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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. I love possibilities, I believe in people & imagineering. &

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The problems with Fast Fashion -- @TheFashionLaw argues why @popsugar is wrong increased ad-frequency, do you believe that the ad-quality on @instagram has gone down drastically? @aexm @instagram 100% agreeIs @instagram showing too many advertisements?
Yahoo Loses Mobile Entrepreneur Arjun Sethi to Venture Firm - congrats @arjunsethi @mamoonha @chamath to propose $10-a-barrel oil tax - POLITICO Well, no one ever said that @potus wasn't interesting/provocativeWe're thrilled to congratulate @Connectifier & Founders @jjersin @BenjaminMcCann on their acquisition by @LinkedIn!
Retweeted by Om Malik @narendra @fromedome also known as bloggers, writers for millennial business publications @om @fromedome ✅ pontificates ✅ travels ✅ takes photos ✅ engages in Twitter convos
Retweeted by Om MalikThis writer job @theranos equivalent of trying to be an ice truck driver contestant in middle of the Sahara. part of being a startup is not knowing what's going to happen. Best part of being a startup is not knowing what's going to happen..@kashhill teams up with @replyall to work on the Mystery of the Lost Cell Phones:
Retweeted by Om MalikThe New York Times now has about 1.1 million digital subscribers
Retweeted by Om MalikNew York Times’ Bank-Boosting, Neoliberal-Excusing Story of the Global Debt Hangover #NakedCapitalism @anildash @gigastacey @reckless though not when saying Amazon @anildash @gigastacey @reckless or W /V 😜 @anildash @gigastacey @reckless Sorry I didn't understand that 😄
Weekend assignment fir @gigastacey @KevinCTofel says that it has bought Jasper Wireless for $1.4 billion, will go after IOT market for enterprises, SPs“What Amazon needs is a place for us to physically experience the company” by @om.
Retweeted by Om MalikImagine Jony Ivy leaving Apple. That's head of search @theamitsinghal leaving Google
Retweeted by Om MalikCongratulations to @joinHandshake on their Series A funding! Building the college career network of the future.
Retweeted by Om Malik @davidhornik you made my day. Please do - your honest talk is much needed"Code is what nuts and bolts were at hundred years ago." —@espiekermann #LearnToCode #design
Retweeted by Om MalikSo Twitter what do you think about Yahoo's future? Great interview, by the way Emily! Runeblade update today. If you don't already have it, it's a must have for #AppleWatch
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The $250mn purchase of @SwiftKey is a smart move by @satyanadella @Microsoft make office apps more predictive, also great as a Azure service @CarolyneZinko thank you. Upside of getting older is you have perspective @arinewman @Uber I don't argue the need to change, but I don't see the transition from past to what it is? Need to understand their thinkingExplain that to the insurance company😂
Retweeted by Om Malik“No Tesla for Alsop? Please fix” @davewiner has a very clear take on this. @flyosity I get the color part but the whole thing isn't clear @erichippeau @nitashatiku @salsop so who is thin skinned here? Just want to not miss the nuance in the subtweetJust read that @WIRED story about @Uber redesign. Still don't know what the redesign means, why and how it establishes corporate identity!Startup board meetings: let’s fix ‘em. @techcrunch @om
Retweeted by Om MalikThe only thing I can't see in the logo is what I need to see "U" for Uber. @benthompson It is HBR, let's give them a break.“Let’s Fix Startup Board Meetings” Tips from @trueventures partner @jcal7 on how to make board meetings effective. would be the #GroundhogDay of @verizon’s nightmares. #muahahaha
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Why do we #share? Why do we long for connection? Read the full interview w/ K.K. Barrett:
Retweeted by Om MalikIf Clinton thinks Sanders is formidable now, wait until exposure following IA and potential NH landslide. This is about to get interesting.
Retweeted by Om MalikListening to Sanders' speech tonight, struck by how similar crowd looked to Obama's crowds in 2008: Young, diverse, and highly energized
Retweeted by Om MalikNever thought I would read this on Keith's Twitter feed 😜 @BenedictEvans they also calculate the fan out of messages to groups. so if an individual sends 1 message to 20, it's 20 messages.
Retweeted by Om Malik @gigabarb @qhardy @FortuneMagazine what kind of non-Google revenue are they posting?So, before the hoodies, there was a man who tried to make SF look sharp. @om on Wilkes Bashford.
