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I pretended to be a reporter once. Now I have opinions about tech. I invest @True ventures & blog at

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@DelRey @fromedome Great job#StartSpreadingTheNews, we’re postseason bound! And we’re not done yet! 😎
Retweeted by OM @CaseyNewton It is a shitty product and you can do so much better with a bit of sleeping around. For research, obviously 🙄Statement from the Golden State Warriors:
Retweeted by OM"Despite my best efforts, I am starting to see my life in context of life led by others." @om describes social medi…
Retweeted by OM🔥 Hot off the press: my latest newsletter: “Lies & Likes of Facebook + 7 stories worth a reading” (via @revue)
This is a good read and reasonable thinking. Verizon leak exposed confidential data on internal systems via @ZDNet & @zackwhittakerStacey still scooping the news. Well done. And she is making me buy gear I don't really need. @agraham999 Amen to that. I think the list is much longer than what you shared. :)New blog Post: Facebook, Elections & the Spin @agraham999 Agreed
Fertility rates decreased by 12% among Flint women, and fetal death rates increased by 58%, after April 2014’s Mark Zuckerberg had a statement about the recent issues around its targeting/advertising. I have some qu… @sarahcuda Right on cue, the apology and also some other life update from FB mandarins @gigabarb Hehe. Now i have to give up on socks :) @tculpan @CherWang I thought you would know 👍🏼People I admire: @om @rossetto @chr1sa. #Leica M10
Retweeted by OM @tculpan @CherWang What are the odds that Google uses HTC as its own Foxconn and thereby utilized the manufacturing capacity?Is this the biggest acquahire by @google? My answer is yes. And actually worth it.
Quokka #doyouknowyourinternethistory22:27 on Saturday September 16th, over the North Pacific Ocean
Retweeted by OMThe only Apple Watch review you need to read - from @HODINKEE They got exclusive dibs on the Ceramic version
Retweeted by OMWe are excited to announce Micropolis! our new game for Apple Watch and iPhone! Download now for watchOS 4 and iOS:…
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If @Yankees make it to the playoffs it will be my first game of the year in the stadium. Can’t wat. Cc @gruberThe headlines say everything and nothing, except how pubs feel about Apple. I am holding out for iPhoneX. @lewmoorman You are too kind amigo :)So proud that my byline was associated with & my resume says I was part of its founding 😭
How cool is that I just became a godfather. My goddaughter has arrived and I am over the moon. Coolest news ever.Slack raises a huge financing round from SoftBank valuing the company at $5.1B # via @techcrunchWeb standards body @w3c's dangerous & arrogant embrace of control-freak DRM in browsers prompts @eff to resign.
Retweeted by OMMan, you eliminate being in a place or employing people and you can make a lot of money selling stuff.
Retweeted by OMThose tech investors who are buying into BitCoin now that it is $4,000+ aren’t really VCs. Let’s call them moment players/2Star mutual funds @bk_moore @jw @ugmonk Pretty slamming on 8+ and X. I would wait for X as I am struggling with big phones and pain in my thumb.
@jason_kint @axios Summary is not what Facebook is thinking - that alone is garbage headline.What Facebook is thinking - Axios is writing bullshit stories and putting click bait headlines. Shameful.
@chrismichel @Kodak DamnMark Zuckerberg: The idea that fake news influenced the election is 'crazy' via @CNNMoney“We have seen no evidence that Russian actors bought ads on Facebook in connection with the election.” July 20, 2017. Oops! We lied again!Did Jared Kushner’s Data Operation Help Select Facebook Targets for the Russians? New York & all I hear is media layoffs & massive contraction at publishers, new and old, Blaming Facebook & its moves! $FB @BWJones Thanks amigo. Made sense to use an iPhone
2018: mass adoption finally happens. dubious on the Apple FaceID until I saw the amount of handwringing it's causing, odds of it being great now seem pretty high
Retweeted by OMSo @WordPress biggest adopters of React is saying saynora to it because of @facebook shenanigans #opensource
hey, @oliviamunn! you and @om should meet up; the tension is killing me.
Retweeted by OM @DuttaRajrishi @r0h1n Happy to let go of this "convenience" as long as I can get rid of mindless ads @MelvinByTheSea More importantly how would you knowWho wants to bet we will hear another apology, a photo and a new philanthropic donation by Mark Zuckerberg to sweep away the ad-controversy!We are same people we just don't know each other yet. hell with ad agencies. Apple is playing to win for its customers — people who buy its products, not those who ar… only detail missing is the actual early investors, but hey it’s buzzfeed. Details are not for them, just cat ch…, some personal news...
Retweeted by OM @Lebeaucarnews Your tweet without any comment and exclusive from other analysts comment is pretty clear you bought into it,My thoughts on Ship by Product Hunt on @ProductHunt
Retweeted by OM @arjunsethi @bluebottleroast @trueventures @tonysphere @om Super impressive investment indeed. True has been on po…
Retweeted by OMA huge congratulations to the entire @bluebottleroast team on the company’s acquisition by @Nestle!…
Retweeted by OMI understand hyperbole is part of Silicon Valley Lingo, but damn media people do take a breath of oxygen. as a auto-sector reporter you had no problem buying into that. You mean BMW will roll over? $TSLA = $APPL There… to the @bluebottleroast and @trueventures you guys did it when all the haters said it wasn't a good invest…
Retweeted by OM @nick_s_ryan Stopped buying it when they started taking ads for Infanticide clinicsAlso two of Bodega's backers talk a lot about empathy and understanding. Maybe it is time to actually push investments to do the right thingRegarding Bodega, all I have to say lack of empathy & basic common sense/decency is not a branding issue. That's it. us to bring bots, automation and developer tools to your messaging platform!
Retweeted by OMSo Trump thinks NAZIS with guns are exercising free speech but a citizen criticizing HIM isn't?
Retweeted by OMAn excellent analysis about yesterday's Apple bonanza by @tim which features four appearances of the word 'poop'
Retweeted by OM @JohnLMacFarlane @satishd @essential Lol
New Blog Post: Steve Jobs’ legacy & The iPhone X (It Got Chips, But No Salsa.) you get a notice that says your personal info was exposed in a #databreach? Visit and w…
Retweeted by OMCome on @CNN if you're going to rewrite one of our stories a day later at least change the headline
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@wesley Do t really need it. Go specialist on camerasiPhoneX is going to cost about $1100 (taxes etc.) 10 yrs ago Nokia had an asp of $113. 10 years = 10x price! 😋 Steve's shadow. For me this was a poetic moment. Tim Cook has done a great job at the helm of a complex, sprawli… makes point and shoot cameras completely redundant, the dual cameras are that good. The portrait mode, actually is real. #handson @chrismichel iPhone X for me is great, just for the camera aloneiPhone 10 or iPhone X - which one do you preferCan’t wait for Face ID testing on Halloween.
Retweeted by OMGood catch