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The NRCC is devoted to increasing the Republican conference in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Democrats aren’t just stepping on each other’s toes. They’re blatantly throwing each other under the bus.✅ and Speedwell Tavern in Plymouth! #TaxReform✅ Duck Inn Pub in Hyannis #TaxReform✅ The Sail Loft in Dartmouth #TaxReform✅ The Gateway Tavern in Wareham #TaxReform are: ✅ The Stowaway in Mattapoisett #TaxReform group of restaurants in Massachusetts are giving employees bonuses thanks to #taxreform!
✅ In Oklahoma City, Express Employment Professionals non-executive employees are receiving bonuses because of…✅ New England-based Avangrid is passing #taxreform savings onto customers
✅ Southwire is using #taxreform savings to invest $9 million in its workforce✅ In the Northeast, Noah Bank employees are receiving bonuses in #taxreform’s windfall tribute to former First Lady Barbara Bush
In loving memory and honor of former First Lady Barbara Bush. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bush family. marks the last time Americans will be forced to file taxes under an archaic, oppressive tax code that has cri…“The success of tax reform for hardworking families is already making a difference – and we’re just getting started…“Going forward, Americans should all take comfort knowing that this time next year they’ll file under the new, mode…“Today we turn the page on the old broken system and look forward to a better one that will make our country strong… helped deliver historic #TaxReform, which set our nation on a prosperous path. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.✅ In Pennsylvania, #taxreform has also led to 1st Summit Bank employee bonuses and charitable donations… NRCC Statement on Congressman Charlie Dent's Resignation✅ In Wisconsin, North Shore Bank employees are receiving bonuses as a result of #taxreform
✅ Bank of America employees are receiving bonuses as a direct result of #taxreform✅ Kroger is rewarding employees with enhanced benefits and wages thanks to #taxreform! York Times’ Peter Baker: Divided Democrats Have No Message, No Leader #TaxReform gains popularity every day, Americans are putting their faith in the Republican agenda 20 years, @PRyan fought for historic #TaxReform. Last year, his dream came true. We are forever grateful for…
Democrat logic: Let’s pit our own candidates against each other! nation will always be grateful for the leadership of Speaker @PRyan✅✅✅And in case you missed it…4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣+ (and counting) franchise owners of several companies have pledged to give e…✅ Sweet! Little Debbie parent company McKee Foods is giving employees bonuses because of #taxreform going to leave this here… to Tax Day 2018: Day 3“Speaker Ryan’s leadership has transformed our nation” -NRCC Chairman @SteveStivers
Anyone else having trouble scheduling a doctor appointment with @hiral4congress? have only one thing to say: Thank you. the civil war continues…✅ In Missouri, employees of Great Southern Bank are receiving bonuses in #taxreform’s windfall…✅ In New Hampshire, customers of Granite State Electric are benefiting from rate drops thanks to #taxreform… in the Democratic caucus…
Statement on Speaker Ryan’s retirement: on Speaker Ryan’s retirement:“Ryan will leave Congress with an extraordinary record of accomplishment…to paraphrase Ronald Reagan’s farewell add… on Speaker Ryan’s retirement: NRCC Statement on Congressman Dennis Ross' Retirement on Speaker Ryan’s retirement: NRCC Statement on Speaker Paul Ryan's Retirement
Countdown to Tax Day 2018: Day 2✅ In Massachusetts, Dyer Capital Management employees are receiving bonuses as a direct result of #taxreform✅ Employees of Blackbaud in Charleston are receiving stock benefits thanks to #taxreform! Pelosi on #TaxReform:“The last thing the Democratic Party needs is a leadership fight in addition to their ongoing civil war between mod…
Countdown to Tax Day 2018: Day 1✅ In Wisconsin, Blue Harbor Resort employees are receiving bonuses in #taxreform’s windfall✅ In Virginia, hardworking employees of F&M Bank are receiving bonuses because of #taxreform
NEW: NRCC Statement on Congressman Blake Farenthold's Resignation matter how hard they try, the Democratic Party just can’t seem to align their priorities with the priorities of…
Hey guys, who'll spend more money against Dems in CA: DCCC or NRCC?✅ In Missouri, Sun Solar is creating jobs thanks to #taxreform!✅ BNB employees are getting raises due to #taxreform!“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” -Abraham Lincoln Dems, maybe you should take heart.“The middle class gets a terrific benefit from tax reform and we’re going to be selling that.” -Orange County GOP C…
NRCC Chairman @SteveStivers opening our new Orange County field office today--"Onward to victory!" from the Golden State! @NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers spent the day opening our new Orange County office,…
Retweeted by NRCC✅ Allsup’s Convenience Stores is giving non-executive employees bonuses thanks to #taxreform!…✅ APPS employees are receiving bonuses in #taxreform’s windfall
NEW: NRCC Statement on Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty's Retirement seems Dems’ new big idea is stripping away the money hard-working Americans are finally receiving thanks to…, we wonder why 🤔✅ Add Bank of New York Mellon Corp. to the list of companies increasing employee wages because of #taxreform✅ #TaxReform is benefitting Dot Foods employees who are receiving bonuses as a result!
✅ CarMax is also giving its employees bonuses thanks to #taxreform!✅ Almo is giving its employees bonuses as a result of #taxreform
Looking for bad news about the economy these days? Good luck. #TheGreatAmericanComeback✅ Dominion Energy is giving #taxreform savings back to customers in Virginia✅ We’re loving it! McDonald’s is expanding its employee education program because of #taxreform!… you, #TaxReform, for giving us #TheGreatAmericanComeback
Democrats are almost as good at attacking their leadership as we are…