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The NRCC is devoted to increasing the Republican conference in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Son of Fire, The King in the Narrow Sea Stannis of House Baratheon endorses @Annette_Taddeo endorsed by Stannis, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm of Fame Dolphins QB Dan Marino endorses @Annette_Taddeo in #FL26 #sayfie Visionary businessman Walt Disney endorses #FL26 Democrat @Annette_Taddeo #sayfie IN: Supreme Leader Snoke echos protege Kylo Ren, endorses @Annette_Taddeo #sayfie Force Awakens in #FL26 as @Annette_Taddeo receives Kylo Ren's endorsement #sayfie endorsed Hillary, now will he help her avoid a crushing loss in New Hampshire? ascends Pride Rock, receives Simba's endorsement for #FL26 primary #sayfie to Miami! @Annette_Taddeo receives Will Smith's endorsement #sayfie #FL26 is kicking off his 2016 campaign tonight. Will he head to NH to help save Hillary’s? Democrat Insider @Annette_Taddeo endorsed by Miami Vice director, Michael Mann @Annette_Taddeo endorsed by The People's Champion, Dwayne "The Rock Johnson secret weapon to pull @Annette_Taddeo's campaign of out its tailspin: Celebrity endorsements. #sayfie.@Annette_Taddeo endorsed by Stannis, First of His Name, King of the Andals and First Men @NRCC uncovers @Annette_Taddeo's list of upcoming celebrity endorsements. #sayfie #fl26
Awkward... - Remember when you called yourself #middleclass on @msnbc despite being worth $5.7 million?
Retweeted by NRCCDems panic as @HillaryClinton ties a socialist in Iowa and more in this week's edition of the @NRCC Weekly Rundown
Our environment is our lifeblood in Upstate New York, and we must protect it from invasive predators. Watch:
Retweeted by NRCC55 of my colleagues signed my letter calling for the WASP's immediate reinstatement at @ArlingtonNatl. Read it here:
Retweeted by NRCCRead more about allegations of “political intimidation, retribution” by @carbajalsalud here: @carbajalsalud and @NancyPelosi threatening opponents in the #CA24 primary? attacks a socialist for not being liberal enough, touting her endorsement by Ricky Martin panics, argues with socialist Senator @BernieSanders over who is the more extreme liberal
.@dccc's top-tier candidate @GilbertforMI should use #Hollywood elite to pay her $472k in back taxes #MI08 are some ?s that @Schneider4IL10 and @TeamRotering hope aren’t asked at the #IL10 debate tonight @DCCC's "top-tier" candidate @GilbertforMI can pay her $472,00 in back free! #mi08 sure what to ask @Schneider4IL10 and @TeamRotering at the #IL10 debate? Here are some suggestions @AnnaThroneHolst and @dcalone finally start taking positions on the issues at tonight's #NY01 debate? & @dcalone's #NY01 primary is like watching paint dry. Will that change tonight? Dems put politics before nat'l security, vote against bill to stop Iran Deal from funding terrorists and House Dems vote against bill to prevent Iran Deal from funding terrorism
House Democrats prefer national security risk @HillaryClinton to socialist @BernieSanders, begin to panic Democrats go into panic mode after their preferred candidate ties a socialist in #IowaCaucus accepts shady donations connected to campaign advisor @Jim_Moran. #va10 via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCCExclusive footage: @HillaryClinton, after tying a socialist in #IowaCaucus heading to NH, where she trails by 18 @MikeDerrickNY21's poor fundraising, @DCCC should find it hard to say he's a viable candidate. #NY21 finally got something right when he said his fundraising is "a lot depressing." #NY21 security risk @HillaryClinton barely edges out a socialist in #IowaCaucus avoids yet another complete #IowaCaucus disaster, edging out a socialist by less than 1%. presumptive nominee @HillaryClinton again in a tight battle with a former underdog. Happy Groundhog Day!
The only #CA25 resident @BryanCaforio could convince to donate to him was his wife @dccc’s handpicked carpet bagger @BryanCaforio got ZERO donations from #CA25 week I spoke to the NAACP Lake County on how we can work together to create a stronger community for all.
Retweeted by NRCCIn the land of Lincoln, @RobertDold has a huge COH lead over the #IL10 Dem candidates top of their nasty primary, #IL10 Dem candidates are also way behind @RobertDold in fundraising
Attn: @AIPAC ORIGINAL Weekly Rundown: @NancyPelosi feuds with @BernieSanders, @ZephyrTeachout carpetbags and more! via @NRCCDon't fall for cheap imitations! Here's the often imitated, but never duplicated @NRCC Weekly Rundown! @dccc - we can make played-out memes too!
