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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion & FIFA. Solving world problems with love for EVERYBODY. Cohost on @nacionespn2

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No disrespect to neighboring states that have real weather issues but it’s cold as an Orcas nose breaching in Alaskan waters in Miami ❄️🖤
Early morning flight to LA ✈️Thank you 🙏 9v9 tonight at KSP with my guy @Fafagoal23 ⚽️ w/ my dawgs @rickyrozay & @djsamsneak @ Overtown🗣 I FUCKING LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS & NOTHING YOU SAY OR DO TO ME WILL EVER CHANGE THAT‼️Who do i have to sleep with over at Sallie Mae to get this student loan expunged❓#LoveMovement“God favored me” -hezekiah walkerGotta a crazy schedule the next few days: fly to LA tomorrow for @NacionESPN2, fly back to Miami for to watch Snoop… has your hump day been so far 🐫♥️ says Roger Goodell took over the #NFL at a tough time and remembers their close relationship.
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Retweeted by Chad JohnsonHomeless guy i met in Miami in 2013, he asked me for money one day & i took him under my wing for 2 years since i d… & Ocho 💙 & Ocho ❤️ have to fly to New Orleans & bring Porkchop back to Miami, I’m the only person who chilled w/ a homeless guy damn… 😢💛
50 Shades of Grey has yet another movie coming out using my likeness & detailed scenes from personal footage i sent… @AaronRodgers12 I’m still open...💘’s weird seeing all my NBA homies dominate in a structured environment each night but couldn’t beat me 1 on 1...It’s quite disappointing & absolutely unacceptable for me to be the best FIFA player in the world & I’m just learni… are fascinating human beings...🌅 what you want by being what you want.
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonWhy do we lie to our kids about Santa Clause 🎅🏿 & the Tooth Fairy 🧚‍♂️Those of you w/ kids have you finished their Christmas shopping yet❓I wish I understood the meat & potatoes of politics like my cousin @marclamonthill but nobody seems to get along...Has there even been this much continuous turmoil w/ a president elect as it is w/ Trump or is it magnified because of social media❓Mood: White BOOST.
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Retweeted by Chad Johnson“Ocho Cinco Special” @DavidsCafeWorld 🤗 was your Tuesday❓💙 @DavidsCafeWorld for lunch 🍴RT @boinjamin: We've had 7 home games now and the loudest I've heard the crowd get this year is when they honored… fucking love all of you, i wish i could be of some benefit or value to you guys besides consistent virtual pleasa…
Just got some new sticks from @Eighty5Cigars thanks @ochocinco cant wait to light them up 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonMy jeans are too tight man 😢Sliding to the Dolphins game early, can’t wait to see Moss & C. Woodson 🐐’s😂😂😂😂😂😂🗣 I FUCKING LOVE ALL OF YOU 💯Updated my FUT w/ the help of @MaurooGi, i bought FIFA points for the first time & opened 10 packs, not where i wan… in town? I threw my controller off the balcony cause this FUT shit is confusing, i don’t want to open no got da… in Miami that plays FUT want to make a quick 1k, i can’t figure out how to buy the players i want so I’ll p… there’s a good reason to travel to Paris, PSG & Real Madrid play on Valentine’s Day 💯#ChampionsLeague Real Madrid vs PSG ⚽️Holy moly it’s cold in Miami ❄️💞 on a flight back to Miami after total chaos caused Atlanta to shut down because of an inch of snow 😒It’s 5 in the morning & y’all still arguing about receivers 😡😡😡
I went to the bathroom & i come back to everybody arguing in mentions about receivers 😢I can’t argue with any of you because i fucking love you guys, if you can’t cover me in real life your opinion on r… receiver in the NFL is @AB84 from a statistical standpoint & skill set, i have 12 minutes to argue this fact w/ anyone who disagrees‼️I’m at the airport waiting on my flight to leave at 6am so let’s y’all football okay?🖤 MNF on ESPN tomorrow at the dolphins-patriots game, will visit w/ Cutler & have our weekly chat as usual.I’m the only one who can cover @AB84 in bump-n-run, that young boul on 🔥 tonight 🤳🏿Ravens-Steelers is a really good game 🏈RT @WhitneyCummings: Ocho owns my heart.Did he just do the FIFA celebration or am i tripping❓That young boul Keenan Allen in bump-n-run 🔥🔥🔥“Stripes of 3” @Ochocinco & @AsapFerg's 'Sneaker Shopping' episodes tonight on @MSGNetworks 📺 [Right after the @NYKnicks &…
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Retweeted by Chad JohnsonLet me get a follow so i can invite you to bible study 📖's bigger than football tonight #SHALIEVE
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