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Whenever I hear 10 feet down I can’t help but bec this song is everything to me rn and then I’m like WAIT... anyways thank god for spotifyWell this is a first. I can honestly say, I've never seen a cat trying to pet a bird.
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷 @DrAamer It was I can't believe I had no idea and yet I believed
I maybe know little about these chat apps but they all do the same thing and you know I've a phone number riteSo I just tried explaining the difference in sharia law and jurisprudence in islam to my mum and while doing so I r… if you've been yelled at by someone today
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷RT if you've been yelled at by someone todayScore is I found the peanut m&ms I bought yesterday and forgot about what's up boysYou know when ducks make that really weird noise and you not sure if that's some kind of nasty mating ritual or they chocking to deathThis chicken was living in a tiny cage before she was rescued. But now she runs the house, and her mom even lets he…
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷I wish I had the courage to say this to her and like karate kick her in the forehead but I don't alas lifeNo offence stupid old lady at the table next to mine who just turned around and straight up laughed in my face for…
I have stayed up way too late the last couple days so basically I can't fall asleep now 😳🔫Big fan of America trying to describe a Greggs sausage roll.
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷I am so proud of this fish she has accomplished so much
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷Okay why would you buy concert tix if you not going idgi and you just gonna sell it for 8x the price the day before the concert??How do you play this FIFA and by that I mean I'm not getting beat by a 6 year old #helpSometimes I hate Mason but I also love him so much like a baby brother even though he's a jerk and he smells and has yellow teeth? @mackrapalicious Of course I did lolAbout to waste a really good hair day babysitting 🙆It's not morning if it's still dark outside ya?
@LBC @MaajidNawaz I was alienated for more than a decade and slowly but surely found my way back I hope yours does too maajid @AbiWilks Poor you @_AllyLoves Dude that's🔥🔥The one time I actually look at the label for instructions on how to wash something and it says "promotional produc…
Entering socials and seeing serious lengthy conversations going on and not knowing what they on about is quite the experienceIt's not blind allegiance to ask for evidence and if you truly are a friend bec they helped you so much when you al… you turn on a friend that you truly believed was innocent just bec someone said you should and you talk abou… you know what it's like getting tried and cut off for things you didn't do bec you lose everything and everyone… so much fun fact but there's a difference between accused and guilty you know I don't think many people can fat… have always disliked shit coming out of some of you seemingly intelligent people's mouth but this getting absolute horseshitDo you ever just put paperclips to hold back your hair and leave it like that the whole dayI don't always talk about football but when I do it's bec Arsenal won 🙊
Sometimes I forget I have money and then I remember and I'm like hey that's pretty cool and I feel happy
Not tryna be rude and the worst person in the world about it but some of y'all maybe spend way too much time on the internetIn the mood to make some music again I'm thinking something fusion like synths and heck a lot drums like synthetic but not at allMy mum's friend bought her this fancy juicer with lots of settings and buttons to celebrate her promotion at work i… is all you coffee lovers fault bec they too busy making that crap in kilo tins so they've no kilo tins left to… what's up with Nestle and their miniature tin packaging is loving chocolate a crime and a sick joke now like wh… @KiitaKat Remember when I said find something to cope that works better than talk I take that back I don't know him… @KiitaKat What gives??Please sign the petition to stamp out moped people bec they in over their head don't care if they wronged or notIn England, you don't say "I'm going now". You slap your knees and say "Right!" which means "I should've left two h…
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷
I have got to have this baby jesus with some soup tomorrow thanks internet @heathercutlip 👏Sometimes a girl has a few lava lamps and glowsticks and tapestry in her room not bec she's a party animal or she's… mean it's fine if you want to idolise people that's cool but I just don't feel the connection they've got a life…'s pretty much all my favorite bands in a nutshell in case anyone was wonderingFriend: Andy Hull Me: who? Friend: Andy Hull the singer? Me: ??? Friend: Manchester Orchestra Me: ohI just added "save enough money to buy fancy house in Iceland" to bucket list sorry EnglandWhat's it pronounced porcelain or porcelain you know c like sea or c like cake??
Eating dinner but not naked not at all bet you didn't see that coming mhmmOverheard certain someone telling her friend "sometimes I wish she was mute I don't want anything to do with the sh… you know when you don't know what time you'll be able to go home and get naked and eat dinner your day will go much fasterThat thing when you write a shopping list and then not bring it with you.. not just me ya?
My dear friends if you think I don't care about you and you on and on about it you probably right bec I'm done fake… fun when people ask you to ask other people for things no really it's fun times :/My mum just told her friend that she had to learn to be both mum and dad so to really get into the whole fatherly r… CAN'T DO ANTHING WITH CHOPSTICKS THAT YOU CAN'T ALREADY DO WITH YOUR OWN HAND AND YOU CAN'T EFFICIENTLY EAT RIC… god it's time we admit that chopsticks are a stupid utensil like can you eat rice with chopsticks? no you just… thinking about that girl missing in Dorset I hope they find her and she's ok bec knowing epilepsy I wouldn't wish the shit on anyoneThat thing with PVRIS where I like a different song each day is now happening with ASHES dIVIDE not complaining but what givesmy friend's sister has been missing for several days in dorset. please, please call 999 immediately if you have see…
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷Wish I could also lie as smoothly as this lady who said "nope I can't I'm in a meeting" on the phone while she walk…
If there's one thing I'm really good at it's that saying "what" out loud through a mouthful#NewProfilePic is it that when you accidentally cut your whole pinky toenail off there is always like so much blood it is the…'ve been eating banana in the morning pretty much everyday since like what last June? but today I wake up and no banana :(
@partypartynails I love you so muchSure I love going out and getting wasted but I also love the part of the night where I come home and eat dinner and make music hehehForgot the word pinkeye but rather than give up I chose to guess it was called that thing nasty little children get… @heathercutlip Wow that's big
@heathercutlip Is it diapers like electronic self cleaning diapersI wonder how many followers I've lost all bec I never replied to their DMs haha wtf brain why am I having 3am thoughts at 6pmi wish there was mini whales like 6 inch whales that u could put in a tank & own as pets like hey look at my pet whale that'd be great
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷A man just asked me if I was one of asylum seeker I could be ya?Why some adults such pervs these days that they've to ruin everything for children like the concept of appropriate… @johansson63 @RTLLateNight @WTofficial Just solo I think so WT in a coma for now at least better than replacing her…
@lights You are ancient ❤️