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Bring that #WildNOnTour to U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati.
Retweeted by Nick CannonAlabama A & M #WildNOnTour
Retweeted by Nick CannonWhere should we go next? #WildNOnTour @WildNOut @MTV2 #WildNOnTour The mixtape is still and will always be 🔥.
Retweeted by Nick CannonShout out to Mama Holla! @HitmanHolla #WildNOnTour
Retweeted by Nick CannonI wanna thank @NickCannon and da crew for showin luv to Peoria home of #RichardPryor!!! Much Appreciated! #WildNOnTour
Retweeted by Nick CannonCongrats @edgarfamilyband. The first standing ovation of the night!You got it! you very much!'t believe @HowieMandel hit his ❌ and @SimonCowell told an 8 year old to fire his MOM! #AGTThanks! want @NickCannon's shoes! #AGT
Retweeted by Nick CannonThey've got your number @HowieMandel!Thank you! it to @SimonCowell to hit his ❌ on the first act of the night! #AGTand we’re LIVE! @nbcagt is on! Y’all diggin’ the hair tonight? #AGTY’all just wait until you see what @OfficialMelB is wearing tonight!!#AGTat8Less than an hour until @nbcagt!It's a celebration!! See it all go down TONIGHT #WildNOnTour 11/10c on @mtv honor of @nbcagt returning tonight, throwback to these diamond shoes we made for @NickCannon #JasonOfBeverlyHills
Retweeted by Nick CannonThis is how I get ready for America's Got Talent. In my dressing room getting it in before we go… America, it's gonna get LIT on @nbcagt tonight! Did you miss us during the Olympics? #AGTat8
Im ready!!! About the Benjamins!! Education Over Everything! #Ncredible #EOE getting Money now its time to get Mindful!! Power Respect... Education Over Everything!! #EOE #Ncredible these Airplanes into School Buses! #FirstDayWave #BeNcredible day one guys! We in ATL! @djfellifel gregstreet #NcredibleGang
#SpokenSundays #IfISeeAnotherFuckingSlaveMovie #poetry Part 1 If I see another fucking slave… #DirectionsForOurDaughters #poetry Part 1 Listen let me be your navigation… of Beasts! #JuiceWave #ncredible 2 #SoGoneChallenge #FreeStyle #SoFly #spokensunday 👳🏾😜👳🏾 2 #SoGoneChallenge #FreeStyle #SoFly #spokensunday had to do it. So Gone Challenge! #SpokenSunday #SoGoneChallenge #SoFly #FreeStyle 50 Cent Flow... Part 1 we Skating tomorrow! Let's go! Meet me at Cascades! We Wildnout!! @ Downtown Atlanta @TheOrlandoJones Ha!! My man!!!
Cookin in Georgia with @1itsamovie and @zaytovenbeatz #NCREDIBLE #NEA 👳🏾 @ Atlanta, Georgia!!! Tonight we Wildnout!!!! It Pop's Summer Splash is on TONIGHT at 8pm/7c on @nickelodeontv! Don't miss it!!: #MakeItPopCollege Hall welcomes you to Howard @NickCannon & thanks for stopping by CHS ❤️ We have a room ready just for you 😊
Retweeted by Nick CannonYOU KNOW!!!!! #HU2020 My First Day as a Freshman!!! Howard University Class of 2020 @ Howard… @NickCannon said "there was no better place than @HowardU" to accomplish a connection with the next generation of artists. #TheRealHU
Retweeted by Nick CannonListening to @HypnoMuzic Carluminatti using @mymixtapez app #mymixtapez
Retweeted by Nick CannonHypno Carlito - 'Work [Prod By Frodo Jayrun]' using @mymixtapez app #mymixtapez
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
Don't miss @NickCannon on the #AmberRose show TONIGHT at 11/10c on @VH1! @DaRealAmberRose
Retweeted by Nick CannonKeep your eyes on @NickelodeonTV! The #MakeItPop Summer Event premieres TOMORROW night at 8pm/7c
Platinum Squad knows Gold Squad really won that one!Lies! out to @toribrixx for being an amazing sport! #WildNOutThe ultimate face off!! #WildNOutDon't fret Sun Hi nation—Make It Pop's Summer Splash is so close you could almost touch it! LET'S DO IT! We get a Flockmix of 'Frere Jacques' from @WakaFlocka in this sneak peek of the next #WildNOut. 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Nick CannonBrand New @NickCannon @Jeremih on Right now! #MiddayBuffet @1043now @977krck @Rev927 shouts to my G @EricDlux
Retweeted by Nick Cannon.@NickCannon stopped by @Power106LA #ElevatorTalk after dropping his new song feat. @Jeremih prod by @EricDlux
Retweeted by Nick Cannon“@emilyroseolague Ayyyeee @NickCannon cardboard cutout in a @RadioShack @DishNation @sosobrat only the truth! #Facts @LAMBILYLUV I know right!!! 👳🏾 @BBPAC Happy Birthday BB!
