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"crushing people's spirits" kid from this Mississippi chess story on 60 minutes is my dude.
Wish I could be on the golf course but have to work - must be nice to be President
Retweeted by ___Coast to coast buzzer beater. There's nothing better than this at any level in basketball. shot HOLY CRAP #uf @ShanersMD you have a real brown dude backer
I looked up 'craven' in the dictionary and it was just this handle: @SpeakerRyan @BigInTheShire @ShanersMD maybe he'll pick one up at the drive thru @BigInTheShire @ShanersMD that is amazing @ShanersMD like ya momma always said, if you spent as much effort on (thing) as you do complaining, maybe you'd get (thing) doneSo glorious A FIGHTER. SUCH TENACITY.
Retweeted by ___This is so satisfying on a human lvl. Someone incessantly complains about something. Finally gets opp to present an alternative. Faceplants.I guess the art of the deal was bitching and moaning until the other side gave you what you wanted to shut you up. Doesn't work in govt bud.Me getting through today. train derails at New York's Penn Station, no word on injuries
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@dfledderjohn nice reference
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Retweeted by ___🔥🔥🔥 look like Republicans have it all under control. NOT @polly you prepping for nuclear holocaust?JUST IN: Senate votes to repeal web privacy rules, allowing broadband providers to sell customer data w/o consent including browsing history
Retweeted by ___ @IvanTheK MA404AAmerican politicians have a lot to learn from the way in which their British counterparts have responded with calm resolve to terrorism.
Retweeted by ___Where insurance morphs into 'slowly giving away my money for nothing in return'
We also had a terrorist attack in the U.S. today.
Retweeted by ___This is so insane it looks like a joke. Shield: ENGAGE.
The quadfecta. It happened again. If you know, you know.We're so fucking fucked
Retweeted by ___The old Tuesday night food bender. Been a while, my friend. @joshh031 #worthitFBI Calls For Increased Surveillance Powers To Keep Pace With Evolving Threat Of Presidential Administrations…
Retweeted by ___I'M GONNA COME AFTER YOU!! #PresidentSupervillain
Retweeted by ___ @polly these are people who use the term "adulting". It's annoying.Who in his position wouldn't promise that? by the guy who allegedly put his member in a pig's mouth. It doesn't get much worse than that.
@delangedotcom Idk how old a third grader usually is but I believe I was right around there @delangedotcom this could go either way. I would consider the age I first received glasses as objectively youngRefreshed the specs. A much needed update from the 15 year old frames I've been rocking (at home) @ShanersMD still have to be insaneWhy are people wearing Canada Goose jackets today? You have you be insane. @kylef @LadyFOHF "hi" @kylef @LadyFOHF that movie was phenomenalRightly so, this thing is monstrous.
@k_ved one of those instances where waiting for the movie is more efficient @k_ved considering it's 8 better get startedShaq is a flat-Earther, too I’m speechless I love this NBA narrative so much
Retweeted by ___Details of my detention by Customs and Border Patrol @CustomsBorder
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Retweeted by ___villaNOvaJust played Time Crisis 4 with fiancée. This is the truest test of love.WE ARE GETTING ALONG GREAT! #PresidentSupervillain
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Retweeted by ___Everyone In Middle East Given Own Country In 317,000,000-State Solution
Retweeted by ___16 days until #themasters and the chance for hole-in-one heroics on No. 16, Redbud. #cominginapril
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Come On Eileen is the strangest song to have as a 'clan get turnt' anthem.USC...WHOAThis Ojeleye kid is good at basketball. @LimeyN wow he really turns into a big bowl of applesauce when he's not in the safety of one of his rallies @Goodbushel parenting win. Just wait until you can get real ones
.@POTUS wants to cut funding to PBS, so let's remember all the times @SesameStreet totally roasted him…
Retweeted by ___How has this dude made it to adulthood?
Am I right? Carroll robber baron gif, animated. a ". I'm just like the president kind of.Suddenly this "living in a simulation hypothesis seems much more plausible. @k_ved @dfledderjohn I can retire and live out my dream as male gold digger this way. You have my full supportWaiting to see the @k_ved reaction to this less than stellar review. @kylef @polly that would kill in Williamsburg @kylef @polly you need to take advantage of the 'devastatingly handsome' piece. Employment status isn't a showstopper @kylef @polly you definitely moving? If you do and end up downtown then it's gonna get turnt @polly I support your research initiative tho @polly the difference is essentially a rounding error @polly right here dudeTravel reading acquired. I couldn't sounded way too interesting. curious and looking for an explainer: How does one federal judge put the kibosh on an Executive Order? Bannon's story about how the ruling elite ruined his dad is in fact about how cable TV news makes old white m…
Retweeted by ___2/3 ain't bad