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Owen Barder @owenbarder Somewhere in Europe, mostly

Vice President & Europe Director @CGDev. Visiting Prof at LSE. Ex No.10, Treasury & DFID. Likes economics, evidence, ending poverty. Dislikes sexism, religion.

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Rich nations lag in 'fair share' of climate action - study via Reuters
Retweeted by Owen Barder@dixydeans1 I'm outraged about that too.A good dose of optimism on Paris from @RobertStavins and a scorecard of elements that would constitute success.
Retweeted by Owen BarderSaudi Arabia may publicly behead 51 men tonight. Future generations will look back on our appeasement of that regime with wonder and disgust
Welcome to see @nickhurdmp as international development minister. Was excellent as charities minister - decent, thoughtful, built consensus.
Retweeted by Owen Barder@DFIDonnelly actually I don't know.We look forward to working with you. Good luck in this important role. The most urgent thing is surely to build a lot of cheap, coal-fired generation capacity?I didn't know you could prosecute a country for war crimes? Or does this mean specific individuals? Household level solar does not provide enough power for a middle income household. Probably a cul-de-sac technology.@AnnabelGerry Not really given Zim's urgent need for electricity generation and its poverty. The problem is not of their making.This is top trolling. Replacing Isis criminals with rubber ducks @UKinZimbabwe Eh? Wouldn't it be cheaper for Zim to burn coal?By the way, Jamaica won the race. The US came second, with the UK in third place. is the role of carbon pricing in COP21? from @iddrilefil pretty much sums up the difference between Brits and Americans (the entrance of the women's 4 400m relay teams) the UK government to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia via amnestyukGood @ODIdev summary the new UK aid strategy Adaptation Gap (and how to deal with it). Today's @fp2p from @benramalingam
Retweeted by Owen BarderI've just started my own blog about International Development and #Tanzania - check out
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I was going to write a big personal essay about the differences between America & UK. But this Vine covers it:
Retweeted by Owen BarderWell done @GSK and @JanssenUS for 100% transparency for clinical trials for MenHibrix and Sirturo #AllTrials data-sharing framework is the choice of academic professionals. What's yours? #ReShapeAid
Retweeted by Owen Barder@charlesjkenny (the perils of multitasking)@charlesjkenny you are right. I was talking nonsense.@MERITchris Right. But it is our move, not India's.@MERITchris whereas I think the environmental danger is too great to continue ignoring the fairness issue which is blocking progress.@MERITchris but fairness and sustainability are inextricably linked. Distribution of pain is the reason we have no global agreement.@MERITchris On the contrary. I think we have shared global problems. I just don't like telling other countries what to do.@nicolajoiner Ctrl+A then DEL works a treat.@MERITchris It is we, not they, who are playing roulette. We, not they, who need to get our act together.@MERITchris I think "ransome" is a perfectly sensible strategy, in the circumstances. India didn't cause this problem.@MERITchris @arvindsubraman So when we've dropped barriers to Indian goods, services and people, we can talk to India about borderless worldThanks to @colinrtalbot for this piece on PFI deals. Seems obvious, but needed stating anyway @arvindsubraman Funny how it is only "borderless" when it suits us. The EU's 10% tariff on Indian apparel isn't borderless.Dear @BBCr4today I'm turning off until coverage of 'Black Friday' stops. It's a tiresome marketing gimmick. #BlackFriday #r4today
Retweeted by Owen BarderIndia is right to resist the "carbon imperialism" of the West, says @arvindsubraman in @ft
Global population growth 1750 to 2100: The peak of growth was 50 years ago, now growing much slower. By @MaxCRoser
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My key comments/questions on new @DFID_UK strategy ( @commonsidc @owenbarder @fp2p @bondngo
Retweeted by Owen BarderRightly so think it fair to say that the Daily Express is not in favour of a bigger budget for aid than for the Home Office No problem with the causes. On the contrary. It is the unnecessary new fund that I am querying.I am confused about why there is no mention of impact in this @DFID_UK leaflet about social impact investments. anyone who supports UK foreign aid seriously think it is a bad idea to spend some of it on the BBC World Service?ODI Fellowship Scheme now receiving applications! Recommended by yours truly (from @ODIdev)
Retweeted by Owen Barder@mngreenall Not me. But I was also against the Global Fund ...A thought for the Labour Party: "In time of difficulties, we must not lose sight of our achievements." (Chairman Mao Chapter 21)@mngreenall they hadn't thought of this wheeze last weekThe new Ross Fund against malaria: right idea, wrong execution. (Dreamed up Fri, announced Sun). by @glassmanamanda I was looking at Table 2.1 on page 78 of the BlueBook. Appears to be RDEL, but may be x-Whitehall@jillongovt @carolinefiennes they like to put it around that they've been cut like everyone else so they are not hated so much ...@jillongovt @carolinefiennes their staff numbers have grown pretty nicely - esp at desk officer level. they literally have no idea. They dreamt it up on Friday and announced it on Sunday.@CharlieMTweets I was quite excited until I got to the part about paying £42 ...I'm against spending targets, but glad that the UK is living up to its agreements to spend 2% of GDP on defence and 0.7% on aid.The UK's International Development budget (DEL) in 2015 (£11.1bn) is bigger than the Home Office (£10.7bn). #ThingsYouLearnFromTheBlueBookCan anyone explain the 15% increase in DFID's RDEL budget in 2018/19 shown in the Blue Book?Thoughtful review by @PGourevitch on Polman's new critique of the humanitarian industry:
Retweeted by Owen Barder@angusarmstrong8 right. but in the absence of any significant measures to increase supply of housing, incidence will be on renters, right?@ianbirrell Also, I see you are in favour of the equally absurd 2% target on defence spending ( @ianbirrell Maybe not quite all :-)@CarterPaddy to be fair, Dacre's customers have a choice. Cc @ianbirrell@ianbirrell right. And that is a legitimate debate. The salaries of CEOs is a point for a university debating society.@ianbirrell you seem to believe people who work to alleviate poverty should not be paid a proper wage. Do you think that about e.g. doctors?@ianbirrell they do. So too do people working in development (sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively; either way it is important)@ianbirrell they claim to be working to deliver essential public services. Do their salaries do that? (A: yes, if they are worth the money)@ianbirrell cheap shot. 46 staff working on HS2 are paid more than the PM, but I guess you support having a decent transport budget?@MrTomBaker err, 0.7% of GDP. Rather more than that (about 2%) of public spending.@angusarmstrong8 presumably it will be passed on to renters?@ianbirrell as well as hitting an absurd target, it has the merit of making a massive difference to the lives of people in desperate need.@owenbarder not one of Lant's better thought experiments. No poor country today is developing along same path as UK did in 1820s...
Retweeted by Owen Barder@guy_levin I wrote about it briefly here Actually Terry Burns was very tech-savvy and got it immediately. Don't think Lamont was even aware. I had to pull an all nighter@guy_levin we considered making the documents only available on GOPHER but went for new fangled HTML as well!@guy_levin I set it up: the first UK government website (and briefly "" was registed in my name!). Also globally first budget online.@Sam__Pickard Yeah, not a big believer in clean cookstoves ah, indeed. but technically, that's the way to go, right?@guy_levin Not for the first time ever. I hand coded an HTML version in 1993.@Sam__Pickard I am indeed suggesting that, though not from any great knowledge. Is it not right?The idea was cooked up on Friday and announced on Sunday. Not propitious for good government. But at what cost? Funny old world in which expensive duplication is more politically acceptable than cost effective cooperation.@owenbarder At first I assumed it was about R&D but it seems not. It is a very good question.
Retweeted by Owen BarderCan anyone explain why we need a new global fund against malaria? What was wrong with the old one? not going to be fixed by household solar which provides insufficient energy to cook with."...der Entwicklungsländer sind die Nachhaltigkeitsziele eine Schimäre: ein erdachtes Monster ..." @phkrause on SDGs which @BjornLomborg gives a simple statistics class to (Lord) Nick Stern And I don't like the implied instrumentalism. I'm a feminist because it is right, not because it promotes growth.@FrazerGoodwin right. But I am always nervous of telling developing countries to do as we say not as we do / did.@FrazerGoodwin actually I wondered if I was missing a good example of this...@LuceFry My view, to paraphrase JFK: ask not what women and girls can do for development ...@LuceFry just a thought (a reaction to hyperbole from @melindagates here: )I now have a photo of you on my dartboard, @diane1859 :-) My guess is that he'll have found some assets to sell to his mates.Learn about the Evian Conference in 1938, in which the world failed the refugees. which developed countries was industrialisation triggered by "putting women and girls first"?The Spending Review has been like Hunger Games, according to Whitehall insiders. Victors declared today. passengers stand up against racial abuse of Muslim woman. #ProudToBeBritish This is a lot. a new app which allows citizens to see how transparent a company is about their #supplychain #twc2015 #endslavery #notmystyle
Retweeted by Owen Barder@yates_rob Not very different from Peter Mandelson being "intensely relaxed" about inequality?
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