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Ryan Glushkoff @NoMoreGuff Charleston, SC

Husband, dad, engineer and expert in #pricing and #marketing of #B2B #SaaS #technology #products and #services. More:

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Dude... this is cool. Astronomers Want To Know: Does This Interstellar Visitor Have A Message For Us? #spacePerhaps there is a grownup in the Trump Administration after all? => Tillerson, in new overture to North Korea, say… personal world is such a better place when new normal. Alabama, please don’t be the state that elects that a molester of children and abuser of women to the United S…
Newer, larger Carnival Sunshine to call Charleston home beginning in 2019 via @postandcourierNothing to see here. It’s just December and there is no such thing as #climatechange. Trump should resign over these NINETEEN credible sexual assault allegations, and no elected Democrat should…
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffThat #TNF ending to the half was nucking futs.⚡️ “The first full Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer is here” - AND ITS DUMB!'d like see more #NFL players do a karate kempo or combination when they score a touchdown.Are they STILL making Jurassic Park movies? I thought Spielberg would have the sense to move on by now.More of this. More of this.
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffI hope their vendor agreement was fixed price for the stadium! @danpfeiffer could you guys post a @PodSaveAmerica ringtone? The version at the live events is best, seems more upb… is nuts.
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffBreaking news: @nytimes now has more than 3.5 million paid subscriptions and more than 130 million monthly readers,…
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffGood riddance!
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffWATCH: This man pulled over on a California highway and rescued a rabbit from the LA wildfires…
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffTravel trailer impaled by log after falling from 18-wheeler
Trump just added even more polarity to an already highly polarized region, and for what? To start a war? To please…’m shocked he’s running again... story! @realDonaldTrump on your role in helping this year’s TIME Person of the Year! They couldn’t have done it w…
I don’t get the rationale for doing this now and doing this at all. world's largest Starbucks is set to open Wednesday in Shanghai. The store has more than 400 employees and can s…
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffSo John Conyers is leaving Congress b/c of abuse, yet the Republicans are trying to get a child molester into the Senate? That is messed up.WORTH EVERY PENNY! => Mueller probe's expenses totaled $6.7M in early months - we are cooking with gas!
Awesome!'t it be awesome if Trump's Twitter got him impeached?
Coincidentally, 71% of Alabama Republicans believe being a sexual predator is ok too. Funny how that works. ⚡️ “Pol… 1 probe fires long-dormant thrusters in interstellar space -’m mad. And this should make you mad too. comforting. President benefitted from a foreign power’s intervention in our election. Then, his team secretly conspired wit…
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffCongrats to UCF. Only unbeaten team in the country. Now sit back and enjoy watching the College Football Playoff!
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffHere here. Two thumbs up for the @FBI - keep up the good work to enforce our laws and keep us safe. kid “snack”. #howdadgetskidstoeatwell
Long one, but really good explanation of how Trump is in deep 💩
You don’t say? Did the infestation start at January 20, 2017 by chance?
Who knew that Newsweek was still a thing?
This is out of a James Bond movie. all the women out there who are standing up and speaking up, power to you and the #MeToo campaign.This is messed up. @jonlovett And he is the President of Our United States. How fucked up is that?#whypublicradio I gave a recurring gift to @NPR in South Carolina because they generate high quality, unbiased, obj… @realDonaldTrump When will you be fired for your admitted inappropriate behavior which was caught on tape? You’re a…
McConnell is a liar. Always has been. Always will be. @scegnews, just got an email from you "Give Yourself the Gift of Energy Savings". Instead, how about you give m…
@zynga lightening round in wwf. Cool idea but it doesn’t work. Freezes up constantly. Frustrating to play.
Why S.C. preservationists are trying to keep a key tax break via @postandcourier
Alabama really played 3-on-5 vs. Minnesota after their entire bench got ejected for fighting…and they only lost by…
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Canadian Football’s Big Steps to Reduce Hits, a Contrast to the @NFL
@Jennife25483821 @realDonaldTrump Trump owned a football team USFL NJ Generals, he bankrupted team AND entire leagu…
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Former broker: About half of the units I sold at the Trump Ocean Club were to Russians. The project was “a vehicl…
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffThe only explanation for Kushner’s continued lying is that he has something to hide that carries a greater penalty…
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffSo long to the SQL... but hello to the PQL? #marketing #demandgen #pricing a hypocrit! people with no soul , stop shooting Elephants
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffYou really have to be a special kind of human garbage to lift a ban on elephant trophy hunting.
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This. @StephenAtHome. From a fellow Charlestonian. @buzztronics Congrats! @buzztronics epic comeback!! Amazing amazing amazing amazing!! You are th champion of the #jeopardy universe!217 skydivers set the world record for formation skydive, jumping from an altitude of 19,000 feet over an Arizona t…
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I don’t like it report: Low-income Americans will pay more taxes under Senate GOP tax bill
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffCan #TNF just show normal camera angles please? I’m getting dizzy and it’s not the beer.I’m rooting for Buzzy Cohen!!! #Jeopardy
This is the ultimate regift.’s ok. People make mistakes and people can forgive. That’s what this country should still be about. I still don…
Well done Australia!!! have fifteen of my hard earned dollars. Go get em @CAH! FAQs should be exactly the @CAH holiday gift FAQs
Retweeted by Ryan GlushkoffThe FAQ on this is well done. blows my mind that a couple SC utilities wasted more money on a failed #nuclear plant that will never generat…
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