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Alison Denham @paddymaid Wellington, Somerset

wants to be a hermit (with laptop), woman, Irish, once told by a manager didn't 'play the game.' So there you go. Arsenal fan through the bad times.

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Piers Morgan
Retweeted by Alison DenhamSo not unique, but still chortlesome:
Retweeted by Alison Denham @alstewitn You are so lovely & calm. A true professional. xx @LaFranglaise66 @IHPower @PeasOneDay @habarosen @MacBojangles Afternoon folks. I don't look at my phone til after l… "gay cures" have just been legalised in Brazil. Sign to help stop it:
@SusanCalman I have never seen anybody enjoy #StrictlyComeDancing more. xx @mattleys The Adventures of Letty Frizzle would be a great children's book title. xxNothing triggers Trump more than perceived ingratitude from successful POCs. In his mind, they don't achieve things; they are given things.
Retweeted by Alison DenhamVery revealing that the harshest language Trump has ever used as President was reserved for Black men protesting in…
Retweeted by Alison Denham @MarinaHyde @sirpauljenkins You always make me laugh & usually before the sun is over the yardarm. x @mattleys @The_No_Show @ManyTearsRescue She is gorgeous. Look forward to lots of pics. Still miss Sparky. xx#BREAKING US bombers fly off east coast of North Korea says Pentagon
Retweeted by Alison DenhamPowerful clip from the National (American) Football League Players Association in support of their member's right t…
Retweeted by Alison DenhamThis country is known for its #CommonSense. It's kicking in. #Brexit
Retweeted by Alison DenhamIt's really sad man ... our president is a asshole
Retweeted by Alison Denham @Ita99 @shivi_ita Happy Birthday, darling xx @SarahEHBurr Flamenco. Excellent xx @Beakmoo @acraftycow Lovely. Can almost feel the softness. xxWhen you're completely out of your cultural element so merengue I guess
Retweeted by Alison Denham @Lin_Manuel Well, that is joyous. xx @habarosen @PeasOneDay @IHPower @MacBojangles I have retreated indoors with the paper. xxPresident Trump in split screen with crowd: Media "won't show this. ... They don't show the crowd, they show me"
Retweeted by Alison DenhamWinter calls soon the tiny hands will be cold again #Syria
Retweeted by Alison DenhamDonald Trump is a petty, small man who is not fit for the grand office he holds.
Retweeted by Alison DenhamYesterday our president called people expressing free speech 'sons of bitches' and urged they lose their jobs. #readtheConstitution
Retweeted by Alison DenhamBob is sadly still MISSING ☹ His family just want him home Please RT & keep a look 👀 out for him. Dearly missed 😢
Retweeted by Alison Denham @jtlovell1979 That is one smug dog. xxEnd the ethnic cleansing of #Rohingya. Global arms embargo on #MyanmarMilitary now @habarosen @PeasOneDay @IHPower @MacBojangles Afternoon folks. Lovely day here xx @Beakmoo She is beautiful. xx#Brexit - When should the UK leave? Please vote and RT. 🇬🇧🇪🇺
Retweeted by Alison Denham @Lin_Manuel Is an audience forming? x
Note the date of this tweet from Keir Starmer. Yet again the Tories have wasted time giving in to the obvious after…
Retweeted by Alison Denham @frankieboyle Truly wonderful xxI wrote this, have an appalling weekend
Retweeted by Alison Denham*whistling* I'm just gonna leave this right here ↓↓↓↓ #Deripaska #BackChannel
Retweeted by Alison DenhamLabour party, revitalised under Corbyn's leadership, now represents the mainstream of British politics #poll Pls RT once Voted - thank you!
Retweeted by Alison DenhamAfter May's fluff & fudge today we need - Petition: #Government must publish its #Brexit Impact/Risk Assessments
Retweeted by Alison DenhamPetition: The Government must publish its own Brexit Impact/Risk Assessments Conservatives have made it unaffordable for most people to defend their basic rights. Labour will reverse that.
