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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. I love possibilities, I believe in people & imagineering. &

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So very sad to hear about the passing of @swildstrom. He was always so kind to me. A great loss for tech writing.
Retweeted by Om MalikIn Memory of Steve Wildstrom | Tech.pinions - tributes to a fine journalist and person who died too young.
Retweeted by Om MalikHe has come a long way. Remember working with alongside him at Well done Marius! SPORT: The doctor the NFL tried to silence via @WSJ
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A definitive debunking of Donald Trump’s 9/11 claims
Retweeted by Om MalikWe found a SCADA system on the Internet using the eDellRoot cert for HTTPS: #eDellRoot
Retweeted by Om MalikOne of the better pieces on oil-gas geopolitics and current crisis in Middle East. maker merges with Botox maker in tax deal. Hopefully they don't merge products into single offering.
Retweeted by Om Malik@asymco who is organizing this conference? They should invite @everyweargames for this event. One of @trueventures companiesThis! @gigastacey @jonathanmayer @FCC not without a massive public outcry. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop, by the way 😜@KarlBode @gigastacey @jonathanmayer thankfully I don't have to pretend like many journalists to be objective about @FCC & its hoodwinking@KarlBode @gigastacey @jonathanmayer how much is this just to appease the voters and not do anything. I stopped trusting @FCC long time agoYou know big brother is watching. Do you self censor yourself?Someday, when you have your own space flight company, you can be a part of this thread.
Retweeted by Om MalikNot happening! Been trying to get Uber to teleport to SF with thousands of employees and/or hundreds of MM in revenue while still pre-IPO should no longer be called "startups" #sheesh
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@pammilpr agreed :) one person's ugly is another's stir fryFirst world problems! No seriously! @hblodget i think @mathewi was talking about Germans embracing the ad-blocking tech in a big way and hurting the pubs a bunchJust because they bought @hblodget expertise doesn't mean they become smart about the Internet. thoughts on the new @wordpressdotcom and what it means cc @photomatt#win you are a good man.Well done team @automattic releases a new desktop Mac app, code named Calypso. Shift to technologies for next 10 years. Wireless Market: Smartphone penetration increased to 81%, 97% of the devices sold now are smartphones -
Retweeted by Om MalikSquare rolls out readers to accept Apple Pay I saw one in action this weekend @Sightglass can't believe Google has not done this@TimOBrien @nirkaissar @Bfly Tim you are way kind. Curious yes, smart not so much@nirkaissar @TimOBrien @Bfly great piece by the way. I covered GDRs - information was way inefficient at that time :)With Pfizer/Allergan at hand, time to revisit Allan Sloan's epic takedown of tax inversions
Retweeted by Om Malik@TimOBrien @nirkaissar @Bfly I wonder if this has to do with the rise of alogrithms markets, that are driven by events, not fundamentals
The counterpoint is a lot of Throat clearing without any first hand knowledge of details. I trust @WSJ on this one a blog post summarizing everything coming soon I hope?What was the outcome. comments good or bad? Yes!
For the story behind @FollowtheGeeks, @LyndseyGilpin and I have updated "Our Story"
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@paulmwatson @hunterwalk @Jessicalessin it is utter nonsense. Good reporters do their job well, have empathy and don't write pufferyCorollary: every VC should have worked for a startup from ground level. Better yet started one! to do it right, stop playing PR games and report the facts, learn and educate yourself. Don't be a pushover well done means well reported stories, that don't always fit the narrative people want you to hearZ self serving to say that you need to work at a startup. I would say knowing your job & doing it well is @gigastacey @lizgannes didn't run a startup. Just knew what was important as a reporter - reporting would argue that calling more than two pr-approved sources, reading archival material and learning about industry @photomatt @IrishSoftware lol@om IT IS MY INNATE POWER. BOW BEFORE ME, TYPERS OF THE TWITTERWEB.
Retweeted by Om Malik@pkedrosky I never argue with mom, god, you and the Internet. Learned it the hard way, I lack ability to disagreeHey @photomatt did you change your last name? @pkedrosky good news, we should all stop writing because you know delete-key-future. (I was looking for an excuse)What authors or journalists do you read in order to get a grasp on the future? Who would you like to learn more from?
