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Nick Filardi @nickfil Florida, USA

I am a pro comic book colorist. A Videogame, Boardgame, and magic card enthusiast. Opinions expressed here are my own. Watch me on

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Did you know @EmilyNewcomen does a Marvel's #bestdressed every week? Really cool! Follow her.President Trump didn’t pardon the whole turkey, just the white meat.
Retweeted by Nick FilardiTHE BEAUTY returns tomorrow (11/22) from @ImageComics! We kick off the new arc with a new art team-- the brilliant…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiI love this Naomi Watts by Stelfreeze
Retweeted by Nick FilardiThe @Dinolich whiteboard prompt of the week was “hand turkey”
Retweeted by Nick FilardiWatching work emails come in before hitting the road like
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protip: if you are an aspiring comics artist, the most impressive thing you can have in your portfolio are sequenti…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiTime Lapse Tuesday— Ben is gonna get ya. #therealm #timelapsetuesday #imagecomics
Retweeted by Nick FilardiKinda weird to think that Dracula is just roaming around the Marvel Universe and no one seems to be that worried ab…
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @ChadAThomas @jameslucasjones @OniPress We've abandoned all reason and started a week and a half ago. Embrace the chaos. 🔥💀🤶💀🔥 @CGdrawing❄️🌨️☃️⛄️ Viktor Bykov
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“Your father can be surprisingly sensitive. When I giggled at his Sherlock Holmes hat, he sulked for a week and the…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiGetting harder and harder to sell Y the Last Man as dystopian.
Retweeted by Nick FilardiMy new book, Thisby Thestoop and the Black Mountain, finally has a live pre-order link! Cover (and interior illustr…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiHahah.. this is simply brilliant. Master @tozozozo explained everything. COLORIST, Have you slept well?😁😁😁
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @HeatherAntos One of the greatest movies of all time. I've owned it on dvd since 2001. Also, I've never seen it.TODAY is F.O.C. (Final Order Cutoff) for THE REALM #4 from @ImageComics ! Get to your local shop and tell them to o…
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @wastedwings I bet. Must be tough to talk relate to someone so wildly different. Well, tell her thanks for the refuge aide I guess? @wastedwings Rough.a nice reminder ❤️
Retweeted by Nick FilardiDaisy Duck is so underrated honestly
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @ZiggyFakeMcCoy So it's a win/win for me then? Got it. @ZiggyFakeMcCoy Niceeee.About to get on a plane. Seems like a good time to see what these shenanigans are all about. @nickfil
Retweeted by Nick FilardiHER: So, you're a writer! What's your book about? JACK DOUGLAS: Uh
Retweeted by Nick FilardiI was a sweetboy 2 Supermen got on a plane ✈️... 😱
Retweeted by Nick FilardiGreat mix of hard and soft in this Maleev Hellboy
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.@DynamicForces talks #Heartthrob option for TV with Christopher Sebela! @xtop @robertwilsoniv @nickfil
Retweeted by Nick Filardii love how baby boomers think when millennials use their phones they're just staring at a blank screen like mindles…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiGolden thread but this is the most important part probably.
Retweeted by Nick FilardiIt's me, ya boy who has too many things to carry through an airport.Bernie Wrightson, 1974
Retweeted by Nick FilardiEric did this in pieces on stream. You should check it out.
Dang it, Goku, I'm gonna kick your ass.
Retweeted by Nick Filardifor those of you who missed it last night: wikipedia heavily implies that it's muppets canon that kermit did 9/11
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streaming Elder Scrolls Legends chaos arena!
Retweeted by Nick Filardistreaming Elder Scrolls Legends chaos arena! @the_boyks to nab 4 prints I did with Elsa 40% off! Would love to sign these at some shows. December, we are going to be cracking some vintage packs on stream. #HarryPotter @Nobodi64 @the_boyks yeah thats fair- Like what you like- I just have very intense feelings about Bastion. Glad you enjoyed it. @Nobodi64 @the_boyks Game felt like you could play for an hour, and get everything out of it you were going to get.… @Nobodi64 @the_boyks I found the opposite. Weapons just seemed meh, and I found that while the gameplay may change… @Nobodi64 @the_boyks Bastion is all about that narrator and nothing else. The rest of the game is meh. @the_boyks *very* different #ChunLi pieces drawn by @willjonesart colored for totally different reasons on stream. Really…
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@odysseyroc @willjonesart Ugh. That editorial note just cut me deep. @odysseyroc @willjonesart Ha. Thanks. First is more straight forward for sure. Each has thier own place in art. Dep… @joelbartlett Thanks man. Good suggestion! @willjonesart Part of making the second one was embracing the chaos. *very* different #ChunLi pieces drawn by @willjonesart colored for totally different reasons on stream. Really… @lscottcampbell right now! :)! coloring chun-li by @willjonesart. Small tweaks to the old one, coloring a new one. @brianloveswords music stuff aside, trying to sync 2 identical bluetooth controllers to my raspberry pi is a nightm… @the_boyks I was going to say that they only use a jackhammer for streetwork, but at this point I'd be more surpris…'ll be streaming later tonight. Sorry for the late ones. Trying to stream around the heavy construction happening in the floor above me.Guess what turned up today? Comps of the issue of The Beauty I drew for my buddy @jerhaun and @ImageComics.
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @marissadraws @COLORnMATT @nkdub @gewalker last one is my mom! thanks to @LisaSnaps of @SourceComicGame for getting me a few of these @boomstudios @wwe posters of myself &…
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @COLORnMATT @nkdub @gewalker 6 people know about me!
@GerryDuggan 2017 evergreen tweet.Fiancée just diagnosed me with ASLD or 'all seasons listening disorder'.spoilers ahead in it- but a *FANTASTIC* review. Thanks Russell.! American Way #4 @DCComics @vertigo_comics John Ridley @KabaLounge @nickfil @TravisJLanham @jamieESrich & me!
Retweeted by Nick FilardiTiny Prometheus
Retweeted by Nick FilardiWe’re extremely excited to announce our collaboration with The Digital Armory Collectibles to bring you a fully lic…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiPick of the week 2: #TheRealm 3 by #SethPeck @jerhaun @nickfil @thomasmauer! I am so hooked after just 3 issues of…
Retweeted by Nick FilardiThe same exact thing Andy talks about with audience is happening in comic books right now. THE AMERICAN WAY: THOSE ABOVE AND THOSE BELOW #4 by Ridley @KabaLounge @1JohnLivesay @nickfil
Retweeted by Nick Filardi#NCBD THE AMERICAN WAY: THOSE ABOVE AND THOSE BELOW #4 by John Ridley @KabaLounge @1JohnLivesay @nickfil
Retweeted by Nick FilardiSo much for tolerant left.
Retweeted by Nick FilardiWizard the Comics Magazine failed to prepare me for a career in comics while raising children.
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well- the green screen came in. I'm sorry in advance for what I've become.
Retweeted by Nick Filardi @pittsed_off LAN. THIS IS HOW TO MAKE COMICS. #makecomicsAlso- i'm good friends with shaq. That isn't the green screen.well- the green screen came in. I'm sorry in advance for what I've become. @ZiggyFakeMcCoy @cosmiccomix @jerhaun