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@reckless @jeffjarvis how much of the traffic are they siphoning away? Any data on that?Thank you everyone who tweeted back with the Bose QC35 feedback. The problem was unique to me and has been fixed as of this morning.Fake News is a claim you only hear from people afraid of transparency
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Retweeted by Om MalikIf this is true (and I can't imagine Google getting this wrong), then WTF. This is just shocking.
Retweeted by Om MalikThis is fucked up
Retweeted by Om MalikSorry, what sort of weird statement is this from @Garmin? "Involved"? They were the victims, one is dead. @reckless
Retweeted by Om MalikThis is so fucking sad, and terrifying.
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@om I've heard old people have trouble with technology.
Retweeted by Om Malik @RobertG63 everything else works just fineIs Boss QC 35 a 💩 or is it Bluetooth or iPhone 7+. Pairing and discovery are impossible. Anyone else experience this?
More proof that no one in media actually acknowledges that they ignored the internet, didn't innovate & cheeses con… saw Yuval Harari (Sapiens) X @danariely (Predictably Irrational) Heres what I learned Thx @om for nudge to post
Retweeted by Om Malik @sarahcuda sure, but man all their products are half-assed. I tried Google Shopping. Went to Amazon and Instacart. Quality isn’t there @sarahcuda it is so hard to take anything @google is selling seriously, but they like old @microsoft change their mind all the time. @duncanrobinson great idea. @om because we're given assignments in grade school that have minimum page requirements, so we grow up equating length and quality
Retweeted by Om Malik @jandawson Old Forbes used to premium on brevity and economy of words. Just find it all strange.Why do we fetishize length (long form) writing so much, when brevity (and minimalism) is so hard. Thoughts? @journodave @alexjamesfitz Apple has said its future growth will come from services. Selling music isn’t enough for that..@ThieveryCorpDC have a new album. It is amazing. Buy it! Read our chat with @RobGarzaMusic
Retweeted by Om Malik @zerbojulie why is this story keep popping up every 2 years in every publication.30 Ways to Experiment with Acquisition, Product, and Virality to Get More Growth
Retweeted by Om Malik @chuckbradley way harder to do. all they have to do is dead simple to sign up, personalize experience and great journalism @reckless @AboveAvalon 😀.@aboveavalon has a great piece on why Apple shouldn't buy Netflix. Since I started the meme a year ago, my 2c 😀 piece. Worth a read this morning Our f8 – by @jasonkincaid is a great read. Worth your time…
@BlakeRKelley the point is that there are way too many important stories which need wider media attention, at this moment.Blaming Facebook for journalism problems isn't the answer. Being smart about what's news and what's avoidable nonse… only group not responsible for media's problems is media itself, its short sighted, bonusminded execs, who turn… Money to Ideas to Personal branding modern SiliconValley is innovative, imaginative & disruptive when it comes to blackart of marketingTrue Insights: an overview of @trueventures community and what they are doing in face of change #startups"...billionaire Trump supporter Peter Thiel, who dressed as the pro wrestler Hulk Hogan." @nytimes
Isn't this like comparing @DelhiDaredevils with @Yankees I mean not all AI is the same...right? @gregde love love love my SL with a f2/summicron 50mm AP0 lens - perfect @EugeneChuvyrov @wolfejosh those are excuses which are perfect for a system that is way over hyped, even according to those who built it @andrewmatranga it has better net margins and long term portential versus decaying offline revenues which have high costs of goods sold"The world is divided into two (sorts of people): people you trust and people you don’t."
Retweeted by Om Malik @tingilinde thank you for educating me on the name... @MichaelBabich great idea...Rays of light - made with iPhone7Plus @VivekRShenoy no public data from then so hard to compare themAfter reading @wired story on @nytimes, I crunched numbers to see how is it really doing. Here is what I found out! @cved hehe :) trueOver a decade of listening to these guys and I still get excited by their music. My most fav band.... @cved nah man. i wouldn't know what to say. I am not going to review anything - just know what i like and don't like ;-)As someone calling bullshit on IBM A.I. And that IBM is consulting co buying tech ads in magazines, this is... INT…
Retweeted by Om Malik @om Great! I never read reviews. 1) All modern cameras are good enough. 2) How a camera feels for you cannot be determined by anyone else.
Retweeted by Om MalikDo camera reviews even matter? Considering most of them are devoid of any review! My latest blog post!
I would love to know what @GreatDismal thinks of @finkd memo from earlier this week. @danrubin @JohnnyPatience you want to send some my way, feel free. Happy to take them for an occasional walk in the park75 years ago today my grandparents, born in US, were ordered to be locked up because they didn't look American. #RemembranceDay
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@tingilinde I know. Need to come see you soonDelhi's deadly dust: how construction sites are choking the city - The Guardian via @nuzzel
@joeycofone @rrrrrichard bad hombre 😂 @joeycofone @rrrrrichard either way, love is forever. That act won my heart amigo @rrrrrichard @baronfig good because they care about the products, bad because I won't get to use it fast :)So looks like Zuck gave a lot of interviews before the 5,700 open letter. Yet, remarkably similar questions & lack of intellectual diversityWith great power comes long letters -- @CaseyNewton an amazing company, this @baronfig a brand new pen doesn't work, so instead of sending a new refill wants the pen back.Will work on it after day job 😀 Tape: Kapil Dev da jawab nahin! original artist was Geoff McFetridge. Did Apple hire him to art direct WWDC? Who owns the (c) on the 2010 poster? Lots of questions.
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@bijan magic of film .. bravoDisheartening to see civil-rights groups take Big Telecom's money and then take anti-net-neutrality stand.
Retweeted by Om MalikGoogle marking Google docs & Gmail as spam is become a big headache. Anyone else having those problems?Congrats Ben and team. This is great next step. @dens @jcal7 @levie om to human translation: not motivated by money :)Troubling. Rolling back @FCC privacy rule will leave consumers unprotected & with fewer choices re sensitive data.
Retweeted by Om MalikLove of the journey  – Featuring @jcal7 @dens @levie #startups #founders Mac malware pinned on same Russian group blamed for election hacks.
Retweeted by Om MalikThis should be widely circulated. Don’t let it get lost amidst the Flynn fiasco:
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One of the most determined and rigorous product evolutions in history. Nearly perfect @om @highsnobiety
Retweeted by Om MalikNokia 3310: The World's Most Reliable Phone Is Coming Back do companies change policies after they end up in controversy -- perhaps because don't have ethics to begin with Why is Snap calling itself a camera company? #snapchat #snap #camera #photography