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Senior Software Engineer @Apple , @netty_project Lead, #swiftnio, @TheASF, Author #Netty in Action @manningbooks, Apache #Cassandra MVP, @Java_Champions

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@buchgr @CarlMastrangelo @Google You bet 👍🔥 @CarlMastrangelo @Google I know I know... Maybe they could help to make this happen by contribute to the new API ;)Today I learned that uses #netty... Very cool to see multiple @Google projects using #netty
Retweeted by Norman MaurerReconsidering my life-choices after thinking about writing a #maven and #gradle plugin that will make it a easier t… I learned that uses #netty... Very cool to see multiple @Google projects using #netty
Is there an app which allows me@to keep Apple Music and Spotify playlists in sync . I know there is @SongShift but… @ashleymcnamara Oh my.... what a mess. 😭 @devonbl Will send an iCal 👍 @devonbl time -> him ... fat fingers it seems @devonbl haha nope ;) But in 4 weeks I will be .... @devonbl Mission for next week: Teach time the difference ;)Today I was able to create my first PR against @ApacheSpark to improve performance by eliminate memory copies (whil…
Retweeted by Norman MaurerIm Track "Serverside & Enterprise #Java” stehen aktuelle Entwicklungen und #Frameworks, sowie Praxiserfahrungen mit…
Retweeted by Norman MaurerOur paper: "Exploiting High-Performance Heterogeneous Hardware for Java Programs using Graal" has been accepted in…
Retweeted by Norman MaurerAnyone ? program details have been announced! Check out our website for more details on the amazing lineup of speakers a…
Retweeted by Norman Maurer @bobmcwhirter Yah... I want it the other way aroundIs there some adapter which allows to receive audio via Bluetooth or digital in and send it to a airplay (2) speaker ? @SonosSupport Hmm so I even plugged it in via Ethernet cable but still the same issue... after more testing I can c… @SonosSupport Out-of-Sync with other airplay2 devices (two HomePod) @SonosSupport I can try that... that said this is not a solution. I have multiple HomePod devices as well and never… @SonosSupport Done... 2068300757 . And now what? Searching the internet there are a lot of people who have exact th… @cowtowncoder I would order water
Today was a very productive day.... yay :) @hoofed_locust That’s how we roll 🔥
current status: throw new TooMuchJNIException("I need a drink....", new TooMuchOpenSSLException()); @_lennart I would definitely buy .... @orangy We deploy snapshots to sonatype . Is this what you are ask for or you are asking if you can access the CI ?Grab a coffee mug from our @apple booth at @ReactRally and talk to us about how our team is hiring react engineers
Retweeted by Norman Maurer @devonbl @Apple @ReactRally I want one too 👋😂
Current status: Working on my slide-deck "Scaling #Netty based Services @ Apple" for the @IEEEInfra conference next…
Retweeted by Norman Maurer @jwerner 🎉🔥👌
@shirleman @ApacheSpark @holdenkarau nope.... just saw something to improve :)Today I was able to create my first PR against @ApacheSpark to improve performance by eliminate memory copies (whil… @timperrett I would call it short vacations 😂 @maxsz yeah was looking at this as well. That said its also expensive with all the shutters I have :(And fixed... Debugging this was no fun at all. @golasgil writing is ok... debugging is hell :D @SahinDeveloper Yes also I really dont mind writing JNI... Its just debugging that sucks.So here I am again... back in JNI land debugging #openssl . Happy Tuesday. @bobbytank42 @Sonos @SonosSupport Did you try to stream to two (or more Sonos speakers) via airplay2 at the same time yet ?And it seems like I am not alone here... reading up on the internet there are a lot of people that have the exact s… to say this but #airplay2 on @sonos is kind of useless compared with the #HomePod. Always out-of-sync when us… @NeoNacho Gin FTW
Wrote a post on health checks, the perils of treating it as a binary state, the need for adaptive feedback loops an…
Retweeted by Norman MaurerVideo for my talk on my nascent explorations of @rustlang is now up:
Retweeted by Norman Maurer🎉 super looking forward to see you all at another try! Swift. This time in NYC ✈️
Retweeted by Norman MaurerCurrent status: Working on my slide-deck "Scaling #Netty based Services @ Apple" for the @IEEEInfra conference next… many great talks in this year's @ReactiveSummit. Looking forward to a great conference in Montreal. Take a look…
Retweeted by Norman MaurerHere is the matching Finch release: We're also going to release a separate Finch artifacts…
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@NateSwanner @johannesweiss I have the same ... highly recommend it 👍 @Gummibando Yep @Gummibando It’s just a simple switch atm....Anyone knows what is my best (and cheap) bet to integrate my shutters into #homebridge / #homekit ? I am currently… @davegardnerisme Looks interesting... just need some free time 😂
@_lennart War CRO auch da ? 😜 @jovoordeckers @ktosopl +1 very good @ktosopl Enjoy... it’s not bad at allRFC 8446 is official, welcome TLS 1.3
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My  🍎 team is gonna be @ @ReactRally and if you're even a little interested in applying for our mid and senior lev…
Retweeted by Norman MaurerCome join us!
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@hoofed_locust Got it... voted @hoofed_locust One way ? @mwessendorf @RedHatJobs congrats... great company to work for. @fbettag work naked... @julienviet Bug champion
Seems like I am on a roll here.... Found a way to many #java bugs in the last 6 months related to how we use it in… @adrianfcole Anyone really cares about these stars ?Looks like I'll be on the September 24 - 27 at @s1p, speaking about @Reactor, #Reactor-#Netty of course in combinat…
Retweeted by Norman Maurer @CodingFabian Like alwaysLove learning about VM internals? Find out which methods have intrinsics in each version of #OpenJDK #HotSpot with…
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WebSocket introspection and stress testing with TCPKali by @levwalkin It's like chaos engineering for websocket a…
Retweeted by Norman Maurer @CodingFabian Sounds good 👍Best quote today: "dns == deliver new suffering" ... Thanks @ddossot :DAnd done.... I think its time for a cold 🍺 now. @CodingFabian Best is to open an issue and share all the details there.Blog post: Flame graphs for server-side Swift 🔥
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It took a year longer, but TLS 1.3 draft is now out of the WG and on to the IESG and whole-IETF review!…
Retweeted by Norman MaurerI summed up the QUIC wg interim in Kista:
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