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Network Disruption: A3 Northbound - Surrey between A247 / Tythebarns Lane (Burntcommon) and B2039 Ockham Road Nort… Disruption: M23 - Northbound - Surrey. Diversions will take place. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.Network Disruption: M6 Southbound - Cheshire between J17 A534 (Sandbach / Crewe) and J16 A500 (Crewe / Stoke-On-Tre… @KathleenStacey6 Apologies for any delay Kathleen, We can see that the 426 is operating with a delay. Can you pleas… @liahfarrell2 Hi Liah, apologies for the delay to your service. Can you please DM us your ticket number so we can c… CLOSURE: Whitfield. 20th - Friday 23rd February will not be served overnight due to overnight closures of the…, Shameem and Christian here to help you this morning 😃 Have a fantastic day.
That's me signing out for the evening. If you need anything urgently, you can call us on 03717 81 81 81. Have a w… @jaguar_p_anther Hi, my apologies for the delayed service. The coach is currently running with an approximate 30 mi… M3 Northbound J3 - 2. Two lanes closed due to a broken down vehicle. Diversions are in place.DISRUPTION: A31 Westbound at Stoney Cross. Closed due to an accident. Diversions are in placeDISRUPTION: M62 Westbound - J24 -23 Huddersfield. Closed due to an accident. Diversions are in placeHey guys, Tasha taking over to help with all your National Express needs. Hope you are having a lovely… @eloisa_cabral Hi Eloisa, thank you for contacting us. I am very sorry to hear of what happened previously. Placing… @Corkywrightxox Apologies for your delay Courtney. I hope you are on your way now.DISRUPTION: A302 Grosvenor Place Northbound London - One lane closed due to a collapsed manhole.DISRUPTION: M42 Southbound J6-J5 Solihull - Two lanes closed due to an accidentDISRUPTION: M40 Northbound J3-J4 High Wycombe - Two lanes closed due to an accident.Good morning all, Alliya here to assist with your queries today. I hope you are all having a great Wednesday so far ☺️
That's us done for the day all. For further assistance please call us on 08717 81 81 81 - available until 10pm. We’… @lucyhol98 Hi Lucy. I'm sorry for the delay in responding. Following the incident on the M25 earlier today, I can c… All, Following an earlier incident on the M5, the M5 has now re-opened between Junction 28 and 29. ^mcThat's me finished for the day, sorry I haven't been able to get back to everyone as quickly as I'd like! Thankfull… Closure of A11 Southbound at Largling due to an accident, services have been diverted. The Wymondham &… CLOSURE: High Wycombe Coachway From 2100 on Friday 16 Feb to 0500 on Monday 19 Feb From 2100 on Friday 23 Feb… Morning! Caidie here to help with all things National Express until 4pm. :) Give me a shout if you need me!
Good night all, we will be back tomorrow from 08:00, Have a good evening.ROAD CLOSURE: #M4 Westbound between J26 A4051 (Malpas Road) and J27 B4591 (Highcross). Two lanes blocked and slow t… @rebecca_skceb Have a lovely journey 😊 @rebecca_skceb Hi Rebecca, it is running. The coach is currently at Gloucester. ^mb @lofieye It was yes, apologies for the delay in your service. The driver will try to make up time en route. Have a lovely journey :) @lofieye Hi there, the 09:45 services from Derby will be with out within the next 5 minutes. Apologies for the delay Iofieye ^mbTEMPORARY STOP CHANGE: Dereham - Tuesday 13th to Saturday 17th February. Due to Trial Works, all services will relo… @neecysauntie Hi Mo, thank you for taking time to leave positive feedback. We have forwarded your comments on to th… Disruption: M40 Southbound - Warwickshire. Two lanes closed and slow traffic due to accident on M40 Southb… morning everyone, Misma here to assist today. I hope everyone is having a lovely start of the week. 😊
