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Owen Barder @owenbarder Proud global citizen.

Vice President & Europe Director @CGDev. Visiting Prof at LSE. Ex No.10, Treasury & DFID. Likes economics, evidence, ending poverty, feminism, triathlon, tech.

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Sign up now to hear @nick_clegg discuss the future of Europe & the UK's role on the global stage:…
Retweeted by Owen BarderGlad @ODIdev are hosting @KateOsamor on Nov 2nd, looking forward to hearing @labour development vision. Sign up:
Retweeted by Owen Barder @rogerbhx @realDonaldTrump That reminds me of this cartoon: @realDonaldTrump Anti-Muslim hate crime is up - partly because of this kind of hateful propaganda. Other than that,… @charlesjkenny Bets on when we have a first female Archbishop of Canterbury?This is cool. The UK can boast female Head of State, Head of Government, Head of Supreme Court, Home Secretary & He… @CGDev is hiring a new Research Fellow, any development topic + our annual post-doc(s)
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"There isn't a feasible amount of aid that would get you to a level of growth sufficient to deter migration in near…
Retweeted by Owen BarderAstonishingly disingenuous letter from PM to EU citizens claiming she's not using them as "bargaining chips". She is
Retweeted by Owen BarderLefty people, please don't turn the Niger attack into Benghazi 2.0. We are better than this.
Retweeted by Owen Barder @Ninoinoz1 @RupertDarwall Once again: I'm not the one making a normative case. I'm listing the rights that the May… blog about the specific rights that Theresa May is trying to take away from me and other EU families. 1/
Retweeted by Owen Barder @stevealbury @RupertDarwall I'm certainly happy to consider other options. My point is that EU citizens would lost… @RupertDarwall And you sir, are, weirdly, a leveller ... :-) @RupertDarwall The precedent is that those rights are protected by the ECJ right now. @RupertDarwall And, again, my blog post offers no thoughts on what rights people should have. It lists the rights May is taking away. @RupertDarwall So I don't want a privileged caste. I want all European citizens to maintain (and extend) these rights. @RupertDarwall I assume you wouldn't argue that the US should repeal the Bill of Rights because it privileges Americans over other people? @RupertDarwall I'd like UK citizens to have the same rights of family reunion as EU citizens. But HMG, in its wisdo… @RupertDarwall My blog post doesn't argue for a privileged caste. It lists the rights EU citizens will lose. And yo… @RupertDarwall Strange to hear a conservative advocating "levelling down" in human rights. @RupertDarwall Your point, I think, is that you are OK with EU citizens losing those rights. I don't agree, but tha… @RupertDarwall My blog post is a list of the rights that EU citizens living in the UK will lose under May's proopos… @RupertDarwall I understand you agree that EU citizens are losing the right to international adjudication? Your poi… @RupertDarwall And I don't want to create a privileged caste. I think all EU citizens should continue to have the r… @RupertDarwall The little England headbanger idea that entering into binding international agreements is somehow a… @RupertDarwall There are many precedents for accepting international adjudication - UN, ECHR, ECJ, WTO, ICC etc etc… @RupertDarwall I'm generally happy for nations to bind themselves to international agreements and make themselves s… @theresa_may @SamGyimah We would have an agreement already with the EU if you were not trying to take away some imp… May's letter to EU citizens does not guarantee key rights. New blog post from me:
@ruskin147 The singularity is near.
