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Thanks everyone for your kind messages. Grateful for all of you and your presence in my life. @thoughtbrain Thanks so much. :-)Any long form recommendations today for weekend reading? @davepell damn, I missed my window @chrismichel @johnmaeda @photomatt that would wonderful and it is a great idea :) let's do itHave had the pleasure to work closely to Scott for a decade. So proud of him on his finest moment yet. #tycho
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California! This is where all the good stuff comes from! #centralvalley #leicasl me just be clear as I can: This VC is a fucking idiot
Retweeted by Om Malikthere's a lot of debate about which VCs are "female founder friendly" EASY ONE: NOT THIS GUY -->
Retweeted by Om MalikCongrats to all @RedSox fans for winning the pennant. Nothing would make this @Yankees fan happier, than to see you help end @Cubs droughtApple Cloud Services must be working better than Google, otherwise how can Eddy Cue have so much time on his hands! is a great portrait. I use it all the time. Makes me look forever young. (Who got that joke.) a diabetic, I am excited to see startups like @SirenCare work on these practical ideas. Smart Socks make sense Sneaker Store Guide 2016 | Okay who wants to go @stevejang @JasonHirschhorn @naveen @photomatt's #NationalCoffeeDay, which housewives of the 17th c. would've hated! They ranted against "nauseous puddle water:"
Retweeted by Om MalikAVEI, Leica and Scoop – A still life made with #iphone7plus featuring @leicacamerausa @aveiwatches @JasonHirschhorn @troubledoll @joshelman @REDEF thanks brother Jason.Facebook launching a workplace productivity tool is like McDonalds selling green apples or Exxon hawking solar cells.
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Snapchat, @eMarketer says will generate more than $360 million in 2016 and $1 billion by next year. Seems like IPO rumor is for real. @amartino @aetherapparel you made a great choice 👍🏼Elliot Aronow is bootstrapping his startup. Some amazing bags under @jacques_elliott brand. Good stuff to check out Photos of Abandoned Structures in the High Arctic: @atlasobscura amazing work @chrismichel
Shimon Peres, one of the last surviving pillars of Israel’s founding generation, has died
Retweeted by Om MalikHappy 18th birthday @google hope you are ready to be a grown up 😎I need one of my 1M follower friends to RT this for a good cause. 💞 @sacca? @om? Help a sista out.…
Retweeted by Om MalikProsperWorks Raises $24m In Series B Funding To Extend Its Lead As The #1 CRM For Google Apps via @PRNewswire
Retweeted by Om Malik“The REAL reason @Slack became a billion dollar company” by @satyavh @MiltonTweets001 used the telephoto lens @akohli still trying to find out reasons about why people are complaining about the phone - it is pretty amazing for me 👍🏼Morning Mist in Big Sur. #iphone7plus #california editors and fashion bloggers in a faceoff; also known as "pot calling kettle black" edition
Is this the "shuffling chairs on titanic" edition of Time Inc makeover? @twiiter, child of a broken home may find a stable home in wholesome (except for those @espn guys) @Disney is not such a bad idea.The Best of WordPress: September 2016 via @markarms with my favorite tech journalist in the whole wide world @gigastacey so much fun! IPO of Seattle-based @Apptio shows that the IPO window is open, reports @PitchBook #IPO $APTISad to hear of Arnold Palmer's death. I prefer to remember him in his prime: Rat Pack charisma, unorthodox swing, a…
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The biggest miss on iOS 10 is that you can't shoot RAW in the native camera app.
Retweeted by Om MalikIn the 70s, I had come to accept that all Asians on TV had to have a funny accent. Star Trek showed us a better way…
Retweeted by Om Malik1. Facebok, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger 2. Google, Youtube, Nest 3. Spectacles and Snapchat No matter size, you create family of brands
Retweeted by Om Malikbut you are not Steve Jobs. get over it.
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I wish I was there to eat this. First time my twitter handle has made my mouth water so much @arctictony @marissa "Mirror Mirror"Journalist Hit By Record DDoS Attack: 'I’m Kind of Like Plutonium Right Now' via @motherboardSwedish Gov. is deporting a developer because his previous employer paid him too little in pension! #sthlmtech
Retweeted by Om MalikI'm trying to wrap my head around the whole pay-for-news format, am I missing something? @cheddar
Retweeted by Om MalikAmazon is Killing Off its $12/Year Plan for Unlimited Photo Storage People are mad about the bait and switchHow Netflix will someday know exactly what you want to watch as soon as you turn your TV on Emphasis on SOMEDAYSir Martin is not too happy with Mark Zuckerberg this week...
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Wondering if this puts @Yahoo @verizon deal hot water because of liabilities? I mean 2 years is a long time to hide such a mega breachVerizon statement this afternoon regarding Yahoo security incident. $VZ
Retweeted by Om MalikNon disclosure ofsuch a massive breach qualifies as bad behavior from @Yahoo & it is a complete & utter management/leadership fail. #Yahoo40 Under 40 - @Fortunemagazine congrats to so many of my friends on this list @photomatt & Jeff Lawson in particular Fargo’s bogus accounts have echoes of foreclosure abuses, via @gmorgenson
Retweeted by Om MalikI wonder how American media would frame what was happening if the police shootings and protests were going on in a different country
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Retweeted by Om MalikBig idea from @sapho's @peteryared: Why app development is going micro via @TechCrunch
Retweeted by Om MalikPeer5 and DailyMotion Announce Streaming Video Deal | Big deal for #webRTC. Peer5 is built on WebRTC every new watch collector needs to know by @benjaminclymer via @hodinkee @asymco @tingilinde McLaren is an interesting (and good) choice for Apple, I think. Wonder what you guys think.Me neither. Maybe @rrhoover can help. He is their unpaid poster boy. On second thoughts they should sign him as a s… you should avoid Allo, Google's messaging app that launches today
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My @Cubs vs @RedSox World Series prediction is becoming more and more real. Those two teams dominate like no one else.yes, I only really have one theme, speaking only as a news consumer who wants news he can trust. Thanks! @emilybell @om
Retweeted by Om MalikWelcome to the True family. blame others when it is impossible for the industry to change its ways. Anyone except themselves is to blame fo… to be clear I will try it and if this meets my needs I will pick this. I only speak as an end user! on that one 👍🏼 @yoda of course it is.Foundry Group just closed its sixth fund - $500 million Way to go @jasonmendelson, @bfeld, @ryan_mcintyre, & Seth!
Retweeted by Om Malik @narendra just get @somawater and save yourself headache. It works. It never complains. It's like Mariano of water filtersWhy Facebook is public enemy number one for newspapers, and journalism just when I got over "google" being enemy #1 @WillOremus clothes - there is no such thing as a dress code. I see more Patagonia than blazers."understated dress code of a blazer and jeans favored by many VCs" #urbanmyth #cliche #seriously #imeanseriously
Force touch has made my iPhone experience way more complicated with almost no added value.
Retweeted by Om MalikIs this a case of a "lie repeated often enough...."
Retweeted by Om MalikBig leap for @anandc from Snapdeal to Facebook: Facebook hires executive with India ties for Messenger app push
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