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The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty mobilizes the 90 million Americans who support abolishing the #deathpenalty.

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An "utterly unqualified" attorney used Wikipedia to defend TaiChin Preyor. Now, TaiChin is set to die on July 27. to Stop Executions delivered 27,503 signatures to Kasich's office, urging him to postpone 27 executions.
Retweeted by NCADPOn Tuesday, Ralph Wright Jr. became the 27th person exonerated from Florida's death row: (P…
Retweeted by NCADPPA has only executed three people since 1976. So why have 460 of its death row inmates received execution notices?
Sen @CoryBooker asked us to take action. Call Gov @JohnKasich at 855-782-6925 & tell him not to restart Ohio's exec… "Let’s commit—all of us—to support and employ former offenders. Let’s help break the cycle." Watch→…
Retweeted by NCADPWatch @KamalaHarris, @CoryBooker, & other leaders at #WomenUnshackled, a forum on women in the justice system:
Retweeted by NCADP.@SenKamalaHarris: We're given a false choice between being soft and tough on crime. Rather, let's be smart on crime. #WomenUnshackled.@RepDougCollins (R-GA): Female incarceration is a bipartisan issue. #WomenUnshackled to be at @USJusticeAction event #WomenUnshackled today at @Newseum.
Executions don't make Ohio a safer place to live, work, or raise a family. Ohioans can live without the death penalty. @JohnKasich #OhNoOhio
Retweeted by NCADPGov. @JohnKasich, the death penalty does nothing to address root causes of crime. Join us in saying #OhNoOhio!
An Ohio death row exoneree urged Gov. @JohnKasich to halt executions:
A former prison warden says that Ohio's planned execution rush would traumatize prison staff. have dropped in each of the last seven years. That might change this year if Ohio resumes executions…
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READ: The constitutional crisis in Florida we’re all missing. Holdman, a trailblazer in death penalty work, has died. We will deeply miss her compassion and strength.… tenfold decrease in executions in the U.S.
Retweeted by NCADPOhio hasn't executed anyone in 3 years. Now, the state has 27 scheduled executions. Tell Gov. @JohnKasich, "Oh no,…
Scott Panetti, a Texas death row inmate, won a review of mental competence to be executed earlier this week. used to be 300 death sentences each year in the United States. Last year, there were just 30.… @JohnKasich, please don't resume Ohio's executions, as your state has a history of wrongful convictions and botched executions.
READ: "A criminal-justice system built and run by flawed human beings will always be flawed." are 27 executions already scheduled if Ohio reopens its death chamber. Tell Gov. @JohnKasich "OH NO, not in Ohio!" (614) 466-3555
Retweeted by NCADPThe #deathpenalty does not give closure to the families of victims.
Retweeted by NCADPJuanita Perez, mom of murdered son, says that the death penalty is an injustice for victims' families like her own.
In Turner vs. US, the Supreme Court signaled that it is okay with the government withholding evidence. set execution dates for 27 people. Are any of them innocent? An exoneree's take on the death penalty: people have been sentenced to die in Ohio. Sign on to this letter from death row survivors to @JohnKasich:
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VA execution method described as "intolerable" by pathologist Dr. Mark Edgar.
READ: My grandfather was a death row doctor. He tested psychedelic drugs on Texas inmates.
“We can no longer afford the financial and social costs of such a broken system.”
The execution of William Morva, a man with a severe mental disability, is appalling. The #deathpenalty should be en…
Retweeted by NCADPWilliam Charles Morva was executed last night. Ronald Phillips is now the next to die. Read more:
Retweeted by NCADPMark James Asay's execution is set for August 27, and will be the first FL execution in 18 months.
@thenexttodie 1,456 TOO MANY! The #DeathPenalty ONLY offers victimization— NOT JUSTICE! We MUST continue the fight…
Retweeted by NCADPVa. execution of William Morva: no last words, 'shaking' per witness, time of death 9:15pm. Updates @postlocal
Retweeted by NCADPShame Virginia doesn't have the same standards when it comes to executing humans. #Mercy4Morva
Retweeted by NCADPThread 👇 #Mercy4Morva
Retweeted by NCADPIn 15 minutes, William Charles Morva is scheduled to be executed in Virginia.
