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Owen Barder @owenbarder Proud global citizen.

Vice President & Europe Director @CGDev. Visiting Prof at LSE. Ex No.10, Treasury & DFID. Likes economics, evidence, ending poverty, feminism, triathlon, tech.

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@pauldbenbow @danieljohnsalt @montie Correct. We aren't allowed to cut tariffs below the EU levels while inside the EU. @pauldbenbow @montie I have no insight into the motivation of Brexiteers. But this is a good announcement. Credit where it is due. @DiStefano1410 @montie Allowing countries to sell in our markets, if they wish, is not plunder. @John_G_MacA @montie Yes, good as far as it goes. See @pauldbenbow @montie Actually the EU does set a ceiling on the market access we can offer to developing countries. @DonaldKaberuka It is a unilateral offer for LDCs to match the Everything But Arms terms if the UK leaves the custo… @xAlan_Matthews More information, and ideas for next steps, here welcome first step. See @xAlan_Matthews @RichardTol To be fair, they can't make such a promise unilaterally. There has to be some degree of… @owenbarder Agreed, was thinking that myself - focus shifting over time from aid to trade, but both still right in most cases
Retweeted by Owen Barder"Trade Not Aid" is a dumb slogan. Trade And Aid is what the poorest countries need. @julianHjessop Your #TradeNotAid hashtag is nonsense though. We should do both. @julianHjessop It is a welcome announcement; and should have been made a year ago. Further to go, as set out here. @leighhmitchell @CGDev What's Spanish for "and why didn't you do this a year ago?"READ: PIDG's work in 2016 will help an expected 30.6m people gain access to #infrastructure:…
Retweeted by Owen BarderDuty-free, quota-free: new UK policy on trade and dev good start 4 UK and poor countries say @owenbarder @EconMitch
Retweeted by Owen BarderWelcome announcement of access for developing countries to UK markets post Brexit. More to do, though. UK clothing is from developing countries. New UK policy on trade + dev good 1st step say @owenbarder @EconMitch
Retweeted by Owen BarderThere is scope for UK post Brexit trade deals to be even better for UK and developing country citizens than EU deals
Retweeted by Owen BarderUK extends free market access to LDCs lost-Brexit. @owenbarder & @EconMitch spell out what else we should do:
Retweeted by Owen BarderResearchers point out to EU that Ag policy still damages development w/ subsidies keeping prices low
Retweeted by Owen BarderUK Govt - positive first steps on trade and development
Retweeted by Owen BarderOn Saturday, UK announced post Brexit approach to trade with developing countries. Our reaction: so far, so good.
Quiconque traverse le Sahel sait que le terrorisme est pour une large part dû au changement climatique…
Retweeted by Owen Barder @olwenw @drchuck There are always women experts who know more than me about the things I am invited on to panels to talk about.Wow this is very cool! No more men-only panels! #BetheChange @owenbarder /ht @benkepes
Retweeted by Owen BarderExcellent (again) frm @MForstater Importance of (real info & open public debate) > (hype & hidden agendas) re LDCs…
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In a new #CGDPodcast, @rajeshmirchand chats w/ @charlesjkenny about his new book Results, Not Receipts:
Retweeted by Owen BarderBravo! found @owenbarder Diversity Pledge to NOT speak on all male panels via @benkepes blog; take the pledge now
Retweeted by Owen BarderScouting sites for @CGDev West w @vijramachandran @charlesjkenny
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@aidthoughts @CarterPaddy LOL!really? how about you run the same numbers for China and reconsider
Retweeted by Owen BarderWhat are these systems of which you speak in development? Nice piece by @DanVexler important new report from ODI & Chatham House, on public perceptions of refugees & migrants:
Retweeted by Owen BarderVery proud of what we do at @ODIdev on #migration and #displacement. Latest overview: a lot done,even more to come!
Retweeted by Owen Barder @BenParker140 @moniquepariat1 @eu_echo Is that cash, or cash and vouchers? @beckveazey @owenbarder Yes, this is a great initiative. Happy to say I've not served on a 'manel' in years.
Retweeted by Owen BarderIn a new #CGDPodcast, Imad Fakhoury & @Cindy_Y_Huang look at the results from Jordan's refugee compact experiment:
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4 #PDIA and #adaptdev practitioners: FT Alphachat podcast about Albert Hirschman, your intellectual godfather
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[THREAD] It’s #WorldRefugeeDay; one of toughest ones I can recall. Refugee #s highest in a generation, & US leadership is faltering. But...
