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Ryan Glushkoff @NoMoreGuff Charleston, SC

Husband, dad, engineer and expert in #pricing and #marketing of #B2B #SaaS #technology #products and #services. More:

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@danpfeiffer Say it ain’t so joe
This week in #chstech: PhishLabs raises, Proterra goes for the long haul, CofC CS gets kudos + new SCRA companies
Retweeted by Ryan Glushkoff @jonfavs @crookedmedia @brhodes @PreetBharara @deray I think I heard Leo speak in this episode?? @chswx Amen! @HolyCitySinner Plus, You don’t signal roads like that for a trial. Also one month isn’t long enough for people to settle into new patterns. @HolyCitySinner It’s way better for foot traffic, retailers including those with bowling alleys, will benefit from… hope ice cream is on the menu for Trump's frosty lunch with McConnell. @HolyCitySinner All change takes time to absorb. People will adapt.
This is a real product. is the link: that GE commercial was totally awesome. #snf @crookedmedia What percentage of the replies do you think are written by him personally versus his team?
Is that... is that the Fanta of the Opera?
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@RosLehtinen @POTUS So what are you going to DO about it?.@Budda03 has a unique skill set for an NFL RB: Irish dancing How it helps his footwork & makes him an inspiration:…
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Mattis draws laughter explaining his call sign 'Chaos' is what power does to some people. The same people who are in control of our country. #SAD, the world has changing. CBS is calling the #TNF game, but I purposefully went to Amazon to watch it. #Marketing @TVietor08 really liked your lates one btw on pod save the world.These are all good and you should listen to them. is one of the U.S’s hotspots for high-growth entrepreneurs, according to @TheEconomist #chstech
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffDON'T WASTE PIZZA! => Owners of 'Breaking Bad' house put up six-foot fence to stop people from throwing pizzas - @jonfavs But of course, it has no impact on the democratic process. Right? RIGHT? @brhodes and possibly a real war with North Korea.
Oh dear.
Retweeted by Ryan Glushkoff @jonlovett RE: your comment on Stephen Miller, this classic from Good Morning Vietnam says it all! the @PodSaveAmerica to Charleston, SC!
University Of Hawaii Sends Email: ‘In Event Of Nuclear Attack’ Students, Staff To ‘Shelter In Place’ good #SaaS numbers and benchmarks in here #pricing #marketing @scottskramer @rianjohnson @VanityFair Go back even further - Yoda to Luke in ROTJ: "When gone I am, the last of th…
Retweeted by Ryan Glushkoff @rianjohnson @VanityFair I wish this was revealed a long time ago...Oh wait...
Retweeted by Ryan Glushkoff @VanityFair It’s Luke.
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffNetflix subscribers, get ready for a rise in prices | Mashable #Pricing #PricingStrategy #NetflixPrices
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffSo... which of you pods are going to run for office? @danpfeiffer @jonfavs @jonlovett @TVietor08Hey @FLOTUS, how’s your campaign to end cyber bullying coming along? yesterday’s @LastWeekTonight, John Oliver talked about Confederate Momuments. He offered up @StephenAtHome to replace the Calhoun statue
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffWhy is there no mental fitness test to run for president? Asking for 324 million friends. #wtf
Retweeted by Ryan Glushkoff @jonfavs @danpfeiffer It’s a bubble of sanity.
It’s concerning that @NBCSports had graphics of human bones and body parts ready to go on #snf #SundayNightFootballThe statement implies that the information was “new”. You mean to tell me that the board was not aware? Give me a b… Netflix choose the perfect time for a price increase? | #Pricing |
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffThe fact that @VP doesn’t even know why they are kneeling is exactly what is wrong with this administration. Decisi…
Sir: you are a hypocrite. And wouldn’t know abuse if it hit you in the face.
Jim Nantz - Let’s make it four somebody!So what does #marketing #CustomerExperience #CustomerSuccess think about this?
@billsquire @AdamRCahill For comparison: Colin Kaepernick 29-years-old Record: 28-30 TD/INT: 72/30 Brandon Weede…
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Yeah it might be the end of gun violence and mass shootings. That would be a terrible thing indeed. in motion before brain in gear.
It’s so fucked-up that much of America fights AGAINST universal healthcare and FOR universal gun ownership. #GunControlNow #VegasStrong
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffI'm not sure if Tom Petty is dead, but I'm absolutely sure journalism is.
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffHow magnanimous of his royal highness! @TMZ, aka certified psychologist! #not"If you like to force-social climb, then trade shows and conferences are for you!" ~heard on a podcast. True! #marketingSure #prayforvegas is good, but how about some common sense gun control. I’m tired of thoughts and prayers. Time for action.
'Ready to have some popcorn and chill': Bears caught relaxing at northern Manitoba dump
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffThanks for being so supportive! #NotMyPresident
You didn’t accomplish anything and you know it deep down. only Trump would follow Price’s lead...Thank the Lawd that idiot Price has resigned in disgrace! @jonlovett Are you really that surprised?
Good Lord Almighty (!!!!) => E.P.A. to Spend Nearly $25,000 on a Soundproof Booth for Pruitt
@chswx Not global warming related. Nothing to see here folks.Is it just me or is the @PodSaveAmerica theme song a Tetris-cized version of the Top Gun theme? @iRobot DoneZut alors! => Uber Says It Will Leave Quebec Rather Than Face New Rules - @brhodes Just when you thought he was just a cook, he is actually much much more
@iRobot hi, my roomba sometimes stops for no apparent reason (nothing caught or blocking). Do you know what reason that could be?A vélo ou sur le terrain, il est inarrêtable 🔥 👏 Bravo Kamel
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffYes... having everyone covered without the worry of people incurring life crippling debt would indeed suck! news for insurance brokers. Bad news for ben admin system vendors. #HR #HRTech sad side of the labor shortage story from @thadmoore
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Meanwhile, POTUS is worried about whether athletes are kneeling during the national anthem or not... look forward to the future when we abandon money, explore the galaxy, and the TV show about it isn't behind a pay wall #StarTrekDiscovery
Retweeted by Ryan Glushkoff @Scaper4 @hanko9 Word. @0x01A5 Except you have to pay extra to get it!
I get that CBS wants to get subscribers on All Access but using a brand like Star Trek to do it was a poor decision. #StarTrekDiscovery#StarTrekDiscovery#StarTrekDiscovery