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Jennifer @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion. ~ Paulo Coelho

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We "need" healthcare, a solution to the tragedies of homelessness, opioid addiction, and gun violence, greater acce… @Amy_Siskind Or the deficit. #rememberwhen
I'm wholeheartedly opposed to any policy that allows innocent children to be separated from their parents. I'm sign…
Retweeted by JenniferTHIS.'s one thing to support your party. It's another altogether to support your party's takeover by a narcissistic hy… of the things that troubles me most in these political times is when my conservative Republican friends who for… this, @Sen_JoeManchin.
Late Gazette reporter's book collection to be sold at Taylor Books via @wvgazettemail
Retweeted by Jennifer“I think a father’s job, when it’s done best, is to get down on both knees, lean over his children’s lives, and whi…
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Beautiful day for meeting one's soon to be new sister-in-law! Guess I should shower right quick. LOLThe most successful people I've met 1. Drink a whisky drink 2. Drink a vodka drink 3. Drink a lager drink 4. Drink…
Retweeted by JenniferCongrats Ronaldo! Amazing game. Only 100 more till you tie my wife! @AbbyWambach #wolfpack #demandtheeffingball
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@AskAnnAli For a second there I thought your shirt said, "There's no crying in algebra," and I was going to have to take issue. 😂😂Why does he still have a job? It's baffling. at 8:13 am when person who called this meeting has yet to show...😒😠😡 Mercury and Paul McCartney used the same piano to record "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Hey Jude."
Retweeted by JenniferMe at 2 pm: A coffee meeting at 8 tomorrow morning? Perfect! See you there! Me at 11:33 pm: 😭😭😭😭😭In other news, the fish rots from the head down.This administration is abhorrent. Every single one of them. #Vote
LOL🐝❤❤❤ a nice walk in the park in the middle of my workday. Instant attitude adjustment. @JOEL9ONE My daughter competed in her first Ironman 70.3 triathlon and we were there to cheer her on! #booyaHey let’s do a good news thread. Anything good happening this week?
Retweeted by JenniferSelective outrage is civility's undoing. There's no standing on principle anymore. It's all about the silos of "us"…
One of the most useful applications of mindfulness is the ability to notice when you're in self-critical, self-inva…
Retweeted by JenniferMy DMV visit was made pleasant by a lovely, happy clerk who had the best attitude. It goes SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FAR people.Oh, I am so down for this thought experiment. Sign me up! driver license renewal: ✔️UPDATE: Still here.It me. stewart, man. every worst-case prediction and assumption made by every dumb pinko flaming-lib college student…
Retweeted by JenniferLife is a balancing act
Retweeted by Jennifer @hellokaylayoung I drive all over Kanawha County every day, and it's true all over. Also...welcome! I think you will love it. @hellokaylayoung Activism! 😉I need this man in Kanawha County. Any Charleston area friends want to help with our Adopt-a-Lawn program? I've got…
Birthday shopping with the newly minted 30 year old man-child who is starting a new job soon. It's an pricey propos… many have noted, today marks the 55th anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader Medgar Evers. Wh…
Retweeted by JenniferAfternoon delight, family friendly version. boss texted me this video earlier and said “if you don’t like this, you’re fired.”
Retweeted by JenniferNetflix readies Elaine McMillion Sheldon’s “Recovery Boys”
Retweeted by JenniferYou like movies? You like West Virginia? Here's the best West Virginia movie you've never seen.
Retweeted by JenniferPrimaries today in Maine, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Carolina and the great commonwealth of Virginia. Happy voti…
Retweeted by JenniferGmorning. I don’t know how to tell you this, but you’re not perfect. You never will be. You keep growing and mes…
Retweeted by Jennifer @AskAnnAli !!!! Me tooooooooo!! LOLOLThis high school pitcher held off celebrating with his teammates so he could console his childhood friend instead.…
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@hellokaylayoung It's really nice. And getting even better! They have a big summer special going on. @hellokaylayoung YMCA. Love it.TFW it's 2 pm on Monday and you can't keep your eyes open. 😴😴😴😴😴cc: @LaurelMK, @IHOb... So much for International House of Basketball
Retweeted by Jennifer @jezziebeth @stevenadamswv Happy anniversary to you both! ❤ @MattFid 😂😂😂
@happyappalachy @IRONMANtri Awesome! Such an achievement, honestly. 🏊🚴🏃So proud of our girl! Competed in the @IRONMANtri 70.3 Eagleman event today and just crushed it. She's my hero! ❤ the horse know?
Retweeted by JenniferGrandma: What are you drinking? Grandboy:
Never in doubt. Wire to wire. Well done, Team #Justify !RETWEET FOR A CHANCE TO WIN! Retweet this for a chance to win 2 tickets to next Saturday’s game! We’ll pick a win…
Retweeted by JenniferJust got out of the OR to read this piece about Trump’s new lawsuit to bring back pre-ex condition exclusions. If i…
Retweeted by JenniferThis Bourdain quote right here: "I should’ve died in my 20s. I became successful in my 40s. I became a dad in my 50…
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“Low plastic stool, cheap but delicious noodles, cold Hanoi beer.” This is how I’ll remember Tony. He taught us abo…
Retweeted by JenniferI'm going to get up from where I've been sitting like a lumpen potato for the last seven hours and take a walk in t…
Retweeted by Jennifer @cherifromwv @carooelizabeth He's adorable! ❤Two high profile people who seemed to have everything: their dream career, love, money. And everyday I think about…
Retweeted by JenniferGmorning. YOU ARE SO LOVED AND WE LIKE HAVING YOU AROUND. *ties one end of this sentence to your heart, the other e…
Retweeted by JenniferDammit.😂😂! #ALLCAPSGreatest trophy in sports #StanleyCup
Retweeted by Jennifer @ashleybcraig @APStylebook @wvgazettemail I have struggled with this same question!! LOLHey @APStylebook! We have a hot dog event running in the paper. We wonder if its "all the fixins", "all the fixin's…
Retweeted by JenniferFYI...the 'RGB' film is an excellent piece of work. As is she! ❤🏛 @toddgunter The sign of a good class.
I wrote the song Bradley is singing here. They did a great job with it! Go see the movie when it comes out.
Retweeted by JenniferI'm just going to throw this idea out there- why don't scientists work on creating nice AI since humans already hav…
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