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The NRCC is devoted to increasing the Republican conference in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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LAST DAY for your chance to tailgate with @PRyan at the @lsu v. @BadgerFootball game next week --> is @HillaryClinton’s Nebraska Co-Chair yet hypocritically won’t campaign with her #NE02 Weekly Rundown: @ZephyrTeachout is a hypocrite, new polls show @RepBera is in deep trouble & more #NY19 #CA07 speaks out on Super PACs, then hides when @NancyPelosi's shows up with false ad in #MN08 is still running from his campaign finance scandal in #IL12 hates SuperPACs...unless they are on his side. #MN08 Weekly Rundown: @JoeBiden announces GITMO to close by January, @gdriskell hates dogs & more! #MI07 3 of @ZephyrTeachout the pandering super-PAC hypocrite: A $480,000 super-PAC mega-donor. #NY19
Two new polls show @RepBera is in big trouble in #CA07 is thrilled that @VP says GITMO will close. San Diego families are less excited. #CA52's @HouseMajPAC recycles debunked @dccc lie to distract from @RickNolanMN's extreme record #MN08 gets her GITMO wish as @VP opens the door to moving terrorist to Colorado #CO06 won’t @TomOHalleran tell #AZ01 voters where he stands on the #Iran Deal? really doesn’t want to talk about #Iran #TX23 gets his way as @JoeBiden declares GITMO will close before Obama leaves office. #MN08 Admin grants @JDelaneyforMD’s wish as @JoeBiden admits GITMO will close by January #MD06 #MD6 reveals Obama will implement plan to close GITMO and bring terrorists to U.S. soil by January. 2 of @ZephyrTeachout the pandering super-PAC hypocrite: A $17.73 million super-PAC mega-donor. #NY19
Did you hear about our contest yet? Enter for a chance to tailgate with @PRyan at the @lsu v. @BadgerFootball game 1 of @ZephyrTeachout the pandering super-PAC hypocrite: A $1.1 million super-PAC mega-donor. #NY19
Retweeted by NRCCYIKES! Taxin' @Tom_Suozzi's campaign henchman pleads the Fifth. #NY03… via @Newsday needs some #TuesdayMotivation to stop being a super-PAC hypocrite #NY19 does @gdriskell hate Kentucky dogs? #MI07 blatantly lies in her first ad regarding her record of raising taxes 13.7% #NY01“Rip-off” @randyperkinsFL is too corrupt to represent #FL18
.@ZephyrTeachout thinks she's exempt from adhering to her own campaign platform. #NY19 dodges the press as 15,000 new emails are turned over by FBI. @HouseDemocrats demand @HillaryClinton hold a press conference to answer for emails? (probably not) what @BarbaraComstock was up to in #VA10 during @LuAnnBennett's trip to CA. leaves rural America with higher prices and no health care options. days til Election Day and #CA07 voters don’t know the full story on @RepBera’s campaign finance scandal
.@USChamber endorses Comstock at @BreauxVineyards in #VA10 while @LuAnnBennett & @NancyPelosi drink Napa wine in CA. Weekly Rundown: Obama admin admits it paid ransom to Iran, @RickNolanMN lies about his record & more! #MN08 high school history teacher @SantarsieroPA8 doesn't know his history. #PA08 has deep ties to one of his donors that was sentenced to prison for election fraud #CA52 an FEC complaint, now an @eggman4congress donor sentenced to prison for election fraud #CA10 federal investigation continues as @RepBera’s father is sentenced for election fraud #CA07 candidate @LuAnnBennett, who lived in #VA08, #VA05 & DC, tweets out photo from U.K. while in Napa. Weekly Rundown: @dccc candidates sip wine w/ liberal elite, @ZephyrTeachout's billionaire friends & more!