Retweeted by Alison DenhamPresident Macron: "want UK to clarify" offer on citizens, finances & Ireland "if these three not clarified, we will not be able to advance"
Retweeted by Alison DenhamYES!!!
Retweeted by Alison DenhamThe British government just signed a secret pact that should horrify the whole country via @thecanarysays
Retweeted by Alison Denham @Beakmoo Did you tell her to run & run fast? xx @AllisonBJanney I might watch it for the umpteenth time to celebrate. xxLook who’s turning 18 today! Happy anniversary #TheWestWing
Retweeted by Alison DenhamTheresa May says Britain never really felt part of the EU. Obviously taking Scotland & Northern Ireland's votes seriously there.
Retweeted by Alison DenhamDear Theresa May, Stop saying "control our borders" -we utterly control our borders. FoM is about rights of residence etc #florencespeech
Retweeted by Alison DenhamWhat a horribly misleading title by @latimes over $200M to promote quackery
Retweeted by Alison Denham.@itvnews at 6:30pm In Florence, the city of Machiavelli, @Number10gov conjures her plot for leaving the EU: in effect, staying 'til 2021.
Retweeted by Alison DenhamTheresa May: "The eyes of the world are on us." The sort of empire delusion that got us into this mess in the first place. #florencespeech
Retweeted by Alison DenhamMe for @Greenpeace Unearthed, on how Brexit will make a bonfire of our futures (
Retweeted by Alison DenhamTodays just saying.
Retweeted by Alison Denham @PeasOneDay @IHPower @habarosen @MacBojangles Good morning all. Friday already eh. XxCorbyn never "promised to wipe out student debt", he said he'd look into it. But he did vote against introducing it - every time. #bbcqt
Retweeted by Alison DenhamTories called the referendum, lost the referendum and are now screwing up Brexit Any chance we can stop saying it's Labour's fault? #bbcqt
Retweeted by Alison Denham @wee_baldy_ian Are you one of those extreme cleaners? xx
These 'rules' have nothing to do with education. Why do megalomaniacs keep being appointed as head teachers. Strict… at the UN. Sneered at in Canada. Downgraded at the OECD. Welcome to the reality of Brexit Britain
Retweeted by Alison DenhamAnother Tory promise ditched: Plan to expand mental health services lasted less than two months via @MidWalesMike
Retweeted by Alison Denham @Hepworthclare Without the fun. xx @thebeercolonel Done. Well, apart from the tea. xx @Aim2GTC I know what you mean but Shrager gets on my nerves. Reminds me of my old Donestic Science teacher. xxI nearly RTed Sarah Vine. What is wrong with me today!You said it, Laura. @KatyShuroo That is so lovely. Job satisfaction. xx @BegumNadiya You are so lovely with people. Welcome in my home anytime. I'll cook. xxI pity the fool ... 😂😂😂I love this
Retweeted by Alison Denham @Aim2GTC I think it's that woman Shrager who said it as 'tumeric.' They should let Giorgio do it alone. xIt's tuRmeric. Honestly! #thebigfamilycookingshowdown @Beakmoo Living in this house, probably. xx @Beakmoo They're 15 & 14 So in cat years they're probably ok. xx @Beakmoo Goodness knows. I'd gone for a shower. xxTom Price's extravagance with tax dollars making a plutocrat who basically purchased her cabinet post look good by…
Retweeted by Alison DenhamTHIS. IS. AMAZING.
Retweeted by Alison Denham @Beakmoo Watching fave programme. So, of course I can't make the bed. x can be no safe hands for nuclear weapons. It's time to ban them - once and for all. #InternationalDayofPeace
Retweeted by Alison DenhamWe read Hillary's Chairman's emails and learned about risotto. We read Trump's Chairman's emails and learned about secret Russian briefings
Retweeted by Alison Denham @naomi_long Well said. Hope you're recovering well.xx