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The NRCC is devoted to increasing the Republican conference in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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ICYMI: NRCC Recruitment Chair @EliseStefanik: We Must Encourage Non-Traditional Candidates To Run is not dead. Let’s treat each other with respect. We disavow @MaxineWaters' hateful comments and encoura…’ rhetoric condoning the verbal abuse of public servants is unacceptable. We call on @NancyPelosi t… @Costco ✅ Kentucky-based Computer Services, Inc. is giving employees bonuses as a result of #taxreform
.@karringtonsc We hope for your speedy and full recovery. Wishing you, your family, and those involved in the accid…
6 months into #taxreform, and the American economy looks unstoppable the past 6 months, a lot has been said about #taxreform. Here’s the truth. months into #taxreform…and we can’t wait to see what the future holds “6 Months of Historic Economic Prosperity”…“A thriving economy will be a catalyst for Republican success this fall and the tax bill has played a major role in… marks 6 months since @realDonaldTrump signed #taxreform into law Let’s celebrate 6 months of economic prospe…✅ Thanks to #taxreform, @Costco is boosting its minimum wage!
6️⃣ months of American businesses flourishing 🤝📈💵 6️⃣ months of eased cost of living for American families… months in, #taxreform has placed our nation on a better path marked 6 months since the passage of #taxreform Today: “New jobless claims fall to 218,000 as overall n… Dems out there willing to stand by @NancyPelosi? LA Times: California candidates aren't so sure Nancy Pelosi… problem for @joshua_harder in #CA-10 “Dem Candidate in California Never Voted in State Elections Before Filin… is tough, Nancy. Don’t worry, we’re still your biggest fans. Signed, The @NRCC MN-08 Candidate Pete Stauber: Trump Supports Our Way Of Life, Our Miners, Our Timber Producers✅ Florida-based AutoNation is boosting employees’ benefits and compensation, as well as launching a cancer benefits…
6 months into #taxreform and Americans are more confident than ever in our country’s future economy has improved drastically in the 6 months #taxreform has been in place“Bullish on the future” seems to be a common phrase these days 6 months into #taxreform and all signs point to ec… break for @NancyPelosi… Dems seem to think running against her is a winning strategy“Democrats still have no message on the economy or jobs” *crickets* months ago today, our Republican-led Congress passed historic #taxreform It sparked economic prosperity in the U… growing problem Dems can’t ignore? The Pelosi problem Politico: Democratic candidates vow to dump Pelosi✅ In New York, employees of Five Star Bank are receiving bonuses as a direct result of #taxreform
✅ In Maine, employees of waterworks materials company Everett J. Prescott Inc. are receiving bonuses because of…
Under Republican leadership, America is heading in the right direction. After years of Dems focusing on failed pri…✅ In New Jersey, Flemington Car & Truck Country car dealerships cited #taxreform when awarding employees with bonus…
Another day, another Dem speaking out against @NancyPelosi Fox: House Dem torches Pelosi as 'aloof, frenetic and m… House Republicans Are Putting An End To The Opioid Crisis✅ In Pennsylvania, non-executive employees of First Commonwealth Bank are receiving bonuses as a direct result of…
“This week, House Republicans stared into the eyes of this beast and said, ‘Enough.’” we celebrate a great symbol of our nation and all it stands for—patriotism, liberty, and justice. current Democratic congressman disavowed @NancyPelosi... 1: Tax reform Step 2: Eased cost of living for the American middle class Step 3: Profit for the American eco…✅ New York-based Empire State Bank is giving employees bonuses as a direct result of #taxreform birthday to our fearless Commander-in-Chief, @realDonaldTrump!
NRCC National Press Secretary @JJHunt10: Single-Payer Is Now Democrat Party Litmus Test Republican majority is leading the fight against the opioid crisis, passing 25 bills this week… are leading the fight against the opioid crisis “House passes 25 bills to fight opioid addiction and… Republican leadership, the House passed 25 bills this week to fight the opioid crisis…✅ Now that’s e-xciting! Employees of small business e-Cycle are receiving bonuses thanks to #taxreform
5 states have primaries today, don’t forget to cast your votes! optimism under a Republican majority… That’s much more than @NancyPelosi can say about her time as Speak…, Obama! Pelosi has said a lot of unbelievable things so far this cycle Don’t worry, we rounded up some of the highli… our best to an icon of a President. Happy birthday, 41.
✅ In California, employees of Community Valley Bank are also receiving bonuses thanks to #taxreform!…✅ Minneapolis-based Bio-Techne is giving employees bonuses as a result of #taxreform! NRCC Adds 9 Candidates to Young Guns "Contenders" who’ve gone on record supporting single payer won’t be able to live it down in November. We haven’t forgotte…
Live look at the @dccc right now “California has DC Democrats feeling blue” vote for a Democrat is a vote for Nancy Pelosi Every vote for a Democrat is a vote for single-payer health… reminder: Single payer is currently overwhelming European countries. Average patient wait time is 20 weeks.… Nancy Pelosi told reporters yesterday that single payer is “on the table” if Dems take control of the Hou… takeaways: 1. The US economy is stronger than ever 2. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t see how this eases the cost of liv…
#TaxReform is helping middle class Americans keep the lights on✅ In Florida, employees of small business Cogent Building Group are getting bonuses because of #taxreform!…✅ In Pennsylvania, Carpenter Technology is reinvesting $100 million thanks to #taxreform savings…🚨 🚨 🚨 New NBC/WSJ Poll: “45% of registered voters say they are less likely to support a candidate who backs…
The NRCC is proud to endorse @realJohnMcCann in #NJ05 National Press Secretary @JJHunt10: CA Gas Tax Is A Strong Motivator For GOP Voters Tired Of Being Taxed By De… Chairman @stevestivers: Record Number Of GOP Women Running In Competitive Districts have an impressive field of female candidates who recently captured their district’s nomination RT t… NRCC Chairman ⁦@stevestivers⁩ go live on Fox soon!⏰⏰⏰ Wake-up call for Democrats NBC: No, Democrats haven't shown they're going to win the House takeaway from last night’s primaries, per Washington Post: “Preliminary California House results don’t point… Rep. @spmaloney announced last night he’s abandoning his NY-18 district to run for New York AG… NRCC Communications Director @mattsgorman: Gas Tax Repeal Will Be Major Motivator For CA Voters This Fall asking questions… LA Times: Did California Democrats sleep through election day?✅ In Pennsylvania, Kish Bank employees are receiving bonuses in #taxreform’s windfall✅ In Houston, Group 1 Automotive employees are receiving bonuses thanks to #taxreform will never forget the bravery displayed by our troops in Normandy. We honor them today and always.