Retweeted by Om Malik.@dodeja I heard this was a take-out-a-competitor move by the big kahuna here@Chris_Ciaccia good idea/experimentAlso Acano was started by the Tandberg team. Tandberg was acquired by Cisco for a truck load of money. Just a bit of tech triviaP(Greene)R - Some reflections on @google enterprise+cloud+work chief and the road ahead. 100% less spin! @camanpour @GhostSecGroup are you going to address what @ggreenwald said in his post about @cnn being pravda?This Morning at Harvard Law School We Woke Up to a Hate Crime via @BlavityPut interns into a "talent lab" and call it "disruption" and "innovation." Save money. Look smart! is time for @AppleMusic to make an app for Beats Radio, which is the only reason to use "music store" @katiefehren you should do a kickstarter so we can support the work you are doing. it is easiest way for me to sign up with a check. :-)@AlexSalkever 10% churn on NFLX and 40% on HuluCisco buys yet another conferencing software maker Acano for $700 million | Still can't make new products 😜 shoe brand claims to have built the 'sneaker of the future' via mashableswhy does it have such high churn though Yup, & 2 players could buy YHOO without taking a tax hit selling those BABA shares: TWTR (loss carryforwards) & Alibaba itself.
Retweeted by Om Malik79 interesting facts about Pixar you probably don't know via dailydot
That's Jimmy Iovine ladies and gentlemen!I will just leave it here without comment! the most influential #industrialdesigner in the world, and learn why he has a love affair with watches:
Retweeted by Om Malik"How can we move forward, how can the music business be healthy if the leaders don't agitate for the right thing?"🔥
Retweeted by Om MalikGoogle buys Diane Greene’s startup Bebop, makes her the head of its whole cloud business via VentureBeat"@CNBC’s resident idiot, Joe Kernan, was too busy bro-ing it up about Rad’s sex life to make that obvious point" it is my New York milieu which makes me ask hard questions of @facebook connectivity lab's lack of specificity Execs never talk about this type of stuff in specifics, duck questions and essentially deal in platitudes."No Henry, you need to get real about Yahoo. Here are the facts" from 2013 archives. Turnarounds never really turn!’s big valuation correction means the system is working the way it’s supposed to:
Retweeted by Om MalikNO SHIT!!!!! Marissa Mayer Has Lost the Narrative - Fortune via @nuzzelTime is running out!’s the evidence mass surveillance works? Not much, says this @propublica piece.
Retweeted by Om MalikDear @Jack & team @square congrats on getting the rarest of rare feats: start, grow and take your company public. Now get back to work
Prior IPO prices for earlier companies in my career: PayPal $800 m, LinkedIn priced at $3 B, yelp at $1 b and Xoom at $700 m.
Retweeted by Om Malik@fromedome @mgsiegler @viticci ads are still shit thoughA visit to the offices of New York based headphone maker @MasterDynamic - thanks for hosting me guys! @storehousehq out to ex-gigaom team for bringing back @StructureSeries hope you guys have a great conference today. I miss you all very much!There will be about 1.2 billion LTE subscriptions by 2015 and 4.1 billion by 2021. Taylor, Photographer offers common sense advise to freelance photographers
Manhattan! #empirestatebuilding #newyork #bw #cityscapes #lenka #skyline #architecture #iphone6splus @everyweargames shows the way for #smartwatch #games via @IBTimesUK @ADCuthbertson
Retweeted by Om Malik“Things worth getting — beloved products recommended by people who know” by @naveen new mobile broadband subscriptions activated every second + many more interesting facts & figures about mobile! Squid Celebrates 20th Anniversary
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@veen happy birthdayStill a few tickets left for @StructureSeries next Wed. and Thurs., and we've got single-day tickets as well:
Retweeted by Om MalikJessica Livingston:
Retweeted by Om Malik55 degrees Fahrenheit in San Francisco. 64 degrees in New :York. I guess, I win weather sweepstakes today :)@wfederman @om In media you need to toot your own horn. Imposter syndrome and modesty win you no points. Need to be "nice" also hurts
Retweeted by Om Malik@NYTM lost a dear friend @hankwilliams a champion for diversity in tech and our city:
Retweeted by Om MalikNeverware allows you to convert any old computer into a "chrome book" and that is a good idea :) badly does the tech press want a bubble bursting narrative?
Retweeted by Om MalikI've reacquired from O'Reilly and I'm launching Ignite Talks PBC to support Ignites around the world.
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