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The NRCC is devoted to increasing the Republican conference in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Will @HillaryClinton's general election campaign have to be run from a jail cell? announced her carpetbagger campaign 6 months ago and still has no specific plan for #VA10.
The latest @DCCC embarrassment: @GilbertForMI ends her campaign in #MI08 via look in at @DCCC headquarters after @GilbertForMI withdraws from #MI08'll be joining @greta and @RepKinzinger at 7:00PM ET to discuss @DeptVetAffairs Sec. McDonald's comments and improving care for our vets.
Retweeted by NRCC#Metro changes policy on notification of violent crimes after I raise the issue at the hearing today. #VA10 #WMATA
Retweeted by NRCCComstock asks why WMATA's labor costs are 120% to 150% more expensive than other transit systems #VA10 #Metro
Retweeted by NRCC.@gdriskell has no plan to address the $19.2 trillion national debt. #mi07 @gdriskell awkwardly admit that she has no plan for the national debt. #mi07 to announce funding for LI waters was signed into law
Retweeted by NRCCWill @JDelaneyforMD return the money that FBI target @TerryMcAuliffe has donated to his #md06 campaign?’s why @RepBera doesn’t want you to take him at his word #CA07Will @LuAnnBennett return McAuliffe's cash while the FBI investigates donations from foreign nationals? @LuAnnBennett return the money that FBI target @TerryMcAuliffe has donated to her #VA10 campaign? statement on Sec. McDonald's comparison of @DeptVetAffairs wait times to lines at #Disney
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.@MikeDerrickNY21 says reading how #NDAA impacts @drum10thmtn is not on his to-do list. #NY21 says he is too busy campaigning to read how the #NDAA affects @drum10thmtn. #NY21 declares war on Dem establishment, backing DNC Chair @DWStweets primary opponent. were able to ensure #Everglades restoration projects included in #WRDA cc:@RepBillShuster
Retweeted by NRCC.@MorganLCarroll is a true ally for trial lawyers. For everyday Coloradans? Not so much. #CO06 civil war escalates as @BernieSanders raises $$$ for DNC Chair @DWStweets primary opponent. has a long history of putting trial lawyers ahead of Colorado families #CO06
On @FOX40 today @RepBera contradicted a key claim in his campaign finance scandal defense #CA07 @RepBera said investigators contacted him in April. On May 10th he said it was October. Which is it? Weekly Rundown: @HillaryClinton loses again, @RepBera takes $ from domestic abuser & more! #CA07 Weekly Rundown: @HouseGOP passes #NDAA, @Annette_Taddeo losing #FL26 primary to crook @JoeGarcia & more!
.@JDelaneyforMD votes to bring terrorists to the U.S. AGAIN putting #MD06 families' safety at risk ‘s natl security votes show he has no idea how to keep Marylanders safe #MD06 Passes Defense Authorization Bill with Comstock Language #VA10
Retweeted by NRCC.@RickNolanMN votes to weaken our national security. Again. #MN08 House passes #NDAA in landmark victory for hundreds of ME jobs: #mepolitics
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Why won’t @RepBera join his fellow Dems and return campaign $$$ from an admitted domestic abuser? #CA07 votes to bring terrorists to U.S. soil #CA52 via @NRCC.@dccc's @Annette_Taddeo pulls another "Taddeo". #FL26 #Sayfie do @GilbertforMI and @HillaryClinton have in common? #MI08 releases poll that has her down 21 points. #FL26 #sayfie bill #HR2460 to expand care for disabled vets unanimously passed @HouseVetAffairs today
Retweeted by NRCC.@HouseGOP to pass NDAA today, funding critical national defense programs lost to socialist @BernieSanders for the 21st time. Who will @HouseDemocrats support at convention? loses to @BernieSanders, part 21 via @NRCC
My bill to protect + preserve Plum Island passed the House last night w/strong bipartisan support
Retweeted by NRCCToday, the full House begins debate of #FY17NDAA. Read about the provisions I fought for supporting S. AZ --->
Retweeted by NRCCWill @petegallego stand with our troops and call on @BarackObama to sign the NDAA? #TX23 silent as @BarackObama threatens to veto troop funding bill #TX23 renew push to bring GITMO terrorists including Khalid Sheik Mohammed to U.S. soil. on the House floor today in recognition of #PoliceWeek. Watch my remarks here:
Retweeted by NRCC.@HouseDemocrats propose NDAA amendment to allow Obama administration to bring GITMO terrorists to U.S. Senate Dems joined Republicans to oppose @MorganLCarroll’s trial lawyer handout #CO06 reject @MorganLCarroll’s trial lawyer handout #embarrassing #CO06 @HouseGOP leadership at a press conference today to highlight @drum10thmtn and the need to pass #FY17NDAA
Retweeted by NRCCDiscussed #maternalhealth w/ #NCMMH today. Proud to cosponsor Bringing Postpartum Depression Out of the Shadows Act.
