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I was a reporter once. Now I have opinions about tech. I write. I make photos. I invest @TrueVentures & blog at

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Really sad news about Dean Allen, who died last weekend. Rest in peace, @textism.
Retweeted by OMThe little story about @textism by @gruber is a such a great window into his soul Dean is w…, Google Cloud is announcing the first of many AutoML products, AutoML Vision. It's the result of close coll…
Retweeted by OMCongrats to Fred Lambert for becoming the first "journalist" to win a Tesla sales contest. So cool seeing him and T…
Retweeted by OM @jw Or Apple doesn’t fall far from the treeA thousand true fans and @textism
Retweeted by OM @stewart He was the best kind of Canadian 😁 @blurb 🙏🏼Sad to say goodbye to @textism, who cared deeply about the words he shared, and helping others put their words out…
Retweeted by OM @gerstenzang What a joy he was. Thanks for sharing your thoughts @cjchilvers His influence was felt by many across our ecosystem. @JohnnyPatience It has been a tough few days, though not as tough as what his family is going through @JohnnyPatience BeautifulThank you for the laughs, memories and saratorial tips Dean Allen, may you Rest In Peace. Your friendship was a ble… this rep literally ignore a Black constituent
Retweeted by OMWhen you step away from the screens, travel to different places, you start clarity only IRL gives you. @Contz 🙏🏼
Hey @amazon why are you disrupting @girlscouts cookies. What have they done to you
Hey @nypost how come you have not used (Jacoby) ElseBuried in a headline so far. Standards are slipping. Long time… dumping news orgs is a lot like Google dumping Google Reader a few years back. And Apple killing the clone…
Retweeted by OM @photojack Nah. I just was the guy who announced (accidentally) to the world so many years ago. I love your shares and I miss your videos. 😁God I miss Mark. Truly good guy of the game. Need him on @YESNetwork @pkedrosky @sharpnoise Also welcome back to the madness @pkedrosky @sharpnoise Microsoft has more cachet among squatters than Google. That should count for more share valueOver the weekend I did some typosquatting (preying on people mistyping URLs) analysis. I generated ~150 variants fo…
Retweeted by OM @gigastacey @ottaross Come on those harvesters really are big trucks, weighed down by expectations @photojack Amen — though hanging with mom, next gen of my family and now goddaughter get more karma points and smiles on my face 😁So will California build it’s own broadband backbone to allow cities and communities to build their own networks to… thought you were going to say broadband and big trucks with a dash of IOT. ;-)
@ilyasu @davidu @patrickc Can I try? @davidu @ilyasu @patrickc You all need to lobby @tim_cook @ilyasu @patrickc Bigger the hurdles, bigger the opportunity, right 😁 @patrickc Only problem is that Google/other’s can’t monetize this. Apple tried Sherlock. Then Siri. They are unable… @gregbettinelli @mcgd agreed. i have done that a few times on this trip, even though it was so so so cold @mcgd @LivePaola :) @mcgd Indeed. It is so intoxicating that you can’t help but go back, as soon as possible. @LivePaola @mcgd I should, except I have to make a living. :)New Blog Post: Views of Venice. Some photos from a recent visit to the lovely Italian city“Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?’” - Martin Luther King, Jr.
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@ryanchris @arjunsethi Favorite writers? @zzbar I agree with you, thanks for the feedbackGreat profile of cult fashion brand @Outlier via @WIRED — a nice follow to @om's interview…
Retweeted by OMFor tech coverage, as primary area of interest , if you had to pick only one among all national dailies which will… @katiefehren @lizgannes
Why is it that China pouring shitload of cash into many “shitholes” in the world? What do they know that some *wink wink* don’t?
@davewiner Friends make friends keep blogging @steverubel Way to ruin a good thing ;)Last point on Facebook: artificial intelligence needs a surgeons deftness & hyper personaliatio . What we have is a… doesn’t have ability to bring nuance, finesse and intelligence to its “algorithms” because it makes money… I the only who read Zuck’s comments and wondered : the masters of alogrithmic universe are no different than cha… kids skip classes! Aka social web. Cc @spolsky next for @buzzfeed @mic etc (plus those guys in the eastern block now that Facebook has given “news” the middl…"Gartner Says Worldwide PC Shipments Declined 2 Percent in 4Q17 and 2.8 Percent for the Year"…
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Waking up in Europe to learn that @trueventures portfolio company @iceyefi launched its first satellite into space… is right, except it is @oliviamunn and not @Om and I don’t want to come in the way of conversation
@espiekermann @om Who wants to help us give this one a push?
Retweeted by OMPeloton wants to strike gold again with a $4K connected treadmill
Retweeted by OMI just published “Computes Means Business”
Retweeted by OMWell covered, @RossBenes. Here is my warning shot from March 2016. @tkawaja can attest I tried to warn everyone. Lo…
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@option_snipper @om $baba blockchain integration found in Tron code via github
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@ashleymayer Great one @Krewell Correction... all tech marketing shows are terrible. Ces is at the top. @gigastacey Well there was a reason, you love this stuff @StefanEtienne Still working as a journalist so you aren’t out of the woods!!! @digiphile You will be assimilated- just wait and see 😂 @danablankenhorn Oh I know. Was this Yahoo collab? @ron_miller Nice. Congratulations on unlocking the ultimate achievement @caro Good one :)I might be the only tech (now former) journalist who went through entire professional life without suffering the ig…“Sadly, the tech industry rarely rewards humility or self-effacing gestures. I live by the mantra to “carry yoursel…
Retweeted by OMThe influencer economy is narcissists all the way down.
Retweeted by OM#TimesUp @TIMESUPNOW
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@jason_kint @Brave is faster because we block ads too. Why use half measures?
Retweeted by OMSeriously. Drop Chrome. Download latest version of @Firefox (called Quantum) and turn on Tracking Protection in the…
Retweeted by OM @msg You live in SF. Don’t be daft. You bring body heat to bed. All you need. If too warm, open a window.When pubs miss the point of what Apple gets with Netflix - no it is not content. Hint, deep network infrastructure
@om That took 5 minutes. Now put it on your Tshirt.
Retweeted by OMWhat if @espiekermann designed a T-Shirt with “Unstable Genius” and UN crossed out? Asking for a friend.OPEN SECRET is the worst excuse for anything and everything, especially harassment and bad/illegal behavior.