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Early retired Lecturer :United, blues rock ( lead vocalist with Flying Ducks)and greyhound (Billy) fan. Ex Nurse & Social Worker.Tory hating Humanitarian-pro EU

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Jeremy Hunt says Steven Hawkings is wrong on scientific analysis Just let that surreal accusation put everything Tories do into perspective
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanCord-free. Hassle-free. Powerful suction. Hamsters™
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanThank u Chelsea for matic wonderful gesture
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanBrilliant win!!lost loads to bookies again but happy 👍😄 @Lokiteso @ManUtd @MUFCLatestnews @PhilJones4 @juanmata8 Ha ha 👍🍷😊 @ManUtd @MUFCLatestnews @PhilJones4 @juanmata8 Why are Swansea fans booing Rashford?Anybody know why Swansea fans are booing Rashford??
Happily criticises the silencing of a big clock, but silent in her criticism of a giant cock.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanSo now we know. The President of the United States is, quite literally, a Nazi sympathiser. Rarely has being proved right felt so awful.
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@dazzlerlight @akams_ @MrTomMcDermott He's such a 100% player - lets hope he gets plenty of pitch time @akams_ @MrTomMcDermott I was surprised he wasn't used at all- wonder how he'll be used @MrTomMcDermott Summed up the game perfectly Tom👍It pisses me off that the Tories used my taxes - which I am happy to go to schools, NHS etc - to bribe DUP. Retweet if you're pissed off too
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman#thingsthatTrumpCriticisesMoreThanAmericanNeoNazis - Sadiq Khan. CNN. CIA. FBI. Gt Ormond St Hospital. Hillary and Obama. Cast of Hamilton
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanTheresa May’s Brexit plans go from bad to worse. And it could lead to an international court case
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanMy heart is in Charlottesville today, and with everyone made to feel unsafe in their country.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanI was born poor in 1923 to a working class family & went hungry in the 1930s but joined RAF in WW2; so I understand…
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@MrTomMcDermott @ManUtd ...ies @MrTomMcDermott @ManUtd So true Tom- I don't even mind losing a fortune at the book
@WelshGasDoc 😂😂😂 @AndyMitten Just subscribed Andy - haven't seen it for a few years since I used to go to OT- looking forward to reading it again 👍🍷
@MrTomMcDermott To be fair Tom he did really well I thought @MrTomMcDermott Pogba disappointing- Matic & Rashford v encouraging
So it turns out that Project Fear was actually Project Moderate Estimate Of How Bad Things Will Actually Get.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman @theipaper 😂😂😂😂😂😂Which was specifically set up so that the NHS would not be at the mercy of private companies!
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanAccomplices
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanWhy doesn't a profit-driven health care system work? This Canadian businessman explains why.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanOBAMA Likely Saved America in his last months as President! RETWEET to Thank Our Last REAL President
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanMany of the loudest Leave voices have absolutely no understanding of Brexit. Reactions to this will identify them:
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@AhrarUnited7 @MrTomMcDermott I hope you are!! @UtdOliver @MrTomMcDermott My thoughts entirely mate👍 @MrTomMcDermott Let's hope it's Bale then Tom! We need to get on with it @nowthisnews @mrjamesob @BarackObama Contrast this fabulous couple with the one currently in the Whitehouse!😳Happy 56th birthday, @BarackObama. His and Michelle's relationship is peak 'couple goals'
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanGood people in this world. Someone I know took her child to @GreatOrmondSt for chemo today & black cab driver No 18727 said "Trip's on me"
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@BBCPM @BBCPM Eddie is being 'prosecated' a more severe form of prosecution in the US? @BBCiPM is being 'prosecated' a more severe form of being prosecuted in the US? @ginkgo1980 @MrTomMcDermott Wow! I didn't realise he was that fragile! Let's hope we get Persic then
Trump hates these unflattering photos of himself circulating around the internet. Definitely don't retweet this! (H…
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanMy cartoon - new simpler food labelling system
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanThe BBC tries to lay a trap for one of Corbyn’s top team members. It goes terribly wrong [VIDEO] #newsnight
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman @Rachael_Swindon 😂😂😂"We can't stop Brexit making you poorer." Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England. This is not satire 😢
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanDon't forget this, all the #Leave voters who thought they voted to protect the #NHS will get exactly the opposite.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman @ajhanlaurence Project fear eh?😳 @Kennyatkinson1 I hope you are keeping your eye on James from the Raby Hunt😂 @MrTomMcDermott 90 for Bale @ginkgo1980 @MrTomMcDermott Bale more talented @MrTomMcDermott Tom it would be so nice if, for once, we knew what we'd be getting 😃 @davidschneider But with far less money 😂The Duke of Edinburgh - a true role model for us all, inasmuch as we'll all now have to wait till we're 96 to retire.
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@campbellclaret @piersmorgan @POTUS 😂😂😂match made in heaven AlistairTomorrow's Daily Mail front page translated
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanIf you've gone from claiming Brexit will be easy & enriching to saying we need 'the spirit of Dunkirk' to get through it, please be quiet.
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@mrjamesob Exactly- shameful is the word ! All the lies they promulgated for their own ends - a disgraceFrom 'Project Fear' to 'price worth paying' without a pang of shame or an iota of self-awareness...
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Old but useful: ultracrepidarian - someone who holds forth on a subject they know absolutely nothing about.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanIt's clear that Brexit negotiations have scarcely begun...within the Cabinet. Forget finding agreement in Brussels when none in London
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanThe collective strength, solidarity and initiative of working class people...helped break the back of fascism
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanA Tory MP said: Opposing Brexit will destroy Tories. Supporting Brexit will destroy UK. Time the Tories put our country before themselves.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanBeautiful South singer offered all his royalties to taxpayer. Tories refused because it was ‘nationalisation’…
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanThis country isn't free, unless you're white and male. Ask anyone who isn't.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanIt's also ironic that the only demographic allowed to express their opinion freely without question ridicule and/or…
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanAs an #Arsenal supporter I have to pay money to this person. I feel sick. @thetimes
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanIf I won on Lotto, I would share my winnings with #Betterhalf #IWinYouWin was not a just war for either Germany & her allies or Britain and hers; it was a crime against humanity by the elites. #passchendaele100
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanThe Speech By Trump to the Police was perhaps the his Most Chilling Yet. We are Watching Fascism take hold before our very eyes! Sick!
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanI would still love United to go for Costa - just sayin #nochance
There are lies. And there are Tory lies. Here's the verdict from @channel4's @FactCheck on the #studentdebt lie
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanThanks to UNISON you can again go to employment tribunal for free - this is why you should join a Union - fighting for YOU.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanNo, Corbyn did not ‘pledge to abolish student debt’
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanWe helped to deliver one of the biggest upsets in political history. Now we need your support to go even further:…
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanBoris claims the 'cake' in 'have our cake and eat it' was always ‘chlorinated chicken’ via @TheCanaryOTP
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Kitty Macfarlane's beautiful voice comes to UTS @festunderstars "UTSf2017 @KittyMacfarlane
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@KittyMacfarlane - you were wonderful today- as I said you are the closest I've heard to Sandy Denny -lovely - thank you @KittyMacfarlane you were wonderful Kitty - as I said later on you are the clWonderful day at #utsf2017 Kitty Mcfarlane- what a wonderful voice - so like Sandy Denny- Sam & Lost Boys brilliant- Kate peerless as ever