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Currently bringing Doom Patrol to life with my partner in crime, Gerard way.

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@MattTaylorDraws @MondoNews @MarvelStudios @chrishemsworth @twhiddleston @TessaThompson_x @TaikaWaititi @MarkRuffalo Far. Out. @TBonvillain and @tomfowlerbug killed it on this issue. It’s an absolute honor to have them along for this crazy Do… @tulalotay is amaaaaazing. So honored to have her contribute to Doom Patrol!
@zdarsky FFS=four finger sandwiches @Oeming Thanks man!I don’t think I ever posted my cover for Doom Patrol 9! #doompatrolforever Patrol 9 hits shelves tomorrow! Miracle #1 Director’s cut is on its way!!
@AllredMD @NotTooChaby @Marvel @DarkHorseComics Can’t wait!!!!! @TomKingTK Yes!!???
@CBCebulski A long time agooooo... @CBCebulski became my first editor when he foolishly accepted my first ever real story pitch. An 11 page XStatix st… FOC (Final Order Cutoff) for #MISTERMIRACLE #5 is 11/20/17. If you would like to guarantee a copy, or add it to…
Retweeted by Nick DeringtonNext week! @NickDerington REDNECK #7's Charity Variant sees 100% of proceeds going to @HomelessHOU. Comic by…
Retweeted by Nick Derington @NickDerington Redneck #7 Charity Variant available Nov 22nd. 100% proceeds going to @HomelessHOU Comic by…
Retweeted by Nick Derington @hellomuller @gray Glorious.
@tsujigo @gibsoncomics Justice league forming to fight off a giant tentacle lovecraft beast would have rocked. Coul… @tsujigo @gibsoncomics That was my favorite thing about the Avengers movie. They used the actual first Avengers comic villain! @MitchGerads @Clay_Mann_ I concur. @gibsoncomics They gotta save good stuff for the sequel.
@kittycoffee Why must I wait!?!!! I want it now!!!!
@gregpak The lack of a Gregory Peck Superman movie is one of humanities greatest crimes... @JHWilliamsIII Yeah, you really nailed it with this one. A+++ Just right balance of surreal and somber. Feels like a dreeeeaaaaaam. @JHWilliamsIII Hot damn! @MitchGerads @CoolComicArt @BRIANMBENDIS @CoolComicArt @DCComics @CharlieChu @jeffparker Sounds like you’ve got your priorities straight. @DrWifeQuotes I love it! Very Larry kind of moment. @monkbot10 @cyberpilate I really need to watch that show. @TomBrevoort @cracksh0t No doubt they are all lizard people.Don’t forget to do your homework. I’m doing mine... @tomtificate @ChaseMagnett I never got the chance to watch that show. I should fix that. @ChaseMagnett Totally. The poignant possibilities make my brain giddy.
@ChaseMagnett exactly! so much untapped potential @heyjenbartel @PlinaGanucheau It’s 50% the killer pose @brianhackney1 100% @douglas_artwork Yes! @Robwilliams71 Exactly! @MalcomBarseclap No. This is just my version of his character.I loved the Norm Breyfogle run on Detective Comics. His Anarky character was such a wonderfully bold and weird desi… @smolpancake It happens a lot. No worries. :) @EdPiskor Hmmmm. I may have a new mission ahead of me... @EdPiskor Crazy jealous. I gotta make the plunge one day. They’ve been my grail since high school..
@EdPiskor Are those the slipcase EC collections above your desk? @saladinahmed @strongstufftom It’s truly the best thing ever. @SavannahComic exactly! @Ben_Abernathy hmmmm...
@warcabbitMWM @brawluk @ROBLIEFELD Bwa ha ha ha!!!!!“I’m here to fix da cable...” I tried to draw a classic @ROBLIEFELD Cable from memory tonight. I can’t believe how…
@TBonvillain I’ve got a similar phone/stranger thing. Weird.Be sure to pay close attention to this one comic book storytelling device while reading MISTER MIRACLE #4.…
Retweeted by Nick Derington @cjwardart @seanpphillips We still have wait a few more weeks for it to arrive here in the states. Grrrrrrrr @seanpphillips DrooooooolMore scribbling... @OMI_KERO YesTurning words into pictures...
@zdarsky What a great Ben Grimm! That's how ya do it! @TBonvillain I need to play Eternal Darkness again. Sooo gooood.My ABC Warriors prints for Vice Press and 2000AD are now available online! Red Variant Edition-… ABC Warrior prints from @VicePressNews and @2000AD are now available online! Blue Edition-… ABC WARRIORS print is now available from the fine folks at @VicePressNews and @2000AD !!!! @VicePressNews @2000AD @davaja @tulalotay @Cakes_Comics Link isn’t working in this posting.Meow
Retweeted by Nick DeringtonThe astonishing MISTER MIRACLE comic is back this week with issue #4. If you haven't checked this series out yet, i…
Retweeted by Nick DeringtonOn Sale Tomorrow: Phase Two of our Zarjaz @2000AD releases featuring prints by @davaja @NickDerington @tulalotay
Retweeted by Nick DeringtonOut now, this very #NCBD! Arguably one of the best books on the market. MISTER MIRACLE #4 By @TomKingTK,…
Retweeted by Nick Derington @westonfront @ComicsTitan Gorgeous work!! @cjwardart 11 year old Nick was obsessed with that book. Just playing around.Scribble scribble
HOT PICKS! On Sale This Week! MISTER MIRACLE #4 @TomKingTK @MitchGerads @NickDerington
Retweeted by Nick DeringtonMISTER MIRACLE #4 is out tomorrow (11/8) from @DCComics! Hopefully an exclusive first look at my #5 cover will hel…
Retweeted by Nick Derington @WarwickJC Gorgeous!! @el_steevo CooooolMister Miracle #4 is out tomorrow #NCBD, which means it's time for our latest installment of Cracking The Equation…
Retweeted by Nick DeringtonAmazing new developments in Advanced Thing Theory!
Best B-day cake ever 😍♥️ #fugg #doompatrol @gerardway @NickDerington
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