Natural disaster profiteer @randyperkinsFL enlisting help of disgraced former judge in #FL18 Dem primary, what? Anti-billionaire donor @zephyrteachout is holding a fundraiser with billionaire donors. #NY19 via @sacbee_news: @RepBera's father "gets one year prison sentence for election fraud" #CA07 State Department confirms $400 milllion payment to Iran was contingent on prisoner release. says the Clinton Foundation should close if HRC is POTUS. Does @JDelaneyforMD agree? #MD06 thinks the Clinton Foundation should close if HRC is POTUS. Does @Dr_RaulRuiz agree? #CA36 and @RosenforNevada jet off to Napa Valley to party with @NancyPelosi #NV03 #NV04 Beverly Hills to Napa: @BryanCaforio set to attend lavish fundraiser with @NancyPelosi #CA25 ditches #CA24 wineries to hit up their Napa Valley competitors w/ @NancyPelosi - what is @emilyanncain's obsession with drinking wine with @NancyPelosi outside of #ME02? is headed to @NancyPelosi's House in CA to drink Napa Valley wine cc: @visitbuckspa #pa08 is headed to the Napa Valley to hobnob with @nancypelosi over fancy wine. #NY24 of staying in #CA36, @Dr_RaulRuiz is heading to Napa to party with @NancyPelosi elitist @LuAnnBennett is headed to CA to drink Napa wine with fellow DC elitist @NancyPelosi. #VA10! What will @Dr_RaulRuiz & @NancyPelosi be toasting at her Napa estate tomorrow? #CA36
.@JDelaneyforMD begs for @LarryHogan's job instead of staying in #MD06 - @FreeBeacon: "@SantarsieroPA8 fighting for tax law that saves him thousands." #PA08 #SlipperySteve @RepBera think he’d be in Congress if his dad hadn’t broken the law? #CA07
Will @RubenKihuen tell voters whether or not he thinks @HillaryClinton is honest? #NV04 question: does @RosenforNevada think @HillaryClinton is honest? #NV03 is the only one in #WI08 to vote against $95 million in #SocialSecurity savings for seniors. reports show @TomOHalleran-supported Obamacare costs Arizona families their health insurance #AZ01 politician @RubenKihuen called out for lying about @CresentHardy’s record #NV04 of the nation's largest insurers pulls out of Obamacare leaving thousands with no health care options.'s dream comes true, 15 terrorists are transferred out of GITMO #MD06 did @SantarsieroPA8 scrub his government website of a video w/ convicted felon @PaAttorneyGen? #PA08
BREAKING: Obama makes largest single GITMO release of his presidency. 15 terrorists released to UAE.’s support of the Iran Deal takes another hit #NV04 revelations highlight @RosenforNevada’s Iran Deal flip-flop #NV03 Democrat admits President Obama's Iran deal will fund terrorist groups. @DWSTweets admits Iran deal could fund terrorists. Will @JDelaneyforMD tell the truth too? #MD06 @DWStweets admits Iran Deal could fund terrorists, will @Dr_RaulRuiz come clean too? #CA36 former DNC Chair @DWStweets causes problems for @RepPeteAguilar & his precious #IranDeal #CA31 CHECK: New @RickNolanMN ad lies about his dangerous record on ISIS #MN08 is still clueless about #NOVA 9 months into her #VA10 campaign. news for @RepPeteAguilar and his precious #IranDeal #CA31 can take @LuAnnBennett out of the @RitzCarlton but you can't take the Ritz-Carlton out of LuAnn. #VA10 former DNC Chair @DWStweets admits Iran nuclear deal may fund terrorism against Israel.
It “defies reasoning” that @RepBera didn’t know his dad was breaking the law #CA07
.@JDelaneyforMD tells @HeraldMailNews he’s bipartisan but he votes w/ Dems over 90% of the time #MD06 Weekly Rundown: New report shows danger of closing GITMO, @petegallego's Super PAC hypocrisy & more! #TX23 CHECK: @JDelaneyforMD claims to be bipartisan but he votes w/ Dems over 90% of the time. #MD06 Weekly Rundown: @HouseDemocrats' Zika hypocrisy, @SantarsieroPA8's bad record on education, & more! #PA08! @FreeBeacon: "@SantarsieroPA8's Education Platform at Odds With Voting History in PA Legislature." #PA08
.@NancyPelosi and @HouseDemocrats show off their hypocrisy on Zika funding. CHECK: House GOP passed bill providing $1.1 billion in Zika funding while @HouseDemocrats obstruct.
Watch @jimmowrer blindly support @HillaryClinton & her reckless policies #IA03 voters will not be happy. secret is out! @jimmowrer is with her! #IA03 #Imwithher #HillaryClinton report shows how dangerous GITMO detainees are, will @JDelaneyforMD change his position? #MD06 report details how dangerous GITMO detainees @HouseDemocrats want to bring to U.S. really are. decries Super PACs but has benefited from $1.8+mil of their spending #hypocrisy #TX23 ALERT: Taxin' @Tom_Suozzi submits ballot petitions with the signatures of deceased voters. #NY03
.@JimMowrer obviously didn’t get the hint from voters in 2014…Iowa can’t afford the death tax! #IA03 you hear about Jim Mowrer’s death tax debacle? Doesn’t look good for him or #IA03 admits to playing politics with the livelihoods of Minnesota miners #MN08 Check: Slippery @SantarsieroPA8 voted against $5 million in student loan relief. #PA08 #SlipperySteve plays politics w/ #MD06 issues while @amieforcongress shows leadership
.@NRCC Weekly Rundown: Another @dccc recruit loses a primary, @RepBradAshford hides from @HillaryClinton & more!
After an embarrassing loss in the #WA08 primary, it’s time for the @DCCC to admit they can’t win the House @DCCC’s recruit in #WA08 lost the primary to a candidate who dropped out of the race weeks ago #fail via @NRCC