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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion & FIFA. Solving problems with love for EVERYBODY. Ambassador for @adidas @easports Cohost on @nacionespn2

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Yes of course, i say McDonald’s & dine inside & talk about childhood memories, if you trying to stunt go to Red Lob… at Washington Park Gym this morning, gotta drop 24-12-10 🏀Arsenal-West Ham just started on NBCsn ⚽️
I have a Smart Car already. about purchasing the Rezvani Tank, i value your opinions & thoughts so❓I’m only 6’3, i could’ve played for the Heat, this being a dad shit is so fucking dope, despite my non-traditional approach which is frowned upon i make it work w/ all 85 kidsNo greater feeling than watching your kids excel at their craft: @BabyChaiel_85 your kids to my day care, no charge the first year ®️ Verne Troyer 👼🏻“Juanito Alima” -hector lavoe/willie colònLook how small @BabyChaiel_85 is but she’s faster than my entire timeline 🏃🏿‍♀️💨 I love you. 😄♥️
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonLet’s go AB lock in 🥊A few of my former NFL colleagues are in here at Tootsies but i won’t mention any names, they took some of my Krisp… @Gervontaa Congrats young boul 💯Headed to Tootsies w/ my Krispy Kreme & cigars to meet up w/ the young bouls out the 40’s & enjoy the fights on showtime 🥊“Lobo Domesticado” -tommy olivenciaFirst time trying this bad boy @ochocinco @Eighty5Cigars
Retweeted by Chad Johnson🍩 grab a dozen doughnuts from Krispy Kreme to take with me to Tootsies as dessert after i smash the shrimp frie…’ll see the greatest comeback in NBA history by the Heat 🙌🏾’mon HeatBarcelona is killing Sevilla ⚽️ @GGGBoxing I’m available May 5th if you want a quality opponent that you can’t hit, just hit my agent @LEllerbeNot that any of you care but I’m really excited about all of tonight’s fight on showtime 🥊My Instagram won’t refresh 🤦🏽‍♂️#Wealth Advisor: @ochocinco
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonMy dawg @MRGBSB just invited me to Duffy’s, i don’t know what that place is but I’m going 🚗💨Man Baby Kennedi is a camper 💤 in love not in fear
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonI’m so excited about the entire fight card on showtime tonight, i will get to Tootsies early & get a good spot upstairs in front of the tv 📺Sis you betta come the fuck through you hear me, don’t knock just kick the door down, them boots is everything, the… @BabyChaiel_85 just ran a 57 in the 400 meters, i would’ve preferred a 55 but I’m not on the track.Don’t forget to have The Valley Boys Junkanoo playing at my grave site as they lower my casket ®️ talk before the 400 meter race who was supposed to leave for Germany today for Champions League but I’m sitting in the sun watching…, that's why it feels so good to love everyone...despite how they may feel about me ..word to @ochocinco
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i love you!!!! stay positive - Lil B
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonI just saw a new picture of Phil Heath, i think i need more than 5 to prepare or i can just do double days till September, thoughts❓Everyone has to go see @ifeelpretty, dope movie w/ an inspiring twist to it that many can & will benefit from ®️ meal of the day 🥘 in the wild w/ Orcas in Norway or New Zealand that @ochocinco special. ✔💯
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonGuess I’ll play fifa at home since as usual Miami people don’t want to hang with me‼️Cavs-Pacers at 7 o’clock 🏀You done be out the country twice within a month, sit yo ass down somewhere, when i cut off your 5k a month allowance want to hang out with Miami Twitter tonight, where we at, i promise not to embarrass us with my outfit from Target?Late lunch at iKrave courtesy of @_EStarr47 mom called to tell me she heard an interview where @ochocinco explains his frugality, needless to say she luh him now🤦🏾‍♀️
Retweeted by Chad Johnson#LoveMovement2018Tell me more sis cause my confidence been gone since 1984 Goodell about me following rules #ChildPlease w/ @MRGBSB 💪🏿 exciting is the entire card on showtime tomorrow 🥊Are any of my followers going to Vegas to watch me compete against @philheath in September❓I’m almost Brandon Marshall’s size, curious how i would’ve played at this weight instead of 184“Brackets” -j coleHa, the camera man is always present 📷 @JicyraJ Did you unfollow me because I’m offended❓More FIFA18 Nova is going to have a men’s section, if their prices & t shirts can compete w/ that of my favorite cost e…😍😍😍 workout partner went flying off 😂😂😂 4/20 to everybody, lighting up one of my @Eighty5Cigars ®️don't trade your authenticity for approval
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonNo takeoff had the second best verse on motorsport. Nicki Minaj had the best verse on that song. Yo ugly ass know t…
Retweeted by Chad Johnson @JColeNC Superb body of work young boul 💯Adidas is better than Nike
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Goodnight, sorry for the meaningless tweets w/ no substance but mere random thoughts, i fucking love you guys & tom… is dying but this J Cole is going to play until it does. (Yes i was listening to gladiator soundtrack) are as happy as we DECIDE to be.
Retweeted by Chad Johnson3k of that is mine the7 wonders of the world & flight times to each are freaking ridiculous 😢“Mi historia entre tus dedos” -mickey taverasDrove by the Dolphins stadium earlier today, it seats 65k fans, then i think of the Coliseum in Rome that seats 50k…