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What time do Americans get to work?
Retweeted by ___The guy from Veep was an infinitely better WH Press Sec.Pats fan who pulled alarm at Steelers hotel told cops, "I’m drunk. I’m stupid. I’m a Pats fan."…
Retweeted by ___Chris Brown is the Donald Trump of music. @k_ved @IvanTheK don't forget about the Clinton Foundation!!!1!11!
Atlanta definitely deserves a spot in the Superbowl. What a season they've had.Rodgers out here salty as a diva WRJulio Jones is a certified beast. That was amazing. @LadyFOHF man, kids can really put a damper on the fun sometimes @LadyFOHF throw it in his face @katearoni2 irony is lost on these peopleThe phrase “alternative fact” is a contradiction. Let’s discourage people from using.
People who capitalize every word belong in a straight jacket. @BappiChainz that’s the perfect wordAthlete Recovery Sleepwear #GMAFB York Governor Andrew Cuomo will expand access to abortions and contraception
Retweeted by ___I think god is praying to an even higher power. @delangedotcom must have been. “Honered”. This mf can’t even spell.Ho-ly shi-TAH Loop. @ShanersMD @k_ved airportgate!
2017 Crown is so good. SOOOO GOOD. @IvanTheK no work no stress all partyInaugural parade sponsored by Florida. @erinscafe I can think of no other product so befitting of that man’s spouseBetsy DeVos may have confused proficiency w/ growth on Tuesday—understanding the two & the importance in ed:…
Retweeted by ___This is important. It’s painful to see people read something on the Internet etc and give it as much weight as the… cut suspended an hour after swearing in. I’d like to say I didn’t see it coming but you gotta expect the unexpected these days.Serious question: I thought separation of church and state was a thing. Why are religious figures here at all? @DavidSchawel *whisper* and he takes the podium, as so many of the greats before him…to deliver…the speech of a lifetime @DavidSchawel if only Jim Nantz were covering this…The CBS inaug coverage is reminiscent of their golf coverage
.@ErnestMoniz unveiling @ErnestMoniz
Retweeted by ___This group of people looks…homogeneous… is a little awkward here… though, Woody Johnson. The man is almost 70 years old and chooses to go by Woody. Which is one way to reference a boner.. @LimeyN nothing is a safe bet these daysA Brief History Of Delmonico's, New York City's First Restaurant
Retweeted by ___Donald Trump has appointed the #Jets owner to a key ambassadorship because why not
Retweeted by ___May is gonna have a field day making those deals with the US. Just look at the way the Jets have been managed. She’… Johnson as UK ambassador. England…prepare for ineptitude like nothing you have ever seen before. Sincerely, a Jets fan. @k_ved now there’s an idea @k_ved unfortunately, it’s emblazoned with CCAR on the front. So…it’s been relegated to ‘apartment vest’ statusArrived from vacation to find a free vest sitting on my desk. Christmas in January.This is a good read from @ryanlcooper
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Bloomberg TV just aired a doomsday prepper-targeted ad (non-perishable 72hr survival food kit). If that doesn’t say it all…Hashtag GREATNESS @Trader88EMP @Parker9_ it was like watching someone answer a T/F question by writing in and choosing TBDThis is so painful it goes past schadenfreude
Back in the states, feels so good. Feels even better having the buffer day tm.Friendship ended with WESTERN WORLD Now XI is my best friend
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@IvanTheK an arrogance filter may be easier to implement. I would love eitherAYFKM. Chopping the seed with a knife like you’re a michelin star chef is the best part.
Wish the Cowboys had the personnel to run on 2nd-and-1.
Retweeted by ___Dallas gonna Dallas.Watching Packers Cowboys in London is great. Whenever Joe Buck goes on a tangent they cut to Brit commentary on the game.
King Henry VIII’s (really) old haunts.
British-kamber: engage.
2hr 20min flight delay got me like @ShanersMD okay guy then don’t complain when an unmanned kiosk takes your job in 2y alright?Checking baggage at the airport. The number of people working here is something like 25% of what it was 5 years ago.Here’s what I believe will be the driving topic of the 2020 elections, if we’re all still here:
Retweeted by ___ @ShanersMD 👀 on that dachshund favDonald Trump Says That From Now On, If He Tries To Access His Businesses, A Chip In Mike Pence’s Skull Will Detonat…
Retweeted by ___"I'm just so astonished to hear people outwardly ridicule the office of the president and it's current occupant." -…
Retweeted by ___You are not alone. If my fiancée didn’t love dogs, I’d still probably wonder what the hell a dachshund was how quickly I can get things done when I’m dead set on leaving early vs having all day to do the same stuff.We created 2mm jobs in the US that all pay like shit!Curious what the measure of success will be for all these jobs created in America will be. quantity over quality (read: competitive wages?)
@k_ved @ShanersMD group outingWill be trying. Not ashamed cc @k_ved @ShanersMD me (wrt America). pray that DJT accuses @ClickHole of being fake news. That is the day my soul will be complete. is like telling someone interviewing you that you don’t know the answer to a q and will get back to them. can’t get over how brutal that presser was. @KellyMcAttack I highly discourage itEnvisioning a Fannie and Freddie Endgame via @WSJ
Retweeted by ___I gotta say, a dance remix of ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ was very low on my list of songs I expected to hear in the gym.