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Blackhawks fan thinks the team should re-play the Preds. That’s like asking the Cubs to re-play the World Series.
Retweeted by ___It's time.
Retweeted by ___ @polly @dfledderjohn We are quickly approaching the pharma industry's very own version of the financial crisis+backlash
New @FannieMae cash-out refi program to break through student loan roadblock & spur homeownership @swheelerHW
Retweeted by ___If an extra bag of chips fell out of a vending machine Obama stood in front of these people would still flip out. @k_ved @ShanersMD @delangedotcom @k_ved No such thing as too much cuban nosh @k_ved Sophie's! @erinscafe *curb your enthusiasm theme plays in the background*A GOP lawmaker has been exposed as the founder of #Reddit's misogynist 'Red Pill' forum
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War with North Korea could mean a refugee crisis no one is ready for
Retweeted by ___Someone who understands me., you've got the very wrong number.
Caps v Pens. Never gets old.Ecstatic we won't have to deal with postseason Bruins fans. @ShanersMD That was bananasMarcelo has been ridiculous this match. @ShanersMD Love this @ShanersMD That was textbook red card stuff. Left the ground and drop kicked Messi's legs with the spikes @ShanersMD Red card. There is only one.What is football without Ray HudsonSergio Ramos hugging Sergio Garcia is worlds colliding.Haribo gummy bears....... No.
This spurs game is pretty good tooRAANGERRRRSSSSSSSSHoly Zucc what a goal.That Willan free
@delangedotcom Gronk should aim for press sec after he retires from the NFL. Gronkspike the mic to close out. @delangedotcom My bad. I agree. But you can't deny that it gets the word around FAST @delangedotcom Mr high and mighty with your punctuated tweets. I see you @k_ved Uhh... Don, you got a second?What in fresh fkDid Trump just say that Dodd-Frank led to MORE risk taking?Replying to someone with a last name that is also a very common first name...keeps you on your toes @k_ved People might put you in a deathhug in an attempt to get the juice out. Keep your head on a swivelFully support using his family to highlight how moronic he is. Fuck that guy.Savage: "Hawaii is, in fact, an island in the Pacific — a beautiful one where the Attorney General's granddaughter… @k_ved Welcome to the club broGood tweet“It’s so amazing, you can hardly believe it’s true." On the secrets told by pickled corpses: via @SmithsonianMag
Retweeted by ___A little late to this but: blolckhawks
@KWALRULES That "CE0" is silicon valley jesus. Crucified for all of SV's transgressions @largecaptrader1 Brookfield?The No. 1 fitness site on YouTube built an empire by charging $0 for home workouts: via @WSJ
Retweeted by ___ @EricHazard @ShanersMD @nicolatheron @polly It really apeels to his inner dad @ShanersMD @EricHazard @nicolatheron @polly Classic Shaners bait @LimeyN Same. Never understood people who didn't think about the words they were saying
Even the official god damn Pats account is on this. @delangedotcom @MLHS_Mike I hope they become the new this @delangedotcom I know I actually was reminded of it a few days ago. But rubbing that in a Leafs fan's face feels li… @delangedotcom Yeah if there's been any team in any year, this year's Leafs feel like the oneThis is...not looking good for the Leafs @ShanersMD Good call. This game is great so farSo 13mm was just paid out to people because they were feeling generous? @ShanersMD I was leaning that way. Gotta figure out the old PiP modeTorn between which game to watch tonight. The probably going into OT TOR-WSH or the contentious as all hell BOS-OTT
@HacksawsCrease @k_ved Accurate *inhales from oxygen tank*#BLUESHIRTS TAKE GAME 4, 2-1!! SERIES EVEN 2-2!!
Retweeted by ___YESSSSCross check to the face, no penalty. Pure caca.Wow a NY Cosmos ad. Throwback. @ShanersMD @k_ved @kylef @KWALRULES @BromonaTheBrave @kylef @ShanersMD @k_ved @BromonaTheBrave @KWALRULES Yessir @ShanersMD @k_ved @kylef @BromonaTheBrave @KWALRULES Didn't Hawks fans boo their own team this series?LET'S GO RANGERS @IvanTheK I keep getting robocalls (full stop) @polly All brain capacity is diverted to mapping the quickest route to the last BR you passed @k_ved @KWALRULES @dfledderjohn That's helpful thanks boyz @dfledderjohn @KWALRULES have a good introductory track list for Migos? I'm curious but have no idea where to start.
Retweeted by ___I can't say I'm surprised by this
Wow. This is a big vulnerability. Chrome and Firefox Phishing Attack Uses Domains Identical to Known Safe Sites
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This is weirdly enjoyable
Zoom in on the screen NASHTY @Vox_Magoo If you ever get a chance to go back and golf, hit Hyderabad. Make it happen! @Vox_Magoo It was more commiserating then a legit q. I have my oci from there and I lament using it. Where you headed?