@tymoneysbmg got the streets going crazy with this one!!! #Jessica I bet you think this song is… Cannon “If I Was Your Man” feat. Jeremih via @YoungCalifornia @NickCannon @Jeremih
Retweeted by Nick Cannon.@NickCannon “If I Was Your Man” feat. @Jeremih
Retweeted by Nick CannonThe #LIFTOFF had @NickCannon on the show this week & he came in hot with a few freestyles
Retweeted by Nick Cannon[WATCH] @NickCannon spits WILDIN' OUT freestyle on Kanye,Trump+more w/ @LIFTOFF_106 @POWER106LA
Retweeted by Nick CannonNick Cannon Wildin’ Out On Kanye West, Eminem, Donald Trump, And More! @NickCannon
Retweeted by Nick CannonNick Cannon Gets Serious: 'Voting for Office Is Like Picking Which Gun You Want to Get ... via @YahooMusicNick Cannon & TLC's Chilli Give Sneak Peek of 'If I Was Your Man' Video via @billboard.@NickCannon & TLC's @officialchilli give sneak peek of "If I Was Your Man" video
Retweeted by Nick CannonCheck beauty #KimberlyPatterson casted lead in the new @NickCannon #KingOfTheDancehallMovie #DarkSkinGyalTwitter
Retweeted by Nick CannonGood night world!! See you on the other side!! #NCREDIBLE @ Tom Bradley International Airport… @charronkotd bThe homie @NickCannon spit some funny freestyles about Kanye, Donald Trump & more [WATCH] -
Retweeted by Nick CannonThe homie @NickCannon spit some funny freestyles about Kanye, Donald Trump & more [WATCH] -
Retweeted by Nick CannonOn my way to the Airport but first I gotta eat my damn Vegetables! Style Move! #NCREDIBLE
It's never the crowd @mattrife!.@ripmicheals proved @djdwrek wrong! #WildNOnTourReady to get our Dale Earnhardt on! #WildNOnTour less than 10 minutes away on @MTV Twins!! Hardy Body Karate!! #NcredibleKids Boyz! #Ncredible else is excited for the #MakeItPop Summer Splash on @nickelodeontv!? Don't miss it August 20th: Topic with @NickCannon: Donald Trump #LIFTOFF
Retweeted by Nick CannonFunny Guy Nick Cannon Gets Serious: 'Voting for Office Is Like Picking Which Gun You Want to Get Shot With'
Retweeted by Nick CannonJust ran this new @NickCannon ft. @Jeremih on @Power106LA! Produced by @EricDlux BY THE WAY!! #LIFTOFF @LALeakers @J_Credible
Retweeted by Nick Cannon.@NickCannon told me on the @Power106LA #LIFTOFF that the most epic battle on @WildNOut was @SnoopDogg & @kanyewest!
Retweeted by Nick CannonDon't miss out on @NickCannon LIVE on our Facebook: Power106LA!
Retweeted by Nick CannonWe have @NickCannon talking about @JCRUZ106, radio, ladies + more
Retweeted by Nick CannonLIVE on #Periscope: LEAKERS LIVE! w Nick Cannon
Retweeted by Nick CannonAt 9:40 we kicking it with the homie @NickCannon on #Periscope! @Power106LA #LIFTOFF
Retweeted by Nick CannonWe have @NickCannon checking in with the #LIFTOFF at 9:30P!
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
Yes @NickCannon glad fi see you a watch @usainbolt tek it to dem! Cus your an adopted Jamaican! 🇯🇲
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
#happiness🙌 @NickCannon is in the house on MONDAY and he dishes some juicy details on Mariah and Chilli!!! #DishNation
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#SpokenSundays #TheTheatre #poetry Part 1 Theatre of the mind The theatre is blind Distracted by…
Join me and help fight hunger in your community. Post a pic of your favorite meal or snack #HALOEffectChallenge fights hunger like a healthy and delicious meal. Way to go @willlourceyfrogs!Hey! Tune in to a brand new #HALOEffect celebrating @FortWorthFrogs. Don't miss it tonight at 8:30PM on @NickelodonTV! @NickelodeonHALOWhy @NickCannon gives himself a pep talk in the mirror every morning
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#StayWoke
Yo, @IGGYAZALEA came to play. #WildNOut
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#WIldNOut Actually listened to one of Nick's old song, actually sounded pretty good.
Retweeted by Nick Cannon