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Preferred pronoun is the sound of a brick thru a window. Opinions are not my own & represent the views of my employer. Political Cocksucker.

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This is unfathomably cruel.
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇 @jskylerinc True greatness rises above mass approval.Mario was an untapped vein of monster gijinka all this time and Nintendo accidentally bored into it
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇I gave the neighbour who always bums cigarettes from me some money to go get a pack like 15 minutes ago and he's no… like to imagine that whoever runs the official twitter account has a severe ketamine problem and that's why they…
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇“I didn’t write ‘crimes’ in my calendar” has got to be the most cartoon bad guy defense in history
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇 @joffeorama That is not the kind of thing a princess should say about herself! Snap out of it! @MaybeItsMabel I could take or leave Blooperette. Now, if we had Peachitu and Spinette, THEN we'd be really talking.We need a game that is all the princesses (except peachette). Peach, Bowsette, Chompette, Peachy Boo, Goombette, Pe… Pirahnette you cowards. @JaydotSloane @633nm And also Chompette. Except Peachette isn't there. Because she's canon and therefore sucks.… @JaydotSloane @633nm But also still with Peach. And also dating Goombette and Peachyboo. In massive lesbian princess poly cluster.Okay, I gotta give respect to this one. @AdamantxYves Like Angelica? For starters? @AdamantxYves But… some trans women… ARE… black… and straight… women… O__oHope I'm not too late!! 😭 #クッパ姫 #Bowsette
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇 @joffeorama You could make your own Princessona, maybe? @Chloe_in_pink I don't know what it does when you're already a princess. @Chloe_in_pink Yeah. It's a magic crown that turns things into princesses. Apparently. @ditdotdat @bookfox @esqgoodman It was already up to 69 by the time I read his response. It was nice. @bunnysay_ebooks Only for lop-eared buns.Wait. If Toadette becomes Peachette… Shouldn't Bowser become Peachowser?Yeah, sure! I'll meme! #bowsette #BongoCat #クッパ姫
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇 @Lenoxus Sure they do. "Refined Old Money Southern Gentleman". Think Kevin Spacey in "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil".Trans culture is're losing the red hair vs blonde hair war. But I refuse to lose to the "Bowsette dates Mario instead of Peach"……thinking RP Englsih accents sound "sophisticated" and "educated" as a byproduct of exposure to the Mid-Atlantic ac……you gotta approach this shit intelligently. And thinking "Arabic sounds angry and guttural" because you've only ev…, I believe culture and language do shape eachother. Like I thiink there's a direct, two-way-street correlation… @joffeorama If your BASELINE assumption isn't that every single cis person on Earth hates trans people until they c…'s funny how rapidly it shifts with cultural perceptions too Early 20th century: "German is a highly intellectua… am still reeling at the fact that they actually found a way to make those DNA ancestry sites even more racist tha… @lbjay I'm gonna be really embarassed if it turns out he straight up titled the issue that. @ab_silvera Francine Nae Fate But The But The One We Make @RaeGun2k Infinite Crisis.It's like… imposing this weird protestant puritan "we should all be virtuous!" thing onto something that's clearly……IN THE IDEA THAT YOUR FRIEND IS A SINNER, AS ARE YOU, AS IS NEARLY EVERYONE, BUT YOU WISH THEM WELL AND WANT THEM……sinner, and is instead about hoping they are righteous enough that the devil doesn't pay any attention to them. An… read this ridiculous explanation of the toast that, despite accurately describing the three lines of the toast as… @fangirlsmash I've had it in a compression brace since Saturday afternoon, and got some ice for it last night that… mean, this only works for the states, really. Ottawa Universe, Westminster Universe, Edinburgh Universe, Canberra… to start referring to political cronies, aides, operatives and party-aligned journalists as the "DC Universe". @fangirlsmash I'm good right now, but thank you! @literaticat Yes, but the only good people were at a few shops in a couple towns, so it's more or less business as usual. @Ally_Nuttall I mean, hell, if you're doing it right, you also subtly check in at points to make sure everyone is s…, the entire premise of the issue is an Irish drunk evading his rightful stint in Hell, and getting to go to he… know, it just occurred to me. Do you suppose that great Ennis Hellblazer issue with the magic holy water Guines…'m on Day Three now and I feel like I should watch Rear Window. @teaberryblue @paperdoll They don't have to think it's bad or abnormal, they just have to know the very basic fact that OTHER people WILL. @quendergeer The man who keeps calendars from 36 years ago? :P @amaditalks There's something about this specific dogwhistle - where he says the literal opposite of what he obviou…キノコ王国を裏切ったわるいきのこ
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇You'd think Kavanaugh would've KNOWN this shit would all come out, right? Or did he just think he'd gone his whole… he was in DKE??? Oh hell...
