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Nick Filardi @nickfil Florida, USA

I am a pro comic book colorist. A Videogame, Boardgame, and card game enthusiast. Opinions expressed here are my own. Watch me on

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Yeah. That is how 'sicko' people think. Rationally. cool thing about Marco Rubio is he is pretty transparent about wanting your children dead.There are about 100,000 public schools in America. The NRA says the government needs to buy multiple guns for ever…
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @marissadraws Call me old fashioned, but I think the best way to keep guns out of schools is to not put more guns in schools.GOP: These teens don't want gun control, they're just doing everything their parents want. ME: HAVE YOU MET TEENS?…
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Return home to some sweet comps from @DynamiteComics and @boomstudios. The kids and dogs are nice, but FREE COMICS!
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @naidu_akash Hot damn that's a sexy cart. a major fan of the show, this was a huge thrill to do this RICK & MORTY MEETS THE VINDICATORS cover! Fantastic c…
Retweeted by Nick Filardihave you seen this bundle? HAVE YOU SEEN THIS!? You can try THE REALM issue 1 for a buck. With a ton of other great… @DC_YoungAnimal @LangdonFoss @comiXology @JonRivera @nickfil @sonnyliew @Newsarama @CBR @DcComicsUnited
Retweeted by Nick FilardiA cool thing about banning guns is that everyone who likes guns could just pick a different hobby and everything would be fine
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @riiiischweitzzz @Joelle_Jones @cullenbunn Great to see some Helheim love! Glad you liked it.Enjoying this weather and reading Helheim on my lunch break 👍 @Joelle_Jones @cullenbunn @nickfil loving this comic…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiHappy #NCBD to #DCYoungAnimal and #DCComics fans alike! Be sure to pick up your copy of #MILKWARS PART THREE, featu…
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@kmellon Trick Fumardi is comics number one gotcha journalist. @MeghanHetrick Weird. I'll try again tomorrow. Thanks.Kevin Mellon weighs in on the black panther controversy. @kmellon Ugh. Kevin. Don't encourage him.You know what? no thanks. you have any problem with this @MeghanHetrick?I'd love to mess around with @daz3d on stream, but the damn installer won't let me log in. Anyone know what the dea… @Jrodbad Credit also goes to @brentschoonover who hooked me up.HEYYYY!!! It got there safe and sound. Nice. to watch me open mail? NOW YOU CAN! Thrill as I open the Cards Against Humanity 2017 holiday stunt. #LoveYourPetDay from my 13 year old partner in crime. damn excited to be part of the Bat Group. My run on Nightwing begins this May, with @CTMooneyham on art,…
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @MitchGerads Take care my dude. Tough to take time for yourself with a little one but try.
Cleaning up some comps of my work and remembering some cool stuff, like this rad Howling Commandos cover by…
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @atlasincognita @brentschoonover @Marvel That is one of my favorite covers! @brentschoonover wait- really? Time to rewrite my 500 page epic I guess. into the office? Start your day off right with a cold, refreshing glass of milk! Cave Carson is the ultimate…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiAs John Ridley's acclaimed miniseries comes to a conclusion, we find The American at a crossroads. Defeat his new f…
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @the_boyks @IlyonMTG I came here to durdle, and dag nabbit, I won't leave until 20 minutes have gone by. @IlyonMTG time to stack stacks of stacks of creatures. @JonRivera @LangdonFoss @ClemRobins was a bad choice. The Cave Carson/Swamp Thing Special is out this Wednesday! @nickfil @LangdonFoss @ClemRobins
Retweeted by Nick FilardiPreview page for part 4 of the #milkwars, lines by @LangdonFoss. I tried to simulate newsprint and glossy new comic… de Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye/Swamp Thing Special par @JonRivera, @LangdonFoss, @SonnyLiew, Magdalene…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiWhile I mourn Mitch's time loss, this tweet only highlights my need for a regular burrito place. #burritolife
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Retweeted by Nick Filardi🔴LIVE with part 2 of scripting CURSE OF THE IRON CHEF. Lets figure out how cooking shows work? And then script that… @brentschoonover Real talk. Pokémon makes absolutely no sense to me. I can not wrap my head around the game. @TheBigBang_ @hannahblmnrch no spiderman has never had sex
Retweeted by Nick FilardiThe controversy over Kehinde Wiley’s Obama portrait suggests Americans don't know how to engage with contemporary a…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiPLANET COMICON sketching— the Batman. #batman #dccomics #planetcomicon
Retweeted by Nick FilardiSomething something golden shoulder pads law.
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @thisquietcity I'll have to check it out. There are a bunch of gainesville staples I still haven't gone to. Too muc… @thisquietcity I haven't!
Always start the night with a skeleton war. Always. COMICON sketching— Chewbacca on Hoth. #chewbacca #starwars #planetcomicon
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @bigredrobot ::your dj's favorite dj winks at you:: ::you can't see it behind the sunglasses:: flashback to @GerryDuggan @Koblish and I giving you that bright neon future of #Deadpool 2099. love that Gainesville just doesn't talk about our mustachioed demon moon god
Retweeted by Nick Filardi#archerfxx @archerfxx don’t jump the shark, ride it. #planetcomicon #art
Retweeted by Nick FilardiGreat thread do not know how to convince someone that they should care when "not giving a shit" is viewed as a powerful, desir…
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Darkseid is. Solving mysteries with his buddies and a hungry dog.
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @marissadraws For some reason I'm totally OK with crab, but something about breaking the lobster apart is too close…"Oh great, so now EVERY GROUP is gonna have to get a $200 million movie about a magical secret kingdom based on the…
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @marissadraws lobster. The whole lobster.• Daft Punk and Milla Jovovich • • © Mathieu César •
Retweeted by Nick FilardiLIVE with a portfolio review for subscriber @nimeshmorarji on Come join! Get some tips!! I’m at @PlanetComicon this weekend (Febuary 16-18) Drop by Artist Alley #3718 for all kinds of new THE REALM a…
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @EricaFails these are beautiful.THE REALM “Orc Slayer” enamel pin is now available at my online store. We have limited quantities, so get one while…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiOut next week! From @vertigo_comics it's part 4 of #MilkWars in CAVE CARSON HAS A CYBERNETIC EYE/SWAMP THING SPECI…
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Retweeted by Nick FilardiI can exclusively reveal my variant cover for CAVE CARSON HAS AN INTERSTELLAR EYE #1 from @JonRivera @Oeming , my f…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiI was in high school in 1998 when Columbine happened. My hope is that people who are my age and younger, growing up… used to come down on sensible gun control. As the literal corpses of children pile up I can't help but think we s… House: ‘This Is Not The Geologic Era To Debate Gun Control’
Retweeted by Nick FilardiHonestly really difficult to not be boiling over with rage over the level of inaction and indifference of congress… y'all! I'm taking commissions for C2E2. RT if you could and @wed_heroes will sort it all out with ya!
Retweeted by Nick Filardioof. Really doing some soul searching today. stream today, back on it tomorrow. Until then, you can check what I'm reading over on youtube. our children is a rich American tradition. #GunReformNow....
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