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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. I love possibilities, I believe in people & imagineering. &

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How publications are committing harikari!  – my latest post. Tip @mediagazer this.. Just published by @NYTimes... This is the paper's whole-media-team Sunday story about @FoxNews culture
Retweeted by Om MalikPerfect #SundayReading: @ChefChrisYoung & @Om talk #tech, cooking, the history of sous vide:
Retweeted by Om Malik15 classic cars that define cool -
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Your privacy at risk: Verizon reportedly close to purchasing Yahoo’s Internet busines via @ExtremeTechTim Armstrong may be falling into the same trap that’s ruined every Yahoo CEO via @sai @NirajDawar I can make same arguments about he future and the past @LauraGlu @chrismichel done all of them 👍🏽We need more books about the present – And in the process reinvent the idea of a book/magazine! surf posse! They are done for the day! #californiacoast #beachlife #surfer #50mm #leica @…
Come on Cashman, get on it 😜 Twitter has spoken! @anildash original super hero: hanuman aka hanu+manShould @Yankees go ahead and do a fire sale and cut the past and move into a proper rebuild of a team we can cheer*is it over yet* @learmonth congrats 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
A new exhibit @PrattInstitute is using #design to visually explain neuroscience via @verge
Retweeted by Om Malik @chrismichel @BWJones plus a Chris Michel friend, which is life attribute in itself. Ask @jcal7That was 2013. Yet it is trending on my Facebook - I guess time and history are fungible in age of alogrithm @GlobalEcoGuy @psullivan1 yes and yet it is trending on Facebook as news! How about that!Helen Thomas dies at 92; journalist was the feisty scourge of presidents - The Washington Post meet in secret over the sorry state of public companies.
Retweeted by Om MalikSnowden Designs a Device to Warn If Your iPhone’s Radio Snitches - being announced now #forbiddenML
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@fbiancceres @acontinuouslean agreed. Too Many videos and too much desperation to compete with Snapchat. Ugh. @acontinuouslean I agree. My experience is a lot less fun than it used to be :( @Gorndt @danauer @jaredkim @Forge bundt cakes 😉 @acontinuouslean why do you say that? Because of algorithmic changes? @danauer @Gorndt @jaredkim @Forge so what's the problem? New office has a couch :)Zara Comes Under Fire for Copying Indie Artist's Designs — The Fashion Law - Marketers Should Care About Mobile Page Speed & should call @TwinPrimeInc to fix the problems #InvestorInterview with Chris Young: An inventor, entrepreneur and chef -
Retweeted by Om MalikFor his latest Pico interview, @om sat down with inventor and entrepreneur @ChefChrisYoung:
Retweeted by Om MalikGreat time talking about how Tech has impacted my life on and off the court! Impressive group of guys doing...
Retweeted by Om MalikHODINKEE x Montblanc M Rollerball Pen With Leather Pouch – This is just so so good. a break, @readpico is back. A conversation with @ChefSteps founder @chefChrisYoung
Drone cruelty know the gross margins on @Azure - top line is impressive but need to get a better idea in overall health @neilbearse @rrhoover *hugs* @rrhoover @neilbearse hugs for the win!!"Like my husband, I love my African Americans. I steal from all of them." #CrookedMelania #FamousMelianaTrumpQuotes
Retweeted by Om MalikSo @Azure had a great quarter. Except the news release lacks any details. If you are on the call, ask for specifics. @om Help us pass the word for our #SFU #neuroscience study: “Can We 'de-bias someone? #Crowdfunding
Retweeted by Om MalikHere are the results of this Twitter Poll. Seems like nearly half of those who voted have not tried #PokemonGO trend chat, startup war stories & shooting the s**t with @ProductHunt @rrhoover at @trueventures offices. Nice start to my day @badboyboyce I have to now balance it with battery consumption so my time spent has gone down to about 30 mins a day @merhl 👍🏽Are you still playing PokemonGo a week later? I know I am:)What I Learned From Playing ‘Pokemon Go’ for a Week - nice recap! What has been your experience so far?
