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Nick Filardi @nickfil Florida, USA

I am a pro comic book colorist. A Videogame, Boardgame, and card game enthusiast. Opinions expressed here are my own. Watch me on

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You guys want to join my gang? #kidlitart
Retweeted by Nick FilardiFlyers unveiled they have a mascot, named Gritty What do you think?
Retweeted by Nick FilardiNow that there's pretty much no consequences for posting this, enjoy this dumb shit I made in the chore tool while…
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Fuck yeah dude. I'm in.
*really* great post about making sexy women in comics by @MeghanHetrick. Her patreon is a wealth of additional info… @naidu_akash @the_boyks
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @the_boyks The first 3-d games in that generation have aged terribly. Going back is going to be rough on a lot of people's nostalgia.Im not even sure the n64 has 20 "must have" good games on it tbh.
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My discord poppin off talking about DC black label. setting up a painting. Come hang out.’s spooky szn
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @thisquietcity it is an "oh no" kind of new comic book excited to see that DC comics published batman's penis me an intellectual: Lets see what Martian Manhunter is packing. @MattGarvey1981 @comiXology the Matt Garvey promotion machine rolls on... @the_boyks I thought for sure, 40 winks or t.r.a.g. couldn't be a game. @kenlowery @sequentialmatt @comiXology playlists of weird stuff is all I want out of comics. @sequentialmatt @comiXology seems like a no brainer. Sharing lists would sell old books.I'm fairly new to @comiXology, so this may already be a thing, but..... Can you make playlists of comics and share… time I drew an Umbrella Academy picture
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @the_boyks I had to look up like 5 of those to make sure you weren't just making word vomit.Here are my predictions for the rest of the 15 games on the PS1 Classic don't @ me: Bubsy 3D Pepsiman Overblood Sta…
Retweeted by Nick Filardiyou, an idiot: there are no female inventors! me, an intellectual:
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Unexplained moment in Buenos Aires on House Hunters International. This dog is wearing a beeper on his jeans.
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @jeyshan26 @Benjamin_Percy @amancay_art I'd happily work with Amancay again! That dude crushes it.The race begins in Nightwing #49 from @DCComics Read our review from @ATComedy for #ncbd. Written by…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiHey all, My Nightwing 49 is on sale today! Here some preview pages! Feat. The Silencer! Don't miss it!. #nightwing
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Retweeted by Nick FilardiFlorida
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My first work for DC! Nightwing!
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @swindlesoiree put me in charge of things.'ve started thinking about dream casting a lot of the creator owned books I work on. I'm either brilliant at it, o… you bleeeeed
Retweeted by Nick FilardiI've never had Marvel/any comics publisher REQUIRE me to promote my books. Marketing folks do email us links to art…
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@CultHq @OniPress @RickandMorty @MagsVisaggs @nickfil @Worstwizard @ccrank Rick and Morty Presents Issue 3 is coming within 2 days! 😀
Retweeted by Nick FilardiAs translators, we may not use the exact wording of the original, but we always are failful to the intent. Its a m…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiPeople who do things like this to animals should be locked up forever. FOREVER.
Retweeted by Nick FilardiMallrats. A lot of it is cringy now but I watched it so often as a teen that it just takes me back there. you for picking it up Chris! @brentschoonover @atlasincognita @Coelacanthkiss @JonMoisan That's really great. Glad they liked it as much as we did making it.Started my Monday off with a really sweet note someone posted about Howling Commandos. Books been over for almost t…
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a wizard lives here I bet
Retweeted by Nick FilardiThor turned into a fucking frog
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Going door-to-door with pamphlets to tell people about Ragman Day.
Retweeted by Nick FilardiRevenge is a dish best served cold.
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @ReberVision Every time I put on vr goggles I have maybe 30 seconds tops before breaking out in a cold sweat. Those things are awful. @ChelseaCain @ministrytrouble I can't wait to hear about some gems that are in there.Cat Magic
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MY DUDES: STARKS IS LIVING THE LIFE>>>> pic from a salesman's book of store fixtures, which includes 3 sharp-looking copies of DETECTIVE COMICS #27.
