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probably dead

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I'm tryna pretend I like gossip I'm really trying but I can't?? 🙅😛Imagine seeing something online and being like >:} >:} yes yesss i will say something very mean here wonderful cho…
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So today was pretty nice my head got 3 tests done and nothing too out of the ordinary at least not they can see and… sausage is like the type of sausage that plots its revenge while still rolling down in your stomach not that… think it's bec lately I'm always late for things or I forget about things and everyone be like why and I say idk… in school when ms boyle asked me why I was 2 hours late and I said I had to go get traffic light jelly and… @LindseyStirling Do you even have boneIf I go into the scanner but I'm not allowed to bring my phone did I ever get mri I don't think so 😛Mother just said the amount of secondhand embarrassment she get just from me saying out loud awkward things around… they ask me how I do it and honestly I've literally no idea what to say so maybe that's not so much accomplishmentNot tryna be a narcissist freak and the most worst person in the world about it but I think I deserve a metal for b… my alarm was going off for solid 2 hour but no sound was coming out?
Please stop bragging you're a doctor you know dang right you're not a real doctor idc if you got phd unless it's me…
@DrLindseyFitz How did they know for certain they were going to die soonAlso remember when I couldn't carry 5 kilo things now I can do 10+ and I'm feeling pretty great about it 💪Trying to finish unifinshed drawings I end up with more unfinished drawings heheh#6. I got my first pair of reading glasses in 4th grade. I have nearly perfect vision, but random swelling causes r…
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Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷#5. A before and after my skull decompression surgery. You can see where the bone was removed and pressure on the c…
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷👀 website says my body needs copper and magnesium so I could try almond and whole grains silly website my ac got… me admitting idk something is literally the easiest thing ever and idk why it's bid deal to most other people just say it dude who caresHow times changed 3 year ago I could have drooled on my someone's face and that's nothing now just accidentaly drop… just watch gareth emery set from laserface and literally no one was dancing they all too busy taking selfies and…'s to claire and to real talk about illness and mortality see you on the other side girl
Since it's #chiarimalformationawareness month can I just say sometimes I forget I have chiari and idk if that's a symptomThis is your daily reminder that the floor is lava and if it's not then you're stupid and insecure and garbage so m… high is part fun part proving I'm not dumb part I can't find my zippo part making fire like a cave person a… is crazy like when I'm minding my own business and people still hating me for doing just that uhh?? @Vaani_Singh not everything they think they do but they don'tWill there be a next time most definitely bec this not the first time sometimes my life is great lolNot complaining bec I'm still eating anyway but I hope they send ferrero rocher next timeSomeone just sent flowers and chocolate for my mum I'm thinking I'll eat the chocolate and maybe she doesn't knowSeptember is #ChiariMalformationAwareness month. #fightlikeagirl
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷How can you possibly always mostly be dead sure about every single thing you do it's funny to me sometimes bec idgi… made me dictate 311 cities and their respective states of america from wikipedia to see if I pronounce them ri… When i was 8, i started having major digestive problems. I was diagnosed first with IBS, then a bunch of other…
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How am I going to sleep tight idkI like iceland and also canada bec nice people there but I've always wanted to see tasmania and also tromso in norw… I was offered a surprise extravagant holiday op and I got 2 weeks to decide where to go and what to do but I'… ave this really bad habit of waving back when someone waves in my direction and sometimes I want to die like there and thenBest feeling just now I said something dumb and people thought I made joke but I certainly did not it's like I dodg… @partypartynails ♥️Literally downed my drink so fast and I wasn't paying attention to the taste at all and wow it was pricey so was it… specifically asked for no onions and what did I get vile onions 🤷This rescue cat is gigantic, but he's working toward his goal weight 😻
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷I just liked this tweet of video of this really fat cat I wanted to retweet but now I can't find it where it go @heathertrip_ 🙄Dear politicians I say we change the adult age to 30 thnx and pls 🙏 @heathertrip_ Machine gun who?What a bloody horrible week last week was but thanks weekend and loved ones now it's feel a lot better I hope this…
#2. My first noticed symptom was limping when i first started walking. (Less than 2 years old) I had no reflexes in…
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷#1. Chiari Malformation is congenital (you are born with it) but I was repeatedly misdiagnosed for 21 years.
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷For CM awareness, I’m going to do a little thread with some random facts about my condition and experiences, and ad…
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷"ThErEs StiLl eMiNeM sTaNs iN 2o18?" Bitch Eminem LITERALLY invented Stans. Literally
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I can'tMy head
This place crawling wit lesbian and smell of vile alcohol I see old ladies smoochin uhh I got nothing against tiy a… colour is my skin bec everyones loving it girl won't stop asking if it's fake tan woahh dad I still and always hate you but tnx30 minute early for drinks with an always late friend so I'm just solo drinking rn why I do this to myself idkEmbarrassing folks on this website says it's yea or nay not yay or nay and they see the word yay instead of yea eve… just can't stop craving cinnamon buns and also custard buns from that bun house in soho it’s going to be one of t…
Yard and gate still smell of piss maybe I'll just bleach the whole place bec nothing is beyond me and also bec I to… every bad thing that could possibly happen on a commute has happened to me this evening 🤷🏽‍♀️
Hey I'm getting better at washing spoons like it's kind of nice :DDI ate the whole plate while going through my netflix just trying to decide what to watch and I finally found someth…£20 for brow gel oops I'll just chop chop my old eyeshadow with vaseline no thnxThis dog has to hold hands in the car ❤️
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷Usually don't care but I can’t tell how many people have said they think I am weird to my face today and idk said I'll go to work and I didn't and instead I went shopping and this moped drove by and splashed me with disgus… morning I made hobo friends I guess sometimes not brushing my hair pays off hehehh
It's been taking me 3 attempts over 3 days (or more let's see) to finish la la land so it's really not that bad?? @spookyjulie @DrLindseyFitz @missingpeople#Lewisham #Catford #NewCross people. This is Alice, a very good friend of a friend. She was last seen at 4.30pm on…
Retweeted by Maryam Anjüna 🌷Also remember when I said forks are the most stupid utensil well I take that back bec let's just say I can do some… really like cleaning turns out it's good for my head wow??? @heathertrip_ @heathertrip_ show up late for work someone else will find it and hopefully get rid off the smell too lol 👌👌 @heathertrip_ awn for a second I forgot the bottle was Cody's @heathertrip_ i thought bottle caps had the sealing unless you kept it no cap??? @heathertrip_ ya if it's not sealed properly I've had kept worse things making fake blood in my room for days witho… @heathertrip_ awn how can be it's got no lid cap?Yess thiss I can do art so much better when I'm pissed upset why is that did I think this was a good idea bec rn I put everything on the worktop and there's no space for other things so where do I put my phone @heathertrip_ Cody be like much oil is too much oil and also what comes first pasta or the sauce the hellI'm still mad at my mum for what happened at work I've had enough of her pish posh so I'm thinking I'll cook my own dinner let's seeDear old people please don't make me do nice things just to prove that some of us young people have manners thanksCan't decide if I'm addicted to greek yogurt or if I just really like eating greek yogurt?? @heathertrip_ Ya sidewalk with lanesThey should mak separate pavement for only tall people and fat people and also old people I think it's pretty great ideaI just got sent home lolListen I know I'm not the boss I never wanted to be but now I really want to be and one day I will be and no one li… someone likes your insta of the cake you had yesterday but you don't have that cake anymore :("what do you mean you don't know?" it just means I don't know?? what other way could I possibly meant it wtf?????They're doing that thing where they go with their usual politic talk and asking me for my opinion on something as i…