Retweeted by Owen Barder @carolinefiennes Also the PIU - work championed by Gus O'Donnell. If GOD can't get it done, what hope for mere mortals? @carolinefiennes There is such an obligation for some aspects of some policies (e.g. environmental impact assessmen… remember splashing out on a 20Mb hard disk for my Viglen PC in the 1980s. I thought it would probably be enough f… Joffe. Truly a life well lived. Live well. Make a difference.
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Of all the philanthropists I've met in the past 5 years, Joel Joffe stood out as a deeply thoughtful, sincere & gen…
Retweeted by Owen BarderSo sorry to hear of the death of Joel Joffe. He fought for justice, and he made a huge difference in the world. @paulwaugh @bendepear Looks like team UK haven't signed @owenbarder pledge vs all male platforms
Retweeted by Owen Barder @rakeshrajani @JustinSandefur @Fihi_maFihi @riseprogramme @owenbarder Thanks Rakesh! Here's a link to the pledge:
Retweeted by Owen BarderMany things are getting better. But this is not. We have to do better for the world's refugees.
About 40 % of elected French MPs are women!
Retweeted by Owen BarderGood to see @patel4witham come out fighting for Britain's world class aid programme
When men step up we all win. T/Y @joepfdavis @owenbarder @rakeshrajani
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Congratulations @mleach_ids who has been appointed a CBE for services to Social Science in Queen’s #BirthdayHonours
Retweeted by Owen BarderI have promised not to serve on men-only panels. via @owenbarder
Retweeted by Owen BarderCan we invite scholars from Ghana, Kenya and Uganda to study the moral economy of elections in the UK, and present…
Retweeted by Owen BarderGreat organisation is hiring klaxon. @eu_echo in Greece is moving towards a single agency approach for #cash for refugees in Greece like in Lebanon - heard at #UNHCRNGOs
Retweeted by Owen BarderWe are so excited to have @CarterPaddy join us next week.
.@IATI_aid is holding a 'mini-TAG' in London focusing on traceability on 28th June
Retweeted by Owen Barder @JeffBezos Cash transfers. Huge evidence for their effectiveness. Take a look at @GiveDirectly @ianbirrell @michaelgove @Peston @edballs I love that, without that crucial comma, Michael Gove is talking about hi… @SandraPepera I do get trolled, but not as much as women I know. Mainly if I express feminist views. Can only imagi… crowd at @CGDev @riseprogramme conference! Demonstrates demand 4 systems research in educ. Downside:No seats!
Retweeted by Owen Barder @gregory_adams_ @ModernizeAid Who is this "we", kemosabe? @gregory_adams_ @DGateway @ModernizeAid On the contrary: authorities holding data second guess possible data use too much, not too little.This is a big step. Congratulations to @HetanShah who has been making the case for this. @jonathanglennie >> are excited to be at @TheEconomist Impact Investing conference today! @tobyecc will be speaking about Social Imp…
Retweeted by Owen BarderGirls from my 13yo's school who lived in #GrenfellTower lost everything and still turned up for GCSEs next day in night clothes
Retweeted by Owen BarderReal heros
Retweeted by Owen BarderSmart decision by @DFID_UK and @foreignoffice to have one shared Minister for Africa, one shared Minister for Mid E… & @patel4witham have decided that @RoryStewartUK will be joint @foreignoffice / @DFID_UK Minister for Africa
Retweeted by Owen Barder.@BorisJohnson & @patel4witham have decided that @AlistairBurtUK will be joint @foreignoffice / @DFID_UK Minister for the Middle East
Retweeted by Owen Barder"It's the cover up that gets you" is a marvellous, ubiquitous example of survivorship bias.
@ruthkennedy I'm a bit confused. Maybe he will spell out in due course what he thinks is bringing into doubt whethe… @ruthkennedy The phrase "I seem to be the subject of suspicion" seems to be pointed at the questions he was asked,… @ruthkennedy @timfarron I thought "..we are kidding ourselves if we think we yet live in a tolerant, liberal societ… @ruthkennedy @timfarron OK. So was @timfarron subjected to more, or more inappropriate, questioning than this? (Gen…