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Born on the planet Ziböd, came to earth some years ago, settled in England as it had no super heroes at the time. I have cosmic powered knees.

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Dear President of America: your country is so safe that just the other week a gun toting madman massacred 58 people…
Retweeted by Nat ForemanHere's a sneak peek at 'Alina Szapocznikow: Human Landscapes'. See it for yourself at our opening party, tonight 7-…
Retweeted by Nat ForemanThe muse visits David Coverdale of Whitesnake. With thanks to @EveryRecord.
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@peterliversidge @KateMacGarry @SeanKellyNY @InglebyGallery @lhaegele @PeterFoolen @lowtheband @_loscil_ @miracalix @GoshComics @AnnieKoyama i look forward to coming into the shop and asking if you have a copy of 'Sex Fantasy'.Publication for Shell-Lit Siambr! Essays by @underwood_jack and @katiemcgown with a giraffa called Zarafa + sink ho…
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @BethanLlW @underwood_jack @katiemcgown @F_M_studio what a beauty. where can i get one / best wishes for the showFrom Private Eye today.... #UniversalCredit
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @Phaidon is a detailed, and very good, review of the new Philip Pullman book. Worth a look.
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26 October @LSO play #Eisenstein's #October with new restoration of original score by Edmund #Meisel @KinoKlassika
Retweeted by Nat ForemanImmigrants who radically transformed British design language to be celebrated in new show >
Retweeted by Nat Foreman#BladeRunner2049 hits our screen this FRIDAY! Tickets only £6! #NowShowing every night 20 - 26 OCT. Book Now:…
Retweeted by Nat ForemanNew design section @fiac Paris - bold move.... is there an overlap ??
Retweeted by Nat ForemanStephen Friedman Gallery is pleased to present the second exhibition at the gallery by renowned American artist Keh…
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'Why the Obamas’ Portrait Choices Matter' @nytimes @SFGalleryLondon
Retweeted by Nat ForemanVaut le voyage @cahierscinemaKehinde Wiley will paint Obama's official presidential portrait @hollypesty I thought OOO meant object oriented ontology but it turns out it meant out of officeA celebration of Audre Lorde with @Brrnrrd @sophiepoetry @rachelnalong & Karen McCarthy Woolf @WaterstonesTCR—7 Nov…
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @HadleyFreeman @MillyWardrobe @helenlewis i was shocked how long it took for any Hollywood men to condemn HW when t… @helenlewis 'True bravery would be a wave of guys acknowledging their own record of shitty jokes, casual sexism, di…
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @MarinaOLoughlin @Phaidon @wallpaperguides che s**ifo! i can undercut that 100% by all means email me at nforeman@phaidon.com
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @MarinaOLoughlin @Phaidon @wallpaperguides mea culpa! a new update of the guide is being prepared, due out n April next yearFigurative artist Alex Katz returns to his student practice of drawing commuters on the subway >…
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BIRD #5,559 Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus)
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @harrietrjbaker one bespoke, one size fits all, hand-made book jacket coming up. text will say: I'M READING F**K OFFKentish Town is the new Berlin to @mariejacotey Rachael Allen @TestCentre77 @HBGLondon & all readers for a fab night and signature woof and… isn't just about Harvey Weinstein: this is about patriarchy
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so @saveindiaclub was hoping for 2,000 signatures. Now north of 13k. Keep 'em coming!
Retweeted by Nat ForemanTate seeks Head of Tate Exchange:
Retweeted by Nat ForemanCan you spot the sinister satellites in @macfound fellow @trevorpaglen's shot of the night sky?…
Retweeted by Nat ForemanThis disgusting. Twitter lets Trump abuse people daily & is a platform for Far Right & Isis supporters. What is goi…
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@Phaidon @toriapurcell 1st Amendment "protects broadcasts that criticize... established customs and institutions, including the gover…
Retweeted by Nat Foremanaccording to recent quacks, a duck on the canal has found something to be highly amusing. @thepooluk @emilyrbakes didn't think i could hate the Mail more. i was wrong. @MarinaOLoughlin it's called 2049 coz most viewers fall asleep around that time (i.e. around. ten to nine pm) @itsanitarani (I'm not clever) but surely light from the sun is hitting the moon and reflected to earth. happens in…, is that Sky? This is Theresa. I'd like to cancel my subscription but still receive all your channels. The ba…
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Scales at the ready: the first recipe I try from the @sportsmankent book has got to be THAT soda bread. ❤️…
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @HauserWirth You Been Hit on Head by a Falling Leaf and It Wasn't Your Fault have traditional Japanese ceramics impacted contemporary artists working with clay?
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @MillyWardrobe WTF!!"Music has charms to soothe a savage breast" & to do the opposite. loving this series well played @suzyklein @jennylinford the spores the merrier"Squirrel tries to hide nut in dog"
Retweeted by Nat ForemanMy review of ‘Dalí/Duchamp’ Rates rather high on the 'ick' factor 'The Fertile Friendship of Two Surreal Masters'
Retweeted by Nat Foremanfungi to be with! congrats
FACTORY:the seen and the unseen is now closed. The year of PRODUCTION @TateExchange has now started.
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @Phaidon Your Silence Will Not Protect You by Audre Lorde — before the word
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Today we launch Mexico Rises, a global campaign to collect funds for the reconstruction of Mexico. #MexicoRises
Retweeted by Nat ForemanV sweet: @ollywainwright meets RIBA medal-winning Neave Brown, whose career was killed by iconic Alexandra Rd estate
Retweeted by Nat ForemanIf male writers were marketed in the same way as female writers. Via Christopher Hamilton-Emery.
Retweeted by Nat Foremanpostcard inspired by The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro. 2/2 inspired by The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro. 1/2 of Poor Sleep by Rachael Allen & Marie Jacotey out now | Launch on Thurs 12 October -
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A very happy publication day to @LWilsonCrime - the other woman is addictive and utterly unputdownable!…
Retweeted by Nat Foremanone of my favourite artworks ever. writer Kazuo Ishiguro has won the 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature
Retweeted by Nat Foreman @Fifi_Lafayette also, we know she had a cough, some letters fell, prankster &c. what did the actually SAY?
Melanzzzzz @Tatws1965 case of interest, @JackieMorrisArt & I will be launching The Lost Words at Foyles, 7pm, this Thursday:…
Retweeted by Nat ForemanWhat Chinese people do on festivals, exchanging food gifts of all kinds. Fruit, nuts, cakes. Check out the full moo…
Retweeted by Nat ForemanNew! Ali Smith! and @olivialanguage ! talking about WINTER! 3rd Nov! EVENT KLAXXON!!
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.@realDonaldTrump reversed ban on mental health patients buying guns, why is no one talking about it? - @mrjamesob
Retweeted by Nat ForemanNews | Robert Delpire (1926–2017)
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@rebeccamorrill @ktmpaterson total eclipse of the artCuckoo Pint. a carniverous lily that likes to live in wooded areas. after Flora Londiniensis, 1777-1791's all about the swinging .... Superflex, One Two Three Swing! @Tate Modern, Hyundai commission in the Turbine Ha…
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favourite word of the week BETONMONSTER new TFL map makes tube travel so much easier for people with anxiety
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