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Knock, knock. Who's there? Netflix. Netflix, who? Netflix is a joke. There. we said it.

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@damncontent @Stranger_Things It's gonna be ok @damncontent @Stranger_Things Don't talk to your streaming service that way @AlanLondonCity @Stranger_Things It never left.It's getting closer. 20.
@CoolKidCliff Alright, wrote it down. If/when it happens, you'll be the first to know. @CoolKidCliff Obviously would love to, but sometimes we just can't get them all because someone else has them for a little bit. @You_JUAN_Some Or any mall @CoolKidCliff @markhachman Yeah but can they get 1 out of 5 slap shots? I think not. @Mr_UncleDaddy @You_JUAN_Some ALSO to this very day, who doesn't still want to do this? @ChrisWards Riiiiight! @Rdusty10 @itsreallyben easy tonight knowing that before he was Foggy, he was a Bash Brother.YERRR @NEOYOKIO IS ON NETFLIX RIGHT NOW GO BINGE IT ITS FRIDAY U JUST GOT HOME FROM WORK ROLL UP N WATCH THE WHOLE SHIT UR WELCOME
Retweeted by Netflix USYour darkest secrets never stay buried. 1922, a Netflix film based on the Stephen King novella, premieres October 2… @Andym0nG There sure will be.Tough crowd. @JerrySeinfeld takes on @HouseofCards. #NetflixIsAJoke
Retweeted by Netflix USEverybody finishing #GagaFiveFootTwo"Why is there football before the Lady Gaga show?" #GagaFiveFootTwoThese two. #GagaFiveFootTwo spin-off proposal - An intimate look at the life of Koji. is this so true. #GagaFiveFootTwo just want her everything, always. #GagaFiveFootTwo @XoxoARTPOP 12/10 hit to the feels. @ladygaga and her grandma… not crying, I've just got glitter in my eyes. #GagaFiveFootTwo @GagaLoverNE Some dreams do come true! @daniellluvioso Just let it all out.the Germanottas are all so cute am I really crying already YEAH I am. #GagaFiveFootTwo
Retweeted by Netflix USIs it safe to hyperventilate for 100 mins straight? Don't know, don't care. #gagafivefoottwo @ladygaga deserves the world, no one should tell her differently. #GagaFiveFootTwoIf I was in American Horror Story “Yasssss Gaga, put a hex on me” #GagaFiveFootTwoLiving for @LadyGaga’s baptism outfit. #GagaFiveFootTwo @GagaLisa633 Join the monsters here: @LadyGaga giving a million reasons to live with this studio session. #GagaFiveFootTwo @pjgutz @ladygaga GO GO GO GO GO!'s here #GagaFiveFootTwo
@IlIfadeIlI It's Gaga night, all bets are offY-A-S-S Monsters come out after hour till we go full Gaga. #GagaFiveFootTwo @souza_douglass Love browsing the web!Tonight. We're gonna marry the night. #GagaFiveFootTwo[Review] 'Gerald's Game' Hits 'Misery' Levels of Cringe-worthy Tension @flanaganfilm
Retweeted by Netflix US @cathy20276134 Follow @Netflix_CA for all things Canadian Netflix @cathy20276134 Same time everywhere: 12:01AM PT. @cathy20276134 Global. @abdulgives Not sure, but @Netflixhelps can help you figure out whats going on with your account.X❤️X❤️ @MiloVentimiglia @nbc @TheMandyMoore @SterlingKBrown @justinhartley @ChrissyMetz @SullivanTweet @skelechiwatson @Jon_Huertas 🙌😭🙌Great potential with that guy. Long career ahead of him.
Retweeted by Netflix USOh good, you're awake.’s greatest names celebrate one of comedy’s greatest institutions. Def Comedy Jam 25 premieres September 26 –…
Retweeted by Netflix USAs dysfunctional as any other family. Noah Baumbach's The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) premieres on Netfli… Castle and Metallica. #ThePunisher's back. @aliwong's new stand-up special is coming 2018. Only on @netflix. (🎥:
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@ABSCBNNews @stanleypalisada Need #AmericanVandal team to investigate this inside job ASAP cc @funnyordie @Country_girljj It sure is @JimPetrozzi Wouldn't even think of stopping you @TheSweetestT It's on now. so you know, it's totally acceptable to sing to your dinnerware after watching Beauty and the Beast.Before you called him a king, a legend, or the-guy-from-that-thing, he was just Jerry. Jerry Before Seinfeld is n…
Retweeted by Netflix US @PleccentricLisa It'll be on worldwide at the same time.Put your paws up, mother monster is nearly here. #GagaFiveFootTwo, Sept 22 only on Netflix.
Beyond proud of @LenaWaithe's #Emmys win. This is why Hollywood needs more voices like hers #FirstTimeISawMe @ChanceHarbour Nooooooooooooo @bmoviesd How dare you, the issue is incredibly real and urgent @msg7122 @patrickcotnoir @MrTonyHale @bluthquotes I'M HALF MACHINE @patrickcotnoir @MrTonyHale @bluthquotes this is very goodok, there you go. you're welcome.
Retweeted by Netflix USThat time @JerrySeinfeld tested out material on Frank Underwood. It went...well. #NetflixIsAJoke
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2017 one Elizabeth to another, congratulations. #Emmys
Retweeted by Netflix US @boxtheball @blackmirror @sethmeyers correct. @blackmirror @sethmeyers #nightdrinkingwothNetflix #meantwoththattime @blackmirror @sethmeyers #daydrinkingwothSethandRetta