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The NRCC is devoted to increasing the Republican conference in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Congratulations to the newest Member of Congress from #SC05, Congressman @RalphNorman! to Georgia’s First GOP Congresswoman, @KarenHandel! news for House Democrats, @NancyPelosi doesn’t think how long she stays is up to them. are questioning @NancyPelosi’s leadership after 4 failed special elections, but Pelosi says “I think I am…
C’mon @HouseDemocrats, it’s time to #StandWithNancy
Few have done more to elect Republicans than @NancyPelosi. Thank you! #StandWithNancy lost four out of four special elections and they’ll lose again in California.' tired rhetoric didn’t work in Georgia and it won’t work in Texas. @NancyPelosi starts her press conference, we'd like to thank her for all her help in #GA06
👇 to the newest Congressman from #MTAL, Greg Gianforte! night's resounding victories prove the GOP can’t be stopped. Democrats are 4/4 in moral victories. victories last night are a direct reflection of a strong and united GOP. Thank you @PRyan and the House Leaders… put it all on the line & still came up short. With a 0/4 record, they are no closer to the House majority.
Congratulations to #GA06 Congresswoman-Elect @KarenHandel! The first GOP woman to be elected to the U.S. House in G… Congressman-Elect @RalphNorman! #SC05 elected a true conservative to the House! Chairman @SteveStivers on the race for #GA06 and the issues at play: residents talk about Jon @ossoff’s lies, inexperience, and allegiance to liberal Democrats @ossoff’s values are thousands of miles away in San Francisco with @NancyPelosi, not with the residents of #GA06 Times’ Confessore: Even with money flowing into races, Dems still can’t find the best candidates Chairman Steve Stivers makes the case against Jon @ossoff: Jon @Ossoff has continuously lied to #GA06 voters. Don’t let his lies deceive you, he’s nothing more than… Norman is the best choice to represent #SC05. Make sure you vote for him today! polls in #GA06 close at 7 P.M. tonight. Make sure you get there early and vote for GOP candidate @karenhandel! @PRyan: Dems threw the entire kitchen sink into the #GA06 race for a liberal who doesn’t fit the district. on Fox and Friends: The things Jon @ossoff talks about, I’ve actually done Carolinians – Election Day is here! Head to the polls and vote for #SC05 GOP candidate @RalphNorman @ossoff can’t even vote for himself in the #GA06 election today. Don’t let @NancyPelosi & liberal elites steal…’s Election Day! #GA06 voters save your conservative voice in Congress. Get out and vote for @KarenHandel!
It took WFB's @BrentScher 2 hours to walk from @ossoff’s home to #GA06 & Ossoff says it's "three blocks". More lies. voters: Here are 5 reasons to vote for @KarenHandel tomorrow and 5 reasons to NOT vote for liberal Jon @ossoff Francisco liberals like @NancyPelosi fund Jon @ossoff’s campaign. He would support her radical liberal agenda i… #GA06 NRCC Web Video highlights liberal candidate Jon @ossoff’s best blunders throughout the campaign candidate @RalphNorman is the true conservative #SC05 needs. Get out and vote for him tomorrow! Chairman @SteveStivers talks #GA06. Dems “seem happy with moral victories & we're focused on real victories.” is Election Day in #GA06! Get out and vote for GOP candidate @KarenHandel!
Vote now for #GOP Candidate @KarenHandel! Find your #GA06 polling location here: is the last day of Early Voting in #GA06 – make sure you cast your ballot for @karenhandel!
Tickets are still available for tonight's game! If you can’t attend, consider donating to the charities it supports… annual #CongressionalBaseballGame will go on tonight. We will not let evil win. Purchase tickets or donate here…
Keeping @SteveScalise, Capitol Police, staff, and everyone involved in today's attack in our prayers.
With the #GA06 election right around the corner, @ossoff is scrambling to explain his lies to voters’t wait until election day - vote for @karenhandel today! #GA06 takes heat for lying about his national security credentials & inexperience. #GA06 NRCC #GA06 Web Video exposes Mr. Out-of-Town @ossoff’s liberal values. He is out-of-touch with Georgia.
New NRCC TV Ad: #GA06 residents call out Jon @ossoff for his lies, inexperience & allegiance to @NancyPelosi 93rd Birthday President @GeorgeHWBush! Thank you for your service to our country.
While Dems can only claim ‘moral victories’, our Chairman @SteveStivers is leading the House GOP to actual victories
Five cornerstone achievements of the Financial #CHOICEAct the gaffe of the day goes to... @NancyPelosi for confusing President Trump with President Bush…again! House GOP passed the #CHOICEAct – ending stifling Obama-era regulations on small businesses & community banks.
Jon @ossoff dodges when asked about support from @NancyPelosi. But if elected, he will get in line with her agenda. substantive questions, @ossoff refuses to state his position on single-payer healthcare during #GA06 debate
Sign this card to wish Vice President @mike_pence a happy birthday! @karenhandel is experienced and ready to represent #GA06. performance of @ossoff in last night’s #GA06 debate was riddled with weak answers & monumental malfunctions. Birthday Vice President @mike_pence! Thank you for your leadership! @ossoff and Pelosi’s San Francisco liberals want to buy #GA06. Too bad neither of them can vote there. NRCC Web Video highlights @ossoff’s 3 worst malfunctions during last night’s #GA06 debate! also leaves #GA06 debate w/out talking to reporters. Campaign aide comes to talk to reporters on background.
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Karen Handel: "While My Opponent Talks, I've Actually Done It" Handel: I Know First Hand How To Enact Tax Reform Handel Calls Out @ossoff for Living Outside the District, His Out of State Contributions Handel Tells @ossoff: I Will Not Be Lectured By You On Preexisting Conditions leaves Ohio’s Obamacare exchange and the people pay the price. @PRyan has a plan to secure the Republican majority! Thank you Mr. Speaker for your support! are in need of a reality check. Their promises of lower health care costs & more choice are proven false. we honor the bravery and valor of the thousands of U.S. soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy 73 years… skyrocketing and fewer choices, @housedemocrats lies have caught up with them.
On the anniversary of President Reagan’s passing, let us not forget “freedom is never more than one generation away… NRCC Web Video highlights Democrats’ broken promises of affordable healthcare under Obamacare.
Clinton is out for vengeance & the DNC is ducking the controversy
Privileged Jon @ossoff is out-of-touch with #GA06 – a district he doesn’t even live in! news for Republicans! called Texas lawmakers cowards for enforcing the law and protecting their citizens. NRCC #GA06 Web Video reveals the privileged life of out-of-touch @ossoff
Obamacare is failing, but @NancyPelosi and Democrats have no solution. Instead, they still peddle lies of success. NRCC TV Ad: @ossoff’s liberal positions on the Iran Deal and fighting terrorism are too risky for #GA06
Joe Biden criticizes Democrats for abandoning middle-class America