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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion & FIFA. Solving problems with love for EVERYBODY. Ambassador for @adidas @easports Cohost on @nacionespn2

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I’ve only seen one woman that can dance like the lead dancer just now in Pharell’s “Lemon” & that’s Danielle Palonc… @JHarden13 wearing the Adidas Harden Vol. 2 during All-Star practice.
Retweeted by Chad Johnson#SoleWatch: @Dame_Lillard wearing the Bape x Adidas Dame 4 during All-Star practice.
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonDame 4 Bape my followers please tell @TaylorSportsGrp to play 1 on 1 in basketball pleaseHow in the hell can i pull that off❓ fact that i can dominate the masses in all EA sports related games speaks volumes & i should be recognized as t… many of followers play NBA live 18❓This #LoveMovement started offline in 1994 ®️ rig is almost done, i feel sorry for my colleagues as i will turn pro as a full time gamer soon...#FIFA18KINGRT @realDonaldTrump: Never gotten over the fact that @ochocinco was able to beat $1.7 billion people in FIFA18 and… @Drea_TheCreole: He look so good. It’s something about Ocho face that is just perfect. My goodnessVideo representation of me LOVING strangers ❤️ just want an hour sit down w/ Daniel Day Lewis w/ a cigar & coffee to pick his brain 🧠Those of you that reside in Miami it’d behoove you to get tickets to see the stage play “The Color Purple” at the A…❤️ of your answers are freaking dope but my grandma always said what good is a man that couldn’t provide‼️Thoughts❓❓ is the trainer trying to prove he has the situation under control❓ courtesy of @Wespeso morning in Miami ☀️I swear ppl have conditioned themselves to find the negativity in everything and wonder y nothing goes right.
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonWhen you stay positive in a negative situation, you win.
Retweeted by Chad Johnson
How are you guys doing today? I fucking love you people okay, I’m in bed watching ESPN highlights...Pepe & the heavy weights at the brand that creates: Pepe, Joe Robertson, Chris McGuire & Torben Schumacher… Johnson just drove by and told me he loves me. I love you too @ochocinco
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonMy dude, that’s a new fit 👀 #TeamFrugal @ochocinco
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonSometimes water isn’t wet enough for some people 🤦🏽‍♂️Chad Johnson called upon to start the third period in relief for the #Sabres
Retweeted by Chad Johnson#boosted In Triple White.
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonATR Takeover. 📸: @scknows
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonAdidas Dame 4 Bape 🏀“Old school Blvd” -dorothy norwood#LuvinU afternoon on the east coast i fucking love you guys too 💯Good morning on the west i fucking love you guys 💯If I ever win the lotto imma get @ochocinco to be my financial advisor
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonUncle Ocho 👨🏾 Alphaedge 4d ASW boul @PUSHA_T & i spotted a McDonald’s in the distance 💯
My son @ChadYoloJ has 7 on 7 tomorrow at Fountain Valley High School, will gladly take that drive & heckle him from the standsDon’t stress, i get an extension sometimes just because i hate seeing money leave my account, ask @FPL & @ATT, try… are y’all doing up❓Looking out my hotel balcony at all the people going out to enjoy the All Star Weekend festivities, I’m enjoying a…'s a "Triple Black" version of the Neighborhood x adidas NMD:
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonMy day/night is over, time for bed 🛏1 of 1 prime knit 4d trainer (not completed yet) one of my rich friends @VonMiller said i look like Calvin from Paid In Full w/ these damn glasses on 😢🏀 & @JayTrain process at @adidas through the details of the shoe I’m building with Todd Rolak @SammMcAlear and… my own shoe at Adidas & the process that goes into making a shoe is phenomenal...Found two of my rich friends @JohnWall & @NickSwagyPYoung in LA got to make enough money to have as many kids a Ocho and still be able to smile as much as him. #Goals
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonBlue Laces 2 & Loaded Bases Nipsey Hussle album so got damn raw 🔥🔥🔥Essentials... New Colors Of The @adidasoriginals NMD R1 STLT PK Are On The Way. Grab Yours Next Week.
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonTake A Look At The Design Process Behind The @adidasHoops Harden Vol.2. Via: @SneakerNews
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonMy favorite Forest Whitaker movie role is him depicting Idi Amin in “The Last King of Scotland”, Forest has a pleth… cover of Essence Magazine w/ Chadwick, Daniel, Michael & Forest Whitaker is dope 🔥🔥🔥Been moving like that the past 15 years where you been❓ landed in LA, whole lota Adidas sh*t getting ready to go down‼️Jet Blue “mint experience” want to be able to give back like Jeff Bezos Blue “mint experience” 😍 don’t understand why people don’t like Target clothes, i be fresh ass hell in their jeans & teesSometimes you have to negotiate w/ your kids when they’re not on #TheFrugalTeam we all wish my angel @BabyChaiel_85 Happy 13th Birthday 🎂🎁 morning#LoveMovement2018Mood: