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Vampire Swag on a whole 'notha level! #WeDifferent Wanna Wild Out?! @iamernestgrant No doubt King, read your article on Syncretism and found it intriguing. Also seen a few of you videos! Keep leading!
I guess I really am going crazy... or just excited about God's Gifts!!! #DoubleRainbow may endure for a night, but Joy cometh in the morning! No matter how hard the world may…
So the enquirer wants to play around with my children. Only Evil operates in this manner. What… our blog, @NickCannon explains how reading aloud helps him share his love of poetry with his daughter and son:…
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Jay and Bey looking at me like, "This Negro done lost his damn mind!" LOL #KingShit #SikhLife way your momma feel about all her kids! LOL the moods your momma go through when watching her stories!! 😂
“@ursulaccook: @NickCannon just watched stand up,Don't Shoot... 💗'd it, I needed some laughs!” Thank you“@The6thWoman: @NickCannon @G_Weezy2013 Esther Rolle lookin’ down from Heaven like, “Bitch stole my look.”” Damn Damn Damn!! 😂Time for @NickCannon to go back in his lamp #NBAAllStar
Retweeted by Nick Cannon“@G_Weezy2013: @NickCannon look like a proud black woman” LOL literally crying right now! 😂 @NickCannon dressed like Chiquita Banana
Retweeted by Nick CannonWhy @NickCannon looking like the #LoveGuru
Retweeted by Nick Cannon @NickCannon looking like Chiquita Banana at the #AllStarGame I can dig it 💃🏻🍌
Retweeted by Nick Cannon @NickCannon hat looks like my grandmas when we had to go to the church meeting on Saturdays #AllStarWeekend #NewOrleans #NBAAllStar 😩😂😩
Retweeted by Nick Cannon @NickCannon I don't know what you are wearing tonight but @realDonaldTrump is about to deport your ass! #POTUS #AllStar2017
Retweeted by Nick CannonNick Cannon and his yellow dollar tree sleep bonnet is stealing my soul but he still getting ladies though. #NBAAllStar @NickCannon
Retweeted by Nick Cannon“@iLLWritersGuild: @NickCannon out here looking like the Chiquita banana lady. His outfit is literally bananas.” Ha!!!“@Harrisons_Life: @NickCannon look like a stay at home mom at the #AllStarGame lmao 😂😂👌” LOL 😂“@DoctorKyle978: When did @NickCannon start dressing like Erykah Budu? #NBAAllStar” LOL#SpokenSundays #Flags #poetry Part 1 Flags A piece of fabric, Quadrilateral A Quasi symbolized… #HisStory #poetry Part 1 History History History His story His story His… King!! Refuses to Be Silenced By the System, NBC or His Critics [WATCH]:
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#SpokenSundays #HowManyDoesItTake #poetry It’s whole bunch of niggas in the club but how many…
Nick Cannon Breaks Down the Inspiration Behind New Single 'Hold On' via @peopleMy dude @dcyoungfly bringing that 🔥🔥! #IfYouDidntKnowMe'm going crazy, who's coming with me???! how when a man stands up for himself the media fears his mental health! 🤔'm going crazy, who's coming with me??!!
Look y'all, The Media thinks I'm going crazy! LOL "Insiders fear for Nick Cannon's mental health via @pagesix"Want to attend #KCA?? Enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win exclusive show tickets and meet @NickCannon! 😮…
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#NowPlaying Hold On by Nick Cannon ♫
Catch me LIVE on @StyleCodeLive chatting about new music, fashion, and more! a great day with the Inspirational Students at the South Bronx Charter School! Thank you all…'ll be on @StyleCodeLive chatting about my new music, fashion, and more tonight at 8:45pm ET: #WRAD17, @NickCannon explains how reading aloud helps him share his love of poetry with his daughter and son:…
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They Shootin at me, but they didn't know the Cannon was bulletproof!" #BARS LOL #STANDUPDONTSHOOTSpecial thanks to @TheSharkDaymond, @NickCannon & @Nely_Galan for inspiring us again at the #ChaseforBiz conference…
Retweeted by Nick CannonDon't get distracted... Pay attention!!! As I always say, "You gotta know how to manipulate the… Lennon said it best! Soon as you stand up for yourself, they brush you off as crazy! Oh… got a different kind of passion. I got a different kind of fashion- #ncredible @ Flagami, Florida! impressed with @NickCannon and his life story at the #chaseforbiz conference... incredible human being! wow
Retweeted by Nick CannonVery impressed by @NickCannon at the @chaseforbiz conference. Amazing speaker, amazing story. #chaseforbiz
Retweeted by Nick CannonSuper Excited to be part of this amazing Event @ChaseforBiz @NickCannon @TheSharkDaymond Chase "You 🎸" #ChaseforBiz
Retweeted by Nick CannonIf you don't GROW through while you GO through - you're doing it wrong! @NickCannon #ChaseForBiz ✊🏾
Retweeted by Nick CannonLive! @ChaseforBiz with @NickCannon with young inspiring entrepreneurs- our future is bright.#chaseforbiz
Retweeted by Nick CannonLIVE on @ChaseforBiz with #Ncredible student entrepreneurs from Miami-Dade county #ChaseforBiz you Queen! RT @Shonna_Starks: @NickCannon Get after it!!! Love your drive!!! Love the Positive Vibes this morning! 🙌🏽☺️ @NickCannon round here preachin' at the @chaseforbiz conf. He says it's not just about going thru it, it's about GR…
Retweeted by Nick CannonThank you! RT @Vennom800: @ChaseforBiz Amazing speech and success story @NickCannon"You don't go through it, you grow through it." - @NickCannon #chaseforbiz
Retweeted by Nick Cannon"You don't go through it, you GROW though it" Nick Cannon. #chaseforbiz @NickCannon
Retweeted by Nick CannonWhat an #Ncredible story by @NickCannon at @ChaseForBiz conference Miami. We all should feel inspired & motivated! #Learn #Grow #ChaseForBiz
Retweeted by Nick CannonRT @HighsmithR: @NickCannon @ChaseforBiz cultivating Miami small businesses! Building next generation leaders #chaseforbiz @ChaseRinging my business bell early this morning as I conduct the chase for business conference!…
Click the link for a #Ncredible Valentine's Day surprise from me and @bBoothCEO!! is bigger than entertainment. My goal is to evoke global change focusing on acceptance and liberty for all people!I believe I just had the best meeting of my career! The take over has officially begun! It's Ncredible!!!We don't just GO through it, we GROW through it! #LegDay #StressRelief This was my last set so…
I write this from a deeply saddened and dolorous mindset. After days of deliberating over some…
#SpokenSunday #Oscar #poetry Part 1 Damn! Look what they did to Oscar. Nah, not another trophy… watched @NickCannon new comedy stand up this. Just what I needed this AM - Truth, Laughter & Inspiration! Thank U❤️
Retweeted by Nick CannonSpirit told me to come to my happy place... #Ncredible Turning my mess into a message, my test…'s Complicated... to win!!! 🙏🏾's hard to explain people what's going on inside when you don't understand it yourself... but… #InMyFeelings is telling me just get over it...'m fine... you RT @cristian_bataz: Woke up to one of your recent comedy stand ups and your funny bro and I feel you..@NickCannon @RobMHutcherson thank you @NickCannon Love your new stand up Nick so freaking funny. Also loved hearing you on @HowardStern you can always be on that show.
Retweeted by Nick CannonRT @RobMHutcherson: @NickCannon Love your new stand up Nick so freaking funny. Also loved hearing (cont)