word for "person who will later tran… @hdfacsimile @MagsVisaggs I am definitely human. I remember a unicorn and everything. How could I remember a unicorn if I wasn't a human? @lilah_sturges @celtic_cookie @MagsVisaggs LOL it's funny how tiny the tweets from my phone look now that web-brows… have to remember that ‘soft on crime’ just means ‘not racist enough’ to Trump. He literally identifies race wit…
Retweeted by 🦇 Natalie Bathory Reed, Contessa Of Moldovia 🦇LAKE 1: I’ll be Lake Michigan LAKE 2: I’ll be Ontario LAKE 3: I’ll be Erie LAKE 4: I’ll be Huron LAKE 5: (thinking…
Retweeted by 🦇 Natalie Bathory Reed, Contessa Of Moldovia 🦇 @RaeGun2k @MagsVisaggs @lilah_sturges ...cissexist standarda of what a woman was. "A woman is someone who was a girl, always." @RaeGun2k @MagsVisaggs @lilah_sturges But I think that was just an early coping strategy, a way to feel more "real" within internalized... @RaeGun2k @MagsVisaggs @lilah_sturges For awhile I just called my former self "The Other One". I had to distance "him" from "me". @lilah_sturges @celtic_cookie @MagsVisaggs ...sexual assaults and things. Blahblahblah. The past ain't past. @lilah_sturges @celtic_cookie @MagsVisaggs front of other people, or the times when I had long hair and got ma'amed a lit, or the... @lilah_sturges @celtic_cookie @MagsVisaggs ...getting mocked for my breasts in the locker room and later refusing to ever take off my top... @lilah_sturges @celtic_cookie @MagsVisaggs Like memories of cross-dressing, or my dad being disgusted with me watching girl shows, or... @lilah_sturges @celtic_cookie @MagsVisaggs ...remember myself as a girl. I only really think about gender in the memories where it mattered. @lilah_sturges @celtic_cookie @MagsVisaggs ...imcomplete eunuch...thing. A thing we don't have a proper word for. "Egg." But I defs don't... @lilah_sturges @celtic_cookie @MagsVisaggs I don't remember myself as having been a boy or man, really... sort of an asexual half-formed... @lilah_sturges @celtic_cookie @MagsVisaggs ...version thereof. Having been denied a girlhood fucking sucks, bit it's part of who I AM. @lilah_sturges @celtic_cookie @MagsVisaggs ...lying to myself, perhaps even trading in my authentic self and experience for a cis-washed... @lilah_sturges @celtic_cookie @MagsVisaggs It's never been like that for me. I don't think I'd even WANT it to be. It feels like I'd be... @MagsVisaggs Good luck. Jack verifies Blade Runners.I’m gonna go ahead and call this a no-take-backs situation since you used the Washington fucking Post to tell thous…
Retweeted by 🦇 Natalie Bathory Reed, Contessa Of Moldovia 🦇 @MagsVisaggs Excuse me, but not everyone agrees those replicant toaster-ovens are truly "alive".Forgive me if I'm wrong but isn't a social media intern forced to tweet the same generically snippy "Boo, capitalis…
Retweeted by 🦇 Natalie Bathory Reed, Contessa Of Moldovia 🦇 @KateLibc @bogpunk You wound me. @KateLibc @bogpunk The fuck did they even drink there before that? No way am I going to believe either a) They didn… @KateLibc @bogpunk Cor! Those lads were right cheeky!*patiently waits for today's nineteen tweets about 'the difference between dems and Rs is dems aren't DEFENDING the… hire this guy immediately
Retweeted by 🦇 Natalie Bathory Reed, Contessa Of Moldovia 🦇 @KateLibc @bogpunk How long did it take them to realize they could not consume 36 pints by themselves?Looking forward to seeing the big red bus reading "Brexit is costing us £1.5bn a year. Let's fund our NHS instead".
Retweeted by 🦇 Natalie Bathory Reed, Contessa Of Moldovia 🦇I am suddenly and inexplicably angry that movie theaters get away with charging so much money for popcorn, which is… @KateLibc @bogpunk What were they?Please. My rabbit. He's very sick.