@Basti @blader 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 @msg you don't need an office :) you need a hug @jyarow @asymco how exactly?I got several questions about why not Intel, or Qualcomm — @gigastacey
Retweeted by Om MalikAll good questions @mikegchambers I don't think so - seems like a slowdown looming if you look at macro economic conditionsWith smartphones sales slowing & IOT still at marketing/buzzword phase, I think the $ARM is smart to cash their chips now with SoftBank $$$sAn incredible analysis of Swift compilation issues on trivial math expressions by @cocoawithlove. Truly a must read.
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Waves are crashing #polaroidswing is grey and foggy. Mind isn't. Happy Sunday everyone! #california #beachlife #surf @… vanishing natural resource - and not the one you think! By @tingilinde is a good read for today!
Robert Fano, computing pioneer and founder of CSAIL, dies at 98 | He helped launch field of information theory!
“Most of tech recruiting is currently not built to look for great talent…” — @kthomas901
Retweeted by Om MalikArchitect/Photographer/Entrepreneur: follow @heyjudesue on Twitter & Instagram( Here is why @50kft_K @jtaby would pay for it as a sub service any dayReally sad to see this go. One of the better attempts at making good reading part of daily info diet. Great effort!
La France est dans nos coeurs et nos pensées. 🇫🇷 #Nice
Retweeted by Om MalikThe sickos who carry this stuff out - from Paris to Istanbul - don't care who they murder, Muslim or non-Muslim.
Retweeted by Om Malik @arrington too late @k9gardner it does nothing at all. i am not pretending it does. @lorakolodny so grown up of you ;-) @Paul__Walsh just to be clear i don't support Trump or HRC. I am super skeptical of letters & more in favor of quiet actions @bobbie is that what i said? We must be using different languages. @johnolilly if you believe Trump is bad, will you no longer do business with his delegate, as you & Greylock? yes or no? @hunterwalk "finding more ways to learn abt economic disenfranchisement" is what I respect.HRC affiliated author signs an anti trump letter. Calls me righteous. @hunterwalk @harper @craigmod what do you mean by spending 8 hrs/week? @om a letter is *only* effective if accompanied by strong actions
Retweeted by Om Malik @AlecJRoss explain to me what? Unless you mean giving/hosting fundraisers for other competitor. Be very careful when you call me "righteous" @craigmod how? explain to me.This open letter does nothing. absolutely nothing except provide false-salve for the souls. Actions before words. many of those who signed this “petition” will not do business with Peter Their. Go ahead, say if you won’t!Getting ready to drop #2 on his weekend! of many B2B startups: "sales cycle on enterprise, ticket size on saas."
Retweeted by Om MalikThoughts on Pokemon Go and why it’s special @trueventures @om
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@FarRocker please do @FarRocker tell meForget about wantraprenuers, I am sick and tired of wannabe-VCs who waste founder's time. Pulling out after committing is total douchery! @AriMNazir you should ask them - I don't have anything to do with itGuest posts, contributor networks, disguised advertorials: do you read any of these on big publication platforms?You can create stars only when you have leadership committed to cultivating talent.
Retweeted by Om Malik @sjrosenblum @TreyRatcliff @photomatt @jaredkim @markkawano need to get trey drunk 😉 @flyosity @TreyRatcliff @photomatt @jaredkim @markkawano yes you doLooks Good: Peak Design Backpack by @TreyRatcliff cc @photomatt @jaredkim @markkawano guess what u getting 😜 on Pokemon Go from my @trueventures partner @jcal7 and why it is a big deal. Jon is hooked :) @zsims @libbybrittain yes we canmission accomplished ;-) @writtenline also makes you forget what you felt like at that moment.Brexit is providing comedians years of material; Boris Johnson on foreign affairs...dealing with EU he wanted to be out off
Retweeted by Om Malik @sarahcuda @cwarzel I think all streams are not created equal and uber stream like Facebook has its challenges and it be long to get it doneFacebook, Twitter, And Breaking News’ Special Relationship - maybe time to merge? @tonse_pai this was a Dslr photo by @writtenlineThank you @writtenline for this wonderful portrait from Faroe Islands. It was fun hike (in hindsight)