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Check out Lucas & me in the all new @Chrysler #Pacifica with a scene from @PetsMovie tonight on @NBC #ad is the premiere of the greatest show on Television! America's Got Talent!
.@NickCannon Issues $100K Rap Battle Challenge, @smoss, @MRDIZASTER, @AdrienBroner Respond.
Retweeted by Nick CannonTropical Tears Tropical Tears taste the same I can’t help but to fathom I’m to blame As I scour the horizon I... and Vibrations London! We out! Bless Up! I'm moving to London just to eat these Cinnamon Bun Oreos!!!
Tropical Tears Tropical Tears taste the same I can’t help but to fathom I’m to blame As I scour the horizon I... #TropicalTears #Poetry“@iamKingLos: Yo @NickCannon nobody you got want it wit me. Run it !!” You know I know you Nice! Put up that $$ and let’s go!!!
Getting ready for a live Wildin Out rap battle with @NickCannon DC Young Fly, Hitman & Conceited on @CapitalXTRA
Retweeted by Nick CannonQueens!!! I'm honored! #SNAPCHAT #GETTINFREAKY London! WE Here! doubt! All Love! Gang Ft. ItsAMovie - "Snapchat (#GettinFreaky)" | @NickCannon @ItsAMovie #TripleHQ
Retweeted by Nick CannonLast night with @NickCannon #WildNout #realhusbandsofhollywood #DSTRKT Fridays #SoldOut. Guess who's coming tonight!
Retweeted by Nick Cannon
Had so much fun skating on #TeenNickTop10! Thanks to my friends at @Sk8land for the amazing time! I'll be back soon’s #FlashbackFriday at 9pm on #TeenNickTop10! Throwin' it back 2 the freshest artists of past, present & future. right! They need to support the culture! These industry cats is scared! new action-packed Caught on Camera with @NickCannon! Tonight at 8pm @JStuStudios, @coby_persin, @codytownsend
Retweeted by Nick CannonTonight we have @NickCannon #WildnOut Tour! Doors 7pm // Show starts 8pm // Curfew 11pm Tix
Retweeted by Nick Cannon @wonderboibeats @smoss @JohnJohnDaDon zzzzzz Back to the drawing board batman! #jokefailure LOL @Chubbbs_504 @Dame_Lillard Tell him put the bread up! I'm ready! @smoss Fam! I'm ready! Just say the word. Salute King! @antonio_berry @smoss Thats funny!I owe @cthagod some bars too! Even tho I bodied him already. Tell him he can come get this work BET AWARD WEEKEND! @mermaidstallion @CASSIDY_LARSINY You talking so much nonsense and fiction you might as well add the easter bunny to this tweet! LOLWell lets give the people a show!!!! I salute you for stepping up to the plate Yung Jedi! @smoss We got another live one! My brotha let's cook! @DinoDotta @smoss I'm ready!!! Tell him to put up them puppy snacks! @Royceda59 @Im_Mckay @JoeBudden @JoellOrtiz @CrookedIntriago Salute General! #RespectNEW #NcredibleGang (@NickCannon) feat. @ItsAMovie - Snapchat (#GettinFreaky)
Retweeted by Nick Cannon @davidbanner Salute King! @hollowdadon @WinnerHD20 REAL TALK! SALUTE GENERAL! I'm a fan, keep beasting on them out here! @Royceda59 @Im_Mckay @JoeBudden @JoellOrtiz @CrookedIntriago WHATEVA!! That Tabernacle is GENIUS Fam! U kno Im a fanUhoh! We got a Live one!!! I'm ready Champ! June 25th BET AWARDS WEEKEND! @hollowdadon @WinnerHD20 Ha! You're absolutely right! I'm about this bread!! But it gotta be real I just ain't tryin 2 scare da real $ away!The God Box pre-order #Google
Retweeted by Nick Cannon @davidbanner We gotta Unite! Let's link up soon! I got a lot powerful activations for our communities in the works. Let's build King! @davidbanner We on the same page Big Bro! Brotha!! is how BOSSES do it! We don't need no Sponsors and Im donating my winnings to the Children's Hospital! cook @ConceitedNYC all the time! @DaRealestNigga9 @AdrienBroner That's a good idea! But we already handed him his hat on #Wildnout Let's go AB! @WRhyno Why you so emotional this morning? Save all the unintelligent tough guy words! Put the $$$ up! @MRDIZASTER Helps we weed out the less confident! Here to battle bosses! I can put you on the undercard tho! LOL Lets get money!!While the rest of America is sleep Im over here in the UK in this Gym. #WildNOut #Tour tonight, then back to the states to battle! Lets go! @Idealkontent21 @MRDIZASTER Stop typing!! Put the $$$ Up!Ooh! Talk that shit Pimp! I'm ready!! Tell @KDTrey5 to send the wire! @SamWunder_TPFT Good Fuckin' Point! LOL @Tsu_Surf Hard to vision huh Kenny! LOL Tell them boyz to come see me , Im sipping Margaritas! @JohnJohnDaDon @smoss I'm super ready! Thats fam! But as @iAmLoadedLux would say, He gon get this work!! LOLF#%k it at this point I'll battle your favorite rappers Ghost writer! LOL Put the $$$ Up! @MidnightCyphs @JoellOrtiz He one of the Illest ones!!Let's give the people a show! Easy work! This 100k is waiting on you...Easy Work!Let's do it for the culture!!! 100k Rap Battle June 25th BET AWARDS WEEKEND #Wildnout Presents #Wildstyle #BETEXPERIENCE @myfabolouslife Come on Big Bro I need a fair one to catch that Fade back! U hit me with the sneak blows on the show! 100k Rap BattleCome on @Tyga I know you got a little of that Kardashian paper stashed away! LOL 100k Rap Battle #BETExperienceDo I have to start calling these dudes out?! LOLTell @souljaboy to put up a little bit of the 400 Million! LOL 100k Rap Battle #ForTheKids #BETExperienceSalute My G! Keep Roasting out here! @CHARLIECLIPS I think you gotta battle @IAMDOBOY #FatBoyBattle LOL June 25th #WildnOut presents #BETExperience @JohnJohnDaDon Bust open that Piggy Bank and let's get it! LOL @Im_Mckay @JoeBudden @Royceda59 @JoellOrtiz @CrookedIntriago We can do it like Mortal Kombat, I'll battle all of them to get to they BossI'm a fan! You definitely ill with it! But i'm focused! Put up the $$$ and we can BBQ! @bigdaddymanny10 I'm saying!! Where he at? @bleekOne00 @S_C_ LOL Isn't he retired??? Respect to the God! But I'm ready!! Put the Money up! @ABHABZ1 @IGGYAZALEA We battled a round this season of New #Wildnout She wasn't scared at all, but I still cooked her! Nick Young too! @NaimTheDream YAAAAWN... Quick back to the drawing board Batman!! LOLWe tried before, no one understood what he was saying! LOL Riff Raff is my Guy! Way up! @Im_Mckay Been trying!! LOLWe in the UK tonight! #Wildnout on tour! Show starts at 8!'em let's go!!! Put the $$$ up! and Snoop have battled before! Thats my Uncle! But I got 3 two minute rounds waiting for him! Put the $ Up!!!! 140 characters and thats the best you could come up with! LOL I'm ready! @MurdaMookez LOL!! @MurdaMookez Ha! Mook Let's go! Put the bread up! It's going to be a big weekend!!I'm gonna be honest with y'all, I've talked to a lot of your favorite rappers behind closed doors and they ALL SCARED! LOL 100k Rap Battle! @MsJackyOh Hilarious!!!! @gramanno My what??? Looks like someone destroyed your spell check! LOLThat's my Big Bro, but if he want it tell him to come get it! Put the $ up!!!! I'm ready!! Tell'em put the $ up! The Children's Hospital needs it... I want to see @HitmanHolla and @ConceitedNYC battle For real, this time! For TV!! BET Weekend, no soft shit!Love Joey! I'm ready! It's whoever! Put the $$ up! Mook! You know I respect the hell out of your technique! But If the people want it, let's put the bread up! work! I have murdered him before! Y'all saw the "Real Husbands" BET Cypha! @PageKennedy @KarlousM Put the bread up Page!!! You can be my appetizer! LOLOooh that's a "GOOD" one! We got history! LOL ready, if he ready!!! The challenge has been made who is man enough to accept?? @NickCannon Ayy! @rosenberg @Royceda59 @mRpOrTeR7 Find @Eminem The Game needs this!
Retweeted by Nick CannonI'm on this Don King, Money Mayweather type of Promotion! Who want it!? 100k Rap Battle #Wildstyle Sat June 25th! #BETExperienceMatter of fact I'm going to make this a who event! @ConceitedNYC @HitmanHolla @CHARLIECLIPS @TimothyDeLaG @DCYOUNGFLY We all battling!
Of course respect to the God!! The Teacher is one of the best, but My Kung Fu is focused! I'm ready! Put the $ up! @Danny_Prism @hopsin Great choice! I'm ready!! Tell him put the $ up!To all you Super Rich, Clever, and Overly Confident "Rappers"... I'm an easy kill, come get this 100k!We doing this for Hip Hop and Battle Rap Culture!I'm ready when he is! BET AWARDS WEEKEND! I got 100k on deck! @mth331 @myfabolouslife You right! But I still think he scared! LOL I owe Fab some bars anyway! "You'll never get Mariah back!" @MofoPaulsCock @Eminem I would love to witness it! Hip Hop needs it! If you can find him, I'm here!! @OVONEWTORONTO I'm ready!! 3 rounds, easy work!