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I was a reporter once. Now I have opinions about tech. I write. I make photos. I invest @TrueVentures & blog at

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Tuscany on Film - a short write up about my adventures in film photography! Plus an album of my favorites… Real Genius of the new Tesla Roadster my newsletter: "7 Stories to read this weekend" is a mix of stories worth reading! “Responsive Encryption” even a thing? when will Tencent buy Snap? More…
So the great Bill James argues that Jose Altuve and Aaron Judge are not the same, for more reasons than their size.…🔥 “7 Stories to read this weekend” featuring @psmag @longreads @theatlantic @outsidemagazine @parisreview
“A sports car won’t fix its problems—but it might make one hell of a getaway car.“ Tesla's New Roadster @davemorin Winning answer 😂 @arjunram Ironically all werebirthday and Christmas gifts from friends - I love the QC 15 Bose. About 4 year old now and sound great @arjunram Grado for rock and roll on my cds. Focal for jazz on my cd. Beyerdynamics for every day iPhone use and st… @BWJones @chrismichel @davemorin Mission accomplished @bebrookelyn @terrorgear @Apple All the time in low light - it is not an issue in normal/good lightThings that get better and better with age... 0. Love & friendship 1. Wine 2. Beards 3. Headphones 4. Well made Le…’d like to introduce you to my new @readpico Pico shorts series, where I sit down w/ voracious readers to chat abo… Early 20th Century Portraits by German photographer Rudolf Dührkoop cc @chrismichel @techreview @glichfield @bramsonboudreau Congrats Gideon. Looking forward to more of one of my favorite magazines
As we celebrate Veterans today, let us be louder than all of this silence — and quieter than all of this noise.
Retweeted by OM @chrismichel Why couldn’t it be both. 😂 @jason_kint @DCNorg K got it. Thanks. @jason_kint @trustx How much of that is big juicy steaks for FB Google and what are the crumbs for rest?People, the name says it all. VICE. #disgusted Large earthquake strikes China-India border
Retweeted by OMWow! Scandal comes to @TEDTalks empire! Amazing digging by @washingtonpost digital media is in a full blown meltdown according to @joshtp @JamesSurowiecki You have worked at Condé Nast. Do you think logic is available in vending machines there?Yes, because who wants to clean up after the party is over delays HomePod until 2018. Statement: "We can’t wait for people to experience HomePod, Apple's breakthrough w…
Retweeted by OMAs per @CARandDRIVER “Tesla Roadster isn’t a roadster” in the traditional “sporty, two-seat convertible” sense but… founders receive 2.19% of all venture capital funding. Fewer than 8% of IPOS are led by a woman CEO. @kmlake
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Damn @spotify Time Capsule playlist is so on point. I can remember where I was when I first heard Just an Illusion… @mbaratz @techstars MazeltovM-V-P!!! Nobody more deserving than you!! Congrats on an unforgettable 2017!! @JoseAltuve27
Retweeted by OMWaiting for @Vox updates @chrismichel @arrington @businessinsider Also true....😋 @JoannaG You forgot one thing.... you went window shopping with me 😂Also, I guarantee you that @facebook propped new new new media bubble is about to pop. Challenges across the board:… $46 million, sold for $50 million. At least Pete did better for his investors than yours truly. Best of the… Ramps Up the Hype During Trying Times via @greentechmediaPoverty is not an accident. It has causes that must be recognized and removed for the good of so many of our brothers and sisters.
Retweeted by OMConsumer products release the chemical neurotransmitters below. Thus far, not enough oxytocin released on the inter…
Retweeted by OM @jonathannen @nvidia Isn’t this where programmable chips come into play?The question is that @nvidia is doing well with GPUs & machine learning. The real question is can it hold on agains… AI be your personal shopper & fashion designer’s Pixel Buds Review: Great Idea, Horrible Design @davewiner Yikes. I mean for me to subscribe to twitter as lists. I am looking to diversify my reading habits.I am looking for lists of top tech/tech-culture related accounts and publications for Twitter to subscribe. Send me…, @pushingatoms I really miss Please bring it back!Why Inventor of the web is scared by its future via @oliviasolon of @guardian @davidmytton @synopsi That’s the same thing as get discount- everyone does that, right? @davidmytton Did they ask for your permission?ThinkPad 25: Story of one man’s love for this iconic laptop
"Tax reform" now has a perfect visual metaphor.
Retweeted by OM @benjaminblouin @UPS @UPSHelp This is not Amazon 😀Q: if you paid for next day delivery and @UPS didn’t deliver for two days, so I get a refund? Cc @UPSHelpIt is a little grey, rainy and chilly in San Francisco — which means time to muse about a lot of things, including… is the first indication that with the dying of Moore's law you really have to build specialized architectures fo…
Retweeted by OMThe hidden costs of cloud computing the Hacker Who Busts Child Pornographers on the Dark Net, Alexa, AI and the Everything store: Jeff Bezos's master plan via @wiredUK are ethical priorities for neurotechnologies and AI? @Forbes published a story based on fake police report. @adage report was rubished by @amazon but where is the am…
Given how critical Internet connectivity has become to our lives, outages are highly disruptive for users and damag… @danrubin @gmunchiez @JohnnyPatience @bijan @chrismichel I don’t think you quite remember how I look 😋 @jakoblagerstedt @JohnnyPatience Thanks Jakob. I am hoping that soon, I will start seeing with film ☺️ @gmunchiez @JohnnyPatience @bijan @danrubin Don’t worry George, LF is all you 🤙 @danrubin @gmunchiez @JohnnyPatience @bijan You guys I am just getting started and you want me to go run a marathon… @arimelber Facebook has double standards when it comes to easily censoring stuff overseas but not curbing f… are all part of a chain of learning. You to me, me to someone else and that is how the universe gets better. Tha… @JohnnyPatience @bijan All because of you and Bijan. Plus that @danrubin guy. With such friends, who needs bad habits to spend money on ;-)How deep learning is eating the software. Amazing piece by @petewarden Addicted to FaceID & I want more of it on my MacBook via @9to5mac Lutz: We are approaching the end of the automotive era. @juliainor IT was a huge overkill for me. @juliainor Not a fan. Have it, uninstalled it. Didn’t care for it @jtoeman So old school of you🔥 Peck 2.0 is now LIVE on @producthunt. Create for Web, Mobile, and Voice instantly! 🖥📱🎙 👉
Retweeted by OM @mollywood English might not be first language issue?So what app would you pick for writing on your iPhoneX? #iPhoneX #apps