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Born on the planet Ziböd, came to earth some years ago, settled in England as it had no super heroes at the time. I have cosmic powered knees.

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Anti-Brexit paper the New European outsells the New Day and makes profit
Retweeted by Nat ForemanThis makes me sad to read that people still think like this..
Retweeted by Nat ForemanPhotographer captures the therapeutic beauty of crying in the shower
Retweeted by Nat ForemanWoolf Dunst will direct Dakota Fanning in 'dark comedy' film of Plath's The Bell Jar! via @StylistMagazine
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Trump staffer Meredith McIver admits role in writing Melania Trump's speech, says offer to resign was rejected
Retweeted by Nat ForemanExcited to announce our benefit auction; thank you to the incredible artists who donated!
Retweeted by Nat ForemanFeminist art activists the Guerrilla Girls get first dedicated UK show
Retweeted by Nat ForemanA Third of Nice Truck Attack’s Dead Were Muslim, Group Says | NYTimes via @DMogahed
Retweeted by Nat ForemanThe publication challenging perceptions of female creativity:
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @underwood_jack i was very struck by Owen Smith's assertion that he is 'the best man or woman' for the job.An animal shelter is asking Pokémon Go players to walk its dogs. Genius.
Retweeted by Nat Foremanlucky enough to enjoy this journey through unexpected textures flavours and colours paired with a rainbow of beers
Why the art world loves Brutalism
Retweeted by Nat ForemanFancy some alone time tonight? Here's where to take your new book for a sunny reading sesh
Retweeted by Nat Foreman10 buildings from Nanotecture that @VISI_Mag love is 1 piece we love @VISI_Mag @Phaidon @_VirginiaMcLeod
Adam Dant’s London Bestiary by @thegentleauthor
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @LuckyPeach still ahead of me. i noticed chutzpah rhymes with foot spa years ago have never got round to making a joke about it.News | Le Corbusier Buildings Given UNESCO World Heritage Status
Retweeted by Nat ForemanThe racist hate levelled at @fatimamanji by The Sun is completely horrifying: @lynnenright
Retweeted by Nat ForemanBird-brained? Scientists show newborn ducklings can learn concepts of 'same' and 'different'
Retweeted by Nat ForemanWomen over 40 are having more babies than those under 20
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@hattiehattie me too, it's nice to cry with joy for a change
Diner: Can I have a Tarka Masala please? Waiter: You mean Tikka Masala? Diner: Well it’s like a Tikka masala but a little ’otter! (sorry)
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @Phaidon @_VirginiaMcLeod @BarbicanCentre @scottandco yes it looks like every bloke's dream ... but perhaps it is also their nightmare @Phaidon @_WhiteCube a Facebook friend-of-a-friend put it…
Retweeted by Nat Foremanfor Nice, the people of France, for the victims, for Liberty, Equality and Fraternity
@StigAbell Your question marks my full stops.#mustread on today's @guardian the #NeoNaturists retrospective @StudioVoltaire now open till 21 August
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @scottandco @BarbicanCentre i love this show so much i want to live in iti endless love this show. i want to go every day again and again. Ragnar Kjartansson at the Barbican.
@telerilj @NewYorker my post Brexit dEUpression is back @4CornersBooks #otd in 1730: potter Josiah Wedgwood. This beautiful vase is one of his masterpieces
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She said she didn't want to raise her son to be a racist so they all came and gave us hugs. Wow. ✊🏾✊🏼
Retweeted by Nat Foreman"Together we will build a better Britain," Theresa May makes first speech as Tory leader
Retweeted by Nat Foreman"Interests of country best served by immediate appointment" of PM - @andrealeadsom withdraws
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @jennylinford have been trying to think of a cheesy pun but the i changed my rind
mmm delicious Mutton Kothu in the sun by the canal thank you @Kothu_Kothu and @KERB_i used to stay there when i was a kid, magical place @niapolly
@markmc1 when push comes to Govebest news i've heard all day @no1_emily here is another book by perhaps the same publisher @jazz_age_alice in this world include death, taxes and David Dimbleby. but prefer i rely on @PrivateEyeNewsLooking forward to Raphael Albert's 'Miss Black & Beautiful' exhibition at @AutographABP opening tomorrow
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We may be out of the EU (or not) but we can still enjoy north London's ties to the continent
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @Phaidon @LollyPopPR Blair is "world's worst terrorist" - sister of serviceman killed in Iraq. #Chilcot
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Annabelle Selldorf of @selldorfarch launches new @Phaidon book via @TelegraphLuxury
Retweeted by Nat ForemanFor 68 years we have loved, cherished and entirely benefited from our NHS - let's never let it go #HappyBirthdayNHS
Retweeted by Nat ForemanCombating “bystander apathy”: what to do if you witness racist abuse
Retweeted by Nat ForemanHats off @TimeOutLondon, I just openly welled up on the train.
