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Early retired Lecturer :United, blues rock ( ex-lead vocalist with Flying Blind) and greyhound (Billy) fan. Ex Nurse & Social Worker.Tory hating Humanitarian

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Is a big honour, it's amazing be named #MUFCPOTY three times in a row! 🏆🏆🏆 Thanks a lot to everyone again!
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@houseoftides @MichelinGuideUK haven't eaten your food since Rockcliffe - fabulous thanks 🍷👍 @houseoftides wonderful lunch with friends today- fabulous food great staff - Kenny's food so worth the Michelin star! Fantastic
@prodnose @davidhepworth embarrassed to say I don't get the t Danny/ put me out of my misery 😁 @prodnose @davidhepworth embarrassed to say I d
@mrmarksteel great show at Durham last night Mark- loved it-good to see you are working from the inside to destroy the monarchy 😀cheers @BBCr4today energy companies use particular mobile companies signals for smart meters- if ( as here) you can't get a signal then no go @BBCr4today govt missing a key point - you need to have a good signal to have smart meter - not possible here in Yorkshire Dales!
@Prufrocking aha- see what you mean now- agree with mismanaging retirement and blocking Jose-bloody stupid imo😘
@Prufrocking how do you mean 'sold us out'? Bit baffled by that
@BBCCountryfile here is a photo of a beautiful evening here in Swaledale
@BBCr4today pointless discussion on praying for Steven Dorking !
BollocksUnited terrible first 15 mins now looking good but big blow losing Darmian- Mata our best player so far
@theJeremyVine you didn't mention the fact that brewdog do a superb non alcoholic beer- Nanny State- great for nights off the drink 😃
Exclusive leaked receipts from Conservative by-election campaigns #ElectionExpenses
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"The players look bored themselves!" Scholes believes it's not only the @ManUtd fans that are fed up. #EmiratesFACup
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Thank God for beer- United dreadful!All over for Louis methinks
@AsdaServiceTeam thanks 😊
@AsdaServiceTeam please pass on thanks to staff at Bishop Auckland ( especially Bev) who helped my 80 year old mother in law yesterday @suenickcooke @asda we do too - Bev was excellent with my 80 year old mother in law who got stuck there due to snow - did you find one?
#iloveedinburgh been here only a few hours and 6 complete strangers offered help to find our way ! Try that in London🍷😊
Jesus how bad are united at the moment??If we don't get a grip we will lose this!Can't believe United haven't scored with the line up they had!!
@allforunited duh! @prodnose I do Danny- you can borrow mine-wonderful album although Future Blues is better IMO
@BBCr4today heard it all before so many times-since Jay Report in 1979! NHSCCA1990 etc-same rhetoric same promises-lack of govt commitment
@RevRichardColes tell Nigel I have the same wrist deformity after falling downstairs on my stag night& got married in a cast 😊🍷
@Prufrocking lovely Cornwall- as a Devon man we always said it would be perfect if it wasn't for the Cornish🍷😀😀Great result boys @ManUtd. Congrats @WayneRooney on your hat-trick #deadly #ChampionsLeague
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Yeah! Those lefty papers! With their tremendous lefty electoral impact! Putting off their naturally UKIP readers!
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman***TWITTERSTORM*** SUNDAY 23rd Aug 7PM Please use hashtag #VoteCorbyn ***TWITTERSTORM*** #Corbyn4Leader #JezWeCan
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanA most odious effect of our time. And one soon to be rid of. We dont need ppl like this or its ideology. #VoteCorbyn
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanThat's why he has had my vote-he is a straight talking man of principle who actually cares about people #VoteCorbyn
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanIt is austerity that is 'extreme'. Not Cobynomics! As reported by Observer front page today. #VoteCorbyn
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Support the #jeremy4leader campaign by declaring I've Voted Corbyn. Add a #Twibbon! I was saying ...Nice one Memphis Depay- excellent !😊Time for Memphis to shine!
United's first Italian: Carlo Sartori: United's first foreign signing, Carlos Sartori, speaks about the Italia...
