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Alfre Woodard leading everyone in "Lift Every Voice and Sing" might be the blackest thing on your timeline today ❤️
Retweeted by Netflix USNow that's what you call a GLOW up ✨ @alisonbrie
Retweeted by Netflix USThis is extraordinary, must watch television. Hannah Gadsby is a genius.
Retweeted by Netflix USGloria Estefan — who sings the #OneDayAtATime theme — will guest star in Season 3 as Mirtha, Lydia’s (Rita Moreno)…
Retweeted by Netflix USDirected by sister filmmaker and one to watch, @LaceyDuke. Shot by brother cinematographer and legend, #MalikSayeed
Retweeted by Netflix USWe love a @strongblacklead named Caleb McLaughlin.
Retweeted by Netflix USHere's all you need to know about that @strongblacklead promo you just saw during the #BETAwards.…
Retweeted by Netflix USThis is not a MOMENT. This is a MOVEMENT.
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Watch Nanette on @Netflix right. fucking. now. @Hannahgadsby #hannahgadsbynanette
Retweeted by Netflix USHannah Gadsby’s show ‘Nanette’ is the best show I’ve ever seen. I saw it a year ago and I can still feel it. Now it…
Retweeted by Netflix US @madisonkoesler @Michael_bruhh17 extremely sunday vibesif this ain't me... Sentence now available on @netflix - So all you binge watchers out there ...binge your heart out ❤️
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Nanette is full of surprises, not the least of which is @hannahgadsby finding a use for her art history degree. Now…
Retweeted by Netflix US @adamrdugas @BarbraStreisand 👏🌈👏🌈👏🌈👏🌈 @DebbyRyan #LukeCage Season 2 starts with a Mobb Deep #ShookOnes needle drop. I’m in!
Retweeted by Netflix USIt's @QueerEye official: #SetItUp is @jvn approved. Can you believe?!
Retweeted by Netflix USOh my. Wow. I just finished @Hannahgadsby’s Nanette. You absolutely must see it. Please. Go watch it now. It’s prob…
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Weekly movie recommendation time! Tweet @ me with your mood and I’ll tell you what to watch.
Retweeted by Netflix US @ThatBoy_GoodRS YEP.The judges are stoned. The chefs are not. Well ... they’re probably not. Cooking on High is now streaming. to death. Season 2 of Marvel's #LukeCage is now streaming, only on Netflix.
Retweeted by Netflix USlooking forward to the weekend!, if @ForestWhitaker and Theo James want to come save me at the end of days, I'm totally fine with that.…
Retweeted by Netflix US @shannonpurser ....if you know anyone who could sneak me an early screener that would be fantastic because I hear it's AMAZINGSo, yes, my movie “Sierra Burgess Is A Loser” is coming to @netflix on September 7!!! ❤️🤓🌻
Retweeted by Netflix USTHE MONTH OF JUNE JUST GOT EVEN BLACKER @DearWhitePeople has been renewed for Season THREE 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Retweeted by Netflix USHonestly I was like what is IGTV at first but wow @netflix this really is content @colesprouse
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We're LIVE from the Marvel’s @LukeCage Season 2 red carpet premiere in NYC! Watch now for cast interviews, news, an…
Retweeted by Netflix USWant more Queer Eye? Watch what happened when the Fab Five made over an ENTIRE town of Yass, Australia!
Retweeted by Netflix USGet ready for the next truly great romantic comedy. “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.” Starring Lana Condor. Wr… Gadsby’s #Nanette is the most groundbreaking stand-up performance since Tig Notaro’s cancer set
Retweeted by Netflix USWe identify with @hannahgadsby. Nanette, now streaming.
Retweeted by Netflix USSo you just gone be fine for 20 plus years @TayeDiggs? Like really?!? CC: @SetItUpNetflix
Retweeted by Netflix US#Ozark Season 2 premieres August 31
Retweeted by Netflix US @emkretz
@RossButler @cincharles @QueerEye i think that was @antoni @Sheila80595642 @QueerEye an industrial size box of tissue to be honest!! @KikiKoketso @QueerEye two queens @pandanecklace dude same @amandadelvillar i doProud Christian. Loving mother. Profoundly inspiring. Thank you @QueerEye for blessing us with Mama Tammye. Season 3 adds #TheExorcist alum @bendanielsss as Antony Armstrong-Jones, the 1st Earl of Snowdon
Retweeted by Netflix USHot messes coming your way, June 29th.
Retweeted by Netflix USMore than 80 million accounts have watched a romance film on Netflix in the last year — that’s nearly 2/3 of the gl…
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I'm only communicating in Ms. Tammye GIFs from now on. #QueerEye2
Retweeted by Netflix US @luz_velazquezx now is the time!!!! @IngNa70 showed us the importance of believing in yourself and realizing what a single person is truly capable of. ICO… stopped a sword with a fan. ICONIC. beat up her crush and he was into it. ICONIC. was smarter than an army of men. ICONIC. chopped her hair into the perfect bob with a single cut. ICONIC. are we gonna do with all this popcorn 😍 🙃
Retweeted by Netflix US @marigoldlight the crossover we never knew we deservedthe queer eye boys got to hopper...that’s a tan france outfit if i’ve ever seen one
Retweeted by Netflix US @DjJaK47 @ladygaga @hughes_nl @ladygaga to @LadyGaga! Her deeply personal “Gaga: Five Foot Two” just won Best Music Documentary at the #MTVAwards
And now, a thread of classic action movie lines to get you through the rest of Monday:
Retweeted by Netflix USThem: Lucy Liu is so great in @SetItUpNetflix You: believe Michael Peterson isWill Ferrell will star in and co-write #Eurovision, a new comedy set around the iconic Eurovision Song Contest
Retweeted by Netflix USHere’s the trailer for Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer’s new film, Like Father, which answers that age old question…
Retweeted by Netflix USahh yes, the two genders
Retweeted by Netflix USSometimes you’re just in the mood for a good cry. As Sofia Coppola said, film is about “being disconnected and look…
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Groot? Groot.! HEY! HEY! It's Father's Day. Pay your respects.
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@SetItUpNetflix is the best rom-com I’ve seen in YEARS. I watched it twice today to make sure. Also it’s a perfect…
Retweeted by Netflix USTammy is the Wizard of Oz telling the @QueerEye Fab Five that what they were looking for was inside of them all alo…
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...we warned you 🤧
Retweeted by Netflix US @MaitresseKat @ellycat420 i'm joining you. tgif. @laleviner ☺️ @SorryZari what kind of ice cream tho!.@netflix is so cool with their original movies. I just watched their new rom-com movie, Set It Up. You know it's a…
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