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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, FIFA/Black Ops 3. Solving world problems with love for all women. Richly employed because of Hue Jackson.

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I loved 178 people in "The Land" in a 5 hour span, 174 people loved me back, 4 ignored me leaving me appalled & confused."If you never try you'll never know"Smoking in "The Land" a coincidence, @bdubleu is sitting right behind me. Cool stuff.'re on the Cleveland flight? What row, let's take a pic. RT @bdubleu: @ochocinco love jet blue. I think I'm on the same flight as you...Not sure why it's long, everybody is going to lose. should go to the Real Madrid match in Columbus tonight, how far would that drive be from Cleveland?This is why I love Martin, stuff like this --> RT @MartinShkreli: @Just_Justin8 @ochocinco sure id buy 20% of the team just to ride with himOk this is cool, I love you guys. @ochocinco Chad Johnson is really dope: 6-time Pro-Bowler, > 11k receiving yards, walking highlight reel and, of course, lover of JetBlue!
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonMartin I love you man, everything you stand for & represent. a serious note: thoughts on who's going to win the presidency?Jet Blue is really dope, wifi, inflight service is excellent, outlet ports for your phone in each aisle, what more can one want.I love all the women who unfollowed me because of their relationship but still ended up single. I'm still here as a friend.I love cigarsI love Hue JacksonI love Rihanna because she always wears the correct size heel when wearing open toe shoes & is a great example for women on how to do so.I love Crystal Bates & her feetI told everyone on my flight to Cleveland I love them over the intercom & they were very receptive to my message.I love all walks of lifeI love McDonald's & Starbucks tooI love Michelle BeadleI love Lisa VidalEver since I followed @ochocinco. I feel so at peace with myself and the world around me 😅🌎
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonTechnology is so awesome, being able to reach a few million people mid-flight is quite fascinating.The NEWEST #podcast is up. Hear myself & @jamiedukes talk about ALL my in game concussions & #AldonSmith: LOVE YALL SO MUCH YALL GIVING ME POWER MAN THE SUPPORT AND LOVE GOT ME CHARGED UP
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonMood: called me private (which I'll never answer) & left Robin Thicke's song "Lost Without You" on my voicemail in its entirety is rude.It doesn't matter if they don't like you: showed love at all times. you're at work, walk in your bosses office & tell them "I Love You" @Cristiano I just texted you, that's my new number.Is Cristiano going to play today in Columbus, Oh?loving everyone today, feeling like @ochocinco 😌🤗
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonEarly morning maintenance‼️ day New way™Will do boss way to start the morning right? @ochocinco
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonDave I love you man, I finally get to so something I'm actually great at, I miss you guys. Thanks to Cleveland in 5 hours & I can't wait to see how the McDonald's tastes out there.Good morning, my name is Chad & I love all of youI love you that was funny😂😂😂 RT @TAXSTONE: Y'all out here having s*x with men with green eyes that's why ya kids on the bench at the football gamesThe NEWEST #podcast is up. Hear @ochocinco & @jamiedukes talk about Chad's in game concussions & #AldonSmith:
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The one I didn't do, had the Staples "EASY" buttons under the north/south end zone goal posts but didn't score 😟 God I just want to emulate the skill of Neymar when I play in pick up games please 🙌🏾I realized how much I actually suck at soccer after playing/watching Pogba & Griezmann. takes an estimated 364 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop according engineering students at Purdue. @realchadjohnson I love you man, hope all is well.Love everything and everybody. Word to @ochocinco
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonAre we loving today?New day, same outfit because not enough people seen me with it on - @ochocinco
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonBefore I die I just wanna smoke a cigar with @ochocinco
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonI love you Paul‼️, @JimOwczarski add @ochocinco as 4th player in @Enquirer #Bengals RingofHonor
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonCan't believe I spent $13 @ Panera smh, I'm a disgrace to frugal people everywhere.
Retweeted by Chad Johnson @adidas Can you please make the super star 80's pk for men. #PLEASENew day New way™Mood love y'all. Word to @ochocinco
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonJust enjoying a cigar with @shanemichealb, I live far man, just watch women as they pass by in their bathing suits. love all of you & I would do anything for any of you except jump in water to save you from a school of piranha.Good morningGood morning Shane, wait for me, will be there at 10:30, I'll be the black guy wearing yesterday's outfit. someone today. Word to @ochocinco.
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How was your Monday?God works. Sometimes through me
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonToday is the third anniversary of the release of my album 3.0. Let’s celebrate together:
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonYou can eat whatever you want sis especially if you have the discipline to work out. we loving today?I see my dawg just got blessed, I got you this time. 💯I loved 42 so far & they were all Starbucks could've played for the Heat, look at the cross over and finish in a pair of Vans Trout & Bryce Harper, what's the difference for those who are baseball fanatics?RT @Barbie_Bates_: So sleepy after dealing w/ Ocho 😢10 & she's doing so without all the high end brands.'s a gorgeous day today in MiamiNo we are my cut from cloth, we were once sperm flowing effortlessly through a fallopian tube amongst millions. it ended because I made a horrible mistake off the field, one in which I regret till today. I love you I appreciate your visual assessment but it will not stop my love for you. I love you & your honest opinion. @DrDavidDuke I love you again today Mr. Duke, hope all is well, your new friend Chad.I love all of youIt's a beautiful day, if it's breathing, moves or happens to be in your peripheral vision LOVE it‼️
Watching Cleveland & Arizona on ESPN, arena football is cool, forces the feet & body to react faster than normal in small spaces.I'm excited to see Mike Evans & Kelvin BenjaminEnough about soccer, let's talk about football season though, who leads the league in receiving & why?I had one job to do & that's impress Mourinho & I failed. knew I sucked at soccer when coach Mourinho let me practice w/ Real Madrid years ago & I lost the ball every single time. I suckCan I tell y'all something embarrassing? @Cristiano You still up? @85mom Why didn't you put me in soccer instead of football? Now it's too lateThe fact that I even thought I had a chance of improving after trying to emulate Neymar the past 3 years really hurts me inside. I suckI'm sitting in the car smoking a cigar realizing how I'm light years away from being decent at soccer after watching Griezmann & PogbaI played basketball & futsal in a pair of Vans 🐐I love you man 💯 I wouldn't get any roles