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇Being treated as a full, autonomous human vs. having someone open my doors is a difficult choice, but Team Feminism…
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇I don't even usually LIKE giant anime tiddies, but on Bowsette, it's perfect. @IBJIYONGI That's… not really what happened. But okay. I was hoping the "you're right, I may have misunderstood you… need to go the fuck to bed.
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇Look, I'm all for giving her red hair, muscles and some meat on her bones, but the huge boobs are great, c'mon. @IBJIYONGI It's certainly possible I did. I just got a bit taken aback seeing I Am Charlotte Simmons framed in a po… @Ally_Nuttall …anythng substantial to go on. So even the number of CONVICTIONS he participated in is meaningless.… @Ally_Nuttall …cases" is not the same thing as "made meaningful contributions to 1000s of rape cases". And remember… @Ally_Nuttall We could also remember that Douglas created the field in which he is considered the expert, spent mos… @IBJIYONGI It still seems weird to turn to accounts of themselves framed *through* the perceptions of their victims. @ztsamudzi It’s funny (not funny) that the road to fascism is to be paved by the intentions of people who say thing…
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇Ancestry dot com decided that their race science project wasn’t racist enough and said “hold my beer” to itself so…
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇 @erikapriceart @marissadraws @TBonvillain Homo sum humani a me nihil alienum puto, innit doe. @thebluevalkyrie I love hobbies where actually enjoying them requires extreme competence in managerial, time-keepin… @HitlerPuncher i'm in like a tiger in an aquarium. @erikapriceart @marissadraws @TBonvillain Cockney Non Supra Grammaticos. @HitlerPuncher @jpbrammer It definitely has that unnecessariy-technical cop kinda tone to it. "We then observed the perpetrator ex… @wolfpupy @HitlerPuncher Birds. Birds howl at the sun!And then there's also idea that not getting a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land is "ruining his… @MTFIII This looks... way, way, WAY behind actually being viable for anything. Even the horse barely moves.Heyyyyy he's a Beetle again. Okay. ever think about how "social contagion" "rapid onset gender dysphoria" theory suggests everyone wants to change… Pancratius skeleton in armor. Church of St Nikolaus, Switzerland. 16th century. NOT A LICH....
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇 @oOPPHOo I don't think I actually have anything to prove, and I am honestly not interested in saving face for the k… @oOPPHOo Okay, why exactly should I bother continuing to answer your questions?''The book reader of the future'', 1935. More photos here:
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇 @oOPPHOo Yes. Limiting how many people are reached is part of the whole fucking point of a secure channel.クッパ姫さま
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇 @StoicalSophist Las Vegas vacations marketed with a lesbian love story, women's sporting products, women's antipers… @oOPPHOo *sigh* Through secure channels. Again, YOUR LACK OF IMAGINATION IS NOT MY PROBLEM.散歩 #クッパ姫
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇クッパ姫と!!!!!ピーチ姫の百合とか!!!!!!!!!可愛くないわけがないでしょう!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by 🦇 Tally Hopeless 🦇Every time I see an American say we can't criticize homophobia or transphobia in non-western media because it's 'th… @DameDeniseMina I think you meant to type a full stop but your phone auto-corrected it to ": discuss". @oOPPHOo I don't mean that they're things one can't talk about AT ALL. I'm saying they are things I have decided ar… @oOPPHOo No, it's really not. "If they're illegal they can't possibly be helpful" is actually a RIDICULOUS positio… @oOPPHOo What, the things I think can actually help? A lot of them are not exactly legal, and even talking about t… my goodness. YouTube's advertising algorithms seem to have, however momentarily, figured out that I'm a queer woman! @oOPPHOo @bartheswasright There's a hell of a lot of things that I think can save us. If you have a problem with…… the weirdest thing about the no-for-real-we're-really-genuinely-legalizing-weed thing is all the friendly be-a… @oOPPHOo @bartheswasright Look, if you still think positivity and decency and civility are what's going to save us,…ピーチ姫は幸せに暮らしました #クッパ姫
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