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@MattVATech I am and I do. What's better than dropping cash at happy hour and walking away hassle-free while everyone decides how 2 split @polly some would call it comeuppanceGareth Bale looks like he's in his "Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai" Halloween costume.Got my online TV feed working in time for today's match. Very excite. @BootymanNYC burn marine park to the ground and replace it with a Trump course cc @k_vedLOL Tom Hayes crowdfunding for appeal $. This is (unbelievably) worse than someone crowdfunding their surcharged Uber ride. @SBarlow_ROB tbh, I know that if/when he loses, his supporters might have their own Jonestown...literally or figuratively @SBarlow_ROB looking forward to the social fallout that occurs after this electionAny time someone says "May the Fourth be with you" it sounds like Daffy Duck is watching those movies for the first time. @AllisonCain_ where are we meeting you?
And elbow. He really must hate Wall Street. Cruz "fighting for liberty" is going to be him reading The Cat in the HatOHHHHHHH incredible. Can't say I'd like to see either Real or ManShitty win over Atletico in the final. This team is fun.This was a while ago. Atleti up on away goals. Bayern needs 2 #yugeThe stats on this Bayern-Atletico match make it look like Bayern is playing a US college team.In this shocking revelation, ESPN sports business reporter teaches us that bookmakers have to pay out winning bets.
Retweeted by ___Reading this makes America sound like the set of Unforgiven. who complains about Leicester winning the league without playing the game to win it (ala Superbowl) needs to stop having bad opinions
For Chelsea fans wondering who the new Leicester manager is, he is the guy who used to manage your club before you started supporting it.
Retweeted by ___Now that.. is so, so, so, so, SPURSY
Retweeted by ___Congrats to @LCFC on a truly unfathomable title win. Well deserved.CLAUDIO RANIERI AND LEICESTER CITY WIN THE PREMIER LEAGUE! #CFC
Retweeted by ___Chelsea tie it up in the closing minutes. Getting excited for the Foxes.Internet: you have one afternoon to grab lunch in Savannah, where do you go? @ilkandcookies take it backCan't unseen
@ShanersMD definitely not
@dfledderjohn life. hacked. @rhcm123 do it, you won'tcc @polly. Piggybacking off a celebrity death BUT helping people. Grey area...for the story you already published... @rhcm123 ma po tofu, bro @CeltThulu the guy. Not youThis is #DIAF worthy. @ShanersMD @dfledderjohn @k_ved @nokamber fwiw, if dachshund is supposed to be pronounced the way it is, it should be spell doxin. Seriously @ShanersMD @dfledderjohn @k_ved "I like my mozz sticks to have that extra goo-eta factor" @dfledderjohn @k_ved @ShanersMD forgot about how you regularly mispronounce a man's name. C'mon man @Goodbushel so brave @Goodbushel 4x Oscar nom. No doubt "authenticity" played a role @Goodbushel that kid looks like a god damn avatar alien except brown instead of blue @Goodbushel DUDE @jvposter I haven't taken you up on the offer yet. One day when I am fiance' will happen
Is Johnny Vegas a real name? If so...I want it @Goodbushel a 40s movie about a little Indian kid living among animals? Noooooooo @Goodbushel mowgli is my people and even I had no idea this '42 version existed. Must watch. @SBarlow_ROB @georgepearkes fact @SBarlow_ROB @georgepearkes he's the getaway driver? wtf is he gonna get away from? @SBarlow_ROB dyalike dags? @SBarlow_ROB watching snatch again and you're right. All time great @CharmAndDecay consultants, man... awful @CharmAndDecay @WSJ ringing bells. Hopefully I wasn't boozing at 1147am @polly sounds like you hit the streets on Delhi. That's about on par with what I've seen over there @CharmAndDecay negative. mind sending over? I don't remember us discussing any structure in a while (could've been boozin')Driven a car more in the last 1.5days than I have in the past 3 yearsThis is a Monday tweet.
@CharmAndDecay @ShanersMD Oh dear god @CharmAndDecay I wish I could roll into meetings like that. "SUP. What's on the agenda for today?" @FoxyQuant you have a reason to bail living inside you! I'll hopefully be able to deal with a rando ropes partner for today @FoxyQuant pre-rar pedi? BooooldGet in the elevator and looking straight out the door is a woman with the coldest, deadest eyes. Actually took me aback. @k_ved their vote counts as much as yours. Sad! @k_ved that had to be a tourist...please tell me it was a tourist @ShanersMD sprinkle some thumbtacks and staples on the ground just inside the door inI'm looking fwd to when the Brexit debate really heats up. Having family living in London, should be interesting.Boehner calling Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh" and a "miserable SOB" is just incredible.They should be sued for making > 1 of these... children in the office. Send help and/or bloodies.Ocwen foreclosures frozen after National Mortgage Settlement compliance failure #hw
Retweeted by ___ @IvanTheK The Shat is #GIK eligible?! @ShanersMD @kylef
@SBarlow_ROB I love the movie, but that is bold (brick top aside. He's one of my favorite cinema characters)A Few Good Men is up there with Shawshank.What's insane is that ppl think Equinox is expensive...but breaking out cost/class + locker room cheap I have to jump on a call where I'm more interested in where the wi-yah is than the subject of said call. What a glorious day.2 guys rewiring access pads to the door next to me: "CAN YOU SEE THAT WI-YAH?" "NAH IT'S TAPED" "WHAA?" "THE WI-YAH'S TAPED"God please no @largecaptrader1 so that's why whole foods is always out of it! That stuff is unfair to logic
#GameOfThrones book fans have a decision to make after the show's latest reveal
Retweeted by ___Outside run feels so good. @TBrodes rest on your own laurels you SOB @TBrodes buy it from himHillsborough inquest finds police error led to deaths of 96 soccer fans:
Retweeted by ___Mitsubishi Motors' VW-style crash is justified, says @qtwebb
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Are all of your dreams shattered? @SBarlow_ROB I have my personal vendetta to attend to. That's all I'm focusing on today @SBarlow_ROB I'm hesitant to watch this
@BootymanNYC never thought I'd see grandma vag until I was a grandfather. Thanks GoTThis bit of info is pretty amazing "Now, it’s (Deadpool) the highest grossing R-rated movie ever." James Harden dead?NBA mop kids have the power to change the trajectory on the entire game. Fear them. Respect them. getting my hopes up for that probable JS resurrection. Assuming we'll have to sweat it out for a few episodes. @k_ved @ShanersMD Girardi must go. Please let it be so. @BootymanNYC @ShanersMD @CharmAndDecay Foxes win today didn't help. They really only need 5pts to clinch it @ShanersMD @CharmAndDecay Vardy. Star striker sitting out for red card in previous game @CharmAndDecay did you see them cutting across 3 cameras that were all shaking from the stadium? Nuts
Good riddance, @NYRangers. We honestly didn't deserve to move on. @ShanersMD "put on your home outfit and go back"this is one of the best paparazzi photos i've ever seen
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Retweeted by ___ @USGA I think I've gotten past this screen twice....ever. my favorite environment: dark bar with the door open. This is how I enjoy nice weather in the city.