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Owen Barder @owenbarder Proud global citizen.

Vice President & Europe Director @CGDev. Visiting Prof at LSE. Ex No.10, Treasury & DFID. Likes economics, evidence, ending poverty, feminism, triathlon, tech.

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Today, #Ethiopia bids farewell to one of its greatest friends, Prof. #RichardPankhurst. May His Soul Rest in Eterna…
Retweeted by Owen Barder @MollyKinder @RupertSimons @KatieJWhite @Sam1Fleming @SamWhiteLondon The city that is closest to the population (by OLS) is Sheffield. @garyjforster Wesminster village :-)
Great to see @ODIdev report being used in @icai_uk's honest appraisal of @DFID_UK's cash projects
Retweeted by Owen Barder @CarterPaddy where did I go wrong? @garyjforster It sets the upper limit at £6bn; the SOS can increase limit to £12bn by statutory instrument requiring assent of the Commons."Papers please." America, 2017
Retweeted by Owen Barder @English_Woman @DFID_UK It has just been debated in both Houses of Parliament. How else should the consent of citizens be obtained?.@angusarmstrong8 steps into unilateral tariff debate. But says it's one to be made by politicians #smfask
Retweeted by Owen BarderPolitics podcast by @guardian - me, @AnnPettifor @RachelReevesMP @andrew_lilico @vincecable on economics & populism
Retweeted by Owen BarderOoooh! I like this. The basics on why we need better data, not just more data & why standards matter. @360Giving
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"#cashtransfers are a smart use of #UKaid which deliver good value for money.. but are not a silver bullet" @Alison_ICAI tells @CommonsIDC
Retweeted by Owen Barder @jec79 cash payments, especially provided through electronic payments, are much less susceptible to this than food may be legal to discriminate against lower income families with a foreign husband or wife, but it is stil wrong. live: #ICAI review of #CashTransfers, discussing ODI report. @FraBastagli
Retweeted by Owen Barder @CarterPaddy @dsquareddigest Oh FFS. I used to waste time trying to persuade Jeremy Bray MP that we couldn't run the economy by model. @CarterPaddy @dsquareddigest When I did macromodelling in HMT in the 1980s and 1990s my catchphrase was "what answer do you want?"It seems I shall get through Milo's 15 minutes of fame without ever finding out who he is. I suspect my life will not be diminished.
@CarterPaddy really hard to predict turning points. @sjarnvig Get a Thameslink train and make sure you get off off the train towards the south entrance of Blackfriars station. @sjarnvig you are in luck. 45 minutes from Luton Parkway train station to Blackfriars (walking distance to ODI). @sjarnvig 30 minutes to get out of the airport; 15 minutes to get to the rail station; then 30-40 minutes by train in to central London ?But seriously, shame on every single one of these men for agreeing to four all white male panels cc @owenbarder
Retweeted by Owen Barder @CarterPaddy totally flunked it. @JeremyKonyndyk Agreed. Don't rule out that maximising outcomes for affected populations may involve forgoing some political support.#FirstWorldProblems @JeremyKonyndyk I agree shifting their perceptions is key. That's why the peanut gallery talking about price spikes is unhelpful! @JeremyKonyndyk I'm happy to be pejorative about aid being delivered in ways that are costly, demeaning, risky, and damaging. @JeremyKonyndyk I think we are agreeing: plenty of contexts where cash is appropriate but not being used for political reasons. @JeremyKonyndyk Right. It is the donors/parliaments (esp Congress!) that are the villains here, not the WFP. @JeremyKonyndyk But in practice there is a default. Where is the detailed market analysis that justifies the food aid WFP manages? @JeremyKonyndyk But the utility of other tools also depends heavily on context. Yet no good analysis produced of effects of in kind aid ... @JeremyKonyndyk I agree that context should determine; don't agree that the burden of proof is on cash. @JeremyKonyndyk we are in absolutely no danger of going too far towards cash. Cash and vouchers are only 7% of humanitarian aid! @JeremyKonyndyk That's where we disagree. Cash not universally the right tool, but has far greater claim to be the default than in kind aid. @JeremyKonyndyk The piece you quote has