Retweeted by 🦇 Natalie Bathory Reed, Contessa Of Moldovia 🦇Hahaha remember that scene in Royal Tenenbaums where Charlie Rose is groping Gwyneth Paltrow hahaha that was very f… of a past conversation ... X: We're going to spend $1bn on this effort. Me: I can deliver the same result…
Retweeted by 🦇 Natalie Bathory Reed, Contessa Of Moldovia 🦇 @JoeDeCarolis Until we eventually get to home taped recordings of him just drunkenly fumbling around trying to play some Zepp.I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Gopher, Netscape with frames, the first Browser Wars. Searching for p…
Retweeted by 🦇 Natalie Bathory Reed, Contessa Of Moldovia 🦇 @JoeDeCarolis Songs: Oh Hi I'm Back From The Grave @JoeDeCarolis Undead MolinaIf only I could afford this new comic everyone loves
Retweeted by 🦇 Natalie Bathory Reed, Contessa Of Moldovia 🦇 @JoeDeCarolis What the fuck is he DOING? @Chozzles @McKelvie @kierongillen This just shows you're connection to the streets. @mooncalfe1 I think you just need a friend who owns a comic shop. @Chloe_in_pink If you actually blacked out you might want to talk to a doc about it. *worryface* @SpiffyBiffy Yep! @kierongillen There's also that Le Tigre song. Does staying in bed count as naps? @Notintheface1 Probably BECAUSE it's no longer relevant. @Spearhafoc_ @Notintheface1 You know we CAN just read comics books, right? :P @redlightvoices Toyetic culture?I ran out of cigarettes and now I have to risk my life in the downtown eastside 1 am dystopia to get more oh no @zdarsky @kierongillen What you think Superman doesn't own a mirror, or Superman has no dong?I keep having dreams about my home being infested by huge gross foul-smelling crab-like arthropods the size of cats.Here's the thread that's cited in that Smithsonian article.
Retweeted by 🦇 Natalie Bathory Reed, Contessa Of Moldovia 🦇 @hirojin Oh that's not even the HALF of why I hate them. That's just saying why I know the people who do them don't… DIDN'T EVEN ASK HIM TO SHAVE FFS.THIS is the cis motherfucker they tried to pass off as THIS trans woman. @micheinnz I have no idea what a clacker is, but HELL YEAH!"Trans women don't look trans enough" has been a factor in Hollywood since at least the 70s, EVEN WHEN PLAYING AN A… how Dog Day Afternoon was gonna cast a trans actress to play the trans woman in the story, but decided she… of my life
Retweeted by 🦇 Natalie Bathory Reed, Contessa Of Moldovia 🦇Fucking HATE depersonalized "affirmation" platitude tweet. HAAAAAAATTTE them. Absolutely GUARANTEED to ruin my fu… DON'T. KNOW. ME.
l337 gamer @mooncalfe1 @lilah_sturges ...?Truth is beauty, beauty is truth. that motherfucker yeah. 11th hour a "gifted kid" thing or did y'all have it too? @Chloe_in_pink Well, maybe you'll at least wake up in the night and find everything easier to sort out then. Here's… anyone else love that book? The 11th Hour?I never found all the secret mice in the 11th hour. @hayleyglyphs You got a cute snek out of it though. @hayleyglyphs Mamba? MY GOD I LOVE RABBIT ON A SPOON @Chloe_in_pink I hope you feel better. :( @Chloe_in_pink Sometimes I get that and find out it's just trapped gas, and after I get things to move around a lit… @Chloe_in_pink Awww. Try pooping? @joffeorama OMG I just realized I still never got back to you about the thing and now I feel like the worst e-friend on the planet. u___u @joffeorama I also had the British isles as a cold frozen Scandinavian type place, now that the gulf stream has shi… @joffeorama People go into the old ruins to scavenge for shit to sell, but it's dangerous cos it could collapse on… @joffeorama …hurricanes, with the highly dangerous ruins of skyscrapers protruding from the brackish river, and lit…