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I was a reporter once. Now I have opinions about tech. I write. I make photos. I invest @TrueVentures & blog at

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Portrait of a master shoemaker, Hiro Yanagimachi #madewithiphoneX #iphoneography @tingilinde 🙏🏼 @robertcathey For just Om, visit 😋Back on Instagram @drnovac you know they have a device like that, Apple TVApple’s TV Plans and & List of Shows
Google makes an encryption-free Chat app/platform for carriers. Apple files a complaint with FTC about the same car… day you are building an advertising platform, then next day you are humanity’s most efficient global hate machi… @danvpeterson @reneritchie Indeed. That is why bags are fun. Also, love 1Password 👌🏼Facebook is essentially genetically modified tobacco of social software. It does everything by the book, but pushes… @danvpeterson @reneritchie So many times the equipment falls out accidentally when you suddenly swing it back witho… new'100-ball' competition (20 less than T20) proposal by English Cricket Board is telegraphing only one thing t… bummed to hear about the passing of @Avicii Rest In Peace. My sincere condolences to his family, his loved o… @reneritchie I tried Peak design backpacks - good looks, not super practical when actually in landscape world. You…
@clawrence @Dropbox @drewhouston @arashf You must be using Google for everything. Which is great with drive. I don’… @kevinmarks @Dropbox As a paying customer for Dropbox, I have never gotten the pop up. I think it is easier when yo… get a shared file or folder link for @dropbox, and with one click it saves in the background. Google Drive, you… is 2018, and the only online storage service that gets ease of use right and flawless performance is @dropbox. I… @zilmer @Dropbox @drewhouston @arashf Damn nailed to the wall :) @acontinuouslean @Dropbox @drewhouston @arashf That is purely for work :) @msbrumfield @ThieveryCorpDC Those aren't your real friends anyway ;-) Real friends never say no to @ThieveryCorpDC @f ;-)I am declaring today @ThieveryCorpDC day. I woke up super early to get the new album, Treasures from the Temple, wh… & Goodbye
@agraham999 I think department stores are dates, archaic and not fun. I think tactile part of the experience has to… I said, look beyond the hype of the “saint” and focus on actions they take! @danielraffel Always be trolling Om 😂 @neilbearse @ThieveryCorpDC Agreed :) @janamal @Nordstrom @Allbirds @Sephora If there is Allbirds pop-up, they are dead to me. Those shoes are like sweatpants of shoes!Hey Twitter friends, can you tell me what is 5G?Is this the future of retail? @danprimack @derrickharris What do that say: if there is Intent, there is lobbying dollars and thus ability to make change :) @danprimack @derrickharris Yup. But if this a work template for the future, why not think about this as an option.… @derrickharris @danprimack It’s not that tricky - create a template for people who have stayed the longer, driven t… it is time for @SEC_News to dig into this and provide a template, and turn this into an opportunity for a lot… @danprimack @derrickharris Nothing will show more commitment to drivers than something like that? Everything else is just PR/media speak. @danprimack @derrickharris Complications are there to be fixed. Especially when it comes to making rules around mon… @JasonHirschhorn When @Cubs are winning cc @tonyconradRather than just reflexively defend these scooter companies, it might be worth asking why people are so angry about…
Retweeted by OM @DShankar @Uber @bgurley Tokens are a dandy idea. Let’s stick to normal tools which people understand. No more tech… @AlbertTarigan I be lying to say anything as I can’t figure out anything. What is the AI part?Are @Uber drivers really entrepreneurs? My take on @bgurley post & more thoughts on the current makeover of the com…
@rephraser @boringfileclerk Not talking about journalism. In general, as an investor & in general conversation, BS is at an all-time high.The Internet is changing & is a domain of ad-motivated mercenaries. Like the platform they helped build, those who… @OphirGottlieb @barronsonline @barronstechblog I covered micro controllers as my first tech beat and once I was gro… @OphirGottlieb @barronsonline @barronstechblog NAND slowdown = not such good news for smartphones? @OphirGottlieb @barronsonline @barronstechblog Apparently no one is worried about their customers- chipmakers & fou… @MattRosoff @MsABalakrishnan Where do i start Matt :) @AndyTheGiant Honestly as an investor, look for products that solve real problems for paying customers and without need for jargon.It has been 25+ years of being involved with tech. Never before have I seen more bullshit/marketing terms being use… @mat @gaberivera Gabe, go with melatonin. I think dinner at 6 and a warm bath before bed time helps with jet lag. A… mean to say you don’t have redundancy built into the system and are localized to one data center in San Antonio… @petehalvorsen @LeicaStoreWA @LeicaCameraUSA @leica_camera @KodakProFilmBiz @kodakcameraclub @peakdesignltd Wow, that is a big squad.New @readpico conversation with Doug Weber, a former Apple designer who's living in Japan and is working on what is… @CaseyNewton @sarahfrier @nitashatiku Also, they NEVER invited me, or allowed me to talk to the master of zuckverse… @CaseyNewton @sarahfrier @nitashatiku Actually all you reporters boycott all their events and have them only talk t… message to our European colleagues is to not let Facebook slide, but to require Facebook leadership to testify u…
Retweeted by OMin order to make the world more open and connected, I didn't make the cut for Facebook's GDPR press briefing. good…
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If you are curious about remote working and living outside the norms of 9-to-5, I highly recommend this book by… @web @DaveABarton @gooderdle @LeanLuxe Damn you all - might actually have to write a blog post about this :) thanks… @LeanLuxe @web @gooderdle @om @LeanLuxe Your argument that luxury consumers are now choosing mass market goods beca…
Retweeted by OMMy friend @hnshah has a new product that is useful and worth trying. FYI is on Product Hunt how did you arrive at the $400 sticker price? I am sure at volumes, they must be getting a huge discount fr… done @AmyErrett on taking this approach. I am a fan of you and your approach to life/work! So glad she is par…
Why are eCommerce companies ante all over paper catalogs! Fun piece via @LeanLuxe @mosjef Ask the folks who are behind the company 🤓Yankees' Judge passes Mark McGwire to become fastest to 60 career HRs via @theScoreYo @TheOnion you need to take the summer off. I can say, good luck @coinbase You might need it :) @gaberivera @om I remember very clearly his early posts on 21c and not being able to rationalise them. I’m no Marc…
Retweeted by OMEverything Good About Earn Came Through Me, While Everything Bad Was The Other Guys, by Balaji Srinivasan
Retweeted by OM @goran650 Too mainstream 😂The Hipster Index: San Francisco is not even in the top ten. It was its only job. The winner is shocking, for it be…“Lessons from my 8 years as CEO of Weddington Way” by @stern.ilana one of my favorite entrepreneurs! Great human &… :) @gigastacey The only thing I want for Christmas is for the IBM Watson to shut up and stop with the press releases. Can you do that? @LeanLuxe & @2PMLinks - we are going to call a moratorium on #luxury discussion for now. Tabling it to in-person ov… Pulitzer Prizes for 2018 are a great reminder that great journalism matters. It brings change. It is not always…