Retweeted by NCADPIf you think that lethal injection is humane & painless, read this. William Morva could be tortured to death with t…
Retweeted by NCADPWe're disappointed that Gov. McAuliffe chose to let the execution of a mentally ill man proceed. We're grateful for…
Retweeted by NCADPI am deeply disappointed with your decision, Governor McAuliffe. Killing people is wrong. That applies to your stat…
Retweeted by NCADP#VirginiaShame #NationalShame
Retweeted by NCADPMorva’s case is not an aberration, but typical of a #deathpenalty system that is broken beyond repair. #Mercy4Morva
Retweeted by NCADPWeeping in #SouthCarolina.
Retweeted by NCADPExtremely saddened and sickened. No justice will be served tonight. Thoughts are with William's family as we keep f…
Retweeted by NCADP @TerryMcAuliffe has declined William Morva's clemency petition. The execution is scheduled for 9 p.m. tonight.Watch @maddow discuss Will Morva's case, and don't forget to contact @GovernorVA to ask for #Mercy4Morva., you could make a phone call to save the life of a disabled person about to be put to death. Got 5 minutes?
Retweeted by NCADP @GovernorVA Call Gov. Terry McAuliffe at 804-786-2211 or tweet at him via @GovernorVA.The daughter of one of William Morva's victims asked @GovernorVA to spare Will's life. You can, too. @GovernorVA You still have time to do the right thing. #Mercy4Morva
Retweeted by NCADPExecution is not justice Execution of a mentally ill man is not justice Execution of a mentally ill man behind closed curtain is not justice
Retweeted by NCADP @GovernorVA 25 state legislators, @amnestyusa, @ACLUVA, @NAMICommunicate, and many more have voiced their support for #Mercy4Morva.Virginia plans to execute a mentally ill man tonight. Contact @GovernorVA via Twitter and at 804-786-2211. Ask him to stop this injustice. @GovernorVA @ncadp halt 7/6 execution of mentally ill W. Morva. #Mercy4Morva
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URGENT: @GovernorVA is about to make a decision about executing William Morva. Help get #Mercy4Morva & stop his exe…
Retweeted by NCADPThe death penalty is on the downswing - not just in Texas, but nationwide. More at @HoustonChron:
Retweeted by NCADPWill Morva's execution is TOMORROW. The ⏱️ is ticking. Pls RT so @GovernorVA can see it's unjust to take away Morva…
Retweeted by NCADP#USA: UN rights experts urge the Governor of Virginia to halt execution of man with psychosocial disability…
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Speak out for #justice this #July4th! Tweet at @GovernorVA to stop the execution of a severely mentally ill man on…
Retweeted by NCADPOnly TWO DAYS left for @GovernorVA to stop the execution of Will Morva, a mentally ill man.  For more info on Will'…
.@HungaryinUSA and @SpainInTheUSA have asked @GovernorVA to grant clemency to Will Morva. America, will we listen? news on @MercyforMorva. With at least 11 other Va Dem legislators, highly-respected Delegate Mark Levine supports Life! Only 3 days!
Retweeted by NCADP @LilianaSegura @radleybalko Terry McAuliffe do the right thing (Baltimore Post-Examiner)
Retweeted by NCADPThread on Texas's use of illegal execution drugs:
There's still time! Email Gov. McAuliffe ( & ask to stop VA's execution of a severely mentally…
Retweeted by NCADPIf you live in Ohio, let @JohnKasich know that you don't want your state to be in the killing business. Be sure to…
Retweeted by NCADPToday is the anniversary of the Supreme Court's Gregg decision reinstating the death penalty. 41 years later, it's more broken than ever.
Retweeted by NCADP.@GovernorVA, please stop the execution of a severely mentally ill man. Jurors didn't know the truth when they gave…
Retweeted by NCADP @GovernorVA, death is not justice, especially in the case of a mentally ill man. Please grant Will Morva clemency. #PeopleOverPolitics
RT to ask @GovernorVA to grant clemency to William Morva, a mentally ill man whose execution is scheduled for July 6. #Mercy4MorvaBethany Webb, sister of a murder victim, asks, “Why should society answer death with more death?” news! This campaign is giving us several more days to email Gov. McAuliffe and ask for #Mercy4Morva. Please e…
Retweeted by NCADPJoin @ShaneClaiborne of @RedLetterXians! Call @GovernorVA & ask to stop Will Morva's execution. Will is severely me…
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wonderful company we're keeping
Retweeted by NCADPDefense counsel—“#Ohio should not take the risk of continued botched executions by going back to using these danger…
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