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @thisquietcity Thanks Sally!Here is where we ended up with the Vanya, pre #Umbrellaacademy powers! Thanks to @thisquietcity for letting us use… I'm live coloring this pinup from @thisquietcity and talking RCCC. Come join me. @Alex_Antone Alex. No. @mymonsterischic a cover for a powers collection I did in 9 years ago when mustard plug came on spotify shuffle and for a *… @amancay_art way to make a guy feel old.22 years in the making.🦇🐦 #lifemotivation #nightwing #dccomics #Motivationoftheday #goals #lifegoals #goforit
Retweeted by Nick FilardiDid you know @xtop and @robertwilsoniv have been quietly updating the amazing HEARTTHROB playlist this whole time?… @brianloveswords I work with comic book villains every day, which I only say to illustrate the severity of this com…, who's laughing now, motherfucker.
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GET👏THAT👏DEATHRACE👏BOOK👏 @pmaybury @tresdcomics dude this is so brutal. I'm so so sorry you had to go through that.presenting... the brand-new, ALL-improved.... comics gator
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @Jody_Houser @misscecil @JonRivera it was such a perfect combination of moments.1 highlight of RCCC: meeting @misscecil & @Jody_Houser, and then realizing that the only #younganimal writer I have…
I'm reading Sheriff of Babylon in an airport so you know, just another day living life on the edge.i am so unbelievably delighted by this costume someone made and is selling of the ice-skating bird demon from hiero…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiIbrahim brings the heat. 🔥 @andykhouri Deserves it. Such a rad book! @Bill_Oates_ Is there any other way to travel? It's a little unweidly but on a 6 hour flight accept no substitute.After @RoseCityCC it was great to see my two colorists @takisoma @nickfil talking shop in our studio!
Retweeted by Nick FilardiI don’t think it’s weird at all for straight dudes to say other men are attractive. I find many works of art, build…
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @MitchGerads This time you've gone too far Gerads. #bringbackshoulderhornsTsa was *very* excited to scan a Sega genesis today. Goodbye Portland! See you next year!Hey. @Benjamin_Percy is a class act go follow him.Sluggo is literature.
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Hell yeah man. Tracking down Seth and Thomas might be tough.... @DCComics Nightwing #48. Dick travels to the Isle of Harm to enter a motorcycle race w/ heroes, villains,…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiThe greatest book?
Retweeted by Nick FilardiHit a retro game store with @nickfil here in #pdx he was so excited he was light headed:)
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @JonRivera @Oeming I got that good shit. @earth919pod @RoseCityCC @IanSasquatch Any time!Thank you @nickfil for taking the time to answer some questions for us! @RoseCityCC
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Retweeted by Nick FilardiThis is Hope, a 13-week-old bat. She certainly loves her banana - just look at the amount she packs in! ☺️ Recuper…
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Hunting #retrogames with @nickfil #pdx
Retweeted by Nick FilardiI just backed Dead Legends - A Martial Arts Graphic Novel by @jamescmaddox on @Kickstarter @glshade1 No problem at all! Welcome to the comics fold!I know I'm late to the party, it's quick and a crappy photo, to boot. Busy week and needed to unwind a little.
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@TiniHoward Stay safe Tini. Gear up with supplies early! @COLORnMATT He'll love my new comic, oops all dudes: the sausaging[Preview] @DarkHorseComics's 10/3 Release: The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #1 by @gerardway, @Gabriel_Ba,…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiPro-tip: Never tweet wry hyperbole.
Retweeted by Nick FilardiPro tip: Never play any video game.
Retweeted by Nick FilardiNIGHTWING #50 cover by @CTMooneyham and @nickfil! Digging the shaved head look! Out 3rd of October. (reposting t…
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @ComicForecast @jerhaun @RoseCityCC Hell Yeahhhhhhh @Oeming Also widely known that Ivan has dirt on not only comic people, but just most people.🕵️‍♂️Now there is a couple with excellent taste in T-shirts. #rccc2018 #therealm
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