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman @Prufrocking my motto as well😀going through a Malbec phase too- fab ones in Majestic 🍷 @terrychristian me too! I'm gutted we lost Di MariaMemphis "It's an honour to wear the number seven and I will wear it with pride." #MUFC
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman @alderleymel @theJeremyVine me too and I support him!! @Prufrocking ✋🍷 @Prufrocking great to see you are supporting Jez as well- it's the first time for years i have hopeTackling some Myths about Jeremy Corbyn and the #jeremy4leader campaign. Myth 2. “You're unelectable”
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman @CarolineFlintMP supporting you for deputy -hope it's dream ticket of Jeremy Corbyn and you 😊
@allforunited tragic! Blame it on the thugs who broke into his house and frightened his family- his game went downhill after Im devastatedGenuinely thought he could be the next Ronaldo figure for us, can't believe he's giving up already
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanNo matter how much you deny you want ADM to stay, you, like I, will be extremely gutted when he goes, I was so excited when he arrived #mufc
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanIts an outrage that BT have monopoly of champions league- they are now asking £19.99 pm to get it on Sky! I'll try to watch on web!
@DVLAgovuk how often do you update your postcode database? Tried to change address over phone told not on system- on Royal Mail since Feb
@JonathanShrager @StrettyNewsTV looks like yet another year with no grandstand signings
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ConspiracyPix: Do you agree?
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BooolicksCome on Boro!!'n
NHS agrees largest-ever privatisation deal to tackle backlog
Please sign this petition to save the Human Rights Act: via @38_degrees
@garciasfinger clearly a man of taste Ian as your love of greyhounds show 🐶😄🍷 @NixonKeri True. Until you adopt your first retired greyhound then everything pales into whatsit. Trust me.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanSuddenly Ed Miliband seems like the nicer brother.
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David Cameron solemnly promises to govern for the benefit of all. Naturally the microphone is next to his arse
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanScrap the Human Rights Act and keep TTIP: Here's what you voted for and will get with a Tory government, Britain your house goodbye too. David Cameron announces plan to end lifetime council tenancies
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman @WelshGasDoc it's totally incompatible with a Tory govt Dave
@WelshGasDoc @DrewTarmey lol @Channel4News will self nails it!! @ScarlettMoffatt I'm a big fan of your mum as well as you so hope she ranks highly- lovely smile 😊34% of British adults didn’t bother voting. Shame on you.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanPhilomena Cunk's hypothetical Election Wipe forecast was more accurate than most of the polls.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanAt least everyone who said “You can’t trust the Tories” has been proved right by the way they all lied to the opinion polls.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanThat Russell Brand thing worked out. Woo! That showed 'em! Smash the system!* *Sit at home and scratch your arse.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanI made myself a list to try and get through the next couple of days. It's a bit wank. Feel free to use it too though!
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanTrying not to say things like this but this is how I feel..
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanI hereby announce a day of national mourning: RIP NHS RIP welfare state RIP Education RIP human rights RIP environment ....RIP our community
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanWe're fucked. Cameron to govern in the national interest. NHS selling. Vulnerable bashing. Tax credits freezing. Foxhunting. Badger culling.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanMemo from Eton Dave: My thanks to BBC and Sky for running a great campaign for us.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanThat's the NHS gone then.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanAll very despondent at work this morning. We #NHS staff know what this #ge2015 result means & it's not good.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanTragic result for the county- the poor and disabled, the NHS& social care will be devastated by cuts and low morale -so sad
Paul Nuttall. Bespectacled bollock.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanExit polls have been highly accurate in every recent election except 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman @butNHS the YouGov poll is different Breaking: YouGov exit poll - CON 284 MPs, LAB 263, LIBS 31, SNP 48, UKIP 2, PLAID 3, GREEN #SaveTheNHS
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman @baddogOTM @ProfMcGhee please God!Electoral Calculus who were the closest at the 2010 election are predicting CON = 280 LAB = 274 LIB DEM = 21 SNP = 52
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanThe YouGov exit poll is much closer: CON 284 LAB 263 LD 31 SNP 48 UKIP 2 PLAID 3 GREEN 1 Hope yet. Redeem yourself Great Britain!
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanI'd treat the exit poll with HUGE caution. I'm hoping for a good night but I think 58 seats is unlikely! #GE15
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanIt's only an exit poll don't panic yet!!!! @Peston I pissing hope not!Steve Bell on the general election and the Queen's speech – cartoon
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanStephen Hawking is supporting #Labour this election. Fabulous news & an inspiring national treasure.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanI have an incy-wincy suspicion that David Cameron won't be able to count on her vote #GE2015
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanUnder Manchester's plaque to victims of Peterloo, someone has left flowers & a polling card to mark their struggle.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman @MattWrack @fbunational #Stortford Polling Station says it all....#FoodBanks #Austerity #EnoughIsEnough
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanWoman outside a polling station: If this bastard lot get in again I'm leaving. Ok that's not true, but I may have to go and look at the sea.
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I feel better now. Just stopped Farage in the street. Told him politely he is a nasty little fascist and I will fight him.
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