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@polly I've gotten a couple from BBG reps and such and man, you guys have optionsTip for white people: when saying an Indian person's name, 99% of the time the 'a' in their name is pronounced as 'uh'I love the cold and I stand by it. Even with these temps. Scientists detect gravitational waves for first time, confirming Einstein's theory
Retweeted by ___Depends on a couple of factors... |
Big fan of the MBS Day Ahead daily | by IT: a banking story
@polly what a load of hogwashLooking to get into eSports as well as leverage Twitch. Killah didn't start this feud with pharmavillain Martin Shkreli, but he's going to end it.
Retweeted by ___Microsoft's acquisition of SwiftKey is a good purchase
Deutsche Bank CDS approaching that of UniCredit:(Italian bank) -
Retweeted by ___There is a person to blame here: Dad, who left a loaded gun lying around the house with small kids.
Retweeted by ___Chris Martin looked like he was the guy kicked out of the group trying to get back in for the picture. that Beyoncé song found a chorus yet
Retweeted by ___Coldplay: the second time a small group of white guys with British accents took advantage of IndiansSome guy was at a standstill in front of the bathrooms and asked me what "WC" was before opening any of the doors. I hate people.Wearing ur teams gear during the #SuperBowl when they arent playing is like wearing a wedding dress to a wedding that is not yours #dontdoit
Retweeted by ___ @BootymanNYC he wrote something down when we mentioned it so I'm hoping for a SB miracleHigh intensity interval circuit training complete. Beer me.
when you get in line at taco bell but youre high af
Retweeted by ___Here's that botched #GOPDebate introduction in all its glory
Retweeted by ___Black market baby part prices skyrocketingBen Carson blinks like he has to remind himself to do so and does extra long ones just in case he forgot.The debate *entrances* are a disaster. This is going to be incredible.Jeeeeesus. Do these people leave firearms around their homes like empty beer cans? @BootymanNYC @ShanersMD hotter than I expected. But that place does bring respectable heat on the reg @ShanersMD @BootymanNYC also got this for lunch. Awesome @KWALRULES @BootymanNYC @k_ved it happened. No limes. @k_ved those are always a good ideaThat well tequila shot might not have been the best idea.
More importantly, is a "Superbowl commercial" really a Superbowl commercial if you're watching it b4..the Superbowl? @LadyFOHF I used to run some of those zohar bonds thru fair value analysis and LOL @BootymanNYC @ShanersMD you throw some of their hot kimchi on that thing? @ShanersMD @BootymanNYC the game hath changedDesk Dumplings. Chinese new year is my jam. Costanza | @BootymanNYC he doesn't need to worry about added sugar, he's yoked @BootymanNYC hulk is a sports fanCCAR definitions out. Goodbye world. | Stock Exchange says it's being sold to China-led group. More Trump fodder...You have to see Europe's first underwater art museum via @mymodernmet
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@ShanersMD Richter is GOAT. Apologies @HLundqvist30...Anyone who supports Bernie for prez does not understand the real world (aka: their privilege)Chiner (read: china, sub a for 'er') @lastbadasstion twitter polls are not on your level, no worries @lastbadasstion you didn't have my true choice as a vote: trade the m&ms for another snickers @lastbadasstion this is the best just of Twitter polls I've seen to date"So sorry" -Actually sorry "Sorry about that" -Not really sorry "Sorry you feel that way" -Not sorry at all "Sorry, but" -Apologise to me
Retweeted by ___It is time for a cocktail(s) @BootymanNYC yessir. Get yourself a chicken sando next time you're by the ShackIf you want to be elected POTUS, just promise this.'m a bad bad man look into Shkreli hearing | @ShanersMD go get em today. Make Hank proud @kylef @georgepearkes some of the replies to his latest are almost as hilarious as the entire situationSuperbowl commercials will finally see some variety. |
@ShanersMD @kylef you rang?Crying Jordan, you'll never be the same... summers have evolved into something epic since I've pulled the trigger on @Chubbies. @k_ved without a doubt the topVardy and Leicester have to be sports story of the decade @IvanTheK ready capitulation in the workplace sounds like this: "that's above my pay grade"
@KWALRULES heroWhen you're flush with cash this must be what you spend it on... @ShanersMD I saw this coming deep down in my cold, dead soulGetting my high society on with lobster bisque for lunch. @KWALRULES @k_ved @racheldiane @CharmAndDecay chicken shacks all around. Chased with JBs of course @k_ved you definitely just found a rival to the Sophie's lunchtime food coma. God speed @TheNewYorkDoll @BlondePerignon BPM is the only reason I miss driving @BlondePerignon when I had a car, I would only listen to 2. Amazing the premium you pay for a handful of stations that you really likeParty like it's 2005: "Liar loans" are on the rise again
Retweeted by ___He is Satan.
@FoxyQuant @largecaptrader1 YESSSSSS CONGRATULATIONS @polly this is a move I did not see coming. Congratulations! Many drinks are in orderProductivity just took a nosedive. | you’ve heard it all about cheating in sports? A cyclist got caught with a concealed motor over the weekend.
Retweeted by ___Damn shame, if true. Lots of fun to watch.
@KWALRULES big lebowski every time I hear that. Without failHow has a 124-year-old bathhouse survived in NYC's East Village? The secret of the shvitz:
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@polly the original Das Boot. That man was an American hero
When Chris Christie burns you this hard, you know you are garbage. just seeing Japan adopting negative rates. Huuuge
CCAR stress testing season is officially open #baiNo, REALLY: "The bank I would like to run at the moment is Wells Fargo"
Retweeted by ___ @ShanersMD @k_ved it can't be anything elseOracle is finally killing, Java. Rest in hell, Java.
Retweeted by ___The Clintons are Wall Street
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@ShanersMD @AllisonCain_ @polly that's what I was thinking. The lit up portions look the same but, you know...gradientsThat is #respect the elevator with someone chewing their gum like a cow does grass. I think that's the angriest I've been in a few weeks. @BootymanNYC game changer
The Japanese government is sick of subpar sushi. Here's how it's taking action:
Retweeted by ___Done in record time. Like a boss.Donating blood so my karmic bank account will be flush for 2016I believe it's the pickup on the hype that she "lost 26lbs and had bread every day" @TBrodes Those people are awful. Sign your name in reply and highlight it yellow+bold it. @IvanTheK he did say himself that he could murder someone and his supporters would still have his back. I think that says it all
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