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Ryan Glushkoff @NoMoreGuff Charleston, SC

🇨🇦🇺🇸🇪🇺 Husband, dad, engineer, expert in #pricing and #marketing of #B2B #SaaS #technology. Aspiring martial artist🥋, Lover of #space cuz Earth is gettin' crazy

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this is the best offside trap in history. #JPNSEN
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffCongrats to Saudi Arabia for being the last country on the PLANET to let women drive. <sigh>“Should I buy bacon?” #dumbquestions
@PressSec @POTUS Good, you deserve it. You’re not welcome in my home, my business, or my locale. Your actions have consequences.
I agree. It levels the field of competition. cyanobacteria help to terraform mars?
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Children IN CUSTODY get 2 phone calls per week for 10 minutes each? ARE YOU KIDDING ME AMERICA? IS THIS WHO YOU WANT TO BE?Cc: @mikiebarb's Curiosity rover takes stunning selfie during massive dust storm on Mars go @united. Well done! Not all profits are profits worth making. Thank you for being an adult in room. example of Trump creating his network of oligarchs , just like Putin did in Russia. How come we’re not f… This is a really good thing that Uber is doing. Sure it’s good PR, but it’s good PR that shows the world wha…
Cops: Man attempts to speed away from Charleston police officers while car is in park => @Iamjohnoliver! => China's largest social network has blocked all mentions of John Oliver after the talk-s… @nycsouthpaw I wish #unfuckthissituation would start trending because its a perfect way to describe how fucked up this situation is.I don't watch your show @maddow, but please don't apologize for being a normal human being and showing some emotion… @pizzawatts I’d have an American flag proudly flying front of my home for July 4. But not this year. Sorry.Nice gesture, but let $$ do the talking for you. Are you going to work to get Trump out of office? cost of separating kids from their parents and housing them in Trump's tent cities is $775 per child per night.…
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffUsing data from @iflyCHS, June 2018 is running much warmer than 2017. We’ve already had 11 90°+ days this June vs.…
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffMe when plans get cancelled. #AliouCisse #WorldCup
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffHey @TODAYshow how about interviewing some evangelicals that are not old white man? Come on... put your back into it!Of note - the Charleston City Council approved the resolution to apologize for its role in slavery on #Juneteenth,…
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffTransformative social policy indeed - go CANADA! => Canada's Legislature Votes To Legalize Marijuana; Sales Will Be… @nikkihaley I can’t believe the USA is pulling out of the U.N. Human Rights Council. What a mistake! We are a wor…
This is why we can’t have nice things. How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Count…’ll believe it when I see it. The Republicans @GOP has become nothing more than old white Trump yes men who don’… people never get to make grand entrances.Cool, but a wee bit scary... left a pair of my running shoes that I bought in the US at my parents house in Canada. So what does that make me?Disney tests #pricing power at theme parks, I know someone else who has "advocated for communism and political violence, and expressed support and sympat… the irony... => Kris Kobach ordered to attend legal classes for violating basic legal concepts via @thinkprogressThe Yankees and Nationals are finishing up a suspended game from May 15 Juan Soto just homered to put the National…
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffThis is Wilbur Ross' signature, on a form in which he falsely said he had "completed all of the divestitures indica…
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffUh... the creation of the #SpaceForce means that the Pentagon is no longer an accurate depiction of the US Military…'m rooting for Elon & Tesla to succeed!=> Elon Musk sends company email about 'extensive and damaging sabotage' by…
I hereby nominate President Donald J. Trump to have the first one-way ticket to space as part of the #spaceforce.…
Dear PGA Tour Professionals: Stop whining about how tough the #usopen is playing. You’re all playing the same cour… Phil at the #USOpen, I was always taught that the rules exist to help the player. Phil did just that. #golf
I want to know more about the Hublot clock dude at the World Cup... what’s his story?Passed an accident on the bridge... a woman was lying on the road outside her car... #chsrfc
Supermassive black hole swallows star, lights up galaxy core #spaceIf they would plow, salt and/or sand instead of just letting the temperature melt the snow, that would be an improv… bet it’s Banksky himself
Wait, Paul Ryan has ⚽️ 🏀 🏈? @robcordero Fair point and I get that, but it’s a big government with lots of resources and smart people. Plus ther… @jonfavs I’d love to believe that and it sounds AWESOME, but why wasn’t that done when the democrats had control of…'m Canadian - which means I'm polite, I'm reasonable, but I will not be pushed around. #Canada #IAmCanadianWhy Justin Trudeau Is Able to Stand Up to Donald Trump vs Animal
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@HolyCitySinner No, I don’t think it had an effect. Sanford was a terrible governor and congressman and I’m glad he’s gone. @chswx Yes, the check valves work great (so far). Now, if they could make the streets drain faster after a major rain event...It is strangely therapeutic watching this robot all alone on another planet just doing its thing. press is insisting that Sanford's defeat is due to Trump. Maybe, just maybe, its the fact that he is a terrible…
So this is "The Art of the Deal"? is the big day, South Carolina! Election Day! Let’s spread the word far and wide! Help me get 1,000 retwee…
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffDone! to Charleston: The Town where driving speed is proportional to rainfall. voted today in the SC primary. As I was checking, the Poll Manager asked me for my driver's license and the natio… Kudlow, who just finished insulting an ally and world leader on national television for refusing to be pushed…
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@ChrisMurphyCT You're the Senator. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.I deleted Facebook, am happy about it, and haven't looked back.Trudeau: "I’ve been called worse things by better people." = > #gocanadaSo true. I revealed KONSTANTIN KILIMNIK's ties to Russian intel & centrality in MANFORT's operation TWO YEARS AGO,…
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffThe thing is, I was at the @JustinTrudeau news conference, and he went out of his way to try to downplay tensions.…
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If I ever own a racehorse, I am going to name him “Russian Collusion”.Sure, Gronk must love that he has his own racehorse that finished second at the #BelmontStakes, but he screwed up s… horse betting world just got #gronked #. #BelmontStakesThis is a metaphorical snapshot of today’s geopolitical state., big shoutout to the girl that had her juggs dumped onto the glass while Ovi was carrying the Cup. Kuznetsov i…
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffCount me in for #FirstMan @Matrixity Cc: @MikeSeekings
That’s a classic. The barriers are up but the consequences are down. @NWSCharlestonSC Is that more than any of the hurricanes??? That’s amazingHeavy rain continues over downtown Charleston. Use caution if driving and do not drive around barricades. #chswx
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffDowntown Charleston is up to 2.60" for the day which will be a new daily record, surpassing the old record of 2.18"…
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