Retweeted by Om MalikWacky: Banned By Tesla! (when Brands Bite Back)
Retweeted by Om Malik @kamdhillon yikes. fixed. sorry about the goof-upWhy Fast Fashion is like an addiction. Some thoughts while channeling works of @kamdhillon @ZerboJulie @marcbain_ on Buying vs Renting a House — what is better? @ATabarrok has an answer & it makes a lot of common sense
Looking something smart and useful to read? Here are my 7 picks. Hope you enjoy them & tell others. #longreads interview by @om with KK Barrrett the guy who designed Her
Retweeted by Om MalikSolid interview by @om with KK Barrrett the guy who designed Her
Retweeted by Om Malik
@om @johnmaeda perhaps something like this - a quick toy model for energy costs of running
Retweeted by Om Malik @robleathern @Postmates @WholeFoods if 25 percent accuracy is an improvement, I can't wait to see how long it is going to take to be goodWhile reading a Kindle Single about And1, learned that @johnmaeda designed a sneaker with math equations written inside it. Cool/nerd 😜Seems like using @postmates for @WholeFoods is a bad idea - backend systems of both services are woefully out of sync. Why do they bother? @alexrkonrad @DeanLand 777-ride @DeanLand that sounds like uber to me :)We used to call these gypsy cabs. I am pretty sure the millennial knowledge base lacks that information :) Goes To Bollywood (w/ColdPlay) in "A Hymn for the Weekend" video
@eric_analytics on it :) @eric_analytics I am not kidding - you can add RSS feed to Apple News. Cc @applenws @eric_analytics unfortunately I don't think they care about individual bloggers @PXLated maybe you have a problem - just looked at all devices and all browsers. Nothing, nada, zilch. @PXLated i am not sure what you are talking about but never have experienced this ONCE. Maybe @davewiner can help you.Oh wow at Beyoncé in the new Coldplay video
Retweeted by Om Malik2001 #TheRichestManinBabylon Rob wrote this to help Z remember lyrics Photo: Brian Liu/@toolboxdc #20yearsofthievery
Retweeted by Om MalikWhat will Trump call this guy if it was not his photo? You can only pick from his list of Twitter Insults @TimOBrien is my @ReadPico chat w/HER production designer K.K. Barrett (not on twitter) about movie, online dating & email*lunch break* over. Back to workWe are gathering links to good guides for setting up Parse Server on other infrastructure here:
Retweeted by Om MalikHow the Yankees have rebuilt and secured a bright future - Pinstripe Alley cc @bijan @rabois Tweet Wins The Internet Today can we take this seriously. Even WorldBank hates this. @teddy @davewiner you are missing the point: today it is this decision, tomorrow it is another. before you know it...It is the way of the world - media is so busy covering noise, that they are missing what matters. has done such a great job of monetizing @katiecouric & NFL content, that it has to launch more costly sites. to this. Unfortunately this happens all too often these days, for the benefit of the big few. agree. Without discussion, it is nothing more than diktat. @teddy @om -- I don't know. but this decision about the future of the web should not be made in closed doors, by a small number of people
Retweeted by Om MalikQuestioning Google's motives re the push to HTTPS Stacey on starting your entrepreneurial journey! Onwards and upwards, for you are a star among stars! @blehnert @TheFashionLaw @Nike the accompanying images are pretty compelling if you ask me :-)Just How Many High Fashion Brands Are "Copying" adidas? @TheFashionLaw has the details. #sneakers #kicks wants to charge some users and "Critics see mismatch between @coursera's mission, business mode"l Trump’s Twitter Insults: The Complete List (So Far) @DEFAKTO_WATCHES sure thing. Drop me a DMBing Elections 2016: Who will win Iowa and New Hampshire? (If right, victory lap. If wrong, creative excuses.)
Facebook shutting down @ParseIt means it doesn't care about developers beyond getting them to use login/messenger. @phankinson both are popular along side @SlackHQ @pkedrosky of mean, regular human greed. @TheEconomist should do a Greed Index. That be way more useful that Big Mac index.What does that mean? @drew @panzer needs a pay raiseCongrats team! Hope to see interesting apps in the future. #investor @trueventures much true of everything :) alternatively winner define the narrative 😄 @pkedrosky @matt_levine old people call this day trading, except with software :)
Guess how many iPhones Apple sold in 2015? Really! is one of the great pieces by @Lefsetz There is just too much to pick and quote. cc @jack
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