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Jennifer @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion. ~ Paulo Coelho

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@AskAnnAli Haha! 😎Same. 💜 the radio this weekend: A renowned evangelical pastor cast aside the idea of hell, and with it everything he'd w…
Retweeted by Jennifer“The rage-fu­eled trib­al­ism of so­cial me­dia has in­fected jour­nal­ism. The Left shouts RACIST!, and the Right…
Retweeted by JenniferDaughter just started her first triathlon at Lake Anna. She is an amazing human bean. ❤ @EWeitzman I listened to her read her autobiography on tape shortly.after she died. I can remember entire passages… @hellokaylayoung Rawr. 🦁
TOMORROW. Kin Ship Goods @ 11 am. All the egg rolls you can eat.
Retweeted by JenniferI know it might not *sound* sexy, but when your husband lugs your new desk up 3 flights of steps, takes apart two p…
TODAY: Jan Rader, Huntington fire chief, named to TIME 100 list
Retweeted by JenniferNot only is it the case that happy people are more willing to help others, but as I generally point out, helping ot…
Retweeted by JenniferFor all who cherish hiking, the trailblazing Scottish mountaineer and poet Nan Shepherd on the transcendence of wal…
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@jeffjam @bobgoff I am such an admirer! He is my daily inspiration. I cannot wait to read. ❤❤Read
Retweeted by Jennifer @jeffjam @bobgoff Is #EverybodyAlways one of yours, Mr. James?“Your success as a family... our success as a nation... depends not on what happens inside the White House, but on… Bush goes down in history with Abigail Adams (1744-1818) as a woman who married one future president - and…
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💔 @ProducerCoop 😂😂😂 @douglaseye A year of big changes for you! ❤ I hope this means many interesting new doors are opening.Reminder: Today is the last day to register to vote in West Virginia, if you want to vote in the May 8 primary elec…
Retweeted by JenniferFrom the Sierra Nevada in CA to the Snake River Valley in ID, a wide view of our beautiful planet was seen from the…
Retweeted by Jennifer @eJoelWatts @utsdoc Yes. In heaven. DON'T @ ME.
@TwubMoore @knfmoore 😊 It's good to be dry.Desi Linden becomes first American woman to win Boston Marathon in 33 years
Retweeted by Jennifer from Marshall Athletics on Passing of Hal Greer
Retweeted by Jennifer @knfmoore Did @TwubMoore run today?An American woman is about to win Boston for the first time since 1985. And she waited for her friend to take a bat…
Retweeted by JenniferMarshall University and 76ers legend Hal Greer has died at the age of 81.
Retweeted by JenniferDid this insane weatherman really just say snow flurries are in our forecast this afternoon? #WayTooEarly #WTFWeatherNASA has released a breathtaking virtual tour of the Moon in 4K resolution
Retweeted by Jennifer holes
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😍😍😍 I've always used the fold-the-thread-in-half method, which works brilliantly, but I like this for its surprise…
Retweeted by JenniferDrove home from a fabulous wedding weekend in Raleigh with time enough to take a shower and get ready to go make a… bless. ❤ @uncletypewriter She will find a way.
It's unclear what we're hitting in Syria. But if we hit depots where chemical weapons are stored, there's some risk…
Retweeted by JenniferGod help us all. ❤Sounds of explosions can be clearly heard in Eastern #Damascus #Syria
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Remind me why we ever left this town again? 😢 #RaleighForever AND a beer holder in the stall. Raleigh, I have missed you so. 😍❤️The world's happiest news just traveled 13,000 kilometers to become true for the 16th time. Croatia's greatest lo…
Retweeted by JenniferIrony to the fact that after the RNC successfully hounded every Democrat to return Weinstein money their finance te…
Retweeted by Jenniferwell its on there now if u wanna ruin it for everyone, neil
Retweeted by Jennifer1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 2̶4̶ Today, @ConorLambPA was sworn in as the next Repr…
Retweeted by Jennifer @AskAnnAli Same.Loooool @bitmapped I thought I saw a story yesterday saying Zinke reversed himself on the idea of fee NPS hikes? @stuffKRISwrites 😨 @Candace07 @ZackHarold @knfmoore Hello? Stickers? Have you *seen* my office? Need please! 😊 @mtnadam She is an angel from on high. 😇Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Today on Yom HaShoah, this should be a wake-up call.…
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That sure took a while, didn't it? Maybe dawn is finally starting to peek over the horizon.
Retweeted by Jennifer💫 therapist taught me to interrupt my anxious thinking with thoughts like: "What if things work out" and "What if…
Retweeted by JenniferFor the record, I've never eaten bear meat, but my uncle tricked me into a mouthful of squirrel gravy when I was 5… one where @Bourdain comes to town. #GoToWV @eJoelWatts Name a politician today who cannot be described in the same way. I'm a little desperate to find one. 🇺🇸Brought to you by @Jon_Favreau's movie CHEF, one of my all-time favorites. You’re welcome or I’m sorry depending on…
Retweeted by JenniferI'm not sure I am fully prepared emotionally for this day. Gonna be a long one, that's a fact. Will it be a product… Tom cashed out for $600 million and disappeared to a life of luxury without destroying the fabric of societ…
Retweeted by Jenniferanyway, here's zuckerberg's arrival set to the radiohead cover from "the social network" trailer
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I am responsible for our book club's next pick. The category is 'NYT Bestsellers.' I have a pick in mind but am sol… the sun closing out another perfect day to the stage lights rising on the world-renowned @MountainStage, West…
Retweeted by Jennifer @ProducerCoop Although it would be kinda cool to talk about my current work with @FIAofGKV on a platform named afte… @ProducerCoop Haha! No...just sent me down memory lane! @ProducerCoop I owned a magazine in Charleston called Focus on the Valley a lifetime or so HEART
Retweeted by JenniferI disagreed, vehemently at times, with Ryan on matters of policy and practice. But I always believed him to be reas… you @nytdavidbrooks for the enlightening and thought-provoking engagement this evening. Much to think about!
Waiting for @nytdavidbrooks at the @UCWV Speaker Series. #LoveMyLittleCity desperate need for more young people in office has perhaps never been more painfully obviously than while watch…
Retweeted by JenniferWhat's that saying again? The more things change... about to reach a 52-week high
Retweeted by JenniferEverything is fine. FINE.