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Nick Filardi @nickfil Florida, USA

I am a pro comic book colorist. A Videogame, Boardgame, and card game enthusiast. Opinions expressed here are my own. Watch me on

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An artist who understands what Superman stands for.
Retweeted by Nick FilardiTime for a little controversy
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@xtop @MitchGerads @samhumphries We can't fly that close to the sun. @xtop @MitchGerads @samhumphries Get yourself a zip/jazz drive combo. Cutting edge tech.Did you get this latest issue of #cavecarson?
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @marissadraws @Oeming I'm comfortable with that rumor starting.I’M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS DOG #ACEComicCon
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @xtop My box is totally out of control. Cables for tech that is 15 years old and totally obsolete. #TheAmericanDream tell me that you're reading The Realm from @ImageComics ? Because I don't think I'm hearing enough chatter…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiPersonally attacked
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@GTPsijic @the_boyks Everybody polka! - #CaveCarson Has an Interstellar Eye #4: Dad/Daughter Bonding Time via @geekdads
Retweeted by Nick FilardiThis is why the DC Walmart deal is so important
@mjperljam @HeatherAntos @COLORnMATT @whoajordie @wastedwings @Treestumped Yeah.... there really isn't anything lik… lot of you don't know this- but due to a family curse, every time @robertwilsoniv gets wished a happy birthday, h… @TBonvillain @kmellon @kmichaelrussell @wastedwings @ZiggyFakeMcCoy I think that either you continue to experiment… @kmellon @TBonvillain @kmichaelrussell @wastedwings @ZiggyFakeMcCoy ok ok- so my point is teach values. For sure. B… Review - Cave Carson Has an Interstellar Eye #4: Dad/Daughter Bonding Time @DCComics @Oeming
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @kmichaelrussell @wastedwings @TBonvillain @kmellon @ZiggyFakeMcCoy Beginners are usually tackling too much with ai… @kmichaelrussell @wastedwings @TBonvillain @kmellon @ZiggyFakeMcCoy This is the reason I'd say no k. A common theme… reconstructions of Pterodactylus are wild
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @kmellon @TBonvillain @ZiggyFakeMcCoy This feels like cheating. I'm going to be RGB inside a week. @TBonvillain The Mt.Rushmore of color battles: RGB vs CMYK, Mac vs PC, Adobe RGB vs sRGB, K vs No K. One could say…
Retweeted by Nick Filardimy header image... it was my final for my perspective class last semester and it took Forever #art #illustration
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @TBonvillain @ZiggyFakeMcCoy Milk wars trade was newsprint. That's the last time I saw it in the wild in a long time though.This is how I die
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @TBonvillain @ZiggyFakeMcCoy I think I'd still tell people to try to not use k when starting because it can go real… are so many problems in modern fandom that would be solved if dudes would learn to just write some fanfic and put it online.
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @TBonvillain I literally just experimented with k in a book and it printed well. Gotta shake off this 18 year old rule.
Hahaha! Nope.
Retweeted by Nick FilardiHEY! I'm live talking heroes con, and for sure not embarrassing myself coloring a Jim Lee page from batman 608. For… @iainmspillane @Oeming Thanks. And thanks for picking it up!ya'll gotta step up. Chris is putting you on notice. @klausjansonnyc Yeah- we are going to have to get a drink next time I see you at a show. @iainmspillane Thanks man! @oeming's direction with the yellow submarine stuff. I just took it and ran.The Ferryman's End is a sculpture in in Wicklow, Ireland
Retweeted by Nick FilardiGreen screen is back up. We will be streaming Thursday!
@HulkHoquinn I mean- its obvious Zard just gets it.Yo what is happening in spelljammers? #NCBD to #DCYoungAnimal fans! #CaveCarsonHasAnInterstellarEye ISSUE FOUR is out now, 6/20, so be sure to grab…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiTHE REALM #7 hits stands in just ONE WEEK! It features one of my favorite cover collaborations with @nickfil AND a…
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @SashaRowley We are living in a rich, full culture.It is Wednesday my dudes.'ve never really enjoyed drawing Batman, but for some reason at HeroesCon I became preoccupied with doing a really…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiComic reviewers in the back: Only describing what happens in a comic does not count as a review of it.
Retweeted by Nick FilardiI just read the first issue- and it is *fantastic*. Don't sleep on SHANGHAI RED and hit up the signing if you can.
How many nerds can you fit in one selfie? With the DC Comics misfits.
Retweeted by Nick FilardiFeeling pretty justified about some of the “research materials” I wrote off on my taxes. Thanks A.V. Club for this…
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @thomasmauer @robertwilsoniv Fuck that. Robert should for sure get the realm.Woohoo! Realm #7 comps just arrived. In stores next week.
Retweeted by Nick FilardiCheck out the color on this Yellowjacket commission team up with color mastermind @nick_filardi! #heroescon
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @dchavisii Good seeing you dude! @brian_level Dat glute
Out this #NCBD! RICK AND MORTY PRESENTS: KROMBOPULOS MICHAEL #1 By @evilmallelis, #CJCannon, @nickfil and @ccrank
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @COLORnMATT @kmellon Sweet meat sweats.
Happy Father’s Day #caveCarson
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @EricaFails For now. I'm going to start working out and getting swol gaines. @toddmwill72 Nope Portland next for rccc @Jrodbad @MissRedddd @strahinjagov @the_boyks @Blue70517 @our_man_guido Good seeing you again! @toddmwill72 At least you didn't go home empty handed! Next show man. I got you. @Starstruck247 I use a wacom 24inch HD touch. I don't think they make it anymore, but you can probably get by with… Bitch. #scaryterry #rickandmorty #heroescon @COLORnMATT Wow. No honor in comics.A @jerhaun #yellowjacket marker commission for heroes! #antman decided to google some of my fave colorists for inspo and when I got to @COLORnMATT...
Retweeted by Nick FilardiYour timeline has been blessed by Money Chansey, Guardian of the Square Reader! Please RT Money Chansey for good co…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiFound some old slides in the garage of artwork. This is one of my favorite.
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Morpheus sketch cover- heroes con 2018 -…
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @MattGarvey1981 What the what?!A @TheKyleStarks jam. Coach Feratu! #RickandMorty #isthisabit commission! #noobnoob #goddamn #thisguygetsit #RickandMorty #vindicators @KamikazeComic I can't Boogaloo in these shoes!About to head down for heroes day 2! What's a good day two tag? The reckoning? The revenge? Day 2: how Nick got his… happy to be working with these cats and colorists @nickfil and @takisoma !!
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Karn recognized me!! I ❤ k-baby. @AtlasCraft #gpvegas
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @thisquietcity Get there safe and air conditioned!
nasa just showed a 6 hour spacewalk on twitch and I had to turn it off becuase I was real tense the whole time. are so close to #hereoescon. Don't wake up tomorrow in a cold sweat, crippled by fear of the fact you might miss…