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Hey, it's our founder and director on @OpenMindTV with @heffnera!
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All the President’s Twitter Blocks
Retweeted by The Open MindCol Needham discusses the Internet Movie Database. @IMDbCol @IMDb @IMDbTV @IMDbLive @IMDBPro Massey discusses interdisciplinary human advancement. @SAICChance @SAIC_News @ArtInstituteChi“85 percent of all the drugs prescribed in this country now are generic. When you have poor quality generics…that a… Sacks discusses the Abrahamic faiths and fundamentalism. @RabbiSacks @PantheonBooks @NYUniversity Wallace discusses online extremist propaganda. @FightExtremism
Suzanne Nossel discusses freedom of expression. @SuzanneNossel @PENAmerican @PEN_INT Yeung discusses reporting from the frontlines of Syria and Sudan. @IsobelYeung @VICENews @HBO great episode of @OpenMindTV re: Trump's Twitter blocks for anyone interested:
Retweeted by The Open MindSo, so very thankful to be represented by @KatieFallow. The day I was #BlockedbyTrump, she and I spoke for first ti…
Retweeted by The Open MindBig pharma fraud robs the government of desperately needed funding— the #FalseClaimsAct incentivizes whistleblowers…
Retweeted by The Open MindJoanna Gleason discusses her Master Class Acting Workshop. @TheRealJGleason @54Below @Playbill“India and China…could actually bring [the US] to its knees in about 24 hours by…stopping exports of drug component… to watch an amazing attorney be amazing? Here's @knightcolumbia's @KatieFallow explaining the case we just won…
Retweeted by The Open MindI was on @OpenMindTV on PBS earlier this year talking about antifascism. Tell me how you think the conversation wen…
Retweeted by The Open MindContext: @KatieFallow explaining our case in February
Retweeted by The Open MindThomas Foster discusses the founding fathers and their sexual partners. @ThomasAFoster @DePaulU @DePaulNewsroom Burley discusses his book “Fascism Today: What It Is and How We End It.” @shane_burley1 @akpressdistro @votevets @realDonaldTrump @KatieFallow of @knightcolumbia explains @realDonaldTrump’s free speech violations in… @zeynep @KatieFallow of @knightcolumbia explains @realDonaldTrump’s free speech violations in @Twitter’s public for… @williamlegate @danibostick @KatieFallow of @knightcolumbia explains @realDonaldTrump’s free speech violations in… @AynRandPaulRyan @TIME @KatieFallow of @knightcolumbia explains @realDonaldTrump’s free speech violations in… @daniellecitron @WIRED @issielapowsky @Knight @JameelJaffer @KatieFallow of @knightcolumbia explains… @JameelJaffer @joepabike @realDonaldTrump @AnneRiceAuthor @chrissyteigen @StephenKing @Rosie @votevets @KatieFallow Timm discusses freedom of expression. @TrevorTimm @FreedomofPress @GuardianUS @MollyJongFast @rpbp @rachelsklar @KatieFallow of @knightcolumbia explains @realDonaldTrump’s free speech violation… @lpackard @realDonaldTrump @KatieFallow of @knightcolumbia explains @realDonaldTrump’s free speech violations in… @rpbp @mekosoff @KatieFallow of @knightcolumbia explains @realDonaldTrump’s free speech violations in @Twitter’s pu…
Astra Taylor discusses a revolt against the corporate Web. @Astradisastra @PicadorUSA @TheNation Pruitt discusses the Associated Press as the ‘eyewitnesses to history.' @AP @AssociatedPress @AP_CorpComm to @JameelJaffer, @KatieFallow & @ibarguen on this win for free speech.
Retweeted by The Open Mind“Top [pharma] executives do not get put in jail...people who know how to fraudulently market drugs [and] alter data… of @knightcolumbia explains @realDonaldTrump’s violations of free speech on @Twitter @ByronTau @mkraju @realDonaldTrump Please watch @KatieFallow make the case here:
Retweeted by The Open MindBill Bradley discusses his political career and the nation’s future. @SenateHistory @RandomHouse Kaufman discusses corporate and government reform. @bidenfoundation, @UDBidenInst, @PennBiden, @JoeBiden, @USSTK Yeung discusses reporting from the frontlines of Syria and Sudan. @IsobelYeung @VICENews @HBO Whaley discusses Rust Belt politics. @NanWhaley @OHDems @CityofDayton very good PBS interview with Katherine Eban on fraud in the overseas generic drug business. Check it out!
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Ernest Wilson discusses public broadcasting. @EJWilson3rd @USC @USCAnnenberg @AnnenbergMedia Tufekci discusses her book “Twitter and Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of Networked Protest.” @zeynep“If a manufacturing plant overseas ends up fooling the FDA, millions of Americans are getting [drugs that actually… Mandvi discusses satirical news and his personal recollections. @Aasif @ChronicleBooks @TheDailyShow @OpenMindTV did this great interview with @KatherineEban talking about the safety (lack thereof) of our generic dru…
Retweeted by The Open MindWatch my sister @katherineeban chillingly describe the health and national security risks posed by America's relian…
Retweeted by The Open MindI always like being able to promote the work of @FightExtremism & @dartmouth in one tweet...
Retweeted by The Open MindTaylor Jo Isenberg discusses the engagement of young voters. @TaylorJo @RooseveltInst @VivaRoosevelt Farid discusses online extremist propaganda. @FightExtremism @Dartmouth Grinspan discusses youth activism of 19th century. @Smithsonian @AMHistoryMuseum @UNCPressBlog
Michael Lynch discusses informed citizenship. @Plural_Truth @UConn @UCHI_UConn @PublicHumility @WWNorton Pharma Sleuth @KatherineEban on the trail of fraudulent Indian generics in your medicine cabinet and you…
Retweeted by The Open MindDorian Warren discusses the politics of inequality. @dorianwarren @CCCAction @communitychange @RooseveltInst interesting @heffnera interview with @KatherineEban --->
Retweeted by The Open MindIn which the always smart @KatherineEban talks about the international plague of fake pharmaceuticals: The Real Dru…
Retweeted by The Open MindWhile @POTUS blusters + bungles trade war w/ China, they own our drug supply. In the U.S., we make almost zero of o…
Retweeted by The Open Mind“India and China…could actually bring [the US] to its knees in about 24 hours by…stopping exports of drug component… Heffernan discusses her book “Magic and Loss: The Internet as Art.” @Page88 @WIRED @LATimes @realTrumpcast Eban: The Helpless U.S. in the Global Pervasiveness of Fraudul... via @YouTube @OpenMindTV
Retweeted by The Open MindSusan Herman discusses individual liberty. @SusanHermanACLU @ACLU @BrooklynLaw Rocca discusses the imagination of American innovators. @MoRocca @CBSSunday @CBSInnovationTV @CookingChannel Bejan discusses her book “Mere Civility: Disagreement and the Limits of Toleration.” @tmbejan
with great thanks to @jayrosen_nyu for posting this @OpenMindTV interview with @profcarroll—it's an exceptional pee…
Retweeted by The Open MindAlexa Koenig discusses crimes against humanity. @KAlexaKoenig @UCBerkeley @HRCBerkeley @UCPress War With Cambridge Analytica | The Open Mind, Hosted by Alexander Heffner
Retweeted by The Open MindJohn Palfrey discusses the new technological age. @JPalfrey @PhillipsAcademy @HLSLIB @BKCHarvard @BasicBooks you, @KatherineEban, for a powerful exchange, and pressing forward for a better system.
Retweeted by The Open MindBest show on TV.
Retweeted by The Open Mind"[las redes sociales] son... demasiado poderosas por su propio bien, demasiado grandes para mantener la democracia.…
Retweeted by The Open Mind @KatherineEban @OpenMindTV @foxerinr @heffnera I thank you for your work, your interview was very enlightening
Retweeted by The Open MindThe Real Drug Crisis. At 3/2c on @OpenMindTV, @KatherineEban on the dangers of generic pharmaceutical manufacturing…
Retweeted by The Open Mind"Nationalism is not nativism. And you can be nationalist without being nativist." – @heffnera forward to watching @KatherineEban talk Drug quality and drug shortages today - should be on local @PBS sta…
Retweeted by The Open MindThis is must see TV!!!
Retweeted by The Open MindThanks @foxerinr. So pleased to speak w/ @heffnera on @OpenMindTV today at 3PM EST, PBS. #realdrugcrisis
Retweeted by The Open MindKatherine Maher discusses truth, facts and democracy. @krmaher @Wikimedia @Wikipedia interview... #mustwatch @CDSCO_INDIA_INF @MoHFW_INDIA If you still think you can bury your head and hope…
Retweeted by The Open MindWonderful to appear on The Open Mind w/ heffnera
Retweeted by The Open MindEthan Zuckerman discusses the digital ecosystem. @EthanZ @MIT @CivicMIT @MediaLab @BKCHarvard @GlobalVoices