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Watching somebody accidentally fall to their death was not on my list of shit to do this weekend so I'm glad I was able to avoid it. @pearkes Idiocy @pearkes 31 I think. Someone jumped from 28 last year I believe. You'd think the building would've made some sort of change but nahHey @NYPDnews we called you about these two. Sitting on the brick ledge outside the window. Was not a joke. that building now to let them know because wtf.There are two people sitting on the ledge of their skyscraper....
I sent my fiancée this gif yesterday while hammered. 100% chance I will do it again. @delangedotcom @bluser12 I see you @LawOnHighHeels @KellyMcAttack Glad you rectified that. It's one of my all time favoritesThis certainly has been an interesting week. This will be me all weekend. @KellyMcAttack @LawOnHighHeels Why does everything have to be such a travesty with you Walter?Man, now I'm really itchin to see Animal House again @delangedotcom @CarsonSieving Animal House first @polly Unfortunately the only reason to go is that having that piece of paper that says you went is a minimum requi… up a new pair of @Chubbies trunks. Tis the season.Woody Johnson officially named US envoy to UK. We're taking the ineptitude of the Jets GLOBAL WOOOHOOOOO @ShanersMD @polly He didn't even come close to dropping that baby. That catch should go in the Dad HOF
@timothydh Heyoooo onto greener pastures?This is the seminal image of our battle. She’s being arrested for protesting ACA repeal outside McConnell’s office.…
Retweeted by ___Stephen A. Smith is losing his damn mind over Phil Jackson:
Retweeted by ___ @delangedotcom That is fucking badassThis dude looks like the Deal With It dog in human form. @delangedotcom Feel like he was the original hippie. Would not be cool with something this un-chillJFC. are all the times Jian-Yang totally owned Erlich Bachman on @SiliconHBO.
Retweeted by ___Emergency column for the @WSJ: Please Hug a Knicks Fan Today:
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@DavidSchawel @jvposter @ShanersMD @CharmAndDecay Facepalm. It deserves spelling out. @jvposter @ShanersMD @CharmAndDecay 😱😱😱 @jvposter @ShanersMD @CharmAndDecay Are you a real fan?Senate Republicans Are Dodging Questions About The AHCA By Posing As Cavemen In The Smithsonian…
Retweeted by ___the pete "cool dad" carroll effect
Retweeted by ___Man U gotta get some hobbies
Retweeted by ___So badass. Beyond excited. have my attention...
@polly Sounds like you need to invest in one of those tripod scooters kids are using today. It would still get you… @polly They should pin itDoes Mnuchin wear transition lenses?
Heading back to the land of air conditioning. Praise be.
Some kid here is a "IV". Gotta be the most boring family on earth. @delangedotcom @ShanersMD He'll be fine. He's an expert @delangedotcom @ShanersMD How'd you get a pic of Baron?Bezos: "Alexa, buy me something from Whole Foods" Alexa: "Buying Whole Foods" Bezos: Shit
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@NACMtrader17 @pcdunham I am longing for my city which is cool and sub 70 @pcdunham @NACMtrader17 I went to Nola near this time last year. It was quite pleasant @NACMtrader17 I'm currently on a brewery tour and the walk ft from our ride to inside is unbearableIt's so hot here. How do people live in Texas?Wow I go wheels up and Amazon decides to buy Whole Paycheck while I'm in the air.Goodbye beautiful NYC weekend weather. I'm headed to the devil's asscrack (Texas). Pray 4 me.
Who at @nbc signed off on this? Give me that job. I will take millions to detail the ramifications of "optics" @pearkes @EllyHB It's true. It only takes so many 15$ glasses of wine/beer until you've had enough. Anyone who disa… @EllyHB So overratedToday, the day before an extended weekend, is hot garbage. Every damn time. @KellyMcAttack happy birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day
My dad wanted an Xbox. We got him one. So for Father's Day I got him this. cycle: 2017 (have fun sleeping) do love these @polly @EricHazard People abroad know what's up because they have seen how versatile mayo is. A jar of Hellman's of… @polly I read your mayo tweet and immediately started jonesing for a bodega chicken cutlet sando with shredded lett… the shit is happening @ShanersMD @k_ved @ShanersMD Hundo pReally would've been nice to see all this Capitol Hill "coming together" speak after Sandy Hook and other mass shootings.Paul Ryan just got to play President and man he must be hurtingJeez. 10Y chart looking like a cross section of the White Cliffs of Dover. @dschorrnyc @joshh031 @DavidSchawel 🤔 @DavidSchawel Fake news David! Keep your head on a swivel @DavidSchawel Got a link? He's just "shooter" and "suspect" in everything I'm seeingOdds that shooter is a middle-aged white male?
Poached eggs via sous vide: checkCan't believe this is only the beginning of absurdly hot/humid days until SeptemberI've started to look forward to Kamala Harris during these hearings. No bullshitting and straight to the point.Sessions had to be the voice of Foghorn Leghorn back in the day. @KWALRULES That's what I feel like going back to the Midwest. I feel like Pablo Escobar buying rounds "because it's practically free"
@CharmAndDecay @kylef All about that PD sniper that went thru walls in middle school. Shoutout to oddjob slap fights.
Girl on highway driving 85 and looking DIRECTLY at her phone as she's texting. My submission for this year's Darwin award.
@KWALRULES @kylef If you do that, when I'm in town, I'm going for a workout @KWALRULES @kylef What moves are you making?Give me that sweet sweet action.
Defense is a buzz kill anyway