That's all for this Sunday. Signing out! We'll be back as usual from 8am-8pm tomorrow. Hope you all have a good evening.ROAD CLOSURE: M25 in both directions between J19 and J18. Stationary traffic due to overturned lorry and all traff… @AnaPortman1 I've responded to your private message regarding this. I sincerely apologise again for your experience Ana. @AnaPortman1 I will DM you which you can respond to. We look forward to getting this resolved with you. @AnaPortman1 Apologies about your experience again Ana. Can you DM your contact number please? We will discuss this further with you. @AnaPortman1 I'm concerned to learn of this Ana. Can you DM further details please? ^gr @ylimeeh10 Hey Emi. The service is currently on the M5 and is around 10-15 minutes away. Apologies for the delay. ^grDISRUPTION: A14 Eastbound closed, queueing traffic due to accident, debris on road, fuel spillage and oil spillage… all, Guess who ? That's right 'Zobrul' here to assist you with your queries today. I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.Need to track your service? Please use our Coachtracker , to track in real time
That is us done for this evening, we will be back bright and early at 8am tomorrow morning! Have a wonderful night. 🌜 @CarrieOnTwit Really sorry for any inconvenience caused Carrie :( @CarrieOnTwit I'm sorry to hear Carrie. There is no ETA as of yet, but we hope a service will be with you shortly.Good morning everybody, hope you are all well! I'm Naz and I am here to help you today with your questions. 😃
National Express - coach Social Media is now closed. We re-open at 08:00 tomorrow. For urgent issues please call 00…***Disruption M6 Northbound J3 Corley Services *** Two lanes closed due to an accident.*** Disruption M1 Northbound - Worksop J31 *** Two lanes closed due to an accident - between J26 and J25 All lanes have re-opened in both directions. @Danny_Weebs Thank you for letting us know. Any missed connection - staff in Victoria coach station will provide as… @Danny_Weebs Sorry Dan. still trying to find out whats happening. @etheridge_tom Oh right, sorry about this. I'll try to find out what happening. @Danny_Weebs The coach is not currently trackable, however we have no reports to suggest is's running more than 20… @etheridge_tom There are no incidents logged by the Control team to suggest it is running more than 20 minutes late… @SteveMitch2392 @nxcare Yes Stephen, no coaches have been cancelled.ROAD CLOSURE: M5 - Both Directions - Somerset. Closed due to an accident and investigation work. Diversion in place.DISRUPTION: M25 Anticlockwise J15-J14 Heathrow - Two lanes closed due to an accident. @RobTaylor0 Robert, there are diversions in place. However it shouldn't have too much of an impact on your service.STOP CHANGE: Our alternative stop is on St. Johns Street, TA65HZ. The icon highlighted on the map is for southbound… CHANGE: We are unable to serve our stops at Taunton and Wellington until further notice. This is due to a poli… @RobTaylor0 HI Robert, Where are you travelling to?DISRUPTION: Two lanes closed before J26 and congestion to J27 - Two lanes closed due to emergency repairs.DISRUPTION: M5 closed in both directions between J26 and J25 - Closed due to an accident.Good morning all :) I hope you all have a great day! For any assistance please drop us a line, we are available until 8pm today 😁
That is us done for this evening, we will be back bright and early at 8am tomorrow morning! Have a wonderful night. 🌜Network Disruption Update: M1 Northbound J14-J15 Northampton Two lanes closed due to an accident.NETWORK DISRUPTION: M6 Northbound J27-J28 Leyland Two lanes closed due to an accident & fuel spillageDisruption Update: M1 Northbound J28- J29 Mansfield. Two lanes closed due to a broken down vehicle.That's me done for the day. The beautiful and intelligent Nicole will be taking over until 8pm. Safe journey home :)DISRUPTION UPDATE: M1 Northbound J9. All lanes have reopened.DISRUPTION: M1 Northbound J9 Redbourne. Two lanes closed due to an accident. Diversions are in placeSTOP CLOSURE: A8 services are currently unable to serve the London Liverpool Street Station stop. This is due to a… M1 Southbound J21 a - Leicester. Two lanes closed due to an accident. Diversions are in placeDISRUPTION: M6 Northbound J16 - Crewe. Two lanes closed due to an accident. Diversions are in place.