Retweeted by NRCCHad the opportunity to visit our service members in Afghanistan. This photo was taken in Kuwait w servicemen frm FL
Retweeted by NRCCEveryone be sure to wish @SpeakerRyan a happy birthday today!
.@NancyPelosi/@dccc in full blown panic mode re: @Annette_Taddeo vs @AndrewKorge @NancyPelosi bullying son of @HillaryClinton donor @andrewkorge out of #FL26 race vs @Annette_Taddeo? THE QUIZ! Will @HillaryClinton or @BernieSanders be worse for House Dems in November? likes to take pot shots at @EliseStefanik. Let's compare the two, shall we? #ny21 doesn't like @drum10thmtn but likes funding terrorists. #ny21 President Reagan's speech from the Oval Office that healed our nation. #VA10
Retweeted by NRCC#TBT to @LuAnnBennett & @Jim_Moran’s elitist rant at a police officer. #VA10 to @LuAnnBennett & @Jim_Moran’s elitist rant at @BarackObama’s 2009 inauguration. #VA10 features @LuAnnBennett’s $7,500 per month DC Ritz-Carlton condo. #VA10 THE QUIZ! Will @HillaryClinton or @BernieSanders be worse for House Dems in November? Dems retreat to Baltimore to decide whether a socialist or a subject of an FBI investigation is worse for them QUIZ! Who is worse for House Dems: @HillaryClinton or @BernieSanders?
.@NancyPelosi tries to distance House Democrats from new Iowa and NH frontrunner @BernieSanders Democrats begin to run from new frontrunner @BernieSanders and his socialist agenda. has been a pleasure working on behalf of the constituents of #NY21-I look forward to continuing in 2016 & beyond
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.@ZephyrTeachout strikes out on agriculture (already). #NY19 @ZephyrTeachout wants higher taxes on Hudson Valley farmers and small business owners in #NY19
#NY19 candidate @ZephyrTeachout called for billions in tax hikes despite cheating on her own taxes. & tax-hiking Brooklyn resident @ZephyrTeachout officially running in Hudson Valley's #NY19 decries Super PACs, but appeared in a video for a Super PAC that has spent $500k+ for him now says Super PACS are bad. But in this @HouseMajPAC ad, he says otherwise
Democrats begin to panic at prospect of a socialist at the top of the ticket. @BernieSanders overtakes @HillaryClinton in the polls, Democrats go into panic mode.
.@MorganLCarroll supports bringing GITMO detainees to CO. Does she support the Iran Deal too? #CO06 shaky record on Iran? Yep. GITMO detainees to CO? Yep. Iran Deal? #CO06 deserves to know of State John Kerry admits Iran deal will fund terrorists. House Democrats continue to support. is such an extreme partisan that she supports funding to terrorists. #mepol #me02 is an extreme partisan who supports a deal to fund terrorists. #FL26 #sayfie House Democrats vote to cut off terrorist funding, or continue to support Obama's failed Iran policy? Joke: Extreme @emilyanncain supports funding terrorists. #me02 #mepol darling @Annette_Taddeo supports deal that @JohnKerry admits will fund terrorists. #FL26 #sayfie joke: @Annette_Taddeo supports funding terrorists. #FL26 #sayfie
If @MorganLCarroll believed she could win in #CO06, wouldn’t she give up her state Senate seat?, ok. @BradAshford16 says he doesn’t know how tying himself to @BarackObama will impact his reelection is sticking to her day job, not showing confidence in her ability to win in #CO06 @NRCC sends @LuAnnBennett a care package to her home at the DC Ritz-Carlton. is kidding himself by saying he’s not sure how embracing @BarackObama will play in #NE02 details about @HillaryClinton email scandal show her disregard for federal law and national security. @HillaryClinton's disregard for national security cost House Democrats their seats in November?
.@LuAnnBennett - You may want to study up on what @BarbaraComstock has done for #VA10 before tweeting.
Retweeted by NRCC.@DickDurbin just ensured the #IL10 primary is going to get really ugly via @NRCCGrudge match: In #IL10 it’s @TeamRotering and @DickDurbin vs @Schneider4IL10 @NancyPelosi and @dccc
Tonight: A socialist debates two people currently under criminal investigation as House Democrats run for cover. @nytimes editorial board endorses my bipartisan bill to keep families safe from violence. Read more: #IL10
Retweeted by NRCC.@DWStweets and House Democrats can't hide from the Obama-Clinton agenda forever #DemDebate @HillaryClinton, @BernieSanders, and @MartinOMalley gather in SC for #DemDebate, House Democrats run for cover
These ISIS arrests within VA. demonstrate the threat is real and we need our intel. to be agile and vigilant. #VA10
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Speaking against an Obama admin rule that according to their own estimates would kill 7,000 coal jobs #STREAMAct
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