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Liberal, political junky, dog lover, gardener. #ConnectTheLeft member, retired Family Nurse Practitioner, BSN, MSN, Phi Kappa Phi, NO #UniteBlue followers!

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Thank you Inspector Sharoka for sharing your growing up life tonight.
@LivePDNation Works for me!
I’m really impressed by the growth Sean Larkin has demonstrated. He’s following up with Departments so we can know…
Great true crime night!! #CourtCam
I loved the clean shaven Sean Larkin! Your Mom was right - clean shaven is the way go!#LivePDNation
Donald Trump could be impeached by Christmas - Here's how || Via: Newsweek
Retweeted by barbaraYes we do! @AFarray @Kat4Obama @SueScoby @quietriot10 @PragObots @TheObamanista @thuddyt
Retweeted by barbara @Sean_C_Larkin We missed you last night Sean.#LivePDFriday is car chase night. Saturday is drug/alcohol night. #LivePD
My #LIVEPD favorite officer Mark Laureano is on tonight!
@Sugarcubedog Absolutely. I spent the day with my grandson. He’s delightful!
@Sugarcubedog I now have a grandson! He is the love of my life. Move out west is great! Excellent decision. @Sugarcubedog No loft. Everything is on one level. @Sugarcubedog My Tiny is 42 feet long, 9.5 feet wide & 13 feet high. Beautiful! @Sugarcubedog Yes. Still out west. Housing is super expensive here. I want to travel etc so I took the equity in my… @WashingTina Thank you! So glad to be back. @Sugarcubedog Thank you! I’m now living in a Tiny House. Yes a real tiny house. Love it!Is A& E promoting Live Rescue with host Matt Isman? Isn’t the the host of American Ninja Warrior?So glad to be back on Twitter. I’ve missed all you guys.
Very happy Kevin Looney will be with the Warriors next year. #Warriors
I don’t understand why the Warriors are retiring KD’s number? He turned his back on them. Why?Great news Klay Thompson is staying with Golden State Warriors! #GSW
Good luck to Nets for signing Kevin Durant to a multi year contract. Just remember he isn’t loyal at all. Who even…
So happy Golden State Warriors offered Klay Thompson a super max contract!! #GSW
When I became a member of the 116th Congress, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United S…
Retweeted by barbaraThey named a ship after John McCain, and a street after President Obama. What do you think they will name for Trump…
Retweeted by barbara @Karen_Williams6 You are ridiculous. Children cry when their blood is drawn. They cry when Daddy or Mommy go off to work...If it’s true that KD has no plans to return to the west coast, New York can have him. Remember he left OKC for no g… @Sean_C_Larkin No kidding! I need the ads to take a deep breath!
@Chris_Meloni I just don’t think God would discriminate against anyone!Toronto fans cheered as Kevin Durant goes down with injury. That’s just not right.
Does anyone believe KD will be back on the Golden State roster next year?? Anyone?? @andrewbogut @warriors Good game Bogues👏🏽👏🏽
Retweeted by barbara @andrewbogut @warriors We are so happy to have you!!Exactly how minor is KD’s calf strain that he will miss another playoff final game?? Seems like he’s taking finals…
Why am I seeing a new #LivePD RIGHT NOW? They they replay it right after this one. I’m on PDT. This happened yesterday too. #LivePD
@marklaureano989 Is everything okay? You are so talented! I love watching you work on #LivePDFYI, this is not a legit license plate in the State of Louisiana!
Retweeted by barbara @JamesCraigmyle Congratulations on the happy couple!! #LivePD @LivePDNation @GwinnettPd I’m so very sorry about the loss of K9 Eli. #LivePDPart of what I love about watching the GSW play is how joyful the players have!! Makes me think how much they love…
Trump states he’s intelligent (sorry still laughing) and well behaved. Intelligent people don’t have to state it!How stupid does a person have to be to still be a Trump supporter?
Retweeted by barbaraFormer GOP Rep. Tom Coleman: Trump, Pence are illegitimate. Impeach them
Retweeted by barbaraBREAKING: Over 150,000 tweets have gone out with the #TrumpMustResign hashtag since @TheDemCoalition started the ca…
Retweeted by barbaraThis is my experience of my time with Trump: Because he can't focus for more than a few minutes at a time, he is a…
Retweeted by barbaraCan you do me a favor? Can you retweet this? It’s video I found of Trump saying he: 1. Plans to build Trump Tower M…
Retweeted by barbaraSpeaker Pelosi has suggested she believes Trump actually wants to be Impeached. If that’s true, it’s the one thing…
Retweeted by barbaraRun KD run. Sure they call you “emotional”. Or a big baby that when he doesn’t get his way runs away.
Hope Golden State Warriors invest in Klay Thompson and let KD go. They need Klay!
