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@KWALRULES I read the comic so I'm interested to see how that plays out esp with Hamill. I did read that they took some "liberties" thoYes. @k_ved @ShanersMD the sweat-shielding of the undershirt is key. Ventilation is imp for the time you're outside. Sweat stains last for hrs @k_ved @ShanersMD I used to work with a guy who would bike to work in this weather and sat at his desk like he just jumped in the pool...Even the biggest news inside the DNC emails is about one/one-zillionth as big as Russian interference in US elections …
Retweeted by ___The penny has dropped - literally - as investors realise Nintendo doesn't make Pokemon Go
Retweeted by ___ @IvanTheK iirc, the fact that Google was algo based and yahoo req'd some form of human input was the beginning of the end for yahoo searchShooting at a teen party in Florida is something awful.
That Travelers ad with the father and his daughter has me thinking I need to replace my lenses. @FoxyQuant this bill is terrifying @dfledderjohn um what?
Just finished 'The Lobster'. Thoroughly enjoyed it. @dfledderjohn @KWALRULES I gave it a watch last night and there are clues they drop hinting at the big reveal
@BappiChainz WHAT @timothydh @k_ved you should be halfway done with the screenplay by nowSubtle, Larry... @BigInTheShire a lot of people like to live in the moment behind an iPad lens tho @BigInTheShire much easier to use your phone's camera for that. Why walk around with extra equipment to take pics you'll never look at again
Instead of piggybacking off of another franchise (in a diff sport no less), take the money and rebuild your old house.The Isles potential move to Queens really seems desperate. Build a hockey arena adjacent to Citi Field? Seriously? @k_ved @ShanersMD @dfledderjohn @BootymanNYC I'm on board with thisCurious what % of Nikon camera owners are legit photogs vs easy mkting targets @k_ved @dfledderjohn @ShanersMD must cc @BootymanNYC for this @k_ved @dfledderjohn @ShanersMD agreed Sat should be cool. Could start the libations at GB too for a real doozy of a day @ShanersMD @dfledderjohn @k_ved want to get the wheels in motion for next Friday/Saturday?Sweet mother of god. Neeed. is hilarious but also contains huge levels of WTF
Criminal how much today felt like a Thursday. @carney #freethenipple @LadyFOHF anyone making s'mores. That's about it @ShanersMD @georgepearkes I'll use PayPal/Venmo if nec. But, I'm always asking if you have Chase QP first if I need to send you scratch @georgepearkes no longer than t+1 iirc @georgepearkes most people I need to send money to use chase and it is insanely streamlined when sent in house.Chase QP is awesome. I prefer to use this to Venmo/PayPal whenever possible.
"Oh my God, it even has a watermark..." @ShanersMD @danprimack reserved for people I know IRLSnapchat today confirms purchase of bitmoji creator BitStrips, which we first reported in March. Our original scoop:
Retweeted by ___ @MacroRecon carpet bomb the SOBs with soap shavings @BootymanNYC you drinking jet fuel this morning? Oh just stoli, nvmAttack this week like you are this boar. smell vodka in the office. Too early for that.
bismillah NOOOOOOOO @racheldiane "do I keep reading the words after the big space?"Does anyone know which Pokémon are at the RNC? Maybe one of them will eat somebody there.How augmented reality will change how you buy furniture.
Retweeted by ___why am i laughing uncontrollably at the Undertaker in golf clothes
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@BossLNS straight gin is vileOH: Some people make gin margaritas @delangedotcom @k_ved never forget where you came from @k_ved @TBrodes you know it's on deck. Just embrace it
Haven't seen a good army uprising in a while...BREAKING: Turkish PM confirms army uprising
Retweeted by ___Fantastic news alert @georgepearkes @kylef she's waiting for the Denver Broncos to make a generous donation to the troopsBless this day and this GIF forever and ever.
Retweeted by ___This is just pretty., dude hurling at 9am, you do Thursdays wrong.Let’s build a gaming PC with the indispensable Terry Crews
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When the bar plays Around the World, it's a sign you are in the right place. @ShanersMD this could be your song of ice and fire @ShanersMD @ShanersMD I always grab a paper copy at the kiosk....just in case @MacroRecon hey congratulations!
Just saw someone spray deodorant all over their hair thinking it was...? It's labeled... @k_ved believe it or not they've actually been releasing content at a steady clip since the show was popular here waaaay back @polly @ShanersMD some semblance of awareness is all that's required. Sadly, it's not too common these days @polly this reminds me of that person who emailed you asking about leveraging pokemon go for biz.. @DavidSchawel have seen pure evil.OH: It's finally getting hot and humid. Really nice, it's been so mild. @dashbot @k_ved @ShanersMD @HezelAnna @nzle the breakfast sando to end all breakfast sandos
@ShanersMD about high maintenanceBeen doing some exploratory research on potential new phones and one factor that I didn't think much of is apparently a big deal: smudging. @DanaSchwartzzz I am not one, but, @Chris_arnade has some interesting Trump-voter observations. His pinned tweetstream thing is p goodBernie "endorsing" Hillary like I used to "enjoy eating my vegetables" before getting to the ice cream.
I think I won Pokémon GO @kylef @sarahsolfails phenomenal TL juxtaposition here @IvanTheK it's essentially a skin for an existing game developed by this companyReminds me of that 60 Minutes story on counterfeit olive oil. Pretty crazy what corners are deemed cutable. @kylef wins the day
You are simply out of touch with something. It's okay to not understand things.If you don't understand (objectively) why this pokemon game is a big deal...stop pretending to sound intelligent by putting it down.No GoT tonight. Very sad. @stefdelev the replay I saw had it of kosh. He also irks me as an Arsenal fan. But France had their prayers answered w/ Ronaldo outI'm so happy I could vomit! @stefdelev tbf it did hit kosh's hand first. They didn't score from it tho so it's not like it was the diff maker @stefdelev he was a British ref. What's the saying? "let them play"AND. Portugal only won one game (this means it didn't come down to PKs) this tournament, against Wales. This is an amazing story.What a seismic result. Beating the host country, in the tournament final, without your superstar player. Congrats #PORÉder: 1st goal in a competitive match. 14th goal by a #POR substitute in EURO history, 3 more than any other country
Retweeted by ___ @CharmAndDecay this game...YESSSSSSSSSSS"A pre-gym pint or glass of wine could impair your workout." THANKS, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. is a hero.Well...shitWell that's a relief.A Ronaldo-less #Euro2016Final is not the match I wanted to see.Good for Murray. Lord knows the Brits need something to be proud of these days.
@ShanersMD last year since family was in town and we did a river (booze) cruise and a white party was boarding opposite our boat. Feel ya
@ShanersMD they story behind that picture makes me want to jump into that picture and off the side of that boat