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.@JoeGarcia must demonstrate that he has a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence. #FL26 #sayfieWhen will @maloney_2016 tell #AZ01 voters whether he backs FBI target @HillaryClinton or socialist @BernieSanders? @JoeGarcia return the $5,200 he accepted from a domestic violence offender? #FL26 #sayfie questionable campaign money for look at his campaign HQ #CA07 will @TomOHalleran tell #AZ01 voters if he supports FBI target @HillaryClinton or socialist @BernieSanders? @RosenforNevada supporting FBI target @HillaryClinton or socialist @BernieSanders? #NV03 voters deserve to know. won't @MorganLCarroll tell #CO06 voters whether she supports FBI target @HillaryClinton or @BernieSanders? bill #HR1887 to protect Plum Island is being vote on in the House today
Retweeted by NRCC"Tax Hike Tommy" Nelson refuses to tell #WI08 voters if he stands with @HillaryClinton or @BernieSanders hits Dems with robocalls: will they support FBI target @HillaryClinton or socialist @BernieSanders won't @gdriskell tell #MI07 voters whether she supports FBI target @HillaryClinton or socialist @BernieSanders? more questionable @RepBera campaign cash surfaces in #CA07 Detroit resident @LonBJohnson supporting FBI target @HillaryClinton or socialist @BernieSanders? #MI01 @KimForCongress tell #NY22 voters whether she supports FBI target @HillaryClinton or socialist @BernieSanders? won't @MikeDerrickNY21 tell voters whether he supports @HillaryClinton or @BernieSanders? #NY21 via @NRCCDem candidates must come clean. Do they support @HillaryClinton or @BernieSanders at contested convention?
Honored to be recognized as a Champion of Healthcare Innovation @HealthInFocus #HLCexpo
Retweeted by NRCCHouse Passes Comprehensive Bipartisan Opioid Legislation #VA10
Retweeted by NRCCYikes! @DCCC gives @colleendeacon the kiss of death in #NY24.
Retweeted by NRCC.@dccc realizes @MikeDerrickNY21's anti-@drum10thmtn policies are unpopular in #NY21, abandons ship. abandons #NY21 candidate @MikeDerrickNY21. @dccc turning its back on their "top-tier" candidate, @GilbertforMI? #MI08 bails on "Emerging" program abandoning @GilbertforMI and @MikeDerrickNY21 via @NRCC @dccc leaving "loser" @GilbertforMI behind in #MI08? Weekly Rundown: Bacon sizzles in #NE02, campaign finance trouble for @RepBera in #CA07, & more! and @BernieSanders both turned blind eye to VA scandal. Who will @HouseDemocrats choose?
New @WSJ report: @HillaryClinton used Clinton Global Initiative to financially benefit friends and allies. did @RepBera know about the illegal contributions to his campaign and when did he know it? #CA07 via @NRCCJudge rules in favor of @HouseGOP in Obamacare lawsuit. Administration overstepped its authority. judge rules that Obama administration once again exceeded its authority in Obamacare lawsuit.'s "top-tier" candidate @GilbertforMI named @InsideMIPolitix's loser of the week. #MI08 was sworn in one year ago today. So proud to be voting to pass comprehensive #opioid legislation on this special day.
Retweeted by NRCCWill @HouseDemocrats support @HillaryClinton's or @BernieSanders' incoherent policy on fighting ISIS? to @GilbertforMI! She's @InsideMIPolitix's loser of the week! #MI08 via @NRCC in 5 new heroin users start after misusing prescriptions. Read my post on how the House is combating opioid abuse
Retweeted by NRCCWhose dangerous policy on ISIS will @HouseDemocrats choose? @HillaryClinton or @BernieSanders?
.@NRCC sends @DCCC bacon basket after #NE02 embarrassment @TomOHalleran support @HillaryClinton & @BernieSanders plan to close GITMO? #AZ01 calls out @dccc's "top-tier" candidate @GilbertforMI for not answering questions. #MI08 @RepBera needs to answer to #CA07 voters for his shady campaign dealings're taking action in the House to combat the devastating rise in heroin & opioid abuse --
Retweeted by NRCCWill #IA03 Dems follow @HillaryClinton and @BernieSanders’ plan to close GITMO? @TomOHalleran support @HillaryClinton & @BernieSanders bringing terrorist to the US? #AZ01 #IA03 Dems want to close GITMO & bring terrorists to the US? does the @dccc website person and Jay from Men in Black have in common? via @NRCC an embarrassing defeat in WV for @HillaryClinton will House Dems stick around? via @NRCCAre House Democrats standing with FBI target @HillaryClinton and socialist @BernieSanders on closing GITMO? via @NRCC
Congratulations to #NE02 Republican nominee @DonBacon2016! Statement from @NRCC Chairman @repgregwalden: @MorganLCarroll embrace #CO06 fav @BernieSanders’ tax plan or @HillaryClinton’s?