The battle of the Currys starts in 1️⃣ hour. Dell, Sonya Curry coin flip to see who roots for Seth, Steph in West…
Retweeted by barbara
Golden State Warriors back on top!!!!!!!
@danabrams @OfficialLivePD My favorite #livepd officer is Cpl Mark Laureano! #livepdnation
#tbt Chuck what more did you want from Den? They won #nba
After having a scary incident with a Lesser Goldfinch years ago in a deeper birth bath, I've opted for using a supe…
Retweeted by barbaraI counted the number of people who made NASTY PERSONAL ATTACKS against Joe Biden on my Twitter feed in response to…
Retweeted by barbaraA hater, a bigot, a criminal, a traitor, a racist, greedy, never passed any legislation to help his constituents, t…
Retweeted by barbaraJust tuned in. Where is Dan? So disappointed. #LivePD @Chris_Meloni Really wish I hadn’t seen that. LOLThere is something wrong with Steph Curry. He left the game and walked off the court. #NBAPlayoffs2019I may be in the minority but I hated #liverescue. Not a fan of the host.
I have to find another broadcast voice. Chris Webber is HORRIBLE! #NBA #TNT
I would rather have Ashley Banfield put her own spin on this show. Rather than imitating Dan Abrams show LivePD. #LiveRescueMy issue with Ashley Banfield is she acts like she’s trying to get a date. The laughing - moving in while touching…
Why doesn’t A & E give Tom Morris jr his own show? He would be great! #A&E #LivePdI’m jut not an Ashley Banfield fan. Don’t think I’ll be watching the new show. Wish they would have given the show to Tom Morris jr
We need your prayers tonight #LivePDNation. Trp. Wade Palmer is currently in critical condition after being shot on…
Retweeted by barbaraThe splash brothers are working again tonight! GSW 64-46 OKCOh no! I can’t stand Mark Jackson on ABC’s telecast of Warriors vs Thunder.
I get very tired of Jeff VanGundys demeaning no matter who he’s working with. #NBA on ESPN.
@scottreed You don’t know what you are talking about.Candace Parker said the Warriors are missing Klay Thompson? Like that's an excuse! They have Durant, Curry, Cousins…
Retweeted by barbaraWhere is Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley? TNT #BOSvsGSW
@LivePDNation @SheriffChody We have 1 hr 15 min until it’s on in CA.🚨 It’s ROLL CALL time🚨 #LivePDNation GIVEAWAY! Rules for eligibility to win a coin and patch! 1. Like & RT thi…
Retweeted by barbara @JamesCraigmyle That is SO cute!Why why why do we have to listen to Mark Jackson call NBA games???
If you’re a football fan what a day!! Two overtime games. AmazingHorrible call ref... that was no roughing the passer
Retweeted by barbara @JamesCraigmyle @ring I would love a Ring doorbell!!Over 40,000 followers and only 1,777 retweets? Surely there are more people that would like a @ring doorbell system…
Retweeted by barbaraI woke up this morning (thank you God!) and had the same question I’ve had for too many days in a row; what the fuc…
Retweeted by barbaraI loved having Tony Romo in the broadcast booth today. #AFCChampionshipGame
Let's all meet back here in one year and be able to say, "He got what he deserved."
Retweeted by barbara @TomMorrisJr1 No!! Tom you have great taste in clothing. @JamesCraigmyle That is so cute! I’ll try that with my dog.This suspect is in custody facing 17 charges. One charge - shooting this beautiful K9 named Chance in the ear. Cha…
Retweeted by barbaraGotta appreciate that I have the opportunity to do what I love for a living.Yes I miss family when I’m working, and…
Retweeted by barbaraChow time with Blitz❤️
Retweeted by barbaraThis is the best New Years Eve. Watching Live PD! #NYEWithLivePD
@MastrianniChris @teddy_kulmala Congratulations Chris! Christmas will always be a special holiday!!Thank you @teddy_kulmala for the article. Great job as always!
Retweeted by barbaraThe reports of police officers either injured or killed in the line of duty are very sobering. Be safe out there! Merry Christmas! #LivePDHeartbreaking news on Christmas Eve a Louisville Metro Police Officer has been killed while assisting a stranded m…
Retweeted by barbaraWishing everyone in the #livepdnation a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for joining us this past year to create an…
Retweeted by barbara
@danabrams @OfficialLivePD Hey Dan can we have more Tom Morris jr?? The early shows had just Tom and I loved it! #LivePD @jennytharp1988 @badgergirlintex @danabrams @OfficialLivePD Is trooper Casey retired or on medical leave? @danabrams @OfficialLivePD Omg this will make my Holiday Season if we get to see Sgt Leverett & Flex! I miss them s…
Retweeted by barbaraI love having a female color announcer. Way to go Doris! #nba