Retweeted by Nat Foreman"He didn't really register as an actual person"... @Traceyamacleod v funny on working on TV with Michael Gove
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @MarinaOLoughlin @Traceyamacleod at 1st i thought he was an alternative comedian in character.Yep
Retweeted by Nat Foreman"My naturally curly Afro hair has always played a role in defining my beauty" #AllAboutAfro
Retweeted by Nat ForemanIn The I today: Tate Modern’s Georgia O’Keefe show reveals a progressive artist
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hear hear. people say 'back to the drawing board' for a reason! for some non-Brexit light relief? Read our summer books special (free)
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The Runaways on the beach, 1977
Retweeted by Nat ForemanBit of #retail therapy to lift the gloom and a great cause-bravo @SadieColesHQ ! #bargains #refugeescrisis
Retweeted by Nat ForemanWe remember we forget one week later one hundred years later we forget we remember. remember we forget one week later one hundred years later we forget we remember. birthday, Léa Seydoux.
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@AllyAsh Pret a Manger will have been forced to re name itself Ready to Eat by the time you get thereI mean, GREAT, but also WTF
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @Tatws1965 are all immigrants., Giorgio Albertazzi
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
To celebrate FRENCH LOVE POEMS, our editor Tynan Kogane on Stendhal's science of love @lithub: ttp://
Retweeted by Nat ForemanIs wearing a safety pin going to help combat post-Brexit racism?
Retweeted by Nat ForemanBelarusian president accidentally ​sparks international striptease via @GuardianNewEast
Retweeted by Nat ForemanWe’re looking for Czech-speaking interns in our London office in July and August. Contact
Retweeted by Nat Foremanwith a loverly front coverly @hannahebagshaw!!!! Akunyili Crosby. Never heard of before. But she has a show at Victoria Miro in October. #must #review
Retweeted by Nat ForemanWant to join a team that is creating a museum for the 21st century? See the latest vacancies
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great round up, my fave is Duro Olowu at @CamdenArtsCtr Flowers Chart. via @LuckyPeach
Retweeted by Nat Foreman...
Retweeted by Nat ForemanDetail of C19th Indian inlaid sandalwood games box, tucked on a shelf in Blickling Hall, Norfolk
Retweeted by Nat ForemanPictures at an Exhibition | Antonio Lopez at El Museo del Barrio, New York
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @AgnesCPoirier you can't find a decent fig in the UK never mind flanApply now: Curatorial Trainnee Programme at Chisenhale Gallery Deadline 10am 6 July 2016
Retweeted by Nat Foreman💔 Tony Feher (1956–2016) sculptor via @artforum
Retweeted by Nat Foremana must have. i never get tired and always get inspired when looking at this book the Hideous Whiteness Of Brexit by @AkwugoEmejulu
Retweeted by Nat ForemanI'll use my influence whatever way I want. This country needs to be freed of fascists on both right and left.
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Jessica Tandy photographed by Herbert Mitchell, 1930
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This Brexit comment has the world's attention via @TIMEIdeas
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @_VirginiaMcLeod @Met_Breuer @Phaidon ARTISTInteresting fact: The country has lost MORE money in the hours since the OUT result than it could ever save from not paying into the EU.
Retweeted by Nat Foreman for Refugees host a vintage and designer sale at @SadieColesHQ. All proceeds go directly to #Echo100Plus.
Retweeted by Nat ForemanI’m too sad to tell you. Image: Bas Jan Ader ‘I’m too sad to tell you’, 1971. 16mm black and…
Retweeted by Nat ForemanThis is what happened to the value of the pound after #Brexit - #EURefResults #EUref
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