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@NickCannon Did His thing Tonight In Charlotte, Real Talks and Good Laughs 😂✊🏾
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I'm just saying....'t be distracted #StayWoke I Live? Instead of insults... share your own story intelligently @NickCannon is stand up funny... no bullshit....he just killed @ComedyZoneCLT
Retweeted by Nick CannonSame issue I have with Planned Parenthood I have with corps like McDonalds, Hennessy, Privatised Prisons, public education etc. #EugenicsJust like the Government... Organizations have accomplished good things and bad things. Hold them accountable for both! #DropsMicWe are in the midst of Spiritual Warfare and only a few are in tuned with the battle. But we will fight for those who are sleep...
@NickCannon was cutting up in the #SuperDome at the #BattleoftheBands2016. @HBCUBuzz @HBCUPrideNation @SouthernDigest @SouthernU_BR
Retweeted by Nick CannonI was in @RadioShack and @NickCannon walks in and started handing out #ncredibles headphones. He made my day.
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#Mood @ Bourbon Street'm On the Air with my man @RyanSeacrest TOMORROW talking the #HALOawards & more! #at40. Tune in!Shout Out To @nickcannon once again for surprising these kids with his dope New…
Retweeted by Nick CannonAnother @radioshack Pull up!!! Walked in the store and gave everyone free Ncredible Headphones… @nickcannon 4pm today @radioshack 6045 magazine st. in New Orleans! Come #listenwithnick and shop his holiday list…
Retweeted by Nick CannonWe had so much fun filming the #HALOAwards! Can't wait for you to watch it all go down on Sunday at 7pm/6c! knew... New Pac...'m just saying Only Fool bigger than a "Know It All" is the one that argues with Him...New Orleans! @NickCannon will be @RadioShack today @ 4pm, 6045 Magazine St. Giveaways and chance to win #Ncredibles
Retweeted by Nick CannonIke Out! Good night! @ Honolulu International Airport ❤️ @ Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii Thanksgiving Orleans! @NickCannon will be @RadioShack 6045 Magazine Street, Fri 11/25 at 4PM. Giveaways and chance to win…
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.@NickCannon Honors Ike Turner On "The Gospel Of Ike Turn Up: My Side Of The Story" Mixtape
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#Family #Cannons @ Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii night was #Epic as @NickCannon had us 😂 @zaniesnashville! Thanks for blessing our city! U have a big ❤️️! Happy 🦃!Thx 4 ur time!🎥😎
Retweeted by Nick CannonI'm thankful for @SalvationArmyUS and all they do to help those in need! What are you guys thankful for?… just randomly pulled up @radioshack last night and had it lit in Nashville Tennessee!!! Was… Late Night Edition of The WaffleHouse DJ!! #Nashville @ Nashville International Airport
Got @isabelamoner taking over! She's spilling on #LegendsoftheHiddenTemple & more! Tune in to #TeenNickTop10 tonigh… #MannequinChallenge LOL We tried @RadioShack @ Zanies Nashville up to @RADIOSHACK in Tennessee before my show tonight to give some fans and friends some… Thanksgiving from me and my family @radioshack @ West End, Nashville, Tennessee @AfricanaCarr @HipHopDX Thanks Doc!!! You continue to Inspire me! I'm learning!Nick Cannon Pens Compelling Spoken Word "Real Niggas Vs Real Negus" -- via @hiphopdx My man @NickCannon nailed this!
Retweeted by Nick CannonMe & @RadioShack are giving away #NCredible Parent-To-Be prize packs! Check out the video for details. Good Luck! of my most real interviews ever. I got the honor to sit w/ the Legend of hip hop culture @elliottwilson 1 on 1!… Billy is Lit #fallinluvchallenge Man @rolandsmartin schooled @RichardBSpencer like 2nd grader! I bet he's somewhere eating glue right now! you Queen be at @RadioShack #Nashville TODAY at 5PM doing exclusive giveaways including FREE #NCredibles!!! RT @RealMonny: @NickCannon knew you was crazy when you started looking like ms Cleo 😂 @lamardsol I know right!! Either way I'm ready!! LOL.@NickCannon at our #nashville @RadioShack today! Use #ListenWithNick to bring him to your city and follow to win…
Retweeted by Nick CannonAnd soon as we start speaking TRUTH, they label you as CRAZY... So I'm telling y'all now I'm CRAZY as hell!!! LOLOh! I'm just getting started! We about to expose all these lies and evils that are trying to destroy our people!! #RoyaltyWe've got a super star in the building tonight! Thank you @NickCannon for gracing the stage! 1 more show tomorrow!
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Shout out to #BETJams! Tune in to see "If I Was Your Man" TOMORROW at 7am, 9am, 5pm and 1am Est!'ve got a new episode of #TeenNickTop10 hosted by the one & only @JacobWhitesides! Check it out on @TeenNick at 9. than one week till the #HALOawards! Get ready to watch on Nickelodeon this Sunday at 7pm/6c Kehlani's new video for "Distraction" HERE:
Retweeted by Nick Cannon.@heidiklum giving @NickCannon cornrows?? What's going on here?
Retweeted by Nick Cannon.@NickCannon Pens Compelling Spoken Word Track "Real Niggas Versus Real Negus"
Retweeted by Nick CannonTURN UP just to Turn'em down #Ncredible #Gospel @ Washington, DC - Regan National Airport (DCA) Forget... @tdandz God Bless you too King! 👳🏾‍♀️Who knew @heidiklum Braid game was lit!?!!?! Spark! Who got it???🤔 in a nutshell 🙏 @DA_POLO_KING @NickCannon dont sleep on this shit bruh, its got the hit tracks, the baby making, tracks the deep personal shit 4.5/5🔥
Retweeted by Nick CannonI fuck with this👏🏻✊🏻 @NickCannon
Retweeted by Nick CannonTune in to the premiere of my video "If I Was Your Man" on BET JAMS TODAY at 7 AM, 12 PM, 8 PM &… of the best albums this year @NickCannon
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@NickCannon tonight >>>> everything 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Nick Cannon @NickCannon was amazing at @ComedyOffBWay!!! I would totally see him again!!
Retweeted by Nick CannonI chatted with @NickCannon about love, divorce, and everything in between. Read my exclusive interview with him her…
Retweeted by Nick CannonJust fell in love with @NickCannon
Retweeted by Nick CannonChannel 106! RT @NickCannon: Tune in to me and my guy @ElliottWilson 7 PM on @siriusxmvolume #RapRadarReport
Retweeted by Nick CannonThrowing it over to my boy @JakeMiller on #TeenNickTop10 tonight! Check it out on @TeenNick at 9PM. in to me and my guy @ElliottWilson TONIGHT at 7 PM on @siriusxmvolume #RapRadarReport #RedKettleReason is to make #Xmas bright for those in need! Donate to my @SalvationArmyUS fundraising page! #ad Tonight! YN + @NickCannon! #RapRadarReport @siriusxmvolume
Retweeted by Nick CannonThe other morning when @NickCannon was live with @cthagod on the breakfast club, I laughed the entire commute to work 😂 #Ihearteadio
Retweeted by Nick Cannon#Mood Good Morning Universe! late night session from yours truly... The Waffle House DJ! IKE TURN UP!!! Thats Love! Tell her I said thank you!