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The NRCC is devoted to increasing the Republican conference in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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✅ Darden Restaurant Group, parent company of Olive Garden, is reinvesting $20 million in the American economy becau…
✅ In Iowa, Alliant Energy is passing on #taxreform savings to its customers!
Democrats’ claim: “$1,000 bonuses are ‘crumbs’” Reality: That money significantly eases the cost of living for mil…✅ Bank of Colorado are also receiving bonuses in #taxreform’s windfall✅ Bank of Hawaii employees were given increased wages and bonuses thanks to #taxreform!✅ First bonuses and now wage increases for employees at First Tennessee Bank as a result of #taxreform’ claim: “Corporations won’t reward their employees” Reality: Millions of Americans have received increa… NRCC Announces Third Round of Patriots for the 115th Congress
NEW: NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers' Statement on Congressman Kevin Cramer's Announcement✅ PepsiCo employees are getting a little POP in their paychecks thanks to #taxreform✅ U-Haul clearly believes #taxreform is helping the American economy in the long haul since it’s rewarding employee… of our take on Nancy Pelosi? See what Dems are saying: “For us to go into this election with her as our l…’s no surprise that increased wages, bigger paychecks, and better jobs are resonating with Americans. Democrats…
Democrats’ current dilemma? Trying to put a negative spin on a law that’s already benefitting millions of Americans… birthday to #PA18 candidate @Saccone4PA18!✅ In Alabama, Protective Life employees are getting a raise because of #taxreform!✅ In Missouri, Bank of Advance staff are receiving bonuses thanks to #taxreform! Releases New Web Video: "Thanks, Nancy!" what was that ‘blue wave’ people kept talking about? you’re all out of options, why not just go on defense ¯\_(ツ)_/¯… Nancy Pelosi, misleading as always #taxreform easing the cost of living for millions of Americans, it’s no surprise Republicans are on the rise Launches New Television Ad in PA-18: "Dirty Secrets"
Democrats’ claim: “Okay, some Americans will see tax cuts, but only the wealthy” Reality: Americans in every singl… Chris Matthews says #taxreform will help Republicans keep the House this November✅ St. John Properties employees in Baltimore are feeling the benefits of #taxreform with bonuses!…✅ MetLife employees are receiving increased wages and enhanced benefits as a result of #taxreform!…
Democrats’ claim: “Everyone’s taxes will go up” Reality: Millions of Americans’ are experiencing eased cost of liv…✅ Boeing is helping ease the cost of living for their employees thanks to #taxreform✅ Carl Black Automotive Group in Georgia is also giving its employees bonuses in #taxreform’s windfall…✅ More bonuses to hardworking employees as a result of #taxreform, this time for Leak Sealers in Texas!…
Democrats can keep their rhetoric and misguided claims about #taxreform. Americans know it speaks for itself.
Nancy Pelosi: *does anything* Us: Dems out there want to try to make more false claims about #taxreform? *crickets*
And all the queen’s horses and all the queen’s men wouldn’t defend Nancy again did Dems oppose #taxreform? Because they knew it would benefit millions of Americans, making voters believe in… Pelosi: Bad for America. Great for Republicans. NRCC Web Video: "Speaks for Itself"✅ We’d describe this as the nexus of #taxreform and eased cost of living for Americans. Nexus Services will add 200…✅ AbbVie Inc is giving back to the American economy after they saved money from #taxreform✅ Every. Single. Employee. at 1A Auto will receive a raise thanks to #taxreform✅ Pioneer Credit Recovery employees are getting bonuses because of #taxreform!✅ OceanFirst Bank is boosting wages for employees thanks to #taxreform! NRCC Statement on Congressman Rick Nolan's Retirement✅ Music to our ears…Saban Capital Group is giving their employees bonuses because of #taxreform the next few weeks, here’s one thing we can all agree on...
It isn’t hard to figure out why no one wants to associate with Nancy Pelosi these days point: “Tax reform is Armageddon” Reality check: “Revenues climb 5.2% in first month of GOP tax cuts” you’re trying to come together as a party but your leader steals the spotlight… for more evidence of how divided the Democratic party is? Look no further.✅ You can eat your dino nuggets proudly tonight since Tyson Foods is giving employees $1 Million in bonuses in the…✅ At the corner of #taxreform and eased cost of living… CVS has announced wage increases and paid parental leave fo…’s a theme here… and it’s Nancy Pelosi’s unpopularity you feel it? The benefits of #taxreform? According to polls, millions of Americans already are. And they’re tha… reap what you sow. Reminder: Dems actually elected Nancy Pelosi as the leader of their party. Good luck with th…, no, no, guys… It’s okay. Keep crowding your primaries. Keep panicking. We’ll wait. vote for Democrats this November is a vote to reinstate Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. Even members of her own party ag…✅ BP is turning #taxreform into investments in the US economy✅ Anthem employees are also getting bonuses as a result of #taxreform✅ Holy Guacamole! Chipotle employees are receiving bonuses and enhanced benefits thanks to #taxreform!…
Dear @NancyPelosi Every minute you’re in front of the cameras, you make our job easier. Best, @NRCCNEW: NRCC Statement on Nancy Pelosi's Filibuster✅ Charter Communications is also giving its employees wage boosts thanks to #taxreform✅ Nephron Pharmaceuticals in South Carolina is giving its employees raises because of #taxreform
Between #taxreform and Nancy Pelosi’s toxicity, we’re confident Republicans will hold our majority this year Chairman Steve Stivers: Nancy Pelosi’s comments are helping the GOP you heard? Nancy Pelosi is the least popular politician in the country✅ North Dakotans are also benefitting from #taxreform, as Gate City Bank gives back to both employees and customers…✅ In Maryland, Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. is lowering customers’ rates as a direct result of #taxreform!… Chairman Steve Stivers: Republicans’ poll numbers will continue to rise as voters feel the positive effects of…
The proof is in the numbers. We’re at the beginning of a new era of economic prosperity in America. Welcome to The…✅ Thermo Fisher Scientific will also increase investments thanks to #taxreform, including bonuses to 68,000 non-exe…✅ Sinclair Broadcast Group employees will also receive bonuses because of #taxreform✅ Emkay is driving down the cost of living by rewarding employees with bonuses because of #taxreform✅ Commerce Bank is easing the cost of living for its employees by doling out bonuses as a result of #taxreform
No, there’s nothing wrong with your paycheck. Americans are getting more of their hard-earned money back as a dire…✅ Hard-working Lowe’s employees will also receive bonuses because of #taxreform✅ Now that’s sweet! Hostess Brands will be giving bonuses to their employees thanks to #taxreform