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I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Trump embrace climate change. (Not sure how he might square that with coal country.)
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Love this
Retweeted by JenniferThis video. So powerful. "Evan" #SandyHookPromise"Don't try to be different. Just be good. To be good is different enough." -Arthur Freed
Retweeted by JenniferWe accurately quote what you say. Then we find out it's misleading, false or incorrect. And your staff refuses to e…
Retweeted by JenniferThis is awesome, @wvutoday. My husband is a WVU Geology Field Camp alum. <3He's up for Secretary of State. don't say., Mondays.What. an amazing season. So proud to be a Mountaineer. <3
Trump is too busy to get intelligence briefings
Retweeted by JenniferWhen an "opinion" is falsely equated with a false fact, a lie
Retweeted by JenniferBell from the USS West Virginia, 1922. Anniversary of Pearl Harbor: USS West Virginia exhibit at the WV Culture Center. if you are ready to cheer on @wvuwomenssoccer as they play for a National Championship in the #WCollegeCup!…
Retweeted by JenniferHe cried at Santa. Big sis making it all better. 😍#Grandbabies’s handwritten changes on Pearl Harbor “infamy” address to Congress, this week 1941:
Retweeted by JenniferHouse about 1/2 decorated. Communion Sunday. Need to prep for long work week ahead. All I want to do is go back to bed. Why am I so tired?!Yep. night, @WVSO !Ended here... here...
True? lots of folks missing this distinction. Biggest issue with Trump/Taiwan isn’t policy break, but lack of clari…
Retweeted by JenniferHeading to my last volunteer training of 2016. Counter the mire by doing all the good you can, how/where/when you can. It starts with you.It didn't start with Trumpsters, but it's becoming mainstream under them.Many things disturb me about Trump presidency. Most disheartening is the normalization of venomous embitterment as an all-American mindset..@gordongee responds to @BreitbartNews writer attack on WVU professor
Retweeted by JenniferI am amazed, but unsurprised, reading tweets in defense of Trump's ineptitude by people who would have eviscerated Obama for same.True in this house! up. It's GameDay.
Retweeted by JenniferTrump is a bull in a China shop. #literallyNot unlike US presidential meetings with the Dalai Lama - in the WH residence rather than the Oval Office, because of Chinese objections.
Retweeted by JenniferUsed to feel a little sorry for her impossible job cleaning up messes. Now, I hold her liable. She's complicit, and…<3 HAIL!!!!!!! goal goal goal goal goal goal goal goal
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#Truth, then."This is the problem with world leaders. You guys take everything that Donald Trump said so literally.”
Retweeted by JenniferAwww. @WVUfootball is making me all weepy with these #SeniorDay posts. Never gets easier to see family movin' on. Luck & love, gents!If you're too open-minded, your brains will fall out. {a post} is so much about this piece that disturbs me deeply. So much. last Volunteer Orientation Training of 2016 is tomorrow! 12/3 @ 10:30 a.m. at the South Charleston Library. All are welcome!! <3
Retweeted by Jennifer"Mad Dog" calls Trump comments on foreign policy "kooky". But that was in August.
Retweeted by Jennifer @StateJournalAnn 😂😂😂 @erinlshaver Ha!! 😊I have to go to Walmart today. At Southridge. With an elderly client. These are the sacrifices I make for you, America. Pray for me. :-( @dmataconis I feel like collateral damage. :-(Merriam-Webster’s plea: There’s still time to prevent "fascism" from becoming word of the year
Retweeted by JenniferDa swamp.
Retweeted by JenniferHer boss held a rally last night where the crowd cheered "lock her up"
Retweeted by JenniferLet's go, Mountaineers! #WVU is glue that binds Trump supporters. Easy example is the worldview that holds where Obama is "arrogant," Trump is "refreshing."So depressing that we will be waking up every day for next 4 yrs to stories attempting to "clarify" latest blatant lie from our President. @WesMoore1 I picked The Other Wes Moore as our next book club read. Looking forward to introducing it to them. ❤Seeing clips of Ohio crowd tonight, this exact quote came to mind.'re taking him literally, not seriously. You are supposed to take him seriously while literally hitting yourself…
Retweeted by JenniferThe actions of one individual do not represent our WVU, and we do not stand for intolerance. #BecauseofBrewster we are better.
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<3's not entirely unpleasant but rattling, all at once.Got that weird feeling like, something's about to go down, maybe good, maybe bad, but it's out of my control and so...tingling. #IntuitionI would love to get my mother-in-law some Paul Harvey recordings for Christmas, but they don't seem to exist. :-/ She is so hard to buy for. @erinbeckwv How many years - decades! - without an accident?! So weird.Oy with the poodles already. :-(This clip is astounding. Tens of millions of Americans believe these same things.
Retweeted by Jennifer @erinbeckwv Crazy!!Oh! Great idea! living in the world of Marfan Syndrome for 35 years, today - just TODAY - I've seen two national stories about it. #MarfanAwareness
If I had any singing talent and if I knew how to write love songs and if I recorded them, then this would be my alb…
Retweeted by Jennifer11 real-world forests that look like they’re straight out of a fairytale via @Upworthy #OptOutside
Retweeted by JenniferGo, Midshipmen! HOOYAH! @GraveCreekMound @bitmapped How long would something like that take? A few hours at least, right?Donald Trump has a fix for this
Retweeted by Jennifer5 years "clean." You can do it. all media professionals in Appalachia to make a project pitch…
Retweeted by Jennifer...I wouldn't change this life for anything. And now, it's time to dive back into the aggravation in order to swim to the other side. 2/2You know? This has been a week and a half already. It's included a good humbling, a few tears, the remnants of strep, and annoyance. BUT 1/2