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@TrenchantFledge @YouUpSXM @TomAThakkar @ComedyCentral @SIRIUSXM This is so sweet of you to say!!“Coach would never do that!” “He’s one of the most respected members of Congress!” “That couldn’t be true. He’s bee…
Retweeted by Nikki GlaserHeard a man on tv reminiscing about the Cosby of old, & expressing bewilderment over the duality of such a revered…
Retweeted by Nikki GlaserA guilty verdict for Bill Cosby is a drop in the bucket. We're all still part of the society that allowed him to tr…
Retweeted by Nikki Glaser @bonniemcfarlane I relate to her so hardThis movie is SO damn funny. Treat yourselves. ET TONIGHT #Campers! Our @MoontowerComedy show airs! Thank you to @BenningtonShow, @marknorm & @NikkiGlaser for…
Retweeted by Nikki GlaserWe can't afford to keep ignoring how young men are being radicalized online. My latest, at the @nytimes
Retweeted by Nikki Glaser👏👏👏👏 Cosby found guilty. Good night, you piece of shit. The strength of his accusers is everything.
Retweeted by Nikki Glaser @kelseydarragh @netflix @milkbarstore @ChristinaTosi I hear this and I’m so flattered!!This was weird today. @SIRIUSXM and listen to my show @youupsxm. Mon-Thurs 10am-12pm, channel 95. I know you’ll love it.
@arielle311 @YouUpSXM HahahhahahaSoCal!! Look at the lineup for this festival that’s happening in mid September. Plan on it now. It’s basically me a…
@MediaMktgGuy Love these Alts!!Here are the pics @NikkiGlaser took with @davematthewsbnd at @SIRIUSXM yesterday. Hear the story on today’s ep on d…
Retweeted by Nikki GlaserNEW Will You Accept This Rose? ep live from @MoontowerComedy fest is up! With @ArdenMyrin @erinfoleycomic
Retweeted by Nikki Glaser @ColinThomasKing @Noainjection let’s alert the team about this! @STEEEZUSCHRIST Congrats Steve!
I thought “A Quiet Place” was a great movie, though I was unable to finish my bag of raw carrots.
Retweeted by Nikki GlaserLet’s keep this real for the moms. The Duchess is wearing a diaper.
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@katienolan DUDE. This is really smart.Can’t wait to get back to destroying the earth again tomorrow. I miss plastic today!“Thanks for all the kind words today, but it’s kinda too late now, guys.”- the earthNever stop fucking yourself
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Yuck. @SarahGojer Ahhhhh!!! @McJesse I’m not ready to even admit it to myselfLAST CHANCE AUSTIN. 2 more shows tonight! @thekristinkey @clivebixbyTAMU I smoke pot. Never said I didn’t. But yes, I’m still boring. @ashleyiaco You’re a good person @thekristinkey Not drinking night make you boring but it often feels like a goddamn super power ✊ @McJesse I honestly don’t want to say @AutulloAAS @jma2399 @MoontowerComedy Ah!! Really?! Remind me!!Yes!!! @nickbachan This means a lot.
@RobbLoeb Aw thank you!AUSTIN, TX. It’s not too late. @KCspider20 @YouUpSXM Hahhaha this is great!
@hotchachie @IFeelPretty Thank you sweet Charlie!!“Offended” isn’t the right word. “Unsettled” is more like how I’m feelingIs it okay for me to be offended by this? And not just because they spelled my name wrong.! Austin! Crews is such a smart, courageous, interesting guy.
Retweeted by Nikki Glaser @JFLMTL I’m so confused by this but yay?!Austin! Here are all the times you can see me perform this weekend at the @MoontowerComedy festival: @laraleader @YouUpSXM @TomAThakkar @joyellenicole I don’t have any plans to go there yet but hopefully one day! Thanks for listening! @JordanWONeal It’s tomorrow and Saturday!Same
Montreal! Just announced! Get tickets now! #JFLMTLAUSTIN! Come see me this weekend. I have to tell you all something.
@GregGonsky Whoa!! I see it and I’m flattered!!I agree. It is always nice to see people talking. I like to look at talking people. With my eyes, or “listening orb…
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@RandyRNB @TheComedyStore Aw thanks! @Lisa_Wilkinson @amyschumer Yes!!! Love this union!
@laraleader @YouUpSXM @TomAThakkar Thank you for these compliments!! Squirt squirt!
What do you do when you have access to the button!? @NikkiGlaser @TomAThakkar check out Instagram stories for fun c…
Retweeted by Nikki GlaserLA! TOMORROW!
A couple in love in 2018: “You delete your Facebook” “No, you delete your Facebook first” “No, you delete your Face…
Retweeted by Nikki GlaserLA tonight. @anylaurie16 HahahhahaI always thought she was screaming. Hmmm... @sdlockwo I am! End of May! Comedy club in town! I forget the name! @1a9r9g6 Nooo help @NoainjectionAUSTIN!
@heyn0ww @TomAThakkar @YouUpSXM Thank you! @RickBatto You did!Man Farts Up Entire Elevator Then Gets Off at Next Stop
Retweeted by Nikki Glaserthis is the funniest thing ive ever seen
Retweeted by Nikki Glaser @lacottler @YouUpSXM Yes!! I thought of you when I was saying that whole thing! I’m like, I bet Cottler felt this way too...
Retweeted by Nikki GlaserOkay fine. Also #HappySiblingDay to this stupid idiot @KaitlinOlson. Who I also love or whatever. Idiot.
Retweeted by Nikki GlaserAUSTIN. NEXT WEEK: Come to a taping of @YouUpSXM on 4/20 at 11am (details on our feed). Then see my new hour on Fri…, @nbcsnl...@amyschumer told @NikkiGlaser that she's down to play a certain former member of the Trump administ…
Retweeted by Nikki GlaserIF YOU HAVE BACK PAIN: @angie_anthony_ @amyschumer 💞🙏 thanks dear!Healing Back Pain by Dr. John Sarno today.