Our Chair @StephenTwigg announced an inquiry into Burma and Bangladesh, including the persecution of the Rohingya b…
Retweeted by Owen Barder @WoutervanDis @CONCORD_Europe @FrazerGoodwin @JesseLGriffiths so emergency food aid should not count as ODA, on those grounds? @WoutervanDis @CONCORD_Europe @FrazerGoodwin @JesseLGriffiths if your definition of "ODA=" stands, then in-donor-co… @WoutervanDis @CONCORD_Europe @FrazerGoodwin @JesseLGriffiths so would you say that emergency food aid should +not+… @WoutervanDis @CONCORD_Europe @FrazerGoodwin @JesseLGriffiths PS you may need to pick the mic back up? @WoutervanDis @CONCORD_Europe @FrazerGoodwin @JesseLGriffiths ah, so now that's a bit less general than your earlie… @WoutervanDis @CONCORD_Europe @FrazerGoodwin @JesseLGriffiths paying for asylum seekers and refugees to relocate -… @WoutervanDis @CONCORD_Europe @FrazerGoodwin @JesseLGriffiths Sorry, I'm thick. Do you think ODA is for (a) countri… @JesseLGriffiths @WoutervanDis @CONCORD_Europe @FrazerGoodwin Yes: I'm in favour of activities that are mutually be… @WoutervanDis @CONCORD_Europe @FrazerGoodwin @JesseLGriffiths OK - so you think it is definitively linked to improv… @CarterPaddy @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe If ODA is intended to be a measure of donor effort, then surely it sh… @CarterPaddy @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe Interesting - can there be a non-fiscal grant element? @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe So our disagreement is that you think that there is one true measure of aid; and I… @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe I say that's dishonest. The aid reported by donors falls within the agreed international definition. @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe You, and @CONCORD_Europe, denounce that aid as not "real" or not "genuine", and as "inflated". @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe What we disagree about is how to describe other measures of aid, other than the on… @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe But I think that isn't the root of our disagreement. We agree that different types… @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe The spending commitment repeatedly made was a commitment about ODA, which is (and… @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe but I would include a wider range of spending on global public goods including mor… @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe I think that non-fiscal transactions (e.g. capitalisation of CDC) should be exclud… @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe As a measure of donor effort, it is not clear why tied aid, student bursaries or r… @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe So you need different aggregate measures of aid for different purposes. @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe you wouldn't sensibly use ODA as a measure of aid as an explanatory variable in a… @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe It isn't fit for purpose as an aggregate measure of aid for some other purposes (e… @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe yes though let's not forget that the ODA definition serves a particular purpose (n… @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe But sadly I think that is hard to do, which is why, reluctantly, I think the 0.7%… @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe If we could find a way to hold governments to account for their impact, I'd be del… celebrate International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, perhaps @ODIdev would like to make the Development Policy Review open access? @JesseLGriffiths @FrazerGoodwin @CONCORD_Europe Striking that nowhere in the @CONCORD_Europe report does it make th… @JesseLGriffiths @FrazerGoodwin @CONCORD_Europe Different (though related) issue, but I don't like the development… @JesseLGriffiths @FrazerGoodwin @CONCORD_Europe Yes indeed you can. And some good international spending too. @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe I agree that we should switch from holding governments to account for inputs to ho… @JesseLGriffiths @FrazerGoodwin @CONCORD_Europe .. whereas I think that different measures of aid make sense in dif… @JesseLGriffiths @FrazerGoodwin @CONCORD_Europe I suspect the root of our disagreement is that you seem to believe… @CONCORD_Europe @JesseLGriffiths @FrazerGoodwin You say that some subset of reported aid is "genuine". That mean t… @JesseLGriffiths @FrazerGoodwin @CONCORD_Europe Dongemmewrong. I think a lot of this spending is low priority. I t… @JesseLGriffiths @FrazerGoodwin @CONCORD_Europe I think it is +dishonest+ of @CONCORD_Europe to say that refugees,… @FrazerGoodwin @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe I'm completely happy with having different measures of aid for diff… @FrazerGoodwin @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe I think it is reasonable to include refugee costs as ODA, yes. I'd… @CONCORD_Europe @FrazerGoodwin @JesseLGriffiths Hard to do in 140 chars, but would love to unpack the idea of "what… @FrazerGoodwin @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe Concord can make a case for spending aid differently, but framing i… @FrazerGoodwin @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe They also refer to the subset of aid they like as "genuine" - so de… @FrazerGoodwin @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe I'm attributing it to @CONCORD_Europe as well as to… @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe They say that the aid they exclude does "not genuinely contribute to development."… @JesseLGriffiths @CONCORD_Europe You said exactly that in your tweet! You said "Real Aid - 0.4% GDP (not 0.5% claim… @DonalORathaille @CONCORD_Europe Fine to argue for a different measure; or to use their own measure. But to call th… @CONCORD_Europe It is irresponsible for @CONCORD_Europe to say that the agreed international measure is "inflated"… @CONCORD_Europe Let's have different measures of aid, depending what question we are discussing; there is no single "true" measure of aid.