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PSA: ~free 3yr sub to Businesweek"And lets not forget the 110 yo NJ woman who swears by drinking 3 Miller High Lifes and a shot of scotch every day."
Retweeted by ___ @FoxyQuant speaking going to R&R today? @FoxyQuant sounds like most of that appt was primarily CYA on his part @FoxyQuant doc, idk what they taught you in med school, but it is ill advised to 'stop the hustle'Amid everything else, let’s always remember that Ryan Lochte claimed he forgot he was of drinking age, at age 32.
Retweeted by ___ICE. COLD. Friday ftw
Moved back to Spotify since it has finally caught up to the default features that Google Music had at the time.Someone just stopped me with my headphones in to say: Look at that sky, isn't it beautiful?Sounds like Chuck E Cheese offers the same gym experience as Planet Fitness. you're a weirdo who uses their work computer to Twitter, don't click that gifDealing with IT @callieabost sounds like me after trying chia seeds. Quinoa is great if it's seasoned well and toasted a bit. Don't give up on it @callieabost it is really goodIs nothing sacred? @Trader88EMP I love those reply-all inbox bombs @Trader88EMP nothing too juicy but, come on people...a little discretionRule #1 about office emails: know what not to put in office emailsThank you weather gods. THANK YOU.
I wrote about fictitious bond trading.
Retweeted by ___Holy shit the brits did something."...another [guard] dismissing anyone who turned to him for help or leadership by yelling that he didn’t want to die tonight, either."Fantastic. So not only does security waste your time, but it also does not mean you are any least atm. these
This feels wrong. the guy calling gymnastics is is ramping up the entertainment factor by 1000% @ClueHeywood what about Portugal? Grow to 100 meters tall 2. Run 3/4 of the race, fall forward
Retweeted by ___ @BappiChainz the Brazilian men winning silver and bronze in gymnastics was emotional as heeeeeeellAnyone down for this? gets it's head stuck in a cup. CNBC bringing you the latest in market newsNo shade can be thrown at powerwalkers "Melville said she can racewalk a mile in six minutes, thirty-five seconds." @ShanersMD @k_ved at the very least an extreme relaxation of dress code (tank and chubbies)Dalian Atkinson, former Aston Villa striker, dies after being Tasered by cops
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My god
Michael Phelps tied a 2,168-year-old Olympic record:
Retweeted by ___This is mesmerizing. Also unfair to the rest of the world. @sarahsolfails you made it. Game over.Gave my Google voice assistant an Aussie accent. Great decision.
Phelps is superhuman#champion #usa #beastmode #usaWhen a guy named Chad exists. @AllisonCain_ it takes getting used to but it's SOPForgot the watch at home this morning. Today will be an exercise in character building.
Lilly King, part of the women's cyborg swimming team with Katie Ledecky #USAThe name Steele Johnson can be a blessing and a curse. God bless him #usa @FoxyQuant I just went over there and it's still a clusterAttack of the OOOs. Definitely feels like August.
Done in 2 days. It was very fun and I'm upset that it's over. The ending was perfect. Great work @drewmagary
Grabbing drinks with my boy Rocky of those days where everything is going in the hamper tonight. It is hot. @pcdunham @ShanersMD @k_ved I'm actually going to be down in nola for LDW. Definitely checking it out now that it's gotten the green lightMaybe they just realized their equipment couldn't stand up to their competitors..., listening to channel Orange and it's good, but it's not worthy of ALL. THAT. HYPE.
@CathleenRitt you've def been here before that is almost guaranteed @ShanersMD yessirNever been here before but me gusta @ShanersMD @delangedotcom on suicide squad: "Imagine if God met the man at Yale, but then took him to Hot Topic.”
Retweeted by ___ @jvposter @CharmAndDecay only downside is that they may get booted. The upside is Leicester @CharmAndDecay eh manu isn't like picking the Yanks now that fergie is gone and they flopped so hard. Maybe a ~bit with jose in the house @CharmAndDecay you would be able to troll him every year on st totteringham's day. It's my favorite holiday @CharmAndDecay decide on an EPL team? @timothydh I'm always salty these guys not only excel at one sport but have really low handicaps on top of it @CharmAndDecay if it clears up the early tee times I'm all for itI maintain that old people are 1000x worse than millennials. Which says a lot...
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@dfledderjohn @AllisonCain_ I'm looking forward to it for the music. All it's 80s-tastic @k_ved nice purse, broGermany did irreparable damage to this country. DC in DCU officially stands for "don't come" considering bankruptcy!? If they do, you know I'll be all over that fire sale. @IvanTheK reverse donation. I like it @k_ved it's Snapchat but on a platform I already use. It's great @ShanersMD @BootymanNYC I know. She should have taken that as "policy" feedback. Listen to your patrons, dammit @ShanersMD @BootymanNYC "my wife is calling it has to be an emer-" "Shut up and talk to this belligerent man sitting next to you." @BootymanNYC that's a win for everyone involved @InsideHook @BootymanNYC just let people give you money. Why is that so hard
One day, Donald Trump is going to look a reporter straight in the eyes on national TV and say "I never ran for President."
Retweeted by ___ @CharmAndDecay @k_ved I could honestly see him going the Jumpman route. Just cash in on a legendary reputation/legacyAwesome interview with the Bennett brothers by @minakimes. Well worth the read if you have some time.'s literally the textbook definition of someone with narcissistic personality disorder.
Retweeted by ___ @Trader88EMP S7 Edge (edge for longer battery life). Wish I was able to get this sooner @ShanersMD sensor on new phone is a feature I never knew I needed. @k_ved I wonder if they air bnb it. That would be something. Just live out there for a week @AllisonCain_ genuinely curious, actuallyDoes anyone who uses both Instagram and Snapchat heavily have any thoughts on Instagram's Stories?
The World Trade Center's only surviving art is headed back home.
Retweeted by ___Filet mignon(e)‘Why Can I Never Seem To Say The Right Thing?’ Weeps Trump Into Pillow
Retweeted by ___Think about how difficult it'll be to be truly shocked once this whole thing is over. would be prettay prettay good the life of me, I'll never understand how somebody with kids of their own can shit all over two people who have lost a child.
@CharmAndDecay @racheldiane @smartfootball his pristine medical health records hidden away with his tax info? KFC and MCD...bruh. @racheldiane @CharmAndDecay honestly could also be Jordan's combine video. You never know @racheldiane @CharmAndDecay perfect