nothing to do with price spikes. @JeremyKonyndyk My point is that the burden of proof is on those who argue that markets would not respond. The default should be cash. @JeremyKonyndyk And we've also seen (not only anecdotally) the massive damage to local markets from providing food aid. @JeremyKonyndyk Lack of price spike is not a "presumption". It is what the evidence tells us is usually the case: @JeremyKonyndyk Where is the evidence for cash driving up prices? Here is a review of the evidence @JeremyKonyndyk The market and context analysis should make the case for in-kind aid. Unfortunately WFP defaults to food, not to cash. @JeremyKonyndyk The question is not whether the market +is working+ but whether it +would work+ if people had cash. @JeremyKonyndyk You are overstating your case. Lots of cases where markets were not working in which giving cash doesn't increase prices @MP_Boyce @BenParker140 On whom is the burden of proof? @MP_Boyce @BenParker140 @WFP Or would have functioning markets if people had cash. (See Sen ...) @paulcurrion the opposite worry is that we just go on doing things badly. @paulcurrion indeed. your mileage may vary. But under most conditions that have been tested. @XangrybunnyX Excellent. This on cash transfers in humanitarian contexts may be more specifically relevant @XangrybunnyX The evidence suggests firmly the opposite. It is hard to get food across borders and roadblocks. agree. (We disclose our funding.) hasn't. @gerrysalole yup. funny that ... @XangrybunnyX Why do you say that? It is your view that food aid is less susceptible to theft?And if we gave people cash, then markets could deliver food to people who need it even cheaper than the WFP. need effective multilateral institutions more than ever. Good piece by @ianbremmer @ianbirrell ... and Theresa May.Good step forward from @DFID_UK and @eu_echo but they haven't gone far enough in opening this up. #BabySteps all those hosting and appearing on #manels in 2017 - please change and take the Panel Pledge @owenbarder via
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Fantastic @ODIdev people and organisation. #1DayWithoutUs @karentriggs chuck it away and order a pizza. @SimonMaxwell001 many thanks Simon. So far each decade has been better than the last.I have just discovered that I was born on the same day as Kurt Cobain. @SimonMaxwell001 They tweet invitations to tender. Big deal.I was harassed on twitter by pro-leave advocates saying that there was no question about EU citizens' rights. @fp2p I see he didn't also suggest that PCs, which also replace human work, should pay tax ... @fp2p Let's start by getting capital income taxed at at least the same rate as labour income. @marjeaksli Many thanks. So far every decade has been better than the last. I'm planning to continue that way ...Ditto for tuberculosis. Aeras (and TB Alliance) do amazing work but the market incentives aren’t there
Retweeted by Owen BarderI really, really wish there were an Advance Market Commitment for a malaria vaccine. @carolinefiennes Piketty is recommending a wealth tax. I'd settle for taxing capital income at the same rate as labour income. @carolinefiennes What is true, though, is that income from capital (inc robots, PCs, software) is undertaxed relative to labour income.If Bill Gates thinks that robots that replace human jobs should pay taxes, shouldn't PCs also pay taxes?'s still time to enrol in Paul Collier's MOOC "From poverty to prosperity: Understanding economic #development
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It isn't hard. Ony aid given to one of these countries can be counted as ODA. It does not include Poland or Hungary:
I was in the Cabinet Blair defeated in 97. Nobody said election result meant I should join Labour. Time for Brexit opposition to mobilise
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@TheRealGString It has been a pleasure debating with you. I will return now to the substantive issues, rather than my right to opine on this @TheRealGString You might want to resist calling other people undemocratic until you have an unequivocal answer to this question. @TheRealGString however it is established, if it is the majority view, should it be heeded? @TheRealGString Not sure you answered this. If in future the majority of Brits want the